Is Legendary Marketer a Scam or What? Has it Changed for the Better?

Is Legendary Marketer a Scam or What_ Has it Changed for the Better_

If you are looking into how to make money online, you may have come across the Legendary Marketer platform from David Sharpe. You might be asking Is Legendary Marketer a Scam or What?

There have been some scathing reviews of how Legendary Marketer chose to promote themselves and the way they encouraged affiliates to promote their platform too.

However, David has listened and learned from this, and Legendary Marketer is a platform that is now compliant with the FTC.

But can you make any money from what they teach, keep reading to find out all you need to know about the Legendary Marketer.

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Is Clickbank University 2.0 a Scam or Legit?

Is Clickbank University 2.0 a Scam or Legit_

Clickbank University 2.0 is a training course that will teach you all you need to know on how to create your own digital products with the aim of selling them via the Clickbank marketplace.

But if you are just looking for a way to learn affiliate marketing and are wondering if Clickbank University is a good choice for you, that answer is a little more complicated, but we will answer all of your questions as we go through this Clickbank University 2.0 review.

Product Review Summary

Product Name: Clickbank University 2.0

Owner: Matt Hulett, Adam Horwitz & Justin Atlan

Product Type: Digital Product Creation & Marketing Course

Price: $47/month + $594 Upsell

Best For: Digital Product Creators or those looking to Start

Clickbank University Review

Summary: Clickbank University 2.0 offers a course with some useful tools to help people create their own digital products to be able to market them on the Clickbank marketplace and make money.  They do offer some training for an aspiring affiliate marketer, but this is really limited and ultimately there are better options out there.  You will also be presented with a huge upsell as part of the course which is not shown to you until you sign up -so beware!

Rating: 80/100

Recommended? If you are looking at creating your own digital products for selling online, then yes.  But if you are looking at learning affiliate marketing , then no

Clickbank University is mainly for those who are selling their own products.  If you are not ready to create and promote your own products and want to simply promote other peoples product via affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate is a much better option for you.

Check out My Top Recommendation for Affiliates

What is Clickbank University 2.0?

Clickbank University 2.0 is an updated version of their original training program. That was launched in 2013, and their Clickbank University 2.0 version was launched in 2016.  The training aims to help both vendors and affiliate marketers to get the best out of Clickbank.

If you know anything about affiliate marketing, you have probably heard of Clickbank as it is one of the largest affiliate marketplaces online.

But whilst the training does cover certain aspects of affiliate marketing, the core purpose for the training is for helping those who want to create their own digital products and sell them on Clickbank.  That will make Clickbank more money.

How Does Clickbank University 2.0 Work?

Let’s break down what Clickbank University 2.0 offers you.

8-Week Training on Affiliate Marketing

This 8-week training course will teach people how to promote other people’s products on Clickbank as an affiliate.

You will not need to create your own digital products to do this, as you can promote other peoples stuff and earn a commission.

(If that sounds more appealing to you, then I suggest you read about this course)

But know that you will probably walk away with more questions than answers with this training.  The training will be good but limited and will likely be out-of-date quickly.  That is because of the emphasis on the other training.

A much better place to learn affiliate marketing would be the Wealthy Affiliate University.

12-Week Training for Vendors (Product Creators)

Now, this is where the course is worthwhile.  Helping vendors to create their own digital products to sell online.  This training is very extensive and shows where their motivation and drive is paramount.

They cover a number of topics including:

  • Brainstorming & Research on what niche to choose
  • How to create a customer avatar
  • How to create a digital product
  • How to create a landing page or squeeze page
  • How to create a sales funnel
  • How to drive traffic to your landing page
  • How to get affiliates to promote your products
  • How to scale up your business on Clickbank

If you are in a position where you can offer value in the form of a digital product than this training would be of benefit and I could recommend Clickbank University 2.0 to you, but if you are looking to get started with Affiliate Marketing there are much better options such as Wealthy Affiliate.

The training is delivered via weekly step-by-step instructions with videos and PDFs too.  But there are a couple of concerns with the training, but I will go through those in the concerns section.

Weekly Live Q&A Webinar with Adam & Justin

Adam & Justin offer their help and support via a weekly Live Webinar with the aim of answering any questions.  This could be considered a big plus, however they are not well structured.  This is because there is no structure about having a specific topic to cover week by week.

I have experience with Jay’s webinars in Wealthy Affiliate.  He will offer a specific topic, he will go through some training for it and always leave time for questions around that topic.  This works as it works well and is relevant to everyone who has logged in.  That is not the case for this, so people might be asking random questions that are not relevant to you and can seem like a waste of time?

It also seems to be the only reason why they are charging the monthly fee as you could easily quit once you have completed the training – unless you got caught out and bought the upsell product.  We will get into this shortly.

Private Facebook Support Group

From a support point of view, you will get access to the CBU forum and the private Facebook group.  It is definitely active, and you will hopefully gain support from it, just do not expect to see Adam & Justin active in it as much as you might think.

Clickbank Builder 2.0 (First Upsell)

This is not shown to you anywhere in their sales video and is definitely a huge watch-out for you to consider.

Clickbank Builder 2.0 is a tool to help you create professional websites, landing pages and offer pages.  It uses a drag and drop user interface with various templates to use.

Sounds good so far, right?

However, what you need to consider is that this is an upsell that will cost you $594.  That is a staggering cost, considering we use Elementor to achieve the same effect and it is a free tool.

There is an advantage to Clickbank Builder 2.0 and that is the fact it is designed to integrate with Clickbank, but still that is a huge cost.

But that is the problem, all of the training is set around using this Clickbank Builder 2.0. 

So, if you don’t buy it, you will find it much harder to progress through the training.

It is also another way of making sure you cannot move your website anywhere else.  It will be hosted by Clickbank and you will not be able to move elsewhere in the future.

CBU Toolkit (Second Upsell)

Don’t think that the costs end there, you will also be required to spend more money to gain access to your website domain, email service provider, social media tools, etc.

You will be pointed in their direction in due course and be expected to buy them to progress when necessary.

Who Will Benefit from Clickbank University 2.0?

This is definitely a product for those looking to create their own digital products.  I could not necessarily say the same for an aspiring affiliate marketer.  If you are just putting your toe into affiliate marketing, I would suggest Wealthy Affiliate is a better option.

If you are ready to create your own digital products and sell them via Clickbank, this training would definitely benefit you.

How Much Does Clickbank University 2.0 Cost?

You would need to consider the fact there is a $47/month fee which is quite reasonably comparing to other training platforms out there.  But you do need to consider the fact that to truly benefit from Clickbank University 2.0 you will need to pay for the Clickbank Builder 2.0 which is an additional cost of $594 or two payments of $297.

What is Good About Clickbank University 2.0 (PROS)

Here is what we liked about it:

Created by Clickbank for Clickbank

Clickbank is a well-known affiliate network and may affiliate marketers are making full time incomes from it, so it makes sense for those people looking to learn how to promote on Clickbank to learn from the guys behind Clickbank.

Rather than learning from people who claim to know what they are doing, Adam & Justin back it up with good training on the subject

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Whilst the previously available free trial is no longer available you can still benefit from the 30-day money back guarantee.

What Could Clickbank University 2.0 Improve on? (CONS)

Here is what we didn’t like:

It is Primarily for Vendors

There is some training on the affiliate marketing side, but the main focus on this product is for those looking to create and promote their own digital products.

