The Freedom Profits Review – Is Freedom Profits a Scam?

The Freedom Profits Review – Is Freedom Profits a Scam_

Welcome to the Freedom Profits review, my guess is you are looking into whether this program can really do what it sets out to make you believe is possible with this program.

Can you really make money with no experience, no skills and without spending much time on it…?

Like a number of other products that have been released from Jason & Mosh, they all set out to make you believe it is possible.  But then why do they keep releasing new products all trying to do the same thing… It is because the products do not actually do what they claim to be able to do.

You may have seen a number of reviews all giving it a 9 or 10 out of 10 and claiming it is the best thing since sliced bread. They are all offering you a number of bonuses if you buy this program if you buy through their link.

But we are different, we are only interested in the truth about a product.  We are offering no bonuses, as we are not affiliated with this product.  But when it comes to products like this, the bonuses get in the way of seeing how much real value you get from a product like Freedom Profits.

If you do want bonuses, you may need to go and check out one of those (biased) reviews.  If you want a review from someone who doesn’t just copy the sales page and wants to give you an unbiased view, carry on reading.

Product Review Summary

Product Name: Freedom Profits

OwnerJason Fulton, Mosh Bari & Abdullah Ashraf

Product Type: Freelancer Training

Price: $12.95 + Upsells

Best For: No One

The Freedom Profits Review

Summary: From the sales page, it is not entirely clear what you will be doing to earn money so easily.  But the premise of the training is to offer your skills and expertise to others as a freelancer.  This is a bit odd, as the sales page claims you will not need any skills or expertise, but clearly you do.

Freedom Profits is clearly priced to bring you in but is really just to push the upsells to you. 

But in my opinion, there is no real value in this training that the freelancing platforms do not offer themselves.  Freelancing takes hard work, just like anything else and this product will not improve your chances of earning any money from it

Rating: Yes

Recommended? No

What Exactly is Freedom Profits

Freedom Profits is another product released from Jason Fulton & Mosh Bari.

They are constantly releasing products that claim to be able to make you a 3-6 figure salary.  They usually claim you do not need any experience; skills and you will need very little time.  It is a common theme with any of their products, it does beg the question that if one of them actually worked why they would need to keep releasing similar products.

The first thing that you will notice from their sales page is the fact that what you are actually going to be doing is not very clear.  They talk a lot about the fact you will not need an autoresponder, web hosting, or even a website to be able to make money?

They also claim that you will not need any experience or no skills?

After a few years online, I really do not know of anything that would require so little time, but they are stating you will only need 60 minutes a day or less.

So, at this point it seems like this product would require little time and I would easily earn money.  Many would say, give it to me…

But experience tells me that this is just a typical sales ploy and you will be sorely disappointed when you actually get into Freedom Profits.

I would absolutely love to be able to tell you that there was a magic program that would achieve this kind of earning from little time and effort, but I am yet to find out.

What is Freedom Profits Actually About?

Once you cut through all the sales pitch and get to the ugly truth, the method they are going to teach you to earn money is through Freelancing.

Using sites like Upwork, People per Hour and Fiverr to offer your skills and expertise to others.

This is the point where I had to scratch my head… A minute ago, they were stating you needed no skills or expertise and yet, you are going to need certain skills and expertise.  Check out the screenshot below:

skills and expertise - freedom profits

Becoming a freelancer is not as easy as it might seem, and you need to be able to offer something in exchange for money.  You will need to obtain at least a 4 out of 5 rating on your profile before some will even consider hiring you.

Fiverr is much easier to get started with, but do not expect a return straightaway.  Upwork is much harder to break into and yet their training claims you can do this in less than 7 days?

You need to be approved by Upwork before offering your services, and if you lack certain skills and expertise you are not going to crack this in that time.

They are making it out that it is much easier than it actually is.  Freelancing means you will be offering your services to websites owners who are extremely picky.  I don’t blame them, as a bad job can really affect their brand, waste their time and money.

What’s Inside Freedom Profits?

As soon as you are in, you will need to expect the upsells that will be thrown at you straightaway.

But if you are going to buy this product, I would avoid buying these until you have given the main training a go and base your decision on that.

You will be able to access them at any time from the members area.  We will detail these shortly, but first what do you get from the members area.

