What is CJ Affiliate by Conversant About? – CJ Affiliate Review


With the changeover from Commission Junction to CJ Affiliate by Conversant, I can totally understand why you might be asking What is CJ Affiliate by Conversant About?

I have taken the time to research this affiliate network and want to share with you what I found out about this established Affiliate Network.  I will also address all the bad press that has followed over from the change from Commission Junction too.

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What is Affiliate Marketing for Dummies?

What is Affiliate Marketing for Dummies_

If you are looking for a guide that will explain affiliate marketing for dummies, you have come to the right place.  We try our best to keep things simple and ensure you go away fully understanding a subject and also go aware with a clear path on how you can get started, if you so wish.

Affiliate Marketing is an awesome way of earning money online.  But I often find that people try to overcomplicate the process and that is when we start to feel lost, when really it is really quite a simple premise.  Let’s make sure you fully understand how Affiliate Marketing works?

How Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work?

There are 3 parties that are involved in affiliate marketing.  The first party is you as an affiliate marketer.  The second party is the seller of the product or service.  The third party is the buyer of that product.

Let us use an example to break this down.  Let’s say an affiliate marketer has a blog that is focused on a niche which is in the realms of fitness, let’s say losing belly fat.  We will get into the need for a niche later.

So, this affiliate marketer has a blog that focuses on helping people lose belly fat.  They have a ton of hints and tips, they also promote products or services that are relevant to that niche.  It might be a kitchen gadget that makes preparing a particular recipe easier. That is where the affiliate bit comes in.  The affiliate marketer links their blog post about that gadget to a marketplace such as Amazon through an affiliate link.

The readers of that blog read that particular blog post and decide they want that gadget as it makes preparing that particular (health shake) recipe easier to do and so they follow that link to Amazon and buy the product.

The blog owner has just earned a commission through affiliate marketing.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

That is the simple premise behind affiliate marketing.  You promote products and services and receive a reward or commission for introducing a buyer.

It is a method that benefits both the buyer and the seller as it reduces the costs of marketing which can be an expensive business and Amazon actually launched in this way.  When Amazon first launched it was a small online book store and rather than spending money on advertising, they reached out to their buyers to promote their books to others with the reward of a percentage of the sale price.

Now Amazon is the biggest marketplace in the world and still follow that same model but cover a whole lot more than just books.

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How Do They Track Your Sales?

This is the point where people can overcomplicate affiliate marketing.  You see it involves tracking cookies and if you do not know what a cookie is, this is where it can seem like it is an alien language.

Let’s describe how a cookie works, and then we can explain how they track your sales.

A computer cookie is a small file sent from a web page to your computer to be stored in your web browser. The main purpose of this file is to help the web page keep track of your visits and activity.  That doesn’t always mean a bad thing.  Think about if you do your online shopping online, a cookie will help keep track of the items in your shopping basket.  Without cookies, this couldn’t happen.

If you stay logged on your social media, cookies also help keep you logged in.

So, how does that work with affiliate marketing.  Well, when you sign up with an affiliate network or Amazon, you are given a special link that you use when you are promoting these products and services.

When that reader read that article and decided to buy that kitchen gadget we were discussing earlier.  The blog post would have had a link that went straight to the sales page on Amazon.  That link would have had a signature in it that identified that it was you who introduced this buyer to Amazon.

You might be asking how cookies came into this.  That buyer might not buy that product you recommended but explored Amazon a bit and bought a similar one.  The cookies would have meant you still get the commission for the sale.  Amazon offers 90-day links, so if they go through your link.  Have a look at the product and decide they will look later, as long as they do actually buy it you can get the sale.

Let’s Explain A Niche

So, affiliate marketing works by you introducing someone to a product or service and receiving a commission for doing so, Choosing a Niche - Affiliate Marketingbut you will notice earlier I mentioned that you would need a niche.

Whilst the premise of Affiliate Marketing is really that simple, it isn’t enough to just sign up with Amazon and creating a blog website and promoting a load of products…

If you start too broad, you will find it much harder to get started and find any success.  You need to target a specific niche, that is very focused and will give you the better edge to get started with Affiliate Marketing.

What Is a Niche?

A niche is a narrow segment of the market with which to target.  What the hell does that actually mean??

The best way to pick a niche and actually understand what a niche market is by going onto Amazon.  Picking a category and then see what the sub-categories were and click on one, then keeping doing that until you cannot go any further.  That is how narrow you need to go to start a niche.

If I picked Men’s Grooming, there are six sub-categories:

  • Shaving
  • Skin Care
  • Body Care
  • Hair Care
  • Dental Care
  • Kits & Gift Sets

But those are still too broad for a niche.  Let’s pick Shaving and then this brings to the following sub-categories:

  • o Manual Shavers
  • o Electric Shavers
  • o Groomers & Trimmers
  • o Pre-Treatments
  • o Aftershaves
  • o Accessories

In that category, those would be my starting points.  But honestly, we could go narrow if we wanted to and you could target disposable shavers for example.

When thinking about your niche, you want to target something you already have an interest in and then target as narrow a niche as you can.  You will expand later on into the broader market, but the first stage of your business will be getting your name out there.  That is why we need to target a niche.

Always start with a tiny segment of the market to improve your chances of getting it working right and then you can start getting broader as you have built up your authority.

Become an Authority in Your Niche

Become an Authority or Expert

This is an important one to making Affiliate Marketing work for you.  Think about it, would you buy something if you didn’t trust the seller, the promoter, the marketplace??

The first stages of an affiliate marketing business are showcasing yourself as an authority or expert in your chosen Niche.

Why am I going to trust you and follow your suggestions… that is because you are trustworthy and know your stuff.

That is the place you want to get yourself to after choosing your Niche.

That is also why we suggest you pick a niche that you actually know a lot about or are willing to learn a lot about and it is much easier if you like the niche too.

Imagine if I started a blog on women’s fashion… Yeah, I struggle with men’s fashion let alone making people believe I know anything about women’s fashion.

Let’s Confirm your Understanding

You start off by selecting a niche, a tiny segment of the market.  It is based on an interest or passion you already have with that topic and can show some knowledge about it to others.  You are willing to learn more about that topic and will start on your journey to becoming an authority (expert) in that niche to help people who want to understand that niche too.

You don’t need to be an expert writer, as the art of affiliate marketing through a blog is that it is a conversational type article.  If you can explain it to one of your friends, then you can definitely succeed within affiliate marketing.

What Next…?

People get put off the idea of affiliate marketing when they learn they need to learn how to create a website or startyour Next Step towards an affiliate marketing business blogging or anything technical as they are not that great on the laptop or computer.  This is where I can come in and help.

Before I started my first blog, I didn’t have a clue on how to do anything like create a website.  I didn’t even know what Affiliate Marketing was.  But I was looking for a way to earn money from home.

I stumbled onto the topic of Affiliate Marketing and had a number of the worries that you may be thinking right now…

But I found something that made it simple and easy to understand, I could learn everything I needed.

All I needed to put in was TIME & EFFORT.

It doesn’t matter what your skill level is with a computer or that you are not that great at writing or social media.  Because I got expert help and support from day one.

If you are willing to put in the time and effort, like I did and spend time learning and following the steps that are involved, you will shortly have the following:

Your Own Affiliate Marketing Website

What I am offering is a training platform that can help anyone of any skill level create their own affiliate marketing business that will earn them money online.  You will gain access to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs that will be on hand to help you at any step to ensure you understand what to do and how to do it.  You will also gain access to my help and support at any time.

The only thing that will stop you succeeding at Affiliate Marketing is you telling yourself you cannot do it.

I know plenty of affiliate marketers who are earning full-time wages from their businesses and some of them didn’t know how to go on Facebook before they started.

What Am I Offering?

I am offering you access to a training platform that has transformed the lives of thousands of wannabe Affiliate Marketers.  It offers World Class Training, Access to Websites & Expert Help and Support and what is more you get to join for FREE.

A Starter Membership is absolutely free, with no catch.  It allows you to fully explore the platform and start your affiliate marketing business.

Think about it, by the end of lesson 4 you could have your own affiliate marketing website in your chosen niche.  It will be fully optimised to be found by the search engines and all you would need to add from that point is content.

Everything involved with an Affiliate Marketing business can be taught and learned and Wealthy Affiliate will be there to help you at every step of the way.

3 years ago, I didn’t even know what Affiliate Marketing was and now I am sharing my knowledge to help others find genuine opportunities within Affiliate Marketing.

If you want to start your own affiliate marketing business with expert help and support, then I highly recommend you sign up for free below.  Just click on the banner below and start your own affiliate marketing business for free.

If you still have any questions or want to learn a little more before committing anything, I totally understand.  But I ask that rather than worrying about it ask me any questions in the comments below and I will definitely respond to you with an answer.

Good Luck with Your Journey within Affiliate Marketing, whichever direction you decide to go.

ClickBank Affiliate Magic Review – Is It Worth Your Time?

Clickbank Affiliate Magic Review - Is It Worth Your Time_

If you have been looking into whether the ClickBank Affiliate Magic is worth your time, then you have come the right place.  Within this ClickBank Affiliate Magic Review, I will share with you what I learned from purchasing the software and test drive it to see if it is something that can help your affiliate marketing campaigns convert.

You may find affiliate links in this article, regardless of the nature I only recommend products I would purchase myself.  For full details check this out.

