What is EasyRankr? Easy Rankings or Just Another Over-Hyped Program

Welcome to our EasyRankr Review!

There is definitely money to be had with YouTube, and EasyRankr claims to be able to get your videos ranking at the top of the search engines with literally no hassle whatsoever.  But is their program worth all the hype?  Can they really deliver all of the promises they have made on their sales pitches and what aren’t the other review sites telling you?

I am so glad that you are doing your research before buying into any “seemingly good” product.

That is how you avoid scams and find only legitimate ways to make money online.

To be completely transparent, we are not associated with EasyRankr in any form.  So, you can relax.  

We are not here to pitch or sell you anything.  We just want to ensure you get the full facts about the EasyRankr platform.

Does it deliver on its promises, is there stuff they are not telling you?  And how likely is their software going to deliver on the hype?

Is EasyRankr a Scam?  Let’s find out…

EasyRankr Review Summary

Product Name: EasyRankr

Founder: Tom Yevsikov, Gaurab Borah, Alex Krulik

Product Type: Keyword Research Tool

Price: $37/$47 base product +Upsells

Best For: People Looking for Keywords to Target for YouTube Videos

What is EasyRankr

Summary: Simply put, EasyRankr is a keyword research tool.  Anyone online requires a keyword research tool, but it doesn’t guarantee top rankings alone.  There are many factors to ranking videos or content at the top of the search engines.  This program is too full of hype and promises and it cannot guarantee its results.

There are a number of upsells throughout the sales funnel and there are too many overly positive reviews claiming there is no fault with this program.  Even the case study, the video he posted is no longer around, making me wonder whether the results are as quick as they claim.

Fundamentally, anyone who has an authority online will see their content and videos rank quickly and highly.  That is not the case for someone just starting out.  There are better options out there…

Rating: 30/100

Recommended? No

Table of Contents

What is EasyRankr?

If you take their sales pitch, they are claiming that anyone, even those with no SEO knowledge can achieve easy high rankings using their software…

This shows that they are targeting those that lack the knowledge around how keyword research, SEO or rankings work.  This becomes a problem, as those who already understand these concepts know that their claims are over-hyped and wouldn’t work for someone who is completely new.

Basically, EasyRankr is a keyword research tool.  It gives you a list of keywords to use for your YouTube videos or content.  Low competition keywords with some traffic are essential for anyone online.

Keyword Research is really important, and there are plenty of tools out there.  We use Jaaxy, but UberSuggest by Neil Patel is free and again will give you keywords you can use.  There isn’t anything particularly special about EasyRankr.

Inside EasyRankr

We will explore the sales funnel you are taken through when you first buy EasyRankr shortly, but what you are getting access to within EasyRankr is a keyword research tool.

It is brought to you by Tom Yevsikov, Gaurab Borah and Alex Krulik:

The Founders of EasyRankr

Keywords are really important online, we use keywords everyday on the web.  Every time you do a search on Google, that is a keyword.  Online businesses and entrepreneurs use a research tool to find examples of keywords that are getting regular searches but don’t have a lot of competition.  If you can find a keyword that gets good search volumes, has low competing results and you create better content, you have a great chance of ranking higher for it.

It isn’t always guaranteed, and your website authority does play a part in that. But there is nothing special about EasyRankr.  It will provide you the same results as if you were using any other Keyword Research tool.

If you did decide to purchase EasyRankr, there are two different memberships.  One is $37 and the other is $47, this one has loads of bonuses chucked in…

Once you are inside and past all of the upsells, you will be able to use the software to find keywords related to your search term.

They do not give you any suggestions or anything, so you need to know what term you are wanting to look for.  Which helps an established marketer.  We will use a keyword research tool initially when we are wanting to write about a particular topic, but we have been around we know what to look for.

But, if you are brand new you may lack the information needed to find a good term.  All this will give you is the number of searches it has, not necessarily whether it is a good keyword to use, unlike better keyword research tools.  Jaaxy offers a Quality score rating for any keyword term, Ubersuggest offers a similar insight.  As does any quality keyword research tool.  The main factor EasyRankr is focusing on is how much would it cost you to rank that keyword term at the top, but I thought they were targeting free methods?

I am not saying their tool doesn’t work, all I am saying is that if you are a beginner looking for ways to rank high in Google or YouTube, there are much better tools out there that don’t rely on hype to sell themselves.  Providing high quality content or videos should be your main focus, with keyword research used in conjunction with this.  There is no magic button that will rank you at the top of the rankings in just a few minutes if you are brand new.

You need to build up trust with the search engines first.  Once they know you are providing high-quality content that helps people, then you will naturally rank high.

Keyword research is only part of the process, EasyRankr seems to be trying to convince you otherwise.

How Does EasyRankr Work?

Like I said, EasyRankr is a keyword research tool.  It will not generate you any lists for you, you will need to use it like any other keyword research tool.  by choosing a keyword to search on.  It will then search keywords that are related to that search term.

