Online Sales Pro Review – Is Online Sales Pro a Scam?

Welcome to our Online Sales Pro Review!

Have you been looking at Online Sales Pro and wondering if it is a sound investment?  Maybe you are asking yourself whether it is worth the money, or whether it is an outright scam.

Well, that those are the questions we are going to answer in our Online Sales Pro Review.

First off, it’s great to see that you’re doing your research before buying into any “seemingly good” product.

That is how you avoid scams and find only legitimate ways to make money online!

To be completely transparent with you, we’re not associated with Online Sales Pro in any form. We’re not here to pitch or sell you anthing.

If you are new to internet marketing, know that there are lots of different companies that offering very similar services to Online Sales Pro.  These are online lead generation tools and resources.

That means OSP is not particularly unique, but it also means they are legit.  The bigger question to answer is whether this software is the right one for you and your online business.  They all have their benefits and concerns, but we will be as thorough as we can be to ensure you know everything that you need to know.

Let’s get started with a quick overview of Online Sales Pro.

Online Sales Pro Review Summary

Product Name: Online Sales Pro

Founder: Joel Kellman & Grady Polcyn

Product Type: Lead Generation & Sales Software Platform

Price: $37/month or $297/year + one upsell ($97/month or $997/year)

Best For: Anyone looking to generate more leads and sales to an existing business



  • Step-by-Step training
  • Mobile Optimised
  • Reasonable Price
  • Pre-Built Landing Pages & Funnels


  • Landing Pages  Cannot be Customised
  • Not The Best Place for Building Funnels
  • Limited Autoresponder Integration
  • Unable to Integrate with WordPress

Summary:  Online Sales Pro is a legit program; it is a software tool that will help beginners build landing pages to get more leads and sales.  It’s platform is easy to navigate, and it even comes with an easy-to-use phone app.  But the platform is not for more experienced marketers.  It lacks some of the more sophisticated tools that advanced marketers would require.  It is aimed at beginners and would be an ideal choice for them too.

Rating: 80/100

Recommended? Yes, for beginners

If you don’t have an existing business, be it affiliate marketing or MLM, having a lead generation service won’t benefit you.  Check out our Favourite Way to Make Money Online HERE instead.

Table of Contents

What is Online Sales Pro?

Before we get into any detail about Online Sales Pro, we found there was a differing opinion in certain reviews online about this program.  Some are wrongly claiming that Vincent Ortega Jr. was in fact the owner of the company.  But this kind of shows that they are not doing thorough research…

Let us show you:


Vincent is not the owner and has never been the owner.  He only owns a royalty in the company and he himself has decided not to promote OSP any longer.

Here are the real owners of Online Sales Pro:


Joel Kellman & Grady Polcyn are the founders of Online Sales Pro.  (Correct Research online is really important).

Let’s get back on track and cover off what Online Sales Pro is…

Online Sales Pro was created by Kinetic Media owner Joel Kellman.  Joel is a self-described executive who has an extensive knowledge in business development, planning, implementation and management.  His main focus is Online Marketing & Brand Management.  He is also the co-founder of another Internet Marketing venture called Lead Line Pro, as well as Kinetic Media.

Online Sales Pro is a software company that provides you with tools, training and resources to help you generate more leads and sales for your business.

Lead Generation and Email Marketing are both important factors of successful online business.  They both work together in tandem, if you can do a great job of getting leads (subscribes) and the follow that up with Email Marketing, your business is likely to prosper.

Email Marketing is still very effective, regardless of what anyone says.

That is also why so many different companies offer this kind of lead generation tools.  Other popular landing page builders & lead generation tools include:

  • My Lead System Pro
  • Leading Pages
  • ClickFunnels

These are all legit options, but are all geared up differently and are ideal depending on which stage your business is in.  Some are more beginner friendly than others, for example.

Online Sales Pro claims to help business owners and internet marketers generate leads, no matter what type of company they have or even what product or service they have to offer.

It has over 200 built-in landing pages that are customisable in any language.

OSP has an “intuitive” dashboard and gives you multiple capture pages, lead management systems and it also has a very clever smartphone app.

On top of all the tools, they also provide you with training on how to use them all and get the most out of them.

Let’s dig a little deeper by showing you OSP works:

How Does Online Sales Pro Work?

Online Sales Pro is very beginner-friendly, and it follows the following steps:

Step 1: Build a Landing Page

Online Sales Pro’s main feature is their landing page builder.  This is an opt-in page for you collect email addresses from your visitors.

They have over 200 landing page templates for you to choose from.  The only thing you would need to do is replace the words and images with those that would be ideal for your brand or business.

It is very straightforward; they also provide tutorial videos and guides to help you along too.

