The Wealthy Affiliate University Review – My Own Experience

I want to share with you my own experience with Wealthy Affiliate whilst sharing with you all of the features of Wealthy Affiliate.  I joined their program 2 years ago whilst exploring ways to earn money online and honestly haven’t looked back.

I had tried and failed to earn money a few times prior to joining Wealthy Affiliate and one of the first things I liked was the honesty the owners had with an online business. I had been playing at earning money online, what I needed was some expert guidance.  I have now been employing their techniques for a couple of years, I have had websites that have failed, and some that are actually turning in a profit.

So, this review is my personal take on Wealthy Affiliate and why I would recommend it to those who aspire to their own online business from affiliate marketing.


One of the ways I try to cover the costs of maintaining Best Affiliate Marketing Tools and offer help and advice to my audience is via a small number of affiliate partnerships (with tools I genuinely use) where I get a small percentage commission on sales made via referral. You don’t pay any more for purchasing via my affiliate links – in fact in some cases you will even receive a discount. If you click one of my affiliate links, your support is really appreciated!  Learn more here.

Wealthy Affiliate Overview & Rankings

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Website URL:

Training: 4.8/5

Support: 4.8/5

Website Builder: 4.8/5

WordPress Hosting: 4.8/5

Research Tools: 4.8/5

Success Stories: 4.8/5

Price: Starter members (free), Premium Members ($49/mth, $234/6-months or $359/year) Rating: A solid 4.8 out of 5

A Quick Wealthy Affiliate Summary

Wealthy Affiliate is a pay-it-forward platform where help and support is the key ingredient to its success. With over a million users, it is a thriving community of internet entrepreneurs all helping each other to building an online business with affiliate marketing.

Their training is nice and succinct and ideal for beginners regardless of their knowledge in anything to do with an online business and is constantly updated to keep up with an everchanging landscape.

Access to a personal mentor and the owners of the product (Kyle & Carson) are a welcome sign to a product that works and is our No.1 Recommended Product.

The tools on offer are second to none and put Wealthy Affiliate above the competition in many ways with a reasonable, monthly charge. But they also understand people want to know something before they buy it and their Starter Membership is ideal with no credit card input at all.

Wealthy Affiliate is a genuine product with the user at the heart of it and is truly No.1 Recommended Product.

What Exactly is Wealthy Affiliate?

Back in 2005, 2 guys called Kyle & Carson started Wealthy Affiliate.  When it started it was nothing more than a keyword list generation system.  Both Kyle & Carson specialised in keyword research and people used to pay $49 a month to receive reliable keyword information to use in their research.  Fast Forward to 2018 and Wealthy Affiliate has become so much more with passionate owners who want to ensure their members get the best out of everything they have to offer.

Whilst the premise of Affiliate Marketing is simple, the amount of competition out there makes a tool like Wealthy Affiliate come into its own.  With comprehensive Training, Personal Mentoring, Website & WordPress Tools, Keyword Research & Website Analysis/Performance tools, A unique writing platform and engagement from Kyle & Carson – I have not found many products that can get even close to Wealthy Affiliate with what they offer.

A point to mention is even as they add additional features all the time, they have not increased the monthly subscription since its inception in 2005!

Who Does Wealthy Affiliate Benefit? Anyone?

Many would suggest Wealthy Affiliate is aimed at People wanting to get started in affiliate marketing. Their starter membership is indeed a great option for newbies wanting to try it out before investing in to it.

However, one thing that my experience of Wealthy Affiliate shows is the fact that we need to be constantly learning.  Whether that is starting out, scaling a business, exploring video marketing or social media marketing.  I find myself learning something new each day.  The world we live in is constantly changing and we need to keep up on it.

So, to answer the original question of who does Wealthy Affiliate Benefit? I would suggest Wealthy Affiliate would benefit anyone wanting to benefit for their online business.

  • People who are new to Affiliate Marketing
  • People who are struggling in Affiliate Marketing
  • Existing Affiliate Marketers
  • Affiliate Program Owners

But it does go deeper than that, as I have used a lot of their training for my wife’s small business which does not include affiliate marketing.

I have used the knowledge in SEO, Marketing, Website Design, Building Traffic, Social Media Marketing, to improve the reach of the website and increase traffic.

So, we could also include the following groups:

  • Small Business Owners
  • Website Owners
  • Bloggers/Vloggers

The list could go on, but fundamentally the training covers everything you need to build an online business up from scratch, build up traffic and continue scaling it up.

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

One of the things I like most about the guys behind Wealthy Affiliate is their honesty. One of the first things they embed in their members is “You will only get out what you put in”. Their training is specific and easy to follow, but without you investing time and effort you will not get the success you strive for.

There is no magic button online to earning money. There are plenty of success stories on Wealthy Affiliate to prove their system works, but the only reason they succeeded was they followed the training to the letter.

When you log into your Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard, there is a cool run through of the features available and how to navigate their platform.

My Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard

First and foremost, the key starting points is your personal profile – Wealthy Affiliate at heart is a community of internet entrepreneurs so you can connect with others to learn and share experiences, and the training tab on the left.  Any new starter should start with the online certification course, which we will get into shortly.  Their training is filled with information, videos and (one of my favourite features) a checklist for tasks for you to complete.  If you log out and come back, you can pick up straight where you left off when you visit the training tab.

my Training Activity

It can seem a little daunting when first logging on, but that is why each new member will have a personal mentor and access to Kyle & Carson too – this is key when starting an affiliate marketing business, someone to share and learn from.  Get answers to your questions and build a rapport with them.

What Does Wealthy Affiliate Teach You?

Ok there is a lot to get through when it comes to the training available on Wealthy Affiliate, so I am going to break it down into the key elements. But one thing is for certain they have all aspects covered…

The Online Certification Course

Online Certification Course - Wealthy Affiliate

There are 5 stages to the Online Certification Course with 50 lessons – This is pitched at the right level for a beginner and follows a step-by-step process with a checklist to having your very own niche website harnessing affiliate marketing. From building your very own website to getting your website ranked, getting traffic and growing it into a profitable business, this is a great guide, and many are surprised by the fact they have a website up and running within 4 lessons and you will have a full grasp of what affiliate marketing is by this point to.

The Affiliate Bootcamp

Affiliate Bootcamp - Wealthy Affiliate

The Affiliate Bootcamp is a 7 phase (70 lessons) step-by-step guide through the process of creating and establishing a business in a niche related to the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate has a great affiliate program (makes sense as they are all about affiliate marketing).  This is a great option for those who have gone through the online certification course and are ready for a bigger challenge.

Live Weekly Classes

Live Webinars - Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate offers a live class every week on any given subject. Jay (Magistudios) has been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 15 years and offers his insights as an expert in Affiliate Marketing with a live class including a Q & A at the end for anyone to ask him any questions.  Being from the UK, this can be hard due to the time difference, but luckily the classes are available as a replay after 24 hours from the live class. Literally all subjects come up in the agenda and Jay is very good at pitching it so that anyone can understand it.  Some of the more successful members of Wealthy Affiliate are often in the live chat during the session to answer questions too.

