Is Tranont A Scam? Health & Wealth MLM Exposed

Welcome to our Tranont Review!

Have you been seen this MLM where they claim you can make money from both Health & Wealth Products and are wondering if Tranont is a scam, a pyramid scheme or a legit money-making system?

Our full review will help you out!!

First off, it is great to see that you are doing some research before buying into a “seemingly good” product or platform.

It is the best way to avoid online scams and find legitimate ways to making money online!

We have found some interesting and shocking information about this company Tranont and are going to share with you what we found out in our review.

In our review we are going to share with you information on the company, the pros and cons, the compensation plan and how much it will really cost you to join…  By the end of the review, you will know whether or not this is the right business opportunity for you.

Are you ready to get started?  Let’s start with a quick product overview…

Tranont Review Summary

Product Name: Tranont

Founder: Lorne Berry

Product Type: Health & Wealth (Finance) MLM company

Price: $99 Startup fee + $25/monthly fee + the cost of a monthly product pack ($150-$250/month)

Best For: No One!


Summary: Tranont is a legit MLM company with products both in the health and finance/wealth industries.  This make this opportunity unique. 

Having said that, there are some red flags that make us questions whether this is a good business opportunity or not. 

The lack of an income disclosure statement, the products being exceptionally high priced and the fact you have to sign up to a monthly subscription of over $150 makes us wonder if they is any chance of a new distributor getting up the ladder to be able to earn more than they spend.

Ultimately, we don’t think that will happen and for that reason, we will not be recommending this opportunity to you.

Rating: 10/100

Recommended? No!

Table of Contents

What is Tranont?

Tranont is a somewhat unique company.  It works off the MLM or Multi-Level Marketing model but rather than just targeting one sector.  It wants to target two separate markets:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Finance & Wealth Products.

We have reviewed a number of MLM companies that target either Health and Wellness or Finance.

But this is the first one we have seen that is trying to target both under one umbrella.

Yet Tranont is, thy have a range of health products and different drink mixes that do a variety of things.

Then you have the other part of the company that sells financial and wealth products like estate plans, tax products, credit products, identity theft protection, etc.

It seems really odd to have these totally different product ranges tied together into one.  This could make it even harder to know who your target audience is.

Tranont got started in 2014, and it is US based.  The CEO is Lorne Berry, which we will get into a little more detail about him in a moment.

Over the past few years, an increasing number of people have started to hear about Tranont and how they could make money from their business opportunity.

But when it comes to feedback about this business opportunity, there are many reports that have started making people question whether it is a pyramid scheme or a scam.

This has resulted in Tranont having a really mixed bag of reviews, with many people not too sure on who they should believe.

But when you factor in the costs associated with getting started with this business opportunity, it is really important you know everything you need to know before you decide to hand over your credit card details.

For us, there are a couple of pointers that have us concerned so far.  The first is something we have already mentioned and that is the fact they are targeting two totally different types of customer by having a health and wellness range right next to a financial sector range.

It doesn’t seem to really help with anyone wanting to promote their range as which customer are you wanting to target.

The second concern we have at present is to do with their CEO, Lorne Berry


Tranont CEO – Lorne Berry

His name might not be headline news, but Lorne Berry has a past that you may want to consider before jumping into a business venture that offers financial products.

In 2013, Lorne filed for bankruptcy after accumulating nearly $1,000,000 in personal debt.  This is definitely a red flag for us.

The Tranont Product Line

Let’s go through the Tranont Product line so you can understand what you would be promoting if you were to join their business opportunity.  Like I have already mentioned, they offer products from two completely different sectors.  Here are the various products you can get in their Health product line:

Health & Wellness Products

The health product line is a range of different healthy drinks, all with different benefits.  You can get:

  • ICARIA – a drink with super antioxidant support that costs $89 per bottle
  • Vibe – a vitamin B supplement that costs $45 per bottle of 90 capsules and $140 per bundle pack.
  • Life – a food capsule addition that is claimed to assist consumers in gathering the nutrients contained in the food that they are eating. 90 capsules will cost you $45
  • Balance – this is a mixture of antioxidants and patented amino acid chelate minerals. $50 per bottle of 90 capsules or $140 per bundle pack
  • Restore – a product that is claimed to assist with your digestion as well as help with your body immunity. $50 per bottle of 90 capsules.

