12 Ways to Make Money When You’re Bored – Turn That Boredom To Profit!

We all find times when boredom is upon us, and there are no better way to fill those times when we feel bored, with a way of making money.   We’ve come up with 12 Ways to Make Money When You’re Bored

If you have some time on your hands and aren’t sure what to do with that extra times on your hands, then we are here to help you with a selection of ways that you could relieve that boredom… and make some money at the same time.

We’re going to describe to you 12 popular ways that can earn you some extra money in your spare time…

Table of Contents

Create a Blog

Creating a blog is a great way of relieving your boredom, it acts as a creative outlet and can also earn you money too.  You can blog about literally anything that you enjoy, and it isn’t that hard to get a blog started.

The first step would be to find a niche that you’ll write about.  We suggest you start with something that you already enjoy.  Something that you enjoy talking about, and something you enjoy engaging in.

A common mistake people make is that they discount a hobby or passion they have because they think it won’t make money.  But as long as there are products in that niche, and people are interested in it the same as you, then there is an opportunity.  

Regardless of your interests, there are going to be other people who share that interest and want to learn more about it.  With the right knowledge and some effort, you can learn how to make money with that interest, be it a hobby or not.

Once you have nailed down the niche or subject you’re going to be writing about, then it’s time to build you blog site.  This is about as easy as it is to create a Facebook account these days. Just a few clicks with SiteRubix, for example will have your own free website up and running in just a few clicks.

Once you have your site, the next step would be to start driving traffic to your blog.  This can take some time, but it’s definitely worth it.

Things like selecting the right keywords are going to be really important, and here is a useful post that goes into this in more detail…

At this point, you’ll have a blog and a topic to write content about.  After than you need to start exploring how you going to start earning money through your blog.

This could be through advertising on your blog, to affiliate marketing, or even requiring a paid subscription to access content.

Once you start creating a regular stream of content, and assuming you have everything else in place, then it’s just a case of being patient and remaining consistent.

Blogging is definitely a route that can make you anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month to over $10,000 a month.  Which shows how lucrative this method could be…

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Complete Tasks on Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services.  In order to make money from Fiverr, you’ll need to create a seller account and then choose the task, or tasks  that you are going to offer to people.

The amount of categories on their marketplace is staggering, and gives you a real insight into all of the different opportunities there are.

You can offer pretty much any service on there, depending on what your talents are.  You also get to set the price you’re charging for your service.

You will typically start with just offering your services for $5 (hence the name), but as you build up your reputation and profile, you can start to increase the price exponentially.

You do need to be mindful of who your competition is, and what they are offering against what they charge.  By getting this right, will increase the amount of people who are hiring you.

You need to know that Fiverr does keep 20% of whatever you charge, but as you build up your earnings, there is still plenty for you to earn from this endeavour.

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Write a Book


Ok, you might be thinking it’s going to take a lot of time and you must be really bored to want to write a book, but we don’t necessarily mean writing a novel.  There’s a wide variety of books that you could write, and earn money from them.

These include:

  • Full-Length Novels
  • Novellas
  • eBooks
  • Short Stories
  • How-to Manuals

Not many may want to spend the months or even years it would take to write a full-length novel which could be around 60,000 to 80,000 words on average.  

But there are options of writing shorter novellas, and these can act as a way of relieving boredom, and they also take far less time and can still be sold.

If you do decide to go down the book route, you’ll need to decide which is the best route: self-publishing or traditional publishing.

It’ll take a lot more work if you self-publish, but it is also a lot more profitable, as long as you know how to promote yourself.  Traditional publishing can pay you more upfront with less work involved, but your chances of getting selected to be published could also be much lower.

If that amount of time and effort doesn’t interest you, you could consider just writing short stories.

There are certain websites and magazines that will run story contests, and will usually offer a monetary prize for the winner.

No matter how bored you are, or what your style of writing is, there is usually an option in this category for you…

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Teach Online


There are several different websites where you can teach online, with a variety of different topics to choose from.

To give you an idea, a native English speaker could earn money from teaching English to non-english speakers in China.  It’s referred to as TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages).

A website like VIPKid could help with this.  Here’s a quick summary:

To become a teacher with VIPKid, all you would need to do is sign up using their website.  There are some requirements that you would need to meet though, as they have three big requirements.

These requirements are:

  1. Have a right to work in the USA, or Canada
  2. Hold a Bachelor’s Degree or higher
  3. Have one year’s experience working with or teaching children

You don’t have to have any teaching qualifications, but if you don’t, then you’ll be required to take a TESOL foundation course.

VIPKid is a great option as you to set your own schedule.  You can work as much or as little as you like, and decide on what schedule fits around you.

There is also a decent amount of earning potential, as you start earning at a base rate of $7 to $9 per class, and each class is 30-minutes long.  This works out to an income potential of between $14 to $18 per hour of teaching.

There is also an opportunity to earn incentive pay.  This payment is based on your tier, which is dependent on how many classes you have completed since starting with VIPKids.

But there have been reports of people earning upwards of $22 per hour!

