Is YourProfit247 a Scam? A Huge One, Let me Show You Why

Welcome to our YourProfit247 Review!

Is YourProfit a Scam?  The short answer is that it is clearly a scam.  It is a one-way route to losing any money you invest, and we are not talking about some small change.

We will take you through what the owners claims are about this program and what the reality is.

We have seen schemes like this before, Prosperity Nexus Group & 30-Day Success Club and they have similar platforms.    But in our opinion, they are not going to lead to you earning the kind of money they are stating… In fact, they will most likely see you end up in huge debt!

First off, it’s great to see that you’re doing your research before buying into any “seemingly good” product.

That is how you avoid scams and find only legitimate ways to make money online!

To be completely transparent with you, we’re not associated with YourProfit247 in any form.  We’re not here to pitch or sell you anything…

Instead, we want to reveal all the details we’ve found out about this program…

YourProfit 247 Review Summary

Product Name: YourProfit 247

Founder: Matt & Orlando

Product Type: Cash Gifting MLM company

Price: $3,247 – $21,847

Best For: The Owners

YourProfit 247 Review

Summary: Money on Autopilot is what YourProfit247 is claiming, but in reality, it is a cash gifting MLM scheme.  They even want you to take out a loan so you can buy the top package.  But the only people who will benefit from this are the owners.  

This platform has changed its name numerous times and I am sure they will do it as soon as people start realising it is clearly a scam. They are targeting the desperate, and the price is just extortionate.  Best to avoid this one!

Rating: 10/100

Recommended? No!

Table of Contents

What is YourProfit 247?

If you check out their sales page, you will see that YourProfit247has a “secret formula” to share with you…

YourProfit247 Claims

All we could find out about the people behind it are their first names, which are Matt & Orlando…  From this point, you can’t really find out much about who they really are or what their history is like.

When you get onto their sales page, you are told you need to watch their YourProfit247 webinar to show you exactly how it works.  First off, let me tell you that they are doing this so they can convince you that you need this product and secondly it is a typical sales ploy.

To save you the hassle of having to watch it, we have done that for you and here is what we learned:

  • You can make $1,500 – $15,750 in weekly income
  • You will be sent cashier’s checks
  • This is a simple and automated system
  • There is no sales, MLM or network marketing involved
  • You won’t have to sell anything
  • The system does it all for you – finding prospects, making phone calls, answer questions
  • Your income will be on autopilot

They also claim that there are only 3 steps to wealth with this system:

3 steps to wealth – claim
  1. Lead Generation – The system does it for you
  2. Contact Prospects – Their success coaches set this up for you
  3. You get Paid!

Now, who wouldn’t want a system that pays you on autopilot.  Why wouldn’t you sign up for that…!?  Well, keep reading and you will learn exactly why you wouldn’t want to sign up for this!

Another thing that was quite apparent during the webinar was the number of testimonials… there were a lot of them, however none of the people actually mentioned the product.  Lots of people saying how good “the product” was, but none of them actually mentioned YourProfit was the one that helped them…

This is typical sign of a scam, as they often hire people to do testimonials for them.  If they keep the name out of it, they can use the testimonial again for another product.  But a lot of the testimonials all claimed that they were able to earn $30,000 last month.

Once you are through with the Webinar, you are directed to the FAQ video.

Here are some of the bits they discuss:

  • The products are online educational courses with a focus on business development
  • You will get an automated marketing system with lead generation, that involves you paying for leads once a month
  • 7-figure Coaches are there to close your sales
  • They have funding options available to people who have a credit score of 650+
  • Cost per Conversion is $1,000 – $1,500. They claim the average sale I $10,000
  • You get the resell rights to the products that are in the package you buy

Still confused, I get it.  It was the bit about funding options that got me at first but read on to learn more about what they mean.

Let’s get into how YourProfit247 actually works and see if that clears up why we wouldn’t recommend this product.

How Does YourProfit 247 Work?

