Is Prosperity Nexus Group a Scam – Connections to Scammy Products Gave Us Concerns…

Welcome to our Prosperity Nexus Group Review!

Is Prosperity Nexus Group a Scam? It definitely gave us concerns when we found the connections to 2 other programs that we would class as scams.  TiDom & 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle are definitely scams and we found connections between the 3 of them throughout our research.

In short, these programs are all cash-gifting (pyramid) schemes and they are something you should stay away from.

First off, it’s great to see that you’re doing your research before buying into any “seemingly good” product.

That’s how you avoid scams and find only legitimate ways to make money online!

To be completely transparent with you, we’re not associated with Prosperity Nexus Group in any form.  We’re not here to pitch or sell you anything.

Stick with us through the review and we have a much better alternative to make money online that is completely legit at the end…

Prosperity Nexus Group Review Summary

Product Name: Prosperity Nexus Group

Founder: Steve Hawk, Michael Wright, John Novello

Product Type: Cash Gifting (Pyramid) Scheme

Price: $2,000 – $22,000 + Other Costs

Best For: The Owners


Summary: Prosperity Nexus Group tries to sell itself as a Mastermind Group focused on marketing high-ticket sales.  It can cost anywhere from $2,000 – $22,000 but I cannot see why you would want to invest your money.  All you will learn to do is to sell this platform on to others.  This is nothing more than a cash-gifting scheme that will leave you massively in debt and with nothing to show for it…

Rating: 1/100

Recommended? No

Table of Contents

What is Prosperity Nexus Group?

The Prosperity Nexus Group use a lot of bravado and some bold claims to hide what they actually are.  They claim to be a mastermind and marketing team that supports a team of home business professionals who are making high ticket sales to work from anywhere.

But what they don’t really tell you from the start is what you will be selling.

The fact is that you will be selling the product you just bought.  Yes, that’s right this is why we think it is a cash gifting scheme.  You give them money to allow you to resell the Prosperity Nexus Group to other people to earn a commission.

The Video on their website is a bit long, so if you haven’t taken the time to watch it or the whole of it here is the key takeaways from that video:

  • They promote high-ticket offers; they state the average sale is $8k
  • They sell digital e-products in the MMO niche
  • They will train you on how to make money by reselling their system
  • 100% Commission Rate
  • The VIP level gives you a shot at making $100k a year or more
  • Weekly training sessions
  • Variety of landing pages to use to promote PNG
  • An autoresponder to follow up on leads
  • They provide you a list of leads to contact

They key point here is the fact that you will be given training on how to promote the PNG system to other people with a 100% commission rate.

If you are new to the world of make money online products, then this would sound like a good deal.  Sell PNG and keep all of the money that you make, why wouldn’t you want to sign up for that.

But hold that thought, we will get into the details shortly and it isn’t as simple as they make out in these videos all telling you that you can earn money from a beach or from home…

It is very similar to other products we have reviewed like:

First, we will cover off how much it costs to get into this Prosperity Nexus Group

How Much Does Prosperity Nexus Group Cost

As it is a high-ticket product level, this does mean the prices will be higher.  But the thing for us is, do you get value for your money.  If you are going to invest in $2,000 – $22,000 are you getting your money’s worth.

Let us first go through the different levels, you have the option of joining PNG at:

Prosperity Nexus Group Levels
  1. Basic – $2,000
  2. Builder – $3,500
  3. Advanced – $6,500
  4. Pro – $12,500
  5. VIP – $22,000

This is how it works.  You pay for the level you can afford (but you will be pressured into buying into the higher levels).  So, you think that if you join the Basic Membership for $2,000 you can still get commissions from all of the other levels.  That way you could upgrade when you want to, right?

That is not how these schemes work.  If you are just at the basic package, you will only earn up to $2,000 for any package that you are able to sell.  So, if you are able to get someone to sign up for the VIP package – $2,000 will go to you, but the other $20,000 will go to your sponsor or whomever is qualified to receive that.

Even, if you think well at least I get $2,000 there is another factor you need to consider and that is the 1-Up Commission Plan.

