Is Zurvita a Scam? Health Based Pyramid Scheme?

Welcome to our Zurvita Review!

Have you been looking into ways to earn some money from home, and someone has mentioned to you that Zurvita might be the answer?  A chance to be your own boss, work from home and get healthier at the same time?

But you not entirely convinced that it’s all legit?  You might be thinking is Zurvita a scam or is Zurvita a pyramid scheme?

Know that you’re in the right place to get all the information you need to know to make an informed decision.

First off, it’s great to see that you’re doing your research before buying into any “seemingly good” product.

That is how you avoid scams and find only legitimate ways to make money online!

To be completely transparent with you, we’re not associated with Zurvita in any form.  We’re not here to pitch or sell you anything.

Instead, we want to ensure you get all the information you need to know, including pros and cons.  That way, this honest Zurvita review will help you to make an informed decision as to whether it’s right for you or not.

Zurvita Review Summary

Product Name: Zurvita

Founder: Mark And Tracey Jarvis, in 2008

Product Type: Health and Wellness MLM company

Price: $35 enrolment pack + $140-$550 for product pack + 70 PBV ($100) per month to remain active

Best For: Experienced Network Marketers

is zurvita a scam - company logo


  • Proven History
  • Positive Product Reviews


  • Expensive Products
  • Hidden Monthly Expenses
  • Pyramid Scheme in Disguise?
  • Only 1 in 71 Make More Than $10K a Year & 90% of Members Lose Money

Summary: Zurvita is an MLM that sells a range of nutritional supplements that people seem to like, although they are really expensive when compared to alternatives online.

The biggest issue, though, is that their success rate is really low.  Over 90% of members are losing money, with only 1 in 71 earning more than $10K a year.  But that is before expenses are taken into account.

Rating: 30/100

Recommended? No

Table of Contents

What is Zurvita?

Zurvita is a health and wellness MLM or Multi-Level Marketing company.  It was founded in 2008 by Mark and Tracey Jarvis.

The company originally started out as a tech company, and sold a range of technical and business services to other companies.  But they decided to change towards the health and wellness sector.

Now, they sell a range of nutritional supplements and protein shakes to help people stay in shape and become “healthier”.  They also offer an opportunity for everyday people to “become their own boss”.

You can learn a little more about this business opportunity, by watching this 3-minute video…

Now, this video might make it sound like it’s the best thing you could ever find.   But your smart enough to know that this is just a promotional video by Zurvita…

So, you may be wondering if Zurvita is still a pyramid scheme…

Is Zurvita a Pyramid Scheme

No, Zurvita isn’t a pyramid scheme.

They have a range of legit products that MLM members are able to sell and the company pays its members like it says.

Technically, there is no need to recruit… However, Zurvita has signs that it could be a pyramid scheme in disguise…

Let me explain what we mean…

What’s a Pyramid Scheme?

A pyramid scheme is a company that promises to pay its members for recruiting people into the company over selling products and services.

They are illegal in most countries as it’s impossible for everyone to make money inside a pyramid scheme.  This Wikipedia diagram shows you why…

pyramid scheme

The majority of MLMs, including Zurvita, do offer a range of legitimate products.

But the honest truth is that distributors are only really making good money within Zurvita is if they recruit a lot of people.  They are required to get a downline to sell and recruit more people for it to work.

So, the reality is that most people don’t make money within Zurvita, as it is operating like a pyramid scheme in disguise?

This 5-minute video will show you why…

That being said, is anyone being successful?  Let’s chat about that now…

Success is Rare at Zurvita

Well, the truth is that it is really hard to find success with an MLM opportunity.

Did you know that between 73% and 99% of all MLM members are losing money?

We’ll get into their income disclosure details later in the review.  But the truth is that 90% of all consultants earned less than $618 in 2016 (and they is no up-to-date figures).

When you then factor in that the minimum annual expenses for a year is at least $1,374.95 you can see that at least 89.7% of members lost money in 2016.

This is the reality, but it’s not something that any Zurvita rep will openly tell you…

How Does Zurvita Work?

Zurvita produces a range of health and wellness products.

They also offer an opportunity for everyday people to sell these products as an Independent Consultants.

It is pitched as a win-win situation, but what is really happening is this.

The company saves millions of dollars on expensive marketing campaigns, and the hardest part of the process is left to those members.  