Once you are in the members area, you will see a number of modules for you to complete.  They include different videos on the different elements:

  • Welcome to Freedom Profits – 4.10
  • Case Study – 6.15
  • Who is Freedom Profits System For? – 3.37
  • How Does it Work? 4.39
  • Why Follow Freedom Profits? – 3.16
  • What Services Can You Offer? 7.34
  • Identifying Your Skills – 6.21 (I didn’t think you needed any?)
  • Signing Up – 18.13
  • Mass Exposure – 13.48
  • Test Your Skills – 12.13
  • Expand Portfolio – 4.11
  • Thirty-Five Shots – 13.55
  • The Perfect Proposal – 3.22

We then go into the Upsells, which are 5 in total including a couple of downsells.  Accepting these instead can save you little money if you are determined to buy them.

  • OTO #1: Done for You Freedom Profits System – $37, with a downsell of $17

This kind of shows who you are dealing with when it comes to a product like this.  In their sales page they tell you how easy it is to do, yet look at what they show you on their upsell page:

This goes completely against what you have bought into with the product on their sales page.  It shows they are only interested in your money and not helping you in the slightest.

  • OTO #2: Freedom Profits Guaranteed Success – $197, with no downsell
  • OTO #3: Freedom Profits Secret Strategy – $47, with a downsell to $27
  • OTO #4: Set This UP on AutoPilot – $77, with a downsell of $47
  • OTO #4: Licence Rights – $97, with a downsell of $47

Who Will Benefit from the Freedom Profits?

I cannot honestly see a target audience who would benefit from this.  Freelancing is based on your being able to offer a skill or some expertise to website owners who are looking to hire you.

If you have some experience with graphic design, you would do extremely well with freelancing.  People are always looking to hire people who can help design a logo, for example.  But you do not need a training platform like this.  Fiverr and Upwork offer plenty of resources themselves and you can then join for free.

Personally, I would advise anyone to avoid Freedom Profits and look towards better ways of earning money online.

What is Good About Freedom Profits (PROS)

Here is what we liked about it:

They Promote Freelancing

Whilst I do not believe this training platform would benefit anyone really, the topic they are discussing is a good one for those who do not want to commit to their own business.

Freelancing is a valid option for those who want to make money, but it is the fact they are claiming you will not need to spend much time on it that is my problem.

If you are interested in freelancing, check out the free resources available on these platforms first.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

They do offer a 30-day money back guarantee, however I have had some feedback stating that getting your money back is not as easy as it sounds.

What Could Freedom Profits Improve on? (CONS)

Here is what we didn’t like:

All the Hype

If a product is good, it shouldn’t need the hype.  This is just a tactic to bring those who are not too savvy with things like this into feeling they cannot do without this program.

Too much hype on what is a low-quality program

It is Misleading

Leading on from that, it is totally misleading.  Freelancing needs a lot more time than they make out and you need to be able to offer your services.  How can you do that, if you have no relevant skills or experience in doing it.

I could offer my services to people, say I offer my services writing blog posts.  I have a lot of experience with this.  They are claiming you do not need any?  How will that work?

Training is Superficial

Don’t expect the training to unlock any “tricks of the trade”.  It is only going to cover the basics and not really set you up for any success.

The Number of Upsells

It is a common ploy; they offer a product for a low price but then hit you with a number of upsells which they claim you cannot succeed without.  The upsells could come to a total of $455…

My Honest Opinion of Freedom Profits - Is Freedom Profits a Scam?

Whilst I wouldn’t say this is a scam, I feel it is a low-quality product that only has one purpose – to draw you into the upsells.

Freelancing can be a great way to earn money online, but the problem I have is the way they show it as being easy.

Nothing is easy online, and I personally wouldn’t think freelancing is right for some starters unless you have a skill or some expertise you can offer.

Without these skills and expertise, who is going to hire you?  But this software claims to automate 95% of the process.  I still cannot get my head around how this will work?

The other thing to know about freelancing is that it is highly competitive.  You need to be able to stand out from the crowd, and this makes it a hard route for someone just starting out.

Without working you butt off; I cannot see how anyone can near the figures they are claiming on their sales page and that is a major problem with Freedom Profits – it is all just HYPE!

What Do You Do Now...?

If you have certain skills to offer (like graphic design, for example) Freelancing can be a great way of making money online.  But you do not need any software or training like this one.  The training available on Fiverr & Upwork are sufficient to get you started.

