Global Affiliate Zone Review – Is Global Affiliate Zone a Scam?

Welcome to our Global Affiliate Zone Review!

Has someone just tried to get you to sign up for Global Affiliate Zone?  Are they trying to convince you it is the best way to make money online? Or is it an online scam?

You are definitely in the best place, we have done all the hard work for you and completed a review for you to learn everything you need to know about Global Affiliate Zone.

First off, it’s great to see that you’re doing your research before buying into any “seemingly good” product.

That’s how you avoid scams and find only legitimate ways to make money online!

To be completely transparent with you, we’re not associated with Global Affiliate Zone in any form.  We’re not here to pitch or sell you anything…

If you are just learning about Affiliate Marketing and are wondering if this is the right decision, we will cover off what you gain access to within GAZ and also letting you know whether it is the right decision for a beginner too.

Global Affiliate Zone Review Summary

Product Name: Global Affiliate Zone

Founder: Julian Sherman & Mathieu Jang, in 2005

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training

Price: $99/month + Upsells

Best For: Those Interested in Reselling Global Affiliate Zone

Global Affiliate Zone Logo

Summary: On first glance, Global Affiliate Zone looks like an ideal training platform and community for someone wanting to get started with affiliate marketing.  However, when you start getting into the details you soon realise that the main emphasis with the training is solely to resell Global Affiliate Zone to others, rather than helping someone choose a niche they really love and want to get into.

This isn’t exactly a big problem, however the Make Money Online industry is really overcrowded and it is something that should be explored once you have a good working knowledge of affiliate marketing and I am not sure you will get this from Global Affiliate Zone.

The other problems come from the fact they state they will be doing 90% of the work, which will lead people to thinking this is going to be easy.  But it is simply not the case, because you will get the hardest part to achieve, which is bringing people to the sales funnel of their platform.

You will not effectively learn how to create your own affiliate marketing business with this training, in the sense that you are putting all your eggs in one basket of reselling Global Affiliate Zone.

Rating: 30/100

Recommended? No

Table of Contents

What is Global Affiliate Zone?

Global Affiliate Zone keeps a lot of information really sketchy until you hand over your money to learn what it is.

GAZ was founded in 2015, by Julian Sherman & Mathieu Jang. Both of which were also coaches in AWOL Academy.

Global Affiliate Zone claims to offer comprehensive training and coaching for Internet Marketing strategies.

This can be confusing for a beginner straightaway as the name might suggest it is to do with Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing covers a number of other ways too.

There are four elements to Global Affiliate Zone, including:

  • Business Coaching – their team of professionals is said to help you design a business plan for you.
  • Courses & Tutorials – Step-by-step video tutorials and webinars around what is working at the moment.
  • Online Marketing Training – (supposedly)helps you with traffic, generating leads and sales.
  • Exclusive Community – They state that other members will be on hand to help you.

At this point, I can see why people might think this is a great course to sign up for to learn how to make money online, but these elements still do not let you know what you are really going to be doing to make money using what Global Affiliate Zone trains you in.

There is simply no information for you to learn more about what you are going to do with Global Affiliate Zone

But one of the key concerns for me is – What business model are they promoting.  I know they have Affiliate in their title, but with the number of programs out there claiming to be affiliate marketing but are not.  It would be a good idea to be up front about their business model, but you have to pay to find out.

Now, let’s get into how their business works

How Does Global Affiliate Zone Work?

The name of Global Affiliate Zone suggest that it is about affiliate marketing, and the good thing is that Affiliate Marketing is our top recommended business model to make money online…


There is something you need to know about their affiliate program.

The main product available within GAZ is their PRO membership, this will cost you $99 a month. (which we believe to be overpriced!)

This PRO membership is supposed to include all of the necessary training, coaching and tools you need to start making money online.

They are also stating that they do 90% of the hard work for you.

The problem is, this is a technique that scams use to lure people into believing their system will make you money.  Now, we are not saying that GAZ is a scam, but why would they resort to not telling you what you are signing up for?

So, What is GAZ Teaching?