But you must know that these products are not cheap in the slightest.  If you take their ICARIA product as an example, it costs $49 for just 2 ounces.  This works out to 9 servings.  Which makes ICARIA cost $5 per servings.  9 servings doesn’t even get you through two weeks, so you would need to buy 4 just to cover a month if this was a daily supplement, that is $196 a month…

Something that is really important to point out to you is that none of their products have been approved by the FDA (Food & Drugs Administration).

Finance Services

Tranont also offers a variety of financial services, these include:

  • Credit Services
  • Tax Help
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Estate Planning

These are typically broken down into a variety of different packages.  But the most likely product you will be selling is the Business Smart Pack which offers all of these services for $59 a month.

How to Make Money with Tranont?

As Tranont is a typical MLM company, so there are the usual two ways for you to make money:

  1. Sell retail products and earn a commission
  2. Recruit others into your downline and earn commissions

Getting Started with Tranont

Many people start looking into MLM’s as the start-up costs do appear much lower than starting a more traditional business.

A bricks and mortar business will typically have a much higher success rate, but with a start-up cost that could easily tip over $100,000 to establish.

It depends on how you look at it, but whilst Tranont isn’t going to cost you $100K, it is one of the more expensive MLM’s to sign up with.

MLM fees can soon stack up quickly, without a guaranteed sale.  It will also depend on what you are going to sell and how you are going to promote it to get a sale.

MLM typically relies on face-to-face sales or home parties, which many of us are not that comfortable doing.

The ability to sell or recruit, plus the costs starting to spiral out of control are reasons why so many people lose money when they join an MLM.

Let’s go through the costs associated with signing up with Tranont, plus any ongoing fees there are too:

Start-up (Activation) Fee – $99

When you sign up for Tranont, you will have to pay a $99 activation fee. Tranont claims this is to sort out the people who are serious about selling their products, to those who just want a discount on the products for themselves.

Monthly (Ongoing) Fee – $25/month

You will also be required to sign up for a monthly fee, this gives you access to business tools and support

Monthly Product Purchases – $150-$250/month

On top of the that monthly fee, you will be expected to sign up yourself for one of their packages.  You will need to buy one of the subscription packages below for a huge monthly fee:

  • Health – $150 per month
  • Wealth – $125 per month
  • Builder – $250 per month

This fee alone explains why so many people end up in huge debt or end up losing all of their money because of an MLM.

One year with Tranont, and you will have spent over $2,000 on fees and products!!

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Is Tranont a Pyramid Scheme?

A lot of people tend to group MLM’s with Pyramid Schemes under the same umbrella.  But, most MLM’s are legit.  Whether they have a good success rate is a different question, but as to whether they are a pyramid scheme there are ways of knowing one from the other.

Now, there are aspects of an MLM compensation plan that resemble a pyramid scheme, and Tranont is the same.

But too many people throw the term pyramid scheme around too much and it leads to many people assuming all MLM’s are pyramid schemes because of their compensation plan.

Take a look at the picture below:


When you take into account the recruiting side of an MLM like Tranont, the compensation plan does resemble a Pyramid.

When you recruit someone into the system, it is called creating a downline (team).

When you do this, you earn commissions on any sales made within your downline.  Those commissions are always going upwards to the top of the pyramid.

So, it is actually not how much work and sales you make that determines how much money you can make.  It is where you sit within that pyramid structure.

Naturally, the people at the top of the pyramid make most of the money whilst the people at the bottom find it a hard slog to try and climb the pyramid to achieve anything.

