Is The 12 Minute Affiliate A Scam? As Easy As Ordering a Pizza… Apparently?!

Welcome to our 12 Minute Affiliate Review!

The 12 Minute Affiliate program claims that you can be earning $460 per sale and it is as simple as placing an order for a pizza?  Can it really be that easy, or is there more to this program that meets the eye?

First off, it is great to see that you are doing your research before buying into any “seemingly good” product.

That is how you avoid scams and find only legitimate ways to make money online.

The 12 Minute Affiliate program has the usual hype and promises that the majority of Make Money Online (MMO) programs have, but we are here to provide with you all the information that you need to know to make an informed decision.

We will also show you exactly what the founder doesn’t tell you in the sales pitch… And that is what you will actually be doing.  You might have noticed that the sales video gives you loads of hype and earning testimonials, but it doesn’t actually tell you what you will be doing to make all this money.

Is The 12 Minute Affiliate a Scam?  Let’s get started and reveal all…

12 Minute Affiliate Review Summary

Product Name: 12 Minute Affiliate

Founder: Devon Brown

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing & Solo Ads Platform

Price: $9.95 (14-day trial) then $47/month or $97/month + Upsells & Hidden Costs

Best For: People with a budget available and can follow the methods described in the course

Summary:  12 Minute Affiliate provides you with a Done-For-You (DFY) sales funnel promoting one of three niches (MMO, Personal Development, Weight Loss).  It gives you a sales funnel to promote affiliate products via Email Marketing and that you will have to pay for traffic using Solo Ads.  Whilst it sounds easy to setup, there are a number of issues we have including the fact that there are a number of hidden costs including an autoresponder and paying for traffic, as 12 Minute Affiliate does not train you on any other form of traffic.  Then there are the numerous upsells that you will be presented to you.

12 Minute Affiliate claims that this is a really easy way for you to make money online, however there is a real risk that you will be spending more than you make.  There are also a few promises that are made that we are not convinced actually bear fruit.  My recommendation would be to learn all aspects of online marketing with a program like Wealthy Affiliate, instead of relying on a DFY program that may or may not work.  Remember if the DFY program were to close tomorrow, you would lose all your income and have no training or knowledge to build your own business.

Rating: 50/100

Recommended? No

Table of Contents

What is 12 Minute Affiliate?

12 Minute Affiliate provides you a Done-For-You sales funnel to help you make money through affiliate marketing.  You get to choose one of 3 sales funnels and then get provided with a squeeze (landing) page and email campaign that promotes relevant products based on the niche you choose and are available on ClickBank.  It is very similar to another program available on ClickBank and it is called Perpetual Income 365.

The 3 Niches that you can choose from are:

  1. Make Money Online
  2. Personal Development
  3. Weight Loss

ClickBank is a digital marketplace that bridges the gap between product sellers, affiliates and buyers.  It is free to sign up with and gives you access to promote any of the products on their marketplace as an affiliate.

If you have never heard of affiliate marketing, then know that it is a completely legitimate form of online marketing.  In fact, it is the way we make money online and is ideal for beginners looking for a way of making money online.  Having said that, there are also a high number of scams or low-quality products that claim to teach you how to make money online with affiliate marketing and so you have to be extremely careful before signing up with programs, especially those with loads of hype.  If you want to learn more about the concept of affiliate marketing, then here is our complete guide to affiliate marketing.

12 Minute Affiliate provides you with the landing pages and email templates for your chosen niche and then you need to get people (traffic) to those landing pages to be able to sign up to your email list and hopefully buy your promoted products.

To do this, following the 12 Minute Affiliate program you will be shown how to use Solo Ads and you will also require an Email Autoresponder.  These will both require you to have a monthly budget to spend.  The Email Autoresponder (Aweber) that they require you to sign up with has a monthly cost and that will be determined by the number of subscribers you have (we will go through the costs later) and Solo Ads is where you pay people to share your landing page in the hope that they join your list and buy your affiliate promotions.

Inside 12 Minute Affiliate

Within 12 Minute Affiliate, you will be access a number of resources to help you.  To get a better idea of what that looks like, check out this video below that goes through the inside of 12 Minute Affiliate. (We recommend you watch the 5 minute section starting at 3:40)

Hopefully, that gave you a good idea of what you are getting.  But here is a quick recap of what is inside 12 Minute Affiliate.