Community Built Training

Community Built TrainingThe Courses online are great but are designed to build a business from scratch and more importantly to keep it simple.  Wealthy Afiliate members are also able to build their own training based on their experiences and share it with the community. Marion (one of the ambassadors) has uploaded a catalogue of training videos all to do with WordPress websites.  If you needed to know how to do something particular with your website, niche research, etc. you just use the live search for a topic and checkout the training available.

In a nutshell, Wealthy Affiliate has training for any subject you could think of to do with getting a business started online:

  • Affiliate Marketing – affiliate programs, affiliate networks, etc.
  • Website Design – WordPress
  • Creating Content – Written, Videos, Images
  • SEO Marketing– getting your website seen by the search engines
  • PPC Marketing – Paid Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing – getting the best out of social media
  • Getting Traffic
  • Choosing a Niche
  • And much more

So Wealthy Affiliate definitely has the training covered, I have yet to find an instance where I couldn’t find training on a given subject.

What Sets Wealthy Affiliate Apart? The Great Points

Let’s look at what is great about Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Training is written specifically for everyone to understand and is step-by-step
  • Weekly Live Training
  • The Community is helpful and supportive
  • They are honesty about the time and effort required
  • The owners are involved on a daily basis in the community
  • Constant updates – they keep the training up-to-date
  • Provides all of the tools needed for an online business
    • Website Builder
    • Website Hosting
    • Website Performance Tools
    • A unique Writing Platform – SiteContent
    • Free SSL certificates (Premium Members) for 25 Full Domains
    • Website Engagement Tools – Comments & Feedback
    • Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Included (Premium Members)
  • Excellent Support
  • High Paying Affiliate Program – including starter members

What Could Wealthy Affiliate Improve on?

There is always a way for a platform to be improved, but one thing I will say for Kyle & Carson is that they are aware of it and are always looking at ways to improve it. Just recently they overhauled their UI completely to give a slicker experience for the user

  • Whilst the monthly cost is considerably lower than its competitors, it can stack up for someone new when they aren’t earning anything from it (yet).
  • Improve the mobile functionality *UPDATE* This has actually just changed as they have launched their mobile version!!

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

You might be expecting Wealthy Affiliate to charge a premium charge for what is a premium platform, but that is where you would be wrong.  Wealthy Affiliate started out as just a keyword list tool.  Kyle and Carson offered a service where you paid $49/month and you would receive ideal keywords to use in your given niche.  That was in 2005 and the basic charge of the platform has not changed, but they have added so many different features to it and are constantly looking at ways of making is simpler and easier to use for anyone – whether you are new or experience, you can benefit from Wealthy Affiliate.

This shows again in their membership, they offer 2 and there is no pressure to go from the starter membership to the premium membership.

Starter Membership – Free (no credit card or time limit)

Kyle and Carson stay true to their ethics with this membership, they do not want anyone to have to pay to see what Wealthy Affiliate is like.  I must stress, this is not a free trial, this is a membership that includes 20 lessons, 2 free websites and support from your personal coach.  Some state this is a trial as you can upgrade to the premium for only $19 for the first month within 7 days.  But you do not have to do this.  You can stay a free member and utilise your 2 free websites, or you can choose to upgrade whenever you feel it is the right decision for you.

During those 7 days, you will find that some of the premium features are available, so you are actually getting a trial of what the premium membership offers.

Premium Membership – $49/month, $234/6 month, $359/annual

After a review with members, they have made a couple of changes recently (Jan 2019).  For example, a starter member would have to upgrade to monthly before being able to take advantage of an annual upgrade.  Annual upgrade is the most cost-effective way, but you couldn’t go straight to that option, but now you can.

You can also choose a 6-monthly subscription as well.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership

The way you can pay has also been changed, before you could pay by either PayPal or credit card.  Now you can use your WA cash credits.

WA Cash Credits are earned through the Site Comments platform, referring new members and creating training for other members to benefit from.  So, if you are earning enough WA Cash Credits you could pay for your annual subscription easily through this, rather than using your own money.

Anyone truly thinking about building a profitable online business would really benefit from the premium membership due to all the tools, training and expert help and support offered.  Any online business needs to give themselves a year to reach their goals.

Let’s compare the two membership options below:

 What Tools Does Wealthy Affiliate Offer?

Whilst Wealthy Affiliate started out as a keyword list subscription service, they have consistently added additional tools and features to give any prospective business owner the tools they need, and they are all accessible from your Wealthy Affiliate platform.

WordPress Website Builder

In four steps you could have your own website up and running in under a minute.

Starter Members get 2 free subdomain websites.

Premium Members get 25 full domain websites and 25 free subdomain websites and access to 3566 WordPress Themes to get the look and feel you want for a website.

Website Hosting

Site Benefits - Wealthy AffiliateWealthy Affiliate have developed their own hosting called SiteRubix and all of your sites will be hosted on that system with all of the benefits it comes with including free SSL certificates for the full domain websites.

SSL Certificates (Secure Sockets Layer) has become a major factor for the search engines and it can actually help with your website rankings and the trust of your readers and they include it in their premium membership.  I have seen the price of this to be $100 per website per year, and it is included for $49/month for 25 websites.

They also run live backups of your website to reduce the risk of your website being down.

They also include SiteSpeed & Site Protect to each domain, see image below for features.

Website Performance Tools

Page Speed Insights is a feature that shows you any pages that are slowing down your website.  How many times have you clicked on a link and it has taken an age to load so you have not bothered??  If someone doesn’t read your post, how can they read anything on it?

Page Speed Insights - Wealthy Affiliate

SiteContent – Writing Platform with a complimentary image library

I have to be honest, before the guys updated this to the latest version, I didn’t really use it. It was much easier to write it in Word and copy and paste it.

But the latest version makes it much easier to manage your blog, include links and even add images.  Once you are happy with the look, you can even publish it to your website without leaving the SiteContent page.

The Image library is a huge selling point for Wealthy Affiliate, as they give you access to 1 million stock photos included in the premium membership.  I used to use Pixabay, but their selection of free ones meant a couple of things. Someone else was very likely using the same image and the image wasn’t always relevant to what you want.  The images are also supplied with your website in mind. If I used an image from my camera, it could easily slow my website down, these images are small enough to not impact it massively.

You can also set yourself targets for writing, this can be great if you are not that organised with your time – it can give focus.

Website Engagement Platform – Comments & Feedback

One of the key things you will learn when starting a blog or any online business – the more people interact with your website, the more likely you are to achieve your goals (with affiliate marketing, it is for them to buy something).  But when you have a new website, it can be very hard to get people’s opinions on your site or even comments on your post.  These are integral to building a trust between the reader and yourself.  Wealthy Affiliate has this covered, with SiteComments & Site Feedback.  By giving people comments or feedback on their requested post or website, you gain credits to use to get feedback and comments on your website.

Kyle calls it “Paying it Forward”, by helping someone else you get help back in the form of helpful comments or feedback from someone else on your website – they might pick up something you haven’t considered, i.e. a banner isn’t quite showing right, or a menu item isn’t working.  They will also give you insight into what your writing is like.  No one is perfect at the start, I definitely do not like some of my first articles.

Updated SiteComments Platform – What is New!

Any website owner needs to know how important the engagement side of a website is.  If you are getting regular comments on your post, it tells the search engines that the content is useful and engaging – this will lead to better rankings.

But as a website owner, I know how difficult it can be to get those comments when you are first starting out.

