Is Life Force International a Scam? Health Pyramid Scheme in Disguise?!

Welcome to my Life Force International Review!

Within the Health & Wellness sector, there are hundreds of MLM companies looking to sell you products that help you lose weight, but is Life Force International any good?  Can you make money from their business opportunity, or are they a total scam? 

First of all, it is great to see that you are doing your research.  That is the best way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online!

Let me be completely transparent with you, I am not associated with Life Force International in any form.  So, relax we are not here to pitch or sell anything to you.

We are here to show you what Life Force International is all about, from what products to their offer, to their business opportunity and whether it is the right thing for you…

Is Life Force International a Scam?  Are they a Pyramid Scheme? Or are they offering a legitimate business opportunity?

Let’s find out…

Life Force International Review Summary

Product Name: Life Force International

Founder: Wayne & Gerri Hillman

Product Type: Health and Wellness MLM company

Price: Not Disclosed

Best For: No One!

Life Force International Product Line




  • Flagged As a Pyramid Scheme by the FTC
  • No BBB Accreditation or Rating
  • Lack of Transparency
  • Strict Requirements
  • Expensive & Ineffective Products

Summary:  Life Force International (LFI) is a legit MLM company that sells health and wellness products.  But the health and wellness industry is heavily saturated, but this is the least of your worries.  First off, the FTC has flagged their compensation plan as a Pyramid Scheme and that should be enough to tell you to stay away.  Their products are really expensive and there are also reviews out there that state their products do not even work.

Their business opportunity has some strict requirements just to stay in the program, let alone to make any money.  These are all calls for concern in regards to whether we recommend Life Force International to you… and we do not recommend it to you

Rating: 1/100

Recommended? No!

Table of Contents

What is Life Force International?

Life Force International is an MLM or multi-level marketing company which specialises in health and wellness products.

Believe it or not, it started out as an experiment in a garage by Wayne and Gerri Hillman.

Wayne & Gerri Hillman - Founders of Life Force International

Gerri was not very well, and Wayne was eager to find something that would make his wife well again. He started doing some research and mixed a number of ingredients together to heal his wife.  He apparently found a “miracle” formula which saved the life of his wife and the lives of other people.  It is a combination of Aloe Vera and 9 varieties of sea vegetable.

This became the foundation for their company back in 1984.

For over 30 years, Wayne and Gerri have run the company and built a successful business, particularly as an MLM company.

Medical Professionals have recognised LFI as a good product.

Originally, it was only available in the United States but to date, they have now expanded into a number of different regions including Canada, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.

We are not here to review the products themselves, but whether the business opportunity is the right one for you.  We will discuss the products, but this is about whether you are going to realistically make money or not from becoming an LFI distributor.

Life Force International Lawsuits?

It is always necessary to do a thorough check on any business you are wishing to invest your time and money in, and that is why we check for any lawsuits especially when it is an MLM.

MLM and Lawsuits do tend to go together hand in hand at times.

Life Force International were actually flagged as a Pyramid Scheme by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  In their document, the compensation plans of 250 MLM’s including Life Force International) were investigated.

The FTC have created a document to help identify companies that operate a Pyramid Scheme.  It is called the 5 Red Flags:

FTC Pyramid Scheme - 5 Red Flags

It is worrying to find that LFI, alongside 249 other companies have all these 5 red flags in their compensation plan.

It is important to note at this point that this does not mean these companies have done anything fraudulent, as it is only their compensation plans that are being scrutinised, but it is a warning to consumers.

Is Life Force International a Pyramid Scheme

The FTC have gone as far as saying they are operating as a pyramid scheme.  Where recruitment is their main goal, over and above selling their products.  So, it could be considered a pyramid scheme or at least a pyramid scheme in disguise…

What is a Pyramid Scheme?

A pyramid scheme is a company that promises payment in return for recruiting new members into the company, instead of for selling any products or services.

They have been made illegal in most countries, as they are unsustainable as you will soon run out of recruits…  As the diagram from Wikipedia shows…

pyramid scheme

A pyramid scheme is illegal and whilst most MLM’s use an element of a pyramid when it comes to their compensation plan, it does not mean all MLM’s are pyramid schemes.

If you take the recruitment side of any MLM, you can see how it resembles a Pyramid.  As you recruit a team into your downline, and as they start to recruit their own downlines, and so on.

