What is the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp? & How to Make Money Online as a Beginner

Are you just starting out and want to make money online? Then you really need to know what the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp is!

I will be straight; it is not a scam!  It is not a get-rich-quick scheme either.  But if you are truly serious about making money online and want to learn how to do this, then the Affiliate Bootcamp is for YOU!

But I do mean serious, you need to be dedicated to working hard, learning everything there is to know and have some patience when it comes to results.  Like I said, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  However, this affiliate bootcamp has led to many people leaving their day jobs behind and seeing some serious money come in… In fact, some have become Super Affiliates, read on to learn more…

What is the Affiliate Bootcamp in Wealthy Affiliate?

What is the Affiliate Bootcamp - Wealthy Affiliate

The Affiliate Bootcamp is an online course for anyone wanting to start an affiliate marketing business in the Make Money Online (MMO) niche.  It is mainly around being able to promote Wealthy Affiliate, who are the ones who have created this fantastic step-by-step course.  You are free to promote any other make money online products on your website, as the course will also help you identify a number of products to review and include, but the focus of the course remains promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

If you are not too familiar with Wealthy Affiliate, let’s cover that first.  Wealthy Affiliate is an online training platform that includes affiliate marketing and online business training, a website builder and other tools, plus a huge community of members who are always there to help beginners find their feet.

Wealthy Affiliate - Learn More in Our Review

They offer 2 main courses, one being the Affiliate Bootcamp – for starting an affiliate marketing business within the MMO industry.  They also provide the Online Certification Course and that is for anyone wanting to start an online business within affiliate marketing but with any niche that they want to use and there are thousands of different options you could use.  You can read more about the Online Certification Course if you click here.

Our website, Best Affiliate Marketing Tools is a result of going through the Affiliate Bootcamp course.  Within a handful of lessons, you will have your own website up and running ready to start promoting Wealthy Affiliate and any other affiliate programs you want to.

You can join Wealthy Affiliate with a free starter membership or a Premium Membership ($49/month or $495/year). I recommend you start with the free starter membership and get a proper look inside Wealthy Affiliate.  You will not need a credit card to register and like I said it is FREE!

If you want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and everything else, they have to offer on top of the 2 main courses, check out our full review HERE.

What Will You Learn in the WA Affiliate Bootcamp?

Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Bootcamp

There are Seven phases or mini courses within the Affiliate Bootcamp:

  1. Getting Your Business Rolling
  2. Content, Keywords & Conversions
  3. Giving Your Site Social Value
  4. Get Visual, Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media
  5. Knowing Your Audience & Catapulting Your Referrals
  6. Bing, Yahoo & The Power of PPC
  7. How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

Each of these seven phases have 10 lessons, which includes text, video lessons and a number of tasks for you to complete.  This is not about rushing through the training and not taking the right stuff away.  This is written in a way that it will help anyone get the right information and walk them through the tasks that you can go at your own pace and, more importantly get those tasks done right.  I have even took the time to go through the lessons a couple of times before actually going and doing the tasks to ensure I am getting them right.

It is entirely written in a way that even someone who doesn’t have any technical knowledge on the computer could still go and succeed with this training.

The courses combine written training and video tutorials.  They have a number of tasks for you to complete.  But you also get to ask any questions at the bottom and some of the top helpers in that course will jump in and give you an instant response to be able to get you on the right track.

The support at Wealthy Affiliate is one of the biggest benefits of being a Wealthy Affiliate member, as the community is so active and full of people with the right knowledge to help you.  You might even get your question answered by one of the owners, Kyle and Carson as they are very active in the community and Kyle is the one who will be taking you through this course.

Phase 1 – Getting Your Business Rolling

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp - Getting Your Business RollingThis phase is all about getting your business up and running, but it also covers some great training on choosing a niche to target within the Make Money Online sector.  Often people do not identify who their target audience is or the niche they are going to target and then they wonder why they are not making any money.

This course will help you do both of those steps before building a website. The MMO sector is huge, and when you are just starting out you need to start very niche and target a small sector of the MMO world and know your target audience for you to be able to be successful.

Target the right audience with the right product and you are onto a winner with this course.

Once you have completed this step, you are then taken through exactly how to build a free website and have it up and running within a couple of minutes.

The next part of the phase is around keyword research and creating proper product reviews to help you fill your website with some content.

Phase 2 – Content, Keywords & Conversions

No website will succeed with content but making sure your content is presentable and readable whilst leveraging keywords is where this phase gets you up and running.  Creating content is easy, creating high-quality content that will help people requires some thought.

I recently went back through phase 2, as it is good to give yourself a reminder and go back to basics.  It all came flooding back as to how good this course is and that there were a few things that I had let lapse.  So I could get back on the right track.

It also covers the correct use and placement of affiliate links.  Getting this wrong can have a huge impact on how the search engines see your website.  Definitely a must for an affiliate marketer!