The way this is supposed to work is that you pay for leads every month, and then you get a sales funnel that will lead to you earning income on autopilot.  The sales funnel looks something like this:

YourProfit 247 Review

Once a prospect goes and fills in the form, they will be sent to a sales page.  If you have already landed on the YourProfit247 sales page, that is the exact same way a prospect would get there.  You are in fact, sending people to the same system that you were sent to.  It is important that you keep that in mind.

In order to get started with YourProfit247, you are going to have to buy into one of their 4 packages:

yourprofit247 packages

Each package comes complete with a library of products (so they can try and get away from the pyramid scheme tag) and you also get the resell rights to those same products.

Of course, it isn’t as simple of buying into the lower levels and still making a good sale.  Here is why – You are tied down to the commission rate that comes with the package you buy into.

Let’s use an example to explain…

Let’s say you decide to buy into the Gold Package, if a prospect decides to buy into the Gold package then you will make $1500 commission.  But if that prospect decided to go for the Diamond package, you would still only earn $1500. The remainder goes to the next person who has the Diamond package.

Their sales pitch is all aimed at convincing you that you need to get the Royal Package to earn commissions every time and don’t miss out on commissions.

But don’t think that you will only need to pay $3,247 to get started.  With the admin fees, marketing expenses and the package you are looking at least a $5,000 investment to get started and even then, you could lose out on sales because of the tier system they use.

We mentioned a funding option before, here are their funding options:

It isn’t enough that they want you to spend a huge amount on what we consider a scam, but they also want you to use credit cards or even take out a loan to be able to buy into it.  They want to put people into debt on a system that will clearly not work.

Please do not sign up for this program, you will only end up in debt and not able to pay it off using this system…

We have found out that Matt & Orlando keep the testimonials and everything generic, because they keep moving on when people start getting wind that it is a scam.  They just go and change the name and then suck more people into this scam.  Some of the names they have used in the past have been the following:


People expose the scam and then they move it, to throw people off the scent.  But if you find these scams as they appear, you will notice the testimonials will be exactly the same. 

This is why we are convinced this is a definite scam, a sales funnel that is aimed at making Matt & Orlando money and you with an empty pocket.

Haven't Made Your First $1 Yet?

Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

What We Liked About YourProfit 247

There’s nothing we liked about YourProfit 247…

What We Didn't Like About YourProfit 247

Here is what we didn’t like YourProfit 247:

#1 Cash Gifting Scam

It is nothing more than a cash gifting scam, where you are gifting them money so they can supposedly do all the work for you, but that will clearly not be the case.  They will take your money and run for the hills with it.  You are pretty much guaranteed to lose your money, if you rely on their sales funnels to do it, you will lose your money.

The people at the top of the scam will be making money, as they will receive the money of anyone who does sign up for it.

#2 They Want You to Take Out a Loan

We have reviewed plenty of this type of scheme, but it was a first where they clearly described how you could get a loan to buy into it.  But if they offered you the loan, you might as well take a loan from a loan shark.  Taking out a loan to buy into anything that is questionable, is not a good option.  But to do it with a scam, is going to only end up bad for you.

#3 Taking Money from Desperate People

Let’s say you were able to use your own sales funnels to get people to buy into this system, you would be taking money from people desperate to make money online.  That is completely wrong in our book!

#4 Destined to Lose Your Money!

We are 100% you will lose any and all of your money you invest into these schemes.  If you truly believe that handing over that money will lead to you earning a wage on autopilot, then I am sorry but I need to give you a reality pill.  This will only make Matt & Orlando money!

Haven't Made Your First $1 Yet?

Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

Is YourProfit 247 A Scam?

We started off telling you it was a scam, and I am hoping you can see why we think it is clearly a cash gifting scam.  The only reason why it doesn’t quite get the pyramid scheme tag is because they provide you with products. 

But I honestly think they will just be the same material you could find online anyway.

The only people who make any money from these types of scheme are the owners and those who have huge incomes and are an expert at selling. 