ClickBank Affiliate Magic Overview & Rankings

Product Name: ClickBank Affiliate Magic ClickBank Affiliate Magic

Owners: InstantDigitalProducts.com

Website URL: cbaffiliatemagic.com

Training: 3/5

Tools: 3/5


Price: $27

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating:3/5

A Quick ClickBank Affiliate Magic Summary

Create ‘great-looking’ catalogues of ClickBank products in your chosen niche to display on your website or Facebook page.  Whilst it is easy to use and creates unlimited catalogues of products, that is all it does.  You will still need to increase your audience and build trust via your content.  If you are still looking at ways to get an audience or get started with Affiliate Marketing, you would be better checking out our No.1 Recommended Training Platform.

Recommended Training Platform

What Exactly is ClickBank Affiliate Magic?

One thing to point out before we delve into what this program does is the fact that it is an application you download onto your PC or Mac.  Now that might put you off, but after downloading and using the application, I found there was nothing to worry about as far as malware etc is like.  That is the advantage of this product coming through ClickBank.

This application you download gives you a tool to create unlimited catalogues of ClickBank products to use on your website, blog or Facebook.

By choosing a category and then a sub category which targets your chosen niche, you will be given a html code that you can copy and paste onto your website.  Your audience goes through the catalogue and decides to buy one of the products, they will be directed to the relevant ClickBank sales page and as your affiliate link was included during the setup of this software, you get the credit from the sale.

I do feel the catalogues do not look that great, but that is only a minor thing at this point.  It does appear that it is working for people and it only takes about a minute to set up each catalogue.  To do this manually, could take hours.

Like I said, you can have unlimited catalogues, so if you have multiple websites it isn’t limited.

Included in your purchase are the following:

  • CB Affiliate Magic Application
  • Video Tutorials on how to install and use the product
  • Free software updates for the coming year
  • Unlimited Use and Developer Licence
  • Technical Support
  • a 60 Day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee (ClickBank)

You also receive a couple of bonus downloads (Viral Marketing Mania Download & Art of Writing Email Subject lines too)

Who Does ClickBank Affiliate Magic Benefit?

Whilst this software might appeal to someone just starting out with affiliate marketing, I would say this is more pitched at an affiliate marketer who has the necessary knowledge around traffic generation and is looking at including more products and services into their affiliate portfolio.

This will not teach you anything that you need to know about getting started with affiliate marketing but will help an already established affiliate marketer get the best out of ClickBank.

How Does ClickBank Affiliate Magic Work?

Once you have purchased the software, you will be emailed a link to be able to download the software.  You also receive 2 videos to show you how to install and use the software.  It is available and will work on both Mac and PC.  But you will require the adobe air software to be able to install in onto your device.

It can then link to the ClickBank database and let you choose your category and subcategory to be able to produce your catalogue.

CB Affiliate Magic - Create a product catalog

Then you can click add products and select from the list.

CB Affiliate Magic - Categories

You can customise the look of it to match your website and also add youtube videos, banners or links to it before finalising and creating the html code to add it to your website.

See an example I created using the software below.  I haven’t spent anytime customising the look or feel of the page but hopefully you get a feel of how it would look when you create it.

CB Affiliate Magic - Sample Preview

The software is easy to use and if ClickBank is your thing, can create catalogues for your website quickly.

What is Good About ClickBank Affiliate Magic

  • Quick & Easy way to create a catalogue of ClickBank products in your chosen niche
  • If you spend the right time customising it, it can look visual stimulating to get your audience interested
  • Customisable for your WordPress blog or even Facebook.
  • 60-day Money back Guarantee from ClickBank
  • Whilst it will create catalogues of products within minutes for you, you still need to do the legwork when its comings to getting traffic to your website.  You will still need to learn search engine optimisation and building organic traffic as well.

What Could ClickBank Affiliate Magic Improve on?

Whilst your audience might see the products on your website, people may be inclined to research them and end up elsewhere.  These product lists do not add any substance to what the products are, whether they are any good and worth the investment.  As soon as they go elsewhere to research and possibly purchase, you have lost the sale.

What is the ClickBank Affiliate Magic Training Like?

There are two video tutorials on how to install and use the software.  The software is not that difficult to use, and the videos are relatively good to make sure you understand how to do it.

How Much Does ClickBank Affiliate Magic Cost?

The cost of CB Affiliate Magic software is $27, although if you go onto the page and purchase within a couple of minutes, you will find that it is reduced. Whilst it won’t break the bank, I do feel this is more for the affiliate marketer looking to expand their reach rather than a new affiliate marketer thinking this is the magic software to start earning money.

Learn How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing the Right Way with Expert Help

What Is the ClickBank Affiliate Magic Support Like?

The support offered is through email, you can contact them with any questions you may have to support@instantdigitalproducts.com.  Their response time is typically 24-48 hours.  But, in my opinion if you have watched the two videos and had a play with the software, you will find that you would only need to contact them if there was a problem.

My Honest Opinion of ClickBank Affiliate Magic

If you are looking at getting started with affiliate marketing or have recently started and looking at ways of introducing more products and services to your portfolio, then I do not think this is a good buy at this stage.  You would be better off focusing on creating quality content and building up your traffic because without traffic, this product does not work for you.

I also feel the catalogues will look a little cheap on your website.  A more advance affiliate marketer might find benefit from the software, as they can add value to a website that is already producing a high number of visitors to their website.

I would also go back to my point around detail.  This will put a list of products onto your website, which is great.  But without knowing what the products do, all they will do is be sent to a sales page – and ClickBank sales pages are not always the best – they look a little low-quality and could damage your trust factor.  Not every product on ClickBank is something that you want to promote.  They will also not have any other information, like a review to see whether it is worth the purchase.

So, whilst it has a number of positives, ClickBank Affiliate Magic does fall down on a couple of things and I wouldn’t recommend it to a new affiliate marketer.  If you are already established and use ClickBank a lot and have all the necessary reviews it might be worth a look.

ClickBank Affiliate Magic at a Glance

Product Name: ClickBank Affiliate MagicCB Affiliate Magic Review

Owners:  InstantDigitalProducts.com

Website URLcbaffiliatemagic.com




Price: $27

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating:3/5

Verdict: Not Recommended, whilst it is genuine – I don’t see how it can increase sales on your website/blog.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review of ClickBank Affiliate Magic Software, if you have any further questions or experience with the software you want to share. Please write them in the comments below and I will respond as soon as I can.

Chris Farrell Membership Review – Is it Worthwhile?

The Chris Farrell Membership has been around for a long time and Chris is regarded as a high profile name in the world of affiliate marketing, but I wanted to ask the question in this Chris Farrell Membership Review… Is it still Worthwhile?

Chris Farrell Membership Overview & Rankings

Product Name: Chris Farrell Membership Chris Farrell Membership

Owners: Chris Farrell

Website URL: http://chrisfarrellmembership.com/

Training:  4.5/5

Support:  4/5

Success Stories:  4/5

Price: $4.95 first week, $37/month from then on.

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating:  4.5/5

A Quick Chris Farrell Membership Summary

The Chris Farrell Membership is a credible training platform.  Despite the sales video on its website, which is normally a sign of a scam product.  The platform offers some good training, with step-by-step guides for a beginner.  Whilst it does not stack up to the heights our No.1 Recommended Product, it is a good option.

Check out our No.1 Recommended Product

What Exactly is the Chris Farrell Membership?

The Chris Farrell Membership is a training platform for Affiliate Marketing.  It includes lessons covering the steps it takes to start up an online business, with a mixture of video lessons and blueprint style guides that take you step-by-step through what you need to do to get started.

Whilst their videos are good quality and highly relevant, i do find that at times their training can seem out of date and a little basic.  It misses out some information, like it assumes you should already know the answer.  But in my experience, that is not always the case.

Everyone learns differently, so I feel it is better to include everything and let the person doing the training make up their minds on whether they needed to know the steps needed.

Chris Farrell is a well respected Internet Marketer who has been online for a long time. He has a lot of experience to share with potential internet marketers and he does do this through the training videos and blueprint style guides.

Who Does the Chris Farrell Membership Benefit?

Its focus is mainly at people just getting started with affiliate marketing and wanting to get their own affiliate marketing website/business up and running.

The training does go through the different aspects of starting and running an online business, it does lack a little on the development and hosting of their members websites.

There does seem to be an assumption that you are already familiar with the technology, and if you are not it will appear harder to achieve the steps, but the support they offer does go someway to relieve this.

It is primarily aimed at people just getting started or wanting to get started online with internet/affiliate marketing.  The training goes through the different aspects of starting and running an online business.

Get Access to Easy to follow training with support on hand at every step of the way.

How Does the Chris Farrell Membership Work?

Once you sign up and get access to the members area, you are given access to 21-day daily video lesson training tutorials.  Some of the key lessons are:

  • Article Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO equals free traffic)
  • Video Marketing
  • Setting up Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Building a Website from Scratch
  • Creating & Selling Your Own Products
  • Make Wealthy with WordPress

These video tutorials are supported by blueprint style guides that take you through the steps you need to take to complete the tasks.

What is Good About the Chris Farrell Membership

There are plenty of good things about the Chris Farrell Membership

  • It has a Low Monthly Cost
  • Includes Step-by-Step Training
  • Templates for building a website without no experience
  • The program is broken down into bitesize lessons, daily video lessons and additional manuals/blueprints
  • Support receives high praise
  • Owner stands behind his product and is well-known in the online world

What Could the Chris Farrell Membership Improve on?

