ClickBetter Review – Is it an Affiliate Marketplace Full of Scam?

ClickBetter Review – Is it an Affiliate Marketplace Full of Scam_

Affiliate Marketplaces can be great places for affiliate marketers to get easy access to loads of affiliate programs from one dashboard.  But is ClickBetter really the best option for someone looking to make money online? In our ClickBetter Review

Thanks for doing your research, it is the most effective way of avoiding scams and finding genuine ways to make money online but if you want the short story, ClickBetter is not the option for you.  We will show you why we feel it is a marketplace full of scams or low-quality products.

Let’s get into the ClickBetter review…

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How to Find the Right Affiliate Programs Like A Pro!

How to Find the Right Affiliate Programs Like A Pro!

Finding the right affiliate programs is essential to pushing your affiliate marketing business forward, but it is not actually that quick or easy to find the right affiliate program for your business.

Before we get into any detail about how to find the right affiliate programs, let’s just clarify your understanding of what exactly is affiliate marketing.

There are plenty of platforms out there stating they are teaching you affiliate marketing and yet, when we check them out, they are actually a MLM program or Multi-Layer- Marketing.

MLM is where your only focus is on recruiting people up the ladder, so you earn more money.  They are typically associated with scams and are not normally offering any value.  This leads you to believing affiliate marketing doesn’t work when in reality, it was nothing like real affiliate marketing.

Let’s briefly explain what affiliate marketing so we can then explain what affiliate programs are and how to find them like a pro!

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Payzeno Review – Is Payzeno a Scam?

Payzeno Review – Is Payzeno a Scam_

If you have been looking into whether the Payzeno digital marketplace is worth your time or is Payzeno a scam? Then you have come to the right place, I will share with you what this digital marketplace is like and answer your questions.

First off, it is a great sign that you are doing your research prior to making any decision about online products, it is a great mindset to have and help you afford scams and find only genuine opportunities to earn money online.

Whilst Payzeno is a genuine digital marketplace, there are too many signs that it is not worth your time and I will share them with you in my review.  Let’s get cracking!

Payzeno Overview & Rankings

Product Name: Payzeno  Payzeno Digital Marketplace

Owners: Unknown

Product Type: Digital Product Marketplace, Affiliate Network

Website URL:

Price: Free

Best For: No One Rating: 1/5

A Quick Payzeno Summary

Payzeno is a digital marketplace with a unique selling point of having blueprints with each product to help you sell them, but with only a handful of low-quality products on offer and an overall lack of quality, this marketplace is not the great place for new affiliate marketers that they try to claim they are.  I would not recommend this product to anyone, regardless of experience.

Recommended: No

If you are looking for a genuine training platform to learn affiliate marketing the right way, we recommend you read our Wealthy Affiliate review.

What Exactly is Payzeno?

Payzeno is a digital product marketplace.  If you have heard of Clickbank, this is where Payzeno is similar in design.  It allows digital product creators to add their products for affiliate marketers to promote them.

The premise is Affiliate Marketing, where you can earn commissions for introducing a buyer to that product.  But Payzeno’s claims that ‘Even Beginners can Succeed’ from it are far from the truth.  The blueprints that are offered with each product are shown to be poor and the products themselves are far from what an affiliate marketer should be (properly) promoting.

Affiliate Marketing is a very sound business model and can be really successful, but anyone new to Affiliate Marketing would do better with learning the basics from experts like Wealthy Affiliate, then trying their hand with Payzeno.

I will also share in this review why their claims on their homepage do not show through.

Who Does Payzeno Benefit?

Honestly, if they introduced a review process to products that are allowed on their platform and increased the number of products and services and offered high-quality products with blueprints that helped then it might be worth affiliate marketers taking a look.

But, in its current state I would not recommend it for anyone.

How Does Payzeno Work?

Their unique selling point is that when a merchant adds a digital product to Payzeno, they have to provide a sales blueprint.  As in, a guide to how you should sell their product in the best way to get conversions.

That idea is a good one, but they haven’t followed through.  As they do not review the product or their sales blueprint you could get anything with it.

How Does Payzeno Work?

For example, a product to help people make money online has a blueprint that just lists a number of keywords to use for PPC (Paid) Marketing.

Anyone with some keyword research knowledge could have found those out anyway.  So this does show that the merchants and the platform are just trying to take people’s money with providing great value.

The other thing that caught my eye with regards to Payzeno is the sheer lack of products on there.  Affiliate Networks are a great place for affiliate marketers, it means you only need one log-in to access thousands of products to promote.

But if you take Clickbank or Awin, they have total confidence from merchants as you can access a high number of products.  Payzeno, has about 500 and most are low-quality.

