Is iSurveyWorld a Scam? Quick Money or Hopeless Scam?

Welcome to our iSurveyWorld Review!

Are you one of those people who love spending your time completing surveys for a few dollars a month?  Have you seen an ad for iSurveyWorld, and you are thinking whether this is another opportunity for quick, easy money or a hopeless scam?

That is what we will be revealing to you in our full review.

First off, it is great to see that you are doing your research before buying into any “seemingly good” product.

It is the best way to avoid scams and find only legitimate ways to make money online.

To be completely transparent, know that we are not associated with this program is any form.  WE are just here to help you get all the details you need about iSurveyWorld.

We will go through what the program is all about, how you will get paid and also what is the all-important cash-out figure, as well as some pros and cons and ultimately our verdict on whether we feel it is the right move for you.

Shall we get started?  Let’s begin with a quick product overview.

iSurveyWorld Review Summary

Product Name: iSurveyWorld

Founder: Unknown

Product Type: Get-Paid-To Survey Site

Price: Free to Join

Best For: Casual Income Seekers

Is iSurveyWorld a Scam


  •  Free to Join
  • $5 for Signing Up


  • Low Earning Potential
  • High Payment Threshold
  • Too Many Sponsored Surveys
  • Bombarded with Promotional Offers

Summary:  iSurveyWorld is a Get-Paid-To or Reward Site offering surveys for you to complete.  It is legit and you can make money by completing these surveys.  However, there are a few problems, including it is a relatively low-quality program and you do not get paid anywhere near as well as others on the market.  At most, you will earn a few pennies for surveys that will take you a while to complete. 

Then there is the fact that you need to earn a really high cash-out figure of $25.  When you compare the really low pay-out for each survey against the cash-out threshold, I surmise that a lot of people give up long before they ever get to actually see their money…

Rating: 20/100

Recommended? No

Table of Contents

What is iSurveyWorld?

From their website, you don’t learn a lot about the company, who is behind it or anything really to help you feel like it is a legitimate offering.  It looks like it is a really new website or company, just getting around building their website.  But the truth is that this company has been around since 2013, so they really should have given you an “about us” page to help you get to feel like there is someone behind the program.

From our research, we can confirm they are a legitimate platform that offers a platform where you can access online surveys in return for money.  Users have reported that they have received payment from them through PayPal, which adds a level of authenticity as PayPal is very particular about who can use their services.

That being said, the actual amount you will get paid for these surveys is really low and they do have a surprisingly high cash-out figure which means that there is a real chance that you will not actually get to receive your money, unless you persevere and continue spending time on completing surveys for a long time.

Inside iSurveyWorld

There are other examples of survey sites or reward sites, such as Swagbucks, Prolific Surveys and, that offer many other ways for you to earn money.  Some have games or cash back deals, etc.

However, when we start talking about iSurveyWorld there is only the option to complete surveys.

They have two types of survey for you to complete:

iSurveyWorld’s Own Surveys

These are surveys that are from companies that have paid iSurveyWorld to conduct for them.

Once you have completed your sign up, you will see a list of available surveys.  See the examples below:

Is iSurveyWorld a Scam - Available Surveys

There are a number of surveys, but there are also a number of promotional offers that are there to reward you for signing up with another online opportunities.

From our research, we have found that there can be many more of these promotional offers than actual surveys to complete.

This varies massively on which country you are signing up from.  Some countries will see many more surveys/opportunities than others where they may not actually see any surveys to complete.

Overall, you should not expect to see that many surveys available from iSurveyWorld.

That is to be expected, they will be focusing more on their sponsored surveys over their own.  It would have been better, though, if they had made that clearer from the offset.

Sponsored Surveys

These are other survey sites that iSurveyWorld are promoting.  They will either earn a commission every time you click the link and sign up or they will get a percentage of any commissions earned from the surveys.

These promotional surveys do appear very aggressive and it can also be hard to determine whether they are from iSurveyWorld themselves or are from a 3rd party provider.