This works no different to any other keyword research tool.  Start with a term, and get a bunch of ideas from that and you will also gain some useful information about whether that keyword is any good.  EasyRankr doesn’t give a lot of detail other than:

  • how many searches does that term get each month
  • how much would it cost you using paid traffic to get it to the top (typical price)
  • The number of competitors for that term

The one useful feature I suppose is that it does link you to the highest rated video (on YouTube) for that term in the platform.  That way you could use it as inspiration for your video.  You could always check it out to see why it could be ranking so well.

Having said, typing in your keyword idea into YouTube will do the same thing and save you $47.

There are other features that EasyRankr has, but you will need to buy the upsells to access them.  We will go through them shortly.

But the base product only does what we have just described.  There is no training on how you can improve your rankings, i.e. training on how write content that ranks well or how to record a video that ranks high.  And like I said, keyword research is only part of the process.

So, I cannot see how by using their base product alone you are going to see the results they talk about.

You have to remember, these guys are expert marketers with established businesses.  If they post a video or a post online, it will naturally rank high and quickly as they have already built up that relationship with the search engines.

It took us a while to start getting our content at the top of the search results, even when we were doing keyword research correctly and had been taught how to do SEO correctly.  You have to build up your relationship with Google, that takes time.  The only other way is to start paying for traffic.  But again, your content needs to be right for that to work too.

There is someone on the end of it that makes the whole process end up in earning you money.  And that is the reader that lands on your content or video.

Make a great video that does exactly what you were setting out to do.  Whether that be answer a question or help someone understand a concept, then you have a great start towards it earning you money, either by advertising or affiliate marketing.

But, keyword research alone will not do that.

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How Much Does EasyRankr Cost?

Let’s go through the cost of EasyRankr, as you don’t just have to factor in the cost of the base product alone.  You will also be presented with a number of upsells.  This is known as a sales funnel.  They bring you in with a one-time cost before presenting a number of OTO or One-Time-Offer products that are aimed at improving your earnings and saving you time…

EasyRankr – Base Product $37 – $47

They claim this is a cloud-based software that will help you find untapped money keywords, so you know exactly how to choose the best ones, based on search volume, bid and best longtail keywords.

They go on to talk about using Zero Competition keywords to get better results.

Upgrade 1 – EasyRankr Pro ($47)

They claim this upgrade will increase the number of 0 competition high traffic keyword resources by 7(?)

It also mentions learning about how to optimise your video title, description and how to use tags.

(Most of this information, you could find online for free with a quick Google search)

They also let you start tracking your Google & YouTube rankings.  

Upgrade 2 – Magic Content ($37)

This upgrade offers to create you fully unique and natural content that is fully SEO optimised.  I was intrigued by this claim, because how do you magically create videos to upload to YouTube?  Then, you find out that you do that by taking content from other YouTube videos!!  Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that stealing someone else’s content?  Not sure how YouTube will think about that?  Pretty sure, it could get you into some hot water…

Upgrade 3 – RankSnap ($47)

This upgrade is designed to allow you to publish your content to 150+ social media profiles at once.  Apparently it will do all the work automatically.  But, when you Google Ranksnap – the reviews show a carbon copy of the sales page for EasyRankr.  The only changes is are the name is different and a couple of screenshots.  So, my guess is it is by the same people.

But, you have to be really careful with automated posting to social media.  It can get your social media accounts banned if they suspect you are spamming.

There are tools out there to help you, but they are not fully automated as that is not how this works.  We use Crowdfire, but there are plenty of examples out there.  But Crowdfire or Hootsuite both have free versions and do not need you to spend $47 on them.

Upgrade 4 – RankSnap Pro ($67)

This apparently gives you faster rankings and more backlink sources.  But backlinks are nowhere near as important these days as other things.

If you were to go through and buy all the upgrades, because the owners are claiming that you need these if you want quicker results that earn you more, you are looking at spending a total of:


A good keyword research tool is integral if you want to create videos for YouTube or write content for a blog.  Both are routes that will help you make money online.  Having said that, we do not believe EasyRankr fulfils its promises in the sales page. 

There are great keyword research tools out there, but they make no claims about your earning potential from that.  That is not what they are there for, they are marketing themselves as tools that any online business requires and the benefits they bring.

There are high quality ones that do bring with them a high price point, like SEMRush or AhRefs.  They are expensive tools but are for established marketers looking to invest into their business.

There are brilliant tools that are free to try like Jaaxy or Ubersuggest.  We have used both of these and thing they are brilliant tools.  Jaaxy is part of Wealthy Affiliate which helps teach you how to make money online through Affiliate Marketing and teaches you many different topics related to this.

Either way, this product does not deserve that kind of price tag.

