What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Training for Beginners? Find Out About Our Top Recommendation

What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Training for Beginners? Find Out About Our Top Recommendation

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With so many different training programs and scams out there, what is the best affiliate marketing training for beginners?  Well, after benefitting from what we believe to be the best, we want to share our recommended training platform with you and help you get started with your very own affiliate marketing business online.

Affiliate Marketing allows us to build an online business within something we really love and want to do, but without the right training and tools this can be quite a difficult path of trial and error.  Why waste time learning from unreliable sources, when you can have a clear training path that if followed exactly will lead you to a profitable online affiliate marketing business.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Let’s start with clarifying your understanding on Affiliate Marketing, with the number of scam products we have reviewed that have promised to be affiliate marketing and are nothing like it, it is a great starting point for beginners.

As an affiliate marketer, you sign up with an affiliate program.  This allows you to promote products and services within that affiliate program.  Amazon is a good example; you sign up with the Amazon Associates program and you are given access to promote the 500,000 products that Amazon sells.

The affiliate program gives you a special link that you use that tells Amazon it was you who introduced a buyer.  If someone follows that link and buys a product, the affiliate (you) are rewarded with a percentage of the sale price.  Amazon typically gives between 4-6%, but there are thousands of affiliate programs out there.  Some programs offer a really high commission rate, especially in the digital market.

What is Affiliate Marketing and how does it work?

Most genuine affiliate programs are free to join and offer some great tools and marketing features to help you promote their products.  Affiliate Marketing is beneficial to both the company and the affiliate, as it is a cost-effective marketing campaign as they only pay out if someone has made a sale.

How to Avoid Scams Posing as Affiliate Marketing Training

But, as with most things online, there are plenty of low-quality training products or complete scams out there promising toHow to Avoid Online Scams teach you affiliate marketing or make obscene amounts of money online and they are all total crap!

I have dedicated a lot of time into researching plenty of products claiming to be THE product to buy for getting started in affiliate marketing or making money on auto-pilot and I am sorry to say that any product that overpromises is not worth your time.

You will have just handed over some money, and then find out you need to spend more to be successful or that the product doesn’t work.

There are no Shortcuts

To avoid scams online, the first thing you need to get into your head is that there are no shortcuts to earning money online, any product that claims you can earn money overnight is a scam – We recently reviewed a product that claimed you could earn $1,442 a day through their program, even if you were a complete beginner.

The reality was, it was a low-quality training program that lacked any kind of detail that would benefit a beginner and the strategy he was selling was Paid Ads.

From that you can imagine, that you need to spend money on ads to promote products and that is a strategy I would only recommend to someone who has learned the trade.

Another key attribute of a scam is a product that states it can earn you money on auto-pilot.  I have yet to find one that does what it claims to be…

At this point I would like to point out that Affiliate Marketing is definitely a route for you to earn financial freedom, with the right training and support you will have a business that means you can work from anywhere, without having to answer to a boss.  Have all of your debt paid off, etc.

Whatever the reason you are looking for a way of earning money online, Affiliate Marketing can help you out.

But only if you realise this one thing – This is not a quick-win!!

I know it is not something you probably want to hear, but those of you who are looking for a genuine way of earning money online and are willing to put the time and effort in you will be light years ahead of those who leave and keep on looking for that quick-win!

Think of any normal job, it takes time to learn, build up experience, work hard to get noticed and work yourself up the ladder to a higher paying job.

Affiliate Marketing is similar in a couple of aspects. 

Learn everything you need to know, work hard and put everything that you learn into practise and the one thing that I can say is you will find that the harder you work at the start the better your chances of earning much more than you currently do in your day job and it will be a passive income and one that you can enjoy and work when you want to work, and not the other way around.

But without the right training and support, it can be a hard slog of trial and error through searching how to do things and not always get the most comprehensive answer.  That is why our No.1 Recommended Training Program for People just starting out or struggling to get Affiliate Marketing to work is Wealthy Affiliate.

Why Wealthy Affiliate is Our Top Recommended Training Program

Why is Wealthy Affiliate our top choice for those just starting out, when there are literally hundreds of courses out thereWealthy Affiliate - Our No.1 Recommended Training teaching affiliate marketing?

The simple answer is, you get much more than just training!

