Have you been tempted to join a Multi-Level Marketing Business Opportunity?  Have you been approached by a friend or family member who is trying to tempt you into joining an MLM?  Are you sure it is worth it?  Maybe you are worried about chasing your friends and family for sales or to join your team?  Are you worried it could jeopardise those relationships…?

Did you know that there is an entire Anti-MLM Group Online?  Want to Know Why?  

That is because there is over a 99% chance that you will lose money within an MLM!!!

These groups know that and unfortunately so do we

We were once in your shoes.  We wanted to join an MLM as it offered us the chance of being our own boss and have our own business.

But Guess What Happened…?

We become part of the 99% of those who lost money!

A lot of it!

The bigger problem was the embarrassment of going back to those people who we had told this was a great opportunity and that they should really get involved in, that it was in fact a complete joke and I lost a lot of money.

Yeah, it was embarrassing.

We had to tuck our tail between my legs and admit defeat and walk away knowing we were never going to get that money back.

We vowed to help others avoid that same fate and we do not want you to go through that pain.

Being your own boss is Great – But let me show you why Affiliate Marketing is 100x a better way to do it!

16 Reasons Why Joining an MLM Will Not Help You, But Actually Hurt You...

  1. There is almost always a starter kit that you are required to buy, and these are not cheap!
  2. You are going to have monthly amounts of sales to achieve and maintain in order to stay active and eligible to get all of your bonuses and commissions
  3. Your Upline or Sponsor is going to pressure you into buying more and more products regardless of whether you need them or not
  4. You will be told to message and sell to your friends and family to join you because they class that as your warm market
  5. Your friends and family might feel obliged to help you out, but secretly (or not so secretly) hate it and this will damage your relationship in some cases
  6. You will be asked to make a list of everyone you know and message them to join.  This is classed as your cold market and they will really hate it!
  7. Most people are very sceptical about MLMs and will even call it a Pyramid Scheme and a scam
  8. The products you buy and are therefore trying to sell are way overpriced.  This means no regular customer is going to want to buy them
  9. You are going to have to rely on recruiting new people to make money
  10. Once you start recruiting people, they will be competing for the same people you are. If you know the same people, this will make it even harder
  11. You are not really your own boss, that is because you do not own the company you are working for.
  12. You will need to work HARD to make this work, and still be told you didn’t work hard enough if you didn’t succeed. (They blame you for failing and not the other way around)
  13. You will have to constantly motivate your team members, so they stay onboard
  14. There is such a high turnover rate in MLM, meaning you will constantly have to find new people to recruit and train
  15. If you become one of the very few who actually makes money with an MLM, it will mean the people below you in your downline are losing money
  16. Every stat going shows that 99% of people actually lose money in an MLM.

Here Are 16 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing is 100x Better Than Being in an MLM!

  1. Affiliate Programs are free to join, that’s right there is nothing to pay to join an affiliate program.
  2. You do not need to buy any products to be able to make money with affiliate marketing.
  3. You do not need to buy or hold any inventory.
  4. There is no need to host home parties or Facebook Classes with Affiliate Marketing.
  5. You do not have to recruit your friends and family.  In fact, you could actually do affiliate marketing and not tell anyone you know what you are doing until the time is right.
  6. Affiliate Marketing uses techniques that will bring the customer to YOU!
  7. You are your own Boss.
  8. You control your schedule, work when you want and work how you want to work.
  9. You have complete control over your website, because it will be your own.
  10. There is very little start-up costs with Affiliate Marketing, and you can even get started for FREE!
  11. You do not rely on anyone else but yourself to succeed
  12. There is no uplines or downlines.
  13. You do not need to train anyone
  14. It is much easier to create an income with affiliate marketing.  Check out these affiliate marketing success stories.
  15. You can choose to promote anything that you want, and you can promote multiple things you are really interested in.  That is because you are not tied down to one company like with an MLM.  Sign up to as many affiliate programs as you want.
  16. You can create passive income streams that will pay you again and again, well after the work has been done.n in with a free membership.

Follow A Proven Step-by-Step Guide

There are going to be some things that you will need to know to be able to succeed with affiliate marketing.  But the good news is that you can follow a proven step-by-step guide just like we did and like those people in the success stories that we posted about above.

Of course, you could go and find information from searching on Google if you want.  But trying to figure this stuff out and put it all together on your own is going to leave you feeling frustrated and lost. (we have been there, and a lot of the information is outdated and makes it even harder to succeed).

Or, you could follow an easy to follow step-by-step guide that will take you through all you need to know and do to get your own affiliate marketing business up and running.

You can even get started for FREE!  That’s right, nothing to pay and you will even get 2 affiliate marketing websites thrown in too!

If you are serious about making money online, then we highly suggest you get rid of the idea of an MLM business and become your own real Boss with your own affiliate marketing business.

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