Is My 10K Model a Scam – Find Out All Your Need to Know

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My 10K Model on first impressions promises you an easy-to-use automated system that can generate instant commissions with no work… Michael Mansell, the guy behind it claims that it is a ‘no-brainer source of income’.

But can you sign up to a platform like this and just sit back and earn money, is it worth your hard-earned cash or is my 10K Model a Scam?

First of all, I must say I am glad you are doing your research and in this post,  I will be going through what you need to know about my 10K Model and whether it can actually earn you any money.

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What is My 10K Model All About?

The whole premise is My 10K Model is a system that claims to help you easily generate wealth online and from the face of Is My 10K Model a Scamit, it states that this will all be done on auto-pilot. But that simply isn’t the case.

The truth is, it isn’t an automated system but a sales funnel to get you to buy into the Easy 1 Up platform.

The reason is simply down to the fact that Michael will benefit from you buying into the Easy 1 Up scheme as a referral.  Michael is an affiliate of the Easy 1 Up program and will earn commission when you sign up and buy one of the products.

The problem with this is it is dishonest, Easy 1 Up is a Ponzi scheme where the whole guise of Easy 1 Up is to recruit new members.  It involves members signing up, investing in programs that can cost up to $1,000 and then recruiting other people into it for a commission. There are products, but they are not really great value and are all about getting new people to buy into it.

My 10K Model is simply a front for Easy 1 Up, in my Easy 1 Up review I didn’t recommend it – but let me explain why.

How Does My 10K Model Really Work?

Literally, the whole story of My 10K Model is to get you to sign up for Easy 1 Up.  Michael presents a video to you about a system which will help you generate money easily, he will then proceed to mention you will need to enter your name and email address to proceed any further.  Once you have completed this, you get another video which instructs you to join Easy 1 Up.

Now, to join you will need to purchase one of their products – which are priced below:

  • Elevation – $25
  • Elevation Elite – $100
  • Vertex – $250
  • Vertex Elite – $500
  • Vertex Pro ‘Connect’ – $1,000

You do get some training thrown in, but the whole objective of the training and the platform is for you to recruit new members.  It does seem like the training programs are just put in there to ensure the FTC doesn’t get too interested in the program.

Michael does emphasise the need to buy big, as buying into the $500-$1,000 package so you can get access to his team rotator.

Is My 10K Model a Scam

This team rotator sends new Easy 1 Up signups to random members of his team, so essentially, he is claiming you will earn commissions without doing anything.

Though it can work, in reality the more people that sign up the less likely you will be picked to benefit from this.  So, don’t get tricked into thinking this rotator will be a magic money-making system.

If you do decide to buy into the program, you then find out the truth – you need to sell the same thing to other people to make back any money you have spent.

You need to promote my 10K Model to other people into buying into it, but this time you are the one that needs to sell it.  You will need to be the one that encourages them to sign up and buy into Easy 1 Up.

The problem tends to be, how can you sell a product that you are losing money from…?

If you are actually successful and start introducing people, you find that your second sale actually goes to the guy who introduced you (Michael) that is how he made his money.

He is earning a commission from you and then the second person you recruit.

Can You Make Money with My 10K Model?

It does seem like I have given My 10K Model a bad rep, but the problem isn’t with it as much as the problem being the Easy 1 Up Ponzi scheme.  You can actually give Michael credit for building a system to help himself and his team earn money.  But the problem I have is that it is based on a system when people will lose money from.

You can make money with it, but there are some things you should know.

Firstly, it will not be as easy as you are led to believe. You will need to be prepared to invest a lot of time and effort recruiting new members and actually convincing them to invest in the products.

Secondly, you will only earn commissions on products you own. So, unless you invest in the $1,000 level you will not earn commission from all of the products.  For example, if you invest in the $25 level and someone you refer buys the $1,000 level you will only receive commission of the $25 product.

The rest of the commission will go to the person who referred you, which in this instance is Michael.

For these reasons, I wouldn’t personally invest into this idea.

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My Verdict – Is 10K Model a Scam?

In short, the answer is no. If you signed up through My 10K Model you would find there is the potential to earn money from it.

But like I said, it will not be as easy as they state.  You will find that this is a difficult route, especially if you are new to the online world.

For these reasons, I would not recommend this program to you. I feel there is too much risk associated to it (you will only benefit if you buy into the $1,000 product and be able to sell). There are plenty of programs out there, like Wealthy Affiliate, where you can get started online with no risk and will not be expected to invest $1,000 upfront.

There is everything you need to know about My 10K Model, but if you do have any questions or comments about it please leave them in the comments below and I will definitely get back to you.

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12 thoughts on “Is My 10K Model a Scam – Find Out All Your Need to Know”

  1. Wow, so instead of doing it the ‘normal way’ and acting as a straight up affiliate for Easy 1 Up, this guy has instead created his own program all to get you to sign up? That’s a big red flag as to the strength of the program itself if it completely relies on a different one. Man we really got to stop it with these Ponzi schemes, if only there were better structures in place to stop things like this happening so often. What do you think is the solution?

    • Hey Danny,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.