#1 QuickStart Guides

Here you will find guides that help you do the following:

  • Choose your niche – the options are Make Money Online (Home Business), Weight Loss & Personal Development
  • How to Create a ClickBank Account
  • Sign up to Aweber Autoresponder (An autoresponder collects email addresses and sends out emails for you). There is a monthly subscription fee with Aweber, which is determined by the number of subscribers you have, starts at $19/month
  • How to Integrate your Autoresponder to your landing pages and ClickBank

#2 Traffic Area

This will show you how to purchase traffic via Solo Ads.

You will not find any training on how to utilise other forms of free (SEO or Social Media) or paid traffic (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.) You will have to rely on what they show you.

#3 Service Manager

This is where you can manage your autoresponder and the whole sales funnel that is provided to you.

#4 Resources

You get access to a number of additional resources in this section:

  • Live Training Replays
  • Done-For-you Email Swipes
  • eBooks
  • Lists of Affiliate Products to Promote

#5 Support & Facebook Group Access

You will get access to their “Inner Circle Facebook Group”, or you can submit a ticket to get support.  They also provide a phone number for you to get help.

At this point, it might be sounding like this looks like a good deal.  You are getting a DFY sales funnel where you only need to put 12 minutes into set it up and you will get back $460 a day…

But, maybe a little part of you is thinking is that right?  Is 12 Minute Affiliate a Scam?

Is 12 Minute Affiliate a Scam?

Is 12 Minute a Scam? 

It isn’t as simple as that, as you are getting something for your money and it could earn you money.

Is it Misleading and Full of Hype?  Most Definitely

I think it is definitely very misleading on its sales page as it claims it is as simple as ordering a pizza.  That is fine, except you know exactly how much you are spending upfront when you order your pizza.  

If you went online and ordered a pizza, you would go to the checkout page and see the cost and confirm it before you pressed “buy”.

But with 12 Minute Affiliate, you are seeing $9.95 for 14 days and then $47/month.

Then, when you get through the front door, you are then told you need to sign up with Aweber, which will cost you at least $19 a month and that you will need to pay for traffic to make the system work (this will typically cost you $99 a time).

None of that was mentioned to you before you paid up.  That is our problem.  

12 Minute Affiliate isn’t technically a scam as you are receiving something for your money and it can work if you follow their steps.  But due to the fact it is very misleading, the authorities could determine that it is a scam.

That is for them to decide, my issue is that they are using hype to get you in the door and then hitting you with hidden costs.

The key element is that he mentions $460 profit a day, but as you are paying for traffic I do not believe that you will earn more than you spend.

Haven't Made Your First $1 Yet?

Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

How Much Does 12 Minute Affiliate Cost?

Let’s go through all the costs associated with 12 Minute Affiliate, both the announced costs and the hidden costs too.

To sign up with 12 Minute Affiliate, you can join for $9.95 for a 14-day trial and then it will become a recurring $47 fee and this will be a monthly fee.

That $47/month gives you the ability to choose one of the niches (MMO, Weight Loss or Personal Development).  There is an upsell which gives you the ability to promote all 3, this will be $97/month for this.

The other two upsells are for lifetime access to promote either 1 or 3 niches.

  • $397 (one-time fee) allows you to promote one niche
  • $797 (one-time fee) allows you to promote all three niches

The important thing to know is that you don’t really understand or see these until you are in and will be pitched in a way that makes you feel like you are getting a cracking deal.

But as far as costs are concerned, these are only the costs associated with you getting access to the platform.  Then we start to get into the hidden costs.

The first one that you will need to factor into your budget is your Autoresponder, Aweber.  Now Aweber is a legitimate email autoresponder, it is the one we use but there is a cost to use it.  It has a free trial, but ultimately it has a monthly subscription which is based on the number of subscribers you have.  The lowest cost per month is $19, but as you increase the number of subscribers, so does the cost.

Then there is the cost of Solo Ads.  The way you will be doing this is by paying for the number of clicks you get to go to your landing page.  You will be paying for $99 for 100 clicks.

But don’t think that will mean 10 clicks means you will get 100 subscribers or even 100 purchases.  They even tell you that 20-25% opt-in rate is good.  But in our opinion, this is a really high rate to expect.  For now, let’s go with that to look at the costs you can expect to pay.