If you are still looking for a genuine opportunity to make money online but you feel like you lack the skills and knowledge needed to get started, I highly recommend you consider Affiliate Marketing.

You do not need any magic software; all you need is some high-quality training that you can get started with for free.  Regardless of what you think you can do; you will be led through a fantastic step-by-step training that will help you build an online business.

This training is provided by Wealthy Affiliate, our top recommended program for beginners.  Click the banner below and sign up for a free starter account.

Thanks for checking out our Freedom Profits review, if you still have any questions or have any experience with freelancing or Freedom Profits, write them in the comments below.

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But is it the best option, does it actually work or is it full of wannabes affecting the quality you will receive???  We will review all in this comprehensive review.

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5 Ways for Stay at Home Moms to Earn Money

5 Ways for Stay at Home Moms to Earn Money

Are you looking for ways to earn some extra money whilst you are at home? Looking after the kids can be a great thing, especially when so many others have to go to work and leave the children with childminders or grandparents.

What if there was a way you could earn money from home, and be able to spend time with the kids too?

Whether you are a stay at home mom or you want to find a way of earning money, so you don’t have to go back to work and leave the children, I am going to share with you 5 ways for Stay at Home Moms to Earn Money online.

I use affiliate links to support, find out more here.

Earn Money by Completing Surveys or Watching Videos

This is a common way you will find when searching the internet.  Signing up with a website, such as Swagbucks allows youEarn Money Completing Surveys

to earn money from doing basic things like completing surveys, watching videos, even playing games.  The activities are relatively simple to complete, and they do not typically take very long to complete.  Depending on which one you sign up, will determine how you are paid.  For example, Swagbucks will pay you in Amazon gift cards, Prolific Surveys pays into your PayPal account.

But they are also not going to earn you a great deal of money, unless you are signed up with a number of them and spend quite a bit of time doing it.  I personally see this option as a way of earning some extra money for Christmas, then earning enough to replace a job.

My personal favourites are Swagbucks and Prolific Surveys.

Let’s move onto the options where you are more likely to earn a decent wage.



Offering your services out to website owners could be a good option for you.  Websites like Fiverr allow you to sign up and offer yourself out based on your skills.  Typically, bloggers are looking for people to write articles for them, but you may have skills like accounting, picture editing, etc.  There are many ways you could work from home and earn money from people hiring you to do things like accounts.

This is a really flexible work model, you input your timescales and really your only prerequisite is being able to sell yourself to get hired.

Once you have established yourself in the freelancing world, you could even get regular work from businesses.  If you give them what they ask for with a service they like, they could easily come back to you regularly for future work too.

I would advise that you are really honest if you are going down this route, as most sites work on a feedback system and you don’t want to get negative feedback, because you said you could do something (because of the price) but couldn’t deliver.

Selling Your Own Products or Services

This is the obvious option, if you are able to create your own products or have a service to offer, this could be a great way of earning money.

The two that spring to mind, is Gem’s wedding stationary business.  She creates bespoke wedding invitations that shipSelling Your Own Products - Wedding Invitaitions

across the world.  We have a website and eBay shop that promote this.

But then, I know people who offer their services such as “Ironing Services”.  If you don’t mind ironing, then you could earn money doing it for other people.

Obviously, there is more money in the first example, but this all depends on how much you are wanting to earn?

If you have a product or are able to create a product. I would suggest you start on eBay or even Facebook.   You will get a great idea of how popular they will be and also have the knowledge about your product to take it to the next level with your very own website.

Drop Shipping

One option, if you haven’t got your own products is drop shipping.  This is where you sign up with a wholesaler to gain access to their product list.  You then sell them via a website or eBay with a mark-up.  Once you receive notification that an item sells, you order the item off of the wholesaler and they ship it directly to the customer.  The customer assumes it has come from you, and you have also earned the difference between the prices.

On face value, this seems like an easy gig.  We use it on our wedding website, our wedding favours are a drop shipping item.  Someone orders one, we order it off of the wholesaler.  Great.

But I must also let you know about the drawbacks too.

  • Price Changes – You need to keep on top of the prices, if the prices have gone up but you haven’t updated your listings, then you are out of pocket.  To the point, you are paying more than the customer did
  • Complaints – If the delivery is late, or the package is broken.  You will be receiving the problems.  You will be in the middle, trying to resolve the situation
  • Wholesaler has stopped doing the item – This might be rare, but very hard to deal with if it happens.

