An Unbiased Traffic Robot 2.0 Review – Free Traffic or Waste of Money?

Traffic is so important to an online business and internet marketer alike, but can this tool really get you Real Traffic that will unlock conversions in only 46 seconds?? Traffic Robot 2.0 has recently launched, so we went to check it out and from the start I have some real reservations about the quality of the traffic that this product will produce.  More on that in my Traffic Robot 2.0 Review. 

I say it is unbiased due to the fact I am not affiliated with Traffic Robot 2.0; unlike the heavily biased positive reviews you will find on Google at the moment where they are promising bonuses like they are going out of fashion.

We will answer the question, is Traffic Robot 2.0 a scam or is it worth the money…

Traffic Robot 2.0 Overview & Rankings

Traffic Robot 2.0 Review

Product Name: Traffic Robot 2.0 

Owners: Billy Daar, David Kirby & Justin Opay

Website URL:

Product Type: Traffic Generation

Price: $22 + Upsells

Best For: The Owners Rating: 2/5

A Quick Traffic Robot 2.0 Summary

Buying traffic sounds like a great idea at the time, you get a lovely spike of traffic and you hope that it means conversions or sales.  Yet, why do so many experience Internet Marketers tell you “do not waste your time”.  That is because, it never seems to end up in sales or conversions.  Relevancy is so important when it comes to visitors to your website and Traffic Robot 2.0 will not deliver on that.  I cannot recommend this, it is aimed at people who do not know and therefore is not the right product for you.

Recommended: No

What Exactly is Traffic Robot 2.0 & How Does it Work?

Traffic is like gold dust, once you have it on your website then you are laughing, without traffic you have no chance of making any money because no traffic means no buyers or potential buyers at least.  

So, I can see why people might be wondering if Traffic Robot 2.0 is worth it to generate sales.  Before I go on, at this point I would like to point something out.

In my experience, buying traffic does not mean more sales, you may have more people on your website, google analytics might be alight with loads of visitors.  But in my experience, when I have experimented with buying traffic in the past.  That is all I got, no conversions, no sales.  Just supposedly some real people on my website.

That is an opinion that is share with many experienced and seasoned Internet Marketers, so my view was like this before I started researching into Traffic Robot 2.0 and to be honest.  There isn’t much in there to change that opinion.

Over Hyped Sales pages like the one for Traffic Robot 2.0 may make it sound like the best thing since sliced bread, but they focus more on the money you can make then clearly defining some key elements around where the traffic is coming from or how it will be targeted?

I would love to know what changes they have made since their original Traffic Robot software.  The original one is still being offered online; their website is still live.  The software offers the exact same thing, other than it will take 60 seconds with the first version, the new one will do it in 46 seconds?

I wonder why the original one does not take me to the new one???

Unfortunately, I see many crappy IM products these days, and they just seem to be a rehash of stuff and they just change the version number and hope some newbie will land on it and believe in all the hype they pitch in their sales pages.

Traffic is so important, and yet experience Internet Marketers will tell you to never buy traffic.  Whilst this product claims it is a free way of doing it, you are still doing the same thing because you are buying the software.

This is the crunch bit, to make sales and conversions you need relevancy.  If you have a really relevant pitch page and someone visits that page and is looking to learn more specifically about that product and then they decide to buy it, that is true internet marketing.

But just buying traffic and hoping they find the pitch page useful and then decide to buy it, that is very hit and miss.

If you put your focus in just using this software to get you traffic, you are missing the relevancy and relationship with your audience – that is where the sales are made.

I believe this software will generate you traffic, what I do not believe it can do is bring you specific readers that are in the right place of the Customer Purchase Lifecycle to go and buy whatever it is you are promoting.

Another sign that this is just aimed at making money for the owners, is the fact that you will only find (at the time of writing this) fully biased reviews from people who are promoting it to earn commissions.  They will even offer you bonuses; this is a common strategy from low-quality products like this one.

How can any product, not have anything to work on and yet this product is perfect according to the reviewers?  But here is the thing, this product is brand new and yet their reviews came out before it launched.  This is a strategy called Launch jacking, where people get told of the product coming out so they can get their review out first.  But they will have had no time with the product to see if it really works or not.

I also find their tactics on their sales page laughable.  They come up with the usual stuff, make more money, better lifestyle, etc.  But how can a traffic bot help you attract the man or woman of your dreams…?  I find that a hard one to believe!

How It Works

The premise is really simple:

3 Steps - Traffic Robot 2.0

3 steps to drive traffic to your website.  I wish it were that simple, but from experience – you would get traffic, but I hardly believe it will make it easier to convert those visits into sales.

Who Will Benefit from the Traffic Robot 2.0?

