Is eCom Profit Sniper a Scam? Scam or Easy $44k a Month??

Welcome to our eCom Profit Sniper Review!

If you have been looking to find out is eCom Profit Sniper is a scam or a legitimate place that can actually help you make money, then you’ve come to the right place.  

When you think of a sniper, you would usually think of a highly-skilled and accurate image.  So, eCom Profit Sniper has some high standards to live up too.

First off, it’s great to see that you’re doing your research before buying into any “seemingly good” product.

That is how you avoid scams and find only legitimate ways to make money online!

To be completely transparent with you, we’re not associated with eCom Profit Sniper in any form.  We’re not here to pitch or sell you anything.

Instead, we want to reveal why this platform doesn’t reach the heights you would expect of a highly skilled sniper, and why, in our opinion, it could even be considered a scam…

eCom Profit Sniper Review Summary

Product Name: eCom Profit Sniper

Founder: Launched by Tom Parker Unknown

Product Type: Shopify Course

Price: $37

Best For: The Owner


Summary: eCom Profit Sniper is a low-quality dropshipping training course that is using too much hype, and is extremely misleading.  You won’t make any money by following the training within this program…

Rating: 20/100

Recommended? No

Table of Contents

What is eCom Profit Sniper?

I guess you are here looking for more information, because the fact is, there is practically nothing to go on with the sales page, other than the hype and false promises that “Tom Parker” is claiming is the output from this “amazing program”.


The narrator who claims to be Tom Parker, is making a ton of claim, such as:

  • You can make over $40K per month with his “secret system”
  • All you need to do is spend only 20 minutes per day
  • Start earning money immediately from day one

Tom is promising to make you rich with practically no work at all…


This is a red flag straightaway to me!

This sales video uses a typical scammy and pushy kind of marketing, which is just playing with your psychology if you’re too greedy and innocent.

So, what Really is eCom Profit Sniper?

eCom Profit Sniper is a very basic training program that teaches you how to use Shopify to make money online using the business model, Dropshipping.

The training is really basic, and I’ll explain why their claims are just hype, and completely exaggerated…

First… I need to let you know that dropshipping is 100% legitimate, and can be used to make money online.  Shopify is also 100% legitimate and is a well-respected online “sales engine” used by many top brands, such as Budweiser, Tesla, and Red Bull.

Where eCom Profit Sniper comes in, is that they show you how to use Shopify, buy cheap products from a wholesale site called AliExpress, and then sell them through Facebook.

The problem lies with the amount of money, the program claims is possible, and the figures they are using is not true.  The amount of time they state it requires is a lie, and how easy they state it is, is also a lie…

How Does Dropshipping (Shopify) Work?

This section is for those that have completely no idea on what dropshipping and Shopify is all about. If you are familiar with the business model, you can skip to the next section…

According to Wikipedia:

“Drop shipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers the customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.”

So, if you are a dropshipper, you’re basically  a retailer for a certain product without owning and keeping any stock. All you do is promote the product on your Shopify store, and when someone buys a product from your store, the supplier is shop the product directly to them.

Where you make the money is the difference between the price you buy the product at, and the price you charge your customers. 

There is obviously more to it than that, but that is the basics of how it works.  To get a better idea, let’s go through the three platforms you need to know about…

#1 Shopify

Shopify is a platform which helps you build your online store to market your dropshipping products.

It works, in a way, thats similar to Walmart. Walmart purchases products from their wholesale suppliers at a very cheap price (because they buy in bulk).

They have their own stores and they sell the products to you at a higher price, to earn a profit.

So, Shopify allows you to do this but online, sell products from a wholesale supplier at a higher price.


#2 AliExpress

AliExpress is a platform for wholesale suppliers.

The difference between a platform like AliExpress to platforms like Tao Bao or Amazon, is that AliExpress is only for wholesale suppliers, whereas the other two have many retailers as well.

So, you can get your products at a much lower price on AliExpress for your dropshipping business.


#3 Oberlo

Oberlo is a tool that helps you:

  • Find products to sell on Shopify
  • Automate the product importing process
  • Automate order fulfilment (shipping products directly from AliExpress directly to customers)
  • Scale your dropshipping business by providing additional tools and resources

So, when we consider what eCom Profit Sniper claims to teach you is, all about how to set these three programs up and the basic concepts of making money through dropshipping.