SiteComments is a feature for premium members that uses a Pay-it-forward system to get some high-quality comments on your posts.  You take the time to read someone else’s post and leave them a relevant comment.  IN exchange you get credits, which you can cash in for you to receive comments on your posts.  It has been a system that has really helped people getting started with Wealthy Affiliate to get comments in the early stages before the organic comments come.

SiteComments - Wealthy Affiliate

But, WA has just brought an update to this system which has taken it up a notch.  You still gain credits for giving high-quality comments – but by completing 10 in any 24-hour period will push your requests to the top of the list, meaning you get them quicker.

But if you actually write 50 comments in a 30-day period (easy when you are doing a few a day for your own benefit) you can actually start earning money from any credits above the 50 mark.

Now you do need to give high-quality comments and not skip too many to qualify.  You need to have an 80% approval rate and less than 20% skipped.  But you can help this figure by making sure your interests are right and reading the article and writing a relevant comment.

This is just another example of ways that WA focus on helping people get started online, and also another way of earning money online.

Jaaxy – Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Research is so important to anyone online, if you are the biggest website out there in a niche, then you couldkeyword research - wealthy affiliate target any keyword and likely rank for it.  But without knowing what keywords people are searching for, there is no point.

Jaaxy is the keyword research tool developed by Kyle & Carson and was the basis for what Wealthy Affiliate was in the beginning.  They used to have Wealthy Affiliate & Jaaxy completely separate, but recently they have integrated them to give Premium Members the benefit of the tools behind Jaaxy.  With quick access to the keyword research tool from your Wealthy Affiliate dashboard and quick access to the full dashboard with a click, there are many benefits to Jaaxy.

jaaxy dashboard - wealthy affiliate

I will include a link to my Jaaxy review here, but in short, the features included are:

  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Site Rank – where does your site rank for given keywords
  • Search Analysis – Analyse competition and discover SEO trends
  • Alphabet Soup – Check out what people are searching for
  • Affiliate Programs – search for programs in your given niche

Jaaxy is a full featured premium keyword research tool, which is $49/month on its own – but is included for free with the Premium Wealthy Affiliate Membership.  This used to be separate and now comes together into one membership

Ready for the Mobile World!!

Google has recently announced that their primary search bot is the mobile version.  More and more people are using their smartphones or tablets to search the internet, so websites need to be mobile friendly.  Wealthy Affiliate has always made sure their websites (for us) are sorted, however their platform has not been fully mobile friendly before now.  With the launch of their mobile friendly website, it shows they are committed to helping people.

You may be reading this on a mobile device, and with Wealthy Affiliate now being mobile friendly it means you do not need to be tied to a computer like before.  A lot of the features can be done on your phone!

What Support Features do Wealthy Affiliate Have?

Getting Help & Support is another feature that Wealthy Affiliate gets right, with a number of different ways to get it quickly.

Live Chat

The live chat facility gives you access to the community, those that are online at present.  Some other forums I have been on, they lack interaction whereas Wealthy Affiliate’s community is encouraged to get involved and there is always an experienced member online to help you answer a question.  But it does take a bit of getting used to, as sometimes there are people having conversations inside and you might lose the trail of your question.  But if you have a simple question and want it answered quickly, the Live Chat is a great feature.

Live Search Bar

Due to Wealthy Affiliate being around 15 years, it is very likely someone else has already asked a question based on what you want to know or a problem you are having.Live Search Bar - Wealthy Affiliate

The Live Search Bar is for just those questions.  Just start typing your question and see content related to that questions:

  • A Questions with relevant answers
  • A blog someone wrote on that subject matter that helps you
  • Community training on that subject or experience

It is a great feature and I find myself using it regularly to do some research or see if anyone else has experienced something.

Ask a Question in the Community

AS part of your profile, you will be able to post articles to your wealthy affiliate blog, add training if you have some experience and want to share or ask a question.

This ask the question is an awesome way of finding out questions to your problem and the community will answer your questions – it might take longer than the live chat, but you can be much more detailed in your question to get the correct answer you are after.

It then also becomes available for anyone else who may have a similar question.


Occasionally there will be an issue that requires technical support – Wealthy Affiliate’s team are on hand to support.  I recently had an issue with logging onto my website, so I logged it with Support – within 5 minutes they had responded with a private message saying try it now and I was back online.

Final Word on support – I have not experienced the support they give in Wealthy Affiliate anywhere.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Bring Success?

Success - Wealthy Affiliate

Success is subjective, but many will be asking does Wealthy Affiliate give me a full-time income working from home.  The honest answer is, “the only person who can do that is you!”

But then again, if you follow the training at Wealthy Affiliate, get involved and stick to it then yes you will achieve your goals.

Success can be broken down into many steps, I remember the joy I felt when my first website went live, I created a logo, my writing got better, I actually earned a commission.

To put it into context, below are some live screenshots from those celebrating success after following Wealthy Affiliate’s training.

This people started out with nothing and have built up their very own business to a point where they are earning enough to work from home and actually employ people to do the work for them – but I stress that they were in a similar position to where you might be:

  • I haven’t got much computer knowledge
  • I know nothing about the internet or a website
  • I don’t know anything about social media
  • I have a full-time job, how can I do it…

To be honest, before I signed up I knew nothing about website design, affiliate programs (I didn’t even know what affiliate marketing was…) I was looking for a way to work from home. I had a full-time job easily doing 60 hours a week, a six year old who wanted my attention.

There are many barriers to not do something but joining up and reading the training – it wasn’t pitched as you need to spend every single spare minute on it to achieve your goals.  The only thing that I will say is if you say you can spend an hour a day on your business or 2 hours each week – stick to it, it will take longer for you to achieve your goals, but that doesn’t mean you won’t achieve it.  Having a positive mental attitude is important regardless of what you are striving to achieve.

Look, I am not saying it isn’t hard work, but you will get out only as much as you put in from a time and effort basis.

Below are some links to some inspiring posts from Wealthy Affiliate Members that I found great to read when I was feeling a bit – I didn’t start earning anything for 6 months, now it is the stage of building on that and scaling my business.

This are some inspiring posts that kept me motivated during that initial 6 months of not earning any money.

How Much A Single Review Post Can Make? – Five Figure!

$12,500 – Website Sold on Flippa

Wealthy Affiliate is truly a Pay-It-Forward system in supporting each other. They also reward you generously when you introduce someone who can benefit from their Training via their Affiliate Program.

A Generous Affiliate Program – Best on the Market

Wealthy Affiliate is set around an affiliate marketing business, so it only makes sense that they have an affiliate program… and it is a generous one at that.

Affiliate Program - Wealthy AffiliateThey also allow starter members to benefit from introducing someone to Wealthy Affiliate.

Before understanding the commissions, you need to understand the membership.

A Starter Member who signs up for a Premium Membership during the Special Offer (7 Days) will only pay $19 for the first month, it will then be $49/month or $359/yr.

So the commissions are as follows:

Starter Member

Introducing a member who goes premium during special offer – $4

Each Month they stay Premium – $11.75

If they go Annual – $87.50

Premium Member

Special Offer – $8

Each Month they stay Premium – $23.50

If they go Annual – $175

They have a high conversion rate, as you should only recommend Wealthy Affiliate to someone who is right for it and can invest the time and effort to build an online business.