      You are right, it is entirely a front for Easy 1Up, but doesn’t mention it until you actually sign up.  The FTC has a tough job of trying to find the ones that are not legit, or those that are not of value.

      But the best way of stopping people get swallowed up with these schemes is to shout about them to make sure the vulnerable stop getting signed up.

      If we can share the message that you research a program fully before you sign up for anything, then that will ensure people do not sign up for these programs and then they close due to making no money.

      One of my key goals is to ensure people are aware of schemes like this and people are fully aware of what they are signing up for before do.



  2. Hi John,

    Thanks so much for sharing your honest point of view on this article to help me to know more about My 10K business program to make some money from home.

    As I’m interested to make a change from my regular job to stay at home and work here, I’m interested to know about some options to start.

    It’s good to be able to read a honest review and get some help about a “safe” place where I can start and learn how to do it without the need to invest too much money.

    I will take a look to your recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate!

    Thanks for the information. 

    • Hi Alejandra,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.

      I am glad you found it useful, people looking for ways to get started need help and I would definitely recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate for such a place.  A safe environment that helps many people every day.

      thanks again


  3. Thank you for the review about MY 10K MODEL. Many entrepreneurs build the business which make them profit from the downlines. It is the case of MY 1OK MODEL.The owner of the site gives wrong advertisement regarding his program by giving people fake promises but it seems to be a real business even though it asks much effort in building your downline.

    I can’t buy his products because i am not good at persuading people ,so i would fail if i start such a business. Thank you

    • Hey Julienne,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.

      I think the only people that would benefit from this are those with the ability of great salesmen, but that would involve selling the idea to those who are desperate for an easy way to earn money online.  I personally wouldn’t do that, people are constantly looking for genuine ways and this type of scheme will discourage them.

      thanks again


  4. Hi there,

    i just read your article on Is My 10K Model a Scam which is wonderful. After reading this i don’t think that it is a scam. Its a simple program that can help you earn money. There is a sign up page and we have to purchase some products with different  rates. Then i think we have to take different partners with us to grow our network. I think its a long term job but its a interesting job to earn money


    • Hi,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.

      I agree, it technically isn’t a scam – but it isn’t upfront about what it is.  If it was completely honest about what it was, then many would have a different opinion of the platform.  This scheme will fit the right person, someone who is a great salesperson will probably make money with it.  But what I don’t agree with, is conning beginners into believing a system will make them money with no effort put in.

      We all have to put effort into anything we do, so that is why my review is pointed in that particular direction.

      thanks for sharing your thoughts


  5. As experienced marketers know, there’s no such thing as instant commissions with zero work, so this one is once again targeted to the broad group of people fed up with their dayjob and want to earn money the easy way.

    The guy is indeed creative, you have to give him that, but at the expense of other people’s money, this is not the way to do it.

    I’m all for making money and finding neat systems and tricks, but always be helpful and give value to your customers. Don’t run ponzi schemes or other scams to make a quick buck.

    Thanks for getting to the bottom of this one!

    • Hey Jurgen,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.

      He has gone the extra mile to be different, and it is obviously working for him.  But you are right, these schemes work off convincing people there is an easy way to earn money online (to escape the day job).

      People who are willing to put in some time and effort, will find there are much better options with a much better chance of converting it into a way of earning money online.

      thanks again


  6. Hi John.

    Thank you for the useful information about the 10k online money making model.  In my opinion there is no such thing as a quick and easy money making scheme.   The problem with an automated system is that you have no interaction with your potential customers and if you are trying to make it online then that’s your first and most important starting point.  

    If you are new to the online business world then you will be needing the best training you can get and a community that is willing to help you at all times. 

    I joined Wealthy Affiliate 4 months ago and it has been the best decision. Anyone that is considering making money online then I, like you, agree this is the best way to go about it. 

    I wouldn’t wait either there is a lot of amazing new stuff to learn. 

    Why do you think so many people are still looking to make quick money online?

    Good luck and best of success to you in the future.


    • Hey Matthew,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.

      Totally agree, there is no quick and easy way – but that doesn’t mean there are methods that help get you on the right track.  Wealthy Affiliate is one of them, and is fully there to help new people earn money with the right guidance to make it work.

      There are many reasons why people are looking for quick money online – mainly down to money issues or hating the day job.  But the key reason why people are looking for it, is the many different programs that make you think it is possible.

      Whether it is cryptocurrency, trading, programs that do all the work, fake affiliate marketing scams – all of them say you will be earning money overnight… Yeah, if that was possible, none of us would be working hard on creating new content.

      But they play to the emotional side of people, play on the fact that you are struggling with money/debt, or hate your job – but most of their adverts promise you can earn money overnight, give up the day job and earn money whilst you sleep.

      Affiliate Marketing is a genuine way of earning money online, and eventually it will become passive (where you will be earning whilst sleeping) but it requires a lot of work first.

      For every 100 programs that promise you quick money, there is a genuine one that is honest and open like Wealthy Affiliate.  It will ‘HELP’ you earn money, but they are very honest about the time and effort it will take.

      But, it will be an income that you have earned.

      hope that helps



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