Is Traffic Rebirth a Scam? Or Is It an Idiot Proof Way to Traffic & Money?

Traffic Rebirth has the usual looks of a low-quality product, but I was pleasantly surprised when I started to go through it. IS Traffic Rebirth a Scam or not?  That is what we will go through in this Traffic Rebirth review.

First off, thanks for checking out this review.  Researching products is a great way of avoiding scams and we love to help people find genuine products.

Let’s get into our Traffic Rebirth review and show you what we found out…

Product Review Summary

Product Name: Traffic Rebirth

Owner: Stefan Ciancio & Greg Kononenko

Product Type: Training Platform – Pinterest, FB and a little on SEO

Price: $17 + Upsells

Best For: Established Website Owner Looking towards Pinterest

Traffic Rebirth Review

Summary:  Traffic Rebirth offers a training platform that focuses on gaining traffic to your website via Pinterest.  It offers some in-depth training with regards Pinterest and FB Ads, but the training on SEO is limited.  I would recommend this training would benefit someone who is already established and has a good handle on SEO and are looking to expand their traffic gathering. 

If you are just starting out, then I would go and learn effective SEO routes from a comprehensive training like Wealthy Affiliate first.

Rating: 50/100

Recommended? If you already have a blog and know SEO, Yes

If you are new and want to learn from a comprehensive training platform that covers all aspects of an online business, then we recommend getting started for FREE with Wealthy Affiliate.

What is Traffic Rebirth?

The majority of the training that is available within Traffic Rebirth is aimed at teaching you how to create a following on Pinterest.  Pinterest is a social media branch of Google.  It is a little like Instagram where images are the primary post shared.  You will then be taught how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website.

The remainder of the training will show you elements of SEO, Facebook Ads and other sources of traffic, but know that is mainly to do with Pinterest.

Stefan has another program called Evergreen Traffic Academy, which is very similar.  If you already have Evergreen Traffic Academy, it might not be worthwhile you buy Traffic Rebirth due to the similarities.

There are elements of the sales page that does put Traffic Rebirth in a poor light, but overall this does appear to be a good training package if you want to do better with Pinterest.

But the things that I do not like are the fact it states it is an “Idiot Proof” way to get high levels of traffic:

Idiot Proof - Traffic Rebirth

It also claims you will require no technical skills and require little time a day.  These are usually things that would put me off recommending a program.  But, put those aside and if you understand you are going to have to put some work in to make anything work online and you will get some benefit out of this training.  But I would only recommend the base product, I do not feel you will get a lot of benefit out of the upsells.

How Does Traffic Rebirth Work?

First off, I recommend you check out the Video below to understand what you are going to get this traffic and what you will learn:

The training will take you through the following steps:

  • How to create a website on a niche, then how to create a Pinterest account
  • How to find followers that are in the same niche market as you and to follow them. Then in turn, a number of these people will follow you back
  • You will build up a following, the training suggests over 50 people
  • They then take you through following big names on Pinterest within your niche market. You will then attempt to join their community.  (You need followers for this)
  • They then go through how to create your own content and images and how to pin these to those big names that you inside their “club”
  • This will expose your images and content to the followers of those big names and funnel visitors to your website.
  • Then you can collect email lists, use affiliate marketing or have ads as a way of monetising your website

In short, it is teaching you how to piggyback off of these big names within Pinterest.  It is an effective strategy if done right.

What’s Inside Traffic Rebirth…?

The front-end course consists of 6 modules, which each contain between 4-11 videos.