The other factor you have to consider is the costs that they don’t talk about surrounding these programs too, which we’ll get into shortly…

Inside eCom Profit Sniper

Once you have handed over your $37, you gain access to their members area:


Within the members area, you will find four main modules and one resources page in this platform, and that’s really it.  

Don’t expect to find any support, community or any tools…

Here’s what the four modules cover:

Module 1: Introduction

In this first module, you’ll learn the basics of dropshipping, how to set up your own Shopify account and Shopify store.

  • Lesson 1: Shopify Setup
  • Lesson 2: Image Hunting
  • Lesson 3: Settings Note Slides
  • Lesson 4: Shopify Settings in Action
  • Lesson 5: Theme Note Slides
  • Lesson 6: Theme Settings in Action

Module 2: Categories & Products

After the initial setup, the next step is to learn how to choose your niche and the unique products you’re going to sell on your store.

  • Lesson 1: Category Selection Slide
  • Lesson 2: Product Finding

From what I have experienced, choosing the right product is one of the most important aspects to get right with dropshipping.  The Majority of the time, it takes a lot of trial and error before you find your “winning product” and then start making profits.

However, I was really disappointed with the training provided at the eCom Profit Sniper.  The topics are not covered in any great detail, and you would find much better resources for free elsewhere, via Google or YouTube.

If you were serious about getting started with Dropshipping, there are much better courses, although they are quite expensive, but totally worth it.  Examples include Amazing Selling Machine, eCom Success Academy or eCom Hacks Academy.

Module 3: Adding Collections & Products

Once you have decided on your product, its now time to import it into your store. This is when you need to know how to use AliExpress and Oberlo.

So, the training covers this off here:

  • Lesson 1: Adding Oberlo Extension
  • Lesson 2: AliPay & Oberlo
  • Lesson 3: Collection Creation
  • Lesson 4: Adding Products

Module 4: Facebook

Once you have products on your store, you now need to drive traffic to your store.  eCom Profit Sniper focuses entirely on Facebook (we’re not sure why).

  • Lesson 1: Facebook Page
  • Lesson 2: Facebook Post
  • Lesson 3: Facebook Pixel

The training within this module teaches you how to set up your Facebook page for dropshipping.

They then teach you how to use Facebook posts and Facebook pixel to drive free traffic to your store.


What I cannot figure out is why they completely disregard Facebook Ads?  It’s impossible to make $44k per month just by using free traffic via Facebook.

Forget about $44k for now. To even get to the point where you start to earn money within a short period of time, is going to require you to invest in paid advertising like Facebook Ads.

It just doesn’t seem logically to exclude it, but it is because they are trying to sell the dream and hide any hidden costs from you…


They offer four resources for you to download in their “templates” page.  They don’t appear particularly useful though.  They appear pretty useless to be honest.


If they offered you templates to use with Facebook Ads, they might be more useful…

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What We Liked About eCom Profit Sniper

Here’s what we liked about eCom Profit Sniper:

#1 Decent Training for A Complete Beginner

There isn’t really much to the whole eCom Profit Sniper platform, but they do offer clear instructions on how to set up the basics of Shopify.

So, if you’re a complete beginner in dropshipping, you may find the training helpful in the beginning.  But as the training is so basic, you will find that it doesn’t cover everything you need, and for $37 you would expect more than they offer.

It will be impossible for you to make money just by following the training within eCom Profit Sniper alone…

#2 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

I suppose this could be considered a benefit.  However, you need to be mindful as it’s offered by ClickBank.  It can sometimes be hard for you to get a refund from ClickBank, unless you have a valid reasons.

What We Didn't Like About eCom Profit Sniper

Here’s what we didn’t like about eCom Profit Sniper:

#1 Tom Parker Isn’t Real…

The narrator says that his name is Tom Parker, but I highly doubt that is his real name…

I’ve seen too many ClickBank products where they have a fictional character, that way the owner can stay hidden.  If their product is touted as a scam, they can just move onto the next product without you suspecting its the same scammer behind it.

My opinion is that this isn’t really Tom Parker behind this program, and its just a name…

#2 The Profit Is Fake!

