The Super Affiliate Network Review: Something Doesn’t Add Up?

Welcome to our Super Affiliate Network Review!

There has been quite a bit of hype around the Super Affiliate Network by Misha Wilson.  I wanted to understand if the hype was worthwhile and is this training platform any good.

First off, it’s great to see that you’re doing your own research before buying into any “seemingly good” product.

That’s how you avoid scams and find only legitimate ways of making money online!

To be completely transparent with you, we’re not associated with the Super Affiliate Network in any form.  We’re not here to pitch or sell you anything.

Instead, I’ll be sharing with you what I’ve learned from researching this platform, are they completely honest with you upfront?  Is Super Affiliate Network worth your money to get this training?

Let’s get started with a quick product overview…

Super Affiliate Network Review Summary

Product Name: Super Affiliate Network

Founder: Misha Wilson

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Course

Price: $1 Trial, then $37 per month + Upsells up to $12,497!

Best For: Those Looking to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing (That have a budget)

Super Affiliate Network

Summary: The Super Affiliate Network platform does offer a really detailed training course for Affiliate Marketing, which will ensure anyone who joins has a extensive knowledge of how it all works.  But there is a huge emphasis on Solo Ads, which are basically paying to access people’s email lists.  That leads to them focusing heavily on Email Marketing too.  But the main goal it seems it to get you to promote the membership itself.  This over-shadows anyones attempt to start a legit affiliate marketing business.  

There are also MLM (or even Pyramid scheme) features that you should not get involved in.

Rating: 50/100

Recommended? No

Table of Contents

What is the Super Affiliate Network?

The Super Affiliate Network is a video training course showing people how to set up their own profitable affiliate marketing business.  It also has a community you join and access to a Personal Success Advisor to help you on your way.


It is fronted by its founder and CEO, Misha Wilson who is known as the youngest and fastest growing traffic and conversions expert on the Internet.

If you are still unsure who he is, you can read more about him on his own website.  But he is a young successful entrepreneur and he did achieve his success through Affiliate Marketing.

As he has launched this company, the Super Affiliate Network, you would think with his background, this product would be a great investment to learn affiliate marketing.

But that leads us to a point where there are a few things that the program is not upfront about straight away and I will share them with you throughout this review.  I also think that is has similar traits to a pyramid scheme.  Let’s carry on with the review.

Who Does Super Affiliate Network Benefit?

That is a tough question to call, from the hype and having a personal advisor on hand, you would expect any member joining this program to benefit.  But their income reports show on average, members only earned an average of $2,501.

I also have found mixed reviews out there on the success of the training, due to it being more of a pay to play system they teach.  It has a heavy focus on paid ads and email marketing to succeed.

So, at this moment I believe the only people to benefit from this are Misha and the guys at the top. (hence why it seems more like a pyramid scheme).

How Does SAN Work?

Before I describe how the Super Affiliate Network works, I want to share something that I experienced when signing up to get more information.  I watched a video from Misha, telling me about this program I would be joining.  All I needed to do to join this totally free platform was to enter my name and email address.

Notice, that Misha talks about a free platform.  Not true in the slightest.

As soon as I had entered my details, I was shown a video where I was told I would get a 93% discount on his Profit Boosting Bootcamp course, their flagship course.  It would break down everything needed to be successful with access to a Personal Success Advisor to help.


So, we went from a free product to them selling this bootcamp for a $1.

Sounds great, except that $1 is only for the first month.  Nowhere does this state that it will become a $37/month subscription.

I didn’t take the opportunity and went to my Super Affiliate Network dashboard, all you get access to, is the dashboard.  They also said that the $1 price, was a one-time thing.  But I could still get it for a dollar from my dashboard.  But I checked, it still did not state it would become a recurring bill every month.

So, I am still not sure why he is banging on in the video that it is a free product, when it clearly is not.

You can also only promote products you own, so whilst I have access to the dashboard, I am unable to promote it (not that I would) so I am still a little confused over the marketing.

