The Six Figure Mentors Review – Scam or Legit?

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Have you been looking into the Six Figure Mentor (SFM) program and wondering if it is a scam or legit?  In this Six Figure Mentors Review you will learn why I think that their claims are a bit overstated and that this really only benefits the guys at the top.

Whilst not a scam, it I personally don’t see it as worth your time.  Check out why in this review.

Six Figure Mentors Overview & Rankings

Product Name: The Six Figure Mentors Six Figure Mentors Review

Owners: Jay Kubassek & Stuart Ross

Website URL:

Product Type: High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing/

MLM Training + Membership

Price: Depends on Your Membership Level

Best For: The Owners + Top 2% Members Rating:


A Quick Six Figure Mentors Summary

The Six Figure Mentors claim to be affiliate marketing, but it works more like a high-ticket MLM company.  They offer limited internet marketing training and services with a number of different membership levels and expensive upsells.

Recommended: No

What Exactly is Six Figure Mentors?

Founded in 2011, the Six-Figure-Mentor program offers step-by-step training based on Internet Marketing, with various marketing tools and resources all with the intention of helping people earn money online.

Six Figure Mentors was launched by a couple of guys called Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross and is heavily linked with another of their products called Digital Experts Academy. This also leads to a massive push for you to purchase DEA as part of your membership.

But a red flag for me would be Jay Kubassek is also the founder of a company called Carbon Copy Pro.  Now, if you haven’t heard of this product that is great, because it was deemed to be a massive scam.

Owners of SFM - Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek

But whilst it is aimed at teaching you affiliate marketing, it does rely heavily on you promoting only their product which makes this more a MLM type company.  The training is basically all about promoting Six Figure Mentors to others and doesn’t teach you anything related to anything else. But we will get into the detail shortly.

Check out the video below, posted by Stuart Ross explaining what the SFM system is about.

Who Does Six Figure Mentors Benefit?

This is where MLM or Multi-Layer Membership programs let themselves down as not affiliate marketing.  Only the guys at the top of the program will be making the money they are talking about, unless you can get yourself up to the top then you will be struggling to make it work.

Personally, if you are looking for genuine opportunities to make money online, MLM opportunities are not worth it.  You are far better going with a tried and tested method like affiliate marketing and get expert help and support from the team at Wealthy Affiliate.

How Does Six Figure Mentors Work?

Once you sign up with the Six Figure Mentors program, you are assigned a coach.  Their aim is to help guide you through the step-by-step training in affiliate marketing.  But remember, this is only focused on promoting the SFM program and not anything else!

This is where we describe the Six Figures Mentors Funnel:

The Six Figure Mentors Funnel

This is the how it would work for someone or joined, and also the method for funnelling new people to join SFM too.

Step 1: SFM Ads

This is your typical entry point, you see an ad via a blog post, social media or YouTube which will lead you to their standard capture page.  The typical one is Stuart’s YouTube ad showing you how he is making money whilst relaxing on the beach

Step 2: Capture an Email

This is all they ask at first, give them your email address and they will gift you a free 70day Video Training on how to live a ‘Laptop Lifestyle!’

Step 3: 7-Day Free Video Training

You will receive a video each day for a week.  The videos are a mixture of Stuart or Jay and they are talking to you about an introduction to affiliate marketing (but a very basic one).  They will also be pitching to you why their business model is better than the rest and why you should join them.

Step 4: Buy the Basic Membership

To progress any further, you will need to purchase their basic starter membership which costs $29.95.  This might seem a reasonable deal, but it has a very limited access to their whole system.  It is just enough to entice you with the upcoming upsells…

Step 5: Contact Your SFM System Consultant

At some point, you will be asked to contact your system consultant, as well as booking a skype call with one of their business coaches.  This is about answering any questions you may have, offer help but more importantly to get you to upgrade your membership to the next level, gain more access to the system and pay more money!

Step 6: The Upsells Kick in…

This stage is where they will bombard you with upsells to the next membership level.  You will always hit a snag and need the next level to progress.  This is a typical tactic used in MLM programs, to get you to upgrade otherwise you will not be able to enjoy the laptop lifestyle they talk about so much about.

What is Good About Six Figure Mentors (PROS)

  • Offers Basic Information about Affiliate Marketing
  • Offers Basic Skills and Knowledge on Internet Marketing in general
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

What Could Six Figure Mentors Improve on? (CONS)

Let’s look at what could be better within SFM?