The sales pitch is aimed at anyone craving traffic, but that typically means people who are just starting out. They may lack the knowledge or experience to understand that buying traffic doesn’t work out, as there is no real way of making sure they are targeting the exact type of person interested in your pitch.

Personally, I feel this product will only benefit the owners!

How Much Does Traffic Robot 2.0 Cost?

Here is the thing about the price, as I write this it is $22.  But the owners are using a tactic on their sales pitch where the price is going up every 60 minutes.  It is a typically scarcity tactic, making you think it is better to buy it now, rather than wait.

But if this product is truly the traffic generation tool anyone would need, and it does product the outcomes it promises why use all these tactics?

If it was truly a great product, most website owners would buy it as it is the magic button they have been looking for.  If there was such a product, people would pay a handsome fee for it.

This just goes to show; this product is purely aimed at pulling people who lack the knowledge and experience to understand getting organic traffic is by far the best strategy and not relying on a robot to do it for you.

What is Good About Traffic Robot 2.0 (PROS)

Here is what we liked about it:

Traffic is King

I do value the fact they are really honest with people about the need for traffic.  It allows them to pitch this product as the answer, which I do not agree with.  But they do mention how important traffic is.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

You are covered by their 30-day money back guarantee

What Could Traffic Robot 2.0 Improve on? (CONS)

Here is what we didn’t like:

Buying Traffic Does Not Convert in Sales

You will only convert sales through this by sheer luck.  Someone is sent to your pitch page and they do decide to buy it. 

But experience tells me you need to ensure you have a targeted pitch post visited by the right person in the right buying frame of mind where you help them make a decision. 

You do this through keyword research and SEO, not by hoping a robot sends people to the right pitch post.

The Owners Have Pitched Low Quality Products Before

Billy Daar is well-known in the internet marketing world, yet he tends to put his name to low quality products time and again.  I feel this is just another product for them to profit from, and their claim will be you are getting traffic.  They are just not buying from you.

I also wonder why they have launched this as a new item, when they already have the first version.  You would have thought that when I landed on their old version, I would get sold to try their new one?

Buy It Before the Price Goes Up

I hate this tactic; it just shows up low-quality products too easily.  Buy it now, because the price is going up.  IF the product was that good, people would pay good money for it anyway.

Buy it now before the prices goes up?

Too Many Positive Reviews

This is a tell-tale sign, if you can only find 100% positive reviews with nothing to work on… it just seems a bit fishy.

I rank Wealthy Affiliate really highly, but even the owners realise they could make improvements.  Nothing stays the same, and you need to keep up.  If your product is perfection, why hasn’t it sold like hotcakes?

My Honest Opinion of Traffic Robot 2.0?

Whilst I would not trigger this as a scam, I would not recommend this to people who are struggling to get traffic.  You will find that you get traffic, but you will not get any conversions from these kinds of strategies.  I have tested it on another website, paid for traffic based on specific keywords to specific pitch pages.

Guess what I got… a spike in traffic, a bill for the bought traffic and not a single conversion.  I find it hard to believe Traffic Robot 2.0 is going to fix this kind of issue.  The reports about the first version are not great, and this is a trend with a low-quality product.  They let it die down, then relaunch it.  But, in essence it is the same product.

If you truly want to generate traffic on your website, the best strategy is still Keyword Research and SEO and creating high-quality content.  If you feel you are struggling to get your strategies right, you could benefit from the training and tools available at Wealthy Affiliate.  A proven training platform for potential internet marketers or struggling internet marketers to get their online business to where it needs.  Converting sales easily, rather than resorting to this type of product.  You need to create high-quality content that attracts readers on their own and that is where the conversions will come from!

Traffic Robot 2.0 at a Glance

Traffic Robot 2.0 Review

Product Name: Traffic Robot 2.0 

Owners: Billy Daar, David Kirby & Justin Opay

Website URL:

Product Type: Traffic Generation

Price: $22

Best For: The Owners

Recommended: No Rating: 2/5

Verdict: Not Recommended, Keyword Research & SEO Will Outdo This Any Day!

There you have it, our Traffic Robot 2.0 review.  Not much has changed from the first version and you are better off investing time in writing high-quality content to attract traffic.

Have your say, have you found any success from Traffic Robot 2.0?  Did you find your conversions went through the roof?  I would love to hear from you, but I still feel buying traffic doesn’t work.

If you have any questions or want to share any experiences, please write them in the comments below.  I would to hear from you, and I will respond as soon as I can.

Traffic Robot 2.0




Overall Rating



  • Traffic is Important
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Buying Doesn't Normally Convert
  • The Owners Have History
  • Price Keeps Going Up!
  • Loads of Overlly Positive Reviews

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