Module #1: Our Case Studies & Introduction

  • Stefan’s Case Study 5:56
  • Greg’s Case Study 6:50
  • Summary Overview of the Method 8:16
  • About Your Instructors 1:21

Module #2: Building the Basics of Your Website

  • Niche Research 13:46
  • Domain & Hosting 10:36

Module #3: Build Out Your Website

  • Establish Your Blog Structure 15:29
  • Mandatory Site Pages 2:00
  • Content Research & Production 9:36
  • Adding Content to your Website 4:17
  • Setup Facebook Account 7:25

Module #4: Pinterest Setup

  • Setup Pinterest Account 4:58
  • Setup 10 Pinterest Boards 7:52
  • Set up Rich Pins 1:20
  • Get your First 50-100 Followers 10:38
  • Create Pin Graphics for your Posts 5:18
  • Add your “Money” Pins for Pinterest 5:21
  • Find Group Boards & Apply to Them 17:03
  • Share your Pins to Group Boards & Get Traffic 15:05

Module #5: Long Term SEO Traffic

  • Overview 3:59
  • SEO Concepts 8:12
  • Essential Tool – Moz Toolbar 7:24
  • Keyword Generation – Google Keyword Planner 6:01
  • Keywords 5:32
  • SEM Rush 11:44
  • Competition Analysis – Moz Toolbar 7:20
  • Creating SEO Optimised Content 6:41
  • Building Links 8:45
  • Setup & Build Email List 3:14
  • Setup & Build Custom Audience 7:32

Module #6: Monetisation

  • AdSense Monetisation 5:40
  • Additional Monetisation 12:19
  • Long-term Plan & What to Do After This Course 6:19

Who Will Benefit from Traffic Rebirth

With all of the sales pitch done in the way it is, it looks like they are pitching it to complete newbies, but I would be hesitant to recommend it to those just starting out. 

There are fundamental elements of an online business that you would be better off learning of from top platforms like Wealthy Affiliate.

My recommendation would be is that this product is for those who already have an established foundation, a website and have the basics down.  Then you could use this to increase your traffic.

How Much Does Traffic Rebirth Cost?

On the face of it you are going to get a lot of value for only $17, but there are also a couple of upsells that you need to factor in.  I don’t feel you necessarily need them but know that they will try to convince you do need them.

The first upsell is going to cost you $30 and includes the following:

  • Stefan’s Turn 10 Into More Study 4:56
  • Stefan’s Easy eCom Profits Study 6:55
  • Greg’s 5700 Shares Study 6:49
  • Greg’s Easy $512 Sale 10:06

The second upsell is another $30 and includes 10 Done For You Niche Packs.  The thing I do find out though, is that they haven’t taken the time to correct it from their previous program.  This is supposed to be for Traffic Rebirth and yet, it shows as the Pullii System.  Which is another of their products.

Pulli System or Traffic Rebirth

Know that both of these offers are not new from their previous program and some of the videos have not been updated sign their last product too.

What is Good About Traffic Rebirth (PROS)

Here is what we liked about it:

Good Quality Videos That Do Teach Effective Methods

From what I have seen of their training it is high quality and offers some real value.  The information is current, and you will definitely learn from them.  The training is quite in-depth which is something I like as it shows they know their stuff and are willing to share this information with people.

Honesty about Timeframes

A lot of programs will tell you that you will be earning huge sums of money overnight.  This is a typical example of what a scam is.  But this Traffic Rebirth program is different, they are very clear that this is a strategy that will take time to see results.  They really drive the point home that it may take several weeks to start seeing results. 

I respect a program that emphasises that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

It is Free Traffic…

The initial methods they teach are about driving free organic traffic to your website.  Later on it does start talking about paid methods via Facebook Ads, but the initial training will teach you methods that will not require a budget.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Traffic Rebirth offers a 14-day money guarantee, which is a great sign that you can try it out and if you are not happy you can get your money back


What Could Traffic Rebirth Improve on? (CONS)

Here is what we didn’t like:

No Written Training

Whilst video training is good, I would have liked to have seen some written training that could along with the videos to help learn the methods as you go.  Because the videos lack this, I had to rewind some of the videos a number of times to capture certain points or methods they were trying to teach.

Having a written step-by-step training would save people a lot of time.

No Comment System

There isn’t any way of writing questions or anything under each of the modules, the only option is a helpdesk type system.  But you have to log a ticket and await a response.  It would have been better if you could write a question under the module and come back later when an answer to that specific question is there.  Also, other members could read these as most of the time we all tend to have the same questions.

