Best Reasons to Work from Home & How to Get Started!

Best Reasons to Work from Home & How to Get Started!

Have you been looking for a way to work from home and want to understand is it something you can do and the benefits to it?  I have come up with the best reasons to work from home and, more importantly how you can actually get started with your own home-based business online.

Working from home is seen as the ideal business idea. But whilst there are plenty of benefits, which we will go through there are a couple of watch-outs that you need to be aware of too and I think it is only fitting we go through a couple before we discuss the benefits to ensure you know whether it is the right path for you…

The Watch Outs of Working from Home…

The majority of us would love to be able to work from home, not answer to a boss and sit at home in our pyjamas making money and some of us are actually doing that.  But I need to highlight the fact that it is a lot easier to sit and watch the tv, then it is to take the action required to make that money online.

Whether you have your own product to sell, you want to harness affiliate marketing or CPA marketing or want to become a social media influencer to make your mark and earn money online, the key attributes you need to understand are…  You need to put time and effort into anything to make money!

If you want to work from home for an employer, that’s fine but they are going to expect you to achieve something with your day.

If you are planning on working for yourself and working from home or working as a remote worker for a company doing telesales, etc.  the only way you will earn anything is by putting in the time and effort to earn the rewards from it.

I am going to focus on the working from home with your own home-based business for the rest of the post as that is what the majority of people are looking for, a way of earning money online from your own home-based business.  That is the goal of many, and are looking for ways to make money online and work from home.

You are going to have to work hard to achieve the success needed to ensure you can work from home and enjoy the benefits that we are going to go through shortly.

It is so easy to sit at home watching the tv, or surfing the web and going through social media that you soon realise you haven’t achieved anything today.  My personal advice to anyone who is getting started online or has their own online business is to set daily, weekly and monthly goals.  They don’t have to be mega or hard to achieve, but setting goals is a key step in your future success and allows you to track and see whether you are on-track with your business.

Right, let’s get onto the best reasons to work from home.

Your Own Schedule

One of the worst things of working a normal job is the schedules, whether you work a 9 to 5 job or work in retail.  The workCreate your own schedule - best reasons to work from home schedule is something that doesn’t really work for everyone. My day job consisted of being up and out for 6am most mornings and I was lucky if I got back for when my son was going to bed.

My first benefit of working from home is the fact that you create that schedule, you work when it is best for you and your family.  I personally prefer and get more done on the evening, then I do in the mornings.  I know a number of entrepreneurs who like getting up first thing in the morning and just getting on with it, so they have the afternoon for their own endeavours.

The thing is, it can be really personal to you. The other thing is, that if it is the right time for you to do the work, you are going to be more productive and produce better results because of it.

Being able to drop the kids off at school and not having to pay childcare means you get the benefit of seeing more of your children and then getting back and working from home.

More Time for YouMore time for you - best reasons to work from home

Another benefit you get from working from home is having more time for you and your interests or time with friends.  If you get the right business model from home, you will find that you do not need to invest hundreds of hours into it to see results, and this means that you can have more time to spend on things you want to do.  Meet up with a friend for coffee, go out for the day and then pick up the work on the evening.

Without having to drive into a job or an office, you gain a lot of time for both your business and for you.  When you are finished, you are already home and can get on with what you want to do.

You could actually start a home business in a niche that you love, this allows you to earn money from something that you want to do.

Make Money from Something you Love

If you started a business in something that you actually want to do or a niche that you already know a lot about and enjoy, then it makes it much easier to do the business and it won’t feel like a chore to do it, meaning you will enjoy doing all the things required to get really involved in that niche and promoting the business.

If you have your own product or service, then you could explore avenues like eBay or etsy to get it out to an audience.  This will allow you to get started quite effectively, but if you have aspirations of your own brand, you could really benefit from your own website with you could use alongside eBay and etsy to sell your products and services and grow it to the point where you are making enough to be able to work from home full-time.

Check out how you can get a free website for your brand here.

If you haven’t got your own product or services, you could start a home business where you are promoting other people’s products and services and turning this into a full-time income.  This model is called Affiliate Marketing, you can learn more about this model here.

The benefits of staring a home-based business based in a niche that you enjoy is you get to engage into that niche, and as it is something you already enjoy – you will enjoy it.