We will review the training available within WA in a minute but hands down the best thing I love about WA is the support.

You will not find a more supportive community online, with awesome support from Super Affiliates and the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson too!

I have researched a number of training platforms online and the one thing that is lacking is always the support.  They either provide you an email address where you have to wait for a reply, or you have a forum that again lacks an immediate feel.

Wealthy Affiliate Support is Second to None

What Wealthy Affiliate offers in the way of support makes the training easy to follow and you will get immediate support.

Live Search

This feature allows you to quickly search WA for a topic you want to learn about or have a question about and you will see options come up based on what you are typing.

WA Live Search in Action

Want help with “how to install a wordpress plugin” and up pops a training that someone from the community has created that walks you through the process like a pro.

Seriously, if there was something not included in the WA back catalogue, I would be surprised…

Live Chat

The Live Chat features is a great way of connecting with other members and asking questions, there are usually a fewWA Live Chat experienced members online at all times and you will get an immediate response to your query and even help and advice too.

In the screenshot, you will also see that Kyle (Co-Owner) gets involved regularly

Access to a Personal Coach

If you accepted my invitation to become a free starter member of Wealthy Affiliate, you would get my personal help within Wealthy Affiliate and getting your Affiliate Marketing business up and running.  Ask me questions, get help and advice on the progression of your business every step of the way.

Access to the Owners, Kyle and Carson!

You will not find this kind of access anywhere else in the affiliate marketing world.  Kyle and Carson have one key mantra that oozes throughout Wealthy Affiliate and that is “Help People”.

Helping people online is the way to building up an online business that makes money!

Whilst other platforms will tell you that, but not make it easy to get hold of them – Kyle & Carson are different, they are fully accessible.  Anyone on Wealthy Affiliate can contact them and ask them for help.  I have not seen this anywhere else, and they do come and introduce themselves when you first come onboard.

You will soon realise that when you start going through the training, they have put a lot of effort into the platform and have a lot of experience to offer and they share it within Wealthy Affiliate.

Let’s look at the training they have to offer.

What Training Does Wealthy Affiliate Offer?

If you are looking for the best affiliate marketing training for beginners, then you have found it!  The Training is designed in such a great way that anyone can follow it.  It doesn’t matter what your computer skills are, or whether you think you can’t write.  This training will transform anyone into an Affiliate Marketer.

All you need to do is commit the time to the training, then follow the training properly and ask questions when you get stuck!

Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

This is the starting point on your journey to fully understanding Affiliate Marketing and building a brand capable of being profitable.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification course is broken down into 5 modules, with 10 lessons within each.

Getting Started – By the end of this module you will have your very own website up and running and ready to build your brand with. You will also understand how to navigate around Wealthy Affiliate and how you are going to progress towards building a profitable affiliate marketing business.

WA Online Entrepreneur Certification Course - Getting Started

Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website – A website is nothing without any traffic.  This module focuses on how to write effectively content to attract an audience, understanding keyword research and how to target the low-hanging fruit for results.

Making Money – Get training on how to actually monetise your website through Affiliate Marketing and how to incorporate effective product reviews

Mastering Social Engagement – We all love social media, but mastering it is the key to reaching out with your brand and getting a following where you can also promote your affiliate links

Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation – Content on your website is the main factor on whether you will be successful or not.  Write high-quality content that helps people and you are onto the right path to years of success.  This training will ensure you know what it takes to be successful.

50 lessons that cover all the basics and goes quite in-depth into certain aspects.  

Thousands of people have followed this exact training and are now enjoying an Affiliate business that is profitable.

The main thing I like about this training is it doesn’t cover topics that might distract you, I say that because there are many shiny objects out there that people can get drawn into and then they realise that they aren’t ready for it yet or it is the wrong time.

A prime example is an email list, Wealthy Affiliate covers this off really effectively elsewhere but not in the initial training because there is no point in buying an autoresponder if you haven’t got traffic.

Go through the training, rinse and repeat the content creation and then you all of a sudden have traffic.  Traffic leads to conversions (making money) and then guess what, you are ready to expand your business with an email list and the training will be available in the classrooms designated for Email Marketing.

If it isn’t in the initial training, it is because Kyle and Carson understand the true steps to take and when to take them.

