The Coffee Shop Millionaire Review – Don’t Join Until You’ve Read Our Review!

Welcome to our Coffee Shop Millionaire Review!

We would all love to find a program that would make us a millionaire, but is this program really all it makes out it is?

There are opportunities with Internet Marketing, but it’s never as easy as the guys behind these programs claim it can.  So, what does the Coffee Shop Millionaire have to offer?  Let’s find out.

First off, it’s great to see that you’re doing your research before buying into any “seemingly good” product.

That’s how you avoid scams and find only legitimate ways to make money online!

To be completely transparent with you, we’re not associated with Coffee Shop Millionaire in any form.  We’re not here to pitch or sell you anything.

Instead, we want to reveal to you how this system really works and whether it can actually achieve all it claims it can…

Let’s get started with a quick product overview…

Coffee Shop Millionaire Review Summary

Product Name: Coffee Shop Millionaire

Founder: Anthony Trister

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training

Price: $37/month + Upsells

Best For: Aspiring Affiliate Marketers

Coffee Shop Millionaire Review

Summary: Coffee Shop Millionaire is a training program aimed at helping you get started at Affiliate Marketing.   But with a misleading marketing campaign focusing on the millionaire status, this product can seem like an awesome platform to sign up with. 

You should know there are hidden costs, a lot of upsells, outdated training and support that is lacking – this product is not one of the best.

Rating: 20/100

Recommended? No

Table of Contents

What is Coffee Shop Millionaire?

The Coffee Shop Millionaire program aims to teach you the basics you need to get started with internet marketing (affiliate marketing).  It has a number of training modules and lessons.  But the key theme with the program is that they are pitching the idea that you can become a millionaire following their training.

Now it is possible to earn good money with affiliate marketing, but there are very few who make it to the stage where they are earning millions of dollars with it.  It takes years to reach that stage, but this program pitches the idea that you can easily do this.

Who Does CSM Benefit?

The training modules lend itself to all levels of ability in the internet marketing market.  Although, as most people searching for training in Internet/Affiliate Marketing are doing so as they are beginners, this is where it does fall down a little.

There are many assumptions that you already know something about Internet Marketing, which means whilst the pitch is aimed at beginners, the training is aimed at those who already have the knowledge needed to get started.

Although, one thing I can resonate with is the fact that Anthony talks about the amount of time and effort you will need to invest to make this work.  Which is something that some other programs shy away from.  Anthony is a millionaire because of the amount of work he has invested into his business.  You will need to work just as hard to reach that target.

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How Does CSM Work?

Their training is spread across 12 modules, which cover different activities.  It also has a selection of Video tutorials.

They also have a community forum which is there to share experiences between members.

The initials claim from this product is you will receive a ‘cheat sheet’ that will outline a system to make $21k in just a couple of weeks without a product you own and without an email list.

That seems like an outrageous claim to state that you could be earning that within a couple of weeks.  If it was possible, wouldn’t everyone be doing it???

I know a number of experience Internet Marketers and they truly believe that is just a line that brings people into the fold.  Only a select few (those who already have the experience will reach those figures in the first year).

They also have a number of training modules on topics such as email marketing, video marketing, article submission and the local economy.  These are all valid topics, but the training at times is vague and outdated.  It also lacks some key elements.

Haven't Made Your First $1 Yet?

Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

How Much Does CSM Cost?

The initial membership cost is $37/month, which seems quite reasonable to join the Coffee Shop Millionaire Club.  This cost gets you into the training and support.  But as soon as you sign up, you get told you need to sign up with a product called the ‘Six Figure Success Club’. 

This is that cheat sheet they were on about, but it is priced at $297.  There is no mention of this upfront, so does come out of the blue.  This is how they make their money.

But then there are other costs that you may not have considered.  To make all this work, you need a website, website hosting, an autoresponder to name a few.  All of these are not included in the price.

What We Liked About CSM

Here’s what we liked about Coffee Shop Millionaire:

  • Initial Cost seems quite low
  • Anthony talks about the time and effort required to make this work

What We Didn't Like About CSM

Here’s what we didn’t like about Coffee Shop Millionaire:

  • Positive reviews online are manufactured (not real)
  • Upsells kick in as soon as you sign up
  • The millionaire tag leads to an expectation of that kind of earning potential, which is unrealistic for even the most successful users
  • Lots of complaints from other buyers online
  • Training is outdated and lacks substance

Haven't Made Your First $1 Yet?

Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

My CSM Review - Final Conclusion

Whilst on the surface, this looks like a great product with an internet guru there to help you get started with your start in Internet Marketing.  But in reality, you will get a low-quality product that has out-of-date training and a support network that is lacking.  Expect hidden costs as soon as you sign up, which seems more of a Multi-Level-Marketing campaign and expect more costs to actually start your online business.

There are plenty of positive reviews online for this product, but when you dig a little deeper you will find that these are false reviews with an aim of earning them money by introducing people to this product.

If you can sit through the initial video, you will see that it seems a great product, but you will soon realise that only half of the information is available within the monthly subscription, leading to more opportunities to take you money from you.

A Better Option...

If you really want the best training, tools, and support to get started with Affiliate Marketing, then you would benefit a lot more from a platform called Wealthy Affiliate.  They offer legit training that has helped thousands of people get started and scale their business, and achieve success from online marketing.

