Is The 30 Day Success Club a Scam? Scam or Legit?

Can the 30 Day Success Club really make you money or is the 30 Day Success Club a scam?  We answer all of your questions in our review and whether it is worthwhile for you to invest your money in.

First off, good job on doing your research that is a great way of avoiding low-quality products or scams.

Product Review Summary

Product Name: 30 Day Success Club

Owner: Not Disclosed

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Platform

Price: $37 One-Off Fee + Upsells

Best For: No One


Summary: The 30 Day Success Club is an affiliate marketing platform that provides ready-made websites to host your affiliate products with.  But there are some things about the program that raise serious concerns about the legitimacy of the 30 Day Success Club.  The owners hide behind the product and do not give you any indication into who they are.  The use of fake testimonials to ensure you don’t really know what you are signing up for.

The platform is also full of outdated traffic strategies that turn out to not be sustainable in the long run.  In my opinion, this program will not benefit anyone!

Rating: 1/100

Recommended? No

What Exactly is 30 Day Success Club

The 30 day success club has bold claims about being able to help people to make money online.  The initial premise is legit as it uses the same model that we use to make money and that is affiliate marketing.

The Sales video states that you will be able to make a 4-digit income each month following their model.

But like a lot of other products available out there, they are not forthcoming with how affiliate marketing really works or how the websites they provide will work either.

The target audience for the 30 day success club is those who do not know anything about affiliate marketing, but their initial sales video has the usual hype associated with scams or low-quality products.

The sales video is just them talking about a system that could help you earn a 4-digit income a month without putting any effort in…  It also lacks telling you how you will be earning that money with so little input.  They are just hoping that you get sucked in by the (false) promise of you earning thousands of dollars in an easy way.

This doesn’t surprise me, because they don’t want you to know how it all works until you have spent your money.

How Does 30 Day Success Club Work?

If you decide to check the 30 day success club out, you pay your fee and then you get access to the members area.  This has a site builder for you to create your own website.

So far so good, you then choose from the selection for some products to add to your website.  Again, no problem.

Now those are the basic premises of affiliate marketing, but their claims that you will get that all-important traffic to actually buy from your site straightaway is where the system is flawed.

The 30-day Success Club is offered through the ClickBank Affiliate Network and they have a number of products that you could use to promote on your website, although I would state that you need to be careful what you choose to promote as there are quite a few products that are not worthwhile and could harm your credibility.

But the 30 Day Success Club Strategy Will Not Work These Days

If we were to go back in time and just create a website and included some worthwhile products on it, we would get instant traffic.  That is what this program is stating is still the way it works.

But back then, only those who knew html and coding would have had a website.  These days anyone can create a website.  It takes less than a minute and can be about anything.

To make money online you require traffic.  You need an audience to reach your website.

That is easier said than done.

Without an effective strategy you will have no chance of getting traffic, let alone making any money.

This Strategy is Missing from the 30 Day Success Club

Their strategy is all around just sharing your website wherever you can – social media, forums, etc.  But you need to really target your content to a relevant audience if you are going to make sales.

Their route to free marketing lacks anything on SEO.  They do not teach you search engine optimisation.  Without it, you have little chance of appearing in the search engines.

Who Will Benefit from the 30 Day Success Club?

Honestly, I cannot see how anyone other than the owners would benefit from this platform.  You would walk away with a website offering products but lack any real knowledge on how to get your content in front of the ideal audience who would actually be interested in the products you have chosen.

It would be like opening up a coffee shop in a village where no one likes coffee.  Poor example, but hopefully gets the point across.

How Much Does 30 Day Success Club Cost?

Whilst their sales video and landing page are saying, it is not free to build a website with the 30 Day Success Club.  There is the upfront cost of $37, this cost covers the website.

But there are also the upsells to consider.

Email Compatibility – $37

This allows you to integrate email autoresponders to your website.  Email marketing is still a really effective marketing strategy, yet you have to pay extra to add it to your website.