  • The amount of time you will need to invest isn’t clearly explained
  • Hidden costs come out once you have signed up (Up sells)
  • No free trial
  • Some of the content is out-dated
  • Community support could be better, don’t feel connected to the owner in all instances

Anyone who has been around Affiliate Marketing knows that it is a long-term plan that will lead to the financial freedom many of us are after, and that is not clearly stated.

How Much Does the Chris Farrell Membership Cost?

The membership side is pretty upfront about the cost, you get a week at $4.95 and then it will cost you $37/month to stay signed up.  There is an additional cost of $10/year for purchasing a domain.  This domain is not included in your membership.

So whilst this might seem cheaper than our No.1 Recommended Product – Wealthy Affiliate.  They include one-on-one mentoring included in their membership and always the community is a lot more informed and supportive.

The one-on-one mentoring included in the Chris Farrell Membership is an up-sell that will cost you $997.  You don’t have to sign up with it, but it is pushed a lot when you sign up.  A complete newbie might think this is the only way they will succeed and it isn’t.

What Is the Chris Farrell Membership Support Like?

There is a community forum, that is your primary way of getting answers to your questions.  Chris Farrell pushed you to a phone number of you require additional support, but don’t expect to see Chris active in the forum.

This means that the reliance is on someone in the community have the answers to your questions.

It also pushes you towards that Mentor Me program.  It aims to get you to sign up to a mentor you can be there whenever you need support.  But it costs $997 to sign up.

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My Honest Opinion of the Chris Farrell Membership

The Chris Farrell Membership program is one of the better products out there.  Chris takes the time to tell you honestly how much time and effort it will take to build an online business.  This pushes it further away from the other ‘online guru’ type programs that are flooding the net.

The videos are easy to understand and are aimed at ensuring you understand what you need to do.  Whist they seem a bit basic and sometimes out-of-date, but on the whole are a good place to start.

The price is reasonable; however, I feel the Mentor Me program is really steep.  If someone joins your program, surely you would offer them support regardless of the price?

I feel the Chris Farrell Membership is a good start for someone just starting out, but I do have my reservations about whether an internet marketer could outgrow the platform further down the road.  If you are experienced in Internet Marketer, then I would feel this isn’t right for you.

It will receive a high ranking, but will not be our No.1 Recommended Product.  See our Comparison table against Wealthy Affiliate, who is our top recommended training platform.

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Chris Farrell Membership at a Glance

Product Name: Chris Farrell Membership

Owners: Chris Farrell

Website URL: http://chrisfarrellmembership.com/

Training:  4.5/5

Support:  4/5

Success Stories:  4/5

Price: $4.95 first week, $37/month from then on.

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating:  4.5/5

Verdict: Good Product, But You May Outgrow the Product

Whilst the Chris Farrell Membership is a good option, I personally feel there is a better platform for people just starting out.  With great support, great training and mentoring included in the membership, I feel people will benefit more from Wealthy Affiliate.  Read my review here.

If you have any questions or opinions about the topic, then please write them in the comments below.  I will promise to come back to you as soon as possible.

How to Get My Website Ranked in the Search Engines

How to Get My Website Ranked in the Search Engines

If you are looking for how to get my website ranked in the Search Engines, then you have come to the right place.  Getting your website found by the search engines is the first move to getting the key ingredient to monetising your website – TRAFFIC.

There is a key difference between getting your website indexed into the search results and actually getting it ranked anywhere near where you can get that traffic.  In this post I will describe those differences, share some hints and tips on how to get your content ranking as high as it can and then tell you how to ensure the Search engines can actually find your website with ease.

Let’s start with the differences between ranking and indexing when it comes to Search Engines.

The Difference Between Ranking & Indexing

One of the things that people new to the online world get a little confused about is the difference between getting your post or website indexed into the search engines and the ranking of that post.

The search engines are actively looking for high-quality content for its users, and Google is really good at finding your website and content.  Bing and Yahoo, not so much but we will delve into this a little deeper later on.

If your latest blog post is showing as indexed into Google (for example).  This means that Google has found your post.  Whether that is via your sitemap or if you are using the URL Inspection tool in Google Search Console.  But that doesn’t mean it will be immediately ranked, and especially will not always be ranked where you want it to be.

Once the search engines have reviewed a number of factors about your content is the point where it will be ranked somewhere in the results.

To get to the best position for your business, which is on page one you need to know what the search engines are looking for.

Get Access to Awesome Training, Awesome Websites and Expert Help & Support for Your Online Business

What are the Search Engines Looking for?

To answer this, the first part is a question for you – when you type in a keyword into the search engines, what are you looking for?

We are looking for the best result that will:

  • Answer our question or solve our problem
  • Be totally relevant to what we were searching for
  • Not have a corrupt or slow website experience
  • Understandable.

If you are searching for a term through a search engine, they want to be able to give you the best result straightaway.  They are constantly checking new and existing content to see if it still does.  Being able to rank as high as possible is every website owners dreams and there are some simple techniques that will help you along the way.

Let’s go through some hints and tips, prior to sharing with you how to tell the search engines about your website.

Keyword Research

Blindly writing content will not help you in your quest, one of the first tasks you need to complete prior to writing your article or recording your video is keyword research.

If you are just starting out, you are much better off going for the ‘low-hanging-fruit’ keyword, as this givs you a better chance of getting ranked higher up the rankings.

If you are not too sure of what keyword research is at this point, check out my guide on Effective Keyword Research.

But by targeting keywords that have regular traffic, but lacks a lot of other competing posts. With a well written article, you could definitely get ranked higher up.  Even though when you complete a search there will be millions of results, only the top few will be relevant to the actual keyword.  The remainder of the list will be the next best results.

Get 30 Free Searches with Our Recommended Keyword Research Tool – Jaaxy

High Quality Content

The search engines are looking for high-quality content that is highly relevant and actually does a good job of answeringHigh Quality Content any questions or resolving any problems that the reader was searching for the first place.  If it is to do with whether to buy a product, have they thoroughly reviewed it and written well for it, to help you make a decision.

But what you will find is that whilst there might be competing posts for the keyword you are targeting, they will not all be offering the best content out there.  They are just the next best.

A perfect example of this is there are plenty of posts out there that just have 500 words.  They also don’t always fully answer your question.  This means that you need to go away and find another post that might fill in the blanks from the first one.

Most SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) experts suggest that you target at least 1500-2000 words.  But these words need to be fully relevant.  Don’t just type content for the sake of it and there is a key reason for this.

Specifically Google, reviews your whole post not just the keyword you targeted in the title.  If you type up a 2,000 word high-quality article on a given subject, you could actually be ranked against any keyword or key-phrase within that article.

Another point with your content is that it needs to help, and ideally written as though you were talking to someone you know.  Make sure that it is understandable and also worth a spell check.  Whatever your niche, you are building an authority with it… anything that effects the quality of your site will affect the next topic – Engagement.

Visitor Engagement

This is the hardest one to achieve for a new website owner – getting organic traffic to visit your website and actually engage with it.  The easiest way is by adding comments to your posts.

The search engines like these comments for two reasons:

  1. It shows people are interested in your article, found it helpful and wanted to add a quick question or thanks to it.
  2. It adds content to your post.

That’s right, you could have written a 2,000 word article that ends up showing as close to 10,000 words when comments start coming and with your replies.

As you start to gain these comments or organic traffic visits your website, the better your rankings will become as it all shows that people find your article useful and this is a big tick from the search engines towards improving your rankings.

I would also advise you against buying traffic too, It might make it look like your website is getting a lot of visits.  But in my experience, it is not really traffic (normally a load of bots) and you have a huge spike in traffic, but then when the time is up it shows as a massive fall in traffic.  This is the bigger impact.  It shows the search engines that you have lost loads of (fake) traffic.

Stay true and create regular content and the engagement will come.  The more often you can post quality content the better.  Search engines love fresh content.

Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile Friendly Site

If you have a website that looks great on desktop, but looks awful on mobile devices… guess what, this will impact your rankings.  Google recently changed their search algorithms meaning that websites that were mobile friendly would get better rankings than those that are not mobile friendly.

This can also be factored in with your web hosting, if your web hosting slows your website down a little, this could impact the user experience and hence affect your rankings.

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Does Your Website have HTTPS?

Search engines are constantly looking for ways to improve security, and users want a website they can trust.  By having an SSL Certificate on your website, it has shown to rank better in the search engines down to that trust factor.  If you have a website, but do not want to pay through the nose for an SSL certificate, there are web hosts out there that provide an SSL Certificate as part of their membership.

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Do Not Use Duplicate Content

At this point I would like to point out something that will have a detrimental factor on your rankings – Duplicate Content!

Copying someone else’s content is the cowards way of producing content and the Search Engines reward that cowardice with negative rankings.

Please do not be tempted to copy and paste someone else’s work, that is Plagiarism.

I would also suggest you stay away from any products that claim to be on autopilot by using high-quality content – guess what, they are duplicating someone else’s work?

To be successful and rank well, do the hard work yourself.  You will see the rewards from it.

Rankings Do Not Sit Still

One thing I would like for you to understand at this point is the fact that rankings do not typically sit still.  Just because you get one post ranked higher, it doesn’t mean that they will all rank high.