That tells us a big thing – No one has confidence in Payzeno. Genuine merchants, genuine affiliate marketers, it also shows they do not care about their platform too.

What is Good About Payzeno (PROS)

  • Merchants provide blueprints with a strategy to sell the product
  • Instant payout via PayPal

What Could Payzeno Improve on? (CONS)

Let’s look into where Payzeno could improve on.

Low Number of Products to Promote, all low quality

This is normally a sign of whether to join a network or not, if you looked in ClickBank they have over 13,000 products and services for you to promote.  But when you look into Payzeno in more detail, you find that they only have around 500 products.  This is a big worry for an affiliate marketer as it shows quality merchants do not have confidence in this platform at all.

Most are in the Make Money Online niche and after thorough research we know most products in this sector are potential scams or low-quality as they try and draw on your emotional heartstrings to make money.

I also found that a number of the product still on their platform link to websites that are no longer working, showing they were low quality or scams that have closed.

This also shows that Payzeno does not review the products before putting them on their marketplace.

The Payzeno Platform is Not Organised

It is not easy to navigate their platform at all, you just end up scrolling through pages of products hoping to find one that is worthwhile.

You cannot filter by certain products or sort them.  All you get is a search bar, which is great if you already know what you are looking for…

A big push from their sales pitch is the high commission rates, 90%-100% in some cases and yet you find there are no products with those types of commission rates.  I did not check every product, but I saw commissions as low as 0% or 2% and most were in the 50% range.

Lack of Tracking IDs for Campaigns

Tracking your campaigns is a fundamental aspect of affiliate marketing, without if you will not know where your conversions are coming from or how to adjust your marketing campaigns to improve them, so being able to add a tracking id to links is integral.

But Payzeno does not offer that service. All you get is one link.  So, if you are promoting a product in 5 places, you get one link.  So, you cannot narrow down which channel is working the best.  This is a big let-down in Payzeno.

How Much Does Payzeno Cost?

It doesn’t cost anything to get started with Payzeno, the biggest question you would have is why you would waste your time with a low-quality, poorly run digital marketplace like Payzeno

My Honest Opinion of Payzeno – Is Payzeno a Scam?

Whilst I must say that it is not a scam, it would not be a product that I would recommend.  It is a rather unprofessional digital marketplace that doesn’t seem to care what is promoted on there and I also find it intriguing that you cannot identify who the owners are.  Shows they don’t wany their name associated with it…

For anyone to truthfully recommend them, they need to start reviewing their products, make the platform user friendly and offer some training to help those newbies they are trying to entice in.

Personally, for me there are much better marketplaces out there, like Clickbank or Awin.

Payzeno at a Glance

Product Name: Payzeno Payzeno Digital marketplace - is payzeno a scam?

Owners: Unknown


Product Type: Digital Product Marketplace, Affiliate Network Price: Free

Best For: No One

Recommended: No Rating:  1/5

Verdict: Not Recommended, But Not a Scam

It isn’t a scam, but it would be a product I pointed affiliate marketers away from.

Get Started in Affiliate Marketing

You cannot just join an affiliate program with little or no experience and expect it to make you money promoting products.  You will either need to do a lot of research on your own and put in a ton of work, or you are going to need to get training in this area.

If you are looking for affiliate marketing training, then I would suggest Wealthy Affiliate. They are an affiliate marketing training platform that provides training.  But not only that, they also provide all the tools you need to get started and comes with expert help and support.  I started with them a couple of years ago when I first started looking for a way to make money online and have been a Wealthy Affiliate member ever since.

You can read my Wealthy Affiliate review here.

Thanks for reading my review, if you have any comments or questions please leave them below and I will get back to when I can.


What is CJ Affiliate by Conversant About? – CJ Affiliate Review


With the changeover from Commission Junction to CJ Affiliate by Conversant, I can totally understand why you might be asking What is CJ Affiliate by Conversant About?

I have taken the time to research this affiliate network and want to share with you what I found out about this established Affiliate Network.  I will also address all the bad press that has followed over from the change from Commission Junction too.

CJ Affiliate Overview & Rankings

Product Name: CJ Affiliate CJ Affiliate by Conversant

Owners: Conversant

Website URL:



Price: Free Rating:

A Quick CJ Affiliate Summary

CJ Affiliate by Conversant has done a lot of work to move away from the complaints that sat with its previous version called Commission Junction.  It offers Affiliate Marketers a solid platform to start promoting some established brands.  Whilst it has a lot of positives, there are problems like having to individual apply to each merchant with them having the option to refuse you and no PayPal option is also a sticky point.  All that said, I think any Affiliate Marketer would benefit from their platform due to the high number of well-known brands they can choose to advertise and if you are doing Affiliate Marketing properly, you should find no problems getting accepted.

