Is Stack That Money a Scam? #1 Affiliate Marketing Community?!

Welcome to our Stack That Money Review!

With a claim that it is the #1 Affiliate Marketing community online, it is no wonder it gets so much attention but is Stack That Money a Scam or a genuine place for affiliate marketers or those looking to get started with affiliate marketing.

First off, it’s great to see that you’re doing your research before buying into any “seemingly good” product.

That is how you avoid scams and find only legitimate ways to make money online!

To be completely transparent with you, we’re not associated with Stack That Money in any form.  We’re not here to pitch or sell you anything.

Instead, our in-depth review will help you get all the details you need to know so that you can then make an informed decision about whether this is the right community for you…

Stack That Money Review Summary

Product Name: Stack That Money

Founder: Stackman, Lorenzo Greene, and Besmir, in 2011

Product Type: Paid Affiliate Marketing Forum

Price: $99/month

Best For: More Advanced Affiliate Marketers

STM - Is Stack That Money a Scam?


  • Lose The Spammers
  • Valuable Information & Support
  • Community is Active & Helpful
  • Valuable for Advanced Affiliate Marketers


  • Not for Beginners
  • The Community is Not As Active
  • The Price
  • Not For Every Niche
  • Too Much Information

Summary: Stack That Money is an online forum for more advanced affiliate marketers to learn from some experienced Affiliate Marketers.  Whilst the price might put some people off, it does (almost) guarantee that you will not see any spammers or those looking to take advantage from you.  It has some great resources for a more established marketer looking to scale their businesses.

But without clear step-by-step training and little or no resource on SEO, this forum is not particularly beginner friendly.  If you are more established and already making money, then yes it could be for you.

If you’re just started out, then there are better options

Rating: 80/100

Recommended? If you’re more experienced, then yes

If you are still new to affiliate marketing, or haven’t even got started, then a better recommendation for you would be Wealthy Affiliate With step-by-step training to help you get started, it’s our #1 Recommended Training.

Table of Contents

What is Stack That Money?

Let’s not beat about the bush, Stack that Money is definitely not a scam.  It is a premium affiliate marketing community or forum.  It is a paid forum that provides no free trial, but it also doesn’t hit you with any upsells.

The provide case studies, guides and other high-quality information that helps its members learn and grow from one another.

The forum was launched in 2011 with a goal of creating an environment where industry leaders could share their knowledge with others, and I do get it as you will find affiliate marketing experts within the forum.

However, whilst their sales pages states that this website could benefit anyone I would still questions whether a complete beginner could justify the expense.  If you watch the short video they have on their sign up page below, you will that they are stating a complete newbie called Chris was able to transform from a wannabe to a millionaire just by learning from Stack That Money:

I would question the legitimacy of that claim, especially as it takes a lot more training than what could be on offer within a forum to achieve that kind of success?

How Does Stack that Money Work?

Like we said, Stack That Money is a online forum for affiliate marketers to share notes, but what does Stack That Money offer from the other forums like Warrior Forum, WickedFire Forum, AffiliateFix Forum and Digital Forum that could justify the monthly fee.

All of the others are free to join, what is so different about Stack That Money that’s it worth $99 a month?

Well, when you compare it to any of the other forums, they will be full of people trying to spam you with poor quality products or scams all of the time.  I think about a couple of Facebook groups I am a member of, you are bombarded with people trying to scam people out of money or their email addresses to be able to spam them some more.

By making Stack That Money a premium forum where you need to pay what is a high amount, you are getting rid of a lot of the crowd that would normally spam you.

Yes, it is $99/month but if you are a more experienced affiliate marketer looking to scale your business, this might make it an ideal investment to learn from some experts within the forum.

I still suggest this is not a forum for a beginner, the community at Wealthy Affiliate would be a much better place for you to get started as you can learn from some industry experts without the high price tag.  It is also designed with the learner in mind.  Whereas this forum is for those more advanced and looking for more in-depth explanations, etc.

Inside Stack That Money

Stack That Money Does provide Quality within its forum and it offers guides on pretty much every subject.  See below for some of the main ones

Traffic Discussion Area


The traffic discussion area provides various ways of generating traffic including social media, mobile and adult traffic.  But you will soon notice that you will see that STM focuses mainly on paid traffic and doesn’t provide much information of free methods such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Buy & Sell Section

Members are able to share discount codes for tools and software via this section.