This is where the Affiliate Bootcamp I mentioned in the training is aimed at getting someone to this level.  For those who get serious around promoting Wealthy Affiliate, they also give a secondary target.

Get 300 premium referrals in a year and get flown out to Vegas (all expenses paid) for a Super Affiliate Conference.

Hang out with Kyle, Carson and others who have achieved the milestone for them to share their experience to take your business to the other level.

Read about the last conference here.

Anyone serious about Wealthy Affiliate can get 2 premium referrals and have their monthly subscription paid for each month.

My Honest Opinion of Wealthy Affiliate

I’ll be honest, Wealthy Affiliate is not for everyone!

You need to be serious about wanting to build the lifestyle you wish for by investing the time and effort on achieving it.

Ask yourself, can you stay motivated and focused on a project that might mean you are not earning something from it for a while.

I often see false promises online about “a system that earns you money on autopilot!” Let’s just get it out there, it doesn’t exist.  There may be times where you fail, (my first website didn’t work) but I stayed focused on the end goal.  More time with my family.

If you truly want to succeed at affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate will give you everything you need to succeed at affiliate marketing – apart from the time and effort it requires.

There are 3 key elements that Wealthy Affiliate offers – Awesome Education, Websites & Expert Help & Advice.  It is written for someone who isn’t experienced with an online business, and it is pitched well.  The community is there to help at all times and there are experts always on hand to help.

Put simply, if you can add the Time and Effort to the Education, Websites & Expert Support they offer – you will benefit from Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle & Carson and I are very aware that there are many scams out there and you may still not be convinced that Wealthy Affiliate is right for you.  That is why they offer the Starter Membership for free (no credit card required).  You can immerse yourself in Wealthy Affiliate and see if you like the platform.  Experience the training and community yourself and make your own decision.  If you decide not to continue, there will be no hard feelings – but at least you will know.  It is better for you to make your own decision based on the platform and community itself.  Make an informed decision after trying Wealthy Affiliate.

Step 1: Create a Free Starter Membership at (Click here to join)Free Starter Membership with Wealthy Affiliate

Step 2: Go through the Getting Started Training

Step 3: Get back to me when I personally reach out to you (and I will)

Step 4: Have fun!

Upon joining you will receive some instructions via email about how to get started, but remember you get full access to me (John) when you join the community.  If you ever need to ask me anything after you create your account, you can find me at my profile page.

Direct Access: My Wealthy Affiliate Profile (John – jcross93).

Finally, if there is anything you would like to ask me about Wealthy Affiliate, offer your own personal review of WA, or you have any questions/feedback about affiliate marketing please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help.  I promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

Wealthy Affiliate






Website Builder


Research Tools


Overall Rating



  • Step-by-Step Training Designed with Beginners in Mind
  • Top Quality WordPress Web Hosting
  • Awesome Website Tools
  • Expert Help & Support on Hand at all times
  • Interaction with the Owners of the Company


  • Monthly Cost can Stack up for Newbies at first.
  1. Your review on Wealthy Affiliate is well written. Lots of information and images. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate a little over two years. I have never seen any other website builder that provides as much as WA and also the connection with the owners Kyle and Carson.

    I have never seen anyone put other members in their reviews. That is nice. All the best to you.

    • Hey Michelle,

      thanks for taking the time to read my review and share your point of view.  It is one of the key benefits of Wealthy Affiliate that Kyle & Carson are so involved in helping people.  Many other platforms do not give you any way of getting in touch with them and knowing they are real.  Kyle & Carson really show the ethics of helping people rather than selling to people.  No hollow messages, just honest help and support.

      Thanks again for your time


  2. I didn’t know that Wealthy Affiliate can help people outside of the affiliate marketing space. I always say it as a course for beginners of affiliate marketing.

    Does it have anything to offer as far as helping with drop shipping? Since you mentioned that it helped your wife’s small business.

    • Hi Jessie,

      thanks for taking the time to check out my post – Wealthy Affiliate offers many different training modules on many different aspects of running an online business. It is by far the best resource for many different business types as they can all benefit from the tools, training and support to getting your business into the wide world.

      To your question about dropshipping, there is plenty of community built training that can support you with a drop shipping business, like:

      Dropshipping Training in WA

      Hope that helps


  3. I just read the “best affiliate marketing tools” review on WA and I would have to say it is the best review I have ever read on a company period. It would make the owners proud. I’ve just been here a little over a month and have no regrets. Still no money but I think a little time and more work will take care of that. Are your financial experiences taking place as expected. I look forward to socializing with more members as time goes along. Thanks for the info.

    • Hey,

      thanks for taking the time to check out my review and leave your thoughts.  

      Thanks for your kind words, I spent a lot of time writing this and I truly believe every word.  Wealthy Affiliate is a great community of internet entrepreneurs all there to give each other help whenever it is required.  Not to mention all the awesome tools they provide to ensure we can run our businesses as they should.

      I would say my financial goals are getting there, like anything it does take time and effort and you will achieve your goals if you persevere.

      Thanks again for your comments


  4. I’m on my second year of Wealthy Affiliate as well and it’s been a game changer in my life and others I’ve met on the platform. I’ve watched many become successful and have many successes my self. 

    One can’t go wrong with starting a Free account. It’s free, there’s nothing to lose.

    • Hey Greg,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving a comment.

      There are many examples of successes and Wealthy Affiliate is great at helping people achieve small successes and huge successes (like leaving the day job behind).  I am glad you have found your own successes along the way.

      Whilst many providers try and sell you the idea with boasts of huge money sums being earned, my biggest reason for suggesting Wealthy Affiliate is purely down to their honesty, yes there are many other traits that are great about it (access to the owners, awesome training, step-by-step guides, a mentor to help along the way, to name a few) but they truly tell you that this will not work if you do not put the time and effort in.

      They will show you what you need to do, but if you do not follow their successful model then the chances of success are less.  Success comes from yourself – your time and effort.

      You will not find a platform that offers all of the great stuff WA has to offer, along with the great help and support – but you need to invest in the time and effort and realise this is a business you are building and any business needs time and effort.

      I call it Will & Skill – WA will give you the Skill and help motivate you to the Will side and help motivate you to the Will side, keep going and all of a sudden you are having small successes that turn into massive successes.

      Thanks again Greg


  5. Very long and detail review. But that doesn’t mean your review is boring. Lots of image in this review make it interactive to read. You makes me want to join Wealthy Affiliate too. Almost non of the affiliate training platform provide this long and detailed review that tells everything what’s inside. With this review, I’m sure most beginner will most likely want to join Wealthy Affiliate because they’re confident enough that Wealthy Affiliate can helps them.

    • Hi Amer,

      thanks for checking out my review and leaving your thoughts.

      I know this review is long, but one of the key bits of advice I give to people buying online is make sure you do your research – well if I want to live by this I wanted to include as much detail about Wealthy Affiliate.  People can check out my review, see what it includes, what is it about the program that I like and then they can make up their own mind as to whether to try it with a free starter membership.

      One of the key learnings I have had from my time with Wealthy Affiliate is “Helping”.  We are here to help people, whether that is to help them find genuine opportunities to start an online business or avoiding scams masking themselves as Affiliate Marketing.