The training and coaching they offer, has a simple premise.  They tell you what niche to go for, they provide online website templates that you can use.  But the biggest problem is that you will never actually learn the actual skills to take this and actually make it a viable business.

The website design will look every other GAZ members, they will not really help you stand out from the crowd to be able to make this work and then there is the real big problem:

You Are Taught to Resell GAZ!

That is it, they tell you it is a “earn while you learn” opportunity, but you are not going to be able to choose any niche you want, it is going to have to be the Make Money Online sector so you can encourage others to join Global Affiliate Zone too.

It is an over-elaborate sales funnel to get you to believe you will make money online whilst learning.

But they are not offering enough training to be able for you to go and do it in something you actually enjoy.

Affiliate Marketing is great, but you need to pick something you can stay motivated in.  It can take time for you to make money, but if you are writing about something you enjoy, it goes a long way.

But if you are writing about the MMO sector, but don’t have the knowledge you have two problems:

  1. You don’t know enough and cannot help people, so you can’t make money
  2. Your content ideas dry up, you can’t help people and do not make any money

The other issue is you will be promoting a product that is not upfront and honest until you pay up, they do not offer enough information for you to go ahead and actually achieve something and you will be promoting a questionable training platform…

The image above states that the only requirement is that you advertise our done-for-you websites.  Done-for-you websites do not work and yet the whole training plan is aimed at helping you get other people to sign up for them.

They offer 30% commission rates, but would you sign up after reading what we just put?  Yet, you have to go and convince other people to sign up?

There is More… Heard of MLM?

It goes further down the rabbit hole here, Global Affiliate Zone is more that just a straight affiliate program that you can offer out.  They are actually also hiding from you the fact that they are promoting Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) programs as up-sells once you are inside…

It looks to me that this is the real sales funnel, they want to recruit you into the MLM company called Enagic, which produce water filters.

Please note! In order to become a member and therefore qualify for commissions, you are going to have to purchase their $5k water filters first!

That then means you can earn $340 commissions if you can sell $5k Kangen Water to others.

SO, in summary you first believe this is about learning affiliate marketing… Then you find it is just a front to sell you an MLM opportunity where you need to spend $5k!!

You really need to be careful, as they are experts at selling and will convince you that you need this business opportunity in your life

Haven't Made Your First $1 Yet?

Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

What's Inside Global Affiliate Zone?

Global Affiliate Zone has all the tools and training you will need to be able resell their training platform.  You just need to follow their step-by-step training and get traffic to their funnel.

But know this, getting traffic is the hardest part and they have left that for you to do.

They offer:

  • 1-on-1 Coaching Call – Be mindful of their MLM upsell, as they will use this call to sell it to you (as they will make money from the sale)
  • Step-by-Step Training – some basic training on driving traffic and generating leads using Facebook Ads (Paid Traffic)
  • Weekly Webinars
  • Custom Landing Page Builder
  • Email Swipes & Ready-Made Ads
  • An exclusive Facebook Group

What We Liked About Global Affiliate Zone

Here’s what we liked about Global Affiliate Zone:

#1 Personal Development Training

Mindset is such an important part of anything being successful and it is nice to see that they have dedicated a section of the training to discuss Personal Development.

They promote some fantastic books about it and your mindset.

You can learn skills that you do not have, but it all starts with having the right mindset in the first place!!

#2 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

They do offer a 14-day money back guarantee on the Pro membership, which is $99/month.

But other than this, I wouldn’t recommend this as a training program for you to sign up with.

What We Didn't Like About Global Affiliate Zone:

Here’s what we didn’t like about Global Affiliate Zone:

#1 Could it Be Considered a Pyramid Scheme…?

Hear me out on this one… I know that GAZ offers products and services, but then so did Digital Altitude and that was outed as a Pyramid Scheme by the FTC.

It offered people training and services, but they only had one target – getting people to resell the same product.

A pyramid scheme is described as a program with no real product or services and the only way for members to make money is by recruiting others into the system.

OK, whilst GAZ does offer products or services, so you might say it isn’t a Pyramid scheme.

