How Many Keywords Should I Target for My Blog Post?

How Many Keywords Should I Target for My Blog Post

If you are an affiliate marketer or a regular blogger, you are more than likely very familiar with the term keyword research.  You should already be in the habit of doing research for keywords to target before you get started on writing your blog post. 

Keyword research is integral to your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaigns, which is the rankings in search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Despite this, many people still ask the same old question:

How Many Keywords Should I Target for My Blog Post for Better SEO?

There are many reasons why people have the wrong conception about keywords.  Through this post, we are going to reveal to you the 3 most common misconceptions people have and then give you some essential knowledge that you need to know regarding how to target keywords.  By the end of this article, you should have a better understanding of how search engines see keywords and how you can rank your blog posts better.

Let’s first get into those misconceptions around targeting keywords…

3 Misconceptions of Target Keywords

#1 There is a Finite Number of Keywords

There is a competitive mindset with regards the internet and it leads some of us to think that there is only a limited number of keywords available, we think there is only a finite supply of keywords.  This then leads us to think that we need to compete for these finite number of keywords.

In order to rank better, we need to compete against other websites within those limited keywords and if we fail that competition, our efforts must be in vain.

It wrongly leads many to think that they should target multiple keywords in one post to get a higher chance of “winning” or getting ranked number 1 in the search engines.

However, the exact opposite is true…

There is no such thing as a finite number of keywords.  There are infinite possibilities in relation to keywords.  Every day, millions of new “first time searches” appear in Google.

Everyone has their own unique question to ask, therefore new keywords appear every day.

If you think there are already billions of keywords out there and then millions are being added every day, I think it is safe to assume that the possibilities of keywords running out is very low.

Every keyword has potential…

#2 The More Keywords I Target, The More Traffic I Can Get

When doing our keyword research, we get to find out the number of searches each keyword has per month, how much traffic you can expect and a couple of other metrics.

So, common sense will tell you that if you target more than one keyword, it will increase the number of searches and traffic you can expect.  Using this same argument, you could say you have a higher chance of getting ranked and therefore more traffic if you target multiple keywords in the same blog post.

Keyword Research - Jaaxy

In theory, that argument might stand.  But there is also a big problem with targeting multiple keywords in one blog post and that is to do with relevancy.  It is very easy for your blog post to not fit either bracket very well and being completely “non relevant” to the keywords you are targeting.

When this happens, it can really harm your search engine rankings.

Fundamentally, if Google feels your blog post is not relevant to any of the keywords you are trying to target, then your blog post will rank nowhere near the top.  If it is not at the top, you can expect to get little or no traffic at all.

Remember, the search engines are looking for the best relevant content to provide to its users.  You need to provide that to them from both a relevancy and user-friendly experience if you want to find success.

#3 The Search Engines Will Only Rank My Blog Post Under My Target Keywords

This is probably the biggest misconception people have these days about targeting multiple keywords for better rankings.  In order to help you understand this misconception a little more, it is first important that you understand how Google analyses your content to consider where to rank it in their results.

As time goes by, Google is getting better and better at reading your content and comparing it to the keywords that Google’s users are searching for.

Google can understand what your content is and which keyword it should rank under.

You have to also remember that whilst you may have one target keyword you are trying to target within your post title.  Google will analyse your entire post and you might actually find you rank better for another keyword pulled from your content.

When you type in a search into Google, you want to find the best result that provides you the help or answer your immediate question.

They will try their best to provide the blog post or article that provides that.

In truth, your target keyword is much less important than the quality of your blog post.

You can and will rank for many words or phrases within your content and not just the target keywords you chose in the beginning of deciding the topic of your blog post.  We will show you this a little more in the next section.

A Title Can Have Many Different Keyword Variations

When you decide on the title for your blog post, you should only focus on ONE target keyword.  Yes, just ONE target keyword.  We will explain this properly throughout the rest of the article.  But it is important that you follow that advice.

(We will be providing you with some valuable information and tips to help you with your site ranking, so it is important that you pay attention!)

Besides the fact that you should only be targeting one keyword in your blog post title.  It is also a good idea to make your title captivating and interesting.  The way you do this is to integrate your keyword with some captivating content.

(Remember, your aim is to get your blog post ranking at the top, but you still require people to click on your blog post over the others)

Let’s use an example to show you what we mean:

Example 1 (Keyword Only):

“Best Affiliate Marketing Training”

Example 2 (Keyword + Captivating Content):

“What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Training? – My Ultimate Guide”

Which title do you think is better?  Hopefully, it is obvious that the second title will get a much higher Click Through Rate (CTR) as more people will tend to click on it over the first example.

CTR is an indicator to Google that the content is better and therefore deserves to be ranking better.

(CTR is also an indicator to Google’s algorithm that determines ranking)

But there is also another interesting thing that is happening with that keyword we chose, despite that we only targeted one keyword, there are others that we could also rank for too.

For example, here are all the different terms that we could be ranking for with that initial keyword:

  • What is the best affiliate marketing program
  • What is affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate marketing program
  • Affiliate marketing program
  • Affiliate marketing guide
  • Best affiliate marketing

That is how Google works, that is how they help decide on what to rank at the top and what not to rank within its search results.

The ultimate tip for choosing a title for your blog post is to:

  1. 1. Do Keyword Research and Focus on ONE keyword
  2. 2. Make the Title Captivating and Interesting

Proof Via Google Search Console

To show you that we are telling you the truth and this is exactly how Google works, you can head over to your Google Search Console.  It used to be called Google Webmaster Tools, but today it is Google Search Console and it is a powerful tool to help you understand where your website sites and what keywords you are ranking for.

Google Search Console is much simpler to work and understand than GWT was.  Once set up with your website, you will find the performance tool full of information.  It will also detail all the different keywords your website is currently ranking for, along with a few other metrics.

I wrote a review called Easy Laptop Life and it is currently ranking for 103 different keywords…

Use it to see how many keywords you are ranking for; you will be surprised at how many different keywords and forms of keywords your site is actually ranking for.  That review only targeted one keyword, yet like I said it is ranking for 103 different and unique keywords.

If you haven’t got your website all set up with Google Search Console, you should definitely do it now.  It will not only give you insights into opportunities within your website but also help you get indexed a lot faster.  Just follow the video guide below.

Final Advice for Targeting Keywords

In the past, Google would just look at your keyword and its density within your post.  This means the number of times it appeared in your blog post.  But things have drastically changed since then.

The actual keyword is no longer as important as the actual content within your blog post.  Targeting more keywords will not benefit you if your content is not good enough.

You need to target one keyword and then ensure your article is focused on that particular keyword and offering high-quality content that will help whomever clicks on it.

The quality of your content will determine how well it ranks within the search results.

It is also important that you forget anything about keyword density and any guidelines surrounding that topic.  If you mention the keyword too many times, it could be considered “keyword stuffing” and it can really harm your rankings.

Common practice would be to mention the keyword in the title, once in the first paragraph and once in the last paragraph.

Having said that, if your blog post is good enough, it is not necessary to even do that.

Provide Google with a great blog post to help their users against a particular keyword and you will be rewarded with high rankings.

Thanks for reading our blog post and we hope we have been able to help you get a better understanding of why you should target one keyword per blog post.  If you still have any questions or comments to add, then please write them in the comments below.  We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

I strongly recommend to you Jaaxy, the All-in-One Keyword Research Tool.  We use it for all our websites, and you can check it out here.

How to Sell Electronics Online Using Affiliate Marketing – Step-By-Step Guide

How to sell electronics online using affiliate marketing

Sell Electronics Online Using Affiliate Marketing and Make Money, doesn’t that sound fantastic?

Well, that is totally possible and is what we will be taking you through today in our complete step-by-step guide on how to sell electronics online using affiliate marketing.

When I first started looking for ways to make money online, I didn’t actually know anything about affiliate marketing.  I hadn’t even heard of the term, and yet a short few years later I am helping others getting started and would love to do the same for you.

I can still remember the excitement I felt when I got my first affiliate marketing sale.  It was only for $3, but after a couple of months without any commission it was a huge achievement!!

$3 earnings on Amazon

It was the point where I realised that this worked.  This was the springboard for me being able to earn money online with affiliate marketing and it only made me hungrier to learn more about affiliate marketing and how to improve my writing, my website and learn my niche in more detail.

I had already been following a fantastic training guide that was proving to be a goldmine, but it made me want to go back and explore it more detail and ensure I was doing everything to ensure it helped me take that earnings and keep it growing. (You can read up on the training program we recommend here).

This guide is going to take you through all the steps you need to know about affiliate marketing and how you can use it to sell electronics online using affiliate marketing.  It will include some information, hints and tips and techniques that I have learned from my experience within affiliate marketing.

It is going to be a long read, so you may want to grab cup of coffee first…

What is Affiliate Marketing?

First off, there are plenty of guides claiming to tell you what affiliate marketing is but then miss out some of the more important things to know or they teach you out-of-date techniques that will be of no help to you.  So, I apologise if you already know what affiliate marketing is.  But it is important you understand what it is and how it works before we get into the steps you need to take specifically for electronics.

Affiliate Marketing – the best and most simple way of describing it as is a “refer a friend” type of marketing.  It allows you to make money (normally referred to as a commission) for recommending a product or service to someone, typically a reader on your website.  You get paid when that reader takes your advice and goes and does the action set out.

It could be clicking on a link towards buying a product, or a subscription or clicking on an ad.

By creating a blog and then signing up to a relevant affiliate program, you can then promote their products and services and earn commission when one of your readers buys something through your affiliate link.

If we use an example related to electronics.  Let’s say you were looking for whether to buy an iPhone or a Samsung phone.  You are not sure what the technical info is and which would be better for you.

What would you do?

You would probably type into Google a question or for a review on both. You might type “iPhone or Samsung” into Google.

I just did that and got a ton of results from bloggers who helping me understand the pros and cons about both.

If I clicked on one of those blogs and read the article and it helped my decision, I would follow one of the links one their site and it would take me to a retailer, in this example we are going to use Amazon.

The blogger has an affiliate account with Amazon.  So, if I went to Amazon through this bloggers link and bought an iPhone or Samsung.  The blogger would receive a commission based on that sale.

By introducing a customer to the merchant, they reward the blogger.  It is a good thing for both the merchant and the affiliate.  The merchant gets free advertising and the affiliate gets rewarding with the sale.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Here is a flowchart for how affiliate marketing works:

how does affiliate marketing work flowchart

  1. The customer types a search for the help they need or the question they need answering
  2. They land on your website that is filled with helpful guides and product reviews
  3. That product review has an affiliate link that leads to the merchant
  4. If the customer follows that links and buys something, you will make money

How cool is that?

A well written article or product review could be earning you passive income for years to come.  There is no need for you to handhold the transaction.  No need to sell anything.  In fact, the focus with affiliate marketing is helping and not selling.  A helpful guide will earn you much more than a post that only sells without helping.

But it is all passive, as in you do not need to be around to see the sale.  My first sale happened whilst I slept.  You just need to create the content in the first place and keep it current and up-to-date as the electronic world moves pretty quickly.

But there is something else you need to know.  Even if the customer might not buy that product you are promoting, you might still benefit…

Let me explain…

Electronic products are expensive, and most of us need to consider a lot before we buy it.  So, they may click on your affiliate link for something you are promoting, but then decide not to buy it.

But affiliate programs tend to work with a timescale.  For simplicity, we are going to go back to Amazon.  Amazon uses 24-hour cookies.

Let’s use an example to make it simple.

You have a blog all about laptops.  Bill clicks on your blog and starts reading about the best laptops for blogging.  He clicks a laptop on a deskon one of your affiliate links and goes through the Amazon, but then decides not to buy the laptop.

But then later that evening, he logs onto Amazon and buys something completely different.  It might be small or large.  He may come back and buy the laptop, or he may need to buy a replacement TV.  Whatever he buys, you will earn commission for it.  As long as Bill goes and buys something from Amazon within24 hours of clicking your link, you will benefit from the sale.

That is why we love Affiliate Marketing.  Following the right strategy can make it a fully passive income stream.  A well-written blog post could be earning you money for years.  It would require a little maintenance to keep it up to date, but other than that you can concentrate and research the new tech that is coming out in your chosen electronic niche.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Whether you are just starting out or a little more experienced, we think Affiliate Marketing is ideal to make money online.  Here is our top four reasons why it is the right choice for someone just getting started.

Potential for a Full-Time Passive Income Stream

Think of it this way.  With a normal job, you will only get paid for the hours you are there.  You also will never earn more for doing a better job.  Most jobs are not going to increase your hourly rate for doing a good job, are they?  It is left up to your employer.

That means you cannot achieve financial freedom in that traditional system.

But with affiliate marketing it is the complete opposite.  If you put more effort in, you will see a direct impact in your earning potential.  You can also repeatedly earn money from one blog post.  Meaning that hour or two you spent researching and writing a post could keep earning you money for years to come.

There is hard work needed to make it get to that point, but it will be so worth it in the end.

If you want to achieve this you are going to need the right mindset, but if you are still with me you are showing you have a fantastic mindset just by reading our guide.

Fully Flexible Working Schedule

This will not work out in the early stages of your business, but once you have built it up and started earning from your business you can then start working when you want and where you want.  From your sofa or whilst travelling the world.  It is up to you.  Not dictated to by your employer.  That is because you are the boss…

No Need to Actually Sell

Have you heard of a business model called MLM or Multi-Level Marketing?  It has also been referred to as Network Marketing.