Following this training is a sure thing but go off on your own path and it might not work out for you.

Affiliate Bootcamp Course

This training is a little more advanced but is a great training program.  This is where you can learn how to promote Wealthy Affiliate and benefit from the generous affiliate program.

People benefit from the main training that much; they want to start helping people find training that works (that’s what we love doing).

So, this training covers 7 modules, 70 lessons on how to build a domain with the intention of helping people find Wealthy Affiliate.

Modules are:

  • Getting Your Business Rolling
  • Contents, Keywords & Conversions
  • Giving Your Site Social Value
  • Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand through Media
  • Knowing Your Audience & Catapulting Your Referrals
  • Bing, Yahoo & The Power of PPC
  • How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

There are topics such as Paid Ad campaigns that are little more advanced, but this training is for when you are ready to promote WA, so typically when you have proven their training works with a blog within a subject that you are passionate about – that is where the Online Entrepreneur Certification course comes into its own.

12 Online Business Classrooms

Wealthy Affiliate also has 12 online business classrooms that cover every other aspect that you or a more advanced affiliate marketer might need.  This means Wealthy Affiliate will still be a massive benefit when you grow your business.

Here is a list of the 12 classrooms:

  • Getting Started
  • Everything WordPress
  • WA Affiliate Program
  • Keyword, Niche and Market Research
  • Authoring & Writing Content
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • The Wealthy Affiliate Program
  • Social Engagement & Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Development & Programming
  • Local Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Pay Per Click

Community Created Training

You will also see tons of training that has been created from people within the community too.  Members get rewarded for created training that offers value and it can be really helpful.

Marion Black is an established member and has created loads of training on WordPress that has helped beginners loads and just adds another dimension to the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Community Created Training to Help

Weekly Live Webinars

Jay (Magistudios) offers weekly live webinars where he offers help and advice on a particular subject.  Recent webinars include:

  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Introduction to Google Search Console
  • The 2019 SEO Checklist

WA Weekly Live Webinars

These offer loads of value to experienced members and beginners alike.  You can also go back and watch them again.

Now, not all of these features are available on the free starter membership (as you can imagine).  But these are all fantastic reasons to join Wealthy Affiliate with the free starter membership.

A free starter membership gives you access to the first 10 lessons of the Online Entrepreneur Certification course and the first 10 lessons of the Affiliate Bootcamp.  You gain access to 2 of the 12 classrooms – Getting Started and WA Affiliate Program.

There are certain Community created trainings that are available too.

Please note, the free starter membership is not a trial.  

It is a full membership option and people can learn the basics of affiliate marketing and people have made money from being only a starter member.  But to really progress your business, you will need to upgrade when you are ready.  There is no pressure and we will discuss the price later on in the post.

What Else Does Wealthy Affiliate Offer the Beginner…?

Whilst I know you are looking for Affiliate Marketing training, Wealthy Affiliate offers so much more than just Training.

WordPress Website Builder + Web Hosting Included

Affiliate Marketing needs a website, and WA has your back.  You are able to build your website within Wealthy Affiliate regardless of membership.  Other training tells you what to do and expects you to go elsewhere and buy your website (normally at a premium).  WA offers you the option to build your website from your WA dashboard and benefit from world class web hosting with many premium features included.

Keyword Research Tool – Essential to an Affiliate Marketer

Every piece of content you create will start with keyword research, why go elsewhere and spend over the odds when WA offers you access to Jaaxy.  To be honest, it is much more than just a keyword research tool with many features helping you expand your knowledge in your chosen niche and to find affiliate programs within it too.  This is a powerful tool that is really easy to use.

More Support Than You Could Ever Imagine

I have already discussed the awesome support that you will gain access to within the community, but until you experience it yourself then it is hard to imagine.  But from the first time you say hello in the live chat or ask a question in one of the classrooms the help and support you will get is second to none.

Owners That Care & Get Involved

Kyle & Carson are always looking at building on WA to ensure it helps people achieve their goals.

WA started as a keyword list tool that cost $49/month.  That’s all it did, create keyword lists for clients on a monthly basis.  They now have a platform that offers everything you need to start and scale an online business, including websites, web hosting, free ssl certificates, a keyword research tool and much more.  If they wanted to, they could be charging hundreds a month and guess what…?  The price hasn’t changed. Why?