But the emphasis is on the fact that the only way to make money is by recruiting others.

Doesn’t that describe Global Affiliate Zone?

Digital Altitude and MOBE are both very similar to what GAZ is, and yet the FTC have closed them both down because they were misleading people and were classed as Scams!!

It might be too early to consider the question, but it is definitely something to consider if you were to sign up.  A lot of people lost a lot of money through DA & MOBE, I wouldn’t want you to be someone who gets caught out by GAZ.

#2 No Info Upfront

I worry when any product keeps information from you unless you hand over money.

The hide the fact that you are going to be reselling this platform to make money and do not even mention the MLM part.

This leads to only 2 ways of you finding out exactly how GAZ works:

  1. Spend $99/month and sign up
  2. Read honest reviews like this one

There is no free trial and they are hoping you are not exploring the second option.

#3 “Pay-to-Play” System

That leads us nicely into believing they are a “pay-to-play” system, as you have to be a member to get any commission.  You have to pay to be able to receive commission.

You have to be extremely careful when it comes affiliate marketing, many scam products will adopt the same strategy, and most affiliate programs are free to sign up for.

Even our top recommended training platform doesn’t require you to pay up.  You can refer people on the free starter membership, with no such stipulations.


You can see above they even admit they are “pay-to-play”.

Definitely a red flag here.

#4 Limited Payout Options

They only allow ACH transfer within the US, Other countries you can receive check.

But it worries me that you cannot even get paid via PayPal.

I found this with another product, and it turned out that it was because PayPal were wary of it…  Definitely something to consider…

#5 Is it Affiliate Marketing or MLM?

Considering both are very different business models, it is a surprise they are trying to combine both into this product.

It just shows how eager they are to make themselves money, I am not even sure how much you factor into it.

#6 Expensive Product!

Remember, there is not only the GAZ membership to consider.  Let’s recap the costs:

  1. $99/month for the GAZ Pro Membership
  2. $5,000 for Kangen Water Filters – Enagic
  3. Paid Traffic

Don’t forget that throughout the training they will be teaching you how to get traffic but only teaching you the paid route, as they will consider it quicker.  But paid ads require a budget, and if you get it wrong it can be an expensive mistake.

Most people looking to make money do not have those kind of spare funds to invest, but as the sales funnel is convincing people sign up anyway putting themselves into debt.

We personally do not like products that try to squeeze every penny out of people and GAZ will fall into that category.

#7 Your Personal Coach = Upsells

A personal coach is there to help you, guide you and provide support. We offer this to people looking to get started with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

But what you will get with the Global Affiliate Zone coach is someone trying to sell to you the Enagic Water Filter business opportunity.

They will be especially good at selling you this upsell at the cost of $5k

#8 If GAZ Goes, So Does Your Business…

This is also something that you will really need to take into account.

Anything and everything you put into the GAZ business opportunity relies on their platform.  It is the problem with all done-for-you systems.  Your website is on their server, the sales funnel relies on their platform.

But, if the FTC were to close GAZ down, you will lose everything.

This happened to every MOBE member and Digital Altitude member.  They lost everything.

This program does not have a long shelf-life, in my opinion.

Haven't Made Your First $1 Yet?

Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

My Global Affiliate Zone Review - Final Conclusion

Let’s first cover off whether we think this is a scam, it does depend on your definition of a scam..

I don’t like the fact they hide the MLM offer and then all of a sudden throw it at you, trying to mix Affiliate Marketing and MLM is never going to work and their business is too similar to Digital Altitude & MOBES that makes me really worried about how long this is going to be around for to name a few worries.

There are a few people making money with Global Affiliate Zone, but when you crunch the numbers of their income disclosure and see that the average earnings are between $500 & $2k, that leads me to believe that most are not even covering their annual membership fee.

With all that in mind, this would not be something we recommend to someone just starting out and wanting to explore affiliate marketing as a way of making money online.

This will not truly help a beginner get started with a business that makes them money

How We Make Money Online

Wealthy Affiliate is our top recommend platform for you to learn real affiliate marketing.