If you are looking to make money by promoting other people’s products (like with affiliate marketing) then I would suggest Clickbank University is not for you.  Instead you should be checking out programs like Wealthy Affiliate!

However, if you are looking into creating your own products (online courses, programs, etc) and selling it online, then Clickbank University 2.0 is a good place for you to get started with.

Clickbank Builder 2.0 – Beware!

Don’t get me wrong, Clickbank Builder 2.0 is a useful tool but it is the way it is sold to you. But it is so expensive option compared to other ‘drag and drop’ options out there.  We use Elementor and the free version at that.  There is no need to spend nearly $600 on this option.

The other factor to consider is the website lock in issue.  If you buy this option, you are stuck hosting your website only at Clickbank.

The normal training is all designed with this builder in mind, so if you do pay for the training but don’t pay for the Clickbank Builder 2.0, you will find it more difficult to achieve anything.

Training is Locked Down

They kind of drip feed you the training, which I find really odd.  They state it is to stop you skipping any steps. But when you are paying that kind of money a month you want to know you can access everything the platform has to offer.

It can also be said, that by restricting what you can access until after the 30-day mark means you are less inclined to ask for a refund.  They will also be able to state that you haven’t experienced everything to warrant a refund…?

Training is Outdated with Low Quality Webinars

There is evidence to suggest that they are not updating the training as frequently as you would expect.  When they include their top product to promote in the training and it has already been outed as a scam begs the question whether these guys really care if you succeed or not.

The weekly webinars should be a massive boost to new members, but they don’t seem to follow any particular pattern or topic covered and include random questions.  Might be helpful to a new member, but the whole production is messy and off-putting.

You Will Only Learn Paid Traffic Routes

I will finish off the concerns with the fact that the training is only interested in paid traffic routes.  The training focuses on Facebook Ads and Instagram Influencer Marketing.

They will not cover free traffic generation like Search Engine Optimisation.  Great if you have a huge budget, but I suspect you are checking this out to make money and not to spend money on buying traffic.  Buying traffic is something for experienced marketers and not those just taking their first steps into affiliate marketing.

When you consider all of the costs – Clickbank University 2.0, Clickbank builder 2.0 and paid ads. You could easily be spending over $1000 a year with no guarantees you will make that back.

My Honest Opinion of Clickbank University 2.0

Clickbank University 2.0 is definitely not a scam and is a good place for anyone who is interested in creating their own digital products to make money online.  Just know that the cost is a little high and the training is limited from the point of view of someone looking to learn affiliate marketing.

The hidden upsell is something that I find a little off-putting and the fact they are marketing this towards a newbie does affect the score we give this product.  But those people who have experience and want to share it via a digital product would benefit from the training.

But for those who are less experienced and want to learn affiliate marketing properly, Wealthy Affiliate is the platform we highly recommend.

If you are not ready to create your own digital products and want to find training that is ideal for someone just starting out, then I want to help you get started with a proven training platform.

With over 1.5 million active members, there will always be help and support when you need it.

You can benefit from access to a proven step-by-step training course with the beginner in mind.

You will access to a thriving community of friendly people all there to offer help when you need it.

No locked modules, progress at your own pace.

Plus, you will have access to monthly webinars that are highly targeted and useful with an expert coach on hand.

Not enough, you will also have personal access to me through Wealthy Affiliate.  It is where I got started and now it’s my turn to pay-it-back and help others who want to get started too.

No need for any experience, just follow the step-by-step instructions and benefit from the same training that allows me to earn money online through affiliate marketing!

Thanks for reading my Clickbank University 2.0 review, if you have any questions or want to share any experiences with Clickbank University 2.0 or anything else just write them in the comments below and we will definitely come back to you as soon as we can.

Is Rapid Profit System a Scam? Scam or Legit? Find Out Here

Is Rapid Profit System a Scam_ Scam or Legit_ Find Out Here

Omar & Melinda Martin are well-known in the affiliate marketing industry, they are also the guys behind the rapid profit system. 

It is a video training course in how to get started with affiliate marketing, but is it any good? 

We plan on answering all of your question in our full review and answering the question on whether the Rapid Profit System is a scam. Is Rapid Profit System a Scam?  Let’s find out.

First off, congrats on doing your research that is the best way to avoid scams and find genuine ways to earn money online.

Product Review Summary

Product Name: Rapid Profit System

Owner: Omar & Melinda Martin

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Video Course

Price: $19.95 One-Off Fee + Two Upsells –

$27 for Rapid Profit Turbo Package + $37 for Rapid Profit Turbo Powerhouse

Best For: Best for people who want to promote products on JVZoo


Summary: Rapid Profit System is a video course that can show you how to make money by promoting other people’s products on JVZoo.  In simple terms, this is showing you how to make money using affiliate marketing.  It is a relatively short course which doesn’t go into too much detail but might give you a few ideas.

Brought to you by two well-known marketers in the industry, it should be an outstanding product, but it lacks in a number of different ways.  There are no real testimonials to state whether others have found the product works or whether anyone has seen real success through it and the upsells could lead to beginners believing they need them when really, they will be subjective.

Rating: 60/100

Recommended? That Depends, Read on for more info…

What is Rapid Profit System?

Let’s start with Omar & Melinda’s first bold claim – “You can make $336 Per Day With This…”

This would normally put us straight into believing this product could be a scam… Of the many products we have reviewed here at, most that start out with bold claims of earning potential are normally not going to end up on our recommended list.

There are thousands of products in the affiliate marketing and make money online industry that overpromise and do not deliver you any real value for your money.

I am not saying this to put you off the Rapid Profit System, but I am trying to show you that there are clear signs when checking out a product and by putting a dollar figure in the equation, this product is setting itself up to fail.

Whereas a training platform like Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive training platform that is 100% beginner friendly and helps you step-by-step to earning money without putting any unrealistic goals in your way.

More than 1.8million users are benefitting from Wealthy Affiliate’s training and that is because they offer everything that a beginner could need to get started.

Back to Rapid Profit System – What is Rapid Profit System?

Rapid Profit System is an affiliate marketing video course that was developed by Omar & Melinda Marting of Higher Level Strategies Inc.

It promises to help you make money fast by promoting products on the JVZoo affiliate website.  It provides you access to sell digital products with a commission rate of typically 50-100%.

The only problem is finding the genuine products to promote and those that will end up with people wanting a refund because it is a low-quality or scam product.

To be honest, if you are just starting out or wanting to step into the affiliate marketing world the Make Money Online niche is a tough one to get started in.  That is because there are plenty of products out there that, quite frankly do not work.  This product might work because of Omar & Melinda’s experience but having said that there is much more to affiliate marketing than what can be shown in a relatively short video course.

Who are Omar & Melinda Martin?

Omar & Melinda are well-known in the affiliate marketing industry, and if you are familiar with JVZoo you will probably have heard of them.  They found Higher Level Strategies and have been involved in affiliate marketing for more than ten years.

Omar and Melinda Martin

They are often seen at different internet marketing events around the world offering their experience.

They have launched a number of products including Content Nitrous & My Unfair Advantage.

How Does Rapid Profit System Work?

Rapid Profit System is broken down into 3 different phases, each made up of 5 training videos.  They consist of:

  1. Screen Shares
  2. Step-by-step tutorials
  3. Text Slides

Let’s get into the 3 Phases

Phase #1: Niche Selection & Audience Identification


Identifying you niche and target audience is an important step for anyone wanting to succeed at Affiliate Marketing.  Topics covered in this phase are:

  • How to Locate Potential Customers
  • Attract More Buyers to Your Products
  • Planning Promotions
  • What to Avoid When Running Your Campaigns

This section is designed to how you identify a profitable niche market and identify any challenges you might face so you can become an authority within that niche.

