Yoonla Review – Scam or Can You Really Make Money?

Yoonla Review – Scam or Can You Really Make Money_

Yoonla is promoted as a mostly “done for you” way to make money online, but is it really a way to make money online or is it a scam?  In my Yoonla review, we will delve into this training platform and share all the details we found out.

First off, I must state that it is an awesome thing that you are doing your research.  It is a great way to avoid online scams or programs that are not entirely worth your time and money.

I must stress at this point, I am not an affiliate of Yoonla, and my review is unbiased. I want to ensure you see both sides of Yoonla, to help you make a decision going forward.

Yoonla Overview & Rankings

Product Name: Yoonla Yoonla Review

Owners: Reno Van Boven

Website URL: https://go.yoonla.com

Product Type: CPA Affiliate Marketing Program

Price: Free Starter Membership + Upsells

Best For: Anyone looking to make money online

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating:


A Quick Yoonla Summary

Yoonla is a decent CPA Affiliate Marketing program. You can make money with Yoonla, but you are restricted in only being able to promote a Yoonla membership.  The more referrals you can recruit, the more you can make.  But this means you are unable to build an online business in a niche that you actually want to work and promote products from.

Recommended: Not Really

Top Recommended Program

What Exactly is Yoonla?

Yoonla was founded by a guy from New Zealand, called Reno Van Boven in 2016.  Yoonla is an online marketing program claiming to be a “Digital Lifestyle Platform” to help people become Digital Entrepreneurs, make money online and create the lifestyle they crave.

If we are honest, that puts it into the typical bracket of most Make Money Online opportunities with these promises, that do not always prove true.

But this is slightly different as you are able to make money from Yoonla, although know at this point you will only make money by promoting Yoonla.  There is no opportunity or training that will help you start an online business in a niche that you want to promote.

That is why for people just starting out, we recommend a comprehensive training platform such as Wealthy Affiliate to start an online business in.

Yoonla’s training is focused on CPA marketing, which is a cost-per-action type and whilst it is free to get started with Yoonla, to make money promoting it you will need to pay for programs that are in the sales funnel to benefit from introducing anyone else.

Their step-by-step training is to guide you through setting up your own lead generation system to drive traffic and introduce more people to join you within Yoonla.

What is CPA Marketing?

Just in case you are not too sure what CPA marketing is, let’s just cover that off here.  CPA stands for Cost Per Action, which means you get paid when you invite people to take a certain action.  For example, getting rewarded for watching a video, completing a survey or visiting a website.

In the case of Yoonla, you get paid when someone joins the platform for free.  As long as they sign up as a free member and the system verifies, they are actually a real person, you can get paid anywhere between $2-$4.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is where you can make money by promoting other people’s products. When people make a purchase though your affiliate link, you get paid a commission.

How Does Affiliate Marketing work?

In the case of Yoonla, you will get an affiliate link and when people upgrade to a paid membership, you will get paid.

How Does Yoonla Work?

There are two different memberships, the starter membership and the Elite Membership.  But know this, you will only earn commissions if you are an elite member, so the starter membership is really just about selling to you the need to upgrade.

Starter Membership

The starter membership is free to join, and this is typically where most start.  Within the starter membership, you get step-by-step training.  But don’t expect a lot of it, as it is pretty much all geared to getting you to upgrade to the Elite Membership.

There are 7 steps within the starter membership, each step has a video to help guide you through.

Step One: Evolve App & Commission Tracking

The first step is for you to download the Yoonla Evolve App file.  This is a zip file and is needed for you to upload to your ‘website’ to create your custom landing page.

Step Two: Create Automation Account

This is where you need to make your first purchase, they want you to sign up with GetResponse.   This is an autoresponder which starts at $15/month.

GetResponse is an Email Service Provider (ESP) for you to collect the email address of subscribers and use follow up sequences with them.

In the training video, it states that you must only sign up for GetResponse through his affiliate link.

This is a red flag though.  Regardless of there being tons of autoresponders, GetResponse is the only compatible ESP for Yoonla which isn’t much of a problem, unless you are already using another service.  But the fact that he claims that this is so he can track it easier and approve your elite membership is not strictly true.