They are our #1 recommended training and I would definitely recommend you check them out…

Thanks for checking out our Coffee Shop Millionaire Review.  If you have any questions, or comments to add, then please write them in the comments section below. 😉

Coffee Shop Millionaire

$37/month + Upsells







Success Stories


Overall Rating



  • Initial Cost seems quite low
  • Anthony talks about the time and effort required to make this work


  • Positive reviews online are manufactured (not real)
  • Upsells kick in as soon as you sign up
  • The millionaire tag leads to an expectation of that kind of earning potential, which is unrealistic for even the most successful users
  • Lots of complaints from other buyers online
  • Training is outdated and lacks substance

12 thoughts on “The Coffee Shop Millionaire Review – Don’t Join Until You’ve Read Our Review!”

  1. I remember the product called Coffee Shop Millionaire from Anthony Trister, and I believe it is a couple of years old. I do not know if anyone is really making money from this, but I hate so this is a huge no for me.

    The name Coffee Shop Millionaire also gives too much hype to the internet marketing industry. Making money online is arduous work, and you need a lot of patience for it to work. I doubt whether sitting in a coffee shop sipping on some espresso will have any benefit.

    • Hey Viljoen,

      thanks for checking out my review and leaving some comments.  It makes it look like it is really easy, doesn’t it?

      An online business will take a lot of time and effort to get started, but I worry that the support available will not really mean you get the success you are after.  Unlike, our recommend training platform Wealthy Affiliate.



  2. Thank you for sharing with us this wonderful review on The Coffee Shop Millionaire.We are meeting many online platform which help people to make money online but many of them are not worth our trust.

    A friend of mine recommended me this but when i searched i found what they promise are not real.How a newbie can start earning money after signing up?This is a lie because earning money online asks much effort to earn money. This made me doubt on it.

    Anyway the modules they offer seem to be helpful but we can find the same content on google .

    • Hey Julienne,

      thanks for checking it out – You are right, a lot of their training is available elsewhere and is typically out of date (hence why you will find it anywhere).

      I just cannot find evidence to show that people will be earning that kind of money only after a couple of weeks.  If it was possible, we would have all done it by now.

      People shouldn’t be put off by hard work, it is needed – but people will get much better support and have more realistic goals with a platform where they focus on ensuring you get expert support.



  3. Thanks John for this awesome review. The Coffee Shop Millionaire might seem like a product that would be worth a trial for me until i saw this review. In your analysis, the cons are way more than the pros and that for me is a big red flag. I wouldn’t want to waste my time and resources on a product just to find out its content is out of date and hidden charges here and there. Reviews like this make my time online really worth it, thanks again John.

    • Thanks Samson,

      one of the key things we need to teach people online is that researching any purchase is so worthwhile.  But often, we only learn that lesson after we have been taken in by a scam.

      A lot of these types of programs look good to someone who isn’t in the know.  But that is why we offer reviews, so people understand that actually they are better off doing more research and finding a training platform that is right for them.



  4. Thanks for sharing this review of The Coffee Shop Millionaire. Okay firstly, I got turned away by the upsells. If there’s anything I hate about Products like these is upsells.

    Another Programme with this Programme is Fake claims. It’s not easy to be a thousand – naire (permit me to use that word) doing Affiliate Marketing not to speak about being a millionaire with it. It takes a lot of time, hardwork and the right tools to become successful.

    This product is misleading and carries the tag– SCAM!


    • Thanks Barry,

      Whilst I would be hesitant to give it the tag ‘Scam”.  it is a product I wouldn’t recommend.  If they were more upfront about what they offer and the prices attached, they would easily sit in a banding where people knew they were transparent.

      It does take hard work to be earning a decent amount.  But if we start with small targets, and then work our way up to higher targets – that is how we get into a business mindset, which is what this is.

      People are looking for ways to earn money – they don’t associate the business way.  they jump into a program because it promises you will be a millionaire – then you realise you have lost the money.

      Get expert help and support, with a transparent training platform where you will be taken by the hand to reach those steps.  Check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review.



  5. I’m so glad I found a better training platform before the coffee shop millionaire club.

    I find it very disturbing when I start in a program and the first thing I see is another up-sell product I should buy. You don’t mention a free trial, is there no way to check the program out before signing a contract?

    Anyway, I stick to Wealthy Affiliate and here I get to see a ton of good reviews every day. The dashboard is full of success stories and all kinds of “secret” tips for everyone to see 🙂

    • Hey Stefan, there is no free trial.

      You need to sign up with their $37/month membership.  So you are in, and as it is digital training – I think you will find that you will struggle to get a refund.  You only have the option of stopping your membership payment methods.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a great training platform, and they are so honest and transparent and they do offer a free starter membership for people to make their own decisions.



  6. Great post and good info.

    Another money making platform that isn’t the thing they claim it is.

    I’m very happy you review all of those, so we are safe to join these programs and waste money instead of earning it!

    I think I will stick with Wealthy Affiliate for a long time, and I don’t see anything that is close to it.

    Is that right what I’m saying?

    • hey Emmanuel,

      thanks for checking out my post.  Whilst there are plenty of products and platforms out there that are useful, some just do not live up to the users expectations.  We all want to find a genuine way of earning money online, but what I can’t deal with is hidden messages or agendas with products.

      That is why I love Wealthy Affiliate, they are so honest from the get-go.  They let you fully experience the platform for free, to let you decide.  But everything is visible and upfront.  No up sells, just honest answers.

      So, yes what you are saying is right.  There are no platforms, that I have experienced will give you the help and support Kyle and Carson offer in their platform.  Because, no other platform gives you direct access to Experts like Kyle and Carson.




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