Learn Affiliate Marketing and Start Earning Online

Are you looking for a great training platform that you can learn affiliate marketing?  There are plenty of them available.  But do they all offer the support you need when you are first starting out…?  That is often the key reason why people end up not succeeding at Affiliate Marketing.

The help and support you get from any platform you choose to sign up with will sometimes be the key to you sticking to your business and see it through to the point where you are earning money.

Today, I will share with you some key things you need to consider about affiliate marketing before you decide whether it is definitely for you and also a great training platform that has helped thousands achieve success too.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Let’s just start with clarifying what Affiliate Marketing really is and you can earn money from it too.

Affiliate Marketing is where you receive a commission for introducing a buyer to an item.  If you have a blog where you are promoting products or services and sign up with an affiliate program.  You can use a special link where if your reader follows it to the merchant website and buys the product you will earn a percentage of the sale price.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

To show how big a deal this is, Amazon offers an affiliate program.  It is a usual starting point for many new affiliate marketers, due to the ease of getting accepted and gives your website trust due to people knowing Amazon already.

Affiliate Marketers, with the right training and support are earning really well from it and the market is only going to grow.

The opportunity for affiliate marketers is vast, as long as you can get your strategies right.  But there are also a few things that you will need to factor in before you decide to venture down this road….

What You Need to Know about an Affiliate Marketing Business

You need to ask yourself the following question before you decide to jump into an affiliate marketing business.

How much time and effort are you willing to put in to make it work?

The reason I ask this is, many affiliate marketers fail, and it is because they think this will yield results a lot sooner than is the reality.  I am not saying this will not work, but this is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  Sorry, but I am yet to find one that is genuine and works.

It takes time and I mean weeks, rather than days.  You will need to remain consistent at creating content, until the point it starts earning you money.

Learning Affiliate Marketing is relatively easy and the work you will need to put in is again easy to describe.

But you need to stay committed to it to make it work!

Often, we see that people work really hard for 2 weeks.  They create a good website, create some great content and follow the training to the letter.

But then some will start asking the question, why isn’t this working??

We go into this concentrating on the earning money part, and not the fact we are building a business.  A bricks and mortar business would not expect to earn a profit in the first year.

Yet, we are led to believe we can earn money overnight with the internet.  This is down to the number of scammy products that promise you earnings, when in reality it is jut a way of losing your money.

Some affiliate marketers will earn money quicker than others, it all depends on a number of factors.  but the more effort you put in the better your chances of this.

I don’t want to put you off, I would not be where I was today with Affiliate Marketing.

But if you seriously want to learn affiliate marketing and actually earn from it, you need to understand that there is a lot of hard work to do to make it a successful gig.

But one of the key attributes of really successful affiliate marketers is they are constantly learning and keeping themselves up-to-date with their niche and affiliate marketing too.  They also never quit!

So, where can we learn affiliate marketing, What is the best affiliate marketing training for beginners?

Where to Learn Affiliate Marketing?

There is more than just learning the premise of affiliate marketing and then going on your way to success.  There are other factors to consider and learn:

  • Website Development & Programming
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Authoring & Writing Content
  • Search Engine Optimisation

But the training platform I recommend, will take you by the hand and take you step-by-step through:

  • Building Your Very Own Website
  • Getting that Website on the Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo)
  • Writing Content that Converts
  • Affiliate Programs and Networks
  • Growing & Scaling Your Business

One of the key elements I love about this platform is that you also get access to a community of like-minded individuals all either striving to become an online entrepreneur or they are already a successful entrepreneur looking to help newbies.

This community will be there every step of the way.  You will also gain personal access to me.  Anytime you have a question or are stuck, we will be there to help you get back on track with your online business.

The platform I am referring to is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is Your Perfect Partner

Combining 17 years of experience, Kyle & Carson are the owners of Wealthy Affiliate.  They are also the only owners of a training platform that actually interact with members.  They give you personal access to their experience and knowledge via the training and you can actually interact with them and get their opinions on business stuff.

Their training is ideal for someone starting out.  But their platform and tools allow for businesses that are ready to scale.

As a free starter member, you will gain access to a 10-part course on how to start an affiliate marketing business.

Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership Training

You will also gain 2 free WordPress websites to start building your affiliate marketing business.  Anytime you are stuck, you will also find me in the community to ask me anything, anytime.

Start Learning & Earning from Affiliate Marketing with WA

If you are ready to commit to a business model that can and will earn you money online, then you will find no better training platform and support network, then you will find at Wealthy Affiliate.