Because they understand the true concept of making money online, helping people.  You start helping people online and you will earn money.  They also want it to be accessible to anyone and not just those that can afford sky-high prices.

They are also the only owners I know that are involved daily within the community and often jump into Live Chat.

They are also always looking at introducing improvements to help members achieve their goals.

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

I am hoping you are seeing how I believe Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate marketing training for beginners.  But I bet you are now interested in how much this is going to cost, right?

Kyle and Carson try and keep things simple and have two membership options – The free starter membership and the premium membership.

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Free Starter Membership

This is not a trial; it is a chance to experience some of the premium features and fully understand what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.  Features like the Live chat are active for 7 days, but after that period it doesn’t mean the membership ends.

You can stay a starter member for as long as you like.  You will gain access to 2 free websites, which are yours to use for your affiliate marketing business.

You will also have access to the first 10 lessons of the Online Entrepreneur Certification & Affiliate Bootcamp courses.  Access to two classrooms and have access to your personal mentor (Me) to get help with your questions.

Premium Membership $49/month, $234/6 months, $359/year

You might think at this point WA looks expensive when you are looking for a way to earn money but think about the point of building an affiliate marketing business.  It is to escape the day job and work from home with your own profitable business.  Whatever you earn at the moment, it is totally achievable to build an online business that earns more than that.

But when I think about the changes that WA has made over the last few years without any price rises (they charged $49/month in 2005 and still charge the same) I know keyword research tools that cost more than WA, and SSL certificates on websites can cost more than the whole WA platform too.

There is a lot of value to the premium membership and it gives you full access to the platform; the training, 25 full domain websites and 25 free subdomains, the keyword research tool, the website engagement tools.

It is up to you, if you decide to upgrade and there is no pressure to upgrade but it was a step, I am glad I did a few years ago and now I help new people find their footings with Affiliate Marketing.

What Do I Need to Make Affiliate Marketing Work, Besides WA?

I am going to be honest with you, if you feel like you cannot commit to building a future then you will not benefit from Wealthy Affiliate.  They offer awesome training and tools for your online business, but if you cannot commit to putting that training into action you will not have a profitable online business in the future.

Time is always a constraint we have; I haven’t got time!

I appreciate it might feel like that, but it is about the vision you have.  There is no quick-win online.  Once you get over that, Never enough timeyou realise that you need to put time and effort into achieving your goals.

If you can put an hour a day into your online business, that is 7 hours a week, 28 hours a month and 1456 hours a year.  That soon adds up.

When I started with Wealthy Affiliate, I had a full-time job that involved about 60 hours a week.  I have a 6-year-old son that wants my attention when I get home and I still needed to do everything else that comes with a family life.  I found that by being focused and dedicated, I could still put in an hour each evening to learn, do a bit of research, write a post.

It feels really hard at first, and we can always find excuses not to do something.  But I found by not going on social media for a start was helping, and I also had my key motivation.

I know people will be thinking about earning money with this, and that is the end goal.

But my key motivation behind doing this was – being able to spend more time with my son growing up.

Have I achieved my ultimate goal yet, no but I am on my way and if that means I can spend 20 hours a week on my online business, and spend more time with Will before he grows up and leaves the nest?  I have my motivation to keep growing this business to that point and beyond.

So, what do you need to succeed – You need to Persevere!

Write financial and non-financial goals and work hard to achieve them!

Get Our Personal Help!

I want to offer our personal help, we know how it felt when you first dip your toe into the online world and feeling like you don’t know how to do things (like design a website, etc).

But with Wealthy Affiliates training and our personal support, you will be building something that in a year’s time you will be thinking “how much have I learn?” and “I am helping people!” all on your journey to building a profitable online business.

It doesn’t have to be hard.  If you ever want to ask us questions, I will be on hand to answer them through WA’s personal message system.  Anytime you want help with your website or feel like you don’t know how to progress with something, you come to us.

We want to help you achieve your goals.  If you dedicate yourself to the training and shout out when you need to, you will be in a great place.

It is Now Up to You… Take the First Step on your Affiliate Marketing Journey!