People go and pick niches because they seem profitable but run out of ideas or even stop working on it because they get bored.  That will not lead to you being able to work from home!

Lose the Commute

After years of driving into work and getting stuck in traffic more often than not – working from home means you no longerlose the commute - best reasons for working from home have to worry about the commute.  It is awesome to be able to just grab a cup of coffee and then walk to my little office and get started without worrying about getting into the car and sitting in dreaded traffic.

Whether you drive in, have to sit in a crowded train carriage, write a bicycle or sit on a bus – think of how much time you would gain back from your day by just losing it from your day?

This is time that you can use to scale your home-based business or just time to use for yourself.

Your Control Your Income

One of the things that stops people from choosing to start a home-based business is the fact they worry that they will not earn enough to be able to live on or replace their current income.

But the reality is that a home-based business allows you to earn what you are worth, and not what your company or boss thinks you are worth.

You will not always get a pay rise at your job, or even get paid depending on the amount of effort you put into it.

As a business owner, you set your income goals, the prices of any products or services you sell.  All you need to do is invest the time and effort into achieving those goals to earn what you are earning now and more.

The other advantage of a home-based business is the fact that you could start it on the side of a normal job, so you can also make the decision on when you make the transition.

Get Tax Benefits

There are a number of tax benefits to having your own business from home, writing off equipment, supplies and a portion of your home or car cost, if appropriate.

You can also claim utilities.

Another thing to factor in is at your normal job you will be taxed on what you earn.  In a home-based business you can deduct your expenses first and then pay tax on your net income, not your gross income.

I would highly recommend you check this out properly with a tax expert or accountant, but there are definite benefits.

Wear What You Like

We all know that a uniform or formal wear is a pain.  If the weather is hot, they are uncomfortable, sometimes they are not flattering and then there is the ironing and the cost of washing it all too.

Working from home allows you to not worry too much about what you are wearing, even working in your pyjamas if that is your preference.

No Boss – Become the Boss

There are a number of reasons why people start looking for ways to work from home or earn money online.  One of the reasons is their boss.  Working from home means you become the boss.  You will start out small and you are the only worker in your business.  But then you start making money and get to a point where you are recruiting works or using freelancers.  That is the point where you become the boss, and you can ensure you are the boss to those people that you would have wanted when you had the boss.

Get a Greater Feeling of Satisfaction from What You Achieve

What does it feel like when you have achieved something?  It feels good, right?  But when it is achieving something that isSatisfaction - best reasons to work from home revolved around your business and your goals, it feels a whole lot better.

I am serious, when you first start out with your own online business it feels awesome just to get something completed.  Whether it is getting your website launched, getting your first order or commission, getting your first comment on your website, getting some feedback via eBay or social media that they loved your product.

It makes such a difference when it is aimed at you.  I worked for a big retail company, the feedback was always generic.  Getting that sort of feedback feels ok, but nowhere near the same to your own business.

Get Started with a Home-Based Business Today

Learn New Skills & Grow as a Pro

Starting your own home-based business allows you to learn a whole range of new skills and grow as a professional.  You might start small, but with a global reach of 4 billion people that have access to high-speed internet you will be able to reach a large audience with your products, services or offering help.

You might think that it is not possible to learn again, but if you get the right training platform you will surprise yourself with what you are able to achieve.

Whether you have your own product/service or want to explore the opportunities that lie with affiliate marketing, you will soon see how you can start your own business and be able to say you can create your own website, your own social media channels, write effective articles to promote your business.  Understand your customer trends to help you scale your business and reach a larger audience.

You Can Get Started with Your Own Home-Based Business without a product or service, just a niche chosen from something that you love and in the next week you could learn from the following lessons:

  • Understanding How to Make Money Online
  • Choosing a Niche – Gain access to 590,000 Niches
  • Building Your Own Niche Website
  • Setting up Your Niche Website
  • Getting Your Website Search Engine Friendly
  • Creating Content

Even if you have your own products or services, this training will lead you to be able to make the most of the internet and the huge audience that is available, but without the right training you will not be able to effectively target the right audience who is going to make those purchasing decisions that make you money.

As long as you are willing to learn and put the time and effort in, you will see the result you are after with a home-based business.

Get Started with Your Own Home Business

To see the benefits from those best reasons to work from home, you need to get started with your own home business.  Are you ready to learn and earn from your very own home-based business?  Then, I do recommend a training platform that offers education, the ability to create your own website and get expert help and support at any time for your home-based business.