There is no catch, you can have a free starter membership for free with no need for a credit card.  You will also experienceWA Starter Membership what Wealthy Affiliate can offer, you will even have your own website up and running by the end of lesson four.  You will also have a true understanding of what it will take for it to become success.

If we go back to the amount of work required, there is a need to work hard at it.  But you are working hard on a business that you want to work on, and you can easily build that business on something you really want to do.  If you have a passion or interest in photography, for example.  Then you will find it easier to stay motivated until it does start turning a profit.  Once you have hit your first sale, it does become a massive moment and definitely shows you the potential that affiliate marketing offers.

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If you have any further questions around affiliate marketing, wealthy affiliate or anything else – then please write a comment below.  I promise to come back to you as soon as possible.  Thanks

20 thoughts on “Learn Affiliate Marketing and Start Earning Online”

  1. Thank you for your great insight into how affiliate marketing works.  I really love your diagrams, especially the one showing the flow of how affiliate marketing works.You mention Amazon, do you mainly make your affiliate income from Amazon or which other sources?  All ideas will be helpful thank you.You mention Wealthy Affiliate is the best training platform and support network.  Did you learn everything from them?  Are there any other additional sources you can recommend?Thank you

    • Hey John,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.  There are a number of different affiliate networks that could benefit your business – but that all depends on your niche.

      You will also find just using google to search for affiliate programs associated with what your blog is about will yield a number of results.

      But you could try, Awin or Clickbank for starters around affiliate programs.

      As to your second question, I pretty much learned everything I needed to from Wealthy Affiliate.  You will find that what might not be covered in the training created by Kyle & Carson, is normally covered by either Jay who does the weekly Webinars or the community.  Members of the community have created some awesome training about different factors, that I have learned a lot from.

      For example, I didn’t really know a lot about pinterest or instagram – and due to members training, have used them to great affect in our online business.

      The other factor when learning things is the training that the platforms themselves provide.  Amazon, has fantastic training and tools to manage their affiliate program.  Google offers some great training on using their free tools they provide.

      One fo the key things you will soon learn from running an online business is, you need to stay informed constantly.

      hope that helps?


  2. Hey there! This article on “Learn Affiliate Marketing and Start Earning Online” is just amazing as it’s informative. You’ve provided us everything from A-Z on affiliate marketing. I want to join Wealthy Affiliate but what if I don’t like? Will they offer any refund or something?

    Thanks in advance for answering my question. Great Work!!!

    • Hey, 

      thanks for checking out my post.  There is no charge at all for using the free starter membership.  So there is no financial commitment on your behalf, so hence no need for a refund.

      Kyle and Carson want to ensure you know everything about WA, before deciding whether to venture forth with the higher memberships. 



  3. hey Jon you are so spot on this article, affiliate marketing is not for those hoping for a get rich quick system and just like beginning a offline business you will not turn a profit within a month. Although you can do this without the large initial outlays a brick and mortar business brings you do need to invest your time in learning the basic strategies of the search engines and write content informatively and regularly.

    Great article thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Dianne,

      thanks for checking out my post.  You are right, that is a factor that is often lost.  You only need to invest your time into an online business.  The more time you invest, the more likely you will reach your goals.



  4. Oh I can not be thankful enough for Wealthy Affiliate and the ability to start earning online! Your step by step guideline will help any new entrepreneur to be able to earn a living online.  I have been in Wealthy Affiliate for one year actively now and I am seeing the fruits and I especially enjoy the community that is so helpful.

    • Hey Emmy,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.  A year is a realistic goal, if we bet it fantastic, but if we hit earnings within a year – that is also an awesome achievement.  good luck in scaling your business.



  5. This is a well constructed and easy to read article! Your infographic about what affiliate marketing was the thing that really made it clear to a newbie like me.

    You say that a lot of people give up after a few weeks when they don’t see any result… I think that maybe those people are not seeing the big picture here. They don’t see it like the job it is and they miss the correct perspective on things. I mean, nobody starts a business in a few weeks and makes hundreds of dollars per month, right?

    • Hey Laura,

      you touch on a fabulous point.  But there are so many programs out there that promise quick earnings, that it does seem achievable to someone who is just starting out.  We also think about earning like we do at our normal day job.  I worked an hour, and I get paid for an hour.

      It doesn’t work like that in business, but business owners are the ones that earn the big bucks.  But when they started out, they didn’t earn – they saw the big picture.