Phase 3 – Give Your Site Social Value

If you are not sure how much of an impact social media can have on your online business, then this phase will fill you in with all of the details.  From taking you through how to sign up with all of the social media accounts, to how social sharing has a massive positive impact on your business this phase is immense.

They will also cover elements on how to optimise your website for the search engines (this will help with generating traffic to your website).  They will also take you through how to use the free tools that Google gives you to make this easier.  These include Google Search Console & Google Analytics.

You will also be encouraged to keep writing more content and how to use the keyword research tool, Jaaxy that is provided with a Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

Phase 4 – Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media

People are visual in nature, so making sure your brand, your content and your website are appealing to the eye is what this phase is all about.  They will go through website design, how and where to use images to get your ideas over and video.  Video is so huge right now and more people are using it as high-speed internet is getting everywhere.

Phase 5 – Knowing Your Audience & Catapulting Your Referrals

Knowing your audience is an important step in getting conversions and this training will lead to you having a better understanding of your audience and gaining improved skills in respect to converting a visitor on your website to an invite and then onto a referral.

Phase 6 – Bing, Yahoo & The Power of PPC

Whilst Google holds most of the traffic, many people forget that Bing & Yahoo hold the other 30% and this training will take you through how to get your content onto their search engines.  Google is great at finding new content, we need to help Bing a little more.  Learn how to use their free tool – Bing Webmaster Tools and get your content to more people.

You will also be taken through how to utilise paid ads, commonly known as PPC to get more referrals.  Done right, this can lead to you making good money and this training will help you get it right.

Phase 7 – How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

Once you have found success with PPC, the natural next step is to scale it up to increase your earnings and this phase will take you through those steps needed to do just that.  But you need to scale it in a way that makes you money and not losing money and this training is a great way of understanding how to do this effectively.

How Much Money Can You Earn from It?

Wealthy Affiliate offers one of the most lucrative affiliate programs going.  It also helps that their platform is awesome and something that people want to promote.  Getting people to convert to a poor platform will not make you any money, but because Wealthy Affiliate has a proven success record with people doing both the Online Certification Course and the Affiliate Bootcamp, it makes sense that their affiliate program is as good as the platform itself.

As a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, you will earn $23.50 a month for each premium member you introduce and $175 per year, if they upgrade to annual.  That is $23.50 each month they stay a premium member on the monthly plan and $175 every year they stay an annual member.  There is also the opportunity for referrals to take advantage of the huge discount if they upgrade to premium within the first 7 days ($19 for the first month) and that will earn you $8 as a commission if they do.

The Starter member can still earn referral commissions if any of their referrals upgrades to a premium membership.  Although not as much, you can earn $11.75 per month and $87.50 for an annual upgrade and $4 for the first month.

Earn Revenue by Referring People to Wealthy Affiliate

From the image above you can that typically about 12% of people upgrade to premium from a starter membership, but some members have seen this go as high as 30%.

On average, you will earn $100+ from each premium member who signs up.  This is because you can earn money from their membership, but also from if they buy a website.  This will earn you a commission too.

Another great feature of the Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate program is the fact that the affiliate cookie is for life.  If someone clicks on your link but doesn’t sign up straight away and they come back later or even years later, you will still get the referral credit.

If they leave Wealthy Affiliate but decide to come back later, you will still get the referral credit.  It is a clever system they have put together.

You will find no better training platform or affiliate program than the one that Wealthy Affiliate has put together and if you are serious about making money online, this is the place to be.

It really sells itself; I have an annual membership which makes sense in the long run as it saves me over $229 a year and if you can get referrals coming in, it soon pays for itself.

They also have a great tool that can show you the earning potential, see the examples below of how much 5 referrals a day could earn you or even 50 a day and there are super affiliates who are achieving this:

Wealthy Affiliate Referral Earning PotentialSo, if you can get to the point of getting 5 referrals a day with 12% upgrading to premium and staying on for 4 months you could be earning $1,458 a month.  Push that up to 50 referrals a day, 12% upgrade rate and them staying a premium member for 6 months and that becomes $22,398 a month.

There is also a special bonus if you can get 300 premium referrals in a calendar year…

The Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference

Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference - Wealthy Affiliate

Any member of Wealthy Affiliate will tell you that this is their ultimate goal.  If you can introduce 300 premium referrals in a year, you will get flown out to Las Vegas (All expenses paid) to go and sit with Kyle, Carson (the owners) and other Super Affiliates.  They also give you the chance to go if you refer 100 premium members between September and December, hence the screenshot above showing 100.

They will spend 3 days with you teaching you more tactics on how to get the best out of your business and learn from the other members.  You will also get a 2-hour meeting with Kyle & Carson where they will share their knowledge freely to help you take it to the next level.