To understand how the Super Affiliate Network works, you need to understand the different membership levels and the upsells that come thick and fast as you progress.

SAN Basic Membership ($37/month)

The basic membership and is also the Profit Boosting Bootcamp, Misha talks about in his video is a 3-week boot-camp course that focuses on the basics of affiliate marketing.  They cover topics such as:

  • Mindset
  • Psychology
  • Email Marketing
  • List Building
  • Selling
  • Automation

With 21 modules, it means that you get a module to complete each day.  Once you join the program, you are also assigned a Personal Success Advisor to guide you along, which is a nice touch for a newbie.


You also need to complete a quiz after each module to ensure you have understood the module and your coach will discuss it with you to unlock the next module.

Now, once you have also signed up to this membership you are pushed towards 2 upsells – “Solo Ad Success Formula” and “Super Affiliate Monthly Newsletter”.

The Solo Ad Success formula is an in-depth email marketing course and costs a one-time $97 for new members.  But the bit that stings about this is, I thought they covered email marketing in the membership – so what difference is there?

The Super Affiliate Monthly Newsletter is a monthly video update from Misha Wilson showing things that are working for him and how to apply it – this is a one-time $47 fee.

SAN Pro Membership ($2,497 One-Time Fee)

This offers a more advanced training and support level.  This is for people looking to scale their business with better marketing funnels, strategies, etc.

You will also gain access to monthly and weekly coaching as well as access to a private Facebook group.

Maui Intensive Mentoring ($12,497 One-Time Fee)

This is a 4-day exclusive Mastermind Event at Maui, where you can work directly with Misha’s team to help build your personal marketing funnels.

This actually does look really good, but the price is a bit excessive.  There are also aspects of the program that show this is not the best way to achieve success.

Haven't Made Your First $1 Yet?

Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

How Much Does SAN Cost?

The costs we’ve just discussed above are just for the different membership levels, as a reminder they are:

  • Basic Membership – $37/month
  • Pro Membership – $2,497 one-time fee
  • Intensive Mentoring – $12,497 one-time fee

But then you have to factor in the costs associated with autoresponder to carry out your Email Marketing campaigns and then there is the costs associated with paying for Solo Ads.

These prices can stack up pretty quickly…

What We Liked About Super Affiliate Network

Here’s what we liked about the Super Affiliate Network:

#1 $1 30-Day Trial

Whilst it is a little misleading when you are told it’s free, but it is only a dollar to take the system for a test drive for 30 days.

#2 30-Day “Better Than Money Back” Guarantee

If you are not entirely satisfied with the program within those 30 days, they will not only refund you but give you $100 for “wasting your time” This is the amount you would receive for the basic membership.


Whilst with the Pro Membership, they will give you $1,000.

This may sound very appealing and convincing, but there are a few hoops to jump through to actually get the cash. For example, you need to have completed all courses and have at least 3 calls with your Personal Success Advisor.

Whilst needing to go through these hoops, having a refund policy like this is a good feature.

#3 In-Depth Step-by-Step Course

The Super Affiliate Networks video courses are professionally recorded, and their courses are very clear and concise.  They have also catered for beginners, with homework to be completed and it being very easy to follow.

#4 Misha Wilson is Real

I know this might sound like an odd one, but when you start reviewing these types of programs you will be surprised by what you find.

Misha is very successful and is well respected in the affiliate marketing world.

What We Didn't Like About Super Affiliate Network

Here’s what we didn’t like about Super Affiliate Network:

#1 MLM Scheme type features

Whilst SAN having quite a lot of in-depth training, one of the main focuses is to help it members promote others to join the system.

Which isn’t a problem, plenty of programs have a referral program.  But one feature of SAN, means you need to upgrade to benefit fully.

If you are a basic SAN member, and someone takes you up on an invitation but joins the PRO membership through your affiliate link.  You will not receive the commission.  You will only benefit from people joining the PRO membership if you yourself are a PRO member.

That is not strictly affiliate marketing, that is pushing people to upgrade, just in case someone goes for the higher membership level.

