What is the Best Web Hosting Service for WordPress?

WordPress is a fantastic Content Management System (CMS) for website, and over 50% of the websites that are out there are using this great platform to manage their sites.

But a website is only as good as the hosting it is working from.  Any good house needs a strong foundation and that is no different when it comes to your website.

There are many different hosting providers out there, and many are advertised as free.  But when you really dig into the details, you soon start to realise that as you grow your business, you will end up paying hundreds of dollars a month to keep up.

There are enough things to worry about with your online business, besides escalating costs.

In this post, we want to recommend a platform that offers premium web hosting (without the premium costs) that is ideal for someone just starting out with WordPress.  It also comes with training to help get your business up and running, and then how to scale your business.  

Without the worry of spiralling costs as the number of people who visit your site increases.  

In fact, with one monthly fee you can host up to 10 WordPress websites on their servers and that fee is nowhere near what it would be with comparable hosting companies.  All with SSL certificates, and a ton of other features aimed at helping you get the most from your site, and your hosting.

We will be going through all the features and benefits that come with hosting your website on our top recommended web hosting provider – SiteRubix.

What is Web Hosting?

So, what is web hosting? Web hosting is the place where all the files for your website live.  It is like the home where your website lives.

Another way to think about it, is your domain name (website name) is the address of your house, and the web hosting is your actual house.

A Hosting Service Provider houses all the technology and systems that helps facilitate your website being presented on the internet, and then for people to be able to use your website in their internet browser.

Does it Matter Which Web Hosting I Use?

In Short, Yes!

If you think about how we said the web hosting provider is the house that your files are kept in, if your house was falling apart, not in great condition or used sub-standard material would it be something that you would be happy to live in?

You will find many different options for your WordPress web hosting, but not all of them offer the best hosting for your site.

They are a number of factors to consider when choosing  a website host.


What you don’t want is to tie yourself with a provider that charges you a really high fee each month, and yet still get issues with your website being down.  If you have a web host that keeps having issues that means your website is offline, then that means you will be losing sales.

The other thing to consider is that there are tons of hosting providers that offer a free website, but when you start going through the details you notice that the website you get is extremely limited and to anything you need to do, you will need to keep on spending to access facilities.

There are even hosts out there that charge you more as your visitor count increases.

That is why we recommend SiteRubix!  It is premium WordPress web hosting, without the premium price tag.  Their hosting is on par with some of the best web hosting providers out there, that easily charge $299 per month for their services, and yet SiteRubix gives you the ability to host ten WordPress websites for $49/month or $495/year.  They have also introduced a new tier that can let you host 50 WordPress websites and get Jaaxy enterprise for $99/month.

SiteRubix is brought to you from the guys behind Wealthy Affiliate.  So, along with your hosting for your sites, you also get extensive training on how to grow your business online, 24/7 support and a ton of other features that make this the best solution for someone just starting out, or someone who is finding their current hosting a bit lacking.

What is SiteRubix?

SiteRubix is a cloud-based web hosting platform, which focuses more on what is right for its website owners, then the profit margin.  Like I said, they could easily charge $299 per month for their hosting alone.

Yet, they provide their members websites included in their membership, plus all the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate.

  • A free starter member gets access to 1 free WordPress website hosted on their SiteRubix servers
  • A Premium member ($49/month)get access to 10 full-domain WordPress websites hosted on their SiteRubix servers
  • A Premium-Plus member ($99/month) gets access to 50 full-domain WordPress websites hosted on their SiteRubix servers

They have a number of people in mind, with their membership levels.  Those just starting out, those who are established and want better hosting, to those thinking of running a marketing business that require hosting for a number of client websites.

Then, they also gain all the other aspects to the Wealthy Affiliate & Jaaxy platforms.  These include:

  • Extensive Training on All Topics of Online Marketing
  • Weekly Live Training with an Expert (on a number of different topics)
  • Keyword & Niche Reseach Tool (Jaaxy)
  • Access to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Get Help whenever you need it with different aspects of support
  • Personal mentoring/coaching from experts

Wealthy Affiliate, SiteRubix and Jaaxy are all housed under the one roof, and they are passionate about helping people become successful online.  With over 1.4 million active members all benefitting from their training, and their website hosting, that should give you a good insight into the benefits of hosting your website at SiteRubix.