3 More Sites – $47

This option allows you to build more websites.  They are stating so you can make more money, but the first one wouldn’t make money so why would the additional 3?

Heatmaps – $47

This is a form of analytics on your website to understand traffic.  But Google Analytics is far better and is free.

What is Good About 30 Day Success Club (PROS)

Here is what we liked about it:

Normally I would try and at least have one thing to consider with a product, but there is nothing I can say to put this product in a positive light.

What Could 30 Day Success Club Improve on? (CONS)

Here is what we didn’t like:

Out of Date Traffic Strategies

To make money online you need to have traffic.  This can be achieved for free and doesn’t require any fancy programs.  It just requires hard work, some keyword research and high-quality content.

But the 30 Day Success Club is not offering you any value towards getting any traffic.  Their strategies are out-dated and will not work these days.

Google and other search engines are really cracking down on these out-of-date techniques and rewarding those who are following the right strategies with higher rankings.

The fact they miss out SEO, which is the best form of getting free traffic is a travesty. 

Fake Testimonials are a Red Flag

When the product is low-quality, they will not ever get real testimonials.  This is where they decide to pay for an actor to write a testimonial.

You will know straight away as they are normally reading from a script.  There are places like Fiverr where you can pay for people to record promo videos for you.

Don’t believe me, then check this out:


By using Fiverr to pay for fake endorsements, you get a feeling for the fact that the owners have no interest in whether you can make money with the program or not.

Done-For-You Systems Lack Any Stability!

The problem with having your website with a program like this is the fact that your website will remain on their server.

AS this product doesn’t really have legs on it, what happens to your website when this system goes offline…  You will lose your website and your money too.

You will also lack any real control over personalising your website.

You Will Have Unrealistic Expectations

The biggest problem I have with platforms like this is the fact that they prey on people who are looking to make money quickly.

Affiliate Marketing is an awesome way of making money, but it is not a quick thing.  It will not make you rich quickly.  It is a business model where you work your backside off until you do start making money.

Platforms like this state you only need to spend a couple of minutes a day on your website and it will make you money.  No chance.

Maybe ten years ago we could have done that, now you need to understand that the competition is immense and that you will need to stand out to get to the top of the search engines.

But these days, you need to create high quality content.  You need to help people with their purchasing decisions, and this is a big difference compared to just selling stuff.

How can you achieve all this with only a few minutes a day?

They offer you screenshots of their earnings.  Typically, the owners will have been doing affiliate marketing for years and know what they really need to do and those earnings are because they are experts.

But what they do not want to do is offer that advice to you.  They just want to make themselves even more money at your expense.

My Honest Opinion of 30 Day Success Club? Is the 30 Day Success Club a Scam?

The 30 Day Success Club has all the hallmarks of a scam, I would say it probably isn’t a scam.  But it is still a platform that I would highly suggest no one invest in. 

You will look back and realise you have wasted your money and your time, when you could have actually get started for free with the proper route to affiliate marketing with expert training.

There is no real information around the owner of the platform, they are using fake testimonials and selling outdated traffic strategies to people who will know no different.

That is just hurting people who are wanting to get started and the fact is the owners do not care in the slightest.

They do not offer you anything of value within their platform.  You require a better route to real earning potential online and we can help you there with our top recommended training platform for affiliate marketers.

Sick of Seeing Scams & Want a Real Opportunity to Make Money Online?

If you are anything like me, you are sick of seeing low-quality products or products that turn out to be scams and are still looking for a real opportunity to make money online.

Affiliate Marketing is a real opportunity to make that money online, but there are a few things that you will need to consider before getting started with affiliate marketing.

First one is the fact that it is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  With all of these products that claims you can make money online straightaway or with little effort.  It can be easy to think that it is possible.

The Second one is the amount of time and effort that is required to make it work.

There are ways of achieving it within a reasonable timescale, but that timescale is weeks and months and not hours or minutes.