This business model relies heavily on your ability to sell products face-to-face and your ability to recruit other marketers.

The problem with MLM is that it is extremely difficult.  It has expensive costs, with expensive products and a lot of pressure to hit sales and recruitment targets.  99% of people lose money from MLM or end up in huge debt.

MLM distributors end up trying to convince friends and family to buy stuff to help them out.  But MLM has ruined many relationships and turned people into miserable people.

The problem is that you need to know how to sell, or learn fast.

You have none of these issues with Affiliate Marketing.  You are not having to sell directly to anyone.  There is no face-to-face sales.  You will not end up with a garage full of stock unable to shift it.  Your website does all the hard work!! All you need to do is create helpful and friendly content.

Many of us are a little introverted and shy.  We are not outgoing people who can go out and become a salesperson with ease.  But we do not need to with affiliate marketing.

If you want to sell electronics because that is what you are interested in, then you definitely can by following our guide and helping people on your site.

No Need for Any Experience

We are totally serious about you not needing any experience to getting started.  Even if you don’t already have a blog, that is ok as you will see just how easily you can build one with just a few clicks shortly in our guide.

Building a website is easy these days, using your website is easy when you know what you are doing.  So, relax we are going to break it down for you.

But the most important thing you are going to need to bring to the table is your time, effort and willingness to learn.

Before we got started with affiliate marketing, we knew nothing about online marketing, how to build a website or even how to write a blog post.  We didn’t even know what affiliate marketing was…

Yet, here we are helping other people get started and that is because we had the best training in the business to help me out every step of the way.  Plus, an amazing community to back us up all the way.  All I had to bring to it was my determination to make this work…

Who is Affiliate Marketing For?

Here is where you decide if affiliate marketing is right for you.  Affiliate Marketing is not for everyone.

The reason we say that is because this is about working for the long-term.  You cannot start affiliate marketing today and think you will wake up in a week’s time raking in tons of money.

To clarify the difference, we are going to go back to a comparison between a normal job and this.

In a normal job, you work for your next pay check.  If you knew your boss wasn’t going to pay, you wouldn’t turn up for work, right?

The opposite could be said, if you didn’t turn up for work, you know you won’t get paid…

When it comes to affiliate marketing, you are working towards earning a passive income stream.  In a way, you are working for free with a view that it will earn you money eventually.

You will get paid for the work you are doing, just not straightaway.  If you can keep that in your head and not give up, then you will be well on your way to earning money selling electronics via affiliate marketing.

How Much Can You Make with Affiliate Marketing?

There is a simple answer to this, there is literally no limit to how much you could earn as an affiliate marketer.  If you followearnings are limitless the right strategy and work hard, there is no reason why you cannot reach the earnings some of the biggest names in affiliate marketing are earning.

It is pretty common for people who have mastered affiliate marketing to be making tens of thousands a month using the affiliate marketing business model.

Here are some examples:

  • Pat Flynn earns more than $2 million a year from affiliate marketing
  • Michelle from Making Sense of Cents makes over $50,000 a month with Affiliate Marketing.  She has also created a course to help others.
  • Mike from Stupid Simple SEO, makes over $95,000 a year in passive income, using SEO techniques and Amazon

But How Long Will It Take?

You might be asking yourself; how long will this all take?  How long until I am earning money?

We will try and give you a realistic timescale to manage your expectations.

From past experience, you can expect to be making your first few sales within the 3-4-month mark.  From then, you could be earning a few hundred or a few thousand dollars within a year, or two.

Can you sign up to spending a year, maybe two of your life to build your own PASSIVE INCOME stream so that you don’t need to work at a normal job for the rest of your life?

This isn’t a year of playing at it, this is a year at working your butt off.  If you want success you are going to need to earn it.

There are plenty of times I was working in the evening when my family were all in bed, but it was totally worth it.

We cannot give you a guarantee or a promise that those timescales are a given.  It is just a rough guide as there are many factors you have to consider.

Everyone could build their own passive income stream within a year or two.  But you will notice that not everyone is doing it.

The reason so is so many people give up because they cannot see the bigger picture:

Never Give Up - Chase Your Dreams

They give up thinking it doesn’t work, yet they were on the cusp of achieving their first sale.  The other reason is they are typically not following the right training or advice.  That is why we have set out our step-by-step guide where we will share with you some top tips to double or triple your success rate with affiliate marketing…

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Sell Electronics Online Using Affiliate Marketing

So, this is the part where we are going to take you through all the steps that you need to take to be successful with affiliate marketing and I am sure, that by the end of this, you will know exactly how to get started with selling electronics using affiliate marketing.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

The steps you need to take to get started with affiliate marketing sound very easy on paper:

  • Apply for the best affiliate programs
  • Add your affiliate links to your blog or product reviews
  • Wait for money…

Boy, wouldn’t that be great.  But you soon realise that it is nowhere near as simple as that.  Whilst we are trying to keep the guide really simple, the money-making part is actually one of the last steps we will cover.  That is why we say you are going to need to remain patient.  There are a few steps you need to cover off properly before you start thinking about making money.

If you really want to make money from affiliate marketing with electronics, then you need to start the correct way and ensure you follow all of our steps in order.

Choose a Niche

Ok, so you want to sell electronics.  But that is such a broad category.  If I logged onto Amazon and looked at electronics, there are a number of broad categories related to electronics:

amazon categories for electronics

Choosing your niche is the most important step in getting started but starting too broad is going to kill your aspirations before you even getting started.

If your niche is too broad, it will make it more difficult for a number of reasons.  The most important one is related to the competition from others in your chosen subject.

So, if we were to choose one of those categories as a starting point, then we would need to narrow down to a specific and tightly focused niche.  The example I am going to use is headphones.  They are popular at the moment, and it allows us to narrow it down to a suitable niche.  You can do a similar thing to find your niche.

By selecting headphones, it then gives me these featured categories:

amazon headphones sub category

  • Headphones and earphones
  • Adapters
  • Headphone amplifiers
  • Earpads
  • Cases

I have drilled down and looked at “Noise Cancelling Headphones”.  Just through research on Amazon, I have found a nice tightly focused niche where I could write plenty of content around noise cancelling headphones to help people looking for information about them and Amazon has 304 noise cancelling headphones that are rated 4 stars or more.  This means there are plenty of product reviews I could do from Amazon alone.  And that is only one affiliate program.

By remaining tightly focused, I have a better chance of becoming an authority website on noise cancelling headphones.  If I started too broad, I would be up against any and every blogger and tech website reviewing headphones.

Using Amazon is a good starting point to find a niche.

If you are not entirely sure which direction you want to go to within electronics, another great way to see what is trending, is to again go to Amazon and check out their best sellers tab.


For me, as I am based in the UK.  Shows that Smart Tech as in Alexa is really popular.  If that interests you, you could create a comparison website comparing all the different smart speakers or tech that is out there.

My only advice is to choose something that you are really passionate and interested in.  Many people choose electronics because of the higher prices charged.  A $2,000 Macbook Pro sale seems really lucrative.  But if you haven’t got a clue about tech, you will not be able to answer the questions a consumer would have it.

You have to choose something that you really know and enjoy.  A blogger promoting arts and crafts with a low retail cost but really knows their stuff and helps readers will make much more money that a blogger promoting laptops, but cannot write more than 5 posts…

Pick something that you can write tons about and you will be onto the right choice of a niche.  If you truly love tech and want to make money from electronics, great.  If you don’t really enjoy tech but have another passion you can still, make a lot of money with affiliate marketing.  Just follow our guide but choose a niche you believe in and you will see the rewards coming in.  Trust me.

Whatever niche you decide, check it out on Amazon and make sure there are plenty of products to promote.  There is a point where you go too niche and find that you have nothing to sell.

Build a Plan

Plan Your Business

Now you have a niche, you then need to consider your plan.  All businesses require a plan and for affiliate marketers there are two things that you need to be good at planning.  One of them is your time and then the other is your strategy.

Time management is key when we are first starting out, especially if you are still working at your normal job.

So, when are you going to put the time aside to do some research or write a blog post or do some training?

There will be times when normal stuff gets in the way, family commitments, etc. But planning some time each day and each week will be really important to your success.

Ideally, if you could spend at least 2 to 4 hours per day on your new business, you will be surprised at how much you can get done.

That might seem impossible, but when you factor in how much you want this and the amount of time, we all spend on social media (wasted time), you could easily find 2 hours a day for this.

As for the strategy, we are going to focus on content marketing in our guide.  This means creating content consistently.  You will need to plan how many blog posts you are going to write each week, what are you going to write about, etc.

Once you actually get started, you will find you will have a much better understanding of what to prepare and how to plan your week.

Build a Website

build a websiteNow, we can get into the exciting stuff!!

Now, you have a good idea of what niche you want to target within the electronics world you start taking steps to get going with affiliate marketing.

This is where we are going to show you how you can have your very own website (for free) up and running and ready to start making money in just a few minutes.

If you already have your website, you can skip onto the next step.

But if you don’t, then let’s help you get one.  Don’t worry if you have never built a website before, these days it is as simple as selecting a few options and then clicking “build it”.

Gone are the days where you needed to understand html coding and computer programming to build a website.

With the help of tools like SiteRubix, you can build yourself a website within minutes.  In fact, it will take you longer to decide on a good domain (website) name for your new brand then it will be to actually build it.

Here are the steps you need to follow to get your website up and running.

Choose a Domain Name

What name are you going to give your new website then?

Here are some ideas on how to pick a domain name for your website:

  • Make it a name easy to remember
  • Make it easy to spell
  • Try to avoid using dashes (makes it harder for people to find)
  • Keep it relevant to your niche

You can see if your favourite domain name is available using the SiteRubix box below:

Choosing the Right Platform & Hosting – We Recommend WordPress

We want to keep it nice and simple and that is why we recommend you choose a WordPress website on the SiteRubix hosting platform.

WordPress is by far the easiest CMS (Content Management System) for bloggers and affiliate marketers.  It is easy to manage and customise your blog to make it look like you want it to look like with loads of different themes to choose from.

Over 50% of the websites out there on the net are powered by WordPress, showing it is the preferred option for many online.

But your website needs good hosting to ensure your website is always running without any problems.  That is why we recommend SiteRubix.  Powered by the team at Wealthy Affiliate, it provides you top quality website hosting that is fully secure, you also get access to some fantastic training too. (We will get into that later).

If you do decide to go with a WordPress website with SiteRubix hosting, here are the steps you will need to take to get your website up and running in just a few moments.

  1. Choose a domain name
  2. Choose a Title for Your Website (this will appear at the top of your home page)
  3. Choose a theme from the selection available (you can always change this later on)
  4. Click Install Website

Once you have gone through those steps and created a free Wealthy Affiliate account.  You will have your very own website ready to promote your chosen niche.  You will also have access to Wealthy Affiliate’s training program. (the exact same training platform we used to start our affiliate marketing journey).

You will also gain access to our full support; you can ask us for help at any point and we will help you on your way.

If you are ready to get started on building your website and gaining access to awesome training and support, then all you need to do is CLICK HERE.

If you need more help building your website, then you check out our full step-by-step guide to building a WordPress website which goes through it in detail.

Find Affiliate Marketing Programs

Now we have a website, it would be a good idea to see what types of affiliate programs there are within that niche, other than Amazon.  Amazon is a great starting platform for any affiliate marketer, due to the fact that consumers have trust in their brand, and they have an affiliate program where they sell literally everything.  But their affiliate commission rate has more to be desired.

So, it is a good idea to build up a list of alternatives.  This will expand the number of topics you can write about and the number of products you can promote through your new website.

There are two different types of affiliate programs that you can join.  You have affiliate networks and individual affiliate programs:

  1. 1. Affiliate Networks: Affiliate Networks group publishers that have affiliate programs under one single website platform.  An example would be Awin.  If you are accepted into an affiliate network, you will have access to many different affiliate programs and find it easier to find them and apply for them all in one place.
  2. 2. Individual Affiliate Programs: Some companies provide their own affiliate program, so you would need to apply for these individually.  Examples include Amazon, eBay, etc.

Here are examples of Affiliate Networks in the Electronics market:

  • Awin – Ligo Electronics, BT Shop, AliExpress, DealExtreme, etc.
  • Rakuten – Best Buy, HelloTech, Mobile Advance, Finlux, etc.
  • CJ Affiliates – Worldwide Stereo, Samsung, USBKill, Scosche, etc.

There are others, but this to show that just by signing up with these three affiliate networks, you get tons of affiliate programs within the electronic sector.

It would be up to you to do some research as to which products you are targeting, and then which affiliate program is right for you.

Here are a list of individual Affiliate programs in the Electronics market:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Gazelle
  • Thinkific
  • PC Gaming Race
  • Animoto

You will find there are an endless list of affiliate programs, depending on your chosen niche.

Things You Need to Know Before You Apply for Any Affiliate Program

1. You need to have content on your website before you start applying for affiliate programs.  Expect to get rejected if you haven’t built up any content to your website.

Before you are allowed into an affiliate program, you will need to go through their application process.  This normally requires you to complete some details and this includes information about your website, your location and how much traffic your website is currently receiving…

Without content, you won’t have any traffic yet.  So they may not accept you into the program yet.  We recommend you wait until you have at least 15 high-quality posts on your website (not product reviews), this will help make your website look good and legit.

