117 Niche Ideas For Starting A Blog

Are you stuck for ideas on what you should be blogging about?  It can be a really tough decision choosing a niche for your blog?  We had a few issues too, when we first got started.

The biggest thing is to not worry about it, too much.  It is completely normal!

When I first started a blog, I had no idea on what to blog about…

In fact, I had the impression that I should be blogging about anything and everything and I would be fine, or at the least be heading in the right direction.  But, that is actually completely the wrong approach!!

You need to really understand who your target audience is, and choosing a niche that you are going to enjoy.  Often, people try to choose a niche more because they think it will be profitable, over having an interest in it.

The thing is, with blogging you need to create a lot of content to be successful, but choosing a niche that you have no interest in makes it even harder to come up with content ideas.  It would be like me trying my hand at crafts.  Gem is really interested in that, but for me I would get bored just doing the research, let alone trying to write a blog.

So there is a couple of elements you need to get right, choose a subject you enjoy and want to engage in and by doing that, you should also have some ideas around who your target audience is.

But even when you choose a subject that you like the idea of using, it can sometimes be hard to narrow it down to a specific niche.  Or maybe, you haven’t got a clue where to get started.

That’s why we’ve broken down several different categories that we know there is a huge target audience for any of these, and hopefully that will help you break down the subjects you enjoy, and can finally come to a decision about which niche to choose.

Our intention is to give you some blogging ideas in lucrative markets that might help you with your decision.

Also, before we get into the list, don’t fell like you have to set your niche in stone as you will usually find that your content idea might take you down a new and different path, as you start to develop and expand your blog.

So, let’s get started with our list of 117 Niche Ideas for Starting a Blog…

Table of Contents



There are a lot of different sub niches within the hair niche, and they don’t all necessarily sit within hairstyles per say.  In fact, if you expanded into body grooming, it could also open up a ton of different ideas, including beard trimmers for the guys, or hair removal for the ladies.  Either way, there are a ton of ideas regarding hair, or the lack of hair

Here are fifteen ideas just relating to Hairstyles:

  1. Long Hair
  2. Grey Hair
  3. Dye Your Hair
  4. Chemotherapy & Hair
  5. Wigs
  6. Donate Your Hair
  7. Hair Implants
  8. Hair Extensions
  9. Baldness
  10. Beards
  11. Dreadlocks
  12. Hair Perm
  13. Coupe Soleil
  14. Braid Hair
  15. A-symmetrical Coupes

I’m sure of there being plenty more, but that’s for you to do a little research on…

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This is a very popular, and lucrative niche.  Fashion is really important to a large proportion of people out there.  Wearing a particular brand of clothing can say a lot about you or not.

There are so many different angles to consider with fashion as well.  There are those who looking to look fashionable on a budget, and those who are willing to splurge on the expensive brands.  Either way, there is money to be had for putting the right products in front of the right audience…

Here are ten niche ideas for Fashion:

  1. Designers
  2. Who Made My Clothes
  3. Bio & Ecological
  4. Brands
  5. History of Fashion
  6. Fashion Events
  7. Lingerie
  8. Swimming or Beachwear
  9. Black-Tie
  10. Outdoor & Winter Sports

This isn’t the only examples, and there are plenty just within the fashion arena.  There are examples where people are making money just focusing on fashionable trainers, etc.

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Weight Loss


Thanks to lockdown, we’re all finding we are piling on the pounds whilst we wait for a vaccine.  But that means there are many people looking for help and advice on how to lose weight.  People tend to struggle with it anyway, without a lockdown and so this becomes a very valid starting point for a niche selection.  Help people with finding the right exercise routines, helping with meal planning, calorie counting, etc. and you will find that this is an evergreen niche.

Here are ten ideas from the Weight Loss Niche:

  1. Lose Weight for Women
  2. Lose Weight for Men
  3. Healthy Recipes
  4. Low Carb Diets
  5. Low Fat Diets
  6. How to Get Abs/How to Lose Belly Fat
  7. How to Gain Muscle
  8. Weight Loss Software Programs
  9. Weight Loss Apps
  10. Weight Loss Exercises

Again, this isn’t a comprehensive list and I’m sure there are plenty of others, but these should give you a good idea for a starting point.

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World Food

If weight loss isn’t your thing, then maybe food is.  I love food, and unfortunately it means I need to keep an eye on my waist line.  So, maybe you’re in the market for a niche relating to world food?

What you might not know is that there are people who get paid to taste food.  There are YouTubers doing just that, they taste food from all over the world… for a living.  They’ve built themselves up a blog and load up content frequently.