But with the monthly sales quota you will be stuck with, you will actually become the companies biggest customer, and they don’t have to rely on any marketing.

Zurvita Product Line

It’s really important that you get to know what products an MLM offer, and understand them better, as you will be promoting these…

Zurvita offers a range of health and wellness products, under the following categories:

  • Nutrition – supplements, protein shakes, etc.
  • Performance – pre and post workout shakes or supplements
  • Transformation System – a Mixture of the above products
  • Merchandise – giftcards or protein shake cup

Examples of their products are:

Zeal Canister – $54.95

is zurvita a scam - zeal canister

This product is a drink mix and contains natural ingredients.  It is claimed to help with energy and concentration.

Zeal 24 – $104.95

is zurvita a scam - zeal 24

This is a 24-pack of individual zeal drinks.

Zurvita Protein – $119.95

This is another 24 pack of individual drinks, but it’s a protein shake.

Zurvita Protein Canister – $64.95

is zurvita a scam - zurvita protein

This is the mix version of the protein product.

Zurvita Burn – $49.95

This is a product that is claimed to speed up your metabolism and helps you lose weight.

Zurvita Cleanse – $36.95

This is a cleanse and is just for overall health benefits.

There are many MLM companies that offer very similar products, so is there anything that makes Zurvita stand out?

Zurvita Flagship Product – Zeal

So, their flagship product is their Zeal product.  Which as we said is their multivitamin drink that is claimed to help improve your focus, energy, and health.  It’s $54.95 a can.

It does sound good, but like I said, there are thousands of supplements that all claim to do the same thing.  So, the only way to know whether the product is any good is to try the product yourself.

Alternatively, you can see what other people are saying…

is zurvita a scam - zurvita zeal amazon reviews

Overall, there seems to be a general consensus that they are a good product.  Although some of the reviews do still knock the score down due to the price.

Something you should bear in mind is that this is not “certified organic”.  They do make it clear in the FAQ of their website, but is still a concern.

You should also know that there are so many different MLM companies that are offering a similar supplement product line.  Here’s some examples:

You can watch the 4-minute video below if you want to know more about Zurvita’s product line…

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Can You Make Money with Zurvita?

The reality is that it is really hard to make money as a consultant selling Zurvita.

The few members who are making a full-time income are working like full-time sales manager, rather than their “own boss”.

Typically these will be really extroverted people who are great at selling the dream of working from home to people.

They will typically be spending most of their time in Zoom meetings, encouraging their downline to sell more and recruit more people.

If this sounds like what you were signing up for, then you maybe a good fit for this business opportunity.

But you need to be aware that the majority of people you recruit won’t make any money and become quite annoyed with you for “selling the dream” to then.

How To Make Money with Zurvita?

Zurvita is a typical MLM, so there are the usual two ways for you to make money with their business opportunity.  These are:

  1. Sell their products
  2. Recruit people and earn bonuses based on their sales.

The people who call MLM’s out as an outright pyramid scheme, often misunderstand this part.

To avoid being called out as a pyramid scheme, MLM’s don’t directly pay you based on recruiting members.  Instead, they only pay you bonuses based on their sales.

They only pay you bonuses if your downline spends money on the company themselves or sell products to others.

So, you’re probably now wondering how much it costs to join Zurvita…

Getting Started with Zurvita

To get started as a Zurvita Independent Consultant is $35.  For this, you receive a welcome kit.

But the costs don’t stop there, as your upline will encourage you to buy a Starter Pack…

These range in price from $139.95 to $549.95 and comes with some products:

  • Express Pack ($139.95) – This pack coms with 2 zeal canisters, 24 zeal single serving bottles, a shaker bottle
  • Quick Start Packs ($349.95) – This pack comes with 3 zeal canisters, 96 single serving zeal bottles, shaker bottles
  • Builders Pack ($499.95) – 6 zeal canisters, 120 single serve zeal bottles, and a shaker bottle

If you are serious about making money from Zurvita, as it would be wise to actually try the products yourself and these do provide the products at a discounted rate.

Then there are other monthly costs to consider too…

Zurvita Monthly Expenses

To remain an active consultant and be eligible for the commissions/bonuses, you will need to sell at least 70 PBV (Personal Business Volume) each month…


is zurvita a scam - 70PBV Monthly Costs

What this means is that you will be expected to sell around $100 worth of Zurvita products every month.  If you’re unable to do this, you will need to buy $100 worth of product yourself.