      I appreciate that you like my review, and people who are new to affiliate marketing or thinking about joining Wealthy Affiliate will find no better platform for their chance to earn a living working from home – but at least with decent reviews they know exactly what they are signing up for.



  6. Hey John!

    I like that you’re being very honest in your review. You’re right it’s not for everyone, but it can or could be for everyone. I think the best about Wealthy Affiliate is you can turn your hobby into an income source, which is very hard otherwise. The most important lessons (in my opinion) we learn how to become independent without any form of education. Thank you for an awesome review!


    • Hey Stein,

      thanks for checking out my review and leaving your comments!

      Using your hobby or something you are interested in makes it a lot easier to put your time and effort into your online business. Creating content about something you know and are interested in makes building an online business enjoyable too.

      Anyone who is willing to do it seriously and understand it takes time and effort will find Wealthy Affiliate very useful.

      Thanks again


  7. This sounds like it is a very good platform. However, it is quite costly, I want to be totally sure I can make money out of it, so first I will try the free membership. Thanks for posting this, hopefully we see eachother on Wealthy Affiliate!

    One question though, you recommend a niche?

    • Hey Emmanuel,

      thanks for checking out my review and leaving your comments.

      I totally understand, why you want to check out a program before you hand over any money, that is why the starter membership doesn’t require your credit card details (unlike others where they charge you as soon as the trial finishes).  this isn’t a trial account and some starter members have build a successful online business too.

      In terms of recommending a niche, I would ask you what are you passionate about.  You will need to spend a lot of time researching the topic of your business – so choosing something you are interested in you will be the right choice for you.  There will be an affiliate program for any niche.

      It will be hard work if you pick something you know nothing about or aren’t really interested in. So I cannot recommend a niche, but WA will help you nourish a business based on something you are already interested in.

      Hope that helps, and good luck


  8. I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate since 2015 and coming across it was a game changer for me. I started working online in 2012 with my online baby store and I struggled to learn how to work my own website and how to get traffic to my website. Since joining Wealthy Affiliate I have come to find that there is a better way to make money online than having my own physical products, so I closed my store and changed it to a blog. My business has only gone from strength to strength since then. 

    I recommend anyone that is trying to make money online to stop chasing after the shiny objects (scams) and learn the right way to build an online business.

    • Hey Lynne,

      thanks for checking out my review and leaving your comments.

      I am so glad you found successes with Wealthy Affiliate, it is a program that can help anyone build a business including those who are selling their own products or those that are not.  We have used a lot of what WA teach towards our wedding stationary business. Using the techniques to market our wedding stationary better, as well as using affiliate marketing to earn additional revenue too.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a genuine and supportive route to building an online business, there are many products out there pretending to be Affiliate Marketing and making people become very wary of Affiliate Marketing.  I am glad that I found Wealthy Affiliate and looks like you have really benefitted too.



  9. Great in-depth article.  I am a member of the Wealthy Affiliate University and when I joined the program I had no idea what affiliate marketing was.  Fast forward two years I now feel confident in setting up my own blog on WordPress, creating content that ranks organically and earning money through affiliate marketing.  It’s a program I definitely recommend to those wanting to start an online business.  Nice job on the review. 

    • Hi Celeste,

      thanks for checking out my review and leaving your comments.

      I am so glad you have found successes with Affiliate Marketing and Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to start a genuine affiliate marketing business. I appreciate your comments!



  10. This I must say is one of the most comprehensive reviews on Wealthy Affiliate that I have seen or fully read. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate just shy of 3 months now I just finished the OEC and am part way through the Affiliate bootcamp myself. I am learning something new everyday and not just from the above mentioned training,the experience of the community is second to none.! I was not aware that we could use other profiles or community members in our reviews or articles, do you have to get their permission first?? Or no 

    You mentioned that you have been with them 2 years, out of curiosity how long by following the training did you start seeing any type of income? 

    • Hey Cathy.

      thanks for checking out my review and leaving some comments.

      The best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is they keep up with current events and always keep you up-to-date, so learning something new everyday even helps those that are experienced.

      Part of the community is sharing successes, and they can be small – like building your first website to your first sale and on, I shared them to show that following the WA training will lead to their successes, it is shared on WA for a reason, so yes I had permission.

      The thing to understand about timescales is everyone will reach their goals at different times.  Someone who can invest 8 hours a day may see success before a person who can only spend an hour a day.  But it all comes down to following the training and the advice given out at WA, I saw some income after 6 months. But one of my original primary goals was to improve traffic and conversions to my Wife’s wedding stationary business.  I am now in a position where I can pursue Affiliate Marketing as well, so will see how long it takes to earn a full-time income.

      Keep following the training, keep learning and ensure you put that knowledge (plus time and effort) into your online business and you will start seeing it work.

      thanks again


  11. thechristianinternetmarketer

    Thank you John for an excellent and very thorough review of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

    I started researching Internet marketing back in 2004, when I first had a broadband connection to the Internet, I could immediately see the power of the Internet and the huge potential the Internet carried, prior to this I was using dial-up, the Internet just frustrated me, it was so painfully slow with dial-up!

    I learnt the hard way on how to make money online, back in 2004 I was desperate to learn about how to make money online, I purchased some terrible scam products, however, I did also purchase some genuine products that taught me how to make money online. However, it wasn’t until 2007 that I had my first moneymaking website, but at least I was making money despite the thousands of pounds I had spent on scam products!

    I joined the Wealthy Affiliate program four years ago, I was already making money online but I liked the idea of being on a platform with like-minded people who we could share ideas with and learn from each other. The Internet is something that moves on very quickly today, so it’s always good to keep up-to-date with the latest technology.

    As John mentions in his very thorough review of the Wealthy Affiliate platform that the platform offers hosting and many others features that are all included free in the monthly or annual fee. I only started taking advantage of the free hosting at Wealthy Affiliate approximately six months ago as I already had my own hosting package. I have to say that I’m absolutely delighted with the performance of the hosting, it actually works really well and I’m sure for the average Internet marketer starting out on there online journey that the hosting is perfectly adequate.

    The Wealthy Affiliate platform teaches you step-by-step on how to create an online business, there is absolutely nothing missed out and if there is something you don’t understand, just ask a question to the community and you will promptly have a reply. As I mentioned, I have been making money online since 2007, but I still love the idea of being part of a great Internet marketing community, I will probably be a lifetime member.

    I cannot recommend this program enough.

    Roy Bretton

    The Christian Internet Marketer

    • Hey Roy,

      thanks for checking out my review and leaving some fantastic comments.  I appreciate your time writing some great points about how Wealthy Affiliate not only benefits beginners but experience Internet Marketers like yourself.

      I agree, WA is something i love being a part of and can easily see myself helping others for years to come, regardless of the direction of my online business.

      thanks again


  12. Wow John you have covered this in so much depth that I now have a deeper understanding of the processes involved. It was clear and an interesting read. What came through for me was the honesty and the completely transparent motive of WA. 

    To help people! There was no sales pitch, just a well written testimonial. 

    No other company of this magnitude could claim that the founders have personal contact with the members of their community and provide such a wonderful platform and all the training for such a small fee. 

    I love the pay it forward concept.

    • Hey Cass,

      thanks for checking out my review and leaving some comments. I appreciate your thoughts.