Take another look at the income proof screenshot below:


There are a couple of issues with this income proof…

First off, “Tom” claims that this is his profit from just one month – $44K.

However, for those of you who are familiar with dropshipping, you will know that this isn’t just profits.  It’ll just be revenue.

When you fulfil your customer’s orders and ship the products to them, you’ll then have to pay the supplier.

After you then minus the cost of the products, that will then leave you your profit.  You would still need to minus the cost of your paid Ads too.

Based on my experience, if you can get a 30% profit from your total revenue, it would be considered a pretty good campaign.

So, this $44K is definitely not profit!

The second problem is that I highly suspect that this screenshot is completely fake!


Take another look at the number of orders, Tom claims to have earned $44K from only 46 orders.  This means that each order  is almost $1,000.  Simply impossible with Dropshipping!

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#3 No Traffic Means No Business

Whilst they might teach you about Facebook, there isn’t really anything comprehensive within their platform to teach you how to generate traffic to your new store.

They teach you how to create a Facebook page, Facebook Pixel, and use Facebook Posts.  But this really means that you will have the ability of sharing this with your friends and family.  Not really targeting the ideal customer for your product.

The whole purpose of having a Facebook Pixel is to use Facebook Ads for re-targeting. But they don’t teach you anything to do with Facebook Ads within eCom Profit Sniper.

Not only that, they don’t share with you any other form of traffic generation.  They don’t mention paid ads via Google, or leveraging Instagram Influencer marketing.

That’s why I believe it’s impossible for you to make money with this product.  Without traffic, you will have no business at all.

#4 Hidden Costs

It isn’t just the $37 fee that is your only investment you will need to pay to get started with this business model.  There are many other costs involved here that aren’t shared with you upfront.

For example, Shopify offers a 14-day free trial.  But then there are recurring monthly costs that kick in after this period.

Not only that, you need to be aware of the costs associated with your website domain costs, paid Ads expenses, and other costs that go with your business.

But the most expensive part is going to be with the paid Ads, it’s the only real way of you getting your business up and running, and it does take a lot of trial and error to know what works and what doesn’t.

#5 Everything Can Be Found Online For Free

Then the last point we want to raise is the fact that, as the training inside eCom Profit Sniper is so basic, you could find all of this information completely for free elsewhere.

Shopify has some great resources on its site anyway, and then a good Google or YouTube search will get you all the information you need.

Like I said earlier, there are great courses out there to help you get started with FBA by Amazon or Dropshipping, but they do tend to be around the $1,000 mark.  But they also do seem worth it.

But honestly, they charge that fee because of the value they provide, so Ecom Profit Sniper charging only $37 really goes to show the lack of value it was going to offer.

Haven't Made Your First $1 Yet?

Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

Is eCom Profit Sniper A Scam?

We set out to figure out whether eCom Profit Sniper was a scam, or a highly useful training program that helped you get started with dropshipping.  I hope you know the answer by now.

In our opinion it is a scam, as it is completely misleading you into thinking this is the magic program that will earn you $40K with no work, and no effort.

When the reality is that dropshipping is a really hard business model, that requires effective training and effective marketing techniques.  none of which you will find here.  They are using hype and false promises in the hope you fall for the trap, and hand over your money.

There are no secrets, they provide and you will be sorely disappointed…

How We Make Money Online

I know people have found success with dropshipping, and it can be a very effective way of making money online.  But it requires a startup budget to get up and running… That is why we went a slightly different way and went Affiliate Marketing.

It is a very similar business model.  I promote products and earn a commission when they are sold.  The difference is…

  • that I don’t have to source the products
  • I don’t have to negotiate with suppliers
  • I don’t deal with the customer service elements

Instead, I write about and promote products and put them in front of the right audience, and if they buy the product I earn a commission.

It’s a fantastic business model for a beginner, and is free to get started… in fact, thanks to the training at our #1 Recommended Training program, we have Created a 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income StreamLearn more about Affiliate Marketing here…

Thanks for checking out our eCom Profit Sniper Review!  If you have any questions or comments to add, then please write them in the comments section below. 😉

eCom Profit Sniper

$37 + Hidden Costs

Overall Rating



  • Decent Training for Complete Beginners
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Hype & False Promises
  • Tom Parker Isn't Real
  • The Profit is Fake!
  • No Traffic Means No Business
  • Hidden Costs, Everything Could Be Found Online For Free

14 thoughts on “Is eCom Profit Sniper a Scam? Scam or Easy $44k a Month??”