Step 2: Integrate with an Autoresponder

To be able to collect those emails, you will need to have a 3rd party Email Service Provider (ESP), this is going to be an additional cost to your business.

Online Sales Pro does have a “mini autoresponder”, but you can only use it to promote their OSP affiliate program.

If you are thinking about using Online Sales Pro for your own business, you will need to have your own 3rd party autoresponder.  But there is a restriction there too, as they only allow you to integrate your account with one of 4 autoresponder companies.  They are all legit, but you will need to pick the right one for you.  The 4 are:

  • Aweber (the one we use)
  • ActiveCampaign
  • GetResponse
  • Mailchimp

You can expect an autoresponder for a beginner to cost between $20-$40/month.

Out of the list, Mailchimp does offer a free version.  However, the free version does not support automated emails.  So, you would need to decide which ESP from the list would work for you and pay for the premium version.

Step 2½: Drive Traffic to Your Landing Page

Traffic is crucial online; without it no one will see your landing page and yet OSP does not offer any tools or resources to help you drive traffic.  They provide you with some basic training on how to do it via social media.  But nothing that will really relate into the kind of traffic you need for your business.

Learn how to generate free traffic to your website, with our top recommended training!

Step 3: Follow-Up Emails

Once you have that all-important traffic to your landing page and collected their email address, your next step is to keep in touch with them.  This builds up trust with them and yourself and builds a relationship between you.

If you choose to promote Online Sales Pro with their affiliate program, they have automated follow-up emails you can use.

If you are wanting to use OSP to promote your own business, you are going to have to set these follow-up emails yourself either through your own ESP or in the back office of OSP.

Step 4: Sales (Hopefully)

If you can build up your relationship with those on your Email List, then this is when you can start promoting your business, affiliate programs or even an OSP membership through your list.

Email Marketing is still a very effective way to make sales, if done correctly.

Who's Online Sales Pro For?

Right, we have gone through how Online Sales Pro works, we need to now go through who OSP is most suitable for…

Online Sales Pro serves a wide range of audience, including:

  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Network Marketer
  • Coach
  • Small Business Owners

All of which would benefit from generating more leads, customers and sales online.

But we also need to go through who OSP is not for too.

Basically, if you do not have your own business yet, whether that be affiliate marketing, MLM, consulting, etc. Then this really isn’t for you yet.

Online Sales Pro is not a business opportunity.  It is a platform which offers tools and resources to help you scale your business.

If you haven’t got your own business yet, don’t worry!

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How Much Does Online Sales Pro Cost?

Online Sales Pro has a simple pricing plan that is really easy to understand.

It only has the one membership level, for you to worry about and you can either pay $37 per month or pay an annual fee of $297.

Here is what you can get as an OSP Member:

  • Unlimited landing pages and templates
  • State-of-the-art lead management system
  • Autoresponder integration options
  • Social media and sales training
  • OSP iOS & Android App for real-time contact
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

You also need to keep in mind that OSP does have one upsell, which is called MVP.  MVP costs $97 per month or $997 per year.

MVP includes:

  • A customisable affiliate resource centre, also known as a store
  • Exclusive training on list building and digital marketing
  • The Private MVP Facebook group
  • Priority support
  • Early access to new templates and features
  • MVP affiliate commission (50% on my MVP sales through your referral link)

I am not sure you really need this upsell to be honest, it doesn’t seem worth the price.

Online Sales Pro is ideal for beginners, but if you are looking for a more advanced version of this software, you are probably better off looking into ClickFunnels.  It does cost more, it is $97/month, but it is a much better option.

What We Liked About Online Sales Pro

Here is what we liked about Online Sales Pro:

#1 Step-by-Step Training

Online Sales Pro has the beginner clearly in mind and offers step-by-step training that is really easy to follow.  It is very hard to get lost with their training and tutorial provided.

#2 Mobile Optimised

If you are not aware of how important it is to be mobile friendly, know that it matters a lot.  Most people are searching online via a smartphone these days, so this is a positive move for OSP.  Their landing pages are all mobile-friendly, they have also developed an app.

The Online Sales Pro app allows members to view their LIVE stats, gain access to training resources and get subscribers details all on the go.


Definitely saves having to take your laptop everywhere…

#3 Reasonable Price

The membership fee is a very affordable price, except for the upsell.  Which is something I don’t feel you would really need.  But their training, tools and resources do match up to the monthly price.  Which you could save on by going onto an annual plan.

#4 Pre-Built Landing Pages & Funnels

OSP does have a lot of pre-built landing pages and funnels, but they also have customer funnels that are specially designed for other affiliate marketing and MLM programs, such as Digital Altitude, My 10K Model, Easy1UP and Motor Club of America.