Beginner’s Section

Find step-by-step guides to help new members get started and find their feet.  There is also a follow along section, where you can get feedback on your campaigns from other members

Life Section

A place for members to discuss any subject, be it travel, fitness or just life in general.

Success Stories

You will also be able to check out members success stories in this section, this would be most beneficial as there are often learnings from reading other people’s successes and seeing if you can employ them into your business.

Stack that Money also hosts actual affiliate marketing conferences and local networking events regularly too.

What’s Inside Stack That Money Like

If you want to know what’s inside Stack That Money, check out the YouTube video below:

Haven't Made Your First $1 Yet?

Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

Who Would Benefit From Stack That Money

At this point in my review, I wanted to state who I feel would get the most benefit from joining Stack That Money at $99/month and it led me to think that those who would benefit from Stack That Money are:

  • More Advanced Affiliate Marketers who know what they are doing but want to scale their campaigns
  • Those who are into E-Commerce and again looking to maximise growth and sales
  • Those with the budget

But If you are in the following crowd, I would hold off until you are making definite sales through affiliate marketing:

  • Complete Beginner Looking to get Started
  • Know a little about Affiliate Marketing but cannot justify the monthly cost

How Much Does Stack That Money Cost?

Stack that Money does cost $99 a month and there is no free trial.  But you do get the advantage that there are no upsells.  You know upfront what you will pay monthly and know that you will not get sold extra products all the time.

For a more experienced affiliate marketer who is already making money, this could be a worthwhile investment.

For a complete beginner looking to get started, the community at Wealthy Affiliate would be a much better option and you can get started for free.

What We Liked About Stack That Money

Here is what we liked about Stack That Money:

#1 You Lose the Spammers

Some would see this as an expensive option, but that would be someone just starting out.  By charging the high monthly cost, this does almost guarantee you are getting quality through the door.  People looking for quality and other members providing it.  It does appear to be a community where you feel safe and know that you are only going to be presented with quality opportunities compared to free forums where you have to be very careful.

#2 Valuable Information & Support

You will find a lot of value within this forum and the support on hand is really good too.  The founders have put some real effort into creating some helpful guides and the members are helpful too.

#3 The Community is Active & Helpful

As people are paying to be part of the forum, you will find they are really active within and are really engaged in helping others and learning from others.

#4 Learn from Successful Affiliate Marketers

Some problems I have with other forums are not present here.  Often the other forums will have loads of people who are trying to learn and lack anyone with any experience to help.

This forum will always be providing quality answers, etc from successful affiliate marketers like Charles Ngo, Jason Akatiff, Jeremey Shoemaker and John Chow.

#5 Valuable for Advanced Affiliate Marketers

A lot of information and courses out there are geared towards beginners or those that are struggling with affiliate marketers.  Whereas the content within STM is geared towards taking those with the knowledge to new heights

#6 Great Traffic Source for Your Website or Offer

Forum marketing can be a great way of driving quality traffic to your offer or your website, but you do need a good forum in the first place, and this is where STM could be the forum to do just that

What We Didn't Like About Stack That Money

Here is what we didn’t like about Stack That Money:

#1 Not for Beginners…

STM might have a beginner’s section, but this forum is definitely overwhelming for a beginner.

There is no clear step-by-step instruction on which activities you should complete first and which one to follow it up with.

You will also not find any clear direction on how to setup your website fast, unlike Wealthy Affiliate where you can have your website up and running in a matter of minutes with just a few clicks…

#2 The Community is Not as Active

When STM first started out in 2011, it was a very popular choice for those looking for a community, but the activity has dropped, and you need to question why?  Is it the price?

#3 The Price

I only put this in because most people who are searching for this are just starting out in Affiliate Marketing.  If you are more advanced, it could be a worthwhile expense.  But just starting out and having to fork out $99 a month is an expensive option.

#4 Not for Every Niche

You need to consider which niche you are targeting with your affiliate marketing campaigns, because STM will not benefit every niche.  STM focuses on dating, adult and mobile install niches.  It also prioritises paid ads over SEO.