You can then know who your audience is to help target the right products or services for that audience.

Phase #2: Your Sales Funnel


At this point you will have chosen your niche and will then be ready to set up your sales funnels.  It will cover off setting up a product page and adding some content to your website.  It also covers off building up an email list.

The training focuses on showing how to build effective landing pages that can attract customers by offering customer incentives such as bonuses.

Some of the topics covered in phase 2 are:

  • How to Build an Email List
  • Maximise Your Return on Investment
  • Instruction on How to Offer Bonuses
  • How to Implement Targeted Follow Up Emails

Phase #3: Your Affiliate Campaigns

This phase is about attracted traffic that is full of potential buyers.  The two main methods they show you are Facebook Ads (Paid advertising) & Email Marketing.

The topics they cover are:

  • Generating traffic via Facebook Ads
  • Email Marketing Techniques
  • Attracting a Larger Audience for your offer

The problem is the training is very limited really, there are many different ways of attracting traffic and yet they focus on two that are not really beginner friendly.  Facebook Ads require a budget which you may not have as a beginner.  Email Marketing requires traffic to see your offer and sign up for your email list.  Unless you buy into a list, but again you require a budget, and this is not a guaranteed success.

The Rapid Profit System barely scratches the surface of affiliate marketing and you could probably grab a lot of the information for free on YouTube.  You will not learn how to effectively learn affiliate marketing for just $20.

But if you want a comprehensive training platform that can help you make money with an easy to follow step-by-step guide that you can start for free…?  Just click on the image below:

Whilst the Rapid Profit System focuses a lot on facebook Ads & Email Marketing, it does touch on other methods such as:

  • SEO (free Traffic from the search engines)
  • PPC (paid traffic from the search engines)
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Bonus Content


AS with most products available via JVZoo they offer a number of bonuses to sweeten the deal, but on the face of it I am not too sure what real benefit they will pose.

Here is a list of a few:

  • Professional Designed Bonus Offers
  • Follow-up Email Series with High Conversion in Mind
  • Qualification to Promote 5 Other products offered by Omar & Melinda
  • Free Giveaways to offer your visitors
  • List of resources available to access as PLR material

Who is Rapid Profit System For?

The way the training is set out it is set out for those wanting to get started with affiliate marketing and are willing to promote products available on JVZoo.  But to really maximise your chances I would recommend this is for someone who is already making money on JVZoo and is looking for effective sales funnel training to enhance your opportunities.

Any proper affiliate marketing training will state that you need to invest time and effort into affiliate marketing to make it work.  Our recommended training platform, Wealthy Affiliate states you will only get out what you put in and the Rapid Profit System states the same.  But the reason they claim it is quicker is because they are focusing on paid traffic.

Paid Traffic routes will typically earn you money quicker through affiliate marketing, but it is the trial and error side of paid traffic that means it is not ideal for someone just starting out.

You can easily find you are spending money without any money coming back in.  This is the reason we suggest people follow the step-by-step training at Wealthy Affiliate to understand the free routes to earning money via Affiliate Marketing.  Once you have a solid background in understanding free marketing.  You can then use paid marketing on funnels that are already earning you money and you know will work, that way you lose the trial and error stage and promote the right products to the right people and make more money.

How Much Does Rapid Profit System Cost?

There is a one-off fee of $19.95, which will grant you access to the training videos and bonus content.  But expect to see the two upsells as well.

Rapid Profit System Turbo – $27

This is another one-off cost of $27 and is focusing on building up your mailing list (email marketing).  It gives you access to:

  • 20 additional products for your promotional campaigns
  • 4 custom bonus offer pages
  • 4 pre-written email campaigns
  • 2500+ high converting email swipes
  • Access to Omar’s email vault

It also offers done-for-you emails, OptimisePress page templates and some other tools to boost your marketing campaigns.

Rapid Profit System Powerhouse – $37

This gives you access to a number of products that Higher Level Strategies already offer, along with the PLR to use them.

You also gain some training modules and the following too:

  • 30 extra PLR products
  • The Secret Funnel Workshop – Simple techniques to maximise your sales funnel
  • Secret Traffic Session Workshop – Learn techniques that will help you drive targeted traffic to your offers

What is Good About Rapid Profit System (PROS)

Here is what we liked about it:

Content That is Well Thought Out & Structured

The content is well presented and thought out, it ensures you understand the steps required of you and by using a combination of screenshares, tutorials and text slides it makes it really easy to follow.

It is high quality and really relevant to the marketing industry too.

The Owners Are Well Regarded

Omar & Melinda know their stuff and it comes out in the training they provide.  You will be surprised how many products make bold claims and yet the owners are unable to show any proof that they know what they are doing.  That is not the case with Omar & Melinda who are both really successful.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not entirely happy, they will give you your money back – no questions asked.  Let me tell you, there are plenty of products who offer a refund but when you want to actually do it, you will find it extremely hard to.  But not with Omar & Melinda, they have their reputation to think about.


What Could Rapid Profit System Improve on? (CONS)

Here is what we didn’t like:

No Real Success Stories or Testimonials

The reason I say real is because the only testimonials I could find were from those that are trying to sell you this product.  But, after thorough research there is no success stories from any other real users.  That makes me question the validity of this product.

It means either:

  • The members have not done that well to be able to see whether RPS gave them success
  • The members have not done that well and haven’t made any money from the program

The testimonials on their landing page are also questionable, as one if from Michael Cheney.  He is already a successful online marketer who has a number of low-quality products that we have reviewed such as Copy Paste Commissions or Commission Machine.  Not a reputable character to answer the question on whether this is a successful product or not.


Is the Earning Potential Real?

I say that because they will always show you screen grabs of how much money they are earning and yet, these marketers are extremely experienced in affiliate marketing and so can you really believe those earnings are from this product or from their experience???  I would question whether they really came from using this training.  Probably just from their own knowledge.

The Upsells Are Annoying

The Rapid Profit System is aimed at beginners and these upsells are hoping that newbies will just buy them thinking they need them, when really you may not even benefit from them.

Don’t just think this will cost you $20 and you will see success.  You will need to invest money on advertising and the actual cost that might set you back could be a lot more than you can think of…

If you are tired of upsells and want a proven affiliate marketing step-by-step guide that works read about how we got started for free.

Is Rapid Profit System a Scam?

The Rapid Profit System is definitely not a scam as it does provide affiliate marketers with real training.  The bit that I do not like is the claims around earning potential, but that is just a line to get you interested.

There are definite benefits to the training and you will learn some techniques to use, but in my opinion I would say this training will not cover everything off and has too much of an emphasis on paid advertising rather than long term free methods.  That is why they are stating it is rapid profit, but you will need to pay to see it quicker than the normal route.

Email Marketing is still really effective but that is again about the long game and not going to be a quick route to earning.  Especially as you would need a website, which is something the Rapid Profit System does not offer.

Will you Make Money with this System?

That is not a simple question, in my opinion you could if you have the budget to spend on paid ads, but this system is not ideal for someone just starting out.  There are too many variables when it comes to paying for traffic.

You will find that you will spend a lot more money that you ever expected to, with no guarantees of success.

Want a Better Way to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing?

Our goal with our website is to help people make money online with affiliate marketing, with a special focus on helping people get started with affiliate marketing regardless of their experience levels.

