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Hi, Welcome to Best Affiliate Marketing Tools!

Our blog is our way of documenting our online journey towards finding a way of making money online, through our top recommended business model called Affiliate Marketing.  This will include us finding and reviewing the different affiliate marketing training platforms and affiliate tools, and sharing our opinions on these on our blog! 

The biggest thing we have found is that there are a ton of scams out there, so we wanted to help others avoid these traps, and help keep you safe online and find only legitimate ways to make money online.

Our Story

First off, let us introduce ourselves.  We’re John and Gem.  We have been married for 13 years, although we actually got together when we went to the same school together, so have just celebrated being together for 22 years… I know, it’s a really long time…

Our online journey began when our son came along.  His name is Will, he is 8-years-old and he is our world.  But like most parents, when you have children you start to realise how much time you spend at work and you start to miss a lot of the key moments as he grows up.

I was missing out on so much of his life, and something needed to change…

Gem and I sat down and realised if we wanted to spend more time together as a family, and get out of the usual humdrum of work, we needed to find a “PASSIVE INCOME”.

I think everyone would love to find a passive income, where you could earn money even whilst you sleep…

It hasn’t been an easy journey, I’ve fallen into a couple of scams and it was because I tried to rush finding a way to make money, and that was my fatal flaw.


Having gone through that experience I learned a lot, but I also vowed to try and help as many people as I could avoid those scams.  Get people to understand that those Get-Rich-Schemes only made the owners of those programs become richer, and that was at the expense of those looking for ways to make money online.

That is why we created this blog, to help you avoid those scams, understand the amount of effort that is required to achieve that passive income.  And it’s also to help you get started on a legitimate way to make money online, and offer some help and support when you need it.

Like I said, I did get caught out by a scam… but it did lead me to a legit way to make money online.  So, I can’t talk too badly about it as if I had never got caught up I would never have heard about a business model.  The business model we now use to make money.

That business model was called Affiliate Marketing, and finding it along with the training platform we used to learn everything about it, transformed our lives…  If you’ve never heard of it before, don’t worry we can go through exactly what it is.

But the potentials of it are endless… We’re still learning, we’re still finding ways to improve our strategies, but when you have help like we do, it becomes much easier to get results.

But when you can earn $175 in one day (which happened whilst we slept), you know that with the right strategy you can soon start planning for when you’re going to give up your day job and spent more time doing what you love…

Affiliate Marketing Income Example

But the biggest thing you need to remember is that whilst this is passive income, it doesn’t mean that you’ll not be required to put in some effort.  It took us 6 months to see our first sale.  It all depends on how much time you can spend on it.

But, what’s this affiliate marketing?  How does it work? 

Let’s go through that briefly now…

What's Affiliate Marketing?

I didn’t even know what Affiliate Marketing was, when I first landed on a blogpost about the subject.  But when I had got my head around it, I was surprised at how often I had been involved as a customer to the process, without even realising it…

In the simplest terms, it’s a “refer a friend” process.  If you’ve ever used an Uber or got a voucher through to give to a friend to use in return for a reduced fare, that is a version of Affiliate Marketing.

Online, it’s as simple as when you’re looking for whether to buy a product or not, you tend to look for reviews.  You land on a review that gives you valuable insight into that product, then you make a decision as to whether to buy it or not.

You click on the link that the reviewer includes that takes you to the merchant website and buy it.

You get the product you wanted, the owner of the product gets the sale.  And the Affiliate gets a commission for introducing a buyer to a seller.

It very much looks like this in action:

That same blog also recommended a training platform, that offered training, tools, support and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to help us get started… That recommendation led us to joining the best training platform for those who want to get started with affiliate marketing…

It was a great and honest review of what affiliate marketing was, and how they had benefitted from a training platform.  I wanted to read more and read their Wealthy Affiliate Review.

The first thing I felt when researching Wealthy Affiliate and having been a member for over 2 years is the fact that it was full of honest people.

From the owners, to the thousands of active members everyone is honest about the work you are needing to put in to be successful with Affiliate Marketing.

It is often something that we don’t want to hear, because we are often looking for a way out.  Whether that is a way out of debt or a worthless job, we want a quick way out.

But one thing I can guarantee, is that if you go away from here and keep looking for a quicker route you will sit there in 6 months no nearer an escape.  And yet you could have had your very own Affiliate Marketing website starting to earn money at that point with the right help and support.

What Help Can We Provide You...

The one thing I would want to emphasis we can help you with is not just getting started, in a sense that is relatively easy.  But we’re not just about getting you started and then leaving you to it.

The help we want to provide is the ability to contact us at any time and we’re help you with the specific problem you have at that moment.

This isn’t a quick and easy route to making money.  I want to stress that, as you won’t just launch a blog and then see sales straightaway.  Wealthy Affiliate can help you follow the right strategy, with their training program.  They offer support from the community.  But there are times you want a specific answer to a specific question, and that’s what we will help you with…

There are many elements to affiliate marketing, and we’ll help you at every step of the way.

Affiliate Marketing is not a quick route to earning money online but done right it can easily exceed any financial goals you set and more.

That is what I loved about joining Wealthy Affiliate.  I had help to get started and help to achieve my goals of earning money and helping other people.

From what I have learned, it has helped us develop Gem’s wedding stationary business into a profitable business.

We all need to get started somewhere, but you need to be ready to grab your opportunity.

Are You Ready to Get Started...?

Taking the first step, is often the hardest part.  I bet you’re still not convinced at this point and that is perfectly understandable.  But that’s why we recommend Wealthy Affiliate as it’s completely free to get started.

With no credit card needed, you’ll get access to 10 free lessons, a free website, and our support.  The community will also be there to support you.  Take Wealthy Affiliate for a test drive and see if this is really the direction you wish to go with to achieving your goals.

The final thought I want to leave you with is that you will need to take action if you want to be successful!  If you want to find financial freedom and earn passive income, then you need to take action and keep taking action.

Like I said, we can offer you help, support every step of the way, but you’ll be required to be the one who takes action…

If you would like to learn a little more before you make your decision, here are a few useful posts that you will want to review first:

But if you want to get started with the best training platform you could find to get started, then click the button below to join Wealthy Affiliate with a FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP:

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