      One of the key things that helps you build an online business is focusing on helping others – with your blog, reviews, etc.  But many of their training platforms out there preach it, but do not do it.

      But Wealthy Affiliate is all about helping you, they started this platform years ago and could have easily started charging more each year when they added more features, but that goes against their ethos.  They help you to help others find genuine ways of earning an online income and scale that business.

      Having access to Kyle & Carson is also unheard of, but again it comes down to their mentality of helping people at every step of the way.

      Thanks again for checking it out


  13. I would have to agree Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing marketing tool!I loved all the thought and detail you put into your post highlighting the benefits, what they could do better, what it’s all about. I would have to agree with you, you do have to have determination and put work into it. You can’t just expect results overnight, consistent work is key.

    • Hey Christina,

      thanks for checking out my review and leaving some comments.  There is no genuine system that can earn you money overnight – all you will find is it is a program full of false promise.

      Wealthy Affiliate really honest about the fact that you will need to put effort in to earn any money.  You will also find that it will take time – but the prospects are real.

      I will be updating the review shortly, but you can also earn money by engaging with other websites via their SiteComments tool as well.

      They are always looking at ways of helping its members reach their financial and non-financial goals.

      thanks again Christina


  14. WOW! I’ve seen many reviews on Wealthy Affiliate but this is by far the most detailed and honest review I’ve read. Its so informative that even I have learned a few things and I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for a while!Great stuff! This will definitely help people to see the true value in joining Wealthy Affiliate. No other platform will give you 50% in commissions just for signing someone up which is so awesome of the program to do! It’s also good for entrepreneurs or anybody who owns their own business who just wants to learn more about monetizing their website, SEO, customer purchasing patterns etc! It can really help anybody who already owns an existing business for the fraction of the cost of what you’d pay at college to learn this stuff!Congrats! Gabbey

    • Hey Gabbey,

      thanks for checking out my review and leaving some comments.

      There is a lot of great value training and a key difference to other platforms is they constantly keep it up to date.  Everything is always changing online, so keeping it relevant is a hard job but they do it really well.

      Can you believe it is the same price as when it started all those years ago!  They want to help anyone succeed, whether it is a beginner looking to start out or a struggling website owner who wants to actually turn a profit.

      You will find awesome support at hand with Wealthy Affiliate

      thanks again


  15. John,

    I have been with Wealthy Affiliate since June 2018. I have to say that I absolutely love the program! I have learned so much in the few months that I have been with it that it has more than paid for the premium cost. I cannot say enough good about Wealthy Affiliate. After having been scammed so many times, it was great to find a caring and thoughtful community with owners who are invested in seeing the people who use their site succeed! You have to work for your success, but for me, this is a lot of fun and I learned how to make money from my websites. I can’t say enough good about Wealthy Affiliate!

    • Hey Karin,

      thanks for checking out my review and leaving some comments and sharing your experiences. You are so right, it does take hard work to achieve it, but it definitely helps when you ask as many questions as you can and get the right answers straightaway. 

      It is such a supportive environment for anyone looking to start or grow an online business.

      thanks again


  16. Hi John,

    I think that your review is one of the best reviews about Wealthy Affiliate I have seen.

    I rarely read reviews as they are not much more than promotional posts, but your post was full of real honest information that will truly help anyone who is looking for online solutions.

    I have been part of Wealthy Affiliate for about 6 months at the paid level and there are certain elements to Wealthy Affiliate that set them apart from other systems.

    Firstly their support system is amazing. They take minutes to get back to you, rather than the normal days waiting. Once they start talking, you can almost have a conversation by email with them they are so fat. So support is really excellent.

    The commenting system is fantastic and one of the biggest reasons I am part of WA.

    Comments are an essential signal to the search engines that people like the content. WA provides an amazing opportunity to not only give comments to support fellow members, but to also receive comments as a way of thanks. Comments show to new visitors on the site that the site is a credible place to be. This alone is worth the cost of the membership.

    The training, especially for a beginner is really excellent. I am a seasoned blogger so I know the ropes on WordPress, but I still discovered new tips along the way and made changes. For a beginner the training is world class.

    Keep up the great work, your post is excellent!


    • Hey Tim,

      thanks for checking out my review and leaving some comments.  Appreciate your kind words about it.  I spent a lot of time thinking about it from an objective point of view. 

      You are so right about the comments platform – coupled with the feedback tool. These are great ways of getting engagement on a new website to help with rankings, etc.  It can be so hard to get natural comments at first. But this platform gets you high quality comments. It is also an important fact to point out that it becomes content on your post too.  A 1,000 word article can become quite easily 10,00o words when you start adding up the comments added too.

      I personal think the training can benefit anyone, as even you have said you learned something from it that you didn’t know before.

      We are not all experts at everything and it is also worthwhile going back and seeing if we have missed anything on our way to building an online business. 

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts


  17. After carefully reading your review of Wealthy Affiliate, I have to say I am impressed!  Usually, whenever I read about some affiliate company online, they try to confuse people with unrealistic goals, and unaffordable platforms.  That’s not what I am seeing here.  The training program alone blows the other guys out of the water!

    I appreciate your review, and the fact that you explained it so well.  I have a buddy who needs to check this out with me.  Thanks again…   Clay

    • Hey Clay,

      Thanks for checking out my review and leaving some comments.  The best resources are those that are simple to read, easy to follow and are completely honest upfront.

      Their ethos is all around building trust with the audience, they couldn’t preach that and give you a load of nonsense.  That is why I love the platform. 

      As long as you have the right mindset, this is the training you need to succeed online.



  18. Very big and comprehensive review on Wealthy Affiliate.

    I haven’t regretted my decision to go premium with WA for even 1 second. The premium hosting and the SiteComments platform are worth it all by themselves.

    I’m really enjoying the upgrade to SiteComments and earning a little extra – $50/mo if you do 10 comments a day, 5 days a week to more than pay for the annual cost of WA.

    I’ve had to use WA SiteSupport twice and both times were lightning fast and efficient. WA is the right recommendation for anyone who has some time to work on a web business and are willing to put in good effort. Great Review! Cheers

    • Hey Alexander,

      Thanks for checking out my review and leaving some comments.  The site comments update has been a big success and is another way of showing the class that Wealthy Affiliate puts itself into.  

      Website engagement is key for the search engines and WA helps you with it in the most simple way.

      Thanks again


  19. I have been with wealthy affiliate for almost a month now. But i’m really happy that you wrote this review.

    You gave so much information about Wealthy Affiliate. I hope people read this and know how much they can benefit from wealthy affiliate.

    This website has tons of information about wealthy affiliate. I haven’t seen any other websites giving tons of information about wealthy affiliate like this one before.

    I just have one question – How long did it take you to get your first revenue?

    I’m looking forward to your response. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    • Hey Sujandar,

      Thanks for checking out my review and leaving some comments.  I am here to help people understand every product or service I review and try to be as thorough as I can.  

      It took me about 6 months to start earning, but I was in a competitive field and had a full time job to contend with.  Some start earning within 3 months.

      The biggest reason why people think affiliate marketing doesn’t work is, they give up before it starts giving you a return on your investment.  It takes about 3 months for the search engines to take real notice of your website, if you are posting 3 times a week with high quality content and utilising Wealthy Affiliates engagement tools you will start to realise that your traffic is increasing.  So I am realistic in saying 6 months.