Don’t worry if you do get rejected, it just means you are not quite there with the amount of content you have yet.  This is about the long game.  Don’t think you can write 15 500-word posts and think that will do.  You need to prove to the affiliate programs you are there to help people.  To do that, you need the right content.  We will cover that shortly.

2. There is a minimum threshold payment you need to reach before you get paid

It is also a good thing to understand what the minimum payment threshold is for a given affiliate program.  Some will pay you after earning only $10 in commission.  Others make you wait until you have earned $100.  It is good to know this fact upfront and not wonder why you are not able to access your money.

IN the example of my $3 earnings on Amazon, it took a while for that to actually get paid as I need to reach the minimum threshold first.

3. It might take up to 3 months to receive your payments

This is something else you need to consider with the affiliate program you want to sign up with.  Some pay every month, some will hold back your money for 90 days.

As you are interested in the electronics market, I suspect most will wait the longer time limit.  This is because of the need to verify the sale.  Most of these retailers will offer a money back guarantee.  So, if someone cancels the sale, you will not receive the commission.

4. Check how much commission you will receive

Every affiliate program is going to have a different commission rate.  Some offer a fixed amount per purchase; others will be a percentage of the retail price.

It would also be good for you to have a variety of price points within your electronics niche.  What I mean by that is don’t just target the high-end products because you will earn more.  Not everyone has the budget for that.

If you take TV’s.  Yes, it would be great to promote a $9,999 TV on your blog.  But seriously, that is only for a very select group who can afford it.

But if you also promoted Best Budget TVs for gaming, and there are coming in at $299-$599.  You would get a lot more people looking for that kind of thing.

It would be better to sell 10 of the budgets and earn commission, then sell none of the high-end.

I hope that makes sense.  Whatever your niche within electronics.  Consider who you are targeting within the post or review you are writing.  There are those with a huge budget looking for high-end stuff and then there are those with a more modest budget.  How are you going to help them?  Because there are a lot more of those people than the first lot.

5. Keep track of your affiliate programs

It can be very easy to go and apply for tons of affiliate programs, but how are you going to keep track of them all?  I keep a spreadsheet of all the affiliate programs I have applied for.  You can keep track of any you have been refused (so you know you need to go back to them at some point) and the commission rates.  It is also good to keep track of which ones are performing better than others, etc.

Finding Affiliate Programs in your Electronics Niche

We have given some examples above, but the list is literally endless as many merchants see the value in affiliate marketing.

We are going to describe two simple ways of finding affiliate programs within your niche.

1. Google Search

We use google every day, so we are going to use that.  Just type:

Niche + Affiliate Program or Company + Affiliate Program

It would come up with tons of ideas for you.  Just as an example, if you typed in Amazon Affiliate Program, the top result would be the Amazon Associate (Affiliate) Sign up page.

2. Affiliate Program Search Within Wealthy Affiliate

There is also a search function within Wealthy Affiliate.  If you did build your website with Wealthy Affiliate, it is an option you get access to.

You can search an entire database of affiliate programs specific to your niche.

The list of affiliate programs we showed you before was all from this search function:

wealthy affiliate affiliate search tool

You can also go direct to the affiliate sign-up page from the platform itself.  Click HERE to learn more about this awesome tool.

Like I said, you need to hold off actually applying for some of these affiliate programs before you have started creating some high-quality content.  So, let’s get into what we mean high-quality content.

Create High Quality Content That is Relevant

creating content for your websiteHaving a brand-new website with tons of affiliate links and no content is not going to do you any favours with the search engines or anyone who actually finds your site.

So, you need to get going with creating content that helps your readers with topics related to your niche.

These could be how-to guides, news about your niche and then some related product reviews.

To make money from your niche, you are going to need to create engaging content worth sharing with others and that is relevant to the reader who is looking for help.

The way to think about it is, if the person had already made the decision on what they were going to buy they would go straight to the merchant and buy it direct.

The reason bloggers can make money from affiliate marketing is because you are helping people with their decisions.  If you can help them narrow down their choices and offer great options, you are going to be able to make money from your blog.

You need to create in-depth blog posts that include call-to-actions, short paragraphs and you need to write it in a conversational style.  What they means is that you need to write it as though you were chatting to a friend.

This isn’t about writing a report to submit for a college course.  This is about making sure your readers feel comfortable with you and can understand what you are talking about.

Electronics can be really technical, but if you can write it in a way that makes it nice and simple, you will help people understand it better to make their purchasing choices.

Here are some ideas of what you could include on your blog:

  • How-to Guides & Tutorials – these are great at building up trust with your readers, and they can also showcase your knowledge around your niche.  If they trust you, they are more likely to follow your recommendations, which will include your affiliate links
  • Product Reviews – People searching for product reviews and in the “ready to buy” stage when it comes to physical products, etc.  If you can provide in-depth product reviews that can help them come to that final decision, you can earn money from your affiliate link.
  • List Articles – Search engines and people alike love a good list.  By providing top ten posts or the 14 facts about, etc.  They will bring in traffic to your website, which you need if you are going to make money.
  • Product Comparisons – I bet there are going to be a couple of key competitors in your niche.  Whether it is smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, gadgets, there are going to be readers who aren’t quite sure which one to buy.

Your comparison post can really help them out, but also whichever way they decide, you can earn money from either product.

Now you know what types of blog posts you can write for your new niche site; it is important to understand how SEO fits into this all.  Without understanding SEO, you will find it harder to get your blog posts to the top of the search engines.

Learn How to Master SEO

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation.  Basically, you need to make sure your blog post is optimised well so that the search engines (like Google or Bing) can find it and rank it within their search results.

SEO is a free way of getting traffic to your website.  Without traffic you have no hope of making any money.

Within SEO, there are a couple of factors you need to take onboard – user intent and keyword research:

User Intent

The search engines are looking for content that helps their users get an answer to their question.

So, when you are writing your content you need to really think about how your blog post is going to help answer the question you are targeting.

For example, my intention with this blog post is to help someone get started on how to sell electronics online using affiliate marketing and I hope I am doing a good job.

But if I just kept it very generic or didn’t help people understand how they can get started or it was a post that was completely irrelevant to the reader this would make people leave the site without reading it.

If that happens too often, your rankings will keep dropping.

So, if you are going to write a post targeting a specific keyword or question that someone might ask in your niche – make sure you answer that question and leave no questions unanswered.

Keyword Research

The other factor is to do some keyword research.  To do this, you would need a keyword research tool.  We use Jaaxy, and it is integrated into the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

What a keyword research tool will let you see is how many people are searching a specific term in the search engines and also how many competing websites you have for that same keyword.

Getting started means you lack a bit of authority, so you need to try and target keywords that don’t have a lot of competition to get better results.

You can do this by targeting long tail keywords (longer search terms).

By using a keyword research tool like Jaaxy or Ubersuggest.  You can see how many times people are searching for that term in month and how many competing websites you have.

You will be surprised how many terms do not have a lot of competition giving you the edge.  Provide a high-quality post against a term that gets some traffic each money and no competition and your post will get to the top.

As you build up your authority, you can start going against more competitive terms.  But to get started go for less obvious terms and you will find you get higher rankings, hence more traffic.

To know what people are searching for in your niche, go with Google Instant…

As you start typing keywords into Google, it tries to guess what your question you are trying to ask.  You will get a ton of results related to what you are looking for.  You can then type these into a keyword research to get average searches, amount of traffic you can expect if you are ranked first and how many competing websites there are that are specifically targeting that same keyword.

Put a great keyword together with some great content, remembering the user intent behind the question and you will find that getting traffic is much easier than you think…

Start Promoting Your Affiliate Offers

If you are still with us, it is a great sign and shows you are really serious about selling some electronics with affiliate marketing!!

It shows you are serious about making money with affiliate marketing.  That is a great mindset you are already showing and will do you well with your aspirations.

This is the part where we can promote these affiliate links relating to products within your niche.  As you gain traffic with your content, you can then find that you are not going to get rejected by affiliate programs.

Relevance is key here, so ensure you are only promoting products that are going to be relevant to your target niche and ensure you are putting in your affiliate links at the right points.  For example, including an affiliate link in a product review is totally relevant.  Putting affiliate links randomly in a post, which has nothing to do with the product you are linking to is not.

The most common types of promoting affiliate links are:

  • Product Reviews
  • Banner Ads
  • In-text Content Links
  • Use Your Email List

Exploring these will help you promote your affiliate links, as you do it in the right way.

As far as the steps needed to get started and start selling electronics using affiliate marketing, that is it.  Keep going with creating fantastic content, keep writing product reviews and include affiliate links.  Help your readers in your niche, and you will soon start seeing the traffic come in and you will see the money follow.

But to help you go even further, we want to give you some top tips that can help you improve your success rate with affiliate marketing.  Here are out top tips…

Top Tips to Double or Triple Your Success Rate in Affiliate Marketing!

top tips to get successThere are a number of people who will not make it with affiliate marketing, they will fail because they either follow the wrong advice or give up too soon.  We have seen people work hard at it for a month and then claim it isn’t working.  But they haven’t given it the time to work.

Building trust with the search engines is a battle on its own.  We can do this easily by consistently creating content.  But many walk away before it even gets off the ground.  You mindset is so important.  But we have thought about what tips we could give you to make this a success and here are out top four tips…

Treat it Like a Business

This is going to be an affiliate marketing business.  It is not something you can pick and choose when you work at it, attreat it like a business first.  A business requires hard work in the early stages to give yourself a solid foundation and you will need to keep working on it.

We have seen people walk away too soon and fail.  But we have also seen people who have made it to the point where they are making money, so they relax and don’t work on their business for a while and then wonder where their rankings have gone.

You cannot expect to do the odd hour here or there and make this work.  You need to think about what time you have to make this work.

Ideally you need to spend an hour or two each day on this.  Whether that be learning techniques, researching your niche or writing content.  If you want to make this a passive income stream and give up your day job, you need to put the hard work in now.

Having the mindset that this is a business is the first and most important tip we can give you.  If you can think like that and keep going, in a year you will realise the benefit of all that hard work.

Remain Consistent

Consistency is key.  Regularly creating content and working on your business will have massive repercussions and those will be a positive thing!

If you can put at least an hour, maybe two aside each day for learning and working, you will soon see that success you are striving for.

Even experience marketers need to keep themselves informed, so you need to keep learning.  We have covered some basics in our guide, but there are other ways of promoting your business which will become apparent as you start earning money.

If you are successful and start earning consistent money, you can start thinking about hiring writers for your business.  Maybe, start exploring a different niche.  There is plenty to do and learn, but with the support of our top recommended training provider, you will be in safe hands.

Get Ready to Be Patient

This is probably the hardest one in the first few months.  You want this and yet it will not earn you money straightaway.  Affiliate Marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  There are plenty of programs that claim to teach you affiliate marketing and that you could earn money quickly, but that is simply not the case.  These programs are scams designed to get your money.

Don’t get fooled by these so-called gurus who claim you can.  You will end up in debt and no closer to earning money.

Following the steps in our guide will put you on the right path, but do not expect to wake up in a week’s time and be able to give up the day job.

Staying patient is key, but I know it is difficult to know whether you are doing the right thing as you have to wait for results.

But it is so important and if you follow our recommendation of joining Wealthy Affiliate.  You will get access to us and can ask us anytime how we think you are getting on.  Ask for feedback on your site, and we can let you know how you are getting on.

If you can remain consistent and patient for 3-6 months, you will see the results.  You just need to trust in your own ability.

Find a Mentor

Being alone starting a business can make it extremely tough… that is why our last tip is to get yourself a mentor and get find a mentorsome support.

You need to someone or some people to be able to get help and guidance when you do feel lost or feel a little demotivated.

But how can you get a mentor without paying out a huge fee?

Well, we do have you covered there.  Like we have mentioned a couple of times in this guide already.  There is a community we like to hang out in.  By signing up with Wealthy Affiliate, it gives you access to a huge community of successful affiliate marketers, all ready to help you out.  It also includes us; we regularly are helping beginners get started.

This community is such a great resource for anyone getting started with affiliate marketing, and we have a number of mentors from whom we are following and learning from.

All you need to do is create a FREE ACCOUNT HERE and you will be able to mastermind with other like-minded affiliate marketers very soon.

How Can I Learn More About Affiliate Marketing?

Learn more about affiliate marketing

I hope you have found our guide on how to sell electronics online using affiliate marketing useful and gives you a good understanding of how you could get started today.

In our opinion, Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make money online from something that you love.  I am really into tech and love reading up on blogs to do with that, and it sounds like you want to explore some kind of electronical niche.  Either way, I look forward to seeing what you are creating as you get started and you can always bounce your ideas off of us anytime!

But if you want to learn a little more about affiliate marketing, and If you want to be successful with Affiliate Marketing, you could do with a proven step-by-step guide that covers everything you need to know about online marketing and gives you access to mentoring and support at every point.

That is why our top recommendation for someone wanting to get started and gain access to training, tools and support is Wealthy Affiliate.

Their course is the exact same one we took when we first got started and is the reason why we are here to help others get started too.

With a free Wealthy Affiliate starter account, you will get awesome training, a free website for you to get started and access to a huge community of over 2 million affiliate marketers.  But better yet is the fact that you get direct access to the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. Kyle and Carson are both successful affiliate marketers and share their knowledge with you and offer you help and support.

I appreciate this post was really long and if you are still with me, I really appreciate you taking the time to read it.  I hope you have a better understanding of how you can sell electronics online using affiliate marketing.  But if you still have any questions, then please write them in the comments section below.