What Exactly is CJ Affiliate?

CJ Affiliate by Conversant is an affiliate marketplace.  Formerly known as Commission Junction, they have tried to start afresh to get away from all the bad press and bad reviews the former platform received.  From my research I can see that a lot of affiliates had fallen out of love with Commission Junction due to a number of factors including commissions not being paid and accounts being closed.  This is what prompted me to have a look and see if CJ Affiliate by Conversant could change the way Affiliates were looking at them.

CJ Affiliate by Conversant is a global affiliate marketplace and has a lot of established merchants for affiliate marketers to choose from and advertise on their blogs.

In my opinion, there are a few people who have had a bad experience with Commission Junction and whilst their opinions are valid, there must be a reason why these established brands have stuck with CJ Affiliate and I think it is because their platform is solid.  They definitely have done some work to clean up their act.

Who Does CJ Affiliate Benefit?

Any Affiliate Marketer or blogger is the short answer.  Their categories cover a vast number of niches and with their graphics on how the network earnings have been going, it gives you a great insight into whether a merchant is worth advertising or not.

The platform is easy to use to search for opportunities, I selected Beauty to see how many opportunities there were and there were 110 results.

Sports and fitness yielded 121 results.

Whilst CJ Affiliate is based in the US and is the largest Affiliate Network in the US, I am based in the UK and many UK businesses are on here too.  For example, “Build a Bear” offer an affiliate program for both sides of the Atlantic.  There are definitely opportunities for affiliate marketers via CJ Affiliate.

How Does CJ Affiliate Work?

The application process is similar to other networks like Awin and ClickBank, but there is a key difference to how CJ Affiliate works compared to ClickBank.  Once you are inside ClickBank you can choose to promote any product or service within their network.  CJ Affiliate, you still need to manually apply to each product, service or brand you wish to promote.

So whilst you can get accepted to join CJ Affiliate overall, you may still need to please merchants to be able to promote their goods.

There is a network profile that you will need to fill in, as this is what the merchants will see to decide on whether they want to accept you.  If you are getting traffic and fit the bill, I cannot see a problem stopping you getting accepted.  But this might a hurdle for new affiliate marketers trying to promote a certain product or service.

In my opinion, this might be the last network you sign up with, after you have some decent traffic already coming in.  During the application process, they are asking you for your current ‘Unique Views’.  I selected less than 99k, as this is still a relatively new blog.  But there could be factors to consider when choosing a merchant to promote.

One of the things I do like about their platform is the search tool and the ‘Network Earnings’ graphic.  The search tool allows you to search via category, language, country and even currency. The detail they give you is a great way of knowing whether to join their program or not.

I am on the Fitness category in the image below and you will see that the top one for ’24 Hour Fitness’ looks a great one to try.  Scoring a 4 on the network earnings shows people are earning money from that affiliate program, I also like to see that you can earn just from getting someone go to their website, even if they do not end up buying it.  The lead is $1.25.  Get someone to click on the link and you earn a dollar, if you get someone to sign up to the 7 Day program, you can earn $18.43.

Fitness Category - CJ Affiliate

This gives you a great insight, even the Academy ‘Sports + Out Affiliate Apparel’ looks good too.

Whereas in the golf niche, the shoes are not getting as much through the network.

Golf Niche - CJ Affiliate

But from another point of view, this could be shown as an opportunity as it might be there are less affiliates promoting this.

Their insights tools is a good way of tracking how you are getting on within CJ Affiliate.  Now I have shared a screenshot below to show you what information you gain access to.  I haven’t signed up with any merchants, so you will not see any data.  But you can see what great information you gain access to.

Insights Tab - CJ Affiliate

This insights tool is new and is a great addition to this affiliate network program.

Another feature which is include is the ability to promote placement opportunities.  This is where you advertise your space on your website for advertisers to display their banners and links onto your website.  Make money from them hiring your sidebar on your website.  Great thing if you can get them interested.

AD Placement opportunities - CJ Affiliate

They have also ensured it can be managed for bigger teams as well, with the option to have users that can access the account.  If you have a team of people or end up having a team of people in the future, you are good to go with CJ Affiliate.

What is Good About CJ Affiliate?