That is an MLM scheme type feature, which we are not a fan of and leads this program to be considered along programs such as Six Figure Mentors, Digital Altitude, and MOBE (which has been closed down by the FTC,as a pyramid scheme).

They all have very similar systems:

  • High-ticket membership products
  • Focus mainly on promoting themselves
  • Requires members to pay expensive costs in order to qualify for commissions.

In no way am I saying these are scams, but it is definitely something you should consider before joining any such product including the Super Affiliate Network.

If you take a platform, we love called Wealthy Affiliate, people can get started for free and choose a product or service to promote in any niche you want.  You are not restricted in anyway on what you can promote.

#2 It Only Focuses on Email Marketing (No Website?)

Another concern I have is the fact that the SAN focuses mainly on generating traffic via solo ads and making sales via email marketing.

Both are genuine strategies and can be very effective, but these are paid routes.  As in you will need to invest more money into them, and it can sometimes take months of trial and error to get it right.  All the time losing you money.

You also lose out on any way of getting free traffic, because you do not have a website to promote your funnels.

#3 Courses are Locked Down

I said it earlier, you can only progress to the next module once you have completed a quiz and spoken to your advisor.  This is fine for a beginner and ensures they embed the knowledge they have learned.  But anyone with experience looking to explore email marketing, could find this quite frustrating.

#4 Can Be Expensive

I know the basic membership isn’t that expensive in the grand scale of things, but Solo Ads can get very expensive and the need to upgrade to benefit from conversions plus it being very limited on what it can offer does make it very expensive overall.

Haven't Made Your First $1 Yet?

Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

My SAN Review - Final Conclusion

The Super Affiliate Network by Misha Wilson is not a scam, they offer a lot of legitimate training resources, help and support that can help people get a start online.

But I find certain aspects not to my liking – promising a free platform in one video, then telling you in the next video you can get a discount on the same product you thought you had just signed up for.

An emphasis solely on promoting the Super Affiliate Network to others and only having paid ads as an option.  The disregard for building a website and building an authority website.

It seems like an expensive way to learn how to promote one product, in my opinion.

If Email Marketing and Solo Ads are your thing, it might be worth checking out the £1 trial, but if you are new to affiliate marketing, you can find a much better and cheaper way with great support with Wealthy Affiliate.

How We Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing is totally legit, it is one of the best ways to make money online.  But for a complete beginner, it can be very daunting and the methods that are shown with the Super Affiliate Network are not ideal for a beginner.

That’s why we recommend Wealthy Affiliate.  With a completely free starter membership and training that is designed for a complete beginner.  It’s an ideal place to test the water and ensure that you are making the right decision for you.  

That’s where we got started and thanks to their training are now earning consistent income from Affiliate Marketing.  If you want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, here’s a link to our review!

Thanks for checking out our Super Affiliate Network review!  If you have any questions or comments to add, then please write them in the comments section below. 😉

Super Affiliate Network

$1 Trial, then $37/month + Upsells









Overall Rating



  • $1 Trial
  • 30 Day "Better than Money Back" Guarantee
  • In-Depth Step-by-Step Course
  • Misha Wilson is a Real Person


  • MLM Scheme Type Features
  • It Only Focuses on Email Marketing
  • Courses are Locked Down
  • Can Be Expensive

24 thoughts on “The Super Affiliate Network Review: Something Doesn’t Add Up?”

  1. A lot of reviews have been done on various sites and I likes it so much each time a site is reviewed because it makes me to stay away from sites that will not add to my success or sites that could ruin my success and hard earned money. Any form of Pyramid scheme or MLM I don’t recommend it.

    • Hey Kenechi,

      thanks for checking out my review.  Pyramid schemes and most MLM schemes are only there to benefit the people at the top and we love shouting about them to ensure you all stay safe.



  2. Hello John,

    Searching on the internet I was able to open your website and read your opinion about companies that you do not recommend working with. If I notice that you have a company that if you recommend registering, call Wealthy Affiliate. 