Let’s get into the features that are included with a website hosted on SiteRubix…

SiteRubix Features

SiteRubix keeps it simple.  Where you would find with other hosting features, there are many different levels of membership and you pay more as you go up.  It is as simple as a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate gets access to all of the features.  And, that is the end of the conversation.

So, all of the features we are going to go through below are all included within the premium or premium-plus membership.  The only difference is the number of websites you can host.

The image below shows you the standard features that are included with each site:

  • Site Health – monitor the health of your website to ensure you have the best chance of indexing, ranking, and acquiring traffic
  • Site Support – Website Technical Support 24/7
  • Site Comments – Website Engagement Tool (Awesome!)
  • Site Security – Website Security
  • Site Feedback – Get Feedback from WA members to help you understand how you can improve your website

Then there are these advanced features that again, each member can use on their website:

  • SiteSpeed – The speed of your website is key in many different ways for both your rankings, and the user experience.  There are two levels you can access to – Accelerated & Extreme
  • SiteSSL (HTTPS) – Other hosting providers charge you an additional fee for an SSL certificate, but this is all included within your membership.
  • SiteProtect (Spam Blocker)

The main difference between SiteRubix and other hosting platforms, is that these features are all installed at the server end.  

Why does that matter?

Well, anything you install you end, i.e. a spam blocking plugin, etc., can end up giving your users a slow experience on your website.

A slow website will put people off, and they will leave your website.  People don’t tend to have much patience for a slow website, these days.

But the security of your website is really important, but if you install all of these features as a WordPress plugin, you will end up with a slow website.  By SiteRubix, doing it all at their end, you get all the benefits and it will not affect your website speed in any way, in fact it will help speed up your website!

Thanks to their Spam Blocker technology, they have thwarted 27 million attempts on websites hosted on their server last year.  They take additional steps to prevent spam or hacking of sites on their servers.

Each new website you install on their servers also benefit from having two plugins installed automatically, one is the All-in-One SEO plugin which is aimed at helping you get ranked in the search engines.  The other is the Kraken Image Optimiser plugin.  We will go into that shortly, but it is a fantastic app for optimising your images.

Each website will also benefit from these features (please note the number of domains will be different for a new member:

Let’s go through some of the awesome other features you get with a SiteRubix website:

Daily Backups & Double Hosting

Your website will get backed up every 24 hours, just in case.  This can be used if there was ever a problem presented.  Their support team is awesome, and will get you back up and running within minutes.  I have not had many issues, but when I have a message to the support team gets me sorted within minutes.

But they also take an additional step, which is that they double host your website.  This means there is a second website always running in the background. So, if there is an issue with your website, they can switch it over to the second version within seconds, so the majority of the time, your user will not even notice.

Won’t Slow You Down

We mentioned this earlier, but a slow website will have a major effect on the user experience, and can lead to people leaving your website.  Then there is the fact that the search engines will also penalise you for a slow website.

With the SiteSpeed feature, their score is 1.3 seconds standard load time for sites!

Mobile Friendly

Google has changed the way it works, and this is in-line with the fact that the majority of us are using our mobile phones to search the net over using the computer/laptop.  You’re probably reading this on your phone, right?

Google now focuses on mobile first, so your website needs to be responsive and be mobile friendly.  SiteRubix websites are designed to be responsive, and are completely mobile friendly.  They are optimised to work on whatever display someone is reading it on.

Site Domains Platform

There is no need to go elsewhere to buy and register a domain name, as you can do that direct from the WA dashboard.  See if your chosen domain name is available and then register it with the SiteRubix servers.

Typically, they are priced at $1399-$15.99 per domain and that covers it for a year.  That is the only addition cost, on top of the membership price.