But by having a high ranking post, it can positively affect the rankings of your other posts.  Consistency is the key to success.

Online Marketers will tell you that you need to remain consistent with posting high-quality content 3-5 times a week.  That is a great target to sit with.  The more active your website is, the better your rankings will be.

But what some bloggers are unaware of is the impact of taking a break can have on their rankings.  I remember a blogger I know talking about that as he had started earning good money from his blog, he was going to go travelling for 6 weeks.

We would all love to do that, but he didn’t realise the impact on his site as he didn’t post any content for that 6 weeks.  This told the search engines that it was not active anymore.  When he started posting content again when he was back, it definitely took longer to get back to where he had been before.

If all you can achieve at the moment is one post a week, then stick to it – Google loves consistency and you can tell them how frequently you plan on posting content too.

You might think that I personally prefer creating content for Google, but when you look at the numbers you will find that making sure your content is Google Friendly will have more of an impact than Bing or Yahoo, but by making sure it is Google Friendly you are also making it ready for Bing and Yahoo too.

To get your content ranked, we need to first get your website indexed into the Search Engines.  We do this by submitting a sitemap to Google and to Bing.  We will be starting with Google.

How to get your Website onto Google

Between Google and Youtube (which is owned by Google) they own two thirds of the search traffic online.

Google Search Console

That is why you need to ensure it gets onto Google and is right to get ranked high enough.  You will get traffic through Bing and Yahoo, but we are going to start with Google.

Google is very good at finding new content and is actively looking for new content to submit to its search index.  But there are also a few things you can do to make it happen a little quicker.

Using an SEO plugin such as All-in-One SEO or Yoast is a great start for making sure your website is search engine friendly. the next stage is using a free tool that Google provides called Google Search Console.

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Google Search Console

You may have seen it around called Google Webmaster Tools, but it is the same thing but the Search Console is the updated version and is so much easier to use for your SEO strategies.  Here is my complete guide on Google Search Console.

By adding your website to Google Search Console, you can submit a sitemap to it so that Google can crawl your website fully and understand what the structure is like, what content is included and index it ready for ranking it.

They also include a cool tool called URL Inspection.  It allows you to request indexing.  Why would you do that?  A new website wants to get into the search results as early as possible, right?

The easiest way to add your website to Google Search Console is by having a Google Analytics account.  You are going to want to fully use these tools to get your website ranked and understand the traffic you are receiving.  See below, the relevant guides to do this:

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Submit a Sitemap to Google

By submitting a sitemap to Google, they will regularly crawl your website for new content and rank it.  But I personally use the URL Inspection tool to great effect with a new website and manually request indexing on every new post I write.  You then get to a point where you can get indexed within a couple of hours or even minutes with the right methods and quality content.

If you have followed my guide to adding your website to Google Search Console, submitting a sitemap takes seconds to do.

From the left-hand menu in Google Search Console, select ‘Sitemaps’.  Add the URL for your sitemap (typically your domain name followed by /sitemap.xml and you are good to go.

Add a sitemap to Google Search Console

Even if all you did was install the All-in-One SEO plugin and submit your sitemap to Google, they would find and rank your content in due course.

How to get your Website onto Bing & Yahoo

We must not discount Bing and Yahoo, as they still have close to the other third of the global search traffic.  But they are not as good as Google at finding your content.  You definitely need to submit a sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools to ensure they start crawling your website and content.

You will notice that I am talking about the two of them together and that is because they are the same search engine.  Whether people use Bing or Yahoo, they are actually the same search engine.  If you submit your sitemap to Bing, you will be indexed into both Bing and Yahoo via Bing Webmaster Tools.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Whilst Google will find your website, even if you didn’t submit a sitemap.  Bing does seem to take its time to find your content, let alone indexing and ranking it.

So the first step you need to complete is creating a Bing Webmaster account.  You can use either a microsoft, google or Twitter account to sign up with Bing Webmaster Tools.  Follow this link to get started.

Submitting a Sitemap to Bing & Yahoo

The first step once you have created an account is to add a website to your account.  Start by adding your URL in the box that looks like the image below.

Bing Webmaster Tools - Add a websiteOnce you have done this, it now asks for your sitemap that goes with it.  I have used my other website as an example below.  Make sure you leave your traffic as All Day.  Until you know when your traffic will be around, there is no point guessing.

Add a SItemap - Bing Webmaster tools

It will then take you to the part where you need to verify that you own the URL, that you are going to add to Bing Webmaster tools.

Again it will give you the option of copy and pasting a code into the header of your website. But this means any time you update or change the theme of your website, you will need to redo it.  There is an easier way.

When you look at option 2: you will see a long combination of numbers and letters. It will normally start with a number then go into captial letters.  Just copy that combination.  (Do not add any symbols or punctuation marks).

Then we are going to go back to our WordPress editor and go into the general settings of out All-in-One SEO Plugin.

If you scroll down the general settings, you will get to a section called Webmaster Verification.  There are 3 options, the first being Google.  (This is the alternative way than using Google Analytics).

The second is for Bing Webmaster Tools.  Just add that code to that box.  Make sure you scroll down and select save.

Now, you need to go back to Bing Webmaster Tools and click ‘Verify’.

That’s it, you are done verifying your website and submitting a sitemap to Bing.

This will load you to your Bing Webmaster’s dashboard.  It probably won’t show a lot yet, but on the left hand menu, if you select ‘Configure My Site’.

You will see a menu heading called Sitemaps, select it.  You should see a screen like the one below, and whether it was successful or not.  (We know it was successful, as the verification would not have worked if you had an issue).

This will show a Last Crawl section.  Now considering Google last crawled my site yesterday, Bing has not crawled my sitemap since the 30th December.  This shows just how you need to tell Bing about your website, and I would also suggest that whilst you get going, don’t be afraid to resubmit your sitemap, via the options on this page too.

Submit a Sitemap - Bing Webmaster Tools

Final Conclusion

The first step to getting your website and content ranked within the search engines is to first get indexed.  Submitting your sitemap to Google, Bing and Yahoo will tell them to start reviewing your content regularly.  But that is only the start.

If I am honest, the best way to get your content ranked is “Creating High Quality Content that Helps!”.

Pure and simple, as long as you are doing just that, the URL Inspection tool is a great feature to use with Google.  If they see that you are creating high-quality content on a regularly basis, they will start to automatically start crawling your website more frequently to a point where you may not need to use it.

But a new website or a struggling website can definitely work off those 2 things, quality content and posting it regularly.

Hopefully now you know what it takes to get your website ranked in the search engines, but I will leave you on one last thought.

One of the key things we want is getting our content ranked high enough so everyone can see it and start clicking on our website.  Everyone wants that, but what we sometimes lack is realistic timescales.

A new website will struggle to acheive this straightaway.  The search engines want trust, we as readers want trust and the website owners want trust.

It is a big trust cycle, we do not get to know someone well enough to trust them straightaway – It works like that for rankings.

If you post 3 articles a week for 3 months, that is 36 articles.  That shows the search engines you are starting to get serious about this website gig.  Another 3 months at the same rate, that is 72 articles.  That is typically when most websites start to get organic rankings and organic visitors coming onboard.

So my point is, submit your sitemap and remain consistent with creating high quality content that is better than what you find in the search engines for the same keyword you are targeting and give it 6 months.  You will definitely see some positive results with regards your rankings.

If you find you are struggling get your website or online business up and running or want to find a way of learning everything you need to know the right way with support. Then I do suggest you read up on my No.2 Recommended Product, On first glance they may seem like it only works for affiliate marketing but online marketing is the same regardless of the business model.  They offer fantastic education, awesome website tools and experts on hand to help with any queries or problems you may have.  Check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate and see how their training can transform your online business.

If you have any questions on this topic or anything related to it, please write them in the comments below and I will definitely come back to you with an answer as soon as I can.

How to Submit a Sitemap to Google – The Easy Way!

How to Submit a Sitemap to Google - The Easy Way!

If you have been searching for how to submit a sitemap to Google, then you have definitely come to the right place. Whatever your online business, getting your SEO strategies off to a great start will work towards your goals of achieving high rankings and that all important traffic that will help you achieve your targets online.

In this guide, I will be describing what is a sitemap, how to create a sitemap and how to submit that sitemap to Google via Google’s own Search Console.

What is a Sitemap?

Put simply, it is a map of your website. It lists all the posts and pages within your website, how it is all structured and aWhat is a Sitemap - how to submit a sitemap to google sitemap allows Google to thoroughly and intelligently navigate your website. This allows it to better understand it and, more importantly, index it correctly.

How to Create a Sitemap

With over 50% of the websites being used using WordPress as their content management system, the first way to create a sitemap that I will describe will be a great WordPress plugin which will help in a lot of different ways when it comes to making sure your website is Search Engine Friendly. That plugin is the All-in-One SEO Plugin.

It is a free plugin and designed to ensure your website is search engine ready and also creates a sitemap for you to submit to the search engines included.

If you are not running WordPress, don’t worry I will also share with you a way to create a XML sitemap for you to submit to Google too.

All-in-One SEO Plugin

Some will suggest Yoast, and there is nothing wrong with that. At the end of the day, they both allow you to create a sitemap for you to submit to the search engines included. So, my only advice is do not install another sitemap plugin to create one.