Only Great if You Want to Promote SFM

I mean this in the way that you do not learn anything related outside of Promoting SFM, so if you wanted to promote something else like many Affiliate Marketers do you would still need to learn how to do this elsewhere.

You also do not get to choose what you want to build your online business about.  It is promoting SFM and that is it.  No option to promote something you are passionate about and that is really limiting your opportunities online.

They claim you can build your business in any niche you like, but do not offer any training or support to help with this.

This is where the signs it is an MLM scheme becomes very apparent.

Upsell After Upsell

I put myself in the shoes of someone looking for a genuine opportunity online and wonder how many of them could afford to invest into a program that has upsells that could cost you $20,000?  If you already have that kind of money, you already know everything you need to know, you do not need this program to fill in the blanks…

Pay to Become an Affiliate?

I also find this a hard pill to swallow and is normally a sign that a program is either a scam or an MLM scheme.  You have to pay to promote their platform.  You only gain access to their marketing materials once you have paid up and become a member.

How Much Does Six Figure Mentors Cost?

There are four membership levels within the Six Figure Mentors platform, and like I said each level has a limited access unless you go for the top tier membership.

Membership levels at SFM

  • Affiliate Access: Free 7-Day Video Series, no access to anything other than the videos
  • Student Access: $29.95 + $25/month (optional)
  • Essential Membership: $297 + $97/month
  • Elite Membership: $2,500/year + $97/month

AS they have your email address, they will keep hounding you to upgrade to the next level.  Then they also start promoting other high-ticket upsells including Digital Experts Academy.

Digital Experts Academy Membership Upsell

If you do get up to the Elite Membership, they then start pushing their other product Digital Experts Academy.  This is sold by saying to get more support and training you must upgrade. But this is where it starts getting even more expensive, let’s go through the 4 levels:

  • DEA Silver: $2,500
  • DEA Gold: $8,000
  • DEA Platinum: $11,000
  • DEA Black: $20,000

That is some upsell, but with that you might think the commission rates would be good.  But this is not the case, with most commissions between 5% and 10%.  This means you need to sell the high-ticket membership to make some serious money.  For detailed info about their membership rates and affiliate commissions, please refer to their payout structure.

What are the Six Figure Mentors Tools Like?

On top of the cost of the different membership levels, they also offer tools for you to build and run your online business.  But these are not included and are all a cost option.

Here are the main 4 tools offered by SFM:

  • Digital Business Lounge: $37/month or $67/month
  • Simple Lead Capture: $29.95/month
  • Grapix Creator: $99
  • SimpleTrakk: $9.95/month

Don’t get me wrong, these tools are very useful for building your website and running your website but they also do have flaws with them and the big problem for me is the “locked-in” approach.  If you start with this business model you are stuck with them.

What Is the Six Figure Mentors Support Like?

Whist you will have contact with a consultant, the level of support will ultimately be decided by your current membership level.  I can see this being used to gain more support if you ever came across problems…

Does the Six Figure Mentors Success bring Success?

There are definitely real people making serious money with the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy platform.

But there is something in common with all the success stories, they are all on the highest membership levels.  They are all paying for the $20k DEA Black membership + all the other costs associated with the platform.

How many ordinary people can afford to make that kind of investment?

I am of the opinion, the only people who will get success with this program is those at the top, the top 1-2% of members and the owners.

The majority of other users will be suffering with trying to promote a product which is hard to sell anyway. They will also be stuck, as they have invested their time and money which makes it hard to walk away from it.

My Honest Opinion of Six Figure Mentors – Is SFM a Scam?

Whilst SFM is not a scam, it is really a program that only benefits the people at the top like most pyramid or MLM schemes do.

It is just too expensive and really restricts you to promoting one product and service and the only way to be successful, is by being willing to part with a lot of money.

Six Figure Mentors at a Glance

Product Name: Six Figure Mentors  Six Figure Mentors Review

Owners: Jay Kubassek & Stuart Ross

Website URL

Product Type: High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing/

MLM Training + Membership

Price: Depends on Your Membership Level

Best For: The Owners + Top 2% Members

Recommended: No Rating:


Verdict: Not Recommended, Too Expensive and Limited

Let me Show you a Better Way to Make Money Online

Whilst the Six Figure Mentors platform is not ideal for someone just starting out looking for ways to get started online, I would like to give a shout out to the platform that I used to build an online business.  It is the training platform I used to learn everything I could about Affiliate Marketing and monetising a website.