This is why the company recommends you join a monthly “autoship” program to spend at least $100 a month!

So, these are the minimum costs or expenses that you need to consider for your first year as a consultant:

  • $35
  • $139.95 – $549.95
  • $100 x 12 months

Total costs for 1 year = $1,374.95 – $1,784.95!

This is before you consider any other expenses that go with running a business, like marketing, postage, packaging, and any additional training you require.

P.S. This program enabled us to Create a 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income Stream! It’s Free to get started and costs only $49/month to go full-time!

Zurvita Compensation Plan

MLM companies love to make their compensation plans as complicated as possible.  Often to stop you looking into too much detail, and realise the signs.  Zurvita is no different.  We’ll do our best to keep it simple.

There are 7 ways for you to get paid from Zurvita:

  1. Personal Sales (20% commissions)
  2. Builders bonuses ($50 – $100 if your new recruit purchases a Starter Pak)
  3. Customer All-Star bonus (enrol 5 new customers in 30 days to earn $250)
  4. Team All-Star bonus (accumulate 3,000 TBV or $4,000 team sales when reaching All Star bonus in 30 days to earn $800 bonus – max of 50% from one leg)
  5. Team bonus ($400 bonus when you achieve 3,000 TBV in 30 days
  6. Overrides (get bonuses for the sales of up to 8 levels deep, see the diagram below)
  7. Rank bonuses ($500 – $25,000 bonus for ranking up)
is zurvita a scam - overrides

Ok, that probably wasn’t that simple.  But they make it sound so complicated and use funky terms to make it sound like there are loads of different ways to make money.

But the reality is that there are only two ways to make money with Zurvita:

  1. Sell products
  2. Recruit people

And if you take another look at the ways to make money, 6 of them all involve recruiting people!

If you want to know a little more about their compensation plan, you can check out this ten-minute video…

Or, you can find their full Zurvita compensation plan (pdf) here.

Is Zurvita a Scam?

No, Zurvita isn’t a scam.

They sell a range of legit products and they pay their consultants just like they say they do.

However, people still get annoyed at the pyramid-like structure of the company and they also get frustrated when they don’t make any money.

They also end up with a garage full of stock they cannot get rid of.

They then leave, and often write negative reviews about the company and calling Zurvita a scam.

The remainder of our Zurvita review will give you all the details you need to know to make an informed decision about whether it’s right for…

Just to be completely transparent with you, I’m not a distributor of Product, nor do I endorse Product in any way.  I have researched the website, testimonials, and information available on the internet to get the details about what this program genuinely does.    I do this, as I have been caught out by a scam in the past, and am trying to help others avoid a similar fate…

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What We Liked About Zurvita

Here’s what we liked about Zurvita:

#1 Proven History

Most MLMs don’t make it past the 5 year mark, and then 1 in 3 don’t get past the ten year mark. 

So, with Zurvita having been around since 2008 it shows that they aren’t going to just disappear tomorrow like many other MLM’s have…

#2 Positive Product Reviews

There are many positive reviews about the products from Zurvita, which is a good sign and with the number it is clear, they all can’t be just from distributors.

is zurvita a scam - positive product review

At times you’ll only find positive reviews that are from MLM representatives trying to promote their products.  But when you see real reviews like the one above, you know there are real people liking and feeling the benefits from the product.

It’s far easier to sell something to people that actually want it!

What We Didn't Like About Zurvita

Here’s what we didn’t like about Zurvita:

#1 Expensive Products

A huge red flag to me that an MLM may be a “pyramid scheme in disguise” when their products are overpriced.

There are so many cheaper alternatives online compared to MLM prices.  Why would someone spend $55 on a Zeal Canister, when they could probably get something very similar for $35, that also has much more in the container?

And as their products are not organic, often the Amazon alternative is a better option for your body…

#2 Hidden Monthly Expenses

The reason that people spend money on these overpriced products is down to the hidden expenses, they are not even aware of…until it’s too late…

is zurvita a scam - hidden expenses

So, even an independent consultant for Zurvita proves that you are required to sign up for a monthly autoship to remain active…

And again, as we described in the compensation plan it is clear that there is a sales quota, that starts at 70PBV, or $100 worth of product every month.

This makes the biggest customer group for Zurvita their own members and not real paying customers.

When you put these two things together, you get this…

#3 Zurvita Is a Pyramid Scheme in Disguise?