If you are still with me and are really interested in finding a way to build your own financial freedom with an online business then I can highly recommend a training platform that provides you with all the information and tools required to get started and see it through to where you have your own profitable online business.

We started out with this training platform and have never looked back.  We are now seeing sales online and want to be able to help you make money online.

Our top Recommended Platform for Beginners is Wealthy Affiliate.  They offer step-by-step training, the ability to build websites and with expert help and support you will start your own affiliate marketing business.

If you want to learn more about what is available to you with a Wealthy Affiliate membership, then check out our useful guide here.

If you have any questions around the 30 Day Success Club or anything to do with Affiliate Marketing write them in the comments below and we will definitely get back to you as soon as we can.

30 Day Success Club

$37 One-Off + Upsells



Money Making Opportunity




Overall Rating



  • None


  • Out-of-Date Traffic Strategies
  • Fake Testimonials are a Red Flag
  • Done-For-You Systems lack Stability
  • You Will Have Unrealistic Expectations

18 thoughts on “Is The 30 Day Success Club a Scam? Scam or Legit?”

  1. I have always NOT been a fan of any site that uses fake testimonials. And the fact that there is no info about who created the program is an even bigger red flag. Personally, I don’t think 30 Day Success Club is a scam or illegitimate, but I certainly don’t recommend it based on the two things I previously mentioned. 

    • Hey Nate,

      Thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some Comments

      Fake testimonials are such a bad sign for a program. If your product does what it says it would why would you need them?

      That is why we do not recommend them at all



  2. The name alone sounds suspect to me, so I decided to do some research on the 30 Day Success Club. Your review confirms what my intuition was telling me from the start. This is not a platform that I want to be a part of or recommend to anyone. 

    There are numerous red flags that you point out on top of the suspicious-sounding name for the product. These include the mysterious and anonymous owners of the product, the fake testimonials, and teaching outdated tactics points. There are few programs out there that can produce appreciable results in 30 days, whoever owns this is playing on false hope.

    These people have been catching new would-be entrepreneurs seeking to learn how to start making money online, and they fall prey to the false income and easy income claims from Fiverr people providing fake testimonials. This is a shame, and from the program outlined by you, they will be wasting their money and time.

    There are reputable platforms out there that do stay up with market changes, and ones that provide a multitude of features and training that walks you through from an absolute beginner to the point where you are earning a decent income. One of my favorites you have included here – Wealthy Affiliate.


    • Hi Dave,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.  It is definitely one I would steer clear of.  It is just playing with people’s emotions and giving them a load of crap because it supposedly does what they are after.  False hope as you state.

      People need to understand nothing is achieved without some hard work, but with great training like that available at Wealthy Affiliate can make it really enjoyable.

      All the best


  3. Dear John,

    Thanks a lot for the comprehensive and helpful review post.

    We all know there are 100’s of make money online products released every week and many products under-delivers so it is a must for us to check on the products or service before we buy it. Being a full-time affiliate marketer I check on the products and services related to affiliate marketing and your review post is a greater help.

    If they are not even prepared to share their names (Owners) then for me its a red flag. Nowadays a lot of products have fake testimonials i.e from fiverr gigs (Paid actors) thanks for revealing the truth and saving people time, money, efforts and hassle.

    Much Success!


    • Hey Paul,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments. Some great points you bring up there.  Fake testimonials are a big red flag and the fact they do not share who they are.  I wouldn’t touch it at all.

      All the best


  4. Many websites are just there to promise heaven and Earth when talking about online business but the truth is, they are just opportunists looking for many novice or even some veterans to scam. 

    What I know about 30 days success club is just what you described about it. I have friends who was a victim of this big time scam website. The most amazing part about many reviews am reading this days is how they uncover the online business scam and how they rated affiliate marketing especially wealthy affiliate as the top recommendation. 

    Although Wealthy affiliate is not a get rich quick online business due to my little experience since I became their premium member ,but I want to see how they can be of help to my online business career.