We hope you are really considering starting your own affiliate marketing business and can start building for your future with what you have learned in our guide.

If you ever need help, you know where you can find us…

All the best

John & Gem

How to Make Money from Home – 12 Ways to Make Money from Home

How to Make Money from Home - 12 Ways to Make Money from Home

Are you looking for ways to make money online from home?  It might surprise you to know that there are plenty of different ways for you to make money from home and more importantly you don’t have to worry about whether you have time to fit it around your other commitments.

Even if you are a stay at home mum with a family to look after or someone who has the dream of earning enough to only work from home, there is an option on our list for you to achieve whatever financial goals you have set yourself.

There are so many services or skills that businesses are looking for and you may have those skills to be able to earn money from them online.  You might not think you have them but trust me you are definitely going to find something for you from this list.  Or you can definitely learn to get those skills.

Once you focus on something you will be surprised at what you can achieve and ultimately earn from that.

The first step you need to take is deciding on what your goals are. What do you want to achieve and what are you willing to do to get them?

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How to Start a Blog and Make Money for Beginners

How to Start a Blog and Make Money for Beginners

If you have been looking into how to start a blog and make money, then you have come to the right place.

A few of the common factors that stop people starting a blog is they think they lack the technical skills and knowledge to be able to – I want to stop you right there and say anyone can start a blog these days.  Even if you only have basic computer skills, that will not stop you.  If you have the right training and support, anything is possible.

I want to you shed any thoughts like that, YOU can become a blogger that makes money even if you have no idea of how to get started.  That is where I want to help you out.  I will show you how simple it is to get started with a blog, and the important steps you need to take to make it profitable too.

Affiliate Disclaimer: Please Note, this post may contain affiliate links.  This will only be from products we recommend, please read my disclaimer for more info.

What is a Blog?

If you search online for what exactly a blog is, it will come back with results about it being a website that gets regularly What is a Blogupdated and is written in an informal style.  But in essence, the key to a great blog is engaging with your audience.  The way to do that is to start a blog on a subject that you are already familiar with or by picking a passion you have.

But if you want a prime example of a blog website, then you are already on one.  Gem and I started this blog website to help others find their own way to making money online via a blog website and affiliate marketing.

The best thing about picking a subject you already have an interest in or are passionate about it is, you will not find it difficult to create new content as you help others and engage with others who are also interested in the same interest as you.

How to Start a Blog?

Before you can make money from a blog, the first steps you need to take are about starting that blog.  We just talked about picking a subject you are already interested in.  I want to dig a little deeper into that, for a very good reason.

But first, the thing you need to consider when starting a blog is being realistic about the timescales required to get it to the point where it is making money.

Blogging is a great way of earning money online, but if you think this will happen in a couple of weeks or even months, then I hate to disappoint you but that is being totally realistic.

SO, why does picking a subject that you are already interested in help?

It is a massively important decision when choosing the topic of your website, because you are going to have to work hard and engage into that blog every day, whether you choose a travel blog, a make money online blog, a blog on parenting, etc.

You are going to have to write consistently to get it noticed, because without traffic your blog will not make any money.

To get that traffic, you need to create a lot of content and prove to the search engines your blog deserves to be at the top of the search results.

But imagine if you picked a subject that you had little knowledge or interest in, but you chose it because someone said it was profitable.  Do you honestly think you can stay motivated writing articles about a subject you have no interest in, when you are in the early stages where a blog isn’t making money?

Another factor to consider is, your audience will also realise you lack the knowledge or interest in a subject really easily through your writing, and this will lead to them not staying on your website for you to make money.

Now, turn that completely around… 

If you chose a subject you absolutely loved, already have some knowledge in and would love to learn more around that subject.

Whatever that subject, I would find that come out in your writing.  I would feel like you are a real authority in that area and trust your opinions enough to give you the opportunity to make money.

That is the opportunity I present to you around starting your own blog.  You need to become an authority in whatever niche you choose.

Become an Authority with a Niche Website.

There is a little more to it than just picking a subject, the main reason is if you start too broad in a subject, you will find it extremely hard to break into it.

But if you narrow that search down to as narrow as you can and start in a smaller market of it you will find it much easier to break into the market and get that all-important traffic to your blog.

Let’s use an example, to break this down.  If we took the subject photography, there are so many different types of photography:

Portrait Photography, Landscape Photography, Wedding Photography, Travel Photography, etc.

Just picking the loose subject Photography would make it extremely hard to become an authority

We would be up against all websites that are associated with photography and we would be lost in the ocean without a chance of ever getting to land.

What if we used just a smaller section of the photography market, and focused more on wedding photography?

We have narrowed this down, but I ask you “do you think we have narrowed it down enough?”

Think of the term, it is still too broad.

Are we offering wedding photography services or teaching people how to capture wedding photography?

Now, if we narrowed it down to a blog that was targeting the audience that are looking to “learn how to capture wedding photography” that is a better starting point.

Whatever the subject you love and want to start a blog in, the more you can narrow down the target audience, the better the chance you have of being successful and turning a profit.

Another example, which seems quite popular is travel blogging.  That term is quite broad again, narrow it down as far as you can.  It could be “essential tips for a travel blogger”.

Picking a niche is the first important step to starting a blog, if you think you are ready to get started with your own niche (authority) website you can create a free blog website in the box below.  Check if your chosen website name is free now!

Once you have a blog up and running, you need to work on getting an audience.  Only then will you have the opportunity to make money from it.

Why Your Blog Needs an Audience to Make Money?

Having your own blog website is a fantastic thing and is a great way of connecting with others in your niche.  But before Why Your Blog Needs an Audience to Make Moneyyou can start thinking about making money from your website blog, it needs to have an audience with which to engage with and show offers to make money.

We will get into the detail about how to make money from your blog later on in the article but imagine if you had a travel blog and were advertising a holiday comparison website on your blog.  If no one sees that ad, you have no chance of making any money.  That is why you need an audience; you need plenty of traffic coming to your blog before having an chance of earning a living from that blog.

So, how do you get that all important traffic??

How to Get That All Important Traffic to Your Blog!

IF you start searching for how to get traffic to your blog, you will be inundated with all kinds of systems that generate free traffic for you, some of which are scams or low quality traffic systems that require you to pay and all you get is bots visiting your website.  But bots will not earn you money.

No, the best strategy for your blog to get traffic is – Creating High Quality Content that Helps Others!

Think about why you searched for the term “How to Start a Blog and Make Money for Beginners?”  You were looking for help with that.

If you find this article useful, then I have achieved what I set out to do.  Helping people start a blog and make money!

With every article you write on your blog, you want to be helping answer a question or solve a problem and that is by the far the best strategy to get free traffic through the search engines.

Google is constantly looking for content that helps people with their questions, if you answer a question (without selling) and it is an engaging article, that is how you rank at the top of the search engines where the traffic starts to seriously flow.

The best spot to be to get a lot of traffic is at the top of the search results for Google.  If you can get there, that is where you are an authority in your niche and can really turn helping people into a money-making opportunity.

Start Making Money with Your Blog

Let’s just cover off what we have been going through so far:

Pick a Niche – choose a niche that you are already interested in and can thoroughly get onboard with writing regular content in.

Create a Blog Website – This will become the foundation for your online blog and will allow you to become a true authority in your chosen niche and expand into engaging your audience on social media, etc.

Help People with Awesome Content – Create High-Quality Content that helps people.  Answer Questions, Write How-to Guides, Write Product Reviews and generally engaging content in and around your niche.

Doing all of this will attract traffic to your blog and leads us nicely into two great and easy ways to start making money from you blog.

Our Personal Favourite – Affiliate Marketing

One of the best ways for a blogger to make money from their blog is via Affiliate Marketing. It might seem like a weird term, but it is a really simple way of making money by recommending products and earning a commission if someone goes and buys it.

Let’s go back to our travel blog example to show how it works:

You have a travel blog, and you are writing an article on the “best travel pillows for when flying abroad”.  You write a detailed and informed article on the best travel pillows.  As an affiliate partner of Amazon, you could include some links within your articles for your readers to go and buy these pillows (via Amazon) from your blog.

You readers decide to follow your recommendation on the best travel pillow and follow your (affiliate) link and go and buy it from Amazon.  Guess what, you have just earned a commission from one of your readers going and buying that product.  You have helped them with their purchase, and you are rewarded with a percentage of the sale price.

That is how simple Affiliate Marketing works.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

Whilst the premise of affiliate marketing is simple, it does take hard work as this will not be possible without an audience coming to your website.

But is by far the most popular way for people making money online, because it allows people to explore something that they are really interested in and there is an affiliate program out there too.

The key is to help people and not sell to people.  If people were ready to buy, they would just go straight to Amazon.  They come to a blog because they want to check out the products before buying it.

Instore it is easy to go up and touch the product and have a look.  Online, they need to check reviews and that is the power of the right product review on a blogger’s website.

If you would like to learn more about affiliate marketing, our “How Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work” guide is for you.

Selling Ad Space on Your Blog

Once you have that traffic to your blog, you can then start utilising some of the space you have on your website.  Whilst adverts on a website are not everyone’s cup of tea, they are a way of monetising your website.

Google AdSense is a great starting place for bloggers as they do not impose that many restrictions on your joining.  But know that you will require some traffic to be able to apply for their program.  You will also need to have a lot of visitors to make this a lucrative way of earning money – Affiliate Marketing is much better route.

But when you start to get some serious traffic, you can then explore other ad networks, such as MediaVine who do pay top money for ads.  But you need at least 25k sessions a month to be able to benefit from them.

My advice would be to start a blog, utilise affiliate marketing and add the ad networks when you are starting to get traffic.

If you seriously want to start a blog and make money from it, then I highly suggest you get some expert help and support for every step of the way:

Get Expert Help & Support Every Step of the Way!

I would not be where I am today without help and support.  I will not lie to you; Blogging is hard work.  It is fun, but it is hard work.  There are elements of it that I have not covered in detail in this post, for example keyword research, or search engine optimisation that are all essential to get your blog up and running and find the traffic you need to be able to make money from your blogging.

Get Expert Help & Support

It is no fun if you have a blog that nobody sees, so here is where I want to offer my help and support with a training platform that will take you through every step of the way from:

  • Starting your own Blog Website
  • Learning How to Build it
  • How to Make it Look just how you want it to look,
  • Make it Google Friendly
  • Getting Traffic
  • Ultimately Monetising it

There is no need to do this on your own, if you really want to find success with blogging you will find no better training platform than Wealthy Affiliate.  Their free starter membership includes 2 free websites, 10 free lessons on how to start your blog and how you will make money with it, how to pick the right niche for you and many other exciting factors to starting a blog.

You will also gain direct access to myself as an affiliate guide, here is a link to my profile page on WA.  You will also gain access to a community of over 1 million other bloggers.

Some who are already making money, some who are just like you and getting started.  Either way, you will be amazed at what you can learn and where your website could be in a year’s time.

Do not be worried about what you know and what you do not know, Kyle (WA Co-Owner) has created an amazing training course that will take you through every step of the way to creating your website.

Before I had joined, I didn’t have a clue about building a website, or even what affiliate marketing was.  I didn’t even think my writing was any good, but that improves with time and the right training.

I must stress, blogging is not for everyone.  I am not trying to put you off, but many bloggers fail in their goals of making money and do you want to know the main reason why.

Why Bloggers Often Fail – They Give Up too Soon!

That’s right, their expectations of how quickly affiliate marketing or ads on a blog can make them money.  This website isWhy Bloggers Fail - They give up too soon only 6 months old, I started it to help people get started the right way, but I have only just started to get genuine traffic to it and that is a realistic timescale to expect in a competitive niche like this one.

What I am trying to say is, the best advice I can give for when you decide to start a blog is work hard, stay focused and set yourself non-financial goals to start with.  My initial goals were all about being able spend more time with my family.  That kept me driven, even though my first website was not making any money.  But if I had given up in month 5, I would not have seen affiliate marketing work in month 6.

Why Do You Want to Start a Blog?

I know it is to make money, but I think that our perception of making money online has been offset by all of the products out there that promise you can earn thousands of dollars overnight.

I have yet to find a genuine one that can do it, but until you fully delve into the online world you cannot always appreciate all of the scams out there and the fact is, you cannot make quick money online.

If you are in the binary options trading world, you may be able to but that is a gamble if you haven’t got a clue, like me.

If I had been only thinking about the money, I would have given up a long time ago.  Give yourself a secondary motivation and my advice is “You want to help people in my niche”.

I started this blog to help people avoid the scams out there and find the right ways to make money online for them.

I love helping people, I may make money if people follow my recommendations and that is the basics of affiliate marketing.  But I am helping people, whether they do it or not.

I also keep in my mind that if I achieve my goals, I will have more time to spend with my son growing up and helping more people too.

Don’t lose the fact you want to earn money, but the importance of other goals is just as important.

And when that first dollar sale comes through, you will get excited, we all do.

Just remember, if you can earn a dollar, you can earn $1000.

But without the right training and support, you will find it much harder to succeed.

Start a Blog, Get the Right Training & Support Here

If you are still with me and are serious about starting a blog with the goals of working from home and earning money from it, you will find no better platform than Wealthy Affiliate.  They have helped thousands of people achieve those exact goals, but you need to commit to the following to be successful:

Work Hard – Spend time learning and putting into practice everything you have learned

Stay Consistent – Set daily, weekly and monthly goals and achieve them

Ask Loads of Questions – Whether that be direct to me, or to the WA community.  No question is a silly question, because it is about clarifying your understanding.