      But even if you are not at this point. Don’t get discouraged as the community in Wealthy Affiliate will help you.

      It might be something simple you need to change to attract more traffic or get them to stay on your site.

      That is why 6-12 months is a reasonable target to set, but WA will help you with the training and the community helping wherever we can.



  20. There are lots of online marketing products out there.  I really like how Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t promise you the world. A lot of others will tell you something like your going to make hundreds of thousands of dollars and not have to do anything. Yeah right!

    However, it doesn’t work that way.  You do have to work with Wealthy Affiliate.  I have been in affiliate marketing for 10+ years now and still see a ton of value in Wealthy Affiliate.  The hosting, and Kyle and Carsons input would be enough for me for $300/year.

    Is there anything you feel you would like to see at Wealthy Affiliate?  Or possibly something that could be improved upon?

    • Hey Garen,

      Thanks for checking out my review and leaving some comments. There is so much value in what Wealthy Affiliate offer and they work tirelessly to ensure it keeps up with all the changes that can happen with an online business – I have found that when I think something could be improved an update comes out and it has already answered it.

      I think adding an auto responder to their platform would be cool, but in a way I understand why it hasn’t happened and feel it would probably be a cost element and that is why they haven’t done it as they want to keep away from upsells, etc.

      Plus there are many free autoresponders (to start with) anyway.

      You are also right about the time and effort, you will not really get much attention from the search engines for about 3 months and then you find people leave thinking it isn’t working. But if they have carried on and hit 6 months, they would have started earning and realising the potential behind affiliate marketing.

      Thanks again


  21. There are so many products and programs out there that just want to take your money, and keep on selling you on everything they have so that they can make money.

    Wealthy Affiliate charges one monthly or yearly fee no up-sells and all the help and hosting included.  

    The webinar every friday is very informative, it’s live and there are no products to sell you on.

    • Hey Shy,

      Thanks for checking out my review and leaving some comments.  Can you believe it is the same monthly fee it was when it started years ago as just a keyword list provider.  Wealthy Affiliate has become one of the best platforms you can find to help you get started with an online business.  The webinars are really informative.

      But you are right, the key difference here is nothing is ever sold to you.  There are no upsells!



  22. Hey John,

    Yes, you’re right! Wealthy Affiliate is on its own class with the Pay-It-Forward system and Open Education Concept, no other affiliate program able come close to it.

    It has been 1 year+ since l joined Wealthy Affiliate, l can truly see the true value and benefits Wealthy Affiliate bring to us. Not only it does help me in my online business, but also improve my quality of life. It’s a life changing plan.

    I agree with you John, Wealthy Affiliate does provide all the features you need to succeed in your online business but you still need to put in your time and effort. 

    In this world, there is no autopilot cash generate system and  don’t get yourself trapped into such a scam. 

    If you’re seriously in Affiliate Marketing business, give Wealthy Affiliate a try to immerse yourself how friendly yet powerful the platform is. After all, it’s free to join.

    Thanks John for providing this great info.

    Wishing you all the success.


    • Hey Zayn,

      Thanks for checking out my review and leaving somments. Thanks for sharing your experience with Wealthy Affiliate, really appreciate it.

      You are so right, there are no magic systems. Anything requires time and effort, but  being your own boss with your own business is an awesome feeling when you achieve it.  

      Thanks again


  23. This is well written review about Wealthy Affiliate. It was really easy for me to understand the review and learn more about Wealthy Affiliate. This article had everything I needed to know about Wealthy Affiliate. I understood after reading this review that it is definitely worth the try.

    Thank you for this great review on Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Hi Sujandar,

      thanks for checking out my review – Wealthy Affiliate is definitely worth a try, and unlike others people can get started with a free starter account without any commitment, they can try it out for themselves.



  24. I must say that this review is very helpful and very thorough John. I am in affiliate marketing for over 2 years but no one learned me such things as Wealthy Affiliate. This platform is really worth all the money but after all, it is not expensive, everyone can invest in this life-changing community.

    • Hey Daniel,

      thanks for checking out my review.  Their training is up-to-date and works fantastically well for anyone of any ability.  If people give it the correct timescales, they will see that following the training and using the tools provided, it is the best investment they will ever make.

      thanks again


  25. I  could not agree more. I have been with Wealthy Affiliates for less then a few months and I feel like I have never learned as much in such a short period of time like i did with them. their training is superb. It is the only site i would ever feel confident to promote. You information is to the point and a great review I must say

    • Hey Barbara,

      thanks for checking out my review.  There is a lot to learn, but the way it is pitched is ideal as it allows for people to take it at their own pace.

      I wish you success



  26. Hey John,

    Thanks for the awesome article! I have found that wealthy affiliate is the easiest thing to talk about because it has so many different qualities to it that make it so different from anything else I’ve ever seen. The amount of tools and knowledge you have access to is just never-ending. I like your way of reviewing the platform. You’ve really hit it from a lot of different angles and it offers support to all kinds of people. Thanks again and I have no doubt your success will continue on.


    • Hey Michael,

      thanks for checking out my review.  Wealthy Affiliate offers a number of premium features that allow anyone who is willing to invest the time and effort into making their online business a success.

      thanks again


  27. Hi:

    Being a premium member myself I can say that you did a great job in explaining with every detail what WA is and what it can do to people in the web based business.

    I would like to say that much is said about the WA affiliate program, but WA is much more than just a pyramid scheme where you gain if you get more people in, it is truly a place to learn about on-line business regarding you want to promote WA, yourself, your business, sell stuff, what ever you are looking for in a on line business WA will provide you with education and help from expert people which greatly help you in your endeavor.

    Best of luck,


    • Hey Bruno,

      thanks for checking out my review.  You will always have people who have a differing opinion of Wealthy Affiliate, but in my experience that tends to come from people who didn’t give affiliate marketing the time to work, that isn’t WA’s fault.  Some will earn money within 6 months and others it might take a year. 

      Not everyone can invest 40 hours a week into a business, so it will take time depending on those timescales.

      thanks again


  28. This is an excellent review. The name you gave to wealthy affiliate as been a university is a great idea. I have been looking for ways to make money online but none have really worked out but when I found out about wealthy affiliate, something told me to go for it and for the few time I have being around, a lot has changed. Wealthy affiliate to me is not just a community it’s a family where people care for one another. Like you rightly said wealthy affiliate covers a lot of grounds and can be beneficial to everyone. Once again thanks for the write up it did really inspired me. 

    keep it up.

    • Hey Agobr,

      thanks for checking out my review.  You have a great point there.  the whole premise of a family is being their to help and support and nurture it to be successful and healthy.  There is no difference between the helpful members of Wealthy Affiliate and those looking for the help, support and nurture of those already successful.  That is a great analogy.  Well Done Agobr.



  29. In an ocean full of scams, Wealthy Affiliate is a breath of fresh air. The tools and training offered is really top class and judging by the ratings you have given it is definitely worth a try for anyone’s serious about making money online. I think that Wealthy Affiliate is what people have been searching for to help them succeed.

    I like the fact that they make it easy enough for anybody (not just tech geniuses) to build a high quality business online as well as become part of the great community at WA.

