What is My Super Affiliate Mentor? – Legit Mentoring Program? Not Likely!

Welcome to our My Super Affiliate Mentor Review!

With claims of earning thousands of dollars every day with minimal work, with a system that takes care of all the selling for you, I can understand why you might be interested in learning more… but also, asking yourself is  My Super Affiliate Mentor a Scam?

Well, usually when we see something too good to be true, it often is… so, let’s explain to you what this program is really about…

First off, it’s great to see that you’re doing your research before buying into any “seemingly good” product.

That’s how you avoid online scams and find only legitimate ways to make money online!

To be completely transparent with you, we’re not associated with My Super Affiliate Mentor in any form.  We’re not here to pitch or sell you anything.

Instead, we want to reveal to you how this system really works, and why its a sales funnel to another program…

Let’s get started with a quick product overview…

My Super Affiliate Mentor Review Summary

Product Name: My Super Affiliate Mentor

Founder: Unknown

Product Type: Sales Funnel to The Super Affiliate Network

Price: $37/month + Upsells to $13K

Best For: The Owners & Those who have thousands of dollars to invest


Summary: My Super Affiliate Mentor is just a hyped-up sales funnel promoting another program called The Super Affiliate Network.  This Network is a high-ticket Affiliate Marketing training membership platform.  They are using a lot of hype and false promise in the idea of recruiting you to this other network, and profiting from you signing up with them.

I wouldn’t recommend you go through the My Super Affiliate Mentor program, and if you’re interested research The Super Affiliate Network itself.

Rating: 10/100

Recommended? No

Table of Contents

What is My Super Affiliate Mentor?

My Super Affiliate Mentor makes quite a few claims about the earning potential with their program, their sales video is really hyped-up and telling you everything you want to hear.

When that is how they gear up their sales video, it’s usually because its a scam and they talk to you about what you can earn, without any real information about how you are going to earn that money.

The sales video show you several people all claiming to make thousands per day.  Not only that, they say they will reveal to you a secret for you to make big money with very little effort.

They also tell you that this is all 100% free…

You’ll notice from the screenshot, it states “Super Affiliate Success System” and that is because that is the program they are claiming they are going to introduce to you… but wait a minute and we’ll will show that both My Super Affiliate Mentor and The Super Affiliate Success System are both not real products…

The sales video then goes on to say that it’s in their best interest to help you to make money as they make money whenever you make money, so they claim it’s a win-win situation…

To be honest, this is a typical sales technique and used in scams or low quality programs all the time.  The main reason why the owner (who we don’t know who it is) makes money is because they are recruiting you into the system.

If you are completely new to this kind of stuff, we can understand how the sales pitch sounds really attractive to you.  Especially as you looking for a way to make some extra money, and you’re seeing a program that claims to fix all of your money problems very easily…

But you should be aware that if something looks to good to be true, it probably is…

The sales techniques they use are used to play with your psychology to increase your trust in them.  Unfortunately, they tend to work really well on complete newbies.

Like I said earlier, neither of these programs are real, so let’s reveal to you the true identity of this program…

My Super Affiliate Mentor Ugly Truths Revealed...

There are a few details on their sales page that you might have missed, but if you take a minute to have a look you may have noticed some of the points we are going to show you in this section….

First off, it’s called My Super Affiliate Mentor, and yet the sales video talks about “The Super Affiliate Success System”

The URL of the sales page is MySuperAffiliateMentor.com!

The truth is that both of these programs are not real, both the Super Affiliate Success System and My Super Affiliate Mentor are not real programs.

They are just a sales funnel used to get you to join another program…

It’s Just a Sales Funnel!

They are just both used to promote another platform, which is called The Super Affiliate Network (SAN).

This is not mentioned to you in any way, they want to get you in first before they introduce it, and the costs associated with it.

The owner of My Super Affiliate Mentor has rebranded the sales funnel into the “Super Affiliate Success System”, maybe because a lot of people have found out the true identity.

But they’ve been a bit lazy with this, as they have pretty much just used the same logo with different text…


They have just used the same logo, and just changed the text to create funnels.  It’ll also seem natural to progress through the funnel, which ends up at the Super Affiliate Network.

When you land on the checkout page, you will see the graphics for the Super Affiliate Network…


My thoughts are that the person behind this program, who doesn’t reveal themselves to you is just an affiliate of the Super Affiliate Network, and they have created the My Super Affiliate Mentor as a way of recruiting people into the Super Affiliate Network to earn referral commissions.

But in a really dishonest way…

So, What is The Super Affiliate Network (SAN)?

The Super Affiliate Network is an Affiliate Marketing training program, from Misha Wilson.

Wilson is known as the youngest and fastest growing traffic and conversion expert on the net.  According to him, he wanted to help others achieve the same levels of success he achieved and so, he created the Super Affiliate Network (SAN) to deliver his knowledge and help people make money online through Affiliate Marketing.