A proven Pyramid Scheme will only have this recruitment side to their business.  That is illegal as you are not actually promoting any products or services, you are just recruiting people in.  Companies like Digital Altitude & MOBE were closed down by the FTC for being Pyramid Schemes.

Tranont isn’t an outright pyramid scheme, purely for the fact that they have products for you to sell.  You do not actually need to go down the recruitment side to make money, you can sell their products.

But, MLM’s have written their compensation plans in such a way that the only real way of making the kind of money they claim you can make with their business opportunity is to build a downline (team).

If you can build the right team under you, that is the only way you climb the pyramid and make the kind of money that they claim you could…

If you want to make money by promoting products, without having to do any face-to-face sales or recruiting, then we would suggest you try a much better alternative and that is with Affiliate Marketing.  With the right training, you could get started for free.  Check out our guide to affiliate marketing HERE.

Success is Rare at Tranont

Here is the thing about MLM: Most people end up losing their money, let alone making any money.  In fact, on average 73% of people that join an MLM lose their money!

That doesn’t make great odds for your chances.

But those odds may make you think that, with the other 27% making money, it might still be worthwhile.  But, just because 27% are making money, that doesn’t mean they are making huge amounts of money.

According to the majority of reports, the people who are making money with MLM will only make a fraction of what they thought they would.

In many cases, the most they will make is $200 a month.  But that doesn’t factor in the costs they are paying out.

If you were earning $200 with their health package, you are still paying out $175 a month yourself.  That makes $25 profit.

To get to the kind of money they talk about in their sales pitch, it would take years to achieve that kind of level of success.  Can you afford to keep paying out that kind of money every month on a whim?

Tranont Compensation Plan

MLM’s typically have a complicated compensation plan, making it harder to work out exactly how you are going to make money wit them.  But even compared to most MLMs, Tranont’s is even more complicated…


This is mainly down to the variety of product types that they offer – remember they have both health and wealth product in the same place.

Coupled with this is the fact that what you can make depends on your rank, terms and much more. 

However, there are two main ways that you should expect to make money from Tranont, including a variety of other bonuses that you might be able to make with the MLM, with these begin seen depending on recruitment and sales targets, amongst others.

You also need to factor in that this company has two different product types, so they have two different compensation plans.  One for Health and one for Finance

There are a few differences in terms of ranks and terms, but they basically function in the same way.

Here are how you can expect to make money from Tranont:

Retail Commissions

This side of the MLM is what means it shouldn’t be a pyramid scheme.  The amount you can earn does depend on what your rank is within the company.  But you should expect to make up to 35% of each sale.  A big factor in this will be the product that you sell.

Residual Commissions

This side of the MLM is what makes it resemble a pyramid scheme.  Here’s how it looks:


This is called a unilevel commission structure, this means anyone that you recruit into the company will sit directly under you.

The amount you can make will significantly depend on how many people you can recruit into your downline, as well as how much they can sell themselves whilst under you.

Recruit the right team, and this improves your chances.

If you want to review the whole Tranont Compensation plan, then you can check it out HERE.

Or, you could check out this video that explains everything:

P.S. This program enabled us to Create a 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income Stream.  It’s Free to get started, and only costs $49/month to go full-time!

What We Liked About Tranont

We would normally write something positive about a company here.  MLM does have a place for the right person, but in the case of Tranont and the lack of transparency and high costs, we could not come up with any positives…

What We Didn't Like About Tranont

Here is what we didn’t like:

#1 Expensive Business Costs

This is something you have to really factor in to deciding whether this business opportunity is for you.

In a way the $99 to get started isn’t the issue, but the fact that you will need to at least budget for spending $175 a month.  If you went for the builder pack, that is $275 a month.

If you are not experience with MLM and just getting started, you may not factor this in.  But that is over $2,000 a year you are spending on getting started.  Then there are plenty of other costs associated with MLM that people do not factor in.  For example, fuel, marketing material.  The cost to learn more about selling effectively.