  1. Hi there John, thanks for dropping this review about eCom Profit Sniper. Reading through your review and analysis about the platform has made to know more about it, after going through the first page of the website, I must say no dropshipping can give u that claim amount of 44k$ per month, it’s just unrealistic and not possible. Even if anybody recommend such a platform for me, I will leave it at first glance on the video advert. I have joined wealthy affiliate and am making it gradually on the platform through their training 

    • Thanks for checking out my review,  the sales video is cringey in my view.  

      I can’t see how people believe it, but they do.  i suppose because it is only $37, they believe it to be worth it.

      But in my view, it is not worth your money or your time.



  2. Thanks for this important information in this really do a great job on this review on  eCom Profit Sniper

    many fall into many of this program because of there greediness or finding a short cut into financial freedom online

    meanwhile there is no short cut when I look at it. One of the red flags I look out for in a program Is if a program is too good to be true by promising a certain huge figure

    this is part of the reason I choose only wealthy affiliate. The program will train  you all you need to know as you progress and it never promised any only earn what you work for. 

    • Thanks for checking out my review, They are looking for shortcuts, but that is because of these products give them the idea that it is possible to earn big with little work.

      It is only after they have had their fingers burnt, or do some proper research is when they find out the reality.

      It takes hard work and time to build up a successful online business.  Wealthy Affiliate is a great program to join to achieve this, glad you found them.


  3. What an incredible blog post!I really love the way you outlined the review. Of course there are many platform and products out there that offer mouthwatering return which are too good to be true hiding under tools that are truly legit.I must say this is an eye opener; I cannot help but agree with everything that you had written here. This post will guide majority in making decisions whether to go for the product.Thanks for your indepth analysis.

    • Hey Michael,

      thanks for checking out my review.  If it looks too good to be true, it normally means it is something to avoid.

      Hopefully we can help people, that is what we love to do.



  4. Hi! I would like to get started with Dropshipping. And I found this platform and decided to research about it. I was so happy when I saw you had written a post about it. I have already received good information from your site concerning these platforms in the Make Money Online segment. And I appreciate your experience and points of view.

    Thank you for anticipating that eCom Profit Sniper delivers low value in its training and gives misleading information. I won’t join them.

    • Hey Henry,

      thanks for checking out my review.  We are always looking into products to see if they offer value, and are honest.  This does not really tick many boxes.  Drop shipping is a great business idea, but there are much better training platforms out there like Wealthy Affiliate.  It offers all the training required for an online business, including community written training on drop shipping too.

      All the best


  5. I think the eCom Profit Sniper training for setting up your store might be genuine, but everything that is said about quick and pain free income is a flat out trick. There are lot of these types of tricks, they deliberately motivate you to focus on a little sum first and conceal the back-end cost until you’re already in. I value your review

    • Hi Favour,

      thanks for checking out my review.  That is how they trap people into buying them. Who wouldn’t want to earn $2k from day one – But that is not a realistic thing to expect in e commerce.

      That is why I recommend people stay away from this product, really



  6. I’ve never heard of this eCom Profit Sniper but so glad you took the time to see if they are legit business or a scam. With the promise of that kind of money with little time requirements of 20 minutes of work a day; so many people will want to try this and who can blame them. I have heard of shopify, not really looked into them yet, but with your review I know I will never be interested in eCom Profit Sniper.Thank you for sharing!

    • Hey Mary,

      thanks for checking out my review.  It is an enticing offer, that many people fall for.  The training offers a bit of value, but hides the fact that there are other costs that you will need to take into account.

      there are much better options out there, that do not hide anything from you. 



  7. Easy money with little time requirements is a dreadful combination and a perfect characteristic to easily identify any deceiving program to make money online. And you have analysed it wonderfully well in your detailed review of eCom Profit Sniper. Great review which will surely save many lives and show them the right direction to move in. 

    • Hey Nick,

      thanks for checking out my review.  It is a combination that normally leads to people handing over money, thinking it will be the answer to all their prayers and it just simply not the case.

      You need to work hard to make it worthwhile and to earn the money that is what we want.




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