The reason are simple:

  1. It is FREE to get started
  2. Their Premium Membership is only $49/month
  3. Strictly No Upsells anywhere on the platform
  4. They provide you all of the skills you need to be able to build your own website, sales funnels, etc.

Because of Wealthy Affiliate, we are exploring our own journey towards financial freedom.  Combine your hard work and the training at Wealthy Affiliate and you have a recipe for SUCCESS!

Thanks for checking out our Global Affiliate Zone review.  If you have any questions or comments to add, then please write them in the comments section below. 😉

Global Affiliate Zone

$99/month + Upsells





Money Making Opportunity


Overall Rating



  • Personal Development Training
  • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Could it Possibly Be a Pyramid Scheme
  • Hidden MLM
  • Pay to Play
  • Limited Payout Options
  • Expensive

44 thoughts on “Global Affiliate Zone Review – Is Global Affiliate Zone a Scam?”

  1. Never heard of Global Affiliate Zone before, but thanks for the heads up. It seems to me that there are many scams out there and its so hard to actually know which one is legit and which one is a scam. Thank you so much for your review and report on this company! 

    • Hey Andrea,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.  It does make it really hard to find out what products are genuine and which are scams.  That is why I want to help as many people understand the platforms that are genuine and the watch outs for the scams.

      Thanks again


  2. Thanks for sharing. I have to agree, Global Affiliate Zone sounds more like MLM than real affiliate marketing. 

    With Wealthy Affiliate, you are encouraged to build your business around a niche that excites you. Of course, the opportunity to promote WA exists, and it’s an excellent one. 

    But no one is pushed into it. As a matter of fact, I remember when I first started, I was clearly encouraged to go the niche route and not to start (I’m a newbie) in affiliate marketing by promoting WA. 

    Sound advice and guidance, which, from the looks of it, Global Affiliate Zone does NOT provide.


    • Hey Norman,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.  MLM schemes only benefit the guys at the top and when the scheme falls through all the people who did the work get let down and end up back at square one.

      I appreciate you sharing your experiences with Wealthy Affiliate.  They are the most supportive platform I have ever experienced, but they let you be the judge by taking the starter membership out for free and experiencing it for yourself.  WA is a real opportunity and is awesome.

      thanks again


  3. Great review! People need to know that not everything that shines is good. In the past, I have discovered global affiliate zone but I did not tried it and I am glad that I did not. There are better opportunities on the net about making money and definitely cheaper than this one. Thank you for warning us.

    • Hey Daniel,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.  Appreciate you sharing your thoughts on Global Affiliate Zone and you are right – if it looks too good to be true it often is. 

      Thanks again


  4. Thank you for this insightful article! I hate pyramid schemes too and this definitely seems like one of them. I was scammed a couple of times too so I’m glad there are articles like these that help people be aware of different programs that might not be the most suitable one. The fact that there is no try before you buy here is also a big downside. I think programs that are good actually let you see what their program entails – because they aren’t afraid that people will find out everything about their platform. They want people to find out about their platform because it is actually good! Look forward to maybe reading more of your other reviews about different programs.

    • Hey Parmi,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.  You are so right, the legitimate companies with nothing to hide will either have a free trial or at least a cheap trial period.  

      This just shows that the guys at the top are there to line their own pockets, not help get people earning a real income

      thanks again


  5. After carefully reading your review I have to say I’m also not very convinced that this is the way to go.

    They make this system for you and you have to try to get people at your site and then they will click on your link… Erm right…

    Okay Facebook Ads they say. Listen, I’ve tried FB ads and the time small folks like us could be successful is long past. You cannot outbid the big companies and you would be throwing away money on a daily base. I don’t think that’s gonna work out.

    My personal opinion is that the GAZ system is completely outdated and is not gonna work anymore…

    • Hey Jurgen,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.  Well said, Facebook Ads is something you use when you are established and can play with the big boys.  not for a newbie who will just waste money on a lost cause.