The training platform I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate.  Don’t think that it can only benefit those looking for affiliate marketing, as a lot of the training they offer we used for Gem’s wedding stationary business which sells wedding invitations, utilises drop shipping and affiliate marketing.  That is all part of the scalability of an online business.

The essence of the training focuses on those key steps that you need when starting out with an online business, getting it ready for the search engines (Google) so that people can find it, writing effective content that means that search engines like it to ensure it ranks higher.

But the biggest benefit you gain access to is industry experts that are there to help you whenever you have questions or issues that you need an answer to.

So, if you are looking for a way of working from home with your own business, I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate.  You can see for yourself, with a free starter membership.  There is nothing to pay and no credit card required, unlike some other training platforms and you will see for yourself what is on offer and whether you can benefit from the tools and training that they offer.

Being able to work from home with your own online business gives you so many benefits.  As long as you commit to the time and effort required to realise your goals, you will never want to go back and work for someone else or go back to the daily commute.

So, those are my best reasons to work from home and how to get started with your own home-based business regardless of whether you have a product/service or not.  Let me know what you think in the comments, have you got any other benefits or watch-outs to working from home?

If you have any questions or anything to add, please write them in the comments below and I will respond as soon as I can.



A Work from Home Business Opportunity – With Support

A Work from Home Business Opportunity - With Support

Have you been looking for a way of earning money with a home business?  Working from home has multiple benefits and we would all like to give up the day job and build our own business.

It is surprising how many people are actually looking for this kind of opportunity.  But most people fail…?  Know why? They didn’t know where to start, how to start.  They didn’t know what was possible and they didn’t get help and support.  I want to offer my help to anyone interested in follow my work from home business opportunity.

What if I could tell you a way you could start your own home business, from something that you love and get all the help and support you need to make it successful, including personal help from me.

If you are truly looking for a work from home business opportunity, you have come to the right place.

How a Passion Becomes a Business Opportunity

Passion led us here - How a passion becomes an online business

Why would a business opportunity start from a passion or hobby?  Let me ask you, if you and I would start having a chat about something you are passionate about… how much would you be able to offer into the subject. I bet you would have a lot to offer, a lot of knowledge and you would also be able to carry on research that subject and not getting bored.

That is why the business opportunity I am offering comes from a Passion.  Think about that hobby or passion you are into.  How many other people are researching, talking and buying products related to that passion?

I’ll give you an example, and this will give you the scope of the opportunity.

I would consider myself a big fan of sci-fi, particularly Star Trek.  I know, some of you will be thinking “oh dear”.  But bear with me.  I could stand and chat with other Star Trek fans all day long.  I recently went to a convention and saw the scale of people also interested in it too.

Now what if I started an online business focusing on Star Trek. What if I had the help and support to ensure that this business targeted Star Trek fans to gain traction.

What if people started visiting my online business and finding loads of interesting facts on it.  Then they also notice products on the website too, that they could purchase. (The merchandise is endless within that niche).

Now at that point, we have the premise of a great business model.  A website that focuses on giving Star Trek fans what they want.  Lots of useful information, details of upcoming conventions.  News from the latest series, etc. Details on the stars.

It is a great start, but I did mention products and I haven’t got any products… So, does that mean I cannot start an online business???

Nope, it just means that I need a different way of earning money from those products.

Build an Online Business with Affiliate Marketing

Just because I haven’t got any products or services in that given niche, doesn’t mean I cannot offer them.  But I would do it with a model called Affiliate Marketing.  It doesn’t have to be on Star Trek, obviously.  But think about what you are really interested in.  Even if you wouldn’t really call it a passion.  You will find that any interest can be turned into an affiliate marketing opportunity.

Related Post: “50 Niche Website Ideas

Ok, lets explain what Affiliate Marketing is.

Affiliate Marketing is where you earn commissions, when someone you introduce to a product or services buys it.  It is more widespread, than you might think.  Amazon is the biggest marketplace in the world and they utilise Affiliate Marketing.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

It saves them a fortune on marketing campaigns, as all they do is pay out a percentage to the promoter on a successful sale.

What is the Opportunity from Affiliate Marketing?

Seriously, if someone takes Affiliate Marketing down the right road it can lead to a full-time income or even stretch to the point where you are earning a lot more than your day job would ever do.