These are all things you really need to factor in. I mean, you cannot join unless you have that money to cater for all of those things for at least the next year.  It will take time to rise up in the business.  This will not be a quick win.

But most people end up in considerably debt and nowhere closer to earning money.

We can help you with a much cheaper alternative, where you could even get started for FREE.  Promote products that you do not need to buy yourself to be able to sell them. But if you want an alternative to an MLM that is going to cost you more than you can afford, then you need to check out our top recommendation.  (We will show you at the end of the review!)

Another factor to cost is the cost of the products that you need to sell to make money.

#2 Expensive Products

I have yet to find an MLM where they do not charge a ridiculously high price for health products and yet here, we find another that does it.  $89 for a health drink…

The problem is, who are you going to find that wants to spend that much on a so-called health drink which hasn’t been approved by the FDA?

The higher the price of products, the harder it is to sell to people.  Especially when there are cheaper products on the market that have been approved by the FDA, that are probably better than these products too.

#3 CEO Has Negative History

Would you want to buy finance products from someone who has filed for bankruptcy after running up debts of nearly $1 million??  That is what you are facing from this company.

It could put people off buying from you, if they do a bit of research first…

#4 Complicated Compensation Plan

This applies to most MLM companies, with Tranont being no different.  You will find that most of the compensation plans are very long, complicated and are really hard to understand.

But a page full of numbers does not really tell you what you really need to know and that is how this business opportunity really works and whether you have any chance of making money with it.

#5 The Majority of Distributors Lose Money…

In MLM’s, most of the distributors lose their money.  Actually, over 98% of them fail and you can see this with a few examples of MLM companies that prove we are telling the truth:

We can safely assume the same is said for Tranont, especially as they do not provide you with an income disclosure statement like they are supposed to.

MLM’s have a legal obligation to publish a statement that shows you the percentage of distributors are earning money and what they are earning.  In the examples below, we know the number that are earning a realistic amount are really low.

But the fact that Tranont do not want to share this with you should tell you everything you need to know about this business opportunity.

Their biggest customer base will be their distributors as they have got them spending $150-$250 each month on products.  I don’t think they really expect you to sell any, as long as you they tied into the monthly subscription they really will not care.

The problem with MLM’s is that you will find it really hard to make money at the lower ranks.  Even if you put in as much effort as those at the top, you will always earn less as they have the advantage of earning from their downline.

You need to build a team under you to have any chance of earning more, but this is extremely difficult without experience of recruiting and training a team of sales-driven individuals.

#6 Not Accredited with BBB

The BBB (Better Business Bureau) is a good place to check out a company when we are doing our research.

Helps us know how legally and professionally a company operates its business.  We can work out how much it should be trusted.

Whilst Tranont has an A+ rating, it is not accredited by BBB.  You can check out the report here.

#7 The FDA Has Not Approved its Products

The FDA (Food & Drug Administration) has not approved any of the supplements offered by Tranont.

The FDA doesn’t approve any dietary supplements that are used in or on the human body to treat or prevent any diseases.

This is do with MLM companies claiming that their products have health benefits.  The FDA ensure all health supplements are not medicine but are food sources.

It doesn’t offer a cGMP certificate to supplements’ manufacturers, which assists the general public and consumers to determine if a product is clean and safe for use.

There is no Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) in Tranont’s product labelling and information, which means that they aren’t cGMP certified also.

Haven't Made Your First $1 Yet?

Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

Can You Make Money with Tranont?

This is a really hard question to answer, especially as they fail to provide an income disclosure statement.  At least with this, we could tell you whether you would earn a little or a lot.

But there is only one reason why they would not publish such a statement and that is because their distributors are not making any money and they want to hide this from you…

Is Tranont a Scam?

So, let’s answer your big question… Is Tranont a Scam? 

Whilst it would be natural to think it is a scam as it is an MLM, that doesn’t mean it automatically is a scam.

