Creating a Website for Dummies – The Complete Guide

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Have you been looking into ways to create your own website?  We can help you!

By the end of this guide you will be able to create a professional and fully-functional website of your own – Guaranteed.

Regardless of whether you are creating niche website, a website for your local business or a client, you can easily create it today with the help of some awesome tools and the best part is that you can do it FOR FREE!

These days, there are systems and platforms that can help you create a Professional website even if you are a complete beginner who knows nothing about website building or even if you don’t feel confident with a computer… Isn’t that Awesome?

Let’s Get Started…

The Need for a Content Management System – WordPress is the Answer!

When websites first came about, you needed to know all about html coding, computer coding, etc. and you would need to spend hours and days to design a website and actually get it out on the internet.  It was really complicated, and expensive.

But these days with the help of a Content Management System, you can get a website up and running within a couple of minutes.  In fact, shortly we will show you how you can create a website in just 30 seconds…

Back to what a Content Management System is.

Often referred to as a CMS, a Content Management System is a computer application that helps you create and modify a website and the content on that website using a simple (easy to use) interface.

It basically allows you to build and edit your website without the need to do anything or understand coding.

In fact, adding an image or video to a website is about as easy as it is to add one to Facebook these days.

There are plenty of CMS in the market, examples include Joomla, Drupal, Wix, WordPress, etc.

But the one that stands out from the rest is WordPress…

You may have heard about it before.  It is one of the most commonly used CMS in the market.  Below we go through the main reasons why it is an ideal choice for a beginner:

  • It is easy to install and set up
  • No need to know HTML, or any computer code to use it
  • It is Search Engine Friendly, meaning Google love it
  • Thousands of Website Templates or Themes, to get the look you want
  • Over 40,000 add on features through the use of plugins (which are really easy to use to)

It is the most widely used CMS because of how adaptable it is.  You can get the exact look and feel that you want through the use of a theme or plugin and the number of these items is vast.

WordPress can really support your website whatever the purpose of your website is.  Whether it is a niche website, a business, a blog or an e-commerce website, WordPress is the right CMS for you.

One of the best features is how easy it is for the search engines to crawl your WordPress website.  This is really important for getting people to come to your website, which is why you have a website and how you can earn money from your website.

SO, that is why we fully believe WordPress is the best CMS for you to build a website!

Another thing to note is that this very website you are ready right now was also built using WordPress.

What About the Right Hosting?

Your Website, however, is nothing without website hosting.  If you think about your website as your house, the web hosting is the land that the house is built on.

You need to build your website (house) on a strong foundation (hosting) if you want it to work.

Website Hosting companies offer all the complicated technology it takes to get your website onto the internet for people to find.

You may have heard of some of the more common services such as GoDaddy, HostGator, iPage, etc.

There are lots of them out there… Some brag about how cheap and good they are, but in reality, most of them are cheap because it comes at the expense of your websites speed.  Website speed is a critical aspect of your website and they are compromising your website online through their cheap servers.

It is like anything, just because it is cheap it doesn’t mean it is the right choice for you.  But I still promise you that you will have your own free website up and running by the end of this post.

The hosting service we recommend is SiteRubix.  It is very different from all of the other services and that is because it is powered by Wealthy Affiliate, the best online community and training for online business.

Apart from offering you the technical hosting for your website, they also offer training, tools and support to help you create a legit online business and a valuable online asset (your website).

You might also find it useful to know, that is website is hosted at SiteRubix and our training came from Wealthy Affiliate 😉

What is SiteRubix?

If you think about the relationship between a Website and a CMS, the key ingredient is the Server and SiteRubix is that server:

Describes the relationship between website, hosting and a CMS

It doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that.  With SiteRubix you get a great server that takes your website and WordPress and does all the hard work for you of presenting to the world your website.

SiteRubix is a premium website hosting service without the premium cost…

Now it is time to learn the steps needed to build yourself a website.

How to Create a Website in 30 Seconds…

Here is a video that will walk you through the actual process of creating a brand new website, and they also show you how you can have it up and running within 30 seconds (how amazing is that?)Build a Website in Under 30 Seconds Video
WATCH Video: Create a Website in Under 30 Seconds

Now, it is your turn to create your website.  WE want to help you… but you are going to be the one that needs to take action.

Step 1: Choose a domain name for your website (The URL you want for your website)

Step 2: Create Account at (insert link)

Step 3: Get Access to 2 FREE Websites & The Entire Training Platform!

For a beginner, creating a website is not going to be enough.  You are going to need help, guidance and training so that your new website can flourish and succeed.  Fortunately, the guys behind SiteRubix have got you covered and offer Free Training to go with your 2 FREE websites.