We offer a proven and tested step-by-step training that has a proven success track record that has helped thousands of people start their path to financial freedom.

When you follow proven steps, you are only heading one way – to Success.

If you are constantly jumping from product to product hoping one of them will work, that will not lead to success. You need to stick to a plan that works, and we can show you the way.

If you can follow these steps to the letter, you will have soon earned your first $1.  If you can do that, you can step up to earning a $1000 or even $10k a month.

But the key is stay focused and stay consistent with that said training.

If you feel like you are ready to take the first step in the right direction to earning that financial freedom, we highly suggest you check out our thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate.  It is a comprehensive platform that offers training, tools and expert support to anyone wanting to get started with affiliate marketing.

You can get started for free and see exactly what they offer you.  Here is a link to our full Wealthy Affiliate review.  You will find support like you have never known to achieving your success and you will also gain our support along the way too.

Thanks for checking out our Rapid Profit System review, we have shared our thoughts and now we would love to hear what you think too.  Just write any questions, experiences or general comments below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

How Can I Do Affiliate Marketing? You Start with The Right Training!

How Can I Do Affiliate Marketing_ You Start with The Right Training!

Affiliate Marketing can seem quite daunting at first, when people start talking about building a website or writing content and signing up for affiliate programs. Many people start to question their own ability and come away saying they can’t do affiliate marketing and walk away from an amazing opportunity.

Can you do Affiliate Marketing? – Absolutely.  Anyone can achieve Affiliate Marketing success.

How Can I Do Affiliate Marketing? – You Start with the right training program that ensures you know everything you need to know and by the end of completing our recommended training you will have built your own website (regardless of your current technical skill level), you will be writing content like a professional and you will know everything you need to know about Affiliate Programs and how to promote stuff the right way.

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How Does the Wealthy Affiliate Really Work? – Get an Inside Look into Wealthy Affiliate…

How Does the Wealthy Affiliate Really Work_ – Get an Inside Look into Wealthy Affiliate…

How does the Wealthy Affiliate really work?  We absolutely love what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer its members.  From the beginner friendly training to the awesome website engagement tools you will find amazing support every step of the way.

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to earn money from home and many people are exploring that option, but they often come across poor imitations of affiliate marketing training when really, they can do no better than what is on offer at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate offers the best training that any beginner could want, and the reason you will typically only find positive words said about it is because of the successes that their members achieve.

We have been with Wealthy Affiliate for a couple of years now and are seeing our own successes with our online businesses, and we want to help others who want to get started online too.

If you really want to know what is inside Wealthy Affiliate, what is offers you and ultimately does it really work then read on.

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The Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review – Is it Worth $1,997?

The Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review – Is it Worth $1,997_

Affiliate Marketing is an awesome business model to get started online, but does The Affiliate Marketing Mastery course stack up for the price they are asking for?

Stefan claims to help you build a 7-figure business from scratch through his course, but we ask the question is it worth nearly $2k or is there a better option…?

I am so glad you are researching into products, that is a great way of avoiding scams and only finding genuine ways of make money online.

Let us get started with The Affiliate Marketing Mastery review.

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How to Become an Affiliate Marketer for Amazon – 5 Easy Steps

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer for Amazon – 5 Easy Steps

Amazon is the largest marketplace in the world, so it is only natural that people start asking how to become an affiliate marketer for Amazon.  We have racked our brains and have come up with 5 easy steps to getting started and want to share those with you… We will also through in 5 tips to making sure you are successful including some great training and tools that we have used to build up our affiliate marketing business and you can learn how to get started too.

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Is Copy Paste Commissions a Scam? Can You Really Earn $1,000 a Day?

Is Copy Paste Commissions a Scam_ Can You Really Earn $1,000 a Day_

There is quite a bit of hype around Copy Paste Commissions, but does Michael Cheney deliver with it or is Copy Paste Commissions a Scam?

First off, thank you for doing your research.  It is an important step to make sure you are buying the right products.

In this review, we will cover all aspects of the Copy Paste Commissions program.

Copy Paste Commissions Review Summary

Product Name: Copy Paste Commissions

Owner: Omar Martin and Michael Cheney

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing

Price: $19.95 for Premium Membership + Optional Upsells, $17 Toolkit Lite, $27-Top Commissions Premium Toolkit & $37-Done for you commissions service

Best For: The Owners

Is Copy Paste Commissions a Scam?


Whilst it offers some good information on a few aspects of Internet Marketing, it doesn’t deliver on any of its promises in the sales pitch. There is also nothing to do with copy and pasting in it either.  Copy Paste Commissions is a front to lead you to other products that will be sold to you as soon as you join.

Rating: 10/100

Recommended? No

What Exactly is Copy Paste Commissions?

Founded in 2015 by Michael Cheney and Omar Martin, Copy Paste Commissions is supposedly a way of copy and pasting your way to $1,000 in a few hours, as well as training that teaches you how to make money on auto-pilot.

Michael Cheney has other Programs too… Do they Deliver?

You may have recognised the name of one of the owners?  Michael Cheney has a number of different affiliate marketing training programs out there.  He is also the founder of Commission Black Ops, The Commission Machine and 7-Figure Franchise.  He likes to emphasis the point with commission being in the title.

Michael Cheney & Omar Martin

But after a thorough review of many of Michael’s training program they all fail to deliver.  He has the knowledge but doesn’t deliver clear enough training or steps to follow for a beginner to benefit from them.  You are supposed to fill in a lot of gaps yourself.

You will also find a number of positive reviews about Michael Cheney’s software, but these will be from people who are benefitting from people falling for the sales pitch.  They are not there to help people, but to only get people to buy the product for their own commissions.

How Does Copy Paste Commissions Work?

Michael Cheney offers, much like his other programs access to an e-book, which is about 77 pages long and some videos that will teach anyone how the Copy Paste Commissions strategy works.

There are some good details within the eBook and from the chapters above there is some knowledge to be gained from them:

The Crush Campaign

This section is all around the strategy that Michael and Owen used several years ago to make money online.  It focuses on mailing frequency and some bonus materials to help improve a marketers bottom line.

The French Shaker Strategy

The section is about getting those people who are on the fence about a purchase and sealing the deal.  This goes into persuasion techniques.


This section focuses on increasing traffic through Facebook.  It includes both paid and free methods for generating traffic through Facebook

Email Strategy

A section focusing on the right way to do email marketing, learn how to make emails more interesting and generate a higher click rate and open rate.

From reviewing the content available within the eBook, the information is good but Michael and Owen fail people who buy it in a couple of huge ways, which we will get into later in the review.

How to Make Money with Copy Paste Commissions

Copy Paste Commissions claim that you can apply their training and build up your mailing list through their system.  They then go on to claim that you can earn $1,000 a day or more on “auto-pilot”.

At this point, you might be thinking that is just a load of hype, and I cannot blame you.  It is all down to how they have marketed their system.  They have marketed it in a way of making it sound like it is an easy route to earning money and you can live the lifestyle you want with little effort.

It just goes to show that anything Michael Cheney markets never really live up to what they state you can do… Whereas you can find companies out there like Wealthy Affiliate that are actually very realistic with the time it takes to build up a profitable business online and how much effort you really do need to put into it.

Does Copy Paste Commissions Work?

Being realistic, we have to consider two things to base that question on:

  1. Can it Help You Achieve What They State You Can?
  2. Has CPC Made Anyone Other Than the Owner Money?

This is where the product falls down.  Can we realistically think that this product will help you make $1,000 or more within 24 hours?  The sales video also states that inexperienced marketers have been able to make $10,000 within their first 30 days.