But in most of these MLMs, the only people making decent money are the people at the top of the pile or pyramid.  It is really hard for someone new to climb the ladder as they are all in typically saturated markets.

But MLM’s are not typically a pyramid scheme for one reason.  The recruitment side is not the only way to make money.  A legit MLM business will have products or services for you to sell.

A strict Pyramid scheme will pretend to have products or services, but all they have is the recruiting of new members as a product.

An example would be Digital Altitude.  It was closed down by the FTC as a Pyramid Scheme, because they were wildly over-exaggerating earning potential and had no products or services to sell.

Making Money from MLM companies have two routes.  One is selling direct to the customers (hard to make what we would class as a full-time income from) and then recruiting others into your downline (ironically, also extremely hard to make any money from unless you excel in recruitment).

Here’s a great 5-minute video that will help you spot these pyramid schemes in disguise…

Success is Rare at Life Force International

Success is rare at any MLM company, and not just Life Force International.

Did you know that between 72.5% and 99% of MLM members are losing money?

The main reason for this is that MLMs price their products really high when compared to retail products.  Then they task their distributors with a monthly sales quota to remain active.

Active means that you are eligible for commissions, so you want to stay active.  But that means that if you aren’t able to sell enough products, you have to buy them yourself.

So, if the monthly sales quota is $100 a month.  Typically as a new member you will be paying $100 a month, until you start making sales.

But as the products are so expensive, they are hard to sell.  Which means you are stuck paying $100 a month for quite a while, unless you go down the route the MLM wants you to, and that is to recruit and force that task onto your downline team.

The truth is that most MLM members are spending thousands on trying to work for themselves, and never achieving it.  But the company isn’t bothered, as they got you to buy some products to help their profit margin…

What makes it harder to base a decision on whether this is the right move for you, is that they don’t publish an income disclosure statement.  So, you don’t know if anyone is making money at all here.

But as the FTC do consider them as a pyramid scheme, it shows that the only way this will work is by heavy recruitment.

Life Force International Product Line

Life Force International has a number of health and wellness products as part of its business opportunity.

Life Force International Product Line

They have a vast range, so we will just list the different product categories here, they have more detailed information on their website.

The different categories are:

  1. Daily Wellness
  2. Body Balance
  3. Re-Balance, Recharge and Recover
  4. Benew Weight Loss
  5. Bone and Joint Health
  6. Athletic Nutrition
  7. Healthy Immune Support
  8. Energy and Relaxation
  9. Cleanse and Beautify

Do LFI Products Work?

All of the marketing from LFI is about it using superfoods and sea vegetables as their main ingredient and that they are helping with plenty of ailments.

So, considering the ingredients and the price you pay (which are high) you would expect to see good results, right?

However, the reviews show a different story:

Most of the reviews are saying that the products do not work, they are not seeing any results.

Personally, I see this type of product is subjective.  It might work for some, and not work for others.

You should also know that there are many different MLMs all in the health and wellness sector.  All offering very similar products, all claiming to be the best.  Examples include:

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How To Make Money with Life Force International?

MLM Businesses are typically all the same, and offer you two ways to make money:

Direct Sales

As a member of Life Force International, you can buy the products at wholesale price and then sell them at retail prices.  The difference is your profit line.

You will need to consider where you store the products and who you are going to sell the products to, to make that profit.


Recruit new people into the business opportunity for a one-off bonus and then you can earn a percentage of their sales too.

The main thing to know about any MLM company is that they will putting a lot of pressure on you to sell more products and to recruit more people.  They make money from anything you do, and when we get into the compensation plan you will see that LFI probably add a lot more pressure than most.

If you are already into direct selling and are good at sales and recruitment, then this type of business opportunity might be for you.  But if pressure is not your thing, you might want a less pressured solution.  Let us show you a step-by-step way of making money without selling or recruiting.

But know that MLM is a tough route, especially if you are just starting out, a bit of an introvert or don’t like face-to-face sales then any MLM opportunity is not for you.  We are not that way inclined either, and yet we are making money online.  So, it is definitely possible.  Click HERE to learn how.

Getting Started with Life Force International

MLM companies require you to pay a joining fee and typically buying a starter kit before you can get into the business opportunity.

But there is a problem with LFI, they provide you no details of how much it costs to join.  This can only be for one reason; they want you to go through one of their distributors so they can:

  1. Get you to join their downline
  2. Convince you to buy the highest price starter kit

It is worrying that they want to hide the cost from you, considering this is a business opportunity where you need to really plan your finances going forward.