If you are not, then this will drain your savings quickly.  And even if you were to make any money, you would be targeting the desperate.  Is that you?

We have seen this schemes before, like Prosperity Nexus Group & 30 Day Success Formula. 

There are that many programs out there trying to catch you in their net with promises of easy money, that you need to be careful and have your wits about you.

It is possible to make money online, but any system that promises you easy money or that it will be done on autopilot are actually signs that you need to run away. 

We have a proven method to earn money online and you will see that difference is that you will need to put some time and effort into it.

That is the only way to earn money online – Work for it.

How We Make Money Online

What is the old saying, “If you want to make money you need to earn it”?

Any of these programs that promise you easy money are scams or using out-of-date methods that will do nothing to increase your earnings.

We make money online, but it is through hard work that it is achieved, but we use a genuine method called Affiliate Marketing.

That is why we recommend Affiliate Marketing as our top recommended business model for anyone to make money online.

The reasons are simple…

  • You do not need to recruit anyone to make money
  • You have the freedom to promote any products or services you want and not be restricted to promoting only the products this company has
  • It is FREE to get started

Whilst they state that the YourProfit247 system is not an MLM, it is quite clearly an MLM and we think Affiliate Marketing is 100x better than any MLM.

With the right training and support, affiliate marketing can and will lead you to earning big money, but you need to know that you will need to put the effort in to see the results.

Thanks for checking out our YourProfit 247 Review!  If you have any questions or comments to add, then please write them in the comments section below. 😉

YourProfit 247

$3,247 - $21,847





Money Making Opportunity


Overall Rating



  • None


  • It is a Cash Gifting Scheme
  • Pushing you to get a loan
  • Taking Money from Desperate People
  • Destined to lose your money

20 thoughts on “Is YourProfit247 a Scam? A Huge One, Let me Show You Why”

  1. Another scam !! I see 🔎 them everywhere. Where on earth did the madness come from. How can someone go get a loan to do a business that is not guaranteed of profit? This is a proof that they don’t care about you and all they are after is your money. YourProfit247 is definitely a scam as you have said, period!

    • Hiya,

      thanks for checking out our review.  It is a shame that people are out there to rip other people off.  But they exist because people fall for the crap they come out with.  But the more we can highlight these scams out to people, hopefully they can avoid these types of scheme and find genuine products to make money online.

      But key things that people need to look out for are, if something looks too good to be true and you cannot find out a lot of a product – then they are probably not fulfilling the promises they are promising, and are probably close to being outed by the FTC.

      The common theme with these scams are that they are overpromising your earning potential.  Anything that states you will be earning money really quickly is not there to help you.

      Making money online is definitely possible, but it requires time and effort.  You cannot get away from that, but the key thing is that genuine products will tell you that upfront and you know the timescales.  These products want you to heavily invest and with no guarantee of earning any money.

      That is why we fully believe this is a scam and not a help to anyone.

      Thanks again for checking out our review


  2. Hello John! It’s always good to see these kind of products exposed (products that are geared towards the benefit of the owners alone and not the users).

    If YourProfit247 is legit and will deliver as claimed, the owners would have made themselves fully known but the reverse is the case. They’re hiding. Thanks for sharing this review.

    • Hey Barry,

      thanks for checking out our review.

      we try our best to review as many of these to help others get the real details about these types of products, unfortunately most are in the low quality or scam pile.



  3. Thank you for your review on YourProfit247. Nowadays, we all have to do our due diligence because of all the scammers out there.  This is the first time that I heard about cash gifting MLM and they are selling the business development course? That means you have to find new customers in order to maintain your account, that is going to be hard. There are so many red flags such as the owner’s identity (only the first name), false claim (that we make lots of money for doing nothing) etc. I always stay away from do it all for you system as well. I want to learn something and start doing it rather than rely on someone. Will share your post to my friends. Thanks again. 

    • Hey Nuttannee,

      thanks for checking out our review.