Let’s use another example.  Let’s say you decide that gaming laptops is something you want to explore with Affiliate Marketing.

Gaming laptops is a fast-growing market and offers a great opportunity for an affiliate marketer.  The average price of a gaming laptop on Amazon is about $1,000.  You build a blog all around helping people with gaming laptops and you also promote some gaming laptops in the way of reviews and someone follows your affiliate link to the Amazon sales page and buys that gaming laptop (thanks to you). You have just earned $60 from that sale.  That might not sound like much.  But the art of affiliate marketing is to grow your business to the point where your traffic is hitting high levels.  So, all of a sudden, you might have sold 10 laptops – $600.  100 laptops – $6,000.

That is the opportunity that lies in Affiliate Marketing.  Whatever your passion or interests you can turn it into an online business – With the Right Help and Support.

Where Do I Get Help & Support?

There are a number of reasons why affiliate marketers fail, and the number one reason is they are not getting the right help and support. But there is also a couple of factors you need to also consider with it too.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  There is no magic button online that will lead to instant earnings.  This is a business model based on hard work and dedication.

I would not be where I was today without the help and support, and the training that is on offer from the guys at Wealthy Affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing Training, Websites & Expert Help

If you truly want an online business that allows you to work from home, then I can highly recommend Affiliate Marketing.  It allows you to work from anywhere with an internet connection.  But the beauty of affiliate marketing is that it is a passive income source.  You do not need to be there to process the transaction, just enjoy the commissions.

Whether you are great with a computer or not, you will find that the training is the best you will find and gives a great step-by-step guide to launching an online business, a website and scaling it to a full-time income.

If you would like to learn more, I highly recommend you read my Wealthy Affiliate review.  They offer so much to someone who is looking for a work from home business opportunity and their success stories speak for themselves.  But the best thing about your platform is the help and support on offer from the owners, the community and me.

Build an Online Business

If you do decide to give Wealthy Affiliate a try, you will get instant access to me for any help and support you require.  Wealthy Affiliate offer a free starter membership, which gives you a great insight into the platform and what is on offer.

If you have any questions about the business opportunity or affiliate marketing, then please get in touch via the comments below.  I would to be able to help you with your pursuit of a work from home business opportunity.

10 Best Reasons to Work from Home… But Why it’s Harder Than you Think

10 Best Reasons to Work from Home… But Why it’s Harder Than you Think

There are many benefits to working from home and it is a lifestyle many crave. Being able to work when you want, how you want and more importantly fit it around you rather than your company or boss all has an appeal. But I also want to share with you the other side of working from home to consider… it is definitely harder to motivate yourself at times too.

I will share with you 10 of the best reasons to work from home, but also a couple of factors to consider if you do.

I use affiliate links to support, for more information click here.

You Control Your Schedule

Being able to control when you work has a multitude of benefits, I find myself more productive on an evening. But compare that to your normal job – a 9 to 5 job suffers with the commute; a flexible shift worker never knows their shifts too far in advance.  Working nights to earn extra money means you miss out on the family… the reasons are endless, and it can be much better for you if you planned your own schedule.

No Drive to Work

The amount of time we lose through the commute to work and then there is also the fuel savings.  Fuel is costing more allCommute to Work the time, especially with the push for electric cars and getting penalised for driving a diesel car.  You might be someone who goes to work via train, but the train fares are constantly going up with overcrowded trains a big problem.

It is no surprise that many of us are stressed before we even get to work, and we have the same joys to go through on the way home.

More Time for Parenting or Your Own Pursuits

One of the biggest benefits I have seen from working from home is spending more time with my family.  Being able to walk Will to school or take him to his Tae Kwon Do lessons is something I really enjoy and missed out massively with my day job.

More Family TimeThere are also the benefits for if he is ever unwell and cannot attend school.

But for many of you who aren’t parents, there is the opportunity to get back into a hobby or arrange to catch up with some friends without the normal barriers. I remember one Friday, my day job involved a lot of driving, and I was supposed to be meeting up with Friends and Family for a drink to celebrate a birthday – but due to a pile up on the motorway I didn’t get back home until 11pm and missed out on it.

It seems to be your hobbies or interests always take a backseat to the job, as it pays the bills and I get that – but working from home definitely gives you more freedom to pursue them.