The other thing to note is that you will also need to pay for leads on top of the membership fee, which they state will cost between $500-$1000 a month.

1-Up Commission Plan

This basically means that you first sale is passed straight to your sponsor, you will not earn any commission from your first sale.  This is done to qualify you for commissions, apparently.

They call it Perpetual Leverage.  But it resembles a pyramid scheme where the people at the top are the people who make the real money.  The people who are on the bottom ladder never really get anywhere.  That is why they will really pressure you to pay for the higher packages, so that you don’t need to pass any of your commissions up the ladder.

The snip from the video above describes that assuming you are already qualified – if you sign up Mark, he gives you $6,500.  If Mark signs up Amy, she has to 1-up her commission to you. Exactly the same for if she signs up James and then James signs up Dave.

You can also earn from the roll-up sales.  This is where if you are on the higher level, let’s say Advanced and Mark joins you but only on the basic package.  But when he brought Amy on board she went for the advanced level.  Mark would only receive $2,000 and then you would earn the remaining $4,500.

All in all, this is about recruiting a team that can make sales for you and you earn the money.

However, the bigger issue is whether the Prosperity Nexus Group offers enough value for you to consider putting such a huge investment into be able to just sell this onto other people.

It is interesting that consider the hype they go through on their website, you would think they had huge numbers within this system.  It is hard to accurately know how many people are in it, but if every member is a subscriber on their YouTube channel then it only has about 150 people within in.

That doesn’t seem to give me much confidence about this system being worthwhile.

Let’s talk about something else they mention on their sales video and that is TiDom…

What's TiDom About?

Part of what Prosperity Nexus Group promotes is TiDom.  Which stands for Time Freedom.  It seems to be part of the back end of PNG.  They have the same levels and the same training materials, and unsurprisingly the costs are the same.

There is very little information about PNG really out there in the form of reviews, but there is a lot about TiDom and none of it is particularly good.  In fact, most points lead us to believe it is a scam.

From what we can gather, the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is the same as TiDom.  People have been scammed from this 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle.  You can see the complaints about it on the BBB website.

From our perspective, it looks like the PNG offer is the same as the TiDom & 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle one.  Now, they could all be closely related or the same system that is changed slightly each time to scam other people. Either way, it does give any of us real confidence in it.

Haven't Made Your First $1 Yet?

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Who's Behind Prosperity Nexus Group?

The owners of this program is called Steve, Michael, and John.  Details are below:

Prosperity Nexus Group Owners

They are all genuine people and they do have a lot of experience – my concern is more about the platform than it is about the owners.  I do not believe you will get their support to help you out, in fact I firmly believe you will be left to your own devices to earn money from reselling it.

What We Liked About Prosperity Nexus Group

We cannot find anything positive to say about the Prosperity Nexus Group and therefore could not list any pros about it…

What We Didn't Like About Prosperity Nexus Group

Here is what we didn’t like:

#1 Pressure to Buy the Highest Level

This cash gifting schemes are all the same, “you need to buy the highest level to have any real chance of making money”.  But in fact, the person trying to get you in is just trying to get the highest commission rate they can get.  You will have to apply the same pressure to leads to make a sale too.

#2 You Are Going to Lose Your Money

Unless you are a fantastic salesperson who can turn a crappy product into a sale, you will lose your money.  If you were already a fantastic salesperson, then you would already be making money and not looking at opportunities like this one

#3 Huge On-Going Costs

Do not think that you pay the membership level and that is it, you are going to have to pay for leads because you are not going to be able to sell this to your friends and family…  Have you got the budget for that?

#4 This is High Pressure Sales

You will be constantly hounded by your sponsor to close sales, because they will be making money from your sales too.  It would be like being in a high-pressure sales team.  Is that really you?

Haven't Made Your First $1 Yet?

Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

Is Prosperity Nexus Group a Scam?

There is a wide array of opinions about that question within other reviews.  Some state that it isn’t a scam because they do offer training.  There are others calling it an outright scam and even a pyramid scheme.  Either way, the agreed opinion is that you should stay as far away from it as you can.