When the products are overpriced, can you really expect to sell many of them to random people?  Your friends and family are only going to buy so many before they tell you no.  And even if you can sell them, do you really expect to make a full-time income from it?

This is the reason that the only way to make good money from Zurvita’s business opportunity is by recruiting people. 

When the key focus of an MLM is recruitment, it ends up looking like this…


Let’s say you were able to recruit people, and you were good at it. You were able to get to the top of the pile, you would be doing this by recruiting people that you know are going to lose money.

That’s why this kind of company is not ethical, even though they are technical not a scam!

If you are still of the believe that it’s possible to make money, then check out the next concern…

#4 Only 1 in 71 Make More Than $10K a Year

Based on the latest income disclosure statement, which was 2016 there were 18,261 active Independent Consultants at Zurvita… and only 239 or 1.4% earned over $10K that year!

is zurvita a scam - income disclosure

Simply put, only 1 in 71 members made over $10K income for the whole of 2016.

You should also factor in that this doesn’t take into account the expenses these IC’s will have incurred throughout that year.  Most will have lost money.  Think it this way, the majority of their members are earning less than $618 a year!

#5 Company Isn’t Doing Well

Zurvita is a publicly traded company and their stocks have dropped significantly over the past few years, with shares dropping to 11 cents each.

This could be a sign that the company could fold at any point, and if that happens you will lose any and all money you have invested into it.

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Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

My Zurvita Review - Final Conclusion

Zurvita is a legitimate MLM company that sells a range of products that does seem to get positive feedback.  But the problem is that you’ll find it really difficult to sell these overpriced products to your friends and family.

There are clearly signs that the company could be operating as a pyramid scheme in disguise, with recruitment being the key focus of their compensation plan.  The vast majority of their members or consultants are actually losing money.

They are also signs they are misleading you, with the business opportunity costs and hidden monthly expenses soon mounting up.

For a better alternative, keep on reading…

How We Make Money Online

I’m not a fan of MLM, not because it’s illegal or not profitable, but because of all the restrictions and expensive costs involved.

Instead, Affiliate Marketing is our top recommended business model for anyone looking to make money online

The reasons are simple…

  • You can promote anything you want and aren’t restricted to only promote products from one MLM company
  • You don’t have to recruit anyone to make money
  • You never need to sell to your friends and family
  • It’s free to get started

In fact, with affiliate marketing we’ve been able to Create a 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income Stream.  If you want to learn more, click here.

Thanks for checking out our Zurvita Review!  If you have any questions or comments to add, then please write them in the comments section below. 😉

Sharing is Caring…


$35 + $140-$550 (product pack) +70 PBV ($100) a month

Overall Rating



  • Proven History
  • Positive Product Reviews


  • Expensive Products
  • Hidden Monthly Expenses
  • Pyramid Scheme in Disguise?
  • Only 1 in 71 Make $10K a Year

4 thoughts on “Is Zurvita a Scam? Health Based Pyramid Scheme?”

  1. Hi John. Thank you for another interesting review. Im just starting my adventure with digital marketing and pots like this are extremely helpful. I was reading before a bit abut Zurvita platform and to be fair opinions were quite mixed. But looking on your article, its clear to me that this is not something I would spend money and time for. MLM is quite old, and to be fair not very effective business model, and offered products seems overpriced. I believe its better to focus on affiliate marketing opportunities .

    • Hey Cogito,

      thanks for checking out our review.  Yes, I don’t think MLM have done enough to get with how people shop these days.  But they are still earning big money as their members are still buying their overpriced products.  If they were to better priced, and train their members on digital marketing techniques, they might become a good option for people that are not born sales people.  They would have a website that helped them do the sales.

      But MLM’s don’t.  There was ways to still succeed in network marketing, but with such a saturated market and people having easy access to sites like Amazon, I wonder what the landscape will look like in a few years time…

      Who knows…

      All the best


  2. First of all thank you so much for your honest review about ZURVITA. Your article is really full of interesting facts and detailed information. And, if ZURVITA is a legitimate site based on your personal experience, so I’ll give it try and i make sure i take care about cons u have mentioned in your article. 

    • Hey Harsh,

      thanks for checking out our review.  Be really mindful with an MLM.  If you’re good at sales, you may find this is the right fit for you.  But makes sure you do thorough research before taking the plunge, you may find this a good read.

      It helps increase your success with an MLM.

      All the best



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