The Best Way to Really Make Money Online – & Why it isn’t as Hard as you Might Think…

If you have been tirelessly looking for the best way to really make money online, then you are gonna love this post!  Being able to make money online and work towards financial freedom is an awesome way of spending your time. 

But regrettable most people will never get started because they are either looking for a get-rich-quick scheme (which are all scams) or think they do not have the skills necessary to achieve it!

We’re going to help you on both counts – avoiding online scams and finding the best way to make money online!!

First of all, we will let you know exactly how you can avoid all of those online scams that are promising the world, but are really only after your personal information or your money.

After that, we’re going to tell you how you are capable of achieving financial freedom online, whether you think you can do it or not.  Even if you feel you lack any computer skills, it is totally possible!

If we can make money online, then you are definitely capable of making money online!  It is a lot less complicated than you think it is, trust me!

We have the hands-down best option for anyone wanting to really make money online and it is going to come with more support than you could have ever imagined… First off, let’s make sure you know how to avoid any online scams when it comes to making money online.

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How to Avoid Online Scams – There are Thousands of Them Online!!!

As soon as you start looking for ways to make money online, there will be a scam there waiting for you…

These scammers are only too happy to provide you with an “easy” way of making money online, giving you an offer you simply cannot refuse.  Trust me, we got started helping others online due to being caught out by a scam.

But the big problem is that you will be no closer to making any money, in fact you will end up losing money or worse, and it just gives these scammers the incentive to keep on going to find another easy target…

Why Do Scammers Succeed?

The honest answer is that we are so desperate to make money quickly and easily, and are also a little naive and believe all of the crap they come out with.

Think about it, I’m sure we’ve all seen something that promises things like…

  • you could be earning money by the end of the day
  • earn money on autopilot
  • make money whilst sitting by the pool
  • there is no effort required on your part

These are all things we have seen, when reviewing programs that have turned out to be a scam, or at least a very low-quality program that doesn’t work as claimed too.

To be clear, I’m not saying that it’s impossible to earn a high-income online.  We know many marketers who are earning a really good wage.  But the clear distinction is that they worked their butts off to achieve it.

Nothing is given for free, and they put in the time and effort to achieve their success.  These scammers are finding an income from taking advantage of people who are thinking it is quick and easy to make money online.

The Scammers Tell You What You Want To Hear…

If you’re desperate to earn more money, pay off debt or quit your job.  All are common things we have all felt at some point, the scammers promise you that it is possible really quickly.

When the reality is that they tend to lead you into a sales funnel with a low price product, and then they start hitting you with product that are the real reason they got you in, which usually cost hundreds of dollars each and again they claim these products will speed up the process.

But you thought the initial product was enough…  The added problem is once you are caught up in a scam, they also have your personal details and can keep filling your inbox with more scams and then they also sell your email address to others too.

How to Avoid Online Scams – Have the Right Mindset

We’ve created a post that will help you in detail, know how to avoid online scams and you can read it here.

But the best piece of advice we can give you on how to both avoid online scams and make money online is to have the right mindset.  Lose any misconceptions about making money online.

To do that, you need to understand that anything that claims you can “Get-Rich-Quick” or doesn’t provide you with any really detail about what you will be doing is a possible scam.

There are a few exceptions, you could sign up with Swagbucks this afternoon and earn a few dollars completing surveys.  That is both legit and a realistic option.

But any option that claims to solve your money problems by the end of the day or week, is not your friend.

We can offer you a solution that will help you make money online, but before we suggest it, you need to be ready to commit some time and effort into making the sort of money that will give you the means to leave your day job.

But if you can’t accept that you’ll need to spend time and effort on achieving your goals, then you can always carry on looking for a magic-button system for the next 3 years… I have yet to find one that delivers on their promises and we review hundreds of them… (Just saying!).

If you can change that mindset, and are willing and able to go into this with an open mind, then we have a really exciting option on how you can make money online, and what is even better is that you will be doing so in a hobby or passion of yours (so it makes it enjoyable) and with the best support and training you’ll find online.

If you’re still here, and I sincerely hope you are, then we want to show you the best way to really  make money online is with affiliate marketing.

The Best Way to Really Make Money Online – Affiliate Marketing

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of the term, affiliate marketing.  It’s not a term we were familiar with when we first got started.

After being caught out by a scam, I was about to give up on ways to make money online as I thought everything was a scam, but then I fell onto a blog post that was talking about affiliate marketing.  So, we started doing more research and we are so glad we did, and that we are able to introduce you to the concept.

Affiliate Marketing, in our opinion, is the best way for people just starting out as you are going to be able to build an online business around a subject you already know a lot about.

You’e not going to need to go and research a subject to be able to make money online, you already have that knowledge.