If you want to know more about this awesome conference, check out this post about last year’s conference.

This is definitely one of my goals!!

Does it Bring Success? Yes, See Some of the Super Affiliates Below

Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate Conference 2019Look it takes hard work to be able to achieve this success, but that doesn’t mean it is not possible.  If you checked out the link above to learn about the Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas you will see that the members that are there, all started from scratch.  Look at the image above and you will see the members who have worked hard to achieve a full-time income from promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

They started with nothing and yet with the training that they went through, they achieved that success.

They are sitting with other super affiliates that all followed the same training – The Affiliate Bootcamp within Wealthy Affiliate.

Jerry Huang has really inspired me this last year.  By working really hard at his website for 2 years, he is now a Super Affiliate.  He spent every minute he had to escape the job he had as a plate cleaner in a restaurant and now I truly believe he will be a self-made millionaire before long.  Check out his success story here, where he is creating his own Affiliate Marketing course in Mandarin and is set to earn $120k+.  Very Inspiring.

Grace is another member who made it last year and is proof that hard work pays off.  Check out her profile and her success story here.  She has even created her own training to help other members reach Vegas…

Robert or Roope is a Super Affiliate who is travelling the world whilst being a super affiliate.

Benji’s Dad is another member who was at the Vegas Conference.

The list could go on, but these Super Affiliates will tell you the secret to their success is by working hard and following Kyle’s training.  In fact, I highly recommend you read this blog post by Roope.  It is a blog post about 99.9% of your competitors will fail.  He is talking about the way to succeed at anything is to not give up.  You will have stuff that doesn’t work out, but as long as you learn from it and ask for help you will find success, just like these guys.

It is definitely worth a read, click here to read it.

My goal is to be joining them soon and that is by following the Affiliate Bootcamp course.

Final Thoughts

What I have learned from these success stories is a consistent message of the fact that it will take time, determination and a lot of patience.  The MMO sector is a tough nut to crack, but with consistency of those 3 things and following the proven formula that Kyle and Carson have set out with their Affiliate Bootcamp training, you can and will see results.

But my advice is to set yourself a target of a year before you see any results.  It could happen before that point, but why set yourself up to fail.  But because of how competitive this niche is, you must expect it to take longer to see results.  You may earn a little throughout the year, but most start seeing the magic happen once they have been around a year.

Other niches could make you a consistent income and it could happen a lot sooner and if that sounds more appealing, you could go through the Online Certification Course at Wealthy Affiliate instead.  You could always come back and do the Affiliate Bootcamp later on when you are earning from your own niche site and thinking out expanding.

We all start from somewhere and if you can stick with it, stay patient and continue to apply everything that you will learn from the Affiliate Bootcamp course, then you will be onto a successful path.  You will see just from going through some of the success stories, whether they are small successes or monetary successes, it is a great feeling when you do achieve them.

But one thing I will leave you with is the fact that the main reason why people do not make money online is because they give up too soon or they don’t have the right training.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you have the right training!!  All you need to do is invest in yourself and believe in yourself that you will make this work.  Whether you decide to go through the Affiliate Bootcamp or the Online Certification Course, you will succeed.  You will also have a fantastic community of people behind you to help you too.

Seriously, you will find no better training platform and community online!  If you want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, read our review here.  But if you are ready to sign up for free, just go HERE!  I will see you on the inside!

Free Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership

18 thoughts on “What is the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp? & How to Make Money Online as a Beginner”

  1. Thanks for this WA bootcamp review. I’ve always wondered if making money with the bootcamp method was possible, so thanks for clarifying this. When I started WA I went through the main training, where I created an Amazon affiliate site and found great success. I am thinking about going through the bootcamp training to earn additional income but have a question for you. Are the niches saturated? Thanks.

    • Hey Brandon,

      thanks for checking out our blog and to answer your question – No.  Let me explain.

      I think the biggest problem with the MMO niche is people do not really hone down and target a specific niche and a target audience.  Rather they stay too broad.  Another thing is that a lot of people do get started in the MMO sector, but like Roope wrote 99.9% of them quit too soon.

      So regardless of the niche you choose, if you can commit to keeping at it you will succeed.  It will take longer within the MMO sector, but as most of the others will quit you will be left standing tall with a great blog because you are following this amazing course.

      Stand above the rest and you will succeed and make sure you choose the right nice and then write accordingly for that niche and target audience.

      All the best


  2. Hello, thanks for writing an overview on wealthy Affiliate bootcamp.  The fact that I couldn’t find the niche for me that I could monetise, I decided to take the wealthy Affiliate bootcamp courses. I just finished with course 1 and I really do hope that by the end of it all, it would be worth the stress and time. Thanks for breaking it down and giving me areas and what to expect from each lessons. Thanks

    • Hey Shelley, 

      thanks for checking out our blog and you are in the right place to do it.  Take your time with the Affiliate Bootcamp course, ask as many questions as you need and follow every step to the letter and don’t jump ahead.