      Reselling the same crap to other people is the business model they are trying to convince you to sell.  that is why it is a huge scam.  It really worries me that they just close it and then reopen it with the same model and same pitch every time too.

      I can’t find anything positive about this business model, or this product.



  4. Hi John

    When I saw the amount of money they ask for each level, as I had to pick my jaw from the ground. The amounts are ludicrous and asking people to get into debt in order to buy in, sounds so stupid. I know people are so desperate and will try anything, but to put all your money on a scam seems so dangerous. I cannot believe that people fall for it.

    I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this review. The old tricks used to sell a ‘new’ product is always a big warning sign to me. My biggest hope is that people read your review before purchasing this programme at any level. I wonder how long it will be open before they do a runner.



    • Hey Antonio,

      thanks for checking out our review.

      It is a huge amount they want for you to resell the same crap to someone else.  It is a shame that they get away with it, and that people get desperate and believe it.

      I am hoping people avoid it with the reviews we do, all we can do is keep ploughing on and finding others that are doing people out of their hard earned money.

      All the best


  5. We are glad to have,been given the heads up on this Your Profit 247 deal it seems to be a real scam which will take our money and leave us in trouble.

    These scams all seem to have things that give them away 1/ fake testimonials, 2/ anonymous or unreachable owners with no details of who they are, or where we can contact them, if we have a problem,3/ they always promise, that you can make astronomical  money,with little effort,4/ they change their names frequently, when the scheme starts to run into problems. 4/ They have additional sell ups, that will get progressively more expensive,and usually there is a catch in their operation. 

    A new one, is this attempt, to get you to take out a loan with them,which is not a good plan,especially from a dubious company like this.

    The much better way to go is Wealthy Affiliate,where the owners are well known,and are available to any member,for help and counselling,where the costs are clearly set out,and are free or fairly low,and where you get lectures,videos,and help from the whole community.

    • Hey Robert,

      thanks for checking out our review.  Those points are very common between low quality schemes or outright scams.  They just hope you don’t do any research and belief the hype they create.

      Knowing who you are getting support from is a key reason why we like Wealthy Affiliate. Going with one of these schemes, where you don’t get any support or don’t even know who is behind it just leads to problems and ultimately no money!!

      All the best


  6. Hi John. Thank you for writing your review about Your Profit 247. I have just read a comment on a blog were they were mentioning it but they were not really talking good or bad. But I’m so glad I researched about it before heading to their page. I’ll keep really far away from this scam.

    • HI Henry,

      thanks for checking out our review.  There will be people who promote these types of scheme, hoping to make money if you join them.  That is not right, but they still do it.  Thorough research is the only way to protect yourself from scams…

      All the best


  7. I happened to come across 30 day Success club too. I almost was convinced by Debbie, their presentator. But after researching I discovered they had an anonymous owner, and many other red flags. I have always researched before joining a site so I’m glad I found your review for Your Profit 247. This is clearly a scam too. Thanks for this post.

    • Hi,

      thanks for checking out our review.  They sound very convincing, don’t they?  They are hoping you aren’t going to do much research and just hand over money.  Unfortunately, that is how they do actually make money.  Research is key to anything!!

      All the best


  8. Hi, John.
    Thanks for sharing the review on Your Profit 247. What an excellent exposure of the big scam. I always wonder that there are people in this world who have such kind of cunning ideas and there are also people who believe in them, God!
    Anyways it is always good to be more informative by going through such articles – as research is the key.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Hi Gaurav,

      thanks for checking out our review.  There will always be someone out there trying to fleece someone out of their money.  It is a shame that they feel like it is ok to do that.  But they feed on the desperate.  We try and help people avoid these scams and find genuine routes to make money.  The more people that try to help, the less likely these people will succeed.

      All the best


    • Hi Kim,
      thanks for checking out our review!

      I think that is one of the biggest problems with these schemes, they keep their identities well and truly hidden. If there is ever an indication, they will just move on…

      As long as we remain vigilant, we can hopefully avoid any people getting caught up with anything going forward.

      Thanks again



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