Control Over Income

One of the key reasons why people do not pursue working from home is they worry that they will not bring in the same amount as their day job or having enough to live on.  But the advantages of a home business are it can allow you to earn what you are worth – and you will get paid based on what effort you put in and not whether a boss feels you deserve a pay rise.

As a business owner, you can set your own income goals and product/service prices.  You will also reap the rewards from the time and effort you put into your home business.  Plus most home businesses start as a side gig on top of a normal job, until you are ready to change that arrangement.

Tax Benefits

There are tax benefits to having your own business from home, you can write off equipment, supplies and even a portion of your home or car if appropriate. You can even claim a portion of utilities you use, i.e. internet or electric.

It is also worth pointing out that with a normal job you get taxed on what you earn.  In your home business, you can deduct your expenses first and only pay tax on your net income.

I would always advise you seek professional advice with this, but there are definite benefits.

No Work Uniform

Wear what you like… unless you have clients to see or are doing a skype call, there is no restriction on what you wear.

During the summer, you will not have to wear formalwear that bakes you when the heatwave arrives.

No Boss

There are normally a couple of reasons why we look for ways to work from home, sometimes it is to earn more money or pay off debt.  Or that your boss is not that great. Not all of them are a problem, but at the end of the day reporting to a boss doesn’t give you the freedom to push yourself into doing something or making decisions.

Feel a Greater Level of Satisfaction

Think of it with your current job, when you achieve something is there any recognition… does it mean that you can go home and feel motivated from it…

Everyday there is some level of satisfaction from starting your own business.  Launching your first product, launching a website, getting your first customer review.

Let’s be honest, you will never get the same level of recognition from your day job. Starting an online business and growing it to the point where it is helping people and creating income for yourself will be a much better place to be.

Learn New Skills & Grow as a Professional

To make an online business work and grow to that point where you can say goodbye to the day job needs some hard work and time spent learning some important skills. This will help your online business, but also help you grow as a Professional.

You will notice the tone I have taken with this post, the only real way of earning money online is by thinking of it as and building it as a business.

Building a business plan around it, having the mindset of it as a business and you will definite grow in an awesome way as a business owner. That is why I advocate to anyone the opportunities of starting a Home Business.

Start a Home Business – A Passion Becomes Your Key to Working from Home

This is the starting point for being able to work from home.  There are a couple of paths:

  • Creating & Selling Your Own Products – Many have started with this path, starting on eBay and building up a home business from there.  My wife traded her 9-5 admin job for this and now creates bespoke Wedding Stationary and ships worldwide.
  • Drop Shipping – Not everyone has their own products or the inclination to create them.  Drop shipping is an alternative where you sell products from a wholesaler. You sell them as your product and when someone buys something, you instruct the wholesaler to ship it direct to the customer.
  • Affiliate Marketing – This is my preferred method.  My wife is arty and very good at what she does, but I use Affiliate Marketing to bolster the earnings from the wedding stationary to allow us to work from home.  Affiliate Marketing is gaining a lot of popularity and it might seem like a difficult path to traverse but is by the far the best option if you are looking to work from home.  I suggest you read my guide on “How Affiliate Marketing Really Works?

I would to just spend a minute pointing out a couple of things for when you are searching for genuine opportunities to work from home.  Anything that tells you “You Can Earn Money Overnight with this System!” or promises you “You Don’t have to Do Anything!” are full of BS.  There are no magic-button systems out there that can allow you to quit your job tomorrow. (Sorry).  It took me 15 years with my (day-job) company to earn the salary I got to, there was no way a platform was going to equal that overnight – But if you are willing to put the time and effort in you can start to see rewards with an online business after 12 months.  Being realistic with our expectations is something I have learned a lot from on our quest to push the wedding stationary business and my affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate Marketing presents anyone the opportunity to work from home building an online business from something we really enjoy or even a passion.  I love helping people find that opportunity, but it could be in anything.  But I would be lying if it was easy (what is) and many stop before they actually start making money.

Some do not believe me when I say that I am earning money through Affiliate Marketing, but I am, and it gives me all of the benefits that are above and more.

With Gemma’s wedding stationary business, I utilise all 3 of the above business models to supplement the income from the wedding stationary.

A Few Watch Outs to Working from Home

I mentioned earlier that whilst there are many benefits to working from home, there are a few things that can make you less productive or even mean you do not get your business off of the ground.