    From what I see, the company specializes in affiliate marketing. How is your training and support in terms of quality? I would like to advance before you tell me how the company manages both issues. Thanks for all the help you can give me. Greetings. Claudio

  3. A very honest review of this type is what we need to make internet cleaner and better, the hype behind affiliate marketing business is making people to fall victim of the devilish scam, lots of platforms make it look as if people can make something out of nothing, NO. You have to put lots of energy, time and efforts to become a successful affiliate marketer, it might not necessarily mean that you spend lots of money learning the skills and having access to powerful tools. 

    Thanks for this wonderful review and I hope that I’ll be able to read more reviews about various affiliate marketing platform out there, through your website.

    • Hiya,

      thanks for checking out my review.  There are plenty of products that claim to be affiliate marketing and clearly they are not, when you delve in a little deeper.

      We will always try and highlight as many of these scams as we can, to ensure people can make informed decisions.



  4. Hello John,

    I really don’t like this program and I think it is quite expensive. Seems to me like this is an MLM scheme and it’s naturally something I’m not good at. This must be a program for people with the financial resource to promote it.

    Definitely not a program a newbie should be participating in.

     Thanks for sharing,

    warm regards

    • Hey Louis,

      you are right, this is for people have money to invest and can get behind promoting it.  But it is pitched at newbies, which is what we don’t like.

      Beginners need a proper training platform that is designed with them in mind, like Wealthy Affiliate.



  5. Thank you for this post John, I didn’t know “super affiliate network” was a program on its own. I used to think it was part of another program. Your post is very explicit about it. Although the super affiliate network is real, has a $1 trial period and step by step courses. I think I have found the best program, Wealthy Affiliate! 

    • Hey Juliet,

      I appreciate your comments, the super affiliate network is really an MLM scheme and there is too many upsells for my liking.

      I love the fact that Wealthy Affiliate keep it simple and don’t push anything at you, other than great training.



  6. Hi There 🙂 Thanks for sharing your opinion about this program. It was really tempting since I believe it is free. Unfortunately, It is not. This lighted my warning lights. I was sure that this is a scam. Plus MLM schemes here, and fact that just people on top are earning money make it worthless. For me, it is not worth at all to join it. Thanks for your article 🙂

    • Hi Igor,

      that is what threw me, it started off claiming to be free and then pushing a 93% discount at you without even displaying the price.  it is not worth your time, in my opinion.



  7. Dear John,

    Thanks a lot for this interesting & helpful review. 

    On a daily basis 1000’s of make money online programs and training are introduced online. Also there are many online scams or products which under-delivers what they promise. So this type of honest and helpful reviews plays a vital part in helping people.

    Your review post is saving people time, trouble, effort and money.

    After reading your review post Super Affiliate Network is a NO NO for me. I loved how easy the review makes it for readers and for sure no additional research needed. You left no stone up-turned in explaining how it all works.

    Much Success!


    • Thanks Paul,

      appreciate your comments.  We are working on shouting about as many scams as we can, to help people avoid them.


  8. I see why you gave the program a 2.5 out of 5.  It’s half good, lol.  I guess it might work for some people, but it sounds like a lot of hoopla, and I just can’t stand these programs that constantly upsell  and upsell and make the next level sound like the one that’s really going to make you rich.

    I fell prey to a system like this several years ago, and I did upgrade and my husband and I spend almost $15,000 taking courses and trainings.  We did not get rich.  We did learn some things, I’ll give you that, but not anywhere near $15,000 worth of training.  

    Look, we all want to make money here, but I agree with your recommendation on Wealthy Affiliate.  It’s a legitimate program that not only gives you websites and hosting, but a library of training that it would probably take a lifetime to go through all of it.  It’s sorted by categories, and when you sign up they literally guide you through the entire process.  You just can’t go wrong.  It’s actually free to sign up and then if you upgrade, it’s a one-time thing, you go to Premium for $49 a month and you’re there.

    Thanks for sharing this.  I think it’s important people avoid this kinds of programs.