This is about Reno earning affiliate commissions from your membership.

Step Three: Set up Your Automation Campaign

This is where you set up your email autoresponder.  It teaches you how to do this within GetResponse, so you can send automated emails to your subscribers.

They also provide pre-written email swipe files, so you don’t need to worry about writing them.  You just copy and paste them.

Step Four: Create Small Business Account

This step refers you to purchase a domain and website hosting with Yahoo Small Business.  This is so you have your own domain to host your Yoonla Landing Page.  This will typically cost you $70 per year.

But another red flag, you must follow through Reno’s affiliate link so he can “track it to confirm your elite membership…”

Step Five: Get Your Evolve App Online

In this step, you will be guide through how to set up your Yahoo hosting account, how to download Filezilla, and use this FTP software to upload your Yoonla Evolve App zip file to your download.

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is a little advanced.  I appreciate Yoonla are showing you how to work with it but getting your head around this step for a new or potential affiliate marketer is a tough one.

Standard Yoonla Landing Page

Step Six: Customise Your Evolve Website

After you have uploaded your file, your basic landing page will be available, then you will be guided through “customising” your landing page by changing the text.

But whilst they claim you are customising it, you really only gain access to change the text.  You cannot change the design at all, and that leads them to promote another program that will allow you to creat custom landing pages and this program is called LeadPages.

Yoonla Customisation Page

LeadPages is a serve that is recommended to create good-looking landing pages to help capture leads.  But it is an expensive option, the Pro option is recommended and costs $48/month but is paid annually at a cost of $576.  It is optional, but the basic landing page leaves much to be desired.

Step Seven: Activate your Sales Funnel

This is the final step of your Yoonla Free Starter Membership.  This is where you fill in your form to upgrade to their elite membership.  At the time of reading this, there is no charge for this, as long as you have paid for GetResponse and Yahoo Small Business at a cost of $85/month.

They keep stating that this will be an additional $297, but I think that is a front to get you to buy GetResponse and Yahoo hosting in which Reno earns from you anyway.

Yoonla Elite Membership Check

You are going to have to provide some information from your accounts to confirm that you have done what they want, before confirming you as a qualified Yoonla Affiliate and for them to help you set up your campaigns.

Once you are approved as an Elite Member, this is what you gain access to:

  • More advanced training on things like split-testing, conversion optimisation, traffic generation and funnel optimisation.
  • Access to Yoonla’s private Facebook group
  • Live Q&A session with Reno and other top digital marketers
  • The eligibility to earn commission from Yoonla.

Seems like a lot of hoops to start earning commission…

What is Good About Yoonla (PROS)

Let’s look at what we like about Yoonla…

Step-by-Step Training

Whilst the training has an incentive to get you to sign up to GetResponse and Yahoo Small Business, it is set up nicely and is easy to follow and you know the steps you need to take.

Lucrative CPA Program

Being able to earn $2-$4 just for getting someone to sign up for a free account is a good return and makes it quite lucrative.

Not Misleading

One of the things I do like is the fact that Reno is really honest.  We see a lot of scam products out there with false promises and basically are full of crap, but Reno is honest that you need to work hard to make it work and doesn’t make any guarantees or states that it is easy.

They also have a strict code of conduct, so if you go out and promote it in a misleading way, they will shut down your account.

What Could Yoonla Improve on? (Cons)

Let’s look at what we didn’t like about Yoonla:

Pay to Play

You can only earn commissions if you have upgraded to an Elite Membeship.  Which we have shown needs you to have paid for 2 external products.  But that isn’t really affiliate marketing.  Real affiliate marketing does not require you to pay in order to promote a product or service.

This is something that really puts me off Yoonla!

You shouldn’t have to pay for something to promote it, take Wealthy Affiliate.  It is our top recommended platform to learn and earn from affiliate marketing.  They too have a free starter membership and a Premium membership.

But their starter membership provides you with 2 free websites, and you can also earn commission for referrals with no need to upgrade to the premium membership.