Any WordPress owner will tell you that Site Speed is important, so why install a plugin if you have no need for it. It will only slow your website down.

You need an SEO plugin, that is a given so if you are going to install one – the two that are the most recommended are All-in-One SEO and Yoast. I will be showing you how to create a sitemap via the All-in-One SEO plugin, as that is the one that I use.

If you haven’t already installed the All-in-One SEO plugin, then you can search for it from the WordPress plugin directory and install it, then activate it.

If you are not sure around how to install a WordPress plugin, check out this helpful guide.

Once you have it installed and activated, it is really easy to generate a sitemap from the settings.

From the menu, select Features Manager.

Activate the XML Sitemap Feature

XML SItemap feature within All in One SEO plugin

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Once it is activated, go back to your dashboard.

From your WordPress editor. You will see ‘All in One SEO in your left-hand menu. Hover over this, and you will see a number of options come up. You want to go to XML Sitemap and click on it.

XML Sitemap with All in One SEO plugin - how to submit a sitemap to google

You will notice that actually, you do not need to do anything else. Your sitemap is already ready to go and use, just from having the All-in-One SEO plugin activated on your website.

XML Sitemap - how to submit a sitemap to google

If you click on it, and you will see what information Google take from seeing your sitemap.

What you will also notice is that your sitemap ends up being just an addition to your normal website URL. It will look like http://yourdomain.com/sitemap.XML

Create an XML Sitemap

If you are not running WordPress, you can still create a sitemap for you to use, which will achieve the same thing. Just go to https://www.XML-sitemaps.com/ and get started by typing in your website URL (domain name).

You will have a sitemap ready to use shortly after.

Now that we have your sitemap ready to submit to Google, we can now submit it to Google. To do this, we need to use Google Search Console.

How to Submit Your Sitemap to Google (Google Search Console)

Google provides a suite of tools that are free and are great additions to your business. You can use them to understand aGoogle Search Console - how to submit a sitemap to google number of things including problems with your website that need resolving and information about the traffic that visits your website. The one tool is Google Analytics and other is Google Search Console. Installing Google Analytics is by far the easiest way to add your website to Google Search Console and I have written a guide for both Google Analytics and Google Search Console that will help massively with adding them both to your website.

How to Use Google Search Console Like a Pro!

Google Analytics Tutorial for Beginners

If you have not added your website to Google Search Console, you will find that you need to complete that step before you can submit a sitemap, as you need to prove that you own the website that you are adding a sitemap for. But it is actually quite easy.

First off, you need a google account. just follow this link to Google Search Console, and you can either log in or create a free account.

Go to Google Analytics and add your URL. You will get a tracking number, which you can use the All-in-One SEO plugin for again. In the general settings you can add the tracking number to the box for Google Analytics.

This means Google can find information about your website. You can then go to Google Search Console.

When you choose to add property (your website), choose the Google Analytics option and it will be added without you having to worry about adding a code to your website.

Once you have added your website to Google Search Console, you can go about adding your sitemap.

You will see an option on the left-hand side of Google Search Console for sitemaps. If you do not see the screen below, then you are still on the old Webmaster tools.

Search Console - How to submit a sitemap to google

You can still submit it that way, but if you click the button stating ‘use new Search Console’ it will take you to the screen above and is much easier to submit your sitemap.

Search Console - How to submit a sitemap to google
Click on sitemaps and it will allow you to type in the URL of your sitemap, which will mean you only need to add sitemap.XML and click submit. You will see the screen below once you have successfully added your sitemap to Search Console.

Successful upload of sitemap - how to submit a sitemap to google
Google now knows where to find your sitemap and will regularly check back on it to see what you have been up to. From the screenshot above, you can see that I resubmitted my sitemap on December 15, 2018 and Google last read it today and it discovered 529 URLs.

How Often Should I Resubmit my Sitemap to Google?

To be honest, there is no real need to resubmit your sitemap once Google is aware of it unless you have made some major changes. I have seen some advice saying you need to resubmit it regularly, but there is no need.

If you have done a major overhaul of your links, structures or posts then it might would be worth it.

But for any changes, you are much better off using the URL Inspection tool instead. Say you create a video and want to add it to a post that is already ranked within Google, then you can use the URL inspection tool to tell Google you have made changes and want them to have a look. There is no need to resubmit your sitemap because of this.

This change would be picked up when Google crawls your sitemap again, but a new website would benefit from a URL inspection request.

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Final Word

Google is really good at finding out new content, but adding a sitemap allows them to fully understand your website and the structure of it. Google Search Console is a fantastic tool for new website to help get it indexed and ranked within the search results.

If you would like to learn more about Google Search Console, then I have put together this guide on how to get the best out of Search Console and ensure you are using it correctly to your benefit when first getting started with a new website.

Submitting a sitemap will help you get onto Google’s index, but if you would like to really achieve something with your content, you need to learn how to get your content ranked properly. If you still have any questions or want any more help please write me a comment below and I will definitely come back to you as soon as.

How to Use Google Search Console like a Pro!

How to Use Google Search Console like a Pro!

Google webmaster tools has been a key tool for website owners for years, but it has always been a little complicated to understand.  Now, they have released a newer version called Google Search Console.  Hands down, it is much easier to navigate and understand and it means website owners can really understand where their website is ranking, be able to submit your posts to get ranked and also see where the opportunities lie.  In this post we will be going through exactly how to use google search console and throw in a few tips too.

Let’s start with how to add google search console to your website.

How to Add Google Search Console to Your Website

The first thing you will need is a google account.  You will require this to be able to sign into Google Search Console and Google Analytics and as both are essential to your website and business, it is important you get set up now.

From your search engine, search for google search console and follow the link. For ease it is also here.

How to use Google Search Console

When you click Start Now, you will be asked to either sign in or log into a google account.

Google Acccount - Google Search Console

Now whilst the new Search Console is a great platform, you will still require the old version to be able to add a property.  In webmaster tools or search console, your website will be referred to as ‘a property’.

In the old version, you will see a screen similar to the one below, but you will not have any properties yet.

Add Property to Search Console

You will want to click the red button ‘Add a Property’.  Then you will want to add your website URL to the box that has appeared.

Add a property (website)

Make sure the box is selected as Website and you use the full URL for your website.  Once you have added your new property (website).

After you have completed this step, you will need to verify that you own the property you are going to add to Google Search Console.

You will see at this point there are two tabs in your options.  The recommended method is uploading a html file into your website.  But that is a little more complicated, unless you know what you are doing so at this point, I would not suggest it.

If you have already set up Google Analytics, then that is the easiest way as you will just need to select it and click verify (Make sure you select you are not a robot). AS your google account already has been set up with Google Analytics, then it will be that easy.

If you haven’t already set up Google Analytics, then I suggest you do set this up first and here is a guide I created for doing just that.

If you do not want to set up Google Analytics yet, let’s explore the other ways to verify your website ownership.

The best alternative to going through Google Analytics is to add a html tag to the header of your WordPress website.

Select this option and it will display a code to add.  Make sure you select all of the code, before you get ready to copy and paste it into the header of your website.

Then you can go to your WordPress editor, select appearance and editor.

From the right-hand side menu, you need to select header.  The verification meta tag must be within the section of the page.  Here is the guide that Google provide to help with this.

I would say at this point, I would not suggest this method and here is why.  Any time that you change your website theme, or your theme has an update, it will remove this code and you will need to add it again.

You will be missing out on a lot of useful information if you do not add Google Analytics, so why not add them both at the same time.  It will take you a few minutes to add Google Analytics to your website, and then another couple of minutes to add the Google Search Console.

Once you have completed these steps, you know that Google is aware of your website and you can start to use the tools and reports that Google provides you to get better results for your website.

You will also be able to switch between the old and the new version of Search Console at any time, depending on what you want to achieve, but the first thing you will want to do is submit a sitemap for your website, so Google can explore your website regularly.

How to Submit a Sitemap to Google Search Console

The new way to submit a sitemap to Google Search Console is much easier, so we will go through that method now.  If you are still in the old version, press the blue button ‘Use new Search Console’.

Use new Search Console

You will see the following screen when you are in the new version.  It might look a little blank at the moment, but it will look similar to this.  This is the Overview report, which we will describe shortly – but back to submitting a sitemap.  From the left-hand menu, select sitemaps.

Submit a sitemap to google search console

IN the image, you will see that I have already submitted a sitemap.  All you will want to do is add the URL of where your sitemap is.  If you are using the All-in-One SEO plugin, then it will be simply sitemap.xml to the end of your website URL.

Once you have typed it in, click submit.  You will then see it displayed underneath, like mine is.

In my example, it shows that I last submitted it on the 15th December, Google last read it on the 25th December.  It was successful and they discovered 483 URLS or links.

Whilst you don’t need to do anything more with your sitemap after this, I do suggest that if you make a lot of changes to your posts, links or website.  you come back and resubmit your sitemap using the method we just went through.

The next step that I suggest you take advantage of is the cool tool called ‘URL Inspection’.

URL Inspection – The new Fetch as Google

You can use this tool to actually request Google to search for it and add it to their search results.  Any time you create a new post or edit an existing post, come back to this tool to tell Google about it.  Many would still refer to this as ‘fetch as google’.

You can get to it via 2 ways.  From the menu on the left, or just copy and pasting your URL to the search bar at the top.