    • Hey Renton,

      Thanks for checking out my review.  You have come up with some great points around Wealthy Affiliate.  Thanks for adding some value with those comments.



  30. Excellent information you’ve given me.  So if I try it for free, and I can’t afford to go any further, I lose everything, even the website I’ve made?

    I’ve always dreamed about having an online business, preferably something to do with women’s fashion.  And just like most my age, we can’t really afford to, especially if you’re fresh out of college.

    I am going to bookmark this site though and who knows I may come into some money and be back! Laura

    • Hey Laura,

      Thanks for checking out my review.  Let me just clarify, if you start as a starter member for free, you get 2 free websites and they will be yours for as long a you stay a free member, you will not lose them as the starter membership is not a trial.  It is a membership on its own merit.

      There is no pressure to upgrade, although there are major benefits to it.

      Hope that helps clarify?


  31. Hi,

    Well,  this is an excellent idea and brilliant post. I will never look at coffee beans the same again…on a Monday or a Tuesday…or even a Friday!.I have missed a lot of fun and grand adventures on the campus of the Wealthy Affiliate University. This is an interesting website of creative stories and picture.  Now I am following your site for even more wonderful stories.  Thanks for sharing this lovely article.

    • Thanks,

      we are glad we could help.  We are always looking at ways to help people start their own affiliate marketing mission.

      All the best


  32. Hello John,

    i thank God everyday for Kyle and Carson for creating this wonderful platform called Wealthy Affiliate. All my life online I have lost a lot of money to scam and never made a cent but thanks to Wealthy Affiliate I’m beginning to earn online. 

    Apart from the vast training resources and SEO tools you have access to, there’s the WA family who are more than ready to help. Long live Wealthy Affiliate

    • Hey Louis,

      I am so glad you have come out the other side of those scams and found an honest way to earn money online.  The community at WA is a fantastic way to feel part of something really positive.  

      All the best


  33. I do want to second the fact that one must be fully invested and committed if they want to succeed at Wealthy Affiliate. WA is like having a personal trainer for a career you’ve always wanted to pursue. 

    WA will show you how to succeed and what you need to do to succeed, but they can’t succeed for someone. 

    They need to be putting in the necessary work and commit a number of hours per week to reach their goals of making money online through WA. 

    • Hey Todd,

      Great point to raise – WA is not a get-rich-quick scheme and you do need to be committed to building an online business and working like an entrepreneur and not an hourly-rate worker.

      The rewards are so worth the work, but you are right.  Committing to the work and time is a necessity.

      thanks for adding them points Todd.

      And I would also like to say, that after months of research – there is no genuine way to earn money quick online, they are all scams and not worth your time.



  34. You definitely hit the nail in the head. You have given a comprehensive review of one of the best platforms that can assist anyone in building a successful online business. Wealthy Affiliate teaches how to make money both in outside of the platform. 

    One of my favourites is the site comments platforms where you can earn money while you comment on members pages. 

    It is truly amazing and you can because of that remove the money aspect from your actual website and settle down to build it up into a beauty. 

    It is truly amazing.

    • Hey Jay,

      the Site Comments platform just shows how much Kyle & Carson understand the needs of the members and how to fully utilise a need for interaction on members sites and rewarding members for helping each other out.

      I totally get where you are coming from, it is a fantastic tool.  One of many.


  35. wealthy affiliate university has been an awesome experience,  they taught me alot when I started the WA I learnt to build my website all by myself, something I was finding very difficult was so easy that I couldn’t even believe I was the one setting up my own online business empire 

    • Hey Seun,

      I think that is a massive plus to WA. Regardless of your skill and knowledge online or with a computer, everyone can benefit from this training.  I know people who could only just sign into Facebook that are running successful online businesses.  It is great to see them learning and being totally happy with themselves and what they have achieved.



  36. Thank you for this great post, I find It highly informative ,The article was well written ,easy to comprehend and straight to the point. I can t agree less with everything you wrote about WA, Am a new member on the platform and am taking the trainings one after the other, the site comment feature is also a great one and top notch. I will share this post with my friends to motivate them to join the online world.

    • Hey Clement,

      Thanks for sharing your opinion on my review.  We always try to be as thorough as we can, and with the way WA is constantly changing for the good, it is a platform that will be a great partner for people wanting to get started online.



  37. I’m only a few months into Wealthy Affiliate, and it really is the total package.  I like that things like SSL aren’t costly add-ons but part of the feature set you get, and there are no come-on teaser rates, just a flat fee for things like domain registration.

    I’m going to bookmark this, as I don’t think even Wealthy Affiliate offers a rundown of the features they offer quite like this. 

    Quick question: Do you know if they are ever going to launch an app? I’ve searched (IOS only) and not found one. 


    • Thanks Jon,

      we absolutely love the features included within WA.  Premium features without breaking the bank is always a win-win situation.

      WA is mobile friendly and looks great mobile.  But as they run an affiliate program, how can you benefit from referring people to an app controlled by an app store.  It would be a great feature, but you would lose the benefit of gaining referrals in one of the world’s best affiliate programs.  So, unless they get over this hurdle, not sure whether they would go for an app.



  38. Good enough review .

    I really would like to say that affiliate marketing is a broad sector of online market place. Some will tell you something like this that they are going to make hundreds of thousands of dollars and not have to do anything. Anyway, these are confusing for novice affiliate marketers that can badly effect on overall affiliate marketing.

    For the sake of online business authenticity, we must be aware of such cheating traps. Your information will help people to be clear about authentic links before starting the affiliate marketing.

    Thank you.

    • Hey Humayra,

      you are right – there are a lot of scam products out there that say affiliate marketing is quick and easy and a get rich scheme.  But in reality, these are not genuine and give affiliate marketing a bad name.

      Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome platform and ensures people totally understand what they are signing up for, and offer a test drive through the free starter membership to ensure people know what they are getting.



  39. The best Wealthy Affiliate University review have outlined it all and everything that you have just talked about i know it i have lived it and i am living it even now and for more and more of years to come… Wealthy Affiliate is really the best and i truly agree with you when you say anybody can do this even if you are new to internet and looking at those two you on those pics, they really changed their lives for the best and this is indeed a living proof that Wealthy Affiliate really works

    • Thanks,

      we tried to ensure we included as much detail as we could to showcase Wealthy Affiliate, but in reality the platform is so much better than anything written online.

      Anyone who is serious about affiliate marketing and is willing to invest the time and effort will definitely benefit from WA!



  40. Hey John,

    This is an in-depth, thorough and spot-on review on Wealthy Affiliate. I was engaged from the beginning to end and felt amazing. I am here 8 months and still read a few things I even did not know.

    The table of content is impressive providing succinctly every detail so one can jump in what they like to learn. 

    I like there is a mention of the upgrade time to time to stay up in the affiliate marketing field.

    The unparallel community help is well mentioned. For any question asked, you can get multiple answers covering entire dimension of that question.

    I am very pleased with this program and hope to have a big success. 

    • Thanks Anusuya,

      I wish you all the best with your affiliate marketing business.  The community is awesome and always there to help and is something I have struggled to see active anywhere else.  This is a community all with the same goals and there to support each other.

      It is a great feeling when you are engaging with the guys inside, especially when Kyle or Carson drop by too.



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