This website is the result of what I have learned from Wealthy Affiliate!

Imagine a comprehensive training platform designed for people of all skill levels, to get you started with your online affiliate marketing business.  All the tools needed are included within the membership and is supported by a highly motivated community of like-minded individuals all there to help you.  Read my in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate and make up your own mind.

If you have any questions or want to share any experience you have had with the Six Figures Mentors program, then please write them in the comments below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.



Six Figure Mentors

Depends on Your Membership Level









Overall Rating



  • Offers Basic Training in Affiliate/Internet Marketing
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Only Good if Promoting SFM
  • Too Many Expensive Upsells
  • Pay to Become an Affiliate?

30 thoughts on “The Six Figure Mentors Review – Scam or Legit?”

  1. I hate upsells. They are pretty much my number one pet peeve when it comes to internet marketing. 

    A few months ago I let myself get sucked into a platform that sounds very similar to the Six Figure Mentor platform that you are describing. 

    They got my email, convinced me to make a small purchase and overpromised and underdelivered. Luckily they had a no questions asked money back guarantee so I was able to get my money back. 

    It was actually a good learning experience for me to understand better what type of thing I should stay away from. But it would have been better if I could have just read an article like yours and avoided the whole hassle. 

    • Hey Mariah,

      thanks for checking out my review.  It does feel like a painful thing when we get sucked into the wrong product, luckily you were able to get your money back.  A lot of people are unfortunately unable to do this.

      Gem and I are always looking out for products that we can review to help people avoid such painful decisions.



  2. Thanks for this review of Six Figure Mentors. It sounds like one I would stay far away from! 

    It’s like a program that I bought into WAY back in the day. All that program did was teach you how to sell the program. I mean, what value is there in that? I was so disappointed when I figured it out. Now, I stay away from those types of things. I want to learn how to be independent and promote what I want!

    Also, the amount that you have to purchase here to make the REAL money is insanity. You’re right. The average person isn’t going to be able to do that. I know I’d rather spend $20,000 toward a car than an MLM scheme. 

    No thanks. I’ll pass! 

    • Hey Christina,

      thanks for checking out my review.  I know, right?  $20k is a lot of money, and if you are earning that online you already know everything you need to earn more online without the help of SFM.

      Being able to promote what you want in a niche you are passionate about gives you so much freedom, and is a business you can put your heart and soul into as it will be a business you love.  Wealthy Affiliate offers great training and tools to help with this, and the price is nowhere near SFM’s fees.



  3. Hi John! I really don’t like MLM. And I’m glad you have helped me identify it as an MLM. I don’t like up sales either. And the fact its high ticket adds to my decision to not join Six Figure Mentors.

    The name itself suggests great profits. And that frightens me a little. I know Internet Marketing works. But any person or platform that claims that anybody can make six figures, seems to be presenting a hype promotion. That’s just my point of view.

    • Hey Henry,

      thanks for checking out my review.  It is all about the emotional pull of earning a ton of money.  Internet Marketing or Affiliate Marketing does work, you are right.  But this isn’t strictly affiliate marketing and they are just trying to convince you that sitting by a pool and promoting SFM will work wonders, when in reality marketing takes a lot of work to get right.

      thanks for sharing your thoughts


  4. Hi,I am with Wealthy Affiliate for the past 10 months and aside from the annual fee ( I upgraded on Black Friday in November ), I am not paying anything more. 

    And there’s no upsell here when you go yearly already, which is cheaper when you are paying monthly.

    I plan to stay here for a long time because the trainings are awesome and you can read them again and again when you want to or would like to refresh your knowledge. 

    Plus the community is so supportive.I will definitely not enrol in the Six Figure Mentors and be bribed to go pay more if you want to learn more or earn more.Thanks for the information.Marita

    • Hey Marita,

      thanks for checking out my review.  Wealthy Affiliate hasn’t changed their pricing structure in 14 years.  There is one reason for that, they are all about supporting their members.  They are not about having loads of different layers and confusing hype.  They are about offering support, and awesome tools to help people get online in a safe environment.  That is why they will always be our No.1 Recommended Product.

      With the tools and the up-to-date training, they could have charged a lot more – but that is not what Kyle and Carson about.