    • Hey Stella,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.  It is such a shame when people get caught out by a scam, but sometimes it can lead to a great opportunity.  I was caught out by a scam and it led me to Wealthy Affiliate.  That has been the best find I could have.

      Definitely one to check out.


  5. Hey,

    thanks for this honest review. It is annoying that some people would use others’ dreams to make money without helping. Especially on the internet and with affiliate marketing, a branch that can sound unrealistic to some beginners. So exaggerating the results you can get and how quick you can reach them is quite easy.

    It is really good that you exposed this platform. Your detailed analysis gives a good impression of how bad a product this really is.

    Concerning the alternative Wealthy Affiliate, I have been using this myself for a while and i can only confirm that, if you are willing to put in the work, the opportunities and support you get are amazing.

    • Hey Alex,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.  It is unfortunately a fact that they are out to play on people’s emotions “I need money quickly” and they supposedly deliver that.  But it just ends up losing you more money and not being any better off.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a fantastic place for beginners and like you put the support you get is awesome.



  6. Great work John for exposing The 30 Day Success Club and its highly deceptive acts. I’ve also seen the fake testimonial you’ve shown in other scams as well. Combined with an anonymous founder and you have the perfect ‘get rich quick’ scheme that could instill trauma on innocent people taking on the system.

    I also hate that there are hidden upsells in the back-end, considering the product is hosted on ClickBank. Usually, they come with 1-Click Upsells that instantly take your money in just a single click. Even if you clicked ‘Buy’ by accident, you could still be charged by the program!

    But what’s really bothering for me, is why ClickBank allows shady products like 30 Day Success Club to get into their network, they’re tainting their reputation with these types of products.

    Anyways, I hope you keep exposing those scams so you can save people from committing fatal mistakes.

    • Hey Dominic,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.  I think, ClickBank are almost simliar to these types of products.  They are only interested in making money.  They lack the validation of these products, they just trust the owner to be genuine and we all know the results – Loads of low quality or scam products to watch out for.

      I don’t think much will change and that is why we check them out for people

      thanks and all the best


  7. Dear John,

    Thanks for an in-depth review of 30-day success club. I like your writing style. At the beginning itself, you had said that it is Best For No one & giving list of cons over not a single word on Pros. It indicates the hollowness of the program.

    I totally hate these programs because once I had got trapped in such a program who wanted to milk me out for the money. Thank god, I found Wealthy Affiliate & today I am walking with the owner of this program hand in hand towards success. Today I feel happy that I am not throwing away my hard earned money on the program but I am getting most out of it. 

    You are doing a good job of preventing people to avoid these traps that people will fall into. Keep up the good work.


    • Hey Chandrasekhar,

      Thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments. 

      There are training programs and then there is Wealthy Affiliate. With such great support, I can’t see why people would try products like the 30 day success program when they can try a proper route like WA. 



  8. hey,

    thanks for the warning. I find it annoying that some people use others’ dreams to make money off them without helping. Especially in affiliate marketing where it can be quite difficult for beginners to understand what is realistic and what is not.

    Thank you for exposing this site. Your detailed analysis showed just how bad if a product this 30 days success club is.

    Concerning Wealthy Affiliate, the alternative you suggested, I have been using it for quite a while now and can only confirm that, if you are willing to put in the work, the support you will get to reach your goal is amazing!

    • Hey Alex,

      thanks for checking our our blog and for writing some comments.  Unfortunately there will always be someone who gets drawn into these fake promises and whilst that still happens these people will keep making money.

      All we can do is keep educating people and hopefully help them find genuine products like Wealthy Affiliate.

      All the best


  9. I think the reason they want to push 30 Day Success Club is solely for money, the owner doesn’t even dare to reveal his identity to the public and plus, lessons that barely scratch the surface apart from the telling to share our website and make sales? Some people can be so selfish, glad you exposed them.

    • Hey Riaz,

      thanks for checking our our blog and for writing some comments.  Too true, they don’t want to reveal themselves so that they can sell other crap like this in the same.

      All the best



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