Pitched like that, why wouldn’t you buy into the program.  But can it really do that?

In short, No!

You will find that whilst the eBook might include some good information, you will find that Copy Paste Commissions is simply a front for them to funnel you into various business opportunities and other ‘make money’ programs.  These upsells are presented to you as soon as you buy the CPC program.

The second question, has anyone really make money from this program other than the owners?

The Copy Paste Commissions program funnels you into another program called Automated Daily Income, which is a 21-step training program created by MOBE (My Own Business Education).  Now, this is worrying as MOBE was closed down by the FTC as a scam in 2018.

To be totally honest, I can see people spending money on all of these programs and still not making anything.

The timescales they talk about are totally unrealistic.

How Much Does Copy Paste Commissions Cost?

The initial joining fee is $19.95, which doesn’t sound like a lot but it is really just the upfront cost to gain access to the training material. 

But there are also costs that they do not discuss or share with you, on top of the upsells.  There are costs like purchasing ads, generating traffic and building and hosting a website.

On top of paying the premium, you also get presented with a number of upsells.  My suggestion is that you avoid these upsells as they offer very little value.

  1. $17 – Toolkit LITE
  2. $27 – Top Commissions Premium Toolkit
  3. $37 – Done for You Commissions Service

What is Good About Copy Paste Commissions (PROS)

Here is what we liked about it:

The eBook Provides Some Good Information

The one thing we did like about this system is the information in the eBook.  Some of the more useful information including the times of days you should be sending your promotional emails, with studies to back them claims up.

Some of the tips relating to Facebook are quite useful too.

Money Back Guarantee

Any product available through the JV ZOO affiliate network are covered by a money-back guarantee.  JV ZOO is also much easier to get you money back, compared to ClickBank.

What Could Copy Paste Commissions Improve on? (CONS)

Here is what we didn’t like:

Fake Testimonials

You can always tell how good or bad a system is by their testimonials.  When it is full of fake testimonials, where the owner has hired people from a freelancer website to create hype.  It just creates a bad vibe about a product, and I so surprised Michael uses it.

He has some great knowledge but doesn’t seem really interested in helping people properly.

True testimonials give people a valuable insight into whether it works, and fake testimonials harms people’s perceptions.

Too Many Upsells!

The program is just a funnel to get you to buy other products with the aim of lining Michael & Owen’s pockets.

But before you get to the members area, expect to be present with several sales pages with upsells.

They do not disclose this upfront, and by the time you have paid $19.95 you are in.

Wrong List Building Methods

Their list building tactics are not going to work or make you any money.  The key to getting conversions is by making sure relevancy is key.  But they try and encourage you to use incentives to get anyone to join your mailing list.  This includes referring friends via Facebook.  But the size of the list doesn’t matter if you are sending irrelevant emails to people, they will just unsubscribe and not click on any of your promotions.

This is not the best way to do email marketing.

Where Does the Copy & Paste Come in?

I have yet to see anything where you actually copy and paste anything.  You get an eBook, some training, upsells and some questionable testimonials.

This is not how to do affiliate marketing the right way…

Michael Loves Creating Hype…

Michael loves to create hype around any of his products, and this one is no different.  He always tells you that you will earn $1,000’s with any of his systems and yet they never deliver.

I am quite confident that Michael is living the lifestyle he shows you to encourage you to buy it.  But I bet he had to work hard and long to achieve it.  Something that beginners will not be able to achieve with any of his systems or in the timescales he states.

My Honest Opinion of Copy Paste Commissions? Is Copy Paste Commissions a Scam?

Whilst it isn’t a scam, Copy Paste Commissions is a product I would highly recommend you avoid at all costs.

It does not deliver on any of the sales pitches Michael or Owen deliver.  You will not be able to earn that kind of money straightaway; you will not be able to copy and paste their strategy. (So why is it called that?)

Michael & Owen have created a load of hype with fake testimonials that mislead others into thinking it is real.

It also funnels you into a known scam, which is another reason why this is not the best route for someone looking to get started within affiliate marketing.

It may sound like you get a bit of info for $19.95, I would highly recommend you spend that money on a real book from an affiliate marketer who knows their industry.

Their strategies are not reliable, and there are much better options to earn money online.

Do You Want a Real Opportunity to Make Money Online?

If you are sick of finding low-quality or scam products online, then we want to help you find a real opportunity to make money online.

Affiliate Marketing is an awesome way of starting an online business.  It requires a lot of time and hard work, but affiliate marketing is found to be so appealing because you are able to start a business in any interest that you love.

WE love helping people get started with their very own profitable online business, if you are interested in following a genuine route to success, click the Button below:

If you have any questions or comments about our Copy Paste Commissions Review, please write them in the comments below and we will reply as soon as we can.

Why Affiliate Marketing is So Appealing? Because it is Awesome!

Why Affiliate Marketing is So Appealing? Because it is Awesome!

Affiliate Marketing is so appealing these days, especially as more and more people are searching online for ways to make money from home and naturally land on a page all about affiliate marketing, but why is affiliate marketing so appealing?

The simple fact is that Affiliate Marketing is Awesome, but there are many questions around it and a few reasons why people fail…

We aim to answer all of your questions, show you why affiliate marketing is so appealing and also, what the watch-outs are too before showing you how you can get started with your very own affiliate marketing business for free.

Let’s start by clarifying exactly what affiliate marketing is…

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Before I go into detail about what true affiliate marketing is, you need to know there are plenty of training platforms that areWhat is Affiliate Marketing? actually scams pretending to be affiliate marketing.  We have reviewed a number of them, and some have actually been closed down by the FTC because they couldn’t live up to all of their promises.  If you ever find something that states you can earn money on auto-pilot or with little effort, then that is exactly what I am on about.  That is why we wanted to clarify your understanding on what is affiliate marketing.

It is very likely you have already experienced affiliate marketing is some way, especially if you have every purchased a product off of Amazon.

Affiliate Marketing is a beneficial way of marketing products for both affiliates and companies themselves, as the act saves them a fortune on their marketing campaigns.  It is as simple as promoting products and receiving a commission if someone chooses to buy said product through your affiliate link.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

An Affiliate Marketer signs up with an affiliate program, for the example I will discuss Amazon Associates.  This gains you access to all of their products to promote via blog or on social media.

How Does Affiliate Marketing work?

You create a blog or website on any subject you want to cover and promote products or services on it.  If someone lands on your website and decides to follow your recommendation and goes to the Amazon website via your affiliate link, if they buy the product you receive a percentage of the sale price as a reward for introducing a buyer.

There are thousands of affiliate programs, and affiliate networks that house thousands of affiliate programs meaning that you can create a blog in any subject you can think of.

That kind of adds to the appeal.

Why Affiliate Marketing is so Appealing?

Affiliate Marketing is so appealing for a number of ways, let’s go through a few:

Start an Affiliate Marketing Website About Anything

The best thing about Affiliate Marketing is the fact that you can start an online business in any interest or passion you have.

Interested in golf, then you can use that.  Interested in getting fit and helping others to get fit, then you can use that.Start an Affiliate Marketing Business in any Subject You Enjoy

Literally, you can start a business today in anything you are really interested in and you could find an affiliate program that will fit perfectly with it.

Gem runs and maintains a wedding stationary business, and affiliate marketing runs well with that.

