The Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review – Is it Worth $1,997?

Welcome to our Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review!

Affiliate Marketing is an awesome business model to get started online, but does The Affiliate Marketing Mastery course stack up for the price they are asking for?

Stefan claims to help you build a 7-figure business from scratch through his course, but we ask the question is it worth nearly $2k or is there a better option…?

First off, it’s great to see that you’re doing your research before buying into any “seemingly good” product.

That’s how you avoid scams and find only legitimate ways to make money online!

Stefan James is a very experience Internet Marketer, and in our review we’re going to reveal to you what we found out about this course in our review.  That way, you can make an objective decision as to whether it is the right move for you…

Let’s get started with a quick product overview…

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review Summary

Product Name: Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Founder: Stefan James

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Course

Price: $1,977 (or 3 payments of $767)

Best For: Aspiring Affiliate Marketers with a Budget

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review

Summary: Affiliate Marketing Mastery is a training program that will show you how to get started with Affiliate Marketing, and Stefan also claims it will be the foundation to build a 7-figure affiliate marketing business on.

Stefan definitely knows his stuff, but I would expect to see some tools and other features for that kind of money, but you only get training here.  Meaning that you will need to expect to spend additional money to achieve the steps involved.

Definitely a solid option, although it is an expensive investment.

Rating: 81/100

Recommended? Yes & No

If you want to learn affiliate marketing, but don’t have $1,997 to drop on this training course, then check out our #1 recommended training.  It’s free to get started too. 😉

Table of Contents

What is Affiiate Marketing Mastery?

Stefan James created Affiliate Marketing Master (AMM) in 2016, and he is also the found of many other high-quality products such as K Money Mastery.

AMM is a step-by-step training course that teaches people how to build an online business that makes money using Affiliate Marketing.

The AMM Course includes training on topics such as:

  • Finding a Niche
  • Blogging
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • How to Monetise Your Business through Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

If you are new to affiliate marketing, or are not sure what affiliate marketing is Stefan James gives you a great explanation in the video below:

Put simply, Affiliate Marketing does not require you to have your own products, worry about handling the transaction or shipping any products.  You also do not handle customer service and refunds too.

You make money by promoting other people’s products and earn a commission based on any sales you produce.

Being able to help people and market relevant products and services to your audience is the key.

P.S. We love Affiliate Marketing and it is how we make money online, learn how we did it and how you can get started here.

Inside Affiliate Marketing Mastery

We want to cover 4 aspects within Affiliate Marketing Mastery, to give you an insight into what is available.  Let’s start with the Training.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Training

The training available within Affiliate Marketing Mastery includes:

  • Over 70+ step-by-step tutorial videos throughout 7 main modules. It works out to over 20+ hours’ worth of content.
  • Downloadable PDF, which includes transcripts and summaries of each lesson
  • 90-Day Email Coaching Program
  • Weekly Webinars

Below we have described an overview of each of the modules, to show you what is covered in each:

  • Module 1: Strategy & Mindset – Introduction to course and getting your mentality right for success with affiliate marketing.
  • Module 2: Niche Selection – how to find a profitable niche that is suitable for you. It also covers how to find affiliate products to sell.
  • Module 3: Creating Your Online Brand & Presence – Setting up your WordPress website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Module 4: Quality Content Creation – How to create quality content for each platform and building relationships, and the “pre-sell to your audience.
  • Module 5: Marketing Strategies – Strategies to attract traffic, visitors, building up followers on social media and subscribers to YouTube.
  • Module 6: Earning Revenue & Monetising Your Traffic – Monetisation Strategies
  • Module 7: Performance & Analytics – All around analytics for your business, including tracking conversions and split testing to get the best results.

Amongst all of these modules it covers:

  • How to find a profitable niche
  • How to set up your blog, including find a domain name and web hosting
  • Which plugins you need for your blog with explanations
  • Keyword research
  • How to attract traffic
  • How to work with social media accounts
  • How to get visitors to subscribe to your email list
  • Automating emails
  • Finding affiliate programs and products to promote
  • Blog design
  • Creating content
  • Promoting via Kindle Books
  • Building a Brand
  • Creating the Success mindset.

Stefan does spend a lot of time covering the mindset of becoming successful. 


Whilst the training is fantastic, there are no tools provided with Affiliate Marketing Mastery.

Some of the essential tools for affiliate marketing include:

  • Web Hosting
  • Website Domain Registration
  • Keyword Research Tool (For Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Email Autoresponder (for Email Marketing)

None of these are provided within Affiliate Marketing Mastery, you will need to go elsewhere to implement the training provided.