Some of the Training isn’t NEW

Whilst I feel this training is good and people would benefit from it, most of the video training has been pulled from a product they used to have called The Pullii system.  If you have already bought that product, then there is little point buying Traffic Rebirth as only 6 of the 32 videos are new.

My Honest Opinion of Traffic Rebirth - Is Traffic Rebirth a Scam?

Traffic Rebirth offers some great training if you are looking at getting into the Pinterest market.  It definitely isn’t a scam, but I would be mindful of the upsells.  Whilst they might look like a good deal, the Done for You niche websites will typically include duplicate content which is a bad thing if you want to make any money.  Duplicate content is not tolerated by the search engines and will only lead to nowhere.

Having said that, the base product does offer some great value, especially as it is only $17.

But know that the training is quite extensive, and you will need to invest the time to watch the videos and embed the learnings into your online business.

This training would really benefit someone who has already got an online business and is looking into expanding their business and seek further traffic routes.

However, if you are brand new I would recommend you start from a more traditional base of getting traffic, which is SEO.

Traffic Rebirth does offer some insight into SEO, but it is nowhere near as comprehensive as our top recommended program:

You can see traffic from places like Pinterest or Facebook, but if you can rank high in Google via SEO you will find that is the best route to making a living online!

Whilst I do recommend Traffic Rebirth, it is nowhere near as comprehensive as our Top Recommended Program and since it is free to get started with Wealthy Affiliate you have nothing to lose.

You will benefit from an all-inclusive training program (Mainly SEO, but also PPC, Social Media Marketing including Pinterest).  You will also gain access to anything new that comes along with no extra cost, which will be a huge cost saving benefit.

It is our top recommended program for a reason, learn more in our Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Thanks for checking out our Traffic Rebirth review.  What did you think?  Write any questions or comments below, if you have any experience with Traffic Rebirth, we would love to hear from you…

Traffic Rebirth

$17 + Upsells





Overall Quality



  • Quality Videos & Training
  • Honesty about Timeframes
  • It is Free Traffic Methods
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • No Written Training
  • NO Comment System
  • Some of the training isn't New

6 thoughts on “Is Traffic Rebirth a Scam? Or Is It an Idiot Proof Way to Traffic & Money?”

  1. Well, for the low price of seventeen dollars, and the fact that I have had to train myself in Pinterest marketing, I feel that this could be quite a positive product overall (as long as you’re not bombarded with a ton of secret upsells!). 

    How effective would you say their Pinterst techniques are? I only ask as I’m aware that a lot of social media marketing training out there is pretty much redundant and worthless. 

    • Hey Chris,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.  I get what you are saying, there are always techniques that are going to become redundant.  I would say their techniques are useful and would reap the benefits but I wouldn’t say you need the upsells.

      The base product will give you a solid grounding in Pinterest.  But it depends on your knowledge you already have as to whether these techniques will benefit you, if I am honest.

      I would say this is more for those that have a blog, but haven’t explored Pinterest yet…


  2. Interesting review on Traffic Rebirth. When I first saw this product I didn’t take much notice of it, but not that I am trying to learn a bit more about Pinterest, I think that this product may just come in handy.

    However I am already a member of Wealthy Affiliate, so I wonder if it is worth buying the product, or is all the training already within the Wealthy Affiliate Platform? The product seems cheap enough, but don’t want to throw away money if I am not going to learn anything new.

    • Hey Michel,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.  If you are already benefitting from Wealthy Affiliate’s training you are already set for Pinterest.  Check out some of the great resources within WA around Pinterest and you will get the knowledge you need.

      Some of the community created training within is really useful!


  3. Thanks for this in depth post. I think the con’s on this traffic rebirth is majorly about the upsell, and also it might be a bit complex for newbies. I recently joined wealthy affiliate community, and everything so far has being really cool; Tons of material to help you grow, not to mention the experienced members who are ready to help when you need one.

    • Hey Jordan,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.  Personally I didn’t buy the upsells and that is always an option.  But the training did offer some great tips about getting the most out of Pinterest.

      When it comes to Wealthy Affiliate though, it is a fully comprehensive training platform that will cover all of the aspects you need without any further investment.  Definitely our top choice for those just starting out.




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