Why start a business about something you don’t enjoy or know anything about when you could get started with a business you know loads about and enjoy immersing yourself within that subject.

It’s a Work from Anywhere Job

Another appealing feature of Affiliate Marketing is the fact you can do it from anywhere, the only restriction is internet coverage.

Work from Anywhere

Affiliate Marketing tends to go really well with travel blogging because that is one of the main benefits of an online business using affiliate marketing, you can blog about your travels and help others get started on their own travelling plans.

This is because it is classed as a passive income stream, meaning you do not need to monitor the sales.  Create great content and move on, you do not need to there for someone to decide to buy something you are promoting.

You Do Not Need Your Own Products or Services

Another great thing about affiliate marketing is the fact you do not need your own products or services, because you are promoting other people’s products.

No expensive warehouse, no need for a Point of Sale system.  This is often the reason why people do not think they can start their own business, because they have nothing to offer.

But, with affiliate marketing you have something that you can offer which isn’t a physical thing.  You can offer help and advice about a subject you know about, that is what you need to get started with affiliate marketing.

There are three great reasons as to why Affiliate Marketing is so appealing, but what stops Affiliate Marketers from succeeding?

What Stops Affiliate Marketers Succeeding?

There are a number of reasons why affiliate marketers do not succeed, we have picked out the top three that we feel is why they do not succeed:

Think it is a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

We mentioned earlier in the post that there are loads of programs claiming to be affiliate marketing and they all have Thinking Affiliate Marketing is a get-rich-quick schemesomething in common.  They make you believe that success can be achieve overnight.

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this is anything but a get-rich-quick scheme.  In fact, there is no such program that can make you loads of money overnight.  It is was a thing, plenty of people would be reaping the benefits.

Affiliate Marketing is a great business to get started in, it can be any subject you love but if you think that in a month’s time you can sit back and watch the money come in that is not going to be a reality.

It is going to take a lot of hard work to realise your goals.  I will be honest with you, I didn’t earn anything for 6 months when I first started with affiliate marketing and it will be a long road to actually achieving a way of replacing my full-time job.

The more hours you put in, the more effort you put in the better, as realising your dreams will take hard work.

An honest affiliate marketer will tell you that you still need to put the hours in, even after you have established yourself in your chosen niche.

There are examples of where someone has got to the point where they are earning good money, they have even been able to leave their day job.  So, they decide my website is making good money now, I will go on a month-long holiday.  They do nothing with their website for a month, and then realise that their traffic levels drop a little because they haven’t worked on their website.

Hard work will pay off, but many do not give this any thought and the best way to describe it is they “play at it”.  They do not invest the time and effort to realise it and then they decide to give up…

They Give Up Too Soon

People give up before their hard work pays off.  This is normally because people think of it like an hourly-paid job.  I have done an hour of work, so I therefore deserve an hour’s worth of pay.

An online business does not work out like that.  Affiliate Marketing is a truly passive income, but it will not earn you moneyAffiliate Marketers fail because they give up too soon straightaway.  The harder you work in the early stages, the more likely you are going to enjoy the benefits down the road.

You could write an awesome quality post and it doesn’t make you money for 6 months, but then it starts earning you recurring income on a regular basis and could do so for years to come.

But many affiliate marketers give up after a couple of months and say affiliate marketing doesn’t work.  That is why the search engines does not really trust a new website until it is about 6 months old, because a website owner still engaged in their website after 6 months is the real deal and will keep on working and understands the long-term plan of an affiliate marketing business model.

A normal bricks and mortar business will typically not plan to turn a profit in year one, and yet online we seem to think we can be turning profit immediately.

Whilst the costs are nowhere near a typical business, the main investment you need to put in with an online business is your time and effort.

If you can commit to putting at least an hour a day into learning and acting within your business, you have what it takes but you need to keep at it until all your hard work pays off!

Lack of Quality Training & Support

You will find loads of contradicting strategies online, or you are being drawn in by affiliate marketing training that is outdated or clearly not affiliate marketing.

Quality Training & Support is Essential

But there are training programs out there that do help their members, and will give a easy to follow step-by-step plan to success.

The support is the key, I think anyone who cares enough will follow a structured guide, but it is the help aspect that people lack, and they feel like they are doing this all alone and that can be one of the hardest things to get over.

I am part of a community of affiliate marketers and we all engage together to help each other.  If we did not have that, I would have felt like I was swimming upstream.  In other words, it would have been extremely hard to keep going until the money started coming in.

We can help you get the help and support, with some awesome training to.  But I think it is one of the factors as to why many affiliate marketers are struggling, and that is wrong or outdated training with a real lack of support.

What Do You Need to Succeed?

Let’s just summarise so far, Affiliate Marketing is an awesome way of building an online business in a subject you really love and enjoy.  You can literally work from anywhere and enjoy the freedom that a work from home job can bring.

You also do not need any of your own products or services as you can promote other peoples and not have all the hassle that would normally bring.

But it does take long hours and hard work to become successful and people tend to give up too easily because they think it isn’t going to work – this is often because they do not get shown a proven method to follow and have a lack of support.

What I want to share with you is the fact I know how you might be feeling at this point; Do I take the plunge??

If you are just trying to piece together bits of information from Google and keep looking for those (fake) proven methods, you will look back in six months time and realise you haven’t achieved anything and you are no closer to having financial freedom.

Or you could read on, learn about how I now make money online and get all the help you need to succeed.

I was there at that point and thought there were no genuine ways of making money online until I read a review about a training platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

Things That You Need to Succeed?

I have broken down what you need to get started on the right track, and they are all things that Wealthy Affiliate will offer you in abundance.

Step-by-Step Training

Up-to-date training that all users can understand and follow.  I have found and reviewed many pieces of training around affiliate marketing, and typically they are outdated and that is why they are being offered for free.

The search engines are constantly changing, the way people navigate searches is changing and you need to keep up.

That is why we highly recommend the step-by-step training available at Wealthy Affiliate.  Kyle and Carson (the WA Co-Owners) do not try and confuse you or get you to do strategies until you are ready.

Online Entrepreneur Certification Course at WA

By the end of the first ten lessons, you will fully understand what Affiliate Marketing is, help to choose the right niche, how you are going to monetise your website and actually have your own free website up and running ready for your all-important content.

Learn from their experience and gain personal access to them to help you along your affiliate business.

Websites & Website Tools

The second thing you need for your affiliate marketing business is a website.  You will find many free ones online, but when you actually start to scale your online business you find the prices start to rise rapidly.  With Wealthy Affiliate, a free starter membership gains you 2 free websites with no limit on the number of users.

A premium membership adds a different level with up to 50 domains available to you, with no limit and free SSL certificates.

You will also experience some fantastic website engagement tools including a keyword research tool.

You can Learn More about the Different Membership Levels in our Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Expert Help & Support

I have already expressed the importance of the right support network.  You will find no better support that from the community at Wealthy Affiliate.Expert Help & Support at Wealthy Affiliate

If you ever feel like you are stuck, or just need a comforting word to keep you on the right track you will find it in abundance within Wealthy Affiliate.  You will find experience affiliate marketers and newbies alike all engaging in the training, asking and answering questions and encouraging everyone to achieve their goals.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Affiliate Marketing is so appealing because of the fact it can be about anything in the world.  Whether you are interested in starting a business in a hobby you love, want to help people in a subject you consider yourself an expert in, or want to document your fitness plan to help other people learn from you it all leads to the same thing.