Do Not Give Up – This is the most important one, there will be times when you think it isn‘t working.  That is the point where you contact me and ask me for some advice, or just a chat to ensure you stay motivated and can see it through.

The biggest one is to NOT GIVE UP, if you ever feel like your blog isn’t right or you are stuck with what to write about, or anything at all.  That is when you message me within Wealthy Affiliate and go “John, I need help!”

That is what you sometimes have to do and guess what – I will be there to help you out!

If you can learn and implement everything you can and stay focused, you will find that within a week you will have built your own website that is ready for the search engines and has already got content on it.

If you can achieve all that within a week, where do you think you could be in 6 months’ time?

Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform with training, tools and support all on offer, if you would like to learn a little more here is a link to my detailed review. (My Wealthy Affiliate Review)

If you feel you are ready to get started with your very own blog website and can commit to building an online business for your future, then why not sign up for a free starter membership with Wealthy Affiliate.

Free Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership

Unlike others, you are not required to enter credit card details or pay anything, the starter membership is to give you a full insight into what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

If you still have any questions about monetising your blog or getting started, or Wealthy Affiliate itself please write them in the comments below and I will get back to your as soon as we can.

Thanks for reading, John

How to Make Money from a Blogging Site in 2019

How to Make Money from a Blogging Site in 2019

If you have been looking for ways to make money from a blogging site, then you have definitely come to the right place.

It is no surprise that many people, like you have considered starting or have already started a blog as a way of earning money.  It is a great way of earning money from home, but the biggest problem is, how do you actually make money from blogging?

The one thing that I will point out to you at this point is, this is not a way of earning money quickly.  Whether it is a hobby blog or a business blog, this route is about the long game.

If you invest in the time and effort required to build up a blog and get it out to the right audience, it can be an awesome way of earning money, with many bloggers earning full-time incomes from blogging.  But, this will not be done in a couple of months.

Let’s get started with the different ways you could monetise your blog.

Monetise with CPC or CPA Ads

This is a common way of making money as a blogger.  By placing ads onto your website, you can earn money when your readers take a specific action.  You can normally include ads in your sidebar, or ad networks like AdSense automatically include it on your website.

Let’s go through the different types of ads there are:

  • CPC/PPC Ads: CPC stands for Cost per Click, normally called Pay Per Click.  These are ads where you earn money if a reader clicks on the ad.
  • CPM Ads: CPM stands for Cost per (1000) impressions.  You will earn money for every 1,000 people view the ad on your website.
  • CPA Ads: CPA stands for Cost per Action.  Simliar to CPC, check out my full guide here.

Most bloggers will start out with Google AdSense.  It is the easiest network to get started with, especially as you do not Monetise with Ad Networksneed a large audience to get started.  There are better networks out there like MediaVine, however you need to have like 25,000 sessions a month to be able to apply.

Like we said in the beginning this is not a get-rich-quick route, but MediaVine gives us a realistic idea of how much traffic you will need to earn a decent amount of money from blogging with Ads on it.

Google Adsense works in a similar way to most Ad networks, they choose what ads to display on your blog (trying) to stay relevant to your content and the reader that is on your blog.

There are similar ad networks when starting out like Chitika, Infolinks and  But you know when you are in a good place, when you can apply for networks like MediaVine.

Things to Consider:

  • You will normally have to apply to join Ad networks, and you may get rejected if your blog is too new or has questionable content on there.
  • Make sure you check the settings, In Google Adsense, if you do not select the right content setting, you can end up with inappropriate content on there that can affect the trust factor with your readers.
  • Don’t have too many ads.  Ads are ok, but there is a point where there are too many ads on a blog and it can look saturated and put people off.  If they are not reading your content, they will not see or interact with your ads for you to make money.
  • You need high levels of traffic for this to be a decent return.

Sell Private Ads

Ad Networks are all well and good, but they are not the only option you have when it comes to selling ads.  If you have enough traffic, you will actually find that advertisers may come to you directly rather than going through a middle man.

The alternative is that you can contact advertisers yourself.  The advantage of having no middle man, is that you can set your own ad rates.

Selling private ads can come as banners, buttons or links.  You can also earn money wirting sponsored posts where you write about an advertisers product or services.

Making money will vary depending on the route.  For example, a sponsored post will be a one-time fee and hosting banner ads will be a monthly charge.

Another way of earning money is by selling sponsorship space in your email newsletters too.

Include Affiliate Links Within your Content

Affiliate Marketing is the perfect partner for a blogger, it is by far the way most get started with making money online. If you have enough traffic for ad networks, earning money from affiliate marketing will actually be much higher than from ads.

Here is my full guide on how affiliate marketing works, but in short here goes:

There are 3 parties, when it comes to affiliate marketing.  The owner of a product or service, the potential buyer and you the affiliate.

People research products and services before making a purchase, they land on an authority blog (Yours) about that subject.  They read a useful article that helps them to a decision, they also find a (affiliate) link to the product too.  They follow that link and make a purchase.  You are rewarded by the owner of the product, as a percentage of the sale price.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

That same route can work thousands of times and affiliate marketing is a great way of helping people earn full time incomes from helping people.

You might still be unsure, but consider this Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace and has used affiliate marketing from the beginning.  It saves companies millions in advertising money and also means we can earn money from the online world.

Affiliate Marketing is our favourite way of earning money online, we also love how you can start a blog in whatever subject or niche you actually want to.  Think about what Amazon sells, it can mean your blog can help people in a subject you already enjoy and you can engage in that niche as much as you like and earn money from it.

Please note, again i must stress.  This is not a quick route, it can take months to get to a point where you are earning money from a blog with affiliate marketing.  But if you can utilise both affiliate marketing and ad networks, you might be surprised when you get to the point where you are earning well from both.

Amazon is just one option, there are literally thousands of affiliate programs out there.

With Affiliate networks, like Awin also offer you an option where you only need one login to have access to plenty of affiliate programs.

If you would like to learn how to be successful in Affiliate Marketing, we highly recommend the Wealthy Affiliate training platform.  It offers training, tools and expert support to ensuring you get started in the right way with affiliate marketing.

If you would like to learn more, read our Wealthy Affiliate review.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership

Sell Digital Products

If you would rather earn money without advertising other people’s products on your website,or are considering another income stream.  You could consider selling digital products, including:

  • eBooks
  • Online Course/Workshops
  • Images/Videos/Music for other bloggers to use on their own blog
  • Apps, WordPress plugins or WordPress themes.

A key thing many get wrong when it comes to selling digital products is making sure it is relevant to your readers.  There is no point writing eBooks about making money online if your blog is about photography.  It is often best to listen to what your readers are actually after before investing the time in creating a digital product.

Sell Memberships

Another option to making money on your blog is by selling memberships to exclusive areas of your website.  Consider a career blog might charge $10 per month, this gives users access to their job board.  Or a startup business blog, might sell memberships to their forum for people to get personalised advice about their business.

But, this will only work if you are offering a membership that is more valuable than anything someone could find for free elsewhere.  People will only pay if it is going to be a benefit to them.  Make sure it is valuable and it is a reasonable price.

Use a Blog to Build Your Credibility

If you have credibility as a blogger, it can lead to you being able to earn money from all of the ways we have discussed in this post, it can also lead to other opportunities to earn money.

Let’s be honest, for your blog to be taken seriously and be put at the top of the search results you need credibility.  InBecome an Authority with Your Blogcommon circles, this would be described as an authority site where a reader will visit it and it oozes trust.

If I can trust the website owner, I am going to be inclined to spend more time on it.  That is the basis any blog should be striving to achieve, as this is what leads to conversions and money making opportunities such as Ads, Affiliate Marketing, selling digital products or memberships.

But there are also other opportunities when you have built up that credibility and authority, especially if you become a recognised figure in that industry.  Imagine someone who starts a blog in the finance industry and becomes an authority in that industry.  It can lead to people approaching you to co-author a book on debt management, or speak at conferences or even run training days for employees of companies.

Becoming an credible authority in your niche opens up many possibilities when it comes to making money.  There is no reason why you could not start a blog and after time, utilise all of the ways we have gone through in this post.  I know that is one of my goals with this blog.

There are also opportunities to actually sell a profitable blog for a considerable amount of money too.

Putting Blogging into Context

Whilst there are multiple ways of monetising your blog, many more than we have listed here the biggest factor you are going to have to take into account is the fact that is it is not a quick route to earning money.  You will need to put in a lot of time, effort and work hard to actually make your blog profitable.

To earn money from a blog, you need traffic.  Traffic will only come to a blog that offers high quality content that helps them, and then only when the search engines have invested their trust in you to get your blog onto the first page of the search results.

If you think when you search online, how many times have you scrolled down the search results and gone to page 2…?

This takes time, and it also depends on how often you are posting content, the length and quality of your content.  For example, I did not start getting decent rankings with this blog until it was 6 months old.

Most bloggers do not see any income in the first six months, that is being realistic and is a key thing to keep in mind.  People need to be able to find your blog, like what they read and interact with your blog to be able for you to make any money.

Tips to Remember

Here are some tips on how you can make sure your blog is on the right track to getting that all important traffic and earning you money.

Creating High Quality Content That Helps

You will often see people saying you need high-quality content on a blog, but what does that really mean?  Well, for a start I would suggest you focus on content that helps answer a question.  Think about why you have landed on this page, you are looking for ways to make money from your blog.  But, if you found a page which didn’t help you would you consider it high-quality?

The other factor to consider is people do not want to be sold to.  This is especially important if you choose to follow the affiliate marketing route.  People are searching online for help around purchase decisions, not sold to.  They may already be thinking that they want to buy that product, but their research is aimed at understanding all aspects of it.  If they land on a review written by a blog that has just focused on telling them how awesome the product is and is very obvious it is just to get a sale, it will definitely put that person off that blog.

Another factor to consider with blogging is the art of writing for one person.  You are writing an article to help one person find the answer to their question.  If you remain too broad, it won’t feel personal and is a factor as to whether people stay on your blog or not.

Is Your Blog too Broad?
If you have already started your blog, or are considering what to choose as a subject for your blog one of the factors that means you will struggle to monetise it is your niche is too broad.

Getting organic traffic from the search engines is where your money-making opportunities comes from.  But if you start too broad, you will be competing with some authority websites and find it harder to get top rankings in the search engines.

The narrower a niche you pick, the better you will find it to get those all-important rankings.

Let’s use an example, many people like the idea of health & fitness blogs.  But if you targetted health and fitness in general, you would find it immensely difficult to chip away at the thousands of blogs already in that industry.

Now, if you narrowed that down to “how to lose belly fat”, you would find it much easier to build an authority in how to lose belly fat.

You could focus on: fitness programs, health drinks, exercise, your own story.

People would buy into it – many people search for ways to lose belly fat, but you would also target those who are working towards a six pack, getting fit again, etc.

But by just focusing on one small sliver of an industry allows you to get rankings in the search engines and allows you to build up an authority in “losing belly fat”.  Once you have that authority, you can start to open up different fitness elements and build up to a broad segment of the market.  But as you are doing it from an authority position, it won’t matter as much as you already have the rankings and the knowledge to build it.

Be Social

I don’t just mean sharing all your content on social media, you need to build a social presence and also reach out to others in your industry.  Build relationships with sponsors, affiliate partners and other bloggers.  Spending time on forums, like Wealthy Affiliate’s community helps build up relationships with other bloggers or affiliate marketers.  It also leads to building up your knowledge and ensuring you are in the best place to offer high quality content and monetising your website.

Be Realistic About Timescales and The Effort Required

The last tip i will leave you with is being realistic.  Many bloggers come into this knowing it will take time, but they do not really understand what that timescale is.  The main reason, there is no hard rule on how long it will take.  Some start earning a few dollars after a couple of months.  Some do not see any revenue for a year, but have better results because of it.

But then, there are some who give up just before their blog realises its potential and walk away thinking blogging doesn’t work.

I am going to be honest with you, this blog is just over 6 months old and it has only just started to get organic traffic from the search engines.  But, then again i have had some excellent training from the guys at Wealthy Affiliate that has ensure my blog gets the best start.

But, I need to put in a lot of time and effort each week to make sure I keep growing my blog and that it keeps building up that authority and keep building it.

Blogging is a great way of expressing yourself, with great ways of monetising it.  But do not think that you will be earning enough money straightaway.  As long as you remain positive and get the right guidance, you will succeed.

Do You Need Help & Support?

I love blogging, I love helping people and I want to leave you with an offer of help.  Done correctly, blogging is an awesome way of earning money.  But if you have started a blog and do not feel like you are on the right path, I want to be able to help you get onto the right path.  If you are planning on starting a blog and want to ensure you start correctly, I also want to be able to help.

I found that when i first started out with blogging (more specifically affiliate marketing) I would not have been in the position i find myself if I had not had the training and support that Wealthy Affiliate offered.  I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a couple of years now and am in a position where I help people get started with blogging or affiliate marketing.

If you are finding it hard to monetise your blog, it might be you need to go back to basics and learn what you need to do to ensure your blog is on the right track.

Kyle, one of the owners of WA offered some great advice when i first started out and that is to never stop learning.  As soon as you stop learning, you begin to miss steps and that can lead to your blog not making any money.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a free starter membership, so you can check them out or you can read my Wealthy Affiliate review.  But you will gain access to training, support and access to me via personal messaging on the WA platform too.