Here are our 15 ideas for World Food Niches:

  1. Chinese Cuisine
  2. Asian Cuisine
  3. English Food
  4. Arabian Food
  5. Caribbean Food
  6. African Food
  7. Indian Food
  8. Pakistani Food
  9. American Food
  10. Malaysian Food
  11. Italian Cuisine
  12. Singapore Recipes
  13. Cajun Cuisine
  14. Spanish Tapas
  15. Balkan Food

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I know this might seem odd adding this in the current climate, but I’m an optimist and when it can, there will be a huge number of people looking to get away on holiday when they can, so it might be a good idea to tap into this niche now.  It takes time to set up a blog, so by the time it is established, I’m hopeful that you will have people interested in travelling and find the best deals.

So, here’s a list of 23 niches within Travel:

  1. Hotel & Accommodation
  2. Apartments & Lodges
  3. Cheap Flights
  4. Trave Fare Comparison Sites
  5. Private Jets
  6. Luxury Travel
  7. Ground Transportation
  8. Luxury Transportation
  9. Holiday Packages
  10. Travel Deals
  11. Hiking
  12. Skiing
  13. Scuba Diving
  14. Wildlife
  15. Nature
  16. Beach
  17. Airport Parking
  18. Travel Magazines
  19. Travel Tips
  20. Travel Luggage Allowance
  21. Travel Maps
  22. Travel Guides
  23. Travel News

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Make Money Online


Whilst the MMO industry is quite competitive, it’s also a very lucrative market and gives you the ability to make money from a number of sources.

Here’s a list of ten niche ideas:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency
  3. Binary Options
  4. Article Writing
  5. eBooks
  6. Blog to Profit
  7. Writing Reviews
  8. Selling your own Products
  9. Freelancing Opportunities
  10. Learn Online Marketing

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Computer/Internet Security

This area will definitely not be everyone’s cup of tea.  But there is a huge target audience when it comes to this.  Anytime people are having issues with their computer or Internet security, they are first to type in a search into Google to get some help, and there is where your blog will be waiting…

People are searching everyday for some sort of help or resolution to their computer issues, and ideally they don’t want to pay a computer specialist to sort it…

Here’s a list of ten Computer/Internet Security niches:

  1. Antivirus Software
  2. Antispyware software
  3. Computer Invasion Fraud
  4. Identity Theft
  5. Firewalls and Routers
  6. Hacking
  7. Wireless Network Security
  8. Honeypots & Honeynets
  9. Protecting Your Website
  10. Email Spam & Security

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Home Appliances


We all need home appliances, but we’re not always sure which one is the best and that is how we end up on blog sites to learn all the details we need to know before we invest into that new fridge, crockpot or water cooler…

Consumers are always on the lookout for an appliance that will do the job they need it to do, that fits into their budget and doesn’t have a load of problems with it.

Here’s our list of ten ideas for the Home Appliances Niche:

  1. Fridges
  2. Crockpots/Slow Cookers
  3. Stoves/Ovens
  4. Barbeques
  5. Blenders – handheld and countertop
  6. Bread Makers
  7. Electric Kettles
  8. Waffle Irons
  9. Countertop Grills
  10. Water Coolers/Filtration Systems

You could always expand this into other household items people need or want.  For example, vacumns or even Televisions, the list is endless really…

Personal Relationships


People are often looking for love, or advice around being in a relationship, and a whole load of different niches regarding personal relationships.

Here’s a list of 15 niche ideas from Personal Relationships:

  1. Dating
  2. Living Together
  3. Next Step in Your Relationship
  4. Couple Life
  5. Couple Transition
  6. Health Relationship
  7. Loving Relationship
  8. Being Single
  9. Christian Dating
  10. Divorce
  11. Marriage
  12. Second Marriages
  13. Christian Marriages
  14. Long Distance Marriages


There you have it, 117 niche ideas that you could consider to choose for you niche.  But don’t think this list even scratched the surface.  But we’re hoping what it has done is give you ideas on how you could identify a niche you have an interest in and could see yourself writing content about, and then you could explore that and break it down to a niche that suits you.

There are whole categories we haven’t considered within our list.  But if we did, this blog post would be endless.

Make sure you pick something you are happy with and are going to still be driven to write content about in a month or two’s time.

Don’t worry if your first niche doesn’t end up being the right one, you’ll learn loads from it and get the second one up and running much quicker.

But if you need any help with narrowing down you niche, don’t hesitate to write to us in the comments section below and we’re try our hardest to help you get the right one for you…

Thanks for reading guide, and good luck with choosing your niche…

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