A profitable online business that you actually enjoy working on.  Gem and I chose helping people and I have a background in learning and development.  We love helping people, and we also understand what good training is and that is why we recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

If you think you are ready to work hard and build a business that will allow you to enjoy it and work when you want and not be dictated to by a work schedule then I highly suggest you click the button below and start a free starter membership with Wealthy Affiliate.

Get Started with a Free WA Starter Membership

It is totally free, with no credit card required.  You will have access to the first ten lessons of their Online Entrepreneur Certification Course and 2 free websites that are yours to keep.  There will be no pressure to upgrade until you are ready.  But trust me, even those ten lessons will transform what you know about affiliate marketing and you will truly understand the potential behind it.

If you still have any questions about Affiliate Marketing or Wealthy Affiliate, I would be happy to answer all your questions.  Just write your questions in the comments below and we will respond.

Affiliate Bots 2.0 Review – Automated Success or Road to Oblivion?

Affiliate Bots 2.0 Review – Automated Success or Road to Oblivion_

If you have been thinking about whether affiliate bots 2.0 is the automation investment you need, then you are in the right place to learn that hard work will out do this type of platform any day of the week.

There are always going to be a time for automation in any business, but if you are just starting out and still think taking shortcuts will lead to instant wealth, then I am sorry to say that is not possible.

In this affiliate bots 2.0 review, I will share with you exactly how it works and also why it is not a great option for someone just starting out.  But I also share with you the right path to getting your own affiliate marketing business, without the hassle of a product that will not work as well as you first think.

Affiliate Bots 2.0 Review Summary

Product Name: Affiliate Bots 2.0

Owner: Chris

Product Type:Affiliate Marketing Automation Tools

Price: $17 + Additional Costs

Best For: The Owners

Affiliate Bots 2.0

Summary: A suite of automation bots that are supposedly doing all the hard work, but a raft of poor techniques like duplicate content and singular minded bots can really harm an online business. Newbies might be enticed by the low price, but I believe the strategies will lead to no success.  Affiliate Marketing is a great place to start for earning money online, but not from programs like this one.

Rating: 20/100

Recommended: No

What Exactly is Affiliate Bots 2.0 & How Does it Work?

Affiliate Bots 2.0 software

On the surface, Affiliate Bots 2.0 looks like a great bargain. 37 software bots for only $17.  Who wouldn’t want to add some automation to their affiliate marketing business and watch the commissions roll in…? It also sounds like a great deal for someone who is just starting out and keeping hearing that affiliate marketing takes time to make money.

But, after a thorough review I am sorely disappointed in what they are telling people.  I also feel some of the tools will actually harm your brand and hamper sales, rather than make sales on automation.

The reason I say this is purely down to the fact that you really need to take the time to understand how these bots work and get them working, before you are even going to be in a position to earn what they claim you can with them.

The second is the automated chat bot, this can again hamper people who are coming to ask questions and soon realise they can’t get answer to their questions and just leave.

I am not against chat bots, we use on our wedding website, however that one is connected to Facebook chat and either myself or Gem are on the other end.

That is how you help people and make sales, not a computer trying to answer for you.

I am getting ahead of myself, lets cover exactly what affiliate bots 2.0 is.

Affiliate Bots 2.0 is a suite of 37 AI bots that claim to make the process easier for affiliate marketers or aspiring affiliate marketers to automate the process of making $400 or more a day.

The owner, only known as Chris doesn’t share much about his experience or himself other than his claim to making over $400 a day with bots.

Your purchase gets you the following, with the collection called his “Free Traffic Software”

  • Affiliate Video Bot
  • Domain Aveli
  • Sites DB
  • Traffic DB – 2,000 opportunities for traffic in the MMO and IM niches
  • Geo Bots – supposedly helps target conversions by switching the HTML to put location specific language on your website
  • Niche Money
  • Traffic Bots
  • Keyword Titan
  • Website2Image
  • Image2Video
  • Titan Theme
  • Drop Aveli
  • AI Search Engine
  • Web Widgets
  • Auto Website Tool
  • Banner Bots
  • CB250
  • Affiliate Ads 2.0
  • Launch Pulse
  • IM Affiliate Bots 2.0
  • Hosting Affiliate Bot
  • Warrior 50 Resell DB
  • 1 Click Affiliate
  • Rapid Video Ranker
  • AutoMailer
  • $1k of training on Internet Marketing (Facebook, YouTube, Affiliate Marketing, Google SEO)
  • Quick-Start Training Videos
  • A 35-page quick start guide
  • PDF’s on how to use the software
  • Chris’s process on Video
  • Chris’s email address

There are a lot of tools included, but to be honest how many of them would actually be beneficial and that I would use it is very few.

Often you get loads thrown in, but you are only ever going to use what works and what is easy.  I am not so sure, even an established affiliate marketer would get much use out of this suite of software.

How Does Affiliate Bots 2.0 Work?

Now, this is where Chris does show his experience – his process is one that many affiliate marketers follow albeit with a couple of tweaks.  But there are steps where his bots might end up getting your blog in a bit of hot water, which we will go through as we explore the steps.

Affiliate Bots 2.0 Step One – Choose a Profitable Niche

Now, in our experience any niche can be profitable with the right approach, but Chris’s focus is on the Make Money Online niche.  Using his Niche Money Bot, which is preloaded with thousands of profitable keywords for 100 niches in the MMO or Internet Marketing niche.  But how can he guarantee that these keywords are profitable?  He can’t, but at least he does provide some keywords to start off with.

But these keywords alone will not do it, as you need to do effective keyword research to explore the potential for them.

You cannot state it will only find you profitable keywords as it will all depend on the competition for that keyword and the quality of the content you can create.

Keyword Research is an important step in any online business, but how does their Keyword Titan software stack up to established KW research tools such as Jaaxy or SemRush?

The sales pages do not share a lot of information around what makes Keyword Titan comparable to others, or what information it will unlock about these (profitable?) keywords.

One thing I did notice though is that their sales page includes one of the bots they are trying to sell to you, and it is quite frankly unable to answer any questions on the software at all.  It kind of proves there isn’t a real person on the other end, and that is a big problem for me as my readers are really important to me, and if a bot was annoying them how can I expect to make any money from them?

The main aim of the bot in this instance is to get you to buy the product, not to help you understand how Keyword Titan or any of the other features works.  Quite frustrating, really!

Affiliate Bots 2.0 Step Two – Ranking on Google & YouTube

Ranking well in the search engines is an important step for any online business, without high rankings you cannot expect to make any money.  YouTube is becoming more popular and the sales videos are correct in saying that video marketing is the future.

The Affiliate Bots provide you with over 1000 pre-made scripts and pre-recorded slides for about 100 affiliate programs.

But Here is the problem… Anyone who buys this software will get the same pre-made scripts and the same slides… How can you be unique?

If you are relatively new to affiliate marketing, you might be wondering why it matters if we all have the same stuff.  Well, it is the main difference between making money and failing miserably.  Here’s why…

Duplicate content is a major reason why most affiliate marketers who try and take shortcuts fail. All of the search engines are looking for high-quality unique content to show its users.  There are always making regular updates to their software and are actively looking for duplicate content. If they find you are using duplicate content, then guess what?

Your website will not rank, it will not show in the search engines, it will not show in Google or YouTube.

So how do you expect to make any money?

There is also the fact that most of these will not be exactly high-quality stuff.  Without any rankings, you will not put your content in front of people to be able to follow your affiliate links.