It just seems a bit suspicious for my liking and is a definite red flag for you to consider.

P.S. This program enabled us to Create a 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income Stream.  It’s Free to get started and costs only $49/month to go full-time!

LIfe Force International Compensation Plan

MLM’s Compensation plans are usually over-complicated and I don’t see that LFI’s compensation plan is any different.

Life Force International Compensation plan layout

As you sell through their products, you earn points which help towards achieving higher ranks.

But there is still a need to sign more people into the business opportunity for you to make money from their opportunity.

Here are the different ways to make money from LFI

Retail Sales

As a member, you can buy the products at wholesale prices and then sell them at retail price.  The difference is what your earnings will be.

Fast Start Bonus

This has 3 ranks – Associate 1, 2 and 3; and each of them has corresponding minimum PV thresholds.

Ideally, this should be achieved within the same week as when they registered for this bonus.

For example, if you are a member of a 25+ BV Autoship and were able to enrol at least 3 people either as members or customers, you have 55% of the 100 BV which is equal to $165 as your Fast Start Bonus.

  • Associate 1 – 20 BV Autoship
  • Associate 2 – 50 BV Autoship
  • Associate 3 – 100 BV Autoship

Once you have managed to reach the threshold, the company pays out around 55% which is payable to the Enrolment Sponsor on all FTOs or First Time Orders.

The threshold could be as high as 224 BV.

Achievers Club

You qualify for this by reaching Associate Level 3.  Once you are qualified, you get 15% of the total monthly FTO volume, payable on a pro-rata basis.

Based on their compensation plan, you have to make sure you get the following monthly FTO, which is divided into 5 tiers:

  • 750 FTO BV (6%)
  • 1,500 FTO BV (3%)
  • 3,000 FTO BV (2%)
  • 5,000 FTO BV (2%)
  • 10,000 FTO BV (2%)

Alongside the Associate 3 level, you will also need to achieve a 95 BV in that same month too.  There is also a need for there to be at least 750 BV recorded in the FTO in that same month too.

Residual Income

You will earn recurring commissions from people who you invited into the opportunity who purchase LFI products

Generational Power Bonus

12% of the company BV is pooled into a monthly pay-out, which is based on volume contributed by each leg to total volume.

As I said, MLM Compensation plans are complicated, but the video below does a good job of breaking it down for you:

Is Life Force International a Scam?

The answer is both yes, and no!

Life Force International is a legitimate MLM company, that hsa legit products and pays its members on time like it say it does.

But as they have been investigated by the FTC for acting like a pyramid scheme, I have to say they are not operating fully within the confines of the law.

You only get labelled as a pyramid scheme if you are focused solely on recruitment, and are just hiding behind your products to stay on the right side of the law.

The remainder of our Life Force International Review will help you get all of the other details you need to know about this business opportunity…

Just to be completely transparent with you, I’m not a distributor of Life Force International, nor do I endorse Life Force International in any way.  I have researched the website, testimonials, and information available on the internet to get the details about what this program genuinely does.    I do this, as I have been caught out by a scam in the past, and am trying to help others avoid a similar fate…

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What We Liked About Life Force International

Here is what we liked about Life Force International:

#1 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

If consumers are not satisfied with the products sold by Life Force International, they will give you a full refund for products purchased up to 90 days ago.  It is good to know as you will need to sell these products, and people are dubious if there is no money-back guarantee

#2 LFI is a Member of the DSA

Life Force International is a member of the Direct Selling Association which shows it is a legit company.  But all it does say is that they are legit, it does nothing to back up whether this is a good business opportunity for you to take.

What We Didn't Like About Life Force International

Here is what we didn’t like about Life Force International:

#1 Flagged as a Pyramid Scheme By the FTC

Alarms bells are ringing when you know the FTC is knocking at your door, and Life Force International are one of 250 companies that have been flagged as a Pyramid Scheme by the FTC.

In this document, the compensation plans of 250 MLM’s including LFI were investigated.

If you take a look at the document below, which was created by the FTC, you will notice similarities between LFI and its system which make it look a good candidate to be a Pyramid Scheme.

FTC Pyramid Scheme - 5 Red Flags

#2 No BBB Accreditation & Rating

Considering how long LFI has been in business (1984), I find it odd that they have not received an accreditation or ranking on the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  There are no complaints on their from members or customers, but this might be because do not see the point as they are not accredited there.