We don’t believe it is a scam.  They have products available and you could make money.

A scam is where you are being misled and it leads to you having your money stolen!!  Tranont does not do this.  But that doesn’t mean it is a good business opportunity.  In fact, we feel it is a downright bad business opportunity for anyone to consider.

The bigger issue is the fact that they do not give you an idea of what their distributors are actually earning.  The lack of an income disclosure, coupled with expensive products and our experience when talking about MLM suggests that the reason they do not show you the income disclosure is because you would walk away as soon as you saw it…

98% of people lose money with MLM and I cannot see how Tranont can buck the trend.

What that said, we have gone through everything you needed to know about Tranont, and I am hoping you have decided it isn’t the right option for you.  Your time, effort and money could be put to much better use.

If you are still looking for an opportunity to make money online, then keep on reading and we will share with you how we make money online…

How We Make Money Online

We are not a fan of MLM, not because it is illegal or that it isn’t profitable, but because it is really restrictive, and the expensive costs involved.

That is why we recommend Affiliate Marketing.  It is our top recommended business model for anyone wanting to make money online.

The reasons are simple…

  • You don’t have to recruit anyone to make money
  • You have the freedom to promote any products or services you want and not get restricted by only promoting products from one MLM company
  • NO face-to-face Selling is involved
  • It is FREE to get started

In fact, with affiliate marketing we are close to earning a 4-figure monthly passive income stream.  With the right help and guidance, you can too.  Click below to find out about our top recommended training platform for learning affiliate marketing:

Thanks for checking out our Tranont Review!  If you have any questions or comments to add, then please write them in the comments section below. 😉


$99 Start-up cost + $25/monthly fee + Monthly Product Pack $150-$250/month

Overall Rating



  • Nothing


  • Expensive Start Up & Expensive Products
  • CEO Has Negative History
  • Complicated Compensation Plan
  • Majority of Distributors Lose Moneyy
  • Not Accredited By BBB, FDA Has Not Approved Its Products

4 thoughts on “Is Tranont A Scam? Health & Wealth MLM Exposed”

  1. This article really helped me realize the ins and outs of MLM schemes and scams. The second I saw the steep price point, I was skeptical. I can’t see any reason to charge that amount for any service, and with a monthly fee that high, I don’t see why the start-up fee even exists. After this, when you started to pick apart the mastermind behind it all, the pieces fell into place in my mind. I don’t know what Lorne did to accumulate 1M in debt, but climbing on top of others to get yourself out a hole isn’t the way to go. These kinds of scams are wrong and ruin hundreds of lives with their high prices and low returns. Thank you for bringing the dark secrets of Tranont to the surface.

    • Hi Maria,

      thanks for checking out our review.  There are definitely things in Lornes past that make us wonder how he could accumulate that much debt and then be allowed to offer financial services…

      The problem with MLM is more to do with the way their sell themselves to people.  This is a hard business model to get right and you need sales and recruitment experience and a lot of training to be successful.  But the costs kick in straightaway meaning you haven’t got the time you need to learn.  You need to hit the ground running.  

      This is not ideal.  This is why so many people end up in debt or losing money to MLM.  We have seen that some MLM’s admit that their biggest customer group is actually their distributors and not a real customer base.

      MLM is not ideal for beginners for a number of reasons, but Tranont takes it to another level and we would advise people to stay away.

      Affiliate Marketing is 100x Better than Any MLM and is completely beginner friendly and Free to Get Started!!!!

      All the best


  2. Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. I was actually making some research about the legitimacy of Tranont before I can invest on it. Having stumbled into this article, I have gotten the necessary answers I needs to satisfy my curiosity. However, since they are not ethical in their dealings, I don’t think is worth investing on. Keep up the good work

    • Hi Edah,

      thanks for checking out our review.  Tranont has a number of problems that make this not worthwhile.  Expensive products, expensive start up costs and a CEO with a shady past.  

      All reasons why we would not recommend this program to you.

      All the best



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