I am not saying this to put you off, like I said we use it on our Wedding website – but you need to go into these things with all of the facts to help you make the right decision for you.


This is my favourite.  Gem has her wedding stationary business, I have a blog that uses Affiliate Marketing to earn money.

Let me explain why, I love helping people.  I have benefitted massively from blogging, and I want to help other people who want to earn money online find genuine opportunities.  I will always call out the scams to protect people – So, naturally blogging about these things makes me happy.

Blogging is a great way of expressing yourself and many stay at home moms have actually started doing it and found they do not need to go back to work because it has worked for them.  Also, as a mom you have a lot of knowledge and experience to share that will help others.

There are over 4 billion active users of the internet, and typically they are all looking for help with something when they type a search into Google. Many expectant moms are asking questions every day that you will probably know the answer too.  I know when Gem was expecting we started researching loads.  But we also had a Will 8 weeks early, so we also started researching again when he arrived as he spends 6 weeks in hospital.  We were encouraged by a number of blogs we found of parents who had a similar experience, and it was very liberating to feel we were not alone.

But I also understand you might want to explore something that isn’t to do with motherhood you want to explore something that you are really interested in too.

Blogging allows you to create earning potential from anything that you are either really interested in or know a lot about.

The way to earn money from blogging is with Affiliate Marketing.

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Affiliate Marketing is the way many bloggers earn money online, and the premise is quite simple.  You earn a commission for introducing a buyer to a product.  Amazon is the world’s largest marketplace and has used affiliate marketing since its beginning.  If you create a blog that attracts people to it, and they read your posts and maybe a few products recommendations included in the mix and they choose to buy something from Amazon, you have just earned a percentage of the price.

Now, I will say it sounds simple but will require you to dedicate some time and effort to making this work.  You will also need to invest some time learning everything that you need to know to get it going.  But with the right help and support, this is the option that will bring you long-term success and mean that even after the kids have gone to school or even left home you will find that you are earning more than enough to do what you want to do and enjoy.

Being your own boss, has so many rewards with this model – but like I said you need the right help and support.

Where Can You Get That Support?

Help & Support to Get Started with a Blog

Blogging is the easy part but getting your head around all of the website and internet side used to be really difficult.  You needed to know how to use computer code and get your head around what the search engines wanted.

Now, it is such a great place to create a blog.  But there are many different factors you need to consider, and Gem and I would not be where we are today, if it wasn’t for Wealthy Affiliate.

Their training is awesome for anyone of any skill level.  Do not worry about the fact you do not know how to build a website.  Their step-by-step training is all you need to succeed online and achieve success with a blog, affiliate marketing and an online business.

But even if you have your own products and services – their SEO and Marketing training is second to none.  I have used their training to a massive success of Gem’s wedding stationary business.

There are just a couple of things you need to agree to, before you will see success with their training:

  • Commit to learning – there is plenty, but their training will ensure you understand it
  • Commit Time and Effort – Any option will require you to work hard at it to make it work
  • Ask questions whenever you are stuck!

You not only get training with Wealthy Affiliate, you get access to a community of Internet Entrepreneurs (like yourself) all looking at ways of making money online with blogging and affiliate marketers.

The people who succeed are the people who commit to learning, commit time and effort and ask questions all the time.

If you do decide to join, you will gain personal access to me – Ask me as many questions as you like. Ask the community or even ask the owners (Kyle and Carson).  They helped me massively when I started out and I wouldn’t know where I would be without Wealthy Affiliate.

Final Word

There you go, 5 different ways for Stay at Home Moms to Earn Money Online.  Depending on your goals, you can explore whichever feels right for you.

Completing surveys is fine, if you like to earn a fee quid.  But creating your own online business, utilising your own products, drop shipping or your own blog with affiliate marketing.  That is a great place to be and with the support of the training at Wealthy Affiliate, you will find it to be a success.

You do have to consider what your goals are, if it is to spend more time with the kids and earn enough so you do not have to get a job.  I personally prefer the blogging option.  You find many other stay at home moms have achieved this, and we regularly see them in the community at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have any further questions about any of the topics covered in this post, please do not hesitate to write a comment below.  I promise to come back to you as soon as possible with an answer.

Good luck to you, whichever direction you choose to follow…


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