This will save a lot of time for beginners who are already part of these programs but are struggling with how to start on building a funnel.

Most other programs only have generic designs for things like weight loss or make money online, etc.

What We Didn't Like About Online Sales Pro

Here is what we didn’t like about Online Sales Pro:

#1 Landing Pages Cannot be Customised

Their platform only allows you make very limited changes to their landing pages.  You can customise the text, images and some of the basic design but that is it.

Many other landing page builders give you a lot more control over what you can customise and even use the ‘drag and drop’ function to give you that control.

You cannot do this with OSP.

This may be why it could be good for a beginner, but as your experience grows this will not keep up with your desire to get the perfect landing page look.

#2 Not the Best Place for Building Funnels

If you are looking to build funnels, you need the right software for it and OSP is not that.  ClickFunnels are the experts in building sales funnel.  As a beginner, you may be satisfied with their funnels.  But for anyone more advanced, OSP will not live up to your expectations, whereas ClickFunnels is a sound choice.

#3 Limited Autoresponder Integration

We said it earlier, OSP only lets you integrate to only 4 autoresponders (Aweber, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse and Mailchimp).  This is really limited as there are so many autoresponders that you may have already found another that does exactly what you want it to do and it may not be on that list.

Most software today can intergrate with many different tools and services, so 4 autoresponders is really limiting.

#4 Unable to Integrate with WordPress

The final issue we have is that Online Sales Pro is unable to integrate with WordPress, which is a very popular Content Management System (CMS) for websites.

The only way to build landing pages and sales funnels with OSP, is to use their subdomain website.

The same can be said for ClickFunnels.

However, if you’re a blogger or you own your own website and want to build landing pages on your website that you own, I would recommend you check out either Thrive Themes or Elementor.  You can use either to create your own landing pages and funnels within your existing WordPress website.

Haven't Made Your First $1 Yet?

Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

My Online Sales Pro Review - Final Conclusion

You can breathe easy; Online Sales Pro is definitely not a scam.  Hopefully you can see that by now.

It is a legit company that offers quality landing pages, sales funnels and the training will really help beginners generating more leads and sale for their businesses.

The price is reasonable for what they offer, and they are clearly targeting the beginner market by keeping it simple with a reasonable price.

It has an affiliate program, which you may be able to benefit from by offering it to anyone you know who might benefit from the same.

But from a features point of view, we would suggest that only beginners would find OSP an ideal option.  If you are more advanced, then you might consider research LeadPages or ClickFunnels.

There is a quick comparison below:


But like we said earlier, if you are brand new and looking for a way to make money online, then this isn’t go to help you there yet and you may want to keep reading to find a way you can make money online and then need a way of generating more leads…

How We Make Money Online

If you are still looking for a way to make money online, then you should definitely check out our top recommended training program called Wealthy Affiliate.

Benefitting complete newbies and even experienced marketers, Wealthy Affiliate is the reason why we are making money online and offering help to others to do the same.

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Thanks for checking out our Online Sales Pro Review!  If you have any questions or comments to add, then please write them in the comments section below. 😉

Sharing is Caring…

Online Sales Pro

$37/month or $297/year, plus an upsell ($99/month or $997/year)

Overall Rating



  • Step-by-Step Training
  • Mobile Optimised
  • Reasonable Price
  • Pre-Built Landing Pages & Sales Funnels


  • Landing Pages Cannot Be Customised
  • Not the Best Place for Building Funnels
  • Limited Autoresponder Integrations
  • Unable to Integrate with WordPress Websites

4 thoughts on “Online Sales Pro Review – Is Online Sales Pro a Scam?”

  1. Thank you for this detailed review. I had heard about online sales pro before but just by name. I didn’t know what it was all about so your review did help a lot. But I still believe that Wealthy Affiliate is far better and a more complete solution for anyone that just want to start their own online business. I have yet to find a platform that can beat that.

    • Hi,

      thanks for checking out our review.  This is definitely not for someone looking to get started with making money, and we would definitely recommend Wealthy Affiliate to those that are looking for a legit way to make money online.

      This is an option for someone who has established a business but is struggling to get leads.  Although if they followed the training correctly at WA, they would do much better and spend a lot less in the long run too…

      All the best


  2. Hey nice review you have there about online sales pro. I have heard little about online sales pro from a friend, having gone through this article, I am convinced that it is the right platform I needs to generate more sales for my business which will inturn increase profitability. Will definitely takes advantage of this opportunity. Regards

    • Hey Edah, 

      thanks for checking out our review.  If it sounds like it is a good thing for your business, then go for it.  Just remember to evaluate how you are feeling after a week or two, so if you need to you can benefit from their refund policy.  Sometimes you need to try something out to see if it works for you, before making a final decision.

      All the best



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