If you have a passion or hobby or really knowledgeable in a topic, then you already have the building blocks to get started with affiliate marketing.

Then we can help you with all of the other knowledge you need to go with it.

Before we go into any other detail, take a look at the 2-minute video below to understand a little more about how affiliate marketing works…

Why a Hobby or Passion?

For starters, why build a business in something that you aren’t interested in? Or, don’t know anything about?

Building an online business does require a different mindset than a normal bricks and mortar business.  But at the end of the day, if you want to build yourself a financial freedom future and start earning a passive income, why not pick something you enjoy to go with it.

But there is another reason why choosing a hobby or passion is a good fit, and that is back to that point about time and effort.  

If you know nothing about computer science and you start a blog about it, how long do you think you will stay energised in creating content?  Not long, right?

If you love pets, and find the whole subject fascinating, you’ll come up with so many content ideas to write about and in turn, start monetising your blog that you soon find that you are hiring writers to write your stuff for you and you can relax a little.

Whatever your hobby, passion, or interest there will be way of making money online through affiliate marketing.

Think about what you already enjoy in life, and we can help you understand how to make money online with it.  You could choose from:

  • health and wellness
  • fitness
  • losing weight
  • cooking
  • arts and crafts
  • technology
  • gaming
  • pets
  • pet care
  • fasion
  • beauty products
  • photography
  • travelling
  • holidays
  • teaching
  • finance
  • motoring
  • sports
  • driving
  • cryptocurrency
  • coffee
  • tea


But you could literally use any subject you want, and affiliate marketing will definitely accommodate you. 

Think about what you already enjoy in life and you will be able to take that towards making money online.  You could choose health and wellness, fitness, losing weight, cooking, arts and crafts, technology, gaming, pets, pet care, fashion, beauty products, photography, traveling, holidays, teaching, finance, motoring, sports, driving, cryptocurrency, coffee, tea, the list could go on and on.

But when we get into what affiliate marketing is, you will realise there is an affiliate program for every subject that you might want to use and means there is a way of making money online from a hobby.

That is why we love affiliate marketing; you are already interested in the subject you are going to use to make money online. 

If you already enjoy fashion, then learning more about fashion to make money isn’t a hardship, in fact it makes it more enjoyable.

Love fast cars, then choose that topic and benefit from making money with affiliate marketing.

It is a win-win as far as I am concerned.  But what is affiliate marketing?

If you already enjoy fashion, then learning more about fashion to make money isn’t a hardship, in fact it makes it more enjoyable.

Love fast cars, then choose that topic and benefit from making money with affiliate marketing.

It is a business model that suits both the company that owns the products and the affiliate who is promoting them.

Before we get into all the details about affiliate marketing, we just want you to know that there are endless opportunities with it.  We are not saying this is a route to easy and quick money.  But whatever your goals, they are possible with affiliate marketing.

Now, let’s get into all the details you need to know about Affiliate Marketing.

What’s Affiliate Marketing &
How Does it Fit into Making You Money!

What we found funny when we first fell onto the term, affiliate marketing was that we had been involved in the process as a customer several times without even realising it.  It is like a refer a friend scheme.

The best way to describe it is to give you an example.  For this, we’re going to use pets as most of us have a pet, or at least know someone who does.  Pet owners are willing to spend a decent amount of money on their pets, making sure they are well looked after.

There are 3 parties, when it comes to affiliate marketing. (remember our example is pets).

  1. There is the pet owner (customer)
  2. There is the pet care blog owner (affiliate marketer or you)
  3. There is the product owner (for our example we are going to use Amazon)

The pet owner is looking for the best organic food for their pet and naturally they decide to go on Google and do a search.  They land on a blog written by an affiliate marketer who writes an informed in-depth post about the best organic food for dogs and our pet owner reads this post.

They decide that they do want to follow the bloggers recommendation and see a link to Amazon on this blog.  They follow the link (this is an affiliate link) and they go to amazon and decide they are going to buy that organic dog food.

The customer is happy, Amazon gets a sale and as a reward for the blogger leading a customer to buy off of Amazon, they get a commission which is a percentage of the sale.

That is what Affiliate Marketing is, by providing help in a subject you already know something about, you are rewarded for introducing a customer.

Check out the graphic below…

We used Amazon as an example, because they are great for beginners.  But as you gain experience you will soon find there are literally thousands of retailers all offering affiliate programs for you to follow the same model as our example.

Now, we used pet food but think about the number of categories there are on Amazon.  They offer over 570,000 products online, and that is just Amazon!

Any subject you want to use, there will be a product available on Amazon for you to use with your affiliate marketing campaigns.