  • Wide Selection of Offers.  They have a high number of merchants offering all types of offer including Pay-Per-Sale, Pay-Per-Lead and more.
  • Established Merchants – Many of the merchants are recognisable and sit well within the Fortune-500 for companies. This helps when trust is such a big factor for someone to make a purchase, knowing that these companies are established makes it easier to promote them.
  • Performance Stats for Merchants.  I love the fact that CJ tells you how each merchant is getting on within your dashboard. You get an idea upfront on which products are being promoted and doing well, and those that are less likely to work for you.  Half the battle is knowing what is selling, this is a major plus for me.
  • Lots of Affiliate Banners.  Every merchant offers banners and marketing material for you to use, via CJ.
  • Individual Product Links.  Some merchants have individual products that you can promote rather than the whole.  Makes it easier for Affiliates to promote these, and the performance stats will tell you which ones are good to promote with banners to use too.
  • All Commissions are Paid by CJ.  This gives you peace of mind when it comes to your commissions.  They are all paid by CJ and not the merchants, meaning your pay checks are predictable and secured from any problems.

What Could CJ Affiliate Improve on?

  • Advertiser Application Process – You have to manually apply to each affiliate program you wish to join.  Even if you have been accepted by CJ, you still need to be accepted by the advertiser.
  • It is Not Standardised.  Each advertiser or merchant has their own terms of service and refund terms.  Keeping track of all these is a bit of a headache to be honest.
  • No PayPal Payment Option.  This is one of the biggest gripes with CJ.  Most Affiliates have a PayPal account for their business, but CJ only offers Check or Bank Transfer. But the bank option is reserved to certain countries only and Checks are really tedious when it comes to cash flow.
  • Reputation for Closing ‘Inactive Accounts’. You might think that is quite common, Amazon do it and I would agree with you.  But some accounts have been closed when they are still earning commissions, so it begs the question how do they come to the decision it is inactive?
  • Temporary Advertiser Deactivation. The billing process between CJ and its merchants is often painful, so it could mean that one of your chosen advertisers is temporarily frozen during any time where there is an issue.  But guess what you will not earn any commissions during that time, even if people have followed your links.

How Much Does CJ Affiliate Cost?

It doesn’t cost you anything to join up with CJ Affiliate.  They make their money through the transactions that happened between merchants and affiliates.  So, there is no commission for you to pay.  There is a minimum cash out.  For the UK, it is £50.  The US, it seems is $25.

But this is where I kind of feel CJ Affiliate falls down… They have not got payment to PayPal.  You can choose to accept it as either Check or into Your Bank.

But unless you have a bank account in the name of your business. Most new affiliate marketers have not got this yet as they use PayPal, you are stuck with Check payments and this will still state Payee’s name as the business name.

What Is the CJ Affiliate Support Like?

Most of the questions you will have will be answered by the Support Centre.  Below you will see the options available to go through if you want to learn a bit more about specific subjects.

Support - CJ Affiliate

If there are other issues or questions you may have, they provide a customer service email.  I cannot seem to answer the question on how quickly someone will respond.  I got a response back quite quickly, however this is where Commission Junction fell down.  So, maybe they have learned from their mistakes.

My Honest Opinion of CJ Affiliate

Overall, I think they have worked really hard to get away from the bad points being raised when it was Commission Junction.  It is a well-established Affiliate Network with access to a lot of well-known brands and opportunities for Affiliate Marketers to do well with promoting.  Whilst the need to manually apply to each merchant is a tad annoying, the insights tools and reports make it very easy to keep track of your promotions and links.

Access to great looking banners and the ability to sell ad space on your website is a great feature included with this network.

Whilst pay outs via check or bank are an annoyance to some affiliate marketers, it is an easy one to get over if you are earning money through CJ Affiliate.

CJ Affiliate at a Glance

Product Name: CJ Affiliate CJ Affiliate by Conversant Review

Owners: Conversant

Website URL:



Price: Free Rating:

Verdict: A Solid Affiliate Network for Affiliate Marketers

Thanks for taking the time to go through my review.  If you have any further questions or would like to share your experience with CJ Affiliate by Conversant i would love to hear from you.  Add them to the comments below and I will definitely respond to you as soon as I can.


What is Share a Sale About? A ShareASale Review

What is Share a Sale About_ A ShareASale Review

If you have been looking into some affiliate networks to use within your affiliate marketing business, then you might ask yourself what is Share A Sale about?  Being an affiliate marketing network for quite a while, it has plenty to offer but is it worth your precious time?  In this review I have gone through everything that a potential affiliate partner would be asking themselves before joining.

About ShareASale

Shareasale Homepage

ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network connecting merchants with affiliates who want to promote their brands for a percentage commission.  It is based out of the US, in Chicago and is actually part of the Awin Affiliate Network.  Brian Littleton founded ShareASale in 2000, so has been around for 18 years and to date it has around 4,5000 merchants and over 700,000 affiliates registered with them.