#5 Too Much Information

It does have a lot of discussion areas available for the high number of topics it covers, but without a good structure it can also become a problem.

Haven't Made Your First $1 Yet?

Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

My Stack That Money Review - Final Conclusion

That is the easy part, Stack That Money is Definitely not a scam but the much better question to answer is whether it is worth joining STM?

Is Joining Stack That Money Worth it?

To be honest, this is more to do with where you are in your affiliate marketing journey.  If you are a more experience affiliate marketer with your own website and are already making money, then you could definitely say it is worth joining STM as you can:

  1. Afford the Investment
  2. You can find the information you want and probably won’t be overwhelmed

However, if you are just looking into getting started with affiliate marketing then you will definitely not have the $99 a month to invest in this forum and will find that most of the information goes straight over your head.

STM is not newbie-friendly, but I do have another option for you.

Here's a Community Right For Beginners!

Wealthy Affiliate is our top recommended community for beginners in Affiliate Marketing!

You will not need to pay $99/month to join, you can get started for free and benefit from step-by-step training which you will not find in STM.

You can also get your affiliate marketing business up and running with Wealthy Affiliate’s 2 free websites included with the free starter membership.

If you wish to learn affiliate marketing, you can click here to accept my private invitation to join this awesome community.

You will find we are highly active within the community and you can connect with us from inside the platform

Thanks for checking out our Stack That Money Review!  If you have any questions or comments to add, then please write them in the comments section below. 😉

Sharing is Caring…

Stack That Money






Overall Quality



  • No Spammers
  • Valuable Information & Support
  • Community is Active
  • Successful Affiliate Marketers
  • Great Traffic Source


  • Not for Beginners
  • Community is not as Active
  • Not for Every Niche
  • Too Much Info

8 thoughts on “Is Stack That Money a Scam? #1 Affiliate Marketing Community?!”

  1. There are tons of forums on online marketing out there which you can join for free. I know that the quality of their content will probably be lower due to all those spammers who will try to promote their products in there but still…

    $99 per month for just a forum? Seems kind of pricey for me!

    • Hey Harry,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.  Forums are a funny one, some of them are just full of low-quality or scammy products and leave many with a poor view of forums.  But STM does seem to have done a good job to make sure it does offers some quality, as to whether it is worthwhile for an individual does depend on where they are within their online business



  2. It does sound pretty nice – a forum for bloggers and marketers where you are 100% guaranteed not to get anyone ‘on the sell’ to you. You probably won’t get much misinformation there either. 

    Unfortunately I think they seriously need to do something about the price – even successful people will baulk at having to shell out $99 a month for a forum. Are there any plans to introduce a trial or starter membership there?

    • Hi Chris,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.  This forum hasn’t really changed since it first started and I don’t think they have any plans to reduce the price or introduce a trial period.

      I think the ones who would benefit most are those who are promoting this for the affiliate program, rather than anyone else


  3. Hello John,

    Thank you for this in-depth review of Stack That Money.

    I am certainly not up to the standard required, nor am I in the niches they follow most. 

    It would be interesting to get the view of some of the top affiliates in the marketplace, but I feel the price to do that is not justified. 


    • Hey Derek,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.  The niches they prefer does seem to be finite and this leads to questions about who this is really suitable for…?



  4. Interesting review you have up here concerning stack that money and I like the fact that it is a legit platform. 

    Truthfully, I got told to join the platform by my up-liner and I decided to read a little about the platform. 

    Firstly, I’m a little over 3months into affiliate marketing and I do not know if that is worthy of a time to join and also, I have the capital to join. 

    But, I’m still a member at wealthy Affiliate, would that be okay?

    • Hey RoDarrick,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.  Personally as you are still in the early stages, I would say stick with Wealthy Affiliate.  There are industry experts within Wealthy Affiliate that you can benefit from with awesome training and I don’t feel you would fully benefit from STM yet.

      I would say that STM is for when you are ready to expand your traffic sources into Paid Ads.  But when you venture into this you would need more than just the $99 a month for the forum, you would need a budget to put paid ads into it.

      But as WA offers good training on Paid Ads, you would do better waiting and carry on learning from WA




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