There is no reason why you cannot build up an authority blog that earns good money via all of the options in this post, but if you get the wrong advice or lack current high-quality training and support you will invest a lot of time and effort with nothing to show for it in a year or two.

If your blog has been going for a few months and not seeing the kind of results you were expecting, you can definitely turn it around.  But only if you check out where you might be going wrong and fix it now.

If you are looking into how to start a blog on the right foot, then again WA is a great place to ensure that happens.

Go through the 10 free training lessons with a free WA starter membership and see what they have to offer, read more in my WA review and ask as many questions as you like in the community of like-minded entrepreneurs all looking to help people with their blogs whilst making money from it too.  You will also gain access to 2 free websites via a free starter membership.

Get Help & Support from Industry Experts at Wealthy Affiliate

If you still have any questions, then please write them in the comments below and I will definitely get back to you and give you an answer.  Thanks for taking the time to read my article, if you would like to share any experiences please write them in the comments.

How to Make Money by Helping Others – 3 Ideas to Get You Started!

How to Make Money by Helping Others - 3 Ideas to Get You Started!

We love helping people, and it naturally leads to people searching for how to make money by helping others.  Everyone who logs and writes a search into the search engines is typically looking for help with something and that is where the opportunity arise to help others.

We take a huge pleasure in helping people achieve their goals, and no matter how you want to offer your help there is a way of doing it online.

There are over 4 billion people online these days, and most of them are looking for help… and what do you have to offer that can get you started helping and making money online?  Your knowledge, your guidance and wililngness to help!

Gem and I have compiled 3 great ways on how you can make money by helping others. We have started with our favourite way – Blogging.

Start Blogging – Our Favourite Idea

It seems an odd choice, but the opportunity to help people and make money is huge.  It also means you can specify what you are going to offer help in.  No matter the subject you are offering help in, there is an audience out there looking for help with it, there is also an opportunity to earn money from it too.

On our site, we offer help and advice in Affiliate Marketing, you could start a blog in any niche that you want to and thereStart a Blog - How to Make Money by Helping Others will be an audience just as interested in learning about that subject, or interested in purchasing products or services in that niche too.

Think about the niche you are wanting to offer help and advice in, think about what you could write about in that niche and that is the starting points for a blog.

Blogging is all about helping people, so whatever niche you choose there is people who are looking for help.  Whether that be, how to get started in that niche, a product review in that niche, helping making the right purchasing decision.

People are searching the web, because they want help.  The beauty of blogging is that by picking a niche or subject you already know a lot about, the help you provide will come across very genuine.  That is a key factor!

If the reader does not trust you, or think you are not offering genuine help or advice – they will leave your website/blog and you have lost the chance to make money from blogging.

If you are ready to get started with your blog, then Wealthy Affiliate offers great training in getting started, you can also benefit from 2 free websites.  Get Started Here.

There are two ways you can monetise your blog once you have got going, which we will go through now.

Affiliate Marketing

You may not have heard of the term affiliate marketing, but it is a great way of helping others and promoting products and services within that niche using affiliate programs.

Related Post: How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate Marketing allows you to promote products and services on your blog, with the reward of a commission if someone goes from your blog and purchases said product.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Imagine if you have wrote a really helpful guide on wedding photography for example.  That audience that is looking for guidance on how to get started in wedding photography will also be interested in the best cameras, accessories, courses, whilst taking in all of your help within that niche.

All of these products and services can allow you to earn money from Affiliate Marketing.

It has been proven time and again, Affiliate Marketing only works if you start from the point of helping people.  People do not want to be sold to, but if you can gain their trust through helping them – they will be more inclined to follow your advice around purchases too.

Think about Amazon, they started out as a small bookstore.  Didn’t have a huge marketing budget, so they launched an affiliate program, and they still use it today.  There are huge benefits to both the company and the affiliate marketer.

Does it take hard work to earn money from it – Yes!  But nothing was earnt in this life without a bit of hard work.

I won’t lie to you, it will take hard work to get to the level it is earning you good money.  But the amount you learn whilst on the journey and the point where it does start earning you money – it makes all the hard work worth it.

The reason I say it is worth it, is because it is so rewarding to know you are helping people.  When it starts earning you money, that is the icing on the cake.  Both helping people and earning money online.  A win-win situation.

There are four stages to reach the point where you are earning money:

Four Stages to Affiliate Marketing SuccessNow, if you are looking at helping people online, you will hopefully know what Step One is, Choosing an interest!

Step One – Choose an Interest

This is an important step, and many get it wrong because they choose something they think will be profitable, rather than something they know something about.

Whatever interests, hobbies, skills you have – there will be others looking for help and that is where Affiliate Marketing is awesome, because you are helping people who share a common interest with you.  It also means you will not get bored with the concept in the early stages when you are not receiving enough visitors to your blog to earn you revenue.

Step Two – Build a Website

You need a foundation for your online blog to help people.  Your goal is to become an authority in your niche.  That way people will know that if they want help or to learn and engage in that niche, you are the authority to go to.

You can get a free website, with the tool below.  See if your chosen domain name is free:

Step Three – Attract Visitors

Once you have your website, you are going to want to start your mission on gaining traffic.  Regardless of good your content is, know that the reason why most affiliate marketers fail is because they give up too soon.  I am not going to say that affiliate marketing is a quick way to earn money, because it isn’t.

This is all about building a business with the long game in mind.  I did not start getting “organic traffic” on this blog until the 5th month.  It also happened to be the point where I made my first sale.

Honestly, this is not an option for people looking for a quick way to earn money – and I must say, there is no quick way to earn money online, unless you are wiling to invest heavily.

Now, there are examples where it can be done naturally quicker, but they will depend on the niche you chose.  If you find a diamond niche, without much competition you can achieve it much sooner.

But once you have constant traffic coming to your blog via the search engines, that is what organic traffic is, then you will soon start to see us achieving step four.

Step Four – Earn Revenue

If you have created a blog that is full of interesting and helpful guides all around your blog, have included some relevant product reviews with your affiliate links included and the traffic is coming in nicely – that is when you can start to see affiliate marketing having unlimited opportunities.  If you have one blog that is converting well, that same blog could earn you money for years.

You also achieved it all from something you were interested in and from HELPING PEOPLE.  Which is a great feeling, trust me on that.

If you feel that Affiliate Marketing is the way you want to help people and you want to create your own blog, then I highly recommend that you get the correct training to ensure that you are following the right direction and get the same support that Gem and I did.  We followed the training at Wealthy Affiliate and it has led us to having businesses that are there to help people, just like you want to.

Read our review for more information, or if you would like to see what they have to offer with a free starter membership (no credit card required), then check them out here.Free Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership
Creating your own blog is awesome, and once you start getting that traffic we mentioned in step three, you can also start benefiting from other ways to monetise your website, like Paids Ads.

Paid Ads

Selling advertising space on your blog is another great way of earning money from your blog.  But again, this will require traffic to your blog to be able to earn money.  This is because you earn money based on impressions as well as clicks.

Impressions are from when someone sees the ad, but doesn’t necessarily take any action from it.  Clicks are from when someone clicks the ad.

Most new bloggers will try out Google AdSense, which is easy to get started with.  But when you start seeing a high number of visitors to your blog, that is when you can start explore better paying options like MediaVine.

Write an eBook

Another tactic to help people and make money online is by creating an eBook and selling it.  If you are a subject matter expert, and can write a downloadable book for people to buy, it is a great idea on two fronts.

The one is, that you could offer it on platforms such as the Kindle Marketplace, or another option is something you offerWrite an eBook people who join your mailing list on your blog.

Email Marketing is still a very effective way to earn money online, and offering them an eBook is a great way of getting them to join your mailing list.  Once they have joined, you have the trust factor and the fact that you can keep sending them useful information.

Many self-published authors are supplementing their earnings from their blogs with eBooks.  It will again take time to earn money with this route, although that depends on how much you can sell your eBook for.

You need to ensure the subject is of interest, will be something that they will want to pay for and you need to ensure you design a captivating cover and title to get them hooked and wanting to buy it.

Teach – Create a Course

The other option is to create an online course with a site like Udemy. Online Courses are really popular at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you cannot do in-person courses too.  People are looking for help in a multitude of different ways and you could definitely find an opportunity.

The options could be:

  • Online Courses
  • Presenting at Conferences
  • Teaching Seminars
  • Holding Workshops

All of these are great options to share your experiences, help people and make a difference to them and earn money from helping them too.

Which Direction is the Best One for You?

Honestly that is decision you need to make, but before you do I would suggest that you do not only pick one.  The reasons I say that are, blogging is a great idea and having a website is also a great foundation.  But not just a foundation for a blog, it is a foundation for an online business – it could be a blog, a chance to create and use eBooks to create value, even use a course to again explore another avenue to monetising and helping people.

Using any of these options to create an email marketing campaign, using social media to share your knowledge and build your authority.

The options are endless when it comes to an online business. Gem and I loved starting an online business that helps people get started with an online business and affiliate marketing.  It isn’t for everyone, but that is where your unique knowledge will help you create your own direction.

If you truly want to create your own online business, and get out and help people, plus earning some money. Wealthy Affiliate offers great training, help and support with 2 free websites with a free starter membership. The training is not all about affiliate marketing, like the name suggests.  The training covers all aspects of an online business and is how we got started.Free Starter Membership - Wealthy Affiliate

Whatever you decide to do, you need to get out there and get busy.  Get learning, get creating!  Share your knowledge and go earn yourself money too!

Thanks for reading this guide, please tell me which option do you think you might take or is there any others that you are considering.  We would love to hear from you, just add a comment below and we will definitely get back to you!

How to Create Your Own Blog Website – Step by Step

How to Create Your Own Blog Website – Step by Step

If you have been looking for how to create your own blog website, then let me assure you that by the end of this post you will fully understand the benefits of having your own blog website, how to get your own free blog website up and running in minutes and learn some of the benefits from the platform we recommend for that blog website.  Plus, some features that will help you achieve the goals you have set out with your new blog website.

Let’s start by clarifying what exactly a blog is?

What is a Blog?

Wikipedia states that a blog is an informal or conversational type of website that shares information in a more casual way.What is a Blog - How to Create Your Own Blog Website

But when you start exploring the opportunities that lie with a blog website, it can be so much more.  The main aim with a blog should be to help others.  Whether that is sharing your experiences in a topic, helping people with how to guides or helping people with buying decisions and that is typically why most people explore the blogging route as they can start to earn money online with their blog through Affiliate Marketing or CPA Marketing.

Most websites that you land on with a search will be a blog, this website is a blog website helping people online.  But the key to your own blog is a that it can be in any subject and be something that you want to write about.

But some argue you do not need your own website to have a blog? I think that having a blog without a website is so limiting, so let’s explore why you need a website for your blog.

Why Does Your Blog Need a Website?

Like I said, some will state that you don’t need a website to blog or make money, I’ll just use social media or write articles and submit them via a blog website.

But the problem is, you start limiting your reach by doing this and then there is the risk that the website that you were using to submit your articles closes down or dramatically loses their audience.  You have just lost your audience and any money-making opportunities.

Design a Website - How to Create Your Own Blog Website

I have also found that social media is quite unreliable when it comes to whether people will click on your links or not.  I am not saying that social media is bad, it is a good way of getting your blog out there but there are examples where it can be really hard if you use it as your only avenue.

But if I give you the example of Instagram.  Due to their focus on paid ads, you will struggle to get your posts out to the type of audience that you were able to in the past.

Your Own Blog Website becomes a foundation to your business.  It also becomes your brand.

That brand is what you can sell on all the social media channels, link back to when submitting articles to other blogs, etc.  It also means you have full control over your blog business.

That is why you need your own website, getting a great brand name and creating awesome content will bring people to your blog.  To achieve anything with your blog, you need traffic coming to it.  Then they can engage with your content, and maybe follow some of your recommendations to earn money from those links.

Your own blog website starts with the right Content Management System, we highly recommend WordPress.

WordPress + SiteRubix = Awesome Blog Website

I have used a few content management systems in the past, and some you need a degree in computer coding to be able toWordPress website - How to Create Your Own Blog Website achieve anything, others like Joomla are not simple to use either.  Then I started using WordPress and I found it is so easy to use that it means you can focus on more important stuff, like creating content and getting it found by the search engines.

Another factor to consider is the web hosting that comes with your chosen CMS.  There are some free providers out there, but the more traffic you get you then start having to pay higher levels to keep using their hosting.

I also think WordPress is preferable to sites like Wix, as again the more traffic you receive will start to mean you have to start paying.

Our Preferred WordPress web hosting is SiteRubix.  It is the web hosting behind Wealthy Affiliate, and with a free starter account you gain access to 2 free websites using WordPress on their hosting.  It also comes with some great training, to help you get started on the right path, gain traffic and customise your blog website.  Learn more in my Wealthy Affiliate Review.  Between Site Rubix & Wealthy Affiliate you will have an awesome start to your own blog website.

How to Create Your Own Blog Website for Free

If you want to get started with creating your own blog website for free based on the subject or niche that you want to blog about, follow the steps below.

Step One – Choose a Relevant Website Name (URL).  You can use the tool below to check whether your preferred URL is available.

Step Two – Complete Your Free Account Setup.  Create your free account to continue onto the website builder. (You are minutes away from your own blog website)

How to Create Your Own Blog Website

Step Three – Choose a Title for Your Website. This will be displayed on the header of your blog website.