If you inspect a URL that is already on Google, then you will see the image below:

Fetch as Google

It shows that it has already been indexed into the search results on Google. But if you have gone and added any additional content to that post, say a video, then come back and see how it says, ‘Page Changed?’ – just click request indexing.

This will take a couple of minutes to do.  I have found that it doesn’t always work first time, but just try again a few minutes later.

It also tells you whether there are any issues with the coverage and AMP version, which we will cover in the report’s descriptions.

You don’t have to do this, as Google is very good at finding new content.  But I found by doing this every post when I first started doing this website, it got ranked quicker and now I don’t always need to do it, as Google is keeping an eye out for it.  I posted an article yesterday and didn’t submit it and yet it is already ranked in Google.  I posted it at 18.29 and Google crawled the post at 20.52.  Not bad, eh?

The more content you create, the more Google will want to check out your sitemap.

The Amp report is one to keep an eye out for.  Most searches online are now coming from a smart phone, so Google actually searches for mobile friendly websites and potential ranks them better than non-mobile friendly websites.

For your URL, it will not be indexed yet, so you will see the image below:

URL Inspection - Google Search Console

Just select, request indexing.  I would do this on your main home-page, and any posts that you have already written.

A couple of points to consider, when you submit your URL and it has been added to the index queue, do not keep doing it.  It will not speed up the process, so is a waste of time.  Once it has been added you will see the box below.

URL Inspection

Overview Report

Once you have submitted your sitemap and started to get some date, your main Overview page will give you an overview of your website performance, coverage issues and enhancement information.

Performance Report

Your Performance Report gives you an insight into how you are faring with the audience out there.  The pre-sets are set at last 3 months, but you can change the timeframes that the data shows you.

Performance Report -Google Search Console

Total Clicks – How many clicks you have had from the search results

Total Impressions – This shows you how many times your link has been seen by someone searching for that keyword

Average CTR – the percentage click through from those impressions

Average Position – Is your average position in the search results.

The next table down displays some more specific data.  You have a number of different ways of seeing the data.  But if you are just starting out, I would focus on the pages tab.

Select the pages tab in the bottom table and select average position in the top table.

This will add the position column to the bottom table and mean you can see what position you are ranking for with your post.

Just click the boxes in the top table, so they are all coloured.  This will display that data in the table below.

If you click the position column, it will sort high to low or low to high.  Can give you an insight into your rankings.

When your website is relatively new, you aren’t really getting the traffic to accurately decipher the information but it is a good to know where you are ranking, as the higher you rank for a keyword the better your chances of getting traffic.

Coverage Report

The coverage report tells you if you have issues with your website.  But I wouldn’t worry too much about some of the errors that come up.  If you select a URL to not be indexed by Google (your privacy policy for example), then it will show as an error.  But you know that.

You will also see that some affiliate links will appear in the excluded section, again you will see I have a high number, but as this is by link and not post it does seem high.  But it isn’t really a problem.  So, I do take the coverage page with a pinch of salt to a degree.

If you do see errors, you can see the detail in the bottom table and follow the correct action depending on what the error is.

Coverage report - Google Search Console

Error – Pages that couldn’t be indexed

Valid with Warnings – Is a valid page, but it has issues you need to deal with

Valid – Pages that have been indexed

Excluded – These pages were intentionally not indexed.

Mobile Usability Report

The mobile usability report is useful to understand how mobile friendly your website is, it will also detail any errors that you need to resolve to avoid anyone getting to your site and finding a problem.

Error – This is a critical error in the structured data

Valid – Have no errors.

AMP Report

Get to see if there are any AMP errors within your website. Amp was launched as a way of having a condensed mobile friendly version of your website running for ease of use.  If you are running an AMP plugin, then this report will let you know if you have any issues to fix.

AMP Report - Google Search Console

Error – This is a critical error in the structured data

Valid with Warnings – Are valid, but are missing some data

Valid – have no errors.

Links Report

Who is linking to your website, which pages are linking to each other?  At the end of the day, Google loves you linking to other pages or posts on your website.  My homepage shows links of 609, yet there are no even than many pages on my website.  Internal and external links are important, and you can get an insight into the information on this tab.

Conclusion – Google Search Console

Getting ranked onto the first page of Google is where any aspiring website owner wants to be.  They hold the most users and getting to rank number one is the pinnacle and often the trigger for getting a load of traffic.

But if you do not use google search console or google analytics, how do you know how you are ranking or even tell google about your website.

Submit your sitemap to Google, use the URL inspection to get your posts ranked quicker.  Check out any errors and see whether they require you to do something about it and watch your rankings.

You can also identify some keyword opportunities within the search results.  You will soon notice that you are ranking for keywords that you were not targeting and so it could be an chance to explore that keyword in detail with a post.

If you are relatively new, I wouldn’t also advise that you do not spend a lot of time on it… I say the same for Analytics.

Until you are getting a real chunk of traffic, then the data can be misleading, and you end up wasting your time reviewing it.  As a new website owner, your focus should be on creating content.  Once you are getting thousands of visits to your website, then it is worth checking it out regularly.  Otherwise, use the URL inspection toll every time you create a post and then leave and work on the next post.

Check it monthly, like you should with Analytics and hopefully you will see an upward trend.
Hopefully now you have a grasp of how to use Google Search Console.

If you still have any questions, then please write them in the comments below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  John

Google Analytics Tutorial for Beginners

Google Analytics Tutorial for Beginners

Being able to convert sales is a key element to your success online, but if you do not know how your audience is interacting with your website then how do you move forward in your online business.

Google provides a suite of free tools to help you with your website and to better understand your audience and we are going to provide you some valuable information on Google Analytics today.

What Does Google Analytics Give You?

At first, it might seem that Google Analytics only shows you how many visitors you have had to your website… But that is just the tip of the iceberg.  Google actually gathers a lot of information on anyone using their search engine, and website owners gain access to certain elements that you can use to help target your campaigns better.

Let’s use an example, one of the reports will actually tell you how long people are staying on your website or a specific page.  If no one is staying on one of your articles.  That tells you a lot, it is putting people off and you need to fix it.

I also noticed on another report that most of my traffic was coming from the US & Canada, rather than the UK.  That allowed me to think about the currency I used, I kept going on about British Pounds (because that is where we live) but to improve the relevance of the post, I started using US Dollars.  Breaking down the information is a great thing for a website owner.

I will go into it a little more in detail later, but I would also advise any new website owner to not spend too much time on Google Analytics.  This is a great powerful tool to help with your business, but until you are starting to get medium levels of traffic – there is no real point in losing sleep over any metrics that are displayed.

But back to what does it give you.

  • Valuable insights in the behaviours of your audience
  • A way of capturing how many conversions you achieve.
  • Which campaigns are working, and which campaigns are not?
  • Demographics of your audience
  • How you acquire your visitors

Before we delve too deeply into any of the reports you gain access to, let’s start with how to set up Google Analytics.  Most websites are running on the WordPress content management system, so we will be focusing on that route today.

How to Set up Google Analytics on your WordPress Blog

The first thing you will need to use any of Google’s suite of website tools is a google account.  You can sign up here.

Sign up for Google Account

Once signed in, you will need to create a new property.  Enter the name of your website, the URL (website address), industry and reporting time zone.  This will give you your tracking ID.

You might want to check out this awesome training from the guys at Wealthy Affiliate, see it here.

Google Analytics - New Property (website)

This tracking ID is what you will use to link your website to Google Analytics.

Your tracking ID will look something like – UA-111111111-1.

You will then need to sign into your WordPress Back office to link your website.

The easiest way to link the two accounts is by using the All-in-One SEO Plugin.  Click on the plugin general settings and scroll down to the Google box.  You will see a box where you can enter your Google Analytics tracking ID.

Click save and you are good to go.

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The alternative to this is the copy the tracking code (different to the short tracking ID). This will need to be pasted in your header.php file in your WordPress editor.

That is why I prefer the All-in-One SEO plugin, it makes it so much easier and works towards making your website search engine friendly anyway.

Breaking Down the Reports

For experienced users, there are a lot of features that Google Analytics offers that we will not be covering in this tutorial today.  We want to focus on the 4 main reports that a new blog or website owner would find interesting when they are starting to gain traction and see traffic levels start to increase.

Google Analytics Overview

When you are signed in and set up with your website, when you log in you will see this screen first off.  Scrolling down will review a number of different metrics.  IN the middle, it gives you an insight into your last 7 days.  We will go through the metrics shortly.  We are going to break down the reports available from the left-hand menu, starting with the audience tab.

Audience Report

The audience tab is where you find out loads of interesting information about your audience.

Audience Overview - Google Analytics

At first, you get an idea of what they are doing when they hit your website.  Some of the metrics are quite obvious, but there are a couple where it may not:

User: Users who have started at least one session during the date range

New Users: The number of first-time users during the date range

Sessions: Total number of sessions within the date range.

No. of Sessions per User: The average number of sessions per user

Page Views: The total number of pages viewed

Pages/Sessions: Average number of pages viewed per session

Avg. Session Length: The average length of a session

Bounce Rate: The percentage of single-page sessions in which there was no interaction.

The bounce rate is the one that confuses many people.  It will become more prevalent when you have reached a good traffic level, but if they are not interacting with any of your call to actions or going to another page on your website – it will show in the bounce rate.