The Premium membership does provide you with more training, tools and support and a higher commission rate.  But that doesn’t mean you have to be a premium member to make money.

That is the difference between a good and an ok training program.

Paid Traffic Routes Only

The training at Yoonla solely focuses on paid methods to drive traffic to your landing page.  They focus on Solo Ads.  Solo Ads is where you pay someone with a huge email list to send promotional email to their subscribers.

This can be very effective – If Done Right!

There is a certain risk, as you are unsure how they acquired their list and whether they are the right list to make it worth your while.

Another issue is, how many beginners have the money to pay the hundreds or thousands of dollars that this needs to work effectively enough.

There is an art to paid traffic, and personally I would recommend beginners should stick with free organic traffic until they are read.  It is a slower route, but no risk.   If you can build an organic traffic route, it will work for you for years.

However, Yoonla does not even mention Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and content marketing.

Yoonla is all about driving fast traffic to see results.  They also claim that once you are an elite member, their teams will run the traffic campaigns for you… I find this highly unlikely

Too Much is “Done For You”!

It sounds great that a lot of the hard work is done for you, a landing page, emails to copy and paste, etc.

But what do you really learn from Yoonla that you could take away and use on a different project?  What happens if Yoonla stops operating and therefore you cannot earn commissions?

This type of system makes you 100% reliant on them, you would need to go elsewhere to learn other techniques and strategies to use.

Only Compatible with GetResponse

Everyone has their own preference for an ESP, and if you have an existing one you would need to change it to GetResponse just to be able to earn commissions… I don’t like systems that state you have to use a particular tool.

How Much Does Yoonla Cost?

On the face of it, there is no charge to join Yoonla’s free starter membership.  But I must stress, it offers very little value and just seems to be a front for a sales funnel.

Whilst it will not cost you to be a member of Yoonla, to earn any commission you need to be a member of GetResponse and Yaho Small Business. The prices are below:

  • GetResponse – from $15/month
  • Yahoo Small Business – from $12/month and $16 for domain name.

How to Make Money with Yoonla?

To make money from Yoonla, you need to heavily promote their own membership following the steps below:

  1. 1. Set up your Yoonla Landing Page
  2. 2. Drive Traffic to your landing page (using mainly paid traffic)
  3. 3. Build your email list
  4. 4. Follow up with your email subscribers
  5. 5. Promote the Yoonla free starter membership
  6. 6. Make $2-$4 for every free sign up (using CPA)
  7. 7. Make around $30 for every lead that upgrades to a Yoonla Elite Membership

My Honest Opinion of Yoonla – Is Yoonla a Scam?

No, Yoonla is not a scam but that doesn’t mean I would recommend it and here is why…

There is only one purpose to using this product, get more people to sign up.  It is all about recruiting new people.

You don’t learn anything else to do with online business, or anything to take away to a new project.  They use “Done for You” systems that mean you do not learn anything that could benefit you.

We have recently reviewed similar products, that are more like an MLM scheme like Six Figure Mentors or the Super Affiliate Network and I feel there are elements to those programs within Yoonla.  They all have a sole focus, join our program.

But if you have a creative streak and want to build an affiliate marketing business around photography for example, you would not learn anything that would be useful or relevant to your within Yoonla.

A worry with any of these types of programs is that fact that the FTC is reviewing all of these self-promoting products.  Whilst MOBE and Digital Altitude were classed as high-ticket items, the FTC have closed them both recently and if they decided Yoonla were not right, you not only lose your earnings but you do not know any other way of earning money.

That is why I cannot really recommend Yoonla.

Yoonla at a Glance

Product Name: Yoonla Yoonla Review

Owners: Reno Van Boven

Website URL: https://go.yoonla.com

Product Type: CPA Affiliate Marketing Program

Price: Free Starter Membership + Upsells

Best For: Anyone who wants to make money online.

Recommended: Not Really

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating:


Verdict: Not Recommended, Restricted to Only Promoting Yoonla

There are better options for Beginners who want to get started with Affiliate Marketing.

My Recommendation for Beginners

I would personally stay away from Yoonla, purely due to the restrictions it places on an online business.  You should have the freedom to promote whatever you want.