Let’s say that 1 in 5 (20%) do see your landing page and decide to join your list, that still doesn’t guarantee that they will make a purchase, as you have to factor in the conversion rate when it comes to email marketing.  Both the percentage of people who actually read your emails and then those who actually take action based on your emails.

But let’s be honest, these people will be receiving a random email from someone they don’t know.  It will be as hyped up as the sales page you are seeing for 12 Month Affiliate and they will make a decision on whether to sign up to your list in the hope that they follow your recommendations to buy ClickBank products.

I don’t know about you, but I receive a high proportion of emails that I completely ignore.  They all claim to make me tons of money and the vast majority of them are probably scams.  How is the emails that you will be sending be any different.  It is often perception and because the conversion rate is typically low.  This will lead you to have to spend more money on buying more clicks to get more people into your list.

If you don’t pay for clicks, then you will no longer get new people to join your list.

Think of it this way…

Most products on ClickBank are somewhere in the region of $50, with a 50% commission.  For the sake of an example, let’s round that up to $30.

  • You spend $99 to get 100 clicks
  • 30 people (30%) join your email list. That is a better rate than they are stating!
  • 10% of those people (3) buy through your emails 
  • That means you have earned $30 x 3, which is $90

That sounds great, but hold on…  Didn’t you spend $99 in the first place?

That is not unrealistic, that is the reality and we were using better conversion rates than they were even using.  

The art to using any paid form of traffic, whether that be Google Ads or Solo Ads is to earn more than you spend.

The only way you will do that with this is to convince people to sign up with 12 Minute Affiliate itself with your affiliate link to the recurring monthly fee, so you can earn $25 a month.  But, you will have to ensure you get 4 to sign up each month to make it cost effective.

There is no guarantee that that will happen.  But these are the costs that you will need to factor into your business with 12 Minute Affiliate

What We Liked About 12 Minute Affiliate

Here is what we liked about 12 Minute Affiliate:

#1 Affiliate Marketing is a Legit Business Model

Affiliate Marketing is a legitimate business model, and whilst we have concerns about 12 Minute Affiliate they are promoting the affiliate marketing business model.

Having said that, to make it work in the long term you need to focus on learning all aspects of online marketing and focusing on helping people, instead of relying on DFY systems and hype to promote products.

P.S. This training platform helped us to achieve a 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income stream and is FREE to get started with and only costs $49/month to go full-time

#2 Introduction to Email Marketing & Solo Ads

For those who have the budget, this is a good introduction to email marketing and solo ads.  It provides some basic training on how to get started and recommends sources for Solo Ads.

#3 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

As this product is available from ClickBank, you get access to a 60-day money-back guarantee.

What We Didn't Like About 12 Minute Affiliate

Here is what we didn’t like about 12 Minute Affiliate:

#1 Too Much Hype!

There are too many programs out there which rely on hype and bold claims in an attempt to make you believe the program will do exactly what it claims it will.  $460 profit a day sounds fantastic, but the reality is that I do not believe you will be earning more than you spend on Solo Ads.

The sales page focuses on this hype and these claims rather than being open and honest with you.  That is because if they told you that you would be spending $100’s a month, you wouldn’t even consider this program…

12 Minute Affiliate - Hype

This is all designed to try and convince you that this is a brand new method (which it isn’t) and you can expect those kind of earnings after investing only 12 minutes into the program (which it doesn’t)…

#2 Expensive Upsells & Hidden Costs

I think it can seem like only paying $9 for 14 days access based on their claims makes it seem like you will be able to make enough money quickly enough that when the monthly fee is due, you have earned enough but that is simply not the reality.

There are the costs we have already revealed to you in our review around the cost of your autoresponder and then there is the cost of the Solo Ads that starts at $99.

12 Minute Affiliate Costs

This is not shown or talked about before you sign up and without paying for these Solo Ads, you will get no traffic…

#3 No Traffic = No Business

The only way you will get any traffic with the 12 Minute Affiliate system is by paying for “visitors”.


This method is called Solo Ads. Solo Ads is where you email an existing “email list” with the link to your landing page (the one provided to you from 12 Minute Affiliate).