      Six Figure Mentors are about taking your money, not offering quality training or support.  That is the difference between a supportive training platform (WA) and an MLM Scheme (SFM).

      thanks again for sharing your experience


  5. This is a great article, with great information.  I am very much opposed to MLM systems, and I really appreciate that you help people identify this as one even though it masquerades as an affiliate marketing program. It is sad to think that someone could invest thousands of dollars before finding that out. 

    • Hey Nate,

      that is a scary point, that someone could invest over $20k and find that it doesn’t work as well as they state. (They never do).

      I personally think MLM systems are not a friend to an online marketer and they always target the new marketer who hasn’t got the experience to say no.  That is why we try and shout as loud as we can about products like this.



  6. This is a typical system that we have all seen too many times. Unless you research thoroughly, you can get caught in the upsell trap, purchasing more and more add-ons that promise the world but only really lead to more upsells!

    That you for your continued efforts in highlighting these sites.

    • Hey David,

      you are welcome.  We work hard to highlight any product, both good and bad that can help people online.



  7. I was with Better Networker Forum about 6 years ago, Jay Kubassek and his Carbon Copy Pro was very popular then in that site and I saw a lot of people working or promoting the program. Little did I know that his program have hurt a lot of people, and you yourself labels him as something bad. Anyway, pragmatism tells us that the character of a person is determined to how many people love or hate him, and with Jay, it looks like he’s done really bad.

    I am a bit intrigued by the name of his company which is Six Figure Mentors. I wonder why they named their company like that. Isn’t because they’re dedicated to helping us earn six figures or the trainers are the ones that are six figure earners? I am afraid that if I join their program, I’m gonna make Jay richer, so maybe I am better off joining your recommended program which is Wealthy Affiliate. 

    I’m checking the link to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Hey Gomer,

      thanks for checking out my review.  thanks for sharing your experience with the better networker forum.  It works both ways, a great reputation will stay with you.  But a bad one will stick and taint anything you touch.  MLM schemes tend to favour the people at the top and I am not a fan of them.

      Interesting point about the name… I suppose they are pulling on the emotional heartstrings about people wanting to earn a 6-figure salary but does lead the owners to earning one. Didn’t think of it that way.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a safe and friendly environment that aims to teach you all the skills needed to get online, they do not leave stuff out and are there to help, no matter what you want to promote.

      A definite benefit, and has helped Gem and I online in a big way.



  8. This is yet another program very similar to one that I fell for when I first started online marketing over 4 years ago. It was pretty much the same, almost a carbon copy, as this six-figure mentor program seems to be. This is not anything that I would recommend at all to a newbie, and a seasoned marketer will run, not walk, away from this.

    The owner who has been already taken down for offering a product that has been proven to be a scam is more proof, and the numerous other red flags you mention make this an easy one to pass on. The problem is that many people will be sucked in by the outrageous claims and sign up.

    The coaches are selling as they make money, and the training as you say is not complete nor focused on anything much other than selling their own overpriced products. Paying to be an affiliate makes no sense to me either. The last bit that is a killer for me is the high-priced upsells and complementary products they push on you as a member. 

    Thanks for the heads up on this one, I have added them to my long list of black-listed sites and products. I do hope that many people do some due diligence and find their way here before falling for this overhyped and seemingly pretty much ineffective platform.

    • Hey Dave,

      we do to – we hope to save anyone from falling into any online scams or products that are not worth the money.  You are right, they are experts at marketing.  They make you feel like you would fail without this product and only they can make you live that lifestyle.  

      But if people are doing their research, they will definitely avoid these traps and we are always here to help.

      thanks Dave


  9. I can’t believe the amount and price of the upsells! Those are ridiculous! :OTo be honest, after getting into so much scams of trying to make money online, I’ve learned to stay away from courses that are boasting of how people can get rich quickly. Even just the domain will get me out the door already.And I got really fed up of upsells after some time. I really appreciate platforms where I can just pay in one shot and enjoy all the perks of being a member.I still can’t believe the upsells prices…I believe we can just find the knowledge of affiliate or online marketing elsewhere..Thanks for sharing this review!

    • Hey Wina,

      thanks for checking out my review.  It is astounding the numbers quoted for these upsells.  But when people are desperate, they make quick decisions.  This is where we try to help people make informed decisions, to save them money and make the right decisions for them.

      Some products are worth investing in, like our favourite Wealthy Affiliate.  But others, not so much.



  10. First of all thank you for your massive amount of research on this subject.Your detail is very valuable and should serve at least a caution to anyone who is thinking about investing in this program but indeed on any other similar program.