Affiliate Marketing is a great way for beginners to get started online and make money from.  It is why most online marketers get started with it, but that is also down to it being based on something they love and want to promote.

True affiliate marketing does not revolve around promoting only one product, it is about you having the freedom to build an online business you love.

Affiliate marketing can be challenging, but the rewards you can reap are much more than you can imagine with the right training and support.

You can build a website in whatever niche you want, promote whatever you want from that niche and get awesome support along the way.

Our top recommended training platform is Wealthy Affiliate. You can learn and earn from affiliate marketing.  This is the platform that allows me to build websites, like the one you are reading from, and make a consistent passive income every single month.

With Yoonla, all you get is a landing page, it is not a real website.  With Wealthy Affiliate you will get your own website and get taught everything you need to know to build that passive income.

So, whilst Yoonla have some advantages to it, I do not believe it is the right way to do affiliate marketing in the long run.

Thanks for checking out my Yoonla Review, if you have any questions or want to add any comments please write them in the comments below and I will definitely come back to you as soon as I can.

What is CPA Affiliate Marketing?

What is CPA Affiliate Marketing_

There are a number of different methods to achieve affiliate marketing. We will be focusing on CPA Affiliate Marketing in this post, how it works, what benefits are there and more importantly how to get started if you choose it is right for you.

CPA stands for cost per acquisition, commonly called Cost Per Action.  This is where you earn a commission for someone taking an action rather than making a purchase.  Acquisitions range from requests for service, filling out forms to installs or downloads.  It is a multi-billion-dollar industry and many affiliate marketers are using CPA Affiliate Marketing without even realising it.

How Does CPA Affiliate Marketing Work?

CPA Marketing is where you can earn revenue without actually making a sale.  A simple example would be, an insurance company paying you just for a lead.  You send someone from your website to a website or comparison site where they fill in an insurance quote.  They might not necessarily take out the insurance policy, but that doesn’t matter you get paid for the lead either way.

The most common example you may have come across is display advertising through Google Adsense or MediaVIne.  Whilst these are common across many sites, they are best left until the point where you are getting a ton of traffic.  You need high levels of traffic to earn decent money from CPA Marketing via these routes.  MediaVine won’t even accept you until you are getting 30,000 monthly visitors – so definitely one to target when you reach those levels, but not if you are just starting out.

CPA Affiliate Marketing is definitely worth it in the long run but starting out it will be hard to just target it, you are best off using it alongside normal affiliate marketing.

What Differences are there between Affiliate Marketing & CPA Affiliate Marketing?

There are some key differences between Affiliate Marketing and CPA Affiliate Marketing.  Affiliate Marketing is typically promoting a product or service, and you receive a commission if someone buys that product or service. Most new affiliate marketers will target Amazon.  It is the world’s largest marketplace and has an affiliate program that is easy to join.

CPA Affiliate Marketing does not necessarily rely on the sale.  If you lead them to a company, that is enough to earn the commission.  If someone sees an ad on a website that they click onto, but don’t buy anything you will still earn the commission.  CPA is often compared to lead generations, not direct sale.

The Benefits of CPA Affiliate Marketing

CPA Affiliate Marketing has many benefits.  Mainly down to it be truly passive.  You need to put in a lot of groundwork to build up the traffic and actually monetise your website.  But writing an article and then taking a couple of seconds to add a Google Ad onto it, means all of your work is done.

Other types of CPA affiliate marketing, where a specific task is required, can also have fairly substantial pay-outs.

Let’s say you have a website that compares home or car insurance.  Instead of promoting one brand, you could incorporate a number so that people will get a quote from 5 or 6 to see which the best deal is.  Having a CPA affiliate partnership with each will result in them all paying you for the lead. Even if none of them get a sale.

CPA Affiliate marketing done right can be extremely profitable, even without selling anything.

Which Is Best? Which Should I Choose?

I wouldn’t even thing of it that way, I would suggest anyone to utilise both.  The best part about CPA Affiliate Marketing is it will work on pretty much any blog or website.  No matter, what your current monetisation methods are.