Once you sign up with Affiliate Marketing Mastery, you get access to a private Facebook Group.  This is pretty active and useful.  You will get prompt answers to your questions through it.

There is also a support team via their website.

Who Will Benefit from Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Affiliate Marketing Mastery would benefit complete beginners who are looking to learn affiliate marketing from scratch.

The training is teaching you how to set up everything from the beginning including setting up your website, Facebook, etc.

However, like our top recommended training program, not every complete beginner is suitable for Affiliate Marketing Mastery.

There are two types of beginner who shouldn’t waste their time or money on AMM:

  1. People are looking for get-rich-quick type schemes
  2. People who cannot afford the initial investment

Affiliate Marketing is a long-term business plan, Stefan’s training and his strategies do work in the long run.  But there are many people who lack the patience to and determination to see it through.

If you are looking for a way to make money quickly, neither affiliate marketing nor Affiliate Marketing Mastery will help you achieve this.

Secondly, this is an expensive course and if you do not have the money to invest in this course, it kind of answers the point.

Want a Training Course Where You Can Get Started for Free?

Haven't Made Your First $1 Yet?

Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

How Much Does Affiliate Marketing Mastery Cost?

This is something that is hard to stomach, considering there are not tools provided.  Whilst it is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee, the price is either:

  • One-time payment of $1,997
  • 3 Instalments of $767 (or $2,301)

Whilst I appreciate the training is great, and Stefan has a lot to offer someone just starting out.  That is a really high price for a beginner to contemplate.

What We Liked About Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Here’s what we liked about Affiliate Marketing Mastery:

#1 It is Genuine Affiliate Marketing Training

Affiliate Marketing is a great business model for those looking to make money online, and there are plenty of training courses out there pretending to be Affiliate Marketing and they are clearly nothing of the sort.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is the real thing.  His course has some really quality and will definitely help people get started with affiliate marketing correctly

With over 20 hours of content, the training materials showcase the time and effort Stefan has put into the course.

#2 Stefan is a Real Person

This might seem like an odd one, but there are plenty of courses out there that offer you just a name of the owner, with no identity for anyone to relate to.  When they are just a non-entity like that it is hard to feel like anyone cares about you making money or not.

Stefan is really involved in his training, and his webinars show his enthusiasm too.

These people who are just a name often just create low-quality products with the aim of making money.  Many products on ClickBank tend to fit this cliché, however whilst AMM is available via ClickBank it is one of the better products on there.

#3 His Sales Page is Useful & Informative

Most products have this ridiculous sales pages that claim you will be making thousands at a touch of a button or have so much hype from testimonials galore and the one thing they do not tell you, is what you will actually be doing!

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is completely different, and you could describe their sales page as educational.  His income proof, success stories and testimonials are all genuine. 

The sales video is not really a sales video, it is actually a training video that is 1 hour and 40 minutes long teaching you the basics of affiliate marketing.

This does go a long way to show that Stefan takes pride in whatever he does and wants to ensure people fully understand what they are getting into before starting.

#4 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Affiliate Marketing Mastery also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.  All you need to do is contact his team via email and they will refund you your money.

What We Didn't Like About Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Here is what we didn’t like about Affiliate Marketing Mastery:

#1 Only Training, No Tools Included

The training is a really big positive, but training is not enough to get started with affiliate marketing.

To set up a website, you will need to register a domain and you will also require web hosting for your domain.

To drive traffic to your website, you will need a keyword research tool to get free traffic via SEO.

This will mean you will need to invest more money into 3rd party tools and services.

My personal recommendation for beginners, is to get started with a training platform like Wealthy Affiliate that has everything together in one place.  You can get started with training and tools and not have to worry about going elsewhere for these services.

#2 The Price!

$1,997 is a heck of a lot of money, and for most people will put this training out of reach.

As it is only training, I do question why it is so much.  I know you are getting 20+ hours of training, but that is still a really high price considering this is aimed at those wanting to get started within affiliate marketing.

Again, Wealthy Affiliate offers a free starter membership and if you like the platform and decide to go premium and gain access to all of the features, it is just $49/month and nowhere near the $1,997 of Affiliate Marketing Mastery.

Haven't Made Your First $1 Yet?

Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

My AMM Review - Final Conclusion

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is definitely not a scam, and it is a really good affiliate marketing training that will give you a lot of information and strategies for an affiliate marketing online business.

However, I feel the lack of tools provided with this course brings into question whether it is worth the high initial investment.