How to Create Your Own Website - Website Title

Step Four – Choose Your Theme. Choose from the available themes to get the look you want for your website.

Step Five – Click Build Your Site. Within seconds you will have your own blog website.

That is it, you now have your very own blog website.  From then on, you can start creating content, and start working on achieve your goals that you had set out.

But at this point, having a blog website is not the end of the stages you need to progress through to reach those goals.

That is where the partnership between Wealthy Affiliate & SiteRubix come into play.

You need to learn how to grow your blog website…

How to Grow Your Blog Website

From experience, I know some will think that having a website is all they need to start making money.  But in reality, having a website without some key elements means that no one could find your blog website.  If no one can find your blog website, it would be like talking to the wall.

If you have completed the steps above, you will have gained access to the training available on Wealthy Affiliate that explores the key steps you need to take in the early stages of your blog website.  It will teach you how to achieve the follow things that are so important, that if we do not do them, there is no point starting a blog website.

Creating Content on your website starts with effective keyword research, if you are not entirely sure what I mean by keyword research, I have written this guide to help you out.

The training included within Wealthy Affiliate, will cover keyword research and these other important factors:

  • Search Engine Optimisation – If the search engines cannot find your blog website, you will not have any traffic to engage with.
  • Content Creation – Writing natural conversational articles becomes easier the more you write, but there are some key tips in the training to make this easier for you.
  • Getting the Most out of WordPress – Training on all the features of WordPress.
  • Getting Traffic – How to promote your website to gain traffic
  • Using Social Media Effectively – Use social media the right way will also help you gain traffic.

One of the other key factors in Wealthy Affiliate’s training and tools is the art of monetising your blog website.

How to Monetise Your Blog Website

Let’s be honest, the majority of people looking for how to create your own blog website for free will be looking to make money from their blog.

There are a number of ways to monetising your blog.  Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing, PPC Marketing, and Wealthy Affiliate has training that helps you understand and fully utilise those methods to earning money from your blog.

If you have not heard of any of these methods, I have included guides in the links above to each of those methods to help you understand.  But most associate bloggers with Affiliate Marketing, so I will go through this premise below.

Affiliate Marketing is a great way of earning money online, especially if you do not have any of your own products or services to sell.  You can use this model to promote other people’s products or services and earn a commission from the sale.  It can be described as a passive income route, as you could have written a review on a product that makes you money for years to come.

There are 3 parties involved in Affiliate Marketing – You (the blog owner), the owner of the product/service and the Buyer (visitor to your blog).  You write a review that promotes a product/service and the buyer decides to buy it based on your review.  They follow your affiliate link to the product sale page and buy it.  The owner of the product or service rewards you for the sale by giving you a percentage of the sale price as a commission.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

You will all of heard of Amazon, and they offer an affiliate program.  So many bloggers promote products available on Amazon and receive a commission for every sale they introduce.

Companies offer this as it is a much cheaper way of promoting themselves than multi-million-dollar advertising campaigns.

Wealthy Affiliate offers training, help and advice towards being accepted by these affiliate programs and writing articles and reviews that correctly promote products and services so you can earn commissions.

If you want to fully explore the benefits, help and tools available with a Wealthy Affiliate membership, I highly recommend you read my review.  If you would like to get started with your blog website then you can get started with a free Starter Membership with Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have any questions or would like to add your experience with blogging, then please add them to the comments below and I definitely respond as soon as I can.

If you would like more information about any of the topics below, you can always drop me an email to Thanks

Best Part Time Jobs for Retired People

Best Part Time Jobs for Retired People

Averages show that we are living longer, so naturally many of people reaching retirement age are ready to leave the job, but not necessarily hang up their boots.

Whether you are looking for a part time job to supplement your pension or something that is going to ensure you stay active – both physically and mentally, or even just to pay for holidays.  We have a number of suggestions for the best part time jobs for retired people.

There are the more obvious choices, which you might expect.  But then this is one that you might have never thought of and will allow you a lot more freedom than the others. But let’s start with the obvious choices:

Retail/Seasonal Jobs

When we think of part time jobs, we can often just think about the retail sector.  Offering shift work, which is quite flexibleRetail Work and can often be close to home. This makes it an obvious choice, as we all have experience with customer service and their expectations are typically – Flexible and Offer Great Customer Service.

Will this be suitable for all retirees, not quite?  Some of you will find that this is a great option, it will keep the mind active and will mean we aren’t sitting around, which again is a great thing.  Active Body & Active Mind is always something my Grandad used to say.

However, this will not be an option for everyone. So, let’s explore some real opportunities where your experience and knowledge will be a key element.

Consultancy Jobs

Whatever industry you worked in, you will have a whole lot of experience that people are interested in gaining from you.  This is where a consultancy job could be an ideal choice for you.  A consultant is defined as “Someone who is an expert in a particular subject, who provides that knowledge”.Consultancy Jobs

Businesses are always actively seeking consultants and understand the need for such roles.  US businesses spent about $12 billion on them last year!

All industries won’t lend themselves to this option, but you will know from your industry if it is something that you could pursue.

There are a few things you need to consider prior to going with a Consultancy Role:

  • 1.Do you need any certifications/qualifications or a special licence?  Some industries will require you to have at least a BA in that subject before being signed onto a consultancy agency
  • 2.Are you an organised person? Organisation is a key attribute to successful consultants.
  • 3.Do you like to Network?  You will need to be able to build up a good contacts list to be effect in that given industry
  • 4.Set Long-term & Short-term goals. Any business model requires this, it also allows you to track successes against the amount of work you are putting in.

Here is a list of the top industries seeking Consultants.

  • Accounting
  • Advertising
  • Auditing
  • Business
  • Business Writing
  • Career Counselling
  • Communications
  • Computer Programmer
  • Editorial Services
  • Executive Search (Head Hunting)
  • Gardening
  • Grantsmanship
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance
  • Marketing
  • Payroll Management
  • Public Relations
  • Publishing
  • Taxes
  • Writing Services

If you have experience in any of these given industries and feel you still have something to offer in it, then becoming a consultant is a great direction to go with.

Offering your services out via freelancing or starting your own consultancy firm could be the next step for you.

Subject Matter Experts – Tutoring and Content Development

On a similar vein to the Consultancy roles, you could offer your services out just as a subject matter expert.  Becoming a freelance tutor, rather than committing to what would end up becoming quite a lot of work – consulting could take a lot of time up.  Whereas tutoring would be and could be based on your time available.

The pay looks reasonable and you only offer it when you are available.  The industries listed above would also be relevant to this topic.

Or an Option Where You Work from Home

Both options above are fine choices, you could easily earn some decent money and not have to work as much as you usedWork from Home to.  But do you really want to still work from someone else?  Work to a rota system. There are many benefits to a retirement, including some well-deserved time to yourself.  So, my final option is one where you could work from pretty much anywhere.  You can also use your knowledge and experience, like the other options.  But the only boss is yourself.  Work when you want to, wherever you want to, and you will also benefit from meeting a lot of other like-minded people online doing it to.

The third option is a combination of blogging and affiliate marketing.

I know, this might sound like something that isn’t for you.  But hold that thought, let me describe it to you first.

We have talked about your experience and your knowledge being a prime ingredient in consulting or tutoring – Well that is exactly how you are going to earn money from home.  There are plenty of people out there online, looking for help with something.  Whether it is help with a product purchase. Help with a problem they have.  How-to guides. You name it someone is looking for help with it.

So, the third idea is you starting a blog in any niche that you are already experience in.  It doesn’t even have to be with something from your old job.  If you would consider yourself enthusiastic and knowledgeable around caravanning or the outdoors – that is an ideal choice for starting your own online business.

How does that lead to earning money, John?

This is where affiliate marketing comes into play.  Affiliate Marketing is where you earn a commission for introducing a buyer to a product. A prime example is Amazon.  The world’s biggest marketplace offers you a reward for referring someone to their site to buy an item.

To use an example, I am going to use an example I could use.  I am an enthusiastic photographer, I am doing wedding photography for Gem’s wedding business and I know a lot about digital cameras, photography and photoshop.

I could start a blog on this subject.  By incorporating a number of different guides, I could build trust with anyone visiting the website to show that I am someone they can trust.

As part of this blog, I also write a post about the ‘best digital cameras for beginners.  If someone came to my blog post about the best cameras for someone getting started and decided to follow my advice and clicked on my link, they would be taken to Amazon to purchase that camera.  My reward from Amazon is a percentage of the purchase price. So, if it is a $100 camera, I could earn $6, every time that someone follows my advice.

Just to expand on the opportunity, there are over 4 billion people with access to high-speed internet all searching online for help with pretty much anything and are often helped by bloggers and Affiliate Marketers.

Can I Get Help & Support?

First off, I want to say it might seem really complicated and difficult and this could put many people off.  But that is the one thing I want to dispel.  People of all ages are achieving success from affiliate marketing.  Regardless of their abilities, they all succeed because they have one thing in common.  Great Help & Support available at every step of the way.

Whether you feel you are not great at the computer, or I can’t write articles.  How do I research a niche?  These are all obstacles we can do together.

There is a training platform that I want to recommend that will offer you everything you need to get started and to continually grow your business until it is something where you would never have to consider a real job again.

Wealthy Affiliate offer great training, that is ideal for anyone of any skill level.  They offer websites and tools to get you started.  You will also gain access to a community of like-minded individuals all striving for the same goal. I often talk to members who at first stated they felt too old to learn again.  Then they come back to me, saying you were right.  I could do it.

The only barrier anyone has is themselves.  Doing it alone, it is easy to get lost.  But having access to people anytime of the day for help does make a massive difference.

Regardless of what niche you choose, there are ample opportunities from affiliate marketing.

If you want to learn more about what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, then I highly recommend you read my review.

Or you could try out their platform with a free starter membership account. You will not need to enter any credit card details, unlike others.  Get a free starter membership account here.

Final Word

Enjoying your retirement should be your main focus.  If you need to get a part time job, then there are the usual opportunities out there.  But for the few, that really want to enjoy their retirement and not feel like they are working – I hope you explore Affiliate Marketing and blogging. You will find it really rewarding and not feeling too much like work.
If you have any further questions or want help with anything, please leave it in the comments.  I will come back to you as soon as.

How to Make Money with Your Passion

How to Make Money with your Passion

Making money from something that you are passionate about is ten times more likely to be successful than trying to pick something because it looks profitable… It also allows you to showcase being a subject matter expert which builds trust and mean that you remain motivated even when it is going through a tough patch.  But most of all, it means that you will totally enjoy it too.

Regardless of what you are passionate about, there are definitely ways to monetise it.  Gem is really creative and took her passion around arts and crafts and took it to a profitable business selling wedding stationary.  But that doesn’t mean we are all able to create products to sell.  But we don’t need to.  To make money, all we need is our passion and the help and support to turn it into an online business.

In this post, we will share with you how you can make money with your passion – with all of the help and support you will ever need.

I use affiliate links to maintain, for more information click here.

How Does a Passion Lead to Making Money?

For starters, you will not be the only one in the world with a passion for the same subject, I’ll use myself as an example.  I am not the only person who likes:

  • PhotographyHow to Make Money with your Passion - Digital Photography
  • Sci-Fi
  • Technology
  • Helping People

Let’s just take those four subjects, I am not the only person who likes these subjects.  But the key will be is that if one of them is a passion, you will find that you are something of an expert in that subject.  But then again, there will be people who are looking to research a lot into these topics and that is your opportunity to make money from them.

But these topics on their own are quite broad and do not lead themselves immediately to an easy way of earning money online.

Let’s be honest, if it is a passion, you will find that if we dug deeper into one of those four you will find that there is a fantastic niche to target in one.

  • Photography – I am a wedding photographer for Gems’ Business, so I have a lot of knowledge and passion around photography, so wedding photography would be a niche
  • SciFi – (I’ll admit it) I am a big Star Trek fan, I would not describe myself as a subject matter expert, But I enjoy engaging in the ST community and enjoy the conventions.  I could utilise this niche as a target for making money.  I would probably narrow this one down to start with and start with ST Discovery, as it is the fresh content.
  • Technology – This is the broadest subject on the list. I love computer technology, so could focus on that one, but would need to narrow it down further, maybe to gaming laptops or accessories for them.
  • Helping People – This is the passion that is letting me earn money online. But is still quite broad, I focus on helping people get started online.

Every Passion or Interest Has an Audience

My point is, that whatever your passion is you will have an audience.  Why is that important, to make money online you need to create a brand that draws an audience in, to give you the opportunity to earn money.Every Passion has an Audience

There are over 4 billion people online with access to high-speed internet and they are always looking for useful articles, useful content, product reviews, how-to guides and an honest person who you can trust to provide these things.

That is where you come in.  I am really passionate about helping people get started online.  I am really enjoying being able to provide helpful information that allows people to leave the day job behind and do something that you really enjoy and are passionate about.

I love it, honestly!!

How Do I Make Money Online from My Passion Then?

Let’s go through the stages that you need to make money. You have your passion, that is a great start and many people are so unsure of which direction to go when picking the topic that their online business will be about.

But to the be honest, you may need to narrow it down to a niche, the broader the subject the harder it is (in the early stages).  This doesn’t mean that you will not end up with a business that covers a broader subject, but you will find the broader you start, the longer it will take to establish it.  If you target narrow, you can get a great start and get Google to love your business, then you can start to branch out.

An example makes it easier to explain.  If I chose Technology, then went down the computer route.  I would still be so broad, by a mile.