Hopefully by now you have a full handle on what affiliate marketing is, what you need to invest into your online business (time and effort) and where you can find awesome training geared for beginners that will fully take you by the hand to building a fantastic profitable business.

You just need to take the first step and sign up for a free starter membership with Wealthy Affiliate.  NO credit card is required, just sign up.  Go through the WA Walkthrough and then come along to my profile page (link to my profile page) and come and say hello!

WA Free Starter Membership

If you want more information about Wealthy Affiliate, here is a link to my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

If you do have any questions before taking this step, or around affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate please write them in the comments below and I will definitely come back to you with an answer.

If you have any experiences within Wealthy Affiliate, please share your experiences of when you first started.

Thanks, and all the best to you achieving your goals!

John & Gem

12 thoughts on “What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Training for Beginners? Find Out About Our Top Recommendation”

  1. I absolutely agree with your views on this subject. I believe the Wealthy Affiliate platform, is the best platform for affiliate marketers to learn how to maximise the income potentials in the affiliate marketing world.

    With tons of resource materials and access to premium software like Jaaxy, every subscriber have the best opportunity to warn financial freedom online.

    I’m so excited to be part of this program!

    • Hi Louis,

      thanks for checking out our blog and writing a comment.  Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to hang out and learn everything you need in a safe environment.

      Glad you found it, and good luck to your progress and Success!


  2. I have got to know there are no shortcuts when it comes to affiliate marketing, I have been an affiliate marketer for few months now and I can attest to the fact that its a form of financial liberation.

    I have always known continual search for knowledge to improve your niche is very important. 

    Another important thing is originality and perseverance make your style unique .

    Thanks for the eye opener. This is a must for all newbies to read

    • Hi Ola,

      thanks for checking out our blog.  Once you get it through your head that there are no shortcuts, it allows you to just concentrate on the important stuff that will lead to you earning money.

      If it is a niche you love, constantly learning about it is enjoyable rather than feeling like work.  That is what I love about blogging, ready about something you enjoy and writing about it.

      Thanks again

      John & Gem

  3. Truly, the best affiliate marketing platform for newbies is Wealthy Affiliate.  I am convinced about that because I have seen so many scams out there. 

    I joined Wealthy Affiliate on January this very year and ever since, I have rest of mind that I will surely succeed in my online hustles. 

    The experience I have gained so far is awesome and I am very hopeful that I will do very great as I work hard.

    • HI Kenechi,

      thanks for checking out our blog and writing some comments.  WA is a great choice for beginners, and I am glad you are finding that it is helping you learn and be in a great place to be earning money.

      All the best with your success


  4. Thanks for writing this post on Best Affiliate Marketing Training for Beginners.

    I must commend you for a well done job for taking your time to write this post on Wealthy Affiliate. 

    I find each and every part of this post helpful as a newbie in affiliate marketing.

    For some weeks now, I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I have been going through all the training. 

    I must say it has been great so far

    • HI,

      thanks for checking out our blog and writing a comment.  

      We love helping people get where they want to be, and am glad you found Wealthy Affiliate and are benefiting from the training.

      All the best with it!


  5. I really want to commend you for taking your time to write this article about  whats  the Best Affiliate Marketing Training for Beginners? Find Out About Our Top Recommendation. 

    I am happy that I am on the Wealthy Affiliate platform and just became a premium member.

    With the little time I have been on this platform, I experience great support from training clarifications were I am confused, it’s a great journey and I know I will soon be there. 

    • Hey Barry,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.  thanks for the feedback, we hope to help people find genuine products like Wealthy Affiliate.

      Great support is one of the best things about WA, and am glad you are finding your feet within the Affiliate Marketing world.



  6. I always feel that anyone looking to build a successful business online should not even think of starting if they don’t plan to get a guide that would help them throughout the journey in order to achieve success. 

    I believe this is one of the ways Wealthy Affiliate excels as their main objective is in helping people build a successful online business.

    The platform is one of the best I have ever come across. It is easy to navigate and the lessons are well laid out. 

    The community has always been of great help and the live classes held every Friday is just a goldmine of valuable information.

    A must platform for anyone looking to succeed online.

    • Hey Jay,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.

      WA offers a great guide for people who are just venturing out on the online business world.  There are so many benefits to it, and you have touched on some great points.



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