Unlimited Email Addresses

With a SiteRubix website, you get unlimited email addresses.  This is usually an upgrade feature in other web hosting.

Free SSL Certificate

Another thing Google is focusing on is, how secure your website is.  An SSL certificate is an important feature, especially if you have an e-commerce website.

But Google (the largest search engine) will rank a mobile friendly website with an SSL certificate over a website that hasn’t got these features.

We have found other web hosting provides that are charging $100 for a SSL certificate per year.

But with a premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate, you can have 10 websites all with SSL certificates and all of these other feature for $49/month.

Or, if you are considering starting a digital agency, or marketing business working on client websites, then the premium plus membership can give you 50 hosted websites all with SSL certificates for $99/month.

Kraken Image Optimiser

Getting your images optimised is an important step in ensuring you don’t compromise your user experience, or your website speed.  Wealthy Affiliate signed up with Kraken a while ago, and it is one of the best image optimiser platforms on the net.

It is also quite expensive if you were to go direct to them, but that isn’t a worry here, as it is included in your membership.

Check out this blog post, to learn more about it.

Affordable Web Hosting & Training For Your Online Business

The key factor here is that it totally depends on where you are with your online business.  If you are just starting out, and want good training and a free website, then the free starter membership that gives you one free website, plus some training is a great option for you.

If you already have an established website, but are completely frustrated with your current hosting provider, then we would completely recommend you sign up as a premium member.  For $49/month or $495/year you can transfer your current WordPress domain over to the SiteRubix servers and gain all the benefits we have listed.  Plus, you will get all the benefits that come with a Wealthy Affiliate premium membership and get access to the Jaaxy lite membership.

Then, there is the new Premium Plus membership (Nov 2020) that will be ideal for an online marketing company, wanting to host their client websites on a great hosting provider.

But, I am guessing you might be in the first camp and are looking at getting started, and that is why if you want to get a feel for how SiteRubix, and Wealthy Affiliate can benefit you, I would recommend you start with a free starter membership.

What Are The Alternatives to SiteRubix?

If we were to consider the hosting companies that come close to offering what SiteRubix & Wealthy Affiliate, then we would need to consider the following hosting providers:

  • Pagely (5 websites) – $199 per month
  • WPEngine (10 websites) – $115 per month
  • Kinsta (10 websites) – $200 per month

Then, when you compare those prices against what you get with Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Wealthy Affiliate Premium (10 websites) – $49/month
  • Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus (50 websites) – $99/month

I hope you can see the value you are getting with hosting your website at Wealthy Affiliate.  But if you want to learn more about the innovate take Wealthy Affiliate take with regards their hosting, here is a blog post from one of the owners – Kyle!

If you want to see all the features that are included with both Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy, here are our links to our reviews:

Getting Started with SiteRubix

If you feel ready to get started with SiteRubix, and get access to the fantastic training that Wealthy Affiliate offers, then you can get started with a free starter membership.  That way, you can take WA for a test drive and see it for yourself before deciding on investing in the premium membership.

If you already have a WordPress website and want to consider transferring it to the SiteRubix hosting platform, then you would need to go premium.  But my advice, would be to still join WA with a free starter membership as you can check it out for yourself first, plus there is a discount on the first month of premium if you do it that way.

It makes it $19 for the first month, if you upgrade once you are in.

We’ve been members of Wealthy Affiliate for a few years now, and can’t think of a better place to get started with an online business, and make money online.

If you have any further questions about SiteRubix, Wealthy Affiliate or Jaaxy, then please write them in the comments section below and we would be happy to answer your questions.

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12 thoughts on “What is the Best Web Hosting Service for WordPress?”

  1. I have to agree that Wealthy Affiliate’s web hosting is awesome.  For years, I would pay for a VPS with other host.  This would end up costing me $300-$400 a year.  Might not sound like a lot of money, but it was money I really didn’t need to spend.