No Accreditation or Rating with the Better Business Bureau

#3 Total Lack of Transparency

A red flag for me is that on researching this company you will find no references to how much it would cost to get started.  No membership costs or starter pack costs.  Most MLMs reveal this, as they want you to trust them.  Examples include Herbalife or Forever Living.

By not revealing the prices, it made us more suspicious of them.  Why would you hide something that will help people with their planning?

Another problem with transparency, their money-back guarantee was put to the test.  According to the complaint, the company refused to pay for the shipping and handling of the product, especially if you want to return them regardless of the reasons.

A Life Force International Complaint

The complaintant stated he called LFI, and they responded with “Sorry, we do not credit you for shipping or handling”?

Which seems really odd considering the scale of LFI.  Doesn’t stack up to good customer service, does it?

#4 Strict Requirements to Stay in Business

Know that MLM’s are an expensive game.  Expensive start-up costs and a need to hit the ground running and make sales quickly.  This is not for someone just starting out.

For you to remain eligible for commissions, you need to make a monthly BV inventory purchase.

A level one Associate needs to buy 25 BV units a month, whilst a level 3 Associate needs 104 BV.

To guarantee this, they will sign up to Autoship purchases. (basically, a subscription).  So even if you do not sell anything, you will still be paying out for products.

That is why you need to be able to sell straightaway, otherwise you will have too much stock sitting around and it will eat up your budget pretty quickly too.

You need to decide on whether MLM is really the right path for you before you decide to take the plunge into an expensive route to making money.

Alternatively, you can read about how we make money online without face to face sales, no need to recruit and make money from your real passion.  All without huge start-up costs.  Interested?  Click HERE to learn more.

#5 Expensive & Ineffective Products

I am going to make a bold claim here, but I believe all MLM products within the Health & Wellness sector are way too expensive.  To make money you need to sell these products, but they are so much more expensive that products you can find elsewhere.  When you compare prices to similar products on Amazon or from retailers, they are so much more expensive and yet you need to convince people to pay those prices for you to make money!!

a list of the product prices for Life Force International

Price matters, but people are more interested in whether a health and wellness product works and has the desired effect, but these reviews suggest not?

All of this makes it much harder for you to promote and sell these products as people are going to be dubious, especially if they see the prices and the online reviews about their products.

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Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

Can You Make Money with Life Force International?

The bottom line is whether you can make money with Life Force International… The real answer depends on your experience with sales and recruitment.  There is a lot more pressure from MLM companies to make sales and recruit a team, and there is even more from Life Force International.

There is no income disclosure we could find that details actually how much their distributors are earning.  But our experience shows that 99% of people walk away from MLM after losing their money.  You will need to spend money on starting up, you will be signed up to an autoship subscription and you will need to start selling the products from day one.

You will need to recruit people regularly and also sell products to make money, and even then, it is not always enough to make MLM work.

Another aspect you have to consider is the impact this will have on your friends and family.  They will typically be your first customers, but how long will they keep buying your products because you are family?  It is a well-known factor of MLM, that people who are not established Direct Sellers, end up ruining relationships by pushing friends and family into buying products they do not need.

I am not saying you cannot make money from Life Force International; but you need to decide whether:

You are:

  • Outgoing and able to build up relationships and a customer base?
  • Are you good at recruiting a team under you and giving them the training, they need to also become good salespeople?
  • Have you already got an established Direct Selling Business in the health and wellness industry?

Then you might be the ideal candidate to explore LFI and its business opportunity.  But for the rest of us, these are not skills we have readily available to us to get going from day one.  That is why we looked at another way.  One that was less pressured and less restrictive.  Let us show you that now…

Life Force International Alternatives?

There are other MLM businesses in the Health and Wellness sector, examples include Forever Living and Herbalife.  But they have the same problems of needing you to be already established or have the knowledge to achieve in sales and recruitment.

We have a different alternative business model called Affiliate Marketing; we want to show you.

Affiliate Marketing has a much nice learning curve, no need to sell or recruit and is so much less restrictive than any MLM.

If you wanted to still stay in the health and wellness area, you could still utilise affiliate marketing to make money and the advantage is; you do not need to stick with one company.  In fact, you could use a number of different affiliate programs (all free to join) and promote products from a wide range of companies, you could even promote products available on Amazon and make passive income.

For me, as an online introvert it is a great way of making money by helping people find products that they want to find without the need of pushing for a sale.