Effective Keyword Research & Getting your Content ranked are important steps, but if you start using duplicate content, there is not real point to you doing anything.

Or you could try a proven strategy with your own content and succeed, click here to learn more

Affiliate Bots 2.0 Step Three – Get Free Google Traffic

Now, at this point the training does follow the right path, it is just the parts around duplicate content that get in the way of you actually making any money.

Step Three entails picking the right domain name, registering it elsewhere at an additional costs and then using their Titan WordPress theme to set up your WordPress website.

Chris does not actually show you how to register a domain, how to set it up and he also misses out the part about this being an additional cost.

You typically pay for website hosting on a monthly recurring basis.  Depending on the hosting company, this can typically be about $200/year for plans that are quite basic and possibly be up to $600/year for hosting with a lot of support.

However, web hosting does not need to be that expensive and can also come with some other awesome features – at the bottom of this post I will share with you how to get started with your very own affiliate marketing business for free, with some great support.  This includes your very own website too.

There are many gaps in the videos, and there are also a lot of bots to use to achieve your path with this software.  But a lot of them can be achieved with just one or two.

Jaaxy, our preferred keyword research tool includes many features that with Affiliate Bots 2.0, you would need to use 3 or 4.

He overcomplicates the parts around a WordPress website.  With a domain tool, a theme that he doesn’t show or demonstrate and web hosting.

He also claims that you are getting an authority website…

Get an Authority Website in Minutes…?

This is absolutely crap.  I am sorry, but it takes a lot of time and hard work to become an authority in your chosen niche.  This cannot be achieved in minutes.  Your website might look nice, but it takes at least 6 months for the search engines to start to trust your website (only if you are offering quality content).  Just another red flag to show it is not worth investing in this product.

The training then goes into how you can make money, but again this is not as straight forward as Chris claims it to be.

He promises to give you email lists you can send your offers to, but let’s be honest – When was the last time you saw an email from someone you didn’t know and open it?  Let alone, see a deal you might want to buy?

Chris also introduces you to paid advertising.  His initial sales pitch is a free traffic tool, however because he knows that duplicate content doesn’t work, he shows you how to pay to advertise your affiliate offers.

But this strategy is really risky to a beginner, you can easily waste hundreds of dollars on paid ads and not be any better off for it.

Affiliate Bots 2.0 Step Four – Use Geo Bots to Take Your Profits to the Stratosphere

This is all around using bots to personalise the process online and make more sales.  The Geo Bots are supposed to customise the experience depending on where the user is coming from for the top 5 countries and top 10 states.

The information is very sketchy about how this actually works, and I have already described how I feel bots are not going to improve the experience for users.

Who Will Benefit from the Affiliate Bots 2.0?

In all honesty, I cannot see how this could benefit anyone.  The basic training will cover some aspects of how affiliate marketing works and possibly give you some insights into starting out.  But when you start chucking in duplicate content and overcomplicate the overall process, then it becomes too much of a low-quality product.

People are expecting to make money from this software, and I can only see the owners making any money from the purchase.

How Much Does Affiliate Bots 2.0 Cost?

Now, this is an interesting point.  At the time of writing this, the software has dropped down from $27 to $17.  This is to get you to buy it whilst it is cheap.  But I venture this opinion, if this software was the real deal and could actually do all that it sets out to do?  Why so cheap?

I get they are targeting newbies, but either way if their bots are the answer to any struggling affiliate marketers problems then I would be willing to pay more and yet they don’t, so as long as enough people pay $17, then the owners are happy.

I also stress, there will be additional charges along the way.  Web Hosting is not cheap, it might start out cheap but most hosting providers charge more as your audience size grows.

(Our No.1 Recommended Hosting Platform Does Not!)

Paid Ads is also an additional cost within Chris’s strategy.

What is Good About Affiliate Bots (PROS)

Here is what we liked about it:

Some Basic Affiliate Marketing Training

Whilst I would stress it is very basic, choosing a Niche and Keyword Research are important steps within affiliate marketing and there are some valid points within the training


Most of these types of products have something in common, they love to over-promise.  They use exciting sales pitches and promises of $400 earnings a day, when it reality it is a low-quality product that will not benefit you in the slightest.

What Could Affiliate Bots 2.0 Improve on? (CONS)

Here is what we didn’t like:

How Does It Actually Work?

People want to be able to see it in action before buying, and yet this is not shown at all in any of the sales pitches.  Are you just supposed to buy it without seeing it in action?  Obviously, Yes is the answer.

Throughout all of the videos and information provided, they do very well and not tell you anything.  They make promises, and they state it works but do not show you it is actually going to work.

Who is Chris?

I have reviewed many products and they tend to like using Chris as the owner.  Not sure if it is the same guy for all of them, or just a name they use to remain elusive.  But either way we don’t know anything about the team behind Affiliate Bots 2.0

They Overcomplicate the Process

I tend to use maybe 3 or 4 tools within my online business, why do we need 37?  Especially when a lot of them are extensions of one of the tools I am using?

The more software you use, the more likely there will be a problem.  I think they just did that to make it sound like you were getting a great deal.

Their Customer Service Bot

If you want the main reason why I think this software will not help you make money, I suggest you try out their Conversio Bot on their sales page.  Just spend a minute trying to get an answer to a question through that, and then imagine it live on your affiliate marketing website and you will soon realise you are better off keeping your money in your back pocket.

My Honest Opinion of Affiliate Bots 2.0

There will come a time when a little automation will go a long way within an online business, we use a tool to automatically post content to social media.  But I think this Affiliate Bots 2.0 goes way overboard to the point I feel it will do more harm to your affiliate marketing ambitions then help it.

I want to know as much about a product before I buy it, and then they skirt the issue as though they are hoping beginners get hooked by the earnings potential and that they buy it without much scrutiny.

Whilst I wouldn’t say it is a scam, that is because the FTC work hard to pinpoint those types of schemes.  So, product owners are getting better at keeping the price low and offering a little value for your money.

Let’s be honest, not many will try and claim their money back from a $20 product – they would just keep looking for a product that does work.

My advice would be the give any such product that overpromises without giving you much detail a wide berth.

Are You Sick of Scams & Want a Genuine Road to Success?

The Wealthy Affiliate University Review – My Own ExperiencesI wrote earlier that I would offer you a valid alternative to this low-quality program Affiliate Bots 2.0 and here it is.

If you are seriously looking for a genuine route to getting started with affiliate marketing or you are currently struggling to get your affiliate marketing business on the right path, then I want to share a platform that has a proven track record.

Wealthy Affiliate provides training, tools and support to those who want to learn from Affiliate Marketing experts and achieve their goals of working for themselves with a profitable business.

Many new affiliate marketers get the wrong training or advice and walk away stating affiliate marketing doesn’t work, and I want to help anyone who wants to avoid that.

With an awesome step-by-step training program that anyone can follow, written by the owners who get involved regularly with the members who need help you will have your own free website up and running within a few lessons and be ready to follow the correct path to earning money online.

Get Expert Help and Support from a community of like-minded entrepreneurs all ready and willing to help new members achieve their goals and dreams.

Get my personal help whenever you need it to get your business started.

Wealthy Affiliate offers so many features to new or struggling affiliate marketers, and one feature I love is the fact that you can check out all that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer with a free starter membership.  You don’t need a credit card; just log in and see all that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. Here is a link to my full WA review.


Thanks for reading my Affiliate Bots 2.0 review, if you have any questions or want to share any experiences please write them in the comments below – We would love to hear from you.


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