Having to go elsewhere for a number of basic features can easily skyrocket the price you are paying.

For this reason, I would say it is a good option but not a great option.

How We Make Money Online

If you are really looking for a way to get started with Affiliate Marketing and want to get started in a safe environment and not have to pay this sort of price, we highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

You can get started for free and start your own journey towards financial independence.  Learn more in our Wealthy Affiliate review.

Thanks for taking the time to read our review. Still have questions or want to share any experience with Affiliate Marketing Mastery, then write them in the comments below.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery

$1,997 or 3x $767







Overall Rating



  • Genuine Affiliate Marketing Training
  • Stefan is Real
  • His Sales Page is Informative and Useful
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • No Tools Included
  • The Price

8 thoughts on “The Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review – Is it Worth $1,997?”

  1. Thanks for this insights provided on the Affiliate Marketing Mastery. 

    Firstly, I an a rookie to the affiliate marketing world who quit his 9-5 job to pursue his dream of getting to make a living online. I appreciate the fact that AMM offers intensive training which might be really helpful to someone like me but at that price!😯, I’m not sure I am capable to go for such. 

    Also, the fact that it doesn’t offer tools to complement the trainings is also a turn off. I like the fact that its creator is real and that it can help me a lot to get through the hurdles of just starting out but… the price!

    I think I will just stick with Wealthy Affiliate for now.

    • Hey Darrick,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.

      I know what you mean, it is a huge amount of money to invest in something that you are unsure on whether it is for you.  

      Many people believe Affiliate Marketing is easy money – but there is a lot of time and effort required that many people are not ready to commit.  But after spending nearly $2k, you would want to know you can commit to the time and effort as Stefan will tell you exactly the same stuff.

      You need to work hard and keep at it.

      I personally believe Wealthy Affiliate is a safer choice for those looking to get started with affiliate marketing and like we said, you can get started for free.

      all the best


  2. Awesome post, John. After knowing the price tag, I was automatically searching in your article about the uniqueness of AMM. 

    And, as you have mentioned that there is no tool support, in this case, I believe beginners will surely find it difficult to get through. Content looks promising but of course, the price tag is too high for that.

    Your analysis is well detailed and unbiased. This is all a newbie would like to know about AMM. 

    Do they have any success stories, so far, by the way?

    Thanks for sharing this useful review and giving your recommendation to a beginner to start Affiliate Marketing for free before investing money into it. 

    I’m glad that I get to read this article.

    • Hey Akshaysaxena,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.

      AMM definitely has success stories, that is why we rated it an 81/100. But with the price tag I would expect it to be for Affiliate Marketers ready to take it to the next level and not complete beginners.

      If you can afford the initial outlay, it might be worth it.  But in my experience, many people want to try something out before committing and you cannot really do this with AMM.

      The lack of tools does also knock it down in our rating.

      People can get started with Affiliate Marketing without a high initial investment and that is why we prefer Wealthy Affiliate.



  3. I think that affiliate marketing is truly the job of the future. It is becoming so popular that even persons in high school start doing it. 

    Of course, you should know what you do but it is definitely one of the easiest ways to earn money online. 

    I am still a beginner in the affiliate marketing so I can’t make a decision should I buy this or not. 

    Can I contact you privately to ask some more questions about this?

    • Hey Daniel,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.

      Affiliate Marketing is very appealing, and I can totally understand why so many people are deciding to take that route.  But most will not commit to it, because it takes a lot of effort to work out.

      That is why we feel the high price tag does put this out of reach to most people.

      I can understand that you might have reservations, if you want to chat more drop me an email at



  4. The program is very good. The step by step courses is so detailed and guiding. 

    But it’s just not accessible to anyone. Because the price is very important, but I wonder, do you have a lifetime access to the courses and Facebook group? Or is it just for a short term?

    For the price, I expected the program to come with hosting or another tool to help one grow as an affiliate marketer.

    I really like your recommendation, wealthy affiliate is the best place to start as an affiliate marketer, they have all the tools you need to create your brand, scale it and succeed in your business. You will be able to build your website, create valuable content and learn how to get a maximum traffic from seo.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Adyns68,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.  It is a one-off fee, so that is good but like we said you need to be able to commit to it to warrant the high initial investment.

      But most people who try affiliate marketing soon realise it is not for them and whilst you do have 30 days to get your money back, is it really long enough to help make up your mind.

      The fact you would need to go and pay for other tools too, makes it a good option but not a great option like Wealthy Affiliate.

      People can check it out without the high price tag and make up their own mind about when they decide to invest into it fully.




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