      Thanks again


  6. Haven’t hear of Global Affiliate Zone before, but quite an impressive name. 

    I would be put off by the steep $99 per month fee, especially if you don’t quite know what you are going to get for your money. Thanks to your review we have more of an idea here.

    If a program is teaching you how to sell only their program, and then have you pay to sell their program, something doesn’t ring quite true. And if it is going to cost you more each month over and above your membership, you may end up losing a lot of money before you see any coming in.

    • Hey Michel,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.

      I know what you mean, the red flags come out from the word go.  PPC marketing can be very expensive, especially if you don’t get it right and there is no guarantee.  But even their earning potential shows it isn’t worth it.

      thanks again


  7. After recently signing up for a reasonably priced training at Wealthy Affiliate, I was really surprised to see that this course cost $99 a month…but with the added wallet drain of specific add ons and up-sells. 

    I’m sorry , but this for me is over the top – most people who come online to learn marketing are newbies and therefore not loaded with cash – there has to be some sort of meet in the middle. 

    How effective are these upsells and can you get way with learning the trade without them? Simply put – are they unnecessary ways to siphon more money out of new members?

    • Hey Chris,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.

      You are right, people are looking for ways of earning money online and not losing it on a lost cause.  The upsell (water filters) is the only thing loosely connected to Affiliate Marketing.  But you could definitely learn how to achieve the same success without spending $99/month – as you say it is totally a way of selling the idea to a learner who is still unsure and this is why it can be deemed a scam.

      Learning Affiliate Marketing does not need to break the bank and people learn it and invest when they are ready.  That is why I suggest everyone read up on my Wealthy Affiliate review and check it out for free themselves.

      thanks again Chris


  8. This was a thorough review of Global Affiliate Zone. It is hard to believe that the less work you do, the more money you make. That is not a good thing. I have been part of WA for a couple of months now and can’t believe the amazing support and training that is provided. You do have to put in the work, however a passive income is possible. This was a great presentation of Global Affiliate and how it works. I am glad I stumbled across WA. The help here at WA is just what I was looking for.

    • Hey Jennifer,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.

      Unfortunately nothing comes from a system where you don’t do anything.  Any system that says you can sit back and watch the money flow at the beginning is not genuine.  Passive Income is possible with Affiliate Marketing, but only after you have put the groundwork.

      Wealthy Affiliate is an ideal platform for beginners and experience Affiliate Marketers.

      Thanks again

  9. Hello John, 

    I love your review article, I didn’t hear about Global Affiliate Zone before but it seems to me that you are a 100% right. It is up to people to judge whether it is a scam or not.

     For me it has nothing to do with affiliate marketing, as you said, in affiliate marketing you have the choice to promote and sell any other services and it is highly recommended to do so. Multiple Streams of income is the ultimate goal for any affiliate marketer. 

    If selling other products, other than their GAZ products, is prohibited then you are only a normal human being working for their company as a salesperson…

    Of course, there are also those upsells, I don’t know what is up with that but, this seems to work for them! What do you think? 

    I don’t know if you heard About MOBE but they used the same model. You had to pay to be able to promote their products, and once you’ve paid to be their affiliate, drive traffic with your money and the courses were limited as well. You are then taken to their 100% white label products to make more money.  In exchange you have to buy before promoting and selling them. 

    In 2018, MOBE is officially called out to be a scam by the FTE and is now taken down for ever. The same thing is waiting for Global Affiliate Zone in two more years… 

    Thank you again, and have a nice day or night, internet doesn’t care 🙂 .


    • Hey Youba,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.

      You are so right, MOBE was just waiting to happen.  The FTC have done a great job of bringing down something that size and other models that are dishonest are waiting for the same thing.

      I am not sure about the upsells and whether they are working – I know they are not working for it’s members as the expected revenue is surprisingly low.  But I know it will be helping those at the top of the pyramid, as they are receiving the other 70% of the month subscriptions.