You will need to spend a minimum of $99 and there is no guarantee that you will get anyone actually sign up to your email list or take any action from your landing page.

It can get very expensive if you keep trying to spend more in the hope of getting more people to buy your promoted products.  

The other issue is unlike other similar programs like Perpetual Income 365, is that you don’t get to know what the source is of these Solo Ads.  Perpetual Income 365 shows you legit external providers for Solo Ads.  But with 12 Minute Affiliate, you only get access to one source and you are totally reliant on it.

#4 Done-For-You Systems are Restrictive

There are a couple of restrictions when you consider a Done-For-You system.  There is the fact that you are totally reliant on them to get your landing pages or affiliate products and their only source of traffic.

If Devon decided tomorrow that he was done with this program and was to close it down to move onto a new project (more often than you think), then you lose your opportunity to make any money.

Your landing page will be hosted on their server, if there is no server you have no landing page.   

You will be left with nothing, and you will have no knowledge or skills to build a business.  You will have to start all over again, either learning it correctly or buying into another DFY system, which has no guarantee!

#5 Don’t Get Taught Other Forms of Traffic Generation

Don’t expect to learn any other form of generating traffic, other than Solo Ads.  You will not be able to utilise free methods (good for beginners) or other forms of paid traffic as you are totally reliant on their source.

If it did get closed down, you couldn’t go and replicate what they were doing as you lack the knowledge to do that, and you will not know how to get traffic for free.

P.S. This training platform helped us to achieve a 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income stream and is FREE to get started with and only costs $49/month to go full-time

Haven't Made Your First $1 Yet?

Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

Is 12 Minute Affiliate A Scam?

Is 12 Minute Affiliate A Scam? No, I do not believe so and I think it is possible to make money by following their methods with Solo Ads.

Having said that, I  do think they are trying to mislead you with tons of hype and false promises.  It might be as easy as ordering a pizza to set up the sales funnel, however it will not be as easy to earn more than you are spending on these Solo Ads.

For that reason, and the reasons we have listed in our review we would not recommend this to you.  Affiliate Marketing is a fantastic method to make money online, but you will be much better off learning a number of ways of online marketing where you can choose what products you want to promote and not get stuck promoting stuff that is as overhyped and full of false promises like what 12 Minute Affiliate is.

Who is Really Making Money with 12 Minute Affiliate…?

The answer is simple, the people making money are the affiliates of the program.  You will find a number of reviews out there that really push the 12 Minute Affiliate program.  The reason they are staying completely positive, rather than objective and that is because they will earn a commission from the sale.

There is a key difference between offering a balanced review (hopefully, you think ours is) and promoting the product via affiliate marketing and those that are selling it as the perfect solution to beginners without even telling them what you would really be doing.

Can you make money with 12 Minute Affiliate?  It is possible, but expect to spend a lot of money with no guarantee of success…

How We Make Money Online

It wasn’t that long ago that we were trying to find a way of how to make money online…  We wanted to find a way of earning a passive income that also ticked a few boxes:

  1. I could start it around my current job and commitments
  2. It didn’t cost much to start and maintain
  3. Didn’t need me to sell stuff to my friends and family

We found Wealthy Affiliate and thanks to them we are now earning a 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income Stream.  The best thing about it is:

  • It is free to get started
  • Targeted traffic is brought to you for free (just think about how you found this review… we didn’t spend any time or money to promote this)
  • You will get me as a personal coach/mentor to help you on your journey (we will help you to avoid the mistakes we made, to make the process better for you)
  • You don’t need any technical skills to get started and you will be taught how to effectively do them

When you try this program out, you will see why so many people recommend it

No credit card details are required – this is a free starter membership

thanks for checking out our 12 Minute Affiliate review.  If you have any questions or comments to add, then please write them in the comments section below.  We will get back to you just as soon as we can. 😉

12 Minute Affiliate

$9.95 14-Day Trial, $47/month thereafter + Upsells & Hidden Costs

Overall Rating



  • Affiliate Marketing is a Legit Business Model
  • Introduction to Email Marketing & Solo Ads
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • Too Much Hype!
  • Expensive Upsells & Hidden Costs
  • No Traffic = No Business
  • Done-For-You Systems are Restrictive
  • Don't Get Taught Other Forms of Traffic Generation

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