Yet, if I really thought about it I could do the following:

  • Computers (Broad)
  • Gaming PCs (Broad)
  • Gaming Laptops (Broad)
  • Gaming Laptop Accessories (Getter Better)
  • Gaming Laptop Mice or Gaming Laptop Decals (Niche)

By starting with the narrowest of let’s gaming mice for gaming laptops – it allows me to target the whole gaming PC market, but by starting with just the mice it gets you traffic, you can then expand and build up that traffic.

Traffic is your ultimate way to earning money for your Passion.  But you do need to fully understand how to get started.

Making Money from Your Passion comes from building up your audience and traffic, to give you the opportunity to earn money.  There are a couple of ways of earning money online and I’ll go through this now.

Ways to Make Money Online with Your Passion

There are two really good ways of earning money online.  But first, I do need to state that the best way of earning money online with your passion is by starting a blog website. You can then utilise the two ways to make money with your passion:

The first way is by selling advertising space on your blog website.  Google AdSense or other similar advertising companies pay you every time some clicks on an advert on your website or if you get a high number of impressions.  (Impressions are people seeing the ad, but not clicking it).  Like I said, this will take traffic to make it worthwhile, but there is a natural step in your business where this becomes an obvious direction.  Some companies like MediaVine, will not accept you until you are reaching a high amount of traffic.  But as long as your website is worthwhile, AdSense is a good choice.  I have it live on another website and it works.

The second way is from Affiliate Marketing.  This is by the far the best way to earn money from your passion.  You may not have heard of it, or you may be unsure of how it really works but it is a proven model and is the most common way bloggers earn money online.

How Affiliate Marketing Really Works

You have to remember that as most people are buying stuff online, there are actively doing research before they buy a product.  They are looking for subject matter experts to help them with their purchase decisions.  Was it the right product or service, how do they really work?  Someone I know is always out hiking every weekend, they are always active and they go through hiking boots like nobody’s business – until he started researching online.  He found a blogger who was always active too.  He followed his advice and bought his current boots from a recommendation this guys recommended and has never looked back.  He is now regularly checking out what this guy is writing about.  Where is hiking to, any recommendations for things to do with hiking, etc.  There is a real trust factor with this blogger now.

But this is the key – every time Paul (my friend) buys anything this blogger recommends; this blogger receives a commission.  That is Affiliate Marketing.

There will be people who are looking for your advice and help that you offer in and around your passion.

Your Passion turned into a blog website offering help, support, recommendations and reviews will lead you to the way of earning money online.  You will build up the traffic and then you can add ads.  They are also both passive ways of earning money online.  This means, unlike a physical shop, you do not need to be there to seal the sale.  You just add affiliate links to products or services you recommend and continue writing other articles all around your passion.

If you think writing is not your thing… seriously, don’t worry about it.  You should have seen my writing when I first started blogging – You can get help with that and I did.

If you are worried that you haven’t got a clue about building a website or anything to do with that – again, seriously do not worry about that I will show you where you can get all the help and support you need.

All the Help and Support You Need to Get Started!

I know what you may be thinking… it all sounds great John, but I haven’t got a clue how to do all that.

But, let me share with you my experience.  When I first started, I didn’t have a clue.  I didn’t know how to build a website, or even what affiliate marketing was. I wasn’t great at writing and knew nothing about how the search engines worked or keyword research.

But what I did know is, a lot about digital photography.  I could talk about it all day, I would consider it a passion and something where I could share a lot of helpful information from it.

What I want to introduce to you is a training platform that will take everything you can offer within that passion and teach you how to get your dream started.  Within every lesson is an easy to follow step-by-step guide that will take you through every step required to turn that passion into an online business.  By lesson 4 you will have your very own website.

Follow the training and you will learn how to utilise everything that is taught and offer to share your essential knowledge from your passion.

Whatever your passion is, someone else will also share it – but they want to engage with you, learn from you and see your recommendations.

But that is not all that is on offer.  No one gets anywhere on their own.

You will also gain access to a community of like-minded individuals who will be there to help and offer advice or support at any point.  If you ever have a question about your business, website or the direction you should go – the community will be there to help.

But I also offer my personal help and advice, any time you are stuck or need help reach out to me on the platform and I will there to help.

Turn a Passion into a Successful Online Business – with Wealthy Affiliate

2 years ago, I wasn’t online and didn’t have a clue how to get started.  But then I found the most helpful community, that has awesome training, websites and all of the tools needed to get online.  That platform is Wealthy Affiliate, here is my review.

I accepted an invitation to their platform and have never looked back.  The training is so easy to follow and will allow you to build a brand and business that will earn you money, if you invest the time and effort needed.

I will stress that this will take time and effort and is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  I am sorry, but I am yet to find a genuine scheme that allows you to earn money online overnight.  Any product that promises that is not worth even reading about.

But by building an online business from a passion, it will make you more likely to succeed.  The reason I say this is, it will take time.  It will be about 3 months before the search engines really take notice of your blog – that is the line where it starts to grow to where you need it to be.

Your passion in the subject will keep you going, when most Affiliate Marketers who fail are those that leave at this point thinking it hasn’t worked.

Trust in yourself and the training and you will definitely build an online business that will mean you will be doing it full-time within the right timescales.

If you would like to know more about Affiliate Marketing or Wealthy Affiliate, check out the posts below.  Doing your research is an important step in anything you do.

Related Post: How Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work?

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I will admit, I am fully loving helping people find genuine ways of making money online and building a business based on something they love.  That is the key to this and it works. Stay motivated, stay informed and follow the training and you will soon realise your own potential.  Good Luck

If you have any questions about starting an online business or affiliate marketing, then please leave them in the comments below.  If you want to share any experience or offer advice to people looking for ways to make money with your passion, please write them in the comments.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

5 Ways for Stay at Home Moms to Earn Money

5 Ways for Stay at Home Moms to Earn Money

Are you looking for ways to earn some extra money whilst you are at home? Looking after the kids can be a great thing, especially when so many others have to go to work and leave the children with childminders or grandparents.

What if there was a way you could earn money from home, and be able to spend time with the kids too?

Whether you are a stay at home mom or you want to find a way of earning money, so you don’t have to go back to work and leave the children, I am going to share with you 5 ways for Stay at Home Moms to Earn Money online.

I use affiliate links to support, find out more here.

Earn Money by Completing Surveys or Watching Videos

This is a common way you will find when searching the internet.  Signing up with a website, such as Swagbucks allows youEarn Money Completing Surveys to earn money from doing basic things like completing surveys, watching videos, even playing games.  The activities are relatively simple to complete, and they do not typically take very long to complete.  Depending on which one you sign up, will determine how you are paid.  For example, Swagbucks will pay you in Amazon gift cards, Prolific Surveys pays into your PayPal account.

But they are also not going to earn you a great deal of money, unless you are signed up with a number of them and spend quite a bit of time doing it.  I personally see this option as a way of earning some extra money for Christmas, then earning enough to replace a job.

My personal favourites are Swagbucks and Prolific Surveys.

Let’s move onto the options where you are more likely to earn a decent wage.


FreelancingOffering your services out to website owners could be a good option for you.  Websites like Fiverr allow you to sign up and offer yourself out based on your skills.  Typically, bloggers are looking for people to write articles for them, but you may have skills like accounting, picture editing, etc.  There are many ways you could work from home and earn money from people hiring you to do things like accounts.

This is a really flexible work model, you input your timescales and really your only prerequisite is being able to sell yourself to get hired.

Once you have established yourself in the freelancing world, you could even get regular work from businesses.  If you give them what they ask for with a service they like, they could easily come back to you regularly for future work too.

I would advise that you are really honest if you are going down this route, as most sites work on a feedback system and you don’t want to get negative feedback, because you said you could do something (because of the price) but couldn’t deliver.

Selling Your Own Products or Services

This is the obvious option, if you are able to create your own products or have a service to offer, this could be a great way of earning money.

The two that spring to mind, is Gem’s wedding stationary business.  She creates bespoke wedding invitations that shipSelling Your Own Products - Wedding Invitaitions across the world.  We have a website and eBay shop that promote this.

But then, I know people who offer their services such as “Ironing Services”.  If you don’t mind ironing, then you could earn money doing it for other people.

Obviously, there is more money in the first example, but this all depends on how much you are wanting to earn?

If you have a product or are able to create a product. I would suggest you start on eBay or even Facebook.   You will get a great idea of how popular they will be and also have the knowledge about your product to take it to the next level with your very own website.

Drop Shipping

One option, if you haven’t got your own products is drop shipping.  This is where you sign up with a wholesaler to gain access to their product list.  You then sell them via a website or eBay with a mark-up.  Once you receive notification that an item sells, you order the item off of the wholesaler and they ship it directly to the customer.  The customer assumes it has come from you, and you have also earned the difference between the prices.

On face value, this seems like an easy gig.  We use it on our wedding website, our wedding favours are a drop shipping item.  Someone orders one, we order it off of the wholesaler.  Great.

But I must also let you know about the drawbacks too.

  • Price Changes – You need to keep on top of the prices, if the prices have gone up but you haven’t updated your listings, then you are out of pocket.  To the point, you are paying more than the customer did
  • Complaints – If the delivery is late, or the package is broken.  You will be receiving the problems.  You will be in the middle, trying to resolve the situation
  • Wholesaler has stopped doing the item – This might be rare, but very hard to deal with if it happens.

I am not saying this to put you off, like I said we use it on our Wedding website – but you need to go into these things with all of the facts to help you make the right decision for you.


This is my favourite.  Gem has her wedding stationary business, I have a blog that uses Affiliate Marketing to earn money.

Let me explain why, I love helping people.  I have benefitted massively from blogging, and I want to help other people who want to earn money online find genuine opportunities.  I will always call out the scams to protect people – So, naturally blogging about these things makes me happy.

Blogging is a great way of expressing yourself and many stay at home moms have actually started doing it and found they do not need to go back to work because it has worked for them.  Also, as a mom you have a lot of knowledge and experience to share that will help others.

There are over 4 billion active users of the internet, and typically they are all looking for help with something when they type a search into Google. Many expectant moms are asking questions every day that you will probably know the answer too.  I know when Gem was expecting we started researching loads.  But we also had a Will 8 weeks early, so we also started researching again when he arrived as he spends 6 weeks in hospital.  We were encouraged by a number of blogs we found of parents who had a similar experience, and it was very liberating to feel we were not alone.

But I also understand you might want to explore something that isn’t to do with motherhood you want to explore something that you are really interested in too.

Blogging allows you to create earning potential from anything that you are either really interested in or know a lot about.

The way to earn money from blogging is with Affiliate Marketing.

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Affiliate Marketing is the way many bloggers earn money online, and the premise is quite simple.  You earn a commission for introducing a buyer to a product.  Amazon is the world’s largest marketplace and has used affiliate marketing since its beginning.  If you create a blog that attracts people to it, and they read your posts and maybe a few products recommendations included in the mix and they choose to buy something from Amazon, you have just earned a percentage of the price.

Now, I will say it sounds simple but will require you to dedicate some time and effort to making this work.  You will also need to invest some time learning everything that you need to know to get it going.  But with the right help and support, this is the option that will bring you long-term success and mean that even after the kids have gone to school or even left home you will find that you are earning more than enough to do what you want to do and enjoy.

Being your own boss, has so many rewards with this model – but like I said you need the right help and support.

Where Can You Get That Support?

Help & Support to Get Started with a Blog

Blogging is the easy part but getting your head around all of the website and internet side used to be really difficult.  You needed to know how to use computer code and get your head around what the search engines wanted.

Now, it is such a great place to create a blog.  But there are many different factors you need to consider, and Gem and I would not be where we are today, if it wasn’t for Wealthy Affiliate.

Their training is awesome for anyone of any skill level.  Do not worry about the fact you do not know how to build a website.  Their step-by-step training is all you need to succeed online and achieve success with a blog, affiliate marketing and an online business.

But even if you have your own products and services – their SEO and Marketing training is second to none.  I have used their training to a massive success of Gem’s wedding stationary business.

There are just a couple of things you need to agree to, before you will see success with their training:

  • Commit to learning – there is plenty, but their training will ensure you understand it
  • Commit Time and Effort – Any option will require you to work hard at it to make it work
  • Ask questions whenever you are stuck!

You not only get training with Wealthy Affiliate, you get access to a community of Internet Entrepreneurs (like yourself) all looking at ways of making money online with blogging and affiliate marketers.

The people who succeed are the people who commit to learning, commit time and effort and ask questions all the time.

If you do decide to join, you will gain personal access to me – Ask me as many questions as you like. Ask the community or even ask the owners (Kyle and Carson).  They helped me massively when I started out and I wouldn’t know where I would be without Wealthy Affiliate.

Final Word

There you go, 5 different ways for Stay at Home Moms to Earn Money Online.  Depending on your goals, you can explore whichever feels right for you.

Completing surveys is fine, if you like to earn a fee quid.  But creating your own online business, utilising your own products, drop shipping or your own blog with affiliate marketing.  That is a great place to be and with the support of the training at Wealthy Affiliate, you will find it to be a success.

You do have to consider what your goals are, if it is to spend more time with the kids and earn enough so you do not have to get a job.  I personally prefer the blogging option.  You find many other stay at home moms have achieved this, and we regularly see them in the community at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have any further questions about any of the topics covered in this post, please do not hesitate to write a comment below.  I promise to come back to you as soon as possible with an answer.

Good luck to you, whichever direction you choose to follow…


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