      Thanks again,


  10. Hello John, thanks for sharing about global affiliate zone, first of all it is a new company and I never had about it, but again their starter fee is very expensive i mean how will i start to pay $99 for something i never tried before. It is quite expensive for my side. You also channel us to another affiliate marketing which you highly recommended that is Wealthy Affiliate Marketing. On my side i do agree with you with your recommendations because the program is different to compare to other affiliate marketing, with Wealthy Affiliate Marketing you get all the access to try about the program on how it works for free, full support with the member and so many benefits all of them without paying a single cent for 7 days and there after if you join straight away after the end of the trial you still get big discount. Thanks for your review!

    • Hey Bunyige,
      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments. The real problem with Global Affiliate Zone is… it isn’t affiliate marketing, they are just trying to get you to join for you to sign up and realise you have to spend more to get anywhere with the program.
      Affiliate Marketing is a great way of starting an online business, but you need the right training platform. That is why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. It has a proven success with many members, the training is designed for people just getting started out. They provide everything you need… except, the time and effort needed to succeed. If you think Affiliate Marketing is an easy way to earning money online, it isn’t! (But I have yet to find anything that will give you easy money, they are typically scams!!!). So, that brings me back to why I recommend WA, they will be honest with you and give you support every step of the way, you just need to invest the time and some hard work to reach your goals.
      thanks again

  11. This is the kind of review the internet needs! Thank you so much for doing the research and putting this article together. GAZ sounds kind of tempting (although the $99 a month price tag is clearly overpriced) but to find out that it might well be a thinly disguised pyramid scheme. Even if it’s “true” MLM then it is definitely not for me. Thanks again for the work that went into putting this piece together.

    • Hey Lisa,

      thanks for checking out our review!  They are very clever at making it look like a great deal to get you through the door, but then they hit you with only one way to make money and it isn’t the easiest method and they also convince you handover a further $5k…

      I find these products are only out to help the owners and not the people who could really benefit from people showing them the right way.

      It resembles Digital Altitude too much for me, Whereas Wealthy Affiliate is a much better option.  Free to join, really honest and has helped thousands of people online unlike Global Affiliate Zone..



  12. Oh, well, I can’t really call this a total affiliate program, to me it is more of an mlm scheme that a number of people think they can make money with. I understand that this global affiliate zone has some very good services but I wouldn’t bother looking into the business opportunity aspect. Your review is very detailed and I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks.

    • Hi Henderson,

      thanks for checking out our review.  It does seem more like a front to get you into the MLM, rather than through the affiliate program.



  13. I always love to be able to know everything about any business with i want to go into, I mean truthfully because it’ll give me the needed insight and information about the business. MLM is not a business a business model i will want to invest in, now Global Affiliate zone having it hidden is the main problem I have with it. Thanks

    • Hey Andrea,

      thanks for checking out our review.  Deceiving people into signing up is part of the reason why GAZ gets such a bad name.  Being open and transparent, is a much better option…


  14. Hello John, its clear this program is just to take money from the people who are unfortunate to register under it. There is a great deal is selling products if only they pay you for your service, but its clear this isn’t worth the time. Most MLM program that i have seen would often pay, but its sad this one isn’t paying as expected. Thanks for sharing this information

    • Hi Benson,

      thanks for checking out our review.  I think it is mainly down to many people not knowing what they are signing up for.  If you go in and then find you are not going to be learning how to target a niche you wanted, then you would walk away.

      You need to know what you are doing to be able to target the MMO sector, it is not ideal for a newbie making it much harder to achieve.


  15. Thanks for this post about the global affiliate zone review, a few months ago I was introduced to this platform due to the problem I was facing in my normal daily working place, my friend introduced it to me , to learn how online marketing goes, I registered as a premium member so I got all the training, and presently am earning a lot on the online marketing due to the teachings been taught there , thanks  

    • Hey Rose,

      I am glad you were able to make GAZ work for you, but I would still say this requires an experience IM rather than a newbie unless you are good at sales


  16. Sites who are involved in MLM programs and upsells all at once is a very sad combo which would alwyas make me stay away from it. I have heard a bit about global affiliate zone and it was painted white, but it seem there is more to it which I wasn’t told. I am glad i got the rest of the information from this post. I would share with my friends so they wouldn’t fall victim of this site.