I hope I haven’t lost you yet, the point I am trying to make is that you can do this because I am hoping at this point you have an idea for a topic you could use to make money online.

Why Affiliate Marketing is Ideal for Those Just Starting Out

If you are thinking that affiliate marketing, blogging and selling stuff sounds like it isn’t for you… Wait!

I thought all that when I first got started too.  But you know what.  Done the right way with the right support, it becomes very simple.

Affiliate Marketing is ideal for those starting out because it is not a very complicated process to get started…

Think of it this way, you already have the topic (hopefully) that you are going to use.  We can provide you with all the help, support and tools needed to get started for FREE!  All you need to do is make that decision to get over your fears and take the first step…

How to Get Over the Fact You Think You Can’t Do It
(But Really You Can…)

Let me be straight, I have heard it all before.

  • I haven’t got a clue about starting a website… We will show you…
  • I don’t know how to write content… We will help you…
  • Affiliate Marketing is not for me… how do you know, if you never try?
  • I am not that good on a computer, can I do it?  Yes, definitely!
  • I haven’t got time… I had a full time job and a family to think about when I got started.

The biggest barrier is your own mindset.  If you keep telling yourself you cannot do it, you will always put barriers up to stop you achieving it.

If you tell yourself I am going to do this, and work hard on the right strategy, then you will definitely surprise yourself.

But you will never know unless you get started…

If You Never Get Started, You’ll Never Make Money Online!

If you are going to keep looking for other ways to make money online and shy away from affiliate marketing, you will find that most other methods online are either scams or are much harder than affiliate marketing.

If you keep looking for other ways to make money online for the next 6 months, then I bet you will be no closer to really making money online.

But if you take our recommendation and get started today, then in 6 months you will have had your own affiliate marketing business up and running for a whole 6 months and you might even surprise yourself with the results of taking action today.

The other factor is you will tell yourself you haven’t got the time but think about it.  How long have you already spent looking for ways to make money online and haven’t taken any action?  You probably have spent a lot of time looking, when you could have been acting.

Think about how long you probably spend on social media?  Is that making you money?  If we cut out some of the time, we spend on social media for watching tv, we could be working on a way to make money which will give you more time in the long run to pursue the activities you want to.

Spending time to learn and put into action what you will learn into putting an affiliate marketing business together, with our help and support will mean that you will be making money online sooner than you might think.  But the more you put it off, the longer it takes for you to act, the less likely it is ever going to happen.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Before I give you our top recommended training platform for getting started with affiliate marketing with help, support and training I must ask you are you ready to get started and are you committed to making this a reality?

If you are, then you only need to read on and take action on what we have written.

What we want to offer you is a training platform that will let you take a huge running leap towards achieving your goals of making money online.

There are plenty of low-quality training platforms for how to get started with affiliate marketing, but most of them have out-dated training and they will teach you techniques that will only lead to failure because they are no longer valid.

Wealthy Affiliate has come up with an evergreen strategy that will work with any niche you can think of.  They will help you define your niche and get the best start.

  • They will walk you through how to set up a blog with easy to follow videos and written guides.
  • They will show you how to write the best content that helps your audience.
  • They will show you how to connect your website up to analytic tools that will give you great insights into what your audience is doing on your website.

What they are great at is putting you at ease… those barriers we talked about earlier, because of the way they show you how to do stuff those barriers will seem like they do not exist.

If you still have a question, or still want help – you will have access to a community of over 1 million other members, there to help you.  You will also be able to send me a question from your dashboard and I will get back to you with an answer.

From your Wealthy Affiliate dashboard, you will have instant access to training, a website builder, a keyword research tool, help, support – literally everything you will need to get started and get on your way to making money online.

The only decision you need to make is, are you going to get started today?  Or are you going to put it off and risk never achieving your goals of making money online.

It is up to you?

If you still feel like you would like a little more information about Wealthy Affiliate, here is a link to our Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Or if you click the button below, you can sign up for a FREE starter membership and gain instant access to training that will totally change your mind set about not being able to do this:

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to really make money online and Wealthy Affiliate provides the best training there is to help you achieve it.  All you need to do is get started!

Thanks for checking out our blog post, we hope you found it useful.  If you have any questions, or maybe you have experience with Wealthy Affiliate and want to share your stories, we would love to hear from you.  Write them in the comments below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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  1. I am so glad I come across your site. I have been looking into how to make money online and somebody else warned me to watch out for all the scams. Thank you for sharing this info. I have just set up my free account at wealthy affiliate. Looks like im going to learn so much on this platform.

    • Hey Garry,

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    • Hi Akborm,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.  Avoiding scams means accepting that there is no quick-scheme to making money.  It is often a tough hurdle to accept.  But it must be done to stay safe and get started on the right path to making money online.

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