We do believe this falls more into the scam sector.  I know it offers some training, but it is training showing you how to resell PNG.  You will not learn any other skills that you could take away and use elsewhere, because I believe their sales tactics will be ones you wouldn’t want to use on your friends.

These schemes only do the owners any good, as if there is a low number of people, and I suspect there are. If they are all on the lower end of packages, the owners will be pocketing the difference.  We mentioned the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle and TiDom, who is say that they are not all lining their pockets and fleecing people out of their money.  These people do not seem to have a conscious, they just want more of your money.

Some of these people will just tell people to go and get a loan to be able to pay for the business package and these people will believe them and guess what happens?

Yep, they end up massively in debt and not making any money.

It will not be long before Prosperity Nexus Group is on the FTC’s radar… There are already comments being written on the Pyramid Scheme page at the FTC, check it out HERE.

Don’t get me wrong, high-ticket offers are a good one to get into – But you need to do it the right way and have the right products or services to offer people.  With the Prosperity Nexus Group, you are selling the dream of working from home and earning thousands – but that is not real!

You Can Still Make Money from High-Ticket Sales... But Ethically & Legally

There is a real opportunity to make good money online from promoting high-ticket products.  Why make a $10 sale, when you could be promoting a product that costs $1,000 and earn a larger commission.

But the key thing to do is to make sure you are doing it ethically… and legally!

If you do not do those two things, it will come back and bite you and you will likely lose a lot of money.  Imagine handing over $22,000 and getting nothing back for it.  That is what would happen with the PNG.

The way to promote high-ticket products and services ethically and legally can be done, and it is the way we make money online.

We make money online through something called Affiliate Marketing.  This is where you earn commissions by promoting other people’s products.

(Learn more with our complete guide on What is Affiliate Marketing & How Does it Work)

But it is nothing like you way you would do it with PNG.

Instead with Affiliate Marketing, you get to:

  1. Choose whatever topic you like to promote
  2. Create a website on that topic
  3. You sign up with affiliate programs (free) related to that topic
  4. You create helpful content around that topic
  5. You promote products that people are actually looking for around that topic
  6. You are given a special link on those products so that when someone buys from your link, you earn a commission

You can do this in any niche, and even utilise high-ticket offers too.  Let’s use an example.

You could have an interest in home improvements and design a niche website within the power tool sector where some power drills come in at $599.  Did you know Amazon has an affiliate program?  You could sign up with them for FREE and then you can promote anything that is sold on Amazon.  That $599 drill could be something you promote on the website you build and anytime someone follows your special link and buys that drill, you make a sale.

Another example could be UHD TV’s or Digital Cameras.  We do wedding photography as part of our wedding business and the camera we use cost us £2,000. 

There is a huge opportunity for High-Ticket Sales within Affiliate Marketing and the best thing is that affiliate programs are usually free to join.

But it is all done ethically and legally, because you are providing helpful content that helps people with their decisions and when they choose to buy through you, you earn a commission.

How to Start Your Own Affiliate Marketing Website?

It couldn’t be easier to start your own affiliate marketing website these days.  You could have your own website up and running within a few minutes.  It will take you time to add some content to your website and then to get people to read it.

It will also take you some time to get it to the point where you are earning money, but with the right training and support you can do this a lot sooner than trying to find information yourself and putting it all together.

We recommended Wealthy Affiliate; they offer a complete step-by-step guide taking you through the whole process. (You can read our full Wealthy Affiliate review to see what they have to offer).

But the best part is that it will not cost you anything near the $2,000 PNG wanted you to hand over.  In fact, you can get started for FREE with the Wealthy Affiliate FREE Starter Membership.  No credit card is required, unlike some others and you can see for yourself what it is all about.  You will gain access to 2 FREE affiliate marketing websites and 10 free lessons that will show you how to get your website up and running.

You will also get instant access to us to help you through and answer any questions you may have. Learn more about our top recommended program Wealthy Affiliate HERE!