Simply put, SAN is an Affiliate Marketing training membership program.  It offers  lots of online courses with video training teaching various aspects of Internet Marketing…


Real Problems With The Super Affiliate Network (SAN)

The Super Affiliate Network is a very controversial program…

We wouldn’t strictly call it an “Affiliate Marketing training membership platform”, it would be better to describe it as a “High-Ticket Membership Upsell Program!”.

First off, it’s a pay-to-play system, which means that you’ll be required to purchase various membership levels in order to earn commissions. (Which, is not how legitimate affiliate marketing works…)

To give you an idea of what we mean, and how much you would need to pay, take a look at this levels:

  • SAN Basic Membership – $47/month
  • SAN Pro Membership – $2,497
  • Maui Intensive Mentoring – $12,497
  • And the Rest…

You cannot just join with the basic membership and hope to get by with that, as you’re not entitled to earn the high-ticket commissions they want you to push, unless you go for the other levels.

Not only that, you’ll also get assigned a coach/mentor once you have joined.  This might sound like a positive thing, but these “coaches” are really just telesales people pushing you to buy the higher levels, and the other upsells within the program.

There are SAN members who tend to disagree with us, because there is legit training within the program and you can really make money with their program. 

But this is the kind of program I would suggest you stay away from because…

All you are buying is really a resell right to go and resell their digital training products.  This kind of thing isn’t new, if you take a look at other similar programs like; Digital Altitude, MOBE, Legendary Marketer, and AWOL Academy.

They are all similar, in the following ways:

  • They have multiple memberships, or rather multiple upsells!
  • Their business models are all about “recruiting” others into their programs to earn commissions
  • You only become eligible for commissions at the higher membership levels (which means you have to pay thousands before you can earn those high-ticket commissions)

Can you see why our recommendation would be to steer clear of these types of program?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there…

If such programs are not managed properly, it could end up in the situation that Digital Altitude found itself… which was where they were sued and shut down by the FTC! (You could say they’re a Pyramid Schemes in disguise!)

When you consider My Super Affiliate Mentor and the Super Affiliate Success System, they are very similar to The Laptop Lifestyle System (LLS) because that is just a sales funnel built to promote MOBE.

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What We Liked About My Super Affiliate Mentor

Here’s what I liked about My Super Affiliate Mentor:

#1 Their Honest Disclaimer

Whilst the way they are marketing the product is full of hype, they are really honest in their disclaimer, which is a good thing.

They actually tell you that “the typical purchaser does not make any money using this system” 


I do respect them for being honest, as you wouldn’t typically find this on low-quality programs or scams.

#2 Real Testimonials

We’ve seen so many scams out there using fake testimonials claiming their scam product works.

But SAN is different.  Misha Wilson is real person who has real success and can prove it, and SAN program has real testimonials who are real:


How do we know these are legit?  I’ve done my research and found that these pictures are real members of the SAN.

For example, Mel Archuleta has a website at melarchuleta.com promoting SAN.  You can also check out Ace and Rich’s website here.

#3 You Can Really Make Money!

So, let’s discuss the benefits of the SAN…

You can actually make money with their program.  This is the same as with programs like AWOL Academy, Legendary Marketer.

There are real people who are achieving success with these systems.  The only problem is that you need to invest thousands of dollars into their high-ticket products to get started with them.


You’ll be expected to resell their memberships to make money.  It can be really hard for you to build your own business like this though.

Unlike with Wealthy Affiliate, where you’re taught the skills to build your own affiliate marketing business in whatever niche you like, be it any kind of sports, gadgets, accessories or even a weird niche like Football Snack Helmets!

Is My Super Affiliate Mentor a Scam?

No, My Super Affiliate Mentor is not a scam.  The same is said about the Super Affiliate Network.  Both are legit.

My Super Affiliate Mentor is just a really hyped-up and misleading sales funnel created to promote SAN.

The Super Affiliate Network is just a high-ticket membership platform which is focused on reselling their membership and recruiting people.

That’s why we ended up with ratings of 45/100 for SAN and only 10/100 for My Super Affiliate Mentor.

But to be really clear…

  • We’re not saying there isn’t any value in their training
  • We’re also not saying that you cannot make any money with their program

But the reasons we don’t recommend programs like these are explained in our review…

How We Make Money Online

One thing you should take away from this is that Affiliate Marketing is completely legit, and is a fantastic way of earning money online.  We do it ourselves, but for a complete beginner, programs like SAN are not ideal as you require huge amounts of money to get started…

That’s why we recommend a beginner-friendly platform that has a proven track record, offers training, tools and support, and isn’t going to cost you a fortune to get started…

We definitely recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate, it’s free to get started and is the best place (in our opinion) if you want to get started online!

Thanks for checking out our My Super Affiliate Mentor review!  If you have any questions or comments to add, then please write them in the comments section below. 😉

My Super Affiliate Mentor

£37/month + Upsells

Overall Rating



  • Honest Disclaimer
  • Real Testimonials about SAN
  • You Can Make Money


  • Sales Funnel to Super Affiliate Network
  • Hype & Misleading
  • High-Ticket Upsells Within SAN
  • Unknown Owner

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