      Amazing things will happen if you can do that!


  3. I am so happy I joined WA, I am really looking forward to doing to the Bootcamp as a newbie WA is the best place to be the training is amazing. I can’t wait to be a successful affiliate. By far the best platform to join. “Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.”

    • Hey Kay,

      thanks for checking out our blog.  You are in the right place to be successful.  Always believe in yourself and you will achieve amazing things.  All the best


  4. I am very new with Wealthy Affiliate and just started with the Online Certification Course. Have not paid much attention to the Affiliate Bootcamp but with all that you’ve described, especially the achievers, it is truly inspiring. With a better understanding of the Affiliate Bootcamp, and know that hard work is essential, I hope is to get there with perseverance and determination. Thanks for the information.

    • Hey Sharon,

      You will definitely get there with your perseverance and determination.  Always believe in yourself and you will achieve amazing things. 

      All the best Sharon,


  5. This is really a nice and explanatory post. I had some problems with understanding wealthy affiliate bootcamp before now but your post just gave me a clear insight of what it really is and how I can develop myself in the business. The referral part is interesting because of the pay. Thank you for the three things you listed in your final thought, time, determination and a lot of patience, they’ll really be of great help to me hustle. This will help me stay firm and make as much as possible out of this information. Thanks for the enlightenment.

    • Hey Jones,

      thanks for checking out our blog.  There are a lot of benefits to Wealthy Affiliate and the referral scheme is one of them, it makes it much easier to promote what is a great platform.  

      You definitely need to put time, effort and determination into it as the MMO sector is extremely competitive, but following the right course is a major plus!!



  6. Hi John, great review of the bootcamp!

    As a fellow WA member I’ve never actually clicked on the bootcamp courses, I’ve been working on my niche site currently and enjoying it. But once I invest more time on the site and go through the certification course I’ll start looking into the bootcamp, I believe I’ll definitely learn more new things from the course.

    Thanks for sharing this, keep up the good work! 

    • Hey Tim,

      thanks for checking out our blog.  The Affiliate Bootcamp is definitely a fantastic course when you are ready to start promoting Wealthy Affiliate or tackling the MMO sector.  Plenty to learn!



  7. If quality time is set aside to concentrate on the wealthy affiliate bootcamp training, the result would be so amazing and we will be very glad about the action we’ve taken. I joined wealthy affiliate this year and a put my courage together to attend all the training from beginning . I got tired of it when am about to reach the bootcamp aspect. I came back to my sense not quite long and started the bootcamp training. Am currently on the keywords and traffic conversation aspect. I wish to practice what I have learnt untill I see that we have to pay for jaaxy before we can have access to the Enterprise aspect. I have to limit myself to the started first till I get enough money to subscribe for the advance ones.

    • Hey Stella,

      thanks for checking out our blog.  The enterprise version for Jaaxy does bring efficiency, but isn’t required to be successful.  Once you can afford it, it will bring benefits.  But keep going with the training and you will find that you will be earning enough to be able to upgrade.

      But as Jaaxy is included with a Wealthy Affiliate premium membership you are still getting the benefit of Jaaxy.

      All the best


  8. Thanks for this great and inspiring overview, John. I absolutely agree with you that there is no other affiliate programme better than wealthy affiliate. I like the emphasis you made on hard work. Making money online requires a lot of hard work contrary to what most beginners would think.

    With your detailed explanation, I will definitely give the boot camp a try. The payment is really worth going for. Thanks again.

    • Hey James,

      thanks for checking out our blog.  Making Money Online does require a lot of hard work and many people fail because they give up too soon.  It isn’t about ability when you have training like that at Wealthy Affiliate.  It is about the determination to go and get it!

      The Bootcamp is a great training program and you will definitely see a huge benefit from taking part.


  9. Hi, This comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp has impressed me! I had no idea how excellent would be by joining this platform.I am so excited about its features and its capability of attracting people to getting started new online business.
    I also liked the Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started Level 1- It sounds like anyone who are not Tech-savvy is able to take advantage of this course and going forward.
    Most exciting part your article was where you have cited out about Las Vegas Conference Super Affiliate success story-I love it!
    Honestly,I have read a lot about many platform in respect of affiliate marketing, the way I see it, Wealthy affiliate is much more trustworthy platform for people who are serious about make money trough internet.
    Thanks for your informative post

    • Hey Shirian,

      thanks for checking out our blog.  The Wealthy Affiliate platform is a fantastic place for affiliate marketers, new and old.  It only gets better too, with regular updates to keep it the best on the market.

      The Vegas Super Affiliate Conference is a fantastic incentive for anyone wanting to promote WA and the guys that have been there say it is the best thing ever.

      Definitely on my list of things to achieve!!



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