Or, You Could Create An Online Course…

Another opportunity within the teaching side, is to create an online course with a platform like Teachable or Udemy.

If you’ve got a subject you could offer some help and guidance via an online course, then this might be something you consider.  I would personally steer towards Udemy, but only because I’ve used the platform before. 

They do offer some good training on there, but I would suggest you do some more research if that is something you wanted to consider.

Here’s a useful review on Teachable (it also talks about another option called Thinkific too) and here’s a review on Udemy.

Complete Online Surveys


I’m not personally a fan of online surveys, but only because the return on your time spent is not great, but I also get that some people are just looking for something to do to relieve their boredom, and that is why it’s on the list.

Completing online surveys, or using a get-paid-to (GPT) site is a popular option online, and you’ve probably already come across the idea before.

Some of the more popular websites are:

The benefits of these platforms is that it’s not always just online surveys where you can earn some money.  For example, with Swagbucks, you can earn money from completing surveys, watching videos, shopping online, and searching the web.

Then there are sites like Valued Opinions uses your profile to only send you surveys that you’re qualified for.  This means that there is less change of you wasting your time filling out a survey just to find out you weren’t qualified for it.

Online survey platforms are not that complicated to get started with, most just requiring an email address to get started, then completing some basic demographic information.

Although, my advice would be to setup a separate email address to your normal one to get started with survey sites.  If you would like to learn more tips before starting with online surveys, click here.

The majority of surveys will take you between 15 to 20 minutes, and you can earn up to $5 per survey.  Although the vast majority will be below this figure…

Depending on the platform will determine how much you need to earn before you can cash out.  Some of them require you to earn $10 before you can cash out, but there have been others that we’ve reviewed that require you to earn $50, which is a really high figure.

Then, there are others where you don’t actually earn money, you can only earn points that you redeem against things like Amazon gift cards.

So, always do your research before signing up to an online survey platform.

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Become a Virtual Assistant


This is another option where Fiverr could be of use, but basically a Virtual Assistant can do anything from making calls for somebody, or scheduling an appointment and loads of other things.

Many business owners struggle to keep up with all the little tasks they need to do on a day-to-day basis, and like I said Fiverr is another option where you can offer your time.

There is also another website called Fancy Hands.  To apply for a job there, you just visit their website and go through their application process.

There are two requirements to get accepted.  The first is that you have a computer with a reliable internet connection, and the second is that you will require an audio headset with a microphone.

The amount of money you can earn will depend on the complexity of the task, how quickly the task is completed, and what time of day it is.

Depending on the task, you can earn from between $3 to $7.  That could be quite lucrative, when you realise that calling and making a reservation for someone could just take a few minutes…

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Get Creative


Maybe you’re artistic and love creating crafts or designing things.  But you’ve never really thought about it as a way of earning extra money online.  Think about it, earning money from something you actually love!

It might sound too complicated, but it really isn’t as hard as you might think.  Especially with sites like eBay or Etsy about, you can let your creativity run free and make virtually anything you like, then go and sell it!

You can start with something small, like making bath bombs, or make something on a much larger scale, like creating custom furniture.

You could create your own website to sell your handmade stuff, but the easiest way to get started would be with a site like Etsy.  That’s the example we’ll use for now.

Signing up is easy.  All you do is sign up, create a shop on their website,  fill in some details, like your location, local currency, payment options, and a few other details.

The amount of money you can make will depend on what you’re selling.  It makes sense that you’ll make more money for making bespoke furniture over a handcrafted coffee mug.

But there are ways of using different materials to reduce your costs, and therefore increase your profits.

Whatever direction you choose to go, you’ll have to pay a 5% fee on any transaction with Etsy.  Although if you take payment through Etsy Payment, they’ll take another 3% plus a $0.25 processing fee.



If you’re not sure what I mean, transcription is the process of turning audio into text.  If you’ve scrolled through Facebook lately, you’ll notice text scrolling giving you a verbal “transcription” of what is being said in the video.

With platforms like Rev.com, there is no need to get a full-time transcription job, you can just do some work on the side to earn some extra cash.  (Here’s a link to a useful review on Rev.com)

Rev.com is an online platform that hires transcriptionists, cautioners, foreign subtitlers to work on audio for large companies, such as:

  • Amazon
  • CBS
  • US Department of Justice

I mean there are hundreds of this type of platform, which you can check out, but for now, we’re going to stick with Rev.com.  The process is pretty much the same, regardless of which platform you try and sign up for.

So, the first thing you’ll need to do is go through their application process on their website.  This process will entail you having to:

  • Provide some basic information, such as your name, address, etc.
  • Take part in a quiz
  • Complete a test transcription file

Once you have completed this process, you’ll need to wait between two to three weeks for Rev.com to respond.  This will confirm if you’ve been approved or not.

Once approved, you can get cracking with transcription gigs.

The thing I like about sites like Rev is that there is no minimum requirement to remain active.  You can literally choose when you work, and what jobs you go for, etc.  On the other side, there is no maximum amount of work you can go for too.

Work when you want, and for how long you want.