Whilst most of the merchants are looking for marketers (affiliates) to provide buyers for products, there are a couple of other ways you can earn commission by introducing leads.

This review will be focusing on the affiliate side, as this will tend to be the side my readers will be interested in more.

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What Do I Need to Join ShareASale?

There is a minimum requirement to be able to sign up and start promoting the merchants on ShareASale.  This is a website or blog.  Even if you want to foucs on promoting products via paid promotions, you will still need a website.

If you haven’t got a website yet check out this guide to creating a free WordPress website for affiliate marketing.

Once you have a website, there are a number of questions you need to complete to go through the application.  Also note, that you will not gain immediate access.  A member of the ShareASale team will review your application – which is similar to the way Awin works.  This makes sense as ShareASale is a part of the Awin network.

Does It Cost Anything to Join ShareASale?

It doesn’t cost you anything to sign up with ShareASale, and there are no monthly subscriptions.  You can just sign up for free and start promoting.

How Does ShareASale Make Money?

Whilst it states there are no costs of joining and using ShareASale, they are obviously in the business to make money and this can be found within the commission rates you receive.  If you went to the merchant directly, you will notice that the commission rates they offer there are slightly higher than going through ShareASale.

It isn’t a huge difference, but that difference is where the network makes its money.

But, if I am honest this doesn’t put me off.  Having to individually register with each merchant can get tiresome and mean you would need a spreadsheet to keep up with who you have sign up with.  Using an affiliate network like this does make sense.

What Benefits Are There from Joining ShareASale?

Lets go through the benefits of working with ShareASale.

Huge Catalogue of Merchants and Products to Choose from

The first benefit is the ability to look through a catalogue of merchants and products to be able to write content about and promote.  Having to search via the internet for products takes time and you would also need to sign up with each affiliate program you found.  Time better spent writing content

Back-Office Dashboard

The back-office dashboard they provide is a great feature to keep an eye on how your promotions are working.  See sales, merchants and commissions in easy to read reports.  You can also dig a little deeper into each to understand how you are getting on.

Marketing Tools

They also offer numerous marketing tools to help you promote.  Promo banners and widgets, access to data feeds and more.

4 Different Ways to Earn Commission from ShareASale

Whilst most of the merchants are looking for you to introduce buyers to their products and services, it isn’t the only way to earn commissions within ShareASale.

Pay Per Sale

Every time you make a sale, you will earn a commission. The majority of the merchants work under this way.

Pay Per Lead

This is where you get paid if you introduce a lead, not necessarily a sale.  If you get someone to fill in a form, this can sometimes be enough.  The commission rate is typically lower than the pay per sale line, but still one to look for.

The best example I can use is insurance quotes.  If you get someone to use a comparison site comparing car insurance rates, this can be a typical pay per lead model.  If they don’t end up buying the lead, it will not affect your payout.

Pay Per Click

This is where you can earn commissions if they click on the link you provide.  Whilst it looks like an easy way to earn money, you will not find many merchants operating this model and you need to have at least one qualifying pay-out before you can even use it.

Pay Per Call

This is one that I am not sure how many people will actually use, the eligibility of actually being able to advertise it does make it something for people who are already earning plenty of earnings through the other 3 methods.

How Do You Get Paid?

Let’s start off by covering how much you need to have earned to be able to withdraw your earnings.  You need to have earned at least USD $50.00 to be able to get your earnings and they offer 3 different ways of payment.

  1. Via Check (different fees apply for checks being mailed via FedEx to either Canada, US or the rest of the world)
  2. Wire Deposit (into your bank)
  3. Payoneer

They do not currently use PayPal, and not sure if they ever plan on using this method as they have decided to go with Payoneer.  You would need to create a Payoneer account to be able to use it, but not many retailers actually accept Payoneer payments.  But choose whichever method works for you.

ShareASale Conclusion

ShareASale offers a high number of merchants and is definitely worth a look if you are an affiliate marketer looking for new products or services to add to your blog to promote.  With little fuss over being able to apply, other than having a website there are no hoops to jump through unlike other networks.

I would always suggest you review the list and ensure it is relevant to your audience, as looking through it I would find that being from the UK, I do not know many of the brands in certain niches and this would be a factor depending on where you are targeting with your website.

Being part of the Awin umbrella, does mean that ShareASale does get a positive score from me, as Awin is a very good affiliate network and is the largest in the world boasting a lot of merchants to advertise.  So is definitely worth a look at as well as looking at ShareASale.

If you have any further questions or want to share any experience you have had with ShareASale, then please write them in the comments below and I will come back to you as soon as I can.



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