  9. Thanks for your honest review of the Super Affiliate Network platform. This is yet another one that I have not heard of, but as you went through the description of the sign-up process and less than full disclosure of the real costs, it seems to me that it is quite similar to others that I have red-flagged for being not worth the money, any money.

    One of the reasons I always do my due diligence is that review sites such as this one provide a drill-down look at what is on offer, both up-front and in the upsells (and there seem to ALWAYS upsell after upsell associated with these platforms). The bait of zero cost to $1 to a monthly subscription of a much higher sum are things that should be presented in the sales page.

    The upsells prices are outrageous and I cannot believe that anyone would fall for them, but I guess you only need a couple sales a month to be sitting happily on a pile of money at the end of the month (if you are at the top). The other red flags you mention (promoting mainly their platform and using mainly paid ads) are in no way equipping someone learning the business to have success.

    Those that invest will feel pressure to sell other unwary people up and then get them to buy into the overpriced upsells to try and recoup their investment, quality of the platform and training be damned. That is not an ethical way to teach affiliate marketing.

    I am wondering if there are some cookie-cutter gurus out there that have helped these many platform creators put out similar products that just do not make sense for many people (except those at the top). There are just too many more reasonable options (less cost, better training, focus on the steps need to have success no matter the niche, etc.) out there.

    I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for almost 4 years now, and can personally testify as to the value it provides (it OVERDELIVERS). With that platform, you learn how to properly set up your online business and also have many features and benefits that normally would cost you much more elsewhere.

    There are other tools and platforms I use, but that is where I got my start, and for a comparison, I have one hosting service for 8 e-com stores that cost more than I pay for the entire Wealthy Affiliate platform. That is real life, but when starting, you will have everything you need right there for you with Wealthy Affiliate. 

    • Hey Dave,

      thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Super Affiliate Network.  Some great points there.

      Wealthy Affiliate has helped many new people get started with their own affiliate marketing business, and is our No.1 Recommended Product for a reason.



  10. Hi John! It seems to be difficult to label Super Affiliate Network as a scam. And I personally agree with you that it isn’t. But when it comes to joining a platform, we want to make sure it’s the best training or service we can get for our money. If there are too many unknowns right now, I would better play safe.

    I understand there has been a lot of effort gone into creating the training, and that speaks well about this site. And it may eventually keep on getting better. I believe a well respected person in the affiliate marketing World would want to continue building up a platform like this. I wouldn’t join now, but will keep an eye on this site. It could evolve into something interesting.

  11. Hi,

    I went and read your post on the Super Affiliate Network and would like to offer you my comments.

    I really enjoyed your post. I knew nothing about super affiliate network and your review is great. Before I subscribe to anything, I do a research to get reviews and also to understand what the product is all about. Your type of review is exactly what I’m looking for.

    What I really like is the order in which the information is presented. The use of the table of content with links would help someone who is not at his first review of the product. They can glace at your table and go directly to what they want. Your text is easy to read and has a good flow.

    I also like the way to used graphs and screenshots. It makes is very comprehensible to someone who didn’t want to read the whole text.

    To summarize, I really enjoyed your review, it is easy to read and to understand. You have put enough details to help a reader make his opinion. It is a thorough review. You didn’t leave any question unanswered. 

    I hope my comments will help you and that I’ve answered your questions.

    Keep it up, you did a really great job.


    • Hey Marie-Lou,

      thanks for checking out my review.  We try to offer comprehensive information whenever we review a product – regardless of whether it is legit or a scam.



  12. I really do find it astonishing that a online marketing program can charge $12,497 in upsells for someone to just learn the ropes – in this day and age – who has that sort of money spare? (well, the people that do have that money spare…certainly don’t need any further training!). 

    For me the email marketing side of things is a put off – I’m not that kind of marketer and I would never enjoy going down that route. 

    Thanks for covering this – I’ve been looking at it for quite some time now! 

    • Hey Chris,

      thanks for checking out my review.  It is an expensive program with no guarantees.  Email Marketing is still very effective, but there are better options out there.




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