What We Liked About EasyRankr

Here is what we liked about EasyRankr:

#1 It Does Do Keyword Research

Despite our concerns around the hype and drama they use on their sales page, at least it does do what it is supposed to do.  And that is to generate you a list of keywords that you could use in your campaigns.  It also does give you some video ideas that you could again use in your research to create your own videos.

#2 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

EasyRankr does come with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied.

What We Didn't Like About EasyRankr

Here is what we didn’t like about EasyRankr:

#1 Over-Hyped

I am not entirely sure this is worth the cost, but it does do keyword research.  But the problem is that they are using a ton of hype to convince you that you really need this program.  A beginner might land on this thinking that this is all they need to make money online with YouTube videos and then only find expensive upsells and a keyword that they don’t really know what to do with.

I know hype can work sometimes, but it is also apparent that scams and low-quality products use it to draw people in and empty their wallets.

I do not think this product alone, without having to go elsewhere for training will result in the earnings they claim could come from a program like this…

#2 Tons of Positive Reviews (All conveniently with Bonuses)

When you have reviewed as many products as we have, you get to see there is a bit of trend when it comes to either scams or low-quality products and it is to do with some of the reviewers out there. 

Unfortunately a number of them are only interested in getting you to buy the product through their link, rather than help you get started.  If you have seen a review for this program that is completely 100% positive and they are convinced you should buy it and they will even give you tons of bonuses if you do. 

Yeah, that is what we are talking about.  If you go back to that review, you will notice that they do not give you any other detail than what is available on the sales page (or the affiliate page, we use to research the program).  They will have typically not used the product and are just after you to buy it so they can get a commission from the sale.

Research is great, but you have to also be mindful of some of the reviews out there…  We remain objective out there, not everyone will.

#3 Only Part of the Process

They are claiming that by using their product, they can help you get your video to rank at the top in minutes…without any experience…

But there is a lot more to it than a keyword research tool.  They only way you could use this tool to get your videos to the top of the results is by using the bid figure, to know which videos to promote (pay for) to get to the top.

But you could use the tool that comes with Google Ads to achieve the same thing.  You could pay for your video or post to be at the top, use the tool built into Google Ads and save yourself $47 for this product.

There is a ton of learning material available for free online, just do a Google search.

Like I said, keyword research is only part of the process.  They do not provide anything around what to include in your videos, etc to help rank it higher organically.

#4 Case Study Video is No Longer There…

They provide a case study video on their sales page, which shows how someone gets their video to rank at the top within minutes…  I am a little sceptical of this, mainly because that video doesn’t seem to be available anymore…  I did a search for it and couldn’t find it.  I also couldn’t find the guy they use either.

He apparently found success, but if he were to be successful he would still be easily found.  I suspect it was either fake, or he had his account closed…

#5 Expensive + Upsells

For what you get, this program is rather expensive and then when you factor in the upsells it becomes laughable how they expect beginners to hand over that kind of money.

Haven't Made Your First $1 Yet?

Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

My EasyRankr Review - Final Conclusion

Is EasyRankr a scam?  No, I don’t think it is a scam.  You will get a keyword research tool if you bought it.  But I do believe they are misleading people with their marketing.

Someone who is new to online marketing or YouTube marketing will believe that this product will magically help them with rankings, whilst it will only bring a piece of the jigsaw to the table.

There are much better ways of learning how to improve your rankings in Google or YouTube.  Our #1 Recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate.  It includes extensive training on all levels of online marketing.  Or, you could try Jumpcut which focuses solely on YouTube.  They are both legit and are not misleading…

But we feel that EasyRankr is misleading you and not offering anything that is worth the price they are charging.  It is just too over-hyped and leading you into thinking this is the answer to your ranking dilemmas, when that might not be the case.

How We Make Money Online

If you are looking for a genuine way of making money online, without overhyped and misleading programs, take a minute to check out how we make money online…

We make money through something called Affiliate Marketing.  We use our blog, but there are many that are doing the same thing with a YouTube channel.  The ultimate goal would be to do both, as you can direct people from YouTube to your blog where your affiliate offers are available and you can monitor the sales funnel.

Affiliate Marketing is where you promote other people’s products or services and earn a commission from the sale.  The best thing is that you can choose something you really love as your starting point.

It isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme and it will require some hard work and time, but it is the best way to make a passive income online.

For the best chance to be successful, you don’t need over-hyped programs like EasyRankr, but you do require some training and support.  If you want to learn more about our #1 Recommended Training program and gain our full support, then you definitely need to check out Wealthy Affiliate.  They even have a free starter membership to see if it is really the direction you want to take.  If you want to make money online, then it is the best decision you could make.  

thanks for checking out our EasyRankr review.  If you have any questions, then please write them in the comments section below.  We would love to hear from you and will respond as soon as we can. 😉


$37-$47 + Upsells

Overall Rating



  • It Does Do Keyword Research
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • Over Hyped
  • Tons of Only Positive Reviews
  • Only Part of the Overall Process
  • Case Study Video is No Longer Available
  • Expensive + Upsells

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