You could easily use both methods on any website, and as long as you focus on creating great helpful content that builds up high levels of traffic, you could see that both methods will earn you decent amounts of return.

How to Get Started in CPA Affiliate Marketing?

Like anything, research is going to be key to success with CPA Affiliate Marketing.  You are going to want to search for CPA Affiliate Networks out there and check them out.  Just like joining a normal affiliate network you are going to want to review the services they offer, pay structure and the variety they offer.

You also need to check out the criteria for applying to these networks.  Many of them are looking for websites that are already drawing in high traffic already and if you are not there yet, you will not be accepted.  Don’t apply too early, focus on creating great content and getting organic traffic and then applying later.

It is the same regardless of the strategy you follow, build content, attract visitors and then monetise your site.

CPA Networks are really particular about who they accept, because their model is based on your legitimacy, so you may get turned down.  The key is to not get discouraged and follow these tips on being accepted when applying for a CPA network.

  • Even though CPA Marketing doesn’t rely on having a website, having an established website with a daily stream of visitors will definitely tip the balance in your favour.
  • Have a domain specific email address will show you are credible.  Compare John@bestaffiliatemarketingtools.org to John@gmail.com.  there is a key difference between them.
  • Be totally honest about you past history, site traffic and conversion rates.  They will check out your traffic volumes anyway, so lying about it will not work and ruin any future applications you try with them too.
  • Don’t give up.  If you are not accepted at this point, carry on working on content and try again later down the line.

If you are just starting out with affiliate marketing, I would totally recommend you work with a platform such as Wealthy Affiliate.  It is the only training program I would recommend for learning effective ways of creating awesome content that gets you regular traffic to benefit from normal affiliate marketing or CPA Affiliate Marketing.

Here is a list of 5 CPA Networks to consider:

  1. MaxBounty
  2. PeerFly
  3. Clickbooth
  4. Cash Network
  5. Adscend Media

Helpful Tips for Successful CPA Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

Once you are finally accepted into a CPA affiliate network, it is time to set up your successful campaigns.

Whilst blogging and creating content to gain traffic works, there are also a few other strategies that will work for CPA or PPC marketing campaigns.  Remember the key is relevance.

  • Creating a Landing Page – Landing pages differ from normal blog posts as it is a specific page where you funnel your website traffic into.  A normal blog post will typically be there to help the reader, answer a question or educate or inform.  A landing page is optimised to get the reader to follow the direction you want – clicks and conversions.  Find ways to link to your landing pages from your blog posts and you can have an effective strategy.  This will work for normal affiliate marketing too.
  • Have fun with a Splash Page – This is a page that a visitor to your site lands on before hitting your website.  It is often a fun page which can contain music, animations or graphics.  It can be used to get visitors excited to engage in your site or a way to get them to take a specific action.  Anytime someone hits a new site, they can have their guard up.  This can sometimes let them relax before they hit your content.  It also adds a bit of personality to your site too.
  • Using Paid Ads (Carefully) – Paid Ads is a very effective marketing campaign and can be highly profitable… if you get it right.  Otherwise it can end up costing you a fortune.  But using places like Facebook Ads or Google AdWords can drive high levels of traffic to your website.  If they take action with your CPA campaigns, then it can end up being a great cycle and strategy to use.  But the key to this is setting yourself sensible budgets.  Start small and only expand on the campaigns that are working.

These are just three of the many different strategies CPA Marketers use, but they are very effective.  Affiliate Marketing and CPA Affiliate Marketing are definitely two campaigns that you can utilise together to grow your earnings online.

Whether you are just starting out or looking to expand your current online business, I would definitely recommend CPA Affiliate Marketing – just don’t rush ahead of yourself.  Once you have consistent traffic then that is the time to start monetising your website.  Some places like MediaVine expect 30k visitors a month before you can join but others are more accepting of lower traffic thresholds.  Start with creating great content and explore these avenues at the right time.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about CPA Affiliate Marketing or Affiliate Marketing in general, please get in touch with a comment below.  Look forward to hearing from you and good luck with your marketing campaigns.


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