There are a number of different levels to the audience tab to help you break this down further.  Starting out, I wouldn’t worry too much about any of them.  But there are tons of ways of breaking down the demographics to the visitors to your website.

Acquisition Report

How do people come to your website? This report helps you identify which channels are working for you and which ones are not.

Acquisition Report - Google Analytics

  • Social – Which social media channel is working best for you? Well, this report will let you know.  Most of my current traffic comes from Facebook.
  • Direct Traffic – The number of people who landed onto your website directly.  This is the difficult one to grasp, because you don’t really find out how they got to your website.  It wasn’t due to a search, or a link from another website.  First ideas might be they saved your website as a bookmark, or Instagram is surprisingly not included in the social media searches.
  • Referral – The traffic that was referred from another website.
  • Search Overview & Organic Search – This is where all your hard work on SEO routes comes to fruit.  This will show you how many people have come to you via a Google search.

If we use an example as to explain how someone may show up.  If you have a post that has been shared on social media and someone clicks on that link and hits your website, it will show in the social metrics.  But if that same person comes back later on directly to that post – it will show as a direct referral.

If someone searches in google, and your website comes up in the search results and they click on your link, it will show as an Organic Search.

If one of your posts has been included in a round-up post on another website and someone clicks on that link, you will see a referral figure.

Behaviour Report

The behaviour report gives you more detail on individual pages/posts and what your audience is actually doing.

Behaviour Report - Google Analytics

How long are they spending on your website, are they leaving straight away?

There are a number of features included, that can help you track this behaviour too.

Again, this is really for when you are more established, but is a useful feature for tweaking your campaigns.

Real Time

Real time allows you check out what people are doing live.  If someone is on your website whilst you are active in Google Analytics, you can see what they are doing.  Which page they are on, if they change to another page.  Something I find intriguing as well is, you can actually see where they are live on the map.

It does seem a little strange, but I loved the fact when I saw my first live user.  See screenshot below, this was me logging in on my phone to show you what you might see.

Real Time Report - Google Analytics

There is a ton more detail and reports included in Google Analytics, and I still haven’t used everything included.  There is some information you need to check on, but as a new user with a new website, there is too much info in a way.

You are best off, checking the basics for now and here is why.

How Often Should you be Checking Google Analytics?

Getting your website set up with Google Analytics is important, don’t get me wrong but until you get a decent amount of traffic, then it is pointless spending too much time on it.

A new website will not really gain much traction with the search engines until you have been established 3 months.  It can then take time to build up traffic to a meaningful point.  So, until you get to this point, it is point checking Analytics more often than once a month.

The key reason, it takes you away from the important stuff – as in writing more content for your website.

At first, it might seem interesting to check in and see if you have any real-time customers, but most likely you will only see yourself.  Focus on the key ingredients to gaining traffic:

  • Writing Awesome Useful Content
  • Making sure your SEO techniques are set up properly
  • Share it on Social Media
  • Write more content

Once you have gained a step up in the SEO world and getting regular traffic from the search engines, that is the point where you get involved more in the analytics and learning how to fully utilise it.

This website is only about 3 months old, I check it maybe once or twice a month.  That’s it.  There is no real point wasting my time, I focus on writing more content and helping others, than I do on Analytics.

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Google Analytics gives you a great insight into what your audience is doing, whether you own an e-commerce business, are a blogger using affiliate marketing or are a drop shipper it can and will be a great tool to use.

But I still think we spend too much time on it, for a new website owner Google Search Console is probably more helpful and I will include a guide on that tool soon.

I would just say that spending too much time on it will affect your business, there will be a time when you need to invest some time into it.  But if you are new, then it is not now.

I have only one ask, promise me you will ask me any questions you may have in the comments below.
We are here to help anyone who wants to succeed online.

How to Build an Affiliate Marketing Website for Free

How to Build an Affiliate Marketing Website for Free

Affiliate Marketing is an awesome way of building an online business to earn money from home.  Having your own website is a great platform for branching out and building an authority in your chosen niche to make it as lucrative as you can.

But if you are just starting out, you may be looking for a great website builder that gives you everything you need and is free.  Well, today I am going to be talking about a great content management system for your website, how to get started for free plus some great bonuses that are included with this awesome website builder.

Let’s start with clarifying your understanding of what exactly is affiliate marketing…

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is where an affiliate gets rewarded for introducing a buyer to an online product or service.  Amazon is the biggest marketplace online and is also has an affiliate program.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work?

People online are constantly reviewing products before making that final decision to make a purchase, so they rely on honest reviews and advice from authority sites in a given niche.

Build yourself an online business, work hard to become an authority and affiliate marketing can easily earn you a full-time income from home.

But before we can start building that authority website, we need a website and content management system that makes it as pain-free as it can be to get started.  That is why I recommend WordPress as that CMS for an Affiliate Marketer.

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Why WordPress is a Great Choice for Affiliate Marketing?

I have used a number of different content management systems over the years, and honestly a number of them have aWordPress - Content Management System steep learning curve, and I spent more time learning how to do something with it then I did actually create content for the website.  Content is king and a key element to building up that authority in your niche.  I don’t want to have to use a complicated website builder to achieve something that WordPress can do in a simple way.

This also shows in the figures on how many people actually use WordPress.  Over 50% of the website out there use WordPress.

You do not need to know anything about html or coding, just an easy menu system and more control over your website than any website builders, such as Wix.

One of our previous websites used Joomla, and I would not recommend it to anyone who isn’t an expert in website design.  Way too complicated, in my mind anyway.

WordPress features a one-click install button to get you started.  It is also highly versatile through the use of plugins.  Instead of bogging your website down with features you may never use, you only install plugins as and when you need them to achieve a specific feature.

You can also change the look and feel of your website at any time, through the use of WordPress themes.

There are tons of resources out there on how to get the most out of WordPress, and it is by far the easiest content management system out there for affiliate marketers.  Easily add your links into your website and even utilise plugins to make this task even easier.

You Need the Right Website Hosting

If you think about your website as the house, the land your house is built on is the web hosting.  If you build your house on dodgy land, then you will have a problem for years to come.

That is the same premise, if you choose the wrong web hosting for your affiliate marketing website.  People need to trust you when they visit your site, if they find it is constantly down or slow, they will not stay on your website to follow any of your affiliate links.

All you want to worry about when you have your website and affiliate marketing business up and running is creating engaging content to build up the levels of traffic needed to make this venture profitable.

We highly recommend SiteRubix, here are some of the key benefits you will have from a free starter account.

  • 2 Free Websites
  • All-in-One SEO Pack: Out of the box SEO for your WordPress blog.
  • Daily Website Backups
  • 24/7 Access to Support
  • 30GB Website Space
  • 500k Visitors/month bandwidth
  • It is powered by Wealthy Affiliate – get access to awesome training on WordPress, Affiliate Marketing, Online Business and access to Expert Online Entrepreneurs at any time for help and advice.

Build an Affiliate Marketing Website for Free – 4 Easy Steps

There are four easy steps to building an affiliate marketing website for free with WordPress.

Step One

Choose a relevant domain name in the box below.  Make sure it is relevant to the niche you want to target with your affiliate marketing campaigns

Step Two

Complete your account set up, create your account to continue onto the SiteBuilder.

SiteRubix - Create an Account

Step Three

Fill in the details about your website, choose the title of your new website and choose from one of the available themes

SiteRubix - Customise Site

Step Four

Click the Big Green Button that states “Click Button to Build Site!”.

Click Here to Build This Site!

That is it, you now have a website for your budding affiliate marketing business.

The Special Bonuses… Expert Help & Support!

But that isn’t the end of the road for this… By building that website within SiteRubix, you gain access to help and support from some of the leading experts in Affiliate Marketing.  You gain access to a platform called Wealthy Affiliate.  Kyle and Carson are the owners and offer valuable training, help and support to any members who join to become successful in Affiliate Marketing or Online Business.

Using this training and the websites they offer has led to many of its members to successful online businesses.

If you are just starting out with the idea of affiliate marketing and want to truly build an online business that allows you to work from home, then I cannot recommend any platform other than Wealthy Affiliate.

This website is hosted on their hosting, the knowledge I offer about Affiliate Marketing has come from what I have learned from Kyle, Carson and many other entrepreneurs within Wealthy Affiliate.

All you need to bring to the party is a dedication to making it work and working hard to see it through.

Get Started Today!

You can get started with a free website today from any provider, but I would not be where I was today without the help and support that Wealthy Affiliate and SiteRubix offered to our online business.  We learned so much from the training that we use on Gem’s wedding stationary business.  We also felt we need to help other people who wanted to learn affiliate marketing the right way to with this website.

Having a website on its own isn’t enough.  Learning the knowledge and then putting the work into achieving your goals is where it all starts.

If you would like to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate or SiteRubix before committing, then I totally understand.  Researching is key when investing your time and effort into a program.  Here are some useful posts, that you may find interesting reads.

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But if you would like to fully explore the platform without any investment, then I can recommend a free starter membership account.  Get to see what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, without any catch.  If you find that it isn’t right for you, just log out and continue looking.  If you find it is what you are looking for, carry on with the starter membership and build your won free website.

Wealthy Affiliate - Free Starter Membership

Whichever direction you choose to go, Good Luck.

If you have any questions or comments about how to build an affiliate marketing website for free, then please write them in the comments below and I will definitely come back to you as soon as I can.