      I love watching the Apprentice every week, Alan Sugar started with nothing and now is a billionaire.  I am not saying we are all going to strive like that.  but having the business acumen does help a lot.



  6. Hey John & Gemma! 🙂

    You can’t believe the number of affiliate marketing training platforms I’ve tried since 1999 lol.

    Some were scams, some were just “OK”, and some even became outdated and just fizzled out.

    So in my experience, picking the right platform with in-depth training, effective tools, and 24/7 support really is the key to success because there’s a lot of fluff out there that underdelivers.

    Needless to say, it’s also going to take heaps of hard work and time to make those elements work. It’s okay investing in a platform but it’s a waste of money if folks aren’t going to take any action.

    Affilorama and Chris Farrell Membership are 2 great platforms I’ve tried in the past. But after joining Wealthy Affiliate and learning so much on blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing (among other topics), experiencing the effectiveness of the tools and services, and receiving quick support any time of day, it really is the best pick of the bunch, in my opinion.

    I’ve been a member of WA since 2013 and have never looked back!

    Besides the support, what are your other favorite aspects of WA when it comes to the training and tools?


    • Hey Neil,

      thanks for checking out our post and adding some great thoughts about Wealthy Affiliate.

      The web hosting is awesome, with little down time and a focus on the customer experience, it is hands down a major plus of WA.

      I also love the weekly webinars.  Jay adds so much value to our business every week.


      John & Gem

  7. Fabulous post. Affiliate Marketing is one of my favorite ways to make money online. This is what I want to do for real. I’m working on everything I need to set up my website. I’ve seen the potentials of this business and I’ve found an awesome place to get started… Wealthy Affiliate always seem to amaze me! I love everything about it.

    • Hey,

      thanks for adding some thoughts to my post.  Good luck to you, it is well worth the hard work at the start to see it through.



  8. Good Morning John,

    You are right in stating Affiliate Marketing needs time, dedication, and a lot of patience. Rome was neither build in one day. 

    People give up way too soon and that is a shame. To be successful you need a good company like Wealthy Affiliate where you will be guided to make a good website and start earning money.

    I have been with Wealthy Affiliate now for nearly 2 years. In the beginning I had no clue about nearly everything concerning website making but now I have acquired quite a bit of knowledge which makes me happy of the decision of joining.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Hey Taetske,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.  That help makes it so much easier to carry on and reach that point where you reach your first sale.  That is when you know affiliate marketing is your future.  Without WA, many of us would not have reach that goal and moved onto scaling it too.



  9. There is a great deal of money that can be earned from Affiliate Marketing and the best place to get started is Wealthy Affiliate. I stumbled on Wealthy Affiliate over a year ago and I was ecstatic about it because the reviews were too good to be true. I kept looking for Wealthy Affiliate reviews… No one was speaking bad about it. I had to give it a try few weeks ago and I am amazed by the platform. I’ll certainly recommend this platform to everyone looking to get started with making money online.

    • Hey Barry,

      thanks for sharing your thoughts.  Wealthy Affiliate has such a positive vibe about it for a reason. Help, Support and awesome training help people make money from home.



  10. It’s really refreshing to find people actually caring about others succeeding in the efforts of online marketing. I feel that there are not many people like that out there. Most of them I find only care about the commissions. They’re not really interested in providing value. I do, however, feel different about you guys. 🙂

    Loved the explanation on what the affiliate marketing is. And the section on what one needs to know about affiliate marketing business was really insightful. 

    I also do feel that people just tend to give up too soon. Doesn’t matter if it’s in affiliate marketing or in regards to any other career they’re putting the efforts in. It takes time. The fact that some random guy boasts about having earned 10 grand in his first week, doesn’t make another a failure. For a fact, most of these boasters haven’t really earned anything, they’re just boasting because it makes them feel good.

    “The more effort you put in the better your chances of this!” – Very, very WISE and TRUE words!!!

    Thank you, I appreciate you, John!

    Cheers and have a Great One!


    • Hey Matiss,

      thanks for checking out our post.  I loved reading your comments.  

      You are right, you do need to cut through the rhetorical on a lot of these people boasting about earnings.  They state that they earned $10k in a month.  but when you read more, it wasn’t their first month.  

      It was their last month, after spending a few years getting their strategies right!

      Paying it forward in this business is the true mentality to have.  People are looking for help, not salespeople.  We love helping people and will carry on helping people.

      Knowing that it will take time is easier said than done.  But that is harder when you are doing this all alone.  We offer to help anyone who wants it to get to their goals.




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