    Just one question springs to mind, and it is something that has bothered me for some time. Yes I think most people understand the bottom up flow of a MLM type of business, but is the model just what we used to call pyramid selling? And if so wasn’t that criminalised under UN law?

    • Hey Adrian,

      thanks for checking out my review.  I think if they are careful enough, they can avoid the tag of a pyramid scheme, and if some members are earning money then it can be proved, that it isn’t a pyramid scheme. People who are investing in the DEA Black membership are earning money from this, so it isn’t only the owner that is making money.

      That is a typical pyramid scheme, where the owner is the one making money and no one else is.  This is slightly different, but i can see why you might think they are the same thing.  It is a fine line, I think.

      Also, they operate in the US, so it would be for the FDA to determine.

      great question though, Adrian.



  11. Thanks John, for your review on the six figure. I have heard so much about The Six Figure Mentors but have not really make out time to research more on their product. Someone said something about them having upsells and the people at the top making all the money, and it is exactly in line with what you have reviewed. This is pure Multi level marketing. I cant imagine being compelled to purchase a product (DEA) that is not part of the program I am being mentored on. That alone is a turn off for me.The Six Figure Mentors is certainly too expensive and not favourable to newbies in the online marketing.

    • Hey Gracen,

      thanks for checking out my review. You are bang on, it is an MLM scheme.  It is all about moving up the levels to be able to progress and earn the money.  Which I am still not sure would come, unless you invest in the high numbers they are after.

      Not a great product, to be honest.


  12. I have heard about the six figure mentors but I did not take enough time to check it out, I want to appreciate you for bringing up this post I think I am very lucky today to have come across this post, everyone would like to earn a big figure revenue but as I went through this post, I find out that the six figure mentors are relatively expensive as you develop to a higher level but also I don’t find it as a scam for I tend to believe that by following the steps and all the video trainings you might end up learning alot of things that might help you with a great effect, on my opinion I would rather stick here at wealthy affiliate than trying out the six figure mentors, I have subscribed to your newsfeed looking forward to learn more about scam or legit reviews, thank you

    from Joy.

    • Hey Joy,

      thanks for checking out my review.  I do not dispute you might learn some valuable stuff from the SFM program.  But what I question is the one-dimension of only learning self-promotion.  If you have a real passion in a subject and want to earn money from it, you will not be able to following SFM’s training.

      Whereas following Wealthy Affiliate’s training allows you to choose a niche in a subject you love.  it doesn’t feel as much as hard work when it is in something you love (in my opinion).



  13. Hi John Crossley,

    I have read the complete review of The Six Figure Mentors program and I am totally agree and have same opinion about this program. Though it is not a scam, it is not beginner friendly and few will gain success for it’s structure. I believe many person will take a perfect decision after reading your article. I would rather love your # one recommendation of joining in the Wealthy Affiliate Program. Thanks for posting this great review.

    • Hey Mzakapon,

      thanks for checking out my review.  WE try and be balanced in our reviews, but some products just need calling out as not worth it.

      Wealthy Affiliate is our no.1 recommended product, because they care and you can really learn some great skills from their platform and it doesn’t cost the earth either.  Even the free starter membership is worthwhile.



  14. I really appreciate your help and honest review on Six Figure Mentor (SFM) program and now I love the way your have analysed the whole review and showing how it works. Majorly I don’t really love to see these program lay more emphasis on Promoting their products. You have really done a nice work on reviewing this. Thank you

    • Hey Salim,

      thanks for checking out my review.  IN essence, that is all you get to do with SFM.  You learn how to promote that, and only that.  That is why it is a really limited product and will not benefit you unless you invest into the top tier memberships.  Who has that kind of money to invest?


  15. Hi John – I actually just saw something about Six Figure Mentors the other day, but didn’t know anything about it.  Thank you for the very comprehensive review of this business.  It seems like there are a very few pluses here, but for the most part you don’t get nearly enough for what you pay for.  Especially since there a lot of add on costs for additional things that are free with Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thanks for this information,


    • Hey Michele,

      thanks for checking out my review.  The Six Figure Mentors does seem a very limited product with a really high price tag.  I personally wouldnt recommend it to anyone.

      Whilst I could sit all day and talk about the benefits you get from Wealthy Affiliate.  It is a platform built with the user at the heart of everything they do.  Kyle and Carson have really put alot of time and effort into it, and it shows with the improvements they make, without any prices increases since it first started out.

      A great product, and well worth a read of our review.




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