To show you how affiliate marketing works, let me show you with an example.

We will still explore the health and wellness sector but will use Amazon’s affiliate program too.

As an affiliate, I would sign up with the Amazon Affiliate Program.  This allows me to promote any (and all) products that Amazon sell.  It is a free program to join.  I would also need a website, which we can help you with to get a free website up and running within a couple of minutes.

Now, on my website I might decide to write about vitamins, minerals and supplements.  For the example, I have gone for Fruit Extract Supplements as it is a sub-category within Amazon.

screenshot of amazon supplements - an example

That is going to be our niche.  Now, consider within Amazon there is 1,000 products within that category for me to promote and sell from one niche.

But I do not need to buy any of these products! I do not need to store any of these products.  I just need to write content that helps people find products that can help them, or they want to buy.

You have a major advantage here, because people already trust Amazon.  What they need help with, is learning about the product and that is why they will come to you.

By finding a product from Amazon, writing a helpful review and then including an “affiliate link”.  Anyone who visits your website and follows your link and then buys the product, triggers a commission for you.

If you tie yourself to one MLM, who is expecting you to pay a start-up fee, buy products to sell them or recruit people to stay eligible.

It is destined to fail if you cannot sell quickly – Affiliate Marketing goes at your pace and no need to fork out a huge start up cost in the process.

I have found a way of building up a passive income with a much lower cost.  I pay for my website and training, which comes in at less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day.  Whereas most MLM’s I will be losing money every month!

Remember that is 1,000 products on Amazon alone in one Vitamin sub-category.  If you chose weight loss or nutrition you would find similar number of products and you do not need to rely solely on Amazon, there are thousands of affiliate programs out there.

Any time someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys a product you earn a commission, even if you are nowhere near your laptop.  You could be earning money whilst you sleep.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing and how to get started, then our step-by-step guide will definitely take you through every you need.

If you are still interested in going with an MLM, then click HERE to read our guide on how to improve MLM sales.

My Life Force International Review - Final Conclusion

Whilst Life Force International is a legit business, there are too many red flags for us to consider them worthwhile for you to join as a business opportunity.

The fact that the FTC have flagged their compensation plan as a Pyramid Scheme should tell you that this is a business to stay clear of. 

The strict requirements to stay a member is also really off-putting.  You pay up to join, and yet could get kicked out of the scheme too.

You have to consider you will also be signed up to a monthly subscription, regardless of whether you make any sales too.

Their products are expensive and there is too many reviews stating their products do not work.

These are all things that are going to affect your ability to sell these to people.

Anything where you end up relying on recruitment makes it a bad deal.

Because of all of these factors, I would say stay away from this business opportunity, Click HERE to learn how you can make money online without having to sell or recruit.

How We Make Money Online

I’m not a fan of MLM, not because it’s illegal or not profitable, but because of all the restrictions and expensive costs involved.

Instead, Affiliate Marketing is our top recommended business model for anyone looking to make money online

The reasons are simple…

  • You can promote anything you want and aren’t restricted to only promote products from one MLM company
  • You don’t have to recruit anyone to make money
  • You never need to sell to your friends and family
  • It’s free to get started

In fact, with affiliate marketing we’ve been able to Create a 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income Stream.  If you want to learn more, click here.

Thanks for checking out our Life Force International Review!  If you have any questions or comments to add, then please write them in the comments section below. 😉

Sharing is Caring…

Life Force International

Not Disclosed





Money Making Opportunity


Overall Rating



  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Member of the DSA


  • Flagged as a Pyramid Scheme by the FTC
  • No BBB Accreditation & Rating
  • Total Lack of Transparency
  • Strict Requirements to Stay in Business
  • Expensive & Ineffective Products

12 thoughts on “Is Life Force International a Scam? Health Pyramid Scheme in Disguise?!”

  1. Thanks for this vital information you have given to me today, I can’t thank you enough. You do not know how many people you have saved with this timely and honest article. There are lots of MLM pyramids and scam schemes all over the internet that we fall prey and victims to regularly. I for one was very skeptical about this product when I first heard of it. My hunches were right after all. I have been scammed in the past, I pray it never happens again. Thanks for this great eye opener. 

    • Hi Sami,

      thanks for checking out our review.  It was shocking to find that whilst it is a legit company, it could still be a Pyramid Scheme and be leading people astray.  I think it comes down to how strict their targets are for you to meet.  No newbie would be able to keep up with their targets and the pure emphasis on recruitment leads it to being a prime target for the FTC.