Watch Out #1 – Distractions & Self Motivation

Whether it is your favourite tv show, social media or the washing up, there are a lot more distractions at home then you might think.  It might seem like the dream to stay in your PJ’s all day and having the mentality of “I’ll do it later…”.  You willDistractions - Social Media soon notice that you actually get a lot done at home, but not on your business.  Social Media can be a powerful tool to your business, but you can easily lose 2 hours just surfing Facebook and not having anything to show for it.

My first piece of advice for working from home is… Make yourself an office and organise your time.  I know this might sound like your day job and clocking on”.  But it will help you get into that home office mindset.  Even with my day job I was a home worker, and it can be so easy to sit on the sofa with the tv on, whilst checking emails.  You do not get a lot done.  Trust me, you are better having no distractions.

Watch Out #2 – It Can Be Lonely

When you finally reach that point where you are working from home and not having to get out of the house for work – you soon realise that you miss the social element of your old job.  Don’t be afraid to meet up with a friend for a coffee.  There are times with an online business where you might need to bounce an idea off, but if you aren’t interacting with anyone close this can be hard to do.  I have also found a friend is more likely to give you an honest opinion compared to some of the family.

Watch Out #3 – Managing Our Expectations

I know I have mentioned this before, but it is a really big one that can get us in the way.  If I just talk about Affiliate Marketing for a moment as a business model.  Most people get disillusioned with it after a couple of months as it hasn’t earned them any money.  But in everything I have ever read or done with it, you shouldn’t expect it to.  The main reason is the search engines are not really noticing your website until month 3.  So, they could be giving up just before they start seeing revenue.

eBay is really good for Gem’s wedding stationary, but there are fees.  But the website isn’t getting the traffic it needs to not do eBay.

Wanting to work from home can be such a powerful emotive thing that we jump into decisions that we shouldn’t really make, and it tends to end up costing you more money.

Making money online at home is really doable, but you need to manage those expectations.  I didn’t earn anything in the first 6 months with Affiliate Marketing, but I didn’t give up.  If I had, I wouldn’t be seeing the success that I am now.  It is really pushing forward with Gem’s business and I have a training platform and a great community to thank for those successes.

Getting the Help, You Need to Work from Home

There are watch outs to consider when starting out online, but the benefits definitely outweigh those.  I love being able to spend more time with my family, and I also help people who want to get started online too.

Starting out might seem daunting, but I can offer you help every step of the way and get you to the point where you can give up the day job and say you are a home business owner.

When I first started looking for ways to earn online, the one thing I noticed was the number of programs that were full of false promises. How can a system earn you that kind of money overnight with no work…? The answer was it didn’t, but you needed to hand over your credit card details first to find out.

I’ll admit, I got stung by a scam and got my fingers burnt.  I let my emotional side make the decisions for me and it didn’t work.  But it did lead me to a path that was genuine and offered me all the help and support I needed to start and grow my online business.

That platform offered training, expert help and support and the ability to launch my own online business with Affiliate Marketing.  But it offered so much more, and I have used a lot of the knowledge with Gemma’s wedding stationary business.  So whatever online business you are considering you can get the same help and support + I will personally help you every step of the way.

That training platform is Wealthy Affiliate.  It offers:

  • Training for every aspect of an Online Business
  • Websites & Hosting for your Online Business
  • Expert Help & Support from the Community
  • Online Training Platform where the Owners Get Involved
  • Personal Help & Guidance from Me

I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who is interested in starting their own online business, and truly believe in them.  Here is my full Wealthy Affiliate Review, which I would advise you to read.

If you are really interested in building an online business to help you be able to work from home, then Wealthy Affiliate can definitely help. But I will also be on hand to help anyone in the community.  One of the things you will soon realise is, everyone is there to help each other including the owners.

If you want to take the platform for a spin, you can try their starter membership.  It is totally free and will not require you to enter your credit card details.  Just experience the premium features for 7 days and make your own mind up.

I would love to hear what you guys thought of my 10 best reasons to work from home or even the watch outs.  Are you thinking of starting out and not sure which way to go or have you found your own benefits or concerns when working from home?  I would love to hear from you – just leave me any questions or comments below.  I promise to come back to you ASAP and good luck with your pursuit of working from home.

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