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Take the First Few Steps towards Financial Freedom with an exciting Passive Income Online!

Wouldn’t that be great?  It is a reality for many people online, all you need is the right support!  Are you Ready to Get Started?

First off, we are glad you have made it this far… there are plenty of scams out there all wanting to rob you of your hard earned money.  We want to help you find a genuine opportunity!

About Us

Let’s share our story about how we ended up getting started with Affiliate Marketing and then we can show you the same path that we took to get where we are today…

It Started with an Online Scam...

It all started about 4 years ago, I was desperately looking for a way of earning money online, so I could spend more time with my son growing up.  He is 6 now, but back then he was 2 and getting to that age where he was loads of fun.  But I was missing it as I was at work.  Leaving the house at 6 every morning to just get back and take him to bed.

I had always knew there was an opportunity online to earn money, but what I didn’t realise was the minefield that awaited me when I got looking.

There are literally thousands of programs that promise you that you can “Earn Thousands on AutoPilot”, I am sure you have seen them on your travels, sifting through all the crap was hard.  But I then found an article on binary option trading.

Now that seemed legit, and whilst I wasn’t expert (still am not) I thought I could give it a try and see where it took me.  That is where my problems started, I saw an ad for a program that traded for you…

Luckily, I did not lose a lot of money through this program.  But what was more frustrating was the time I lost.  Time with my son, time with a genuine opportunity.

But it did Lead Me to a Genuine Opportunity...

Having said that, this scam did lead me to a genuine way of earning money online and that is Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is used by companies all over the world!  Amazon is by far the largest marketplace online and they have used affiliate marketing since it started out, and has thousands of affiliate marketers promoting their products and this is where you can also benefit from Affiliate Marketing too.

Affiliate Marketing is a proven method for earning money online, but I must stress at this point that it requires TIME and EFFORT if you want to be successful and find FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

All of these other programs that promise you easy money from little or no work are just UTTER CRAP!

However, whilst Affiliate Marketing does require your time and effort to be successful, this doesn’t mean it has to be hard work… The real beauty of Affiliate Marketing is you can choose what your online business is about.  Choose to promote products or services in a niche that you love and are passionate about…

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Just in case you haven’t read our in-depth guide to affiliate marketing, let’s just cover the basics and how you can earn money from Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing involves 3 parties.  You (the affiliate), the product or service owner and the buyer (visitor to your blog).

You sign up with an affiliate program, such as Amazon Associates. This allows you to promote any product that is sold on Amazon.

You create a blog in a specific niche, and have a number of articles on this blog including some product reviews.  Within this review is a special link that will take your reader to the product page on Amazon. (this link tells Amazon, you introduced the buyer to amazon).

Your reader clicks on this link, goes to Amazon and buys the product you were promoting.  Guess what, you have just earned a commission.

The opportunity within Affiliate Marketing is huge, and the best bit is you can choose any niche.  Any subject you are really interested in or are passionate about.  There are many advantages to choosing a subject you are already interested in, but the best one is the fact you won’t get bored with it.

What Are You Passionate About?

Affiliate Marketing allows you to build an online business in whatever niche you want…

Love Travelling?

Turn it into a successful online business… Sharing the best deals, share your experience in the countries you have been, hints and tips on getting started with travel blogging and earn money from it too.

Love Travelling?

Love the Latest Tech?

Then share your knowledge to help people who want help making a purchase.  Create product reviews, how-to guides and create a real authority in your niche to create a full-time income

Maybe You Love to Keep Fit?

Guess what, there are millions of people who are looking for blogs helping them do just that.  This creates your opportunity to benefit from Affiliate Marketing.

keep fit

Lterally anything you love can become a great affiliate marketing online business.  If you already have an idea for your niche, all you need now is the promise of help and support to get you started.

Get Started with Expert Help & Support

Anyone can get started with a free website these days and try and get started within affiliate marketing, but that doesn’t strike the best strategy.  It is too much like trial and error to me. 

That only loses you Time and Money!

3 years ago, I joined Wealthy Affiliate.  A training platform designed by experts that offers the best start for a would-be affiliate marketer.  That is the opportunity I present to you today!

With a free Wealthy Starter Membership you will gain access to the best support you can imagine to being able to start your own affiliate marketing online business.

You will also gain personal access to Gem and I.  Anytime you are stuck along your journey, you will be able to drop me a message and get help and advice.

A Wealthy Affiliate Membership also gives you much more than support:

Are you Ready to Take Your First Few Steps?

Anything can be achieved with the right training, support and mindset.  You just need to decide on whether you are ready to take your chance.  No one is going to give it to you.  But there are plenty of people within Wealthy Affiliate that are there to help you, including us!

There are Wealthy Affiliate Members who are earning $5,000 a month.  Below you will see a post about the guy who has just earned his first $30k month!  Are you ready to work hard and achieve it?

My First $30,000 Month – Well Almost $29,330.68 To Be Exact

2 years after Michael joined Wealthy Affiliate, he has just earned $30k in one month… Wow!

He left his forklift job where he was spending 50 hours a week in a warehouse and now earns serious money from Affiliate Marketing!



If you are ready to work hard, learn and achieve your goals then Gem and I want to help you.  The first step you need to take is by clicking the button below and starting a free Wealthy Affiliate starter membership.  You will not need to enter any credit card details like other platforms!

Once you have signed up, you will see your very own Wealthy Affiliate dashboard.  Make sure you go through the system tour to know your way around and then drop me a message on my profile page, so I know you are there and ready for us to help you!!!

With the best training on the web, Wealthy Affiliate is hands down the best platform out there for a potential or struggling Affiliate Marketers.  You will be in great hands, and will not regret your decision to sign up.

They will provide everything you need, you just need to bring the time, effort and mindset needed to see this through.

Fight for your financial freedom and earn a passive income from Affiliate Marketing.

If you are willing to learn and take consistent action, then you will achieve it. 

I will borrow a statement from a friend, you need to “Hustle”!  No one is going to give it to you.

Thanks for your time, if you have any questions or want to know more write us a comment below.

John & Gem

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