Is Solo Build It a Scam? Solo Build It Review

Solo Build It Review

If you have been doing some research on this platform, you will see a huge list of people with different opinions on Solo Build It.  Some people love it, some people hate it and then there are those who are just trying to promote it to earn a buck or two.

I am not an affiliate with Solo Build It and wanted to give you a different perspective.  Hopefully you will find some really useful information to help you make any decisions.

Solo Build It Overview & Rankings

Product Name: Solo Build ItSolo Build It Review - Is SBI a Scam?

Owners: Founded by Ken Evoy in 1997

Website URL: https://www.sitesell.com/

Training:  4/5

Tools:  4/5

Support:  3.5/5

Success Stories:  4/5

Price: $29.99/month or $299/year

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating:  3.75/5

A Quick Solo Build It Summary

With good tools and training, this comprehensive platform can help people get started online with their own online business. But the platform itself can be a little restricting.

Recommended: Genuine Product, But Not Our Top Recommended Product.

What Exactly is Solo Build It?

Solo Build It is a membership program.  It provides you with training, tools and support to build your own online business from nothing.  It is advertised as an All-in-One platform as it includes everything you would need without any third-party tools – website builder, website hosting and a keyword research tool.

As part of any product, we do our research and you might find it interesting to know that Solo Build It used to be called Site Build It.  No why would a company go through the pain of changing its branding…?

This is where you realise, that Site Build It had quite a negative feeling online.  Quite frankly, it wasn’t living up to expectations.  The reputation of the company was being affected, and people were being put off the program.

So, it went through a revamp and has come back out as Solo Build It.  Seems like a logical decision.  You want people to trust your business, so if it is the right thing to do, I can understand it.

Who Does Solo Build It Benefit?

It is aimed at newbies, people just starting out in the online business world looking for training that will take them to where they need to be to earn money online.

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How Does Solo Build It Work?

SBI teaches people a process called C-T-P-M.

  • Content – Your website, blog, posts, etc.
  • Traffic – The different methods to getting visitors to your website
  • PreSell – Developing trust and a relationship between you and your potential customers
  • Monetise – Converting visitors into buyers

Whilst an experience marketer will understand the importance of these steps, a beginner would probably look at that and think ‘what does all that mean?’

If I explain it another way, borrowing some knowledge from Wealthy Affiliate (Our No.1 Recommended Product).  This process is much easier to understand.

  1. Choose an interest of yours that you could target a niche market from
  2. Build a website all about that niche
  3. Create Content, get them ranked on Google and then drive traffic to that website
  4. Recommended relevant affiliate products to your visitors and turn them into buyers

So, both WA & SBI have very similar concepts.  They both teach people how to get started online by building websites, creating content and driving traffic. Which will result in you making money.

That is how SBI works, which will hopefully end up with you earning money.  I personally recommend WA more, and I’ll explain that later in the review.

What is the Solo Build It Training Like?

The main training is called the ‘Action Guide’.  This is a 10-day course guiding you through building and monetising your website.  Whilst it states that, please keep in mind you will learn how to monetise your website.  You will not start earning in 10 days.  We would all love to earn within 10-days, but that is not feasible.  They will provide you with the information and knowledge to earn money – you need to do all the hard work to go and get it.

Let’s have a look at what is covered in the 10-day Action Guide: Solo Build It Review - Action Guide

  • Day 1: Master the All-Important Basics
  • Day 2: Develop Your Best Site Concept
  • Day 3: Brainstorm More Profitable Page Topics
  • Day 4: Investigate & Plan Monetisation Topics
  • Day 5: Refine Your Site Concept & Register Your Domain Name
  • Day 6: Build a Website That Gets a Click
  • Day 7: Build Free Traffic from a Variety of Sources
  • Day 8: Develop Relationships
  • Day 9: Know Your Visitors
  • Day 10: Monetise

The training covers a number of topics you will need to know, especially the bits around using their unique site builder.

What is the Solo Build It Tools Like?

SBI does offer a WordPress version, but as their main program is a different platform to WordPress all of their tools are built for that.  WordPress has tons of plugins that you can utilise for your website.  (Plugins give you functionality on your website).  So SBI have built their own:

  • Brainstorm it – keyword/niche research tool
  • SiteDesigner – Website Templates
  • SiteBuilder – Drag and drop page builder
  • Business Centre
  • Traffic Centre
  • PageManager
  • InfoCentre
  • DownloadCentre

Within each category, they also include some other tools for specific purposes.  Including social media tools, autoresponders, auto blogging functions, etc.

This makes the tools on offer really good for the price of $29.99 a month.  The only downside is they are quite technical and more geared to a more experience marketer.

What is Good Solo Build It?

90-day Money Back Guarantee

They give you a solid 3 months to test out their platform, and if you are not happy you can get your money back.  Which is a great think.  But you also need to fork out the money upfront.  I would be interested to see whether many do actually get their money back.

Whereas you can try out Wealthy Affiliate for free, no credit card required.

Great Training

SBI’s action guide does offer a lot of great and detailed training complete with step-by-step guide.  Offering a selection of videos and written training it can fit in with you.

Established Brand

It actually started out as a series of books, before creating a Site Builder with Site Build It in 2001.  Renaming itself in 2017 to Solo Build It.   But regardless of the change, it shows an established brand with a lot of experience in online business.

Affordable Price

It is a great price considering the training they offer in their program.  You get everything you need to get stated online for $29.99/month or $299/year.  The 90-day money back guarantee is a nice touch too.  There are many products out there that are charging hundreds of dollars for information that is not as good as this.

What Could Solo Build It Improve on?

Hard to Navigate

SBI does have a poor navigation system for its platform.  For example, it isn’t that easy to find where to actually log in.  Finding you need to use the email you receive to log in to the platform.  I would also say that a beginner will find it hard to get their head around the platform.  it can be overwhelming to find what you are looking for

Inactive Community

When you are starting out you want to be able to ask as many questions as you can and get quick responses.  But the SBI private forum is not that active.  Some members have complained about the lack of responses when they do ask a question. You can also find that if it is filled with only newbies, you will not get the answers you need.

Forums are hard to keep active, but Wealthy Affiliate have found great ways of keeping their platform active.  With a Pay-it-Forward mentality, you will always get a response. The forum is always active 24/7 and you will always get a response.  Check it out here.

Old School Websites

One of the things you find when you start researching the sites that are active from SBI, they are quite dated and do not stand up to sites that are utilising WordPress for example.

I found this one site and looking at it would put me off straightaway.  See it for yourself – Kids Partycabin.

My point is that if you cannot grab the attention of the reader within a couple of seconds, you are onto a losing strategy.  You are going to want to build a website that looks the part for your online business – some of the themes and designs will not lead to this.

You are Locked into Their Site Platform

Creating a website using their SiteDesigner and BlockBuilder software gives you a website that is nothing like WordPress, ( you can buy SBI for WP).  But you will find that many web hosting places will not accept them on their hosting.  So, you are stuck on their hosting for your site.  This means you are tied to them for life.

How Much Does Solo Build It Cost?

Having one SBI style domain will set you back $29.99 a month or $299 a year.  With all of the training available to you.  Which is great if you only want one domain.  But Gem and I run 2 websites, that would cost us double.  But we are thinking of opening a couple more, for more opportunities, this wouldn’t be worth it for any more than one site.

It does cost you less if you choose the WordPress option, which is $17 a month or $149 a year.  But you need to find your own hosting with this option.

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They also used to offer a 30-day free trial, but this has changed and now if you are unhappy you need to provide proof as to why you are not happy to get a refund.

What Is the Solo Build It Support Like?

Solo Build It offers 24/7 support and you can get help really quickly.  They also have a forum where you can interact with other members and ask questions.  But it is not as active as it used to be, so you might not get all the answers you are after.

My Honest Opinion of Solo Build It – Is it a Scam

Solo Build It is not a scam, let’s clear that up straightaway.  It is a comprehensive training platform which will help beginners get started online. I do find the fact they are still pushing their own Site Builders a bit of a problem.

WordPress is used by over 50% of websites for a reason.  It is so versatile and gives people freedom to achieve what they are particularly after.  But by focusing on their own platform, they do lock you in.  If you ever decide you want to grow and try something else, you cannot take your site with you easily.

Part of being a business owner is making your own decisions about what you use, and this is taken away from you in certain incidents with this program.

That is why I personally prefer Wealthy Affiliate.  Focusing on training that anyone can understand, offering 2 free WordPress websites and you can host up to 25 websites on your own domain with their membership.

Solo Build It at a Glance

Product Name: Solo Build It Solo Build It Review

Owners: Founded by Ken Evoy in 1997

Website URL: https://www.sitesell.com/

Training:  4/5

Tools:  4/5

Support:  3.5/5

Success Stories:  4/5

Price: $29.99/month or $299/year

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating:  3.75/5

Verdict: Genuine Product, But Not Our Top Recommended Product.

I am not saying that you will not earn money with Solo Build It, but I feel that the help and support at Wealthy Affiliate will benefit beginners more.  There is enough to learn online without tools that require you to fully understand them to use them.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you also gain access to a personal mentor, access to the owners Kyle and Carson for help and guidance and a proven track record.  Find out more in my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

If you have any questions or want to share your experiences, then please get in touch with a comment below.  I promise to come back to you ASAP.  thanks


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