    • Hey Bella,

      thanks for checking out our review. Honesty will always be the best route to encouraging people to sign up to a program.  The better the information, the better the consumer has of making the right decision for themselves.

      By shying away from the truth, they will get people who sign up who don’t really know what they are signing up for and they end up walking away deflated…

      Glad we were able to fill in some of the blanks of you.


  17. Thanks for this great review about the global affiliate zone, when I was first introduced to the site I thought it is one of those scamming sites because a proper review was not seen on how really they run the sites, but I tried my luck I got registered to the premium member and trust me there training is very educating and it helps me a lot on my business, so I think if they can give more review on how really they run their site before the registration will help them gain more members , thanks 

    • Hey Gracie,

      thanks for checking out our review.  That is the whole problem, if they don’t tell people what they are signing up for – that is why many people feel misled.

      Then to hit them with an expensive MLM is behind fair.  They would do much better if they were totally upfront!



  18. I have never seen an affiliate marketing platform that is involved in a system very closely related to network marketing. This is indeed very good with some very nice information too. I was told about this global platform and I understand that it is nothing something for me. Thank you for the info.

  19. Hi bro, I just start wealthy affiliate program at 2 weeks ago it makes me good impression about the websites on seeing your article, Even my WhatsApp friend recommender me for Global Affiliate Zone but after seeing your article,it makes me a right decision about the Global Affiliate Zone and keep creating more article for the viewers use. Your friend yoge.


    • Hey Yoge,

      thanks for checking out our review.  GAZ is not a great opportunity for anyone, you are much better off carrying on with WA.



  20. This is really good and I fancy this a lot. A lot of information has gone into clarifying what global affiliate zone is all about.  The review you have here is massive and has really helped to enlighten my view about it. I feel that anyone can also make use of this  but more time and dedication is needed to get things right

  21. Hello John,

    Thanks for the review you shared. I was researching over affiliate program, and I reached your review. It is very useful and gives a clear picture to understand any scam. In short, with this review, I got some better understanding. I know MLM is not for me and I can not handle this kind of work.
    I need your help just to understand the prospects of affiliate marketing.

    Thank you again,

    • Hey Aarit,
      thanks for checking out our review. MLM isn’t for everyone, it is an expensive hard slog, with no real chance of success!!
      Affiliate Marketing is much more beginner friendly, it costs a lot less to get started and has a real chance of you succeeding!!
      If you want to learn all about affiliate marketing and how you can get started, then i recommend you read our complete guide on affiliate marketing here.
      If you need any more help after reading it, then reach out to me.

  22. Thank you my friend! This is clearly a scam. it is incredible how human being go so far on deceiving others to try to make cash. I want to find a good affiliate marketing platform, I do not want to buy water filters for $5k!! It seems like every day a new scam shows up!

    • Hey Eddie,

      thanks for checking out our review.  It is the fact that they are not honest upfront that makes them look like they could be scam-like.  This water filter MLM has very little chance of success, and they are trying to convince people looking to get into affiliate marketing to sign up with a business model that will not succeed, but will line someone else’s pockets.

      That is the biggest problem I have with this training program.

      People come online to try and find legit ways to make money online and they are constantly bombarded with products that are out there to take advantage of them.  It is often because of a scam they find something legit, because they start doing proper research after they get their fingers burnt.

      If I am honest, I found Wealthy Affiliate after being caught out with a scam.  I didn’t lose a lot, but I learned a lot from the experience.

      But if you are looking for a honest and trustworthy training platform to learn affiliate marketing, our advice would be Wealthy Affiliate.  They let people in to have a look around and get to know what it is all about without any pressure – a free starter membership is a full membership and gives you a true insight into how they work.

      If you find out it isn’t for you, then you can walk away and you haven’t lost any money, but you might have learned a few things too.

      That is how online business should be done, and that is why Wealthy Affiliate is our top recommended training program for those serious about learning affiliate marketing.

      All the best Eddie



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