      I understand why people get drawn to MLM, because the owners are good at sales and make it looking fantastic.  But the reality is you need to be really good at sales and recruiting to make this kind of venture worthwhile.

      That is why we recommend affiliate marketing – much kinder to the newbie, less costs associated with it and ultimately it is much more fun.  

      Thanks again


  2. I can smell a scam of this type a mile away, it’s always so crazy to see from the outside what companies like these do, but it’s even more manipulative on the inside. It’s possible to be a “legitimate company” and still be a scheme in the end, and that’s what can make it difficult for the average person to notice that something is off. I appreciate this review!

    • Hi Sonia,

      That is the biggest problem with MLM – legit companies with pressured sales and recruitment environments that resemble a pyramid scheme.  Only reason they are not a pure pyramid scheme is the fact they have products!!

      But it still comes to the same, is it realistic for someone to make a full-time income from their business – The answer is simply No and that is the same for the majority of MLM.

      Network Marketing is all about the network you have and the ability to market yourself and your products to make money – But they want you to be able to do it all from day one.

      That is why 99% of people lose money from MLM – Because the training isn’t sufficient enough to help you do that.  The products are way too expensive and you don’t stand a chance against the established players.

      Thanks again for reading our review


  3. Thanks a lot for summarizing this amazing review about Life Force International. 

    Reading your article about this way to make money online i realized that i made the best decision ever. I’m really happy that  your first recommendation is about Wealthy Affiliate. Here i’m a premium member since last year and i think i find the real way to earn some passive income. Now i have some websites where i promote different product and i make money by commissions. From my point of view, affiliate marketing is a very good method to make money online and have your own business. On Wealthy Affiliate i have a lot of training’s and this helped to learn how to become a successful entrepreneur.  I really recommend to all the people to read your review about Wealthy Affiliate and join here.


    • Hiya,

      thanks for checking out our review.  I totally agree, affiliate marketing wins against MLM anytime.  The training that you receive from Wealthy Affiliate makes it a much simpler learning curve to earning money and there is no need to invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars before you get started with it either.

      Investing in learning the trade makes the transition much simpler and there is no sales quota in the first month like there is with MLM too.

      Definitely looks like you have made the right choice

      All the best


  4. Thanks for this thorough review of the Life Force International program. I had been asked to check on it and I always look for objective reviews like this to make my own recommendations. This one looks like a bad option to try to make money from based on the facts presented.

    If the FTC has flagged its compensation scheme as a pyramid set up, I would not recommend it to anyone. There has to be a good reason for this to happen. That is a big red flag! I am not a fan of MLM business models, as most people make nothing, rather they lose money.

    The reviews of users are bad too. Lastly, no transparency. Many MLM businesses such as Life Force International get away with this as they are not publicly traded. There is no telling what is really going on with the books, the money, and the management. This is definitely a big no from me.

    • Hi Dave,

      you bring up some great points – coupled with the fact there is no income disclosure, it is hard to believe anyone really makes any money from them.

      Anything where the FTC have flagged you as a pyramid scheme is a bad thing and it is best to avoid these kind of things.

      thanks again Dave


  5. Wow thank you so much for this vital information! Though I have not heard about ‘Life Force International’ before now but I would have considered signing up without wasting time as their claims are highly intriguing. In my opinion, I think it’s time we stay clear of businesses not duely recommended by the FTC.

    • Hi,

      thanks for checking out our review.  Definitely!! if the FTC has flagged them, then it is best to avoid them as far as their business opportunity is concerned.

      All the best


  6. Thank you for putting up this comprehensive article that although talked about life International, it actually created lots of awareness about online Marketing and Earning. One really just have to be very careful in deciding which network to connect to avoid being scammed or unnecessary time wasting. I really like the detailed write up on pyramid Scheme. I have to be doing enough research before getting involved but we are grateful to the founder of Wealthy Affiliate. It is really trusted and resourceful. 

    • Hi,

      it is the same with anything.  If you are looking to invest your time, effort and money into a business opportunity then you need to do your research!!

      MLM is legit, but it doesn’t always necessarily mean it is the right business opportunity for you.  Especially the FTC have flagged them as a pyramid scheme.

      Research is the key to avoiding getting scammed, and not jumping into stuff until you are happy too!

      All the best



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