4 Aspects of a Successful Website

How do you make your website stand out amongst all the other websites out there on the web?  This will be the determining factor as to whether your online business succeeds or not.  When it comes to your website, there are 3 main aspects that you should be paying close attention to when developing elements of your website.

These aspects are the difference between a quality website and a normal website.

1. Speed & Loading Time

If your website takes ages to load, many people will not even bother waiting for your page to load.  People have no patience these days, and a slow loading website is something that really tips people over the edge.

With SiteRubix website, speed and loading times are not an issue and will never let you down.

2. Design

Your target audience needs to feel at home when they visit your website, so the design of your website needs to be clean and really fit in with your niche or target audience to really show your authority and quality behind the scenes.

3. Navigation

How easy is it to find my way around your website?  If you have loads of menus or links that lead to nowhere, this can really affect the feel of your website.  This is something you need to ensure is spot on

4. Your Content

But this is fundamentally the biggest one for you to concentrate on.  When you are creating your content for your website, you need to keep in mind who you are writing it for… Many people get lost because they write it in a way so that the search engines find it useful and display it higher up the rankings.

Image of WordPress back office - you need to provide quality contentThere is truth in that to a degree, you do need to consider getting it ranked in the search engines for people to find it.  But if when people do find your content, if they find it isn’t written well or doesn’t make sense or doesn’t help answer their question then there is no point to creating it.

Think about this post for a second, we wanted to help you to create a website and we have shown you how to create a website using SiteRubix, we have shown you a video showing you how to create a website too.

But if we hadn’t done that, then you would not have found this helpful – so what was the point.

See what I am saying.  Whatever you create, blog posts, videos, how-to guides, reviews – the main emphasis needs to be to help the person who is going to read it.

If they find it helpful and it answers their questions, then you have achieved something, and the rankings will come from that too.

Know your target audience and then create high-quality content for them and you will be offering a quality website.

There are plenty more in the list, but these four are the most important ones and are what you should be targeting straight away.

Need Help with Your Website?

If you have any questions regarding website creation, then please get in touch via the comments below.  We are more than happy to help you out, all you need to do is ask 🙂

8 thoughts on “Creating a Website for Dummies – The Complete Guide”

  1. I really like WordPress as a site builder and the latest version 5.1 now incorporates Block building>
    This makes life really easy because you simply select what you want and fill in the words>
    Interesting that Siterubix and hosting are free to start and this is ideal for those wanting a toe in the water>
    Your site covers these issues well but I just thought I could add some to it.

    Peter h

    • Hi Peter,

      thanks for checking out our blog, and don’t worry we love hearing from people, especially when they add some value to our posts.

      WordPress is a fantastic platform, it is so easy to use and with the training that goes with it, you will be publishing content on the website within no time.

      When we bought our wedding stationery business, the website was on the Joomla platform, but it was so hard to get your head around and needed to move between 3 different screens to achieve something that WordPress does in one screen.

      It is the best option for a beginner, but is good enough to grow with your business.

      All the best


  2. Hello there I must say this is a very nice and interesting article and I know it would be of great help to the public especially those that are looking at creating a website and they don’t know anything about website creation. 

    I would save this article for future purpose as it very loaded with all necessities for website creation.

    • Hi,

      thanks for checking out our blog.  Creating a website doesn’t have to be difficult, these days.  There is no need to panic or worry.  You will be able to create a website really easily, and with excellent guidance you will have a fantastic website up and running.

      But it will all come down to your content, that will be the deciding factor on your success.  Create high-quality content and the traffic will come to you!!

      All the best


  3. Hello, I really want to appreciate your effort in putting together this website and writing this article. Your post on the four aspect of a successful website is insightful and informative. This is a well researched post and with this information almost anybody can build a website. I remember I tried going through the foundation of building a website once and it was too demanding. Thank you for this review 

    • Hey Benny,

      thanks for checking out our blog.  Anything can be difficult without the right help and guidance… that is why we are offering our help.

      The building of a website is relatively easy these days, but standing out from the competition is where you will also really benefit from the 4 aspects we discussed.

      All the best


  4. Hi John, I am an internet geek. I fell in love with the internet and building websites a very long time ago. However, the only way I knew was to go learn html. I was actually learning html; it wasn’t difficult but it is really difficult. LoL. Then I stumbled on WordPress. From then and on, my life has been easy. I love WordPress. for me, it is far better than every other CMS.

    This post is one of the best for newbies and dummies to build their websites fast.

    All the best.

    • Hi,

      thanks for checking out our blog.  HTML is a great asset to have, if you are a web developer working on a major project.  But most people are looking for a nice and simple way of expressing themselves online…

      WordPress is the perfect option for someone who hasn’t got the time or inclination to learn code, and why would you when WordPress can help you achieve anything you want anyway.

      All the best



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