Prosperity Nexus Group - Final Word

Prosperity Nexus Group is a cash-gifting scheme that could easily be a scam.  You are very likely to lose any money that you invest into it and we are not talking about a few dollars.  We are talking serious money, where you could lose more than $22,000.  After all we have talked about, could you seriously go and sell it to someone else?

Our advice is to explore a route that is both ethical and legal, and that is affiliate marketing.  You can choose what products and services you want to promote and not feel like it is a hard sell.  Want to learn how, then see our top recommended product HERE.

Thanks for reading our Prosperity Nexus Group review.  If you have any questions or want to share any experiences, then please write them in the comments section below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Prosperity Nexus Group

$2,000 - $22,000





Money Making Opportunity


Overall Rating



  • None


  • High Pressure Sales
  • Going to Lose Your Money
  • Huge On-Going Costs

10 thoughts on “Is Prosperity Nexus Group a Scam – Connections to Scammy Products Gave Us Concerns…”

  1. Thank you for this comprehensive review of the Prosperity Nexus Group. To be honest I would not trust this company. Being connected to some pyramid schemes is already a red flag for me. 

    Besides why join a company that charges so much for joining them. It looks like typical MLM trick. It’s much easier and better to learn affiliate marketing, which you recommend and sell any products someone wants to.

    • Hey Kristof,

      thanks for checking out our review.  You are right, this stinks of an MLM or even a Pyramid Scheme.  Definitely worthwhile, when affiliate marketing can help you earn money without the risk.


  2. Thank you for this great review of prosperity Nexus. I’ve heard of programs like this where the whole idea is to actually sell the product itself, and you could make like $20,000 commissions, but you have to actually pay $20,000. Thanks for explaining more about how you could only make as much commission as you pay, and the other people make more of the commission. Even just $2,000 commission is definitely a lot but I wonder how you would actually ever sell this product because how many people really have $2,000 to put into this?

    on the other hand like you said, you could start a wealthy affiliate website for free and you can make your website about anything you want, you don’t have to just make it about selling Prosperity Nexus. It is a lot more accessible for a new person to start with wealthy affiliate due to the low start-up cost.

    Thanks for your expertise on making money online and have a great day.

    • Hey Charles,

      thanks for checking out our review.  People get drawn into these scams because believe these BS money claims.  If you could earn those kind of commissions, then it would be worth it.  But I fully believe you will not!

      Wealthy Affiliate offers a much safer option to earn high-ticket commissions through learning affiliate marketing.



  3. Great review of the Prosperity Nexus Group. It’s funny how people try to mask their pyramid schemes with random names or justify it. This one clearly looks like a pyramid scheme. In the 1-Up Commission Plan picture, the green arrow is actually shaped liked a pyramid! Thanks for revealing more about this product and I will be sure to share it with others so they don’t get scammed.

    • Hey Kevin,

      thanks for checking out our review.  You’re welcome.  We want to help everyone avoid these types of scams.


  4. Thank you so much for informing us about the Prosperity Nexus Group. It sounds like the kind of scheme I would’ve fallen for in my early 20s. I was so desperate for money that I got suckered into all kinds of scams. I hated myself for it! I love the fact that people like you are now out here protecting people like me from people like them! I wish you had been around back in the early to mid-90s, but I didn’t know how to use the web very well back then. Keep up the good work – you are doing the world an awesome favor!!

    • Hey Cathy,

      thanks for checking out our review and thanks, we try really hard to help others avoid the problems that happen to some online.

      All the best


  5. Hi! Coming across Prosperity Nexus group’s offer seemed like a good deal. Keeping up to 100% of everything we sell seems like a no brainier. But I’m glad I read your post. Boy, this platform has so many red flags. Thank you for pointing them all out.

    Paying $2,000 for just the basic program is to much for me. I can’t afford any program that expensive. But I wouldn’t join this one even if it were free.

    • Hey Henry,

      thanks for checking out our review.  Definitely one that is out there to scam as many people as they can.  Hopefully not too many people get caught out!!

      thanks again



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