The only thing I would point out about this type of work, is that you are paid based on the length of the audio file and not the amount of time it takes for you to transcribe.  So, if it took you 4 hours to transcribe an hour video, you would still only get paid for an hour.

An experienced transcriber can type one hour of audio in 3 hours.  So, if you were being paid $1.10 per audio minute, you’d be earning $22 an hour.

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Become a Proof Reader


Maybe, you could become a proof reader?

Proofreading is the process of reading a manuscript, article, online publication, essay, and describing any errors that you find that need correcting.  Typically this is regarding spelling and grammar.

Most of us probably think that you need an English degree to be able to utilise this method, and there are some platforms out there that do require that.

But there are also several platforms that don’t require you to have a degree for this.  Examples include:

These companies have full-time, part-time, and freelance positions available.  You’ll typically be required to complete a sample proofreading and English test.

Pass that, and then you can get hired.  If you’re hired, you can earn anywhere between $19 to $46 per hour.  But this will depend on how quick you can turnaround the work.

But it does bring with it the flexibility of working whenever and wherever you like to, you could also read some interesting pieces of work too…

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Research Things Online


Get paid for completing research online.  There are websites like Ask Wonder that will actually pay you for doing some research into a topic.

Ask Wonder is an online research website that gives you a lot of flexibility around your schedule, and the application process isn’t that difficult either…

Related Post: Ask Wonder Review

The application process requires some basic information about yourself, and then you will be set with a test research assignment.

The topics are very broad, you could be researching some statistical data to landscaping prices.  But you’ll need to be quick, as a lot of the tasks get taken up really quickly, especially when you know what you’re looking for.

The amount you can earn, will depend on the difficulty of the task.  But you can earn anywhere from $8 per task, with more difficult tasks paying $35 for the more difficult ones.

Become a Freelance Writer

You could become a freelance writer, this is probably one of the best options for a side gig out there.

If you love writing and love doing some research about new topics, then this could be a very lucrative side gig, when it comes to making money online.

There are two ways you could go…

The first is to just create a profile on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork.  Although, this isn’t the best route, due to several different reasons.  But the main one is that it’s a freelance marketplace, so you might not actually get any work, or you could end up writing about stuff you’re not really interested in…

Personally, I would recommend you try a platform like ProBlogger, where you can apply for individual positions.  For example, get hired by a website owner who has a blog about a topic you actually enjoy.

There are plenty of niche website owners out there searching for people to outsource their blog posts to, so you could definitely find one that has the same interest as you.

You’ll need to have a resume and some sample articles.  If you haven’t done anything before, then just write a few sample articles about a topic you love.  This way you can showcase your abilities.

With this route, you’ll be able to set your own prices, although you will need to take into account your current experience levels.  You’ll typically be starting where you’re charging between $0.01 to $0.05 per word.

But as your experience and ability starts to grow, you’ll find yourself in a different position.

An experienced writer could complete a well-researched and well-written 1,500 word article in about two-hours.  This works out to about $7.50 to $37.50 per hour.

The only thing you will need to consider with this, is that there will be a minimum work commitment to it.  This means it will work as more of a part-time job rather than just a side-gig.

But it can also be highly lucrative…

Sell Your Clutter

The final one on our list is to have a good sort out at home and sell off the clutter you have through online marketplaces like eBay or Craigslist, or if it’s clothes, using apps like Vinted.

If you have things that you were just thinking of throwing away, don’t be too hasty…  Just because you no longer have a need for it, doesn’t mean someone has hasn’t got a use for it.

There are the usual stuff, like having a sort out of the kids clothing, there is always a market as they seem to grow up too quickly.  So, there isn’t anything wrong with the clothes, it’s just they don’t fit in it any more.  

Gemma has used the Vinted app a lot for this, and also for some of her clothes that no longer fit, or she doesn’t wear any more.

But, don’t just think this only relates to clothing.  People are often in the market for all kinds of things.

That old armchair you no longer want, as it looks tatty and old, someone might want it to get some extra seating, or they want to renovate it.

I’ve also seen examples where people are making money from selling stuff like old bottles, scrap metal, and even firewood.

There could be some old tech in your house, where you think it has no value, but you might be surprised at what others see value in.

Then it’s just a case of signing up with Craigslist or eBay.  Both have very easy sign up processes.

But what you need to factor in is that Craigslist doesn’t charge you any fees, but you’re limited to your local area (typically).

eBay opens you up to a wider selection of potential customers, but there are fees that apply when selling.

The vinted app is free to download, and it doesn’t charge any fees.  Gem’s used it numerous times to sell clothes, and it’s pretty easy.  Just sell it, and then post it to the buyer.

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Boredom takes us all at some point, but there are 12 ways we’ve described to you where you could relieved that boredom, and make some extra money from it too.

This isn’t a comprehensive list either, so if there was nothing there that excited you, so feel free to add any others in the comments below.

You never know, you might find a way that you actually love and want to turn into a full-time gig?

Whatever the case, hopefully now you have a good idea of how you could turn your boredom into a way of making you some money…

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