    Wealthy Affiliate does allow you to host 25 sites with your premium account.  Not to mention their servers are in the Amazon Cloud which is great.  Your sites speed is really an important factor when ranking on Google.  I can’t stress that enough.

    I have literally had clients that were ranked lower in Google and just migrating their website over to a new faster host improved their rankings in Google within 2 weeks after that.

    • Hey Garen,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.

      People don’t always realise how important speed is, but with more and more people getting access to high speed internet, the frustration starts to kick in when a website doesn’t load quick enough.

      The cost saving alone is enough, but with all the added bonuses, WA is an awesome platform for website owners.



  2. Hello John.

    Before I started learning about affiliate marketing, I haven’t the slightest clue about web hosting. You have explained it so well using the house analogy. Like it very much.

    I am with you. Anyone new to online marketing, I will recommend Wealthy Affiliate (WA) too. WA have it all under one roof. A newbie will surely appreciate this. While struggling with many “alien” terms, they only need to get information and most importantly, help, from a single source.

    Your article is very informative.


    • Hey Sharon,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.

      I am glad to help anyone understand anything to do with the online world. Having the ability to learn about and build an online business with one platform has many benefits, and tied in with the help and support it brings is awesome.



  3. I love the webhosting at Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve checked out others like GoDaddy, Bluehost etc… but in the end, the value you get out of WA is not only professional hosting but so much more.

    For the price alone the hosting is worth it, so everything extra is just a bonus. Small hint… wait for Black Friday and it’s totally gonna be a no-brainer.

    • Hey Jurgen,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.  You are right about those others, on the face of it they look great value – but when you actually start getting traffic the price will go up.

      WA hosting is included in an annual subscription that is less than a coffee every day.  All you need to pay on top is the domain name fee, which you will find anywhere else too.

      You are right, anyone thinking of getting started online should check out WA for free as a starter membership and keep an eye out for the bonuses available at Black Friday.


  4. I am hosting my website with Siterubix since January 2018, to say the least, the experience has been great. 

    From the support, security offered to my website and also the training that is offered by Wealthy Affiliate, its been almost a year of great experience. 

    Joining the Wealthy Affiliate community is the greatest thing I have ever done in my life, all smiles and no regrets.

    • Hey,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.  Thanks for sharing your experiences of Wealthy Affiliate and the hosting services they provide.

      I am glad you have been able to benefit from them for your online business.



  5. Thank you for this writeup.  I had not realized how important the SSL certificate is until I read your article.  I liked the way you explained and described web hosting in the simplest of terms, indeed a website is like a house and hosting is the land on which one builds a house and this gives it a strong foundation. I also learned that Siterubix features are installed at the server and not my end which is relaxing and one does not need to hustle.

    • Hey Niley,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.

      I am glad you have found this article useful.  Having these features installed at the server side takes so much strain off our websites, and that can only benefit the audience.  No one likes a slow loading website, with many not waiting for it to load before logging off.

      SSL is so important these days, that Wealthy Affiliate have made a recent change and made all websites for a premium membership have SSL as standard, even the subdomains.  The owners care about their community and are always there to help.  Wealthy Affiliate is the same price is was back when it started and yet they keep adding additional features all the time.

      thanks again


  6. Yes,  Wealthy Affiliate is the best Web Hosting Service for WordPress and thanks to people like John Crossley being an internet marketing entrepreneur as he is experienced in Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Helping Beginners,.thanks Kyle as one of the founders Wealthy Affiliate.

    It all takes dedication on focusing/content been consistent all pays good dividends in end and truthfully upgrading to premium membership is really worth it doing it because indeed you get so many websites security protection and so on.

    Thanks again Wealthy Affiliate i am really enjoying the platform. all the best to everyone in good will hunting.

    • Hey Otis,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.  Thanks for sharing your experience with Wealthy Affiliate.  

      You are right, it will take some focus, time and effort to achieve your goals, but has that been any different to anything else.

      If anyone needs any help getting started, they can really benefit from Wealthy Affiliate – but I am always here to help any understand Affiliate Marketing or WA a little better.




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