You will need to sign up with each of these other providers, meaning you could end up with multiple accounts for surveys and still not get many surveys to complete or earn enough to cash-out.

There is little point having loads of different accounts if you don’t actually get to cash-out any earnings from any.  That still results in you earning nothing and yet you have invested a lot of time into them.

I am not saying the survey sites they recommend are not any good, in fact they are all legit and I have no doubt they will allow you to complete surveys for money.

But, in my opinion you are better off focusing on one or two of the better ones (like Swagbucks) as you need to work on getting to the withdrawal limit to actually get to your money.

I will say again, it will also depend on where you live.  We will go into more detail later in the review.

Getting Started with iSurveyWorld

There is only the one option to get your money with iSurveyWorld, but it is a good one.  You can request your money via PayPal.

PayPal is probably the best way to get your money, as it can be used worldwide, and you can connect your bank account really easily.

The issue is more with the high withdrawal rate, as you need to earn $25 before you can request your money.

That might not seem that high, if surveys were going to earn you $1 each time, then it would be really easy.

But the reality is, that the surveys available on this platform or the rewards for signing up with other providers is nowhere near that figure.

Most of the surveys are only offering you mere pennies, so you will have to complete a huge number of surveys to get close to that $25 figure.  The problem is, that depending on which country you are living in, you might not even get access to enough surveys to actually get to your money.

It can feel tempting to sign up with iSurveyWorld, due to the bonus amount for signing up…

$5 Sign-Up Bonus

This is a good bonus and it definitely gives you a good incentive to sign up with iSurveyWorld.  Just sign up with them and you will earn $5.

Just note, that you will not be able to withdrawal this $5 until you reach the $25.  You will need to complete the surveys and other sign-ups in the hope of reaching that amount.

That is why I describing it as “tempting”.

People will sign up and think, they only need to get $20 to get to their money, but that is much harder than it is made out on their website.

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Who Can Join iSurveyWorld

We said earlier, that it isn’t very clear on who can join but the bigger problem is the opportunity it presents.

Let me explain, anyone can sign up and get an account with iSurveyWorld, but that doesn’t mean everyone will get the same opportunity in regard to the surveys.

These companies pay the survey sites to get information from a particular group or demographic.

They are looking for responses from a certain age group, a certain sex, a person in a particular industry and the most important aspect, those people from a certain country.

These are usually people from USA, UK, Canada, Australia.  People from these countries will get the most survey opportunities.

But according to Alexa, most of the traffic for iSurveyWorld is coming from Mexico, USA and India:

Is iSurveyWorld a Scam - Alexa Traffic Results

Alongside the countries we listed before, there seems to be a good opportunity for surveys if you are from Argentina, Brazil or Spain.

But if you are not from one of these countries, you may find that you do not get many opportunities when completing surveys.  That doesn’t mean you cannot make money online, but you might want to check out our top recommended business model instead of taking the chance with online surveys.

How Much Can You Earn at iSurveyWorld

If you are still with us in the review, you may already have guessed the answer.  Completing surveys online will never lead you to leaving your day job and having financial freedom.  They are only ever a way to earn some casual income.

Even if you are in one of the countries we listed above (USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Argentina, Brazil or Spain), there are still barriers that could affect how many surveys you will be presented with.  The vast majority on this platform, seem to be affiliate links to other survey sites that are there to earn the site money and not necessarily lead you to a good earning potential with surveys.

From our research, there is a high probability that you will give up long before you earn the $25 withdrawal figure.

But if you do persevere, know that you will need to keep checking regularly to see if any new surveys are available and it looks like you will see more on one of the promoted sites, rather than there’s.

To expand on this, let’s go through the pros and cons of iSurveyWorld.

What We Liked About iSurveyWorld

Here is what we liked about iSurveyWorld:

#1 Free to Join

Whilst we do not feel like you are going to make a substantial amount with iSurveyWorld, at least it is free to sign up with them.  The worst that will happen is that you will end up losing some time.

#2 $5 For Signing Up

It is positive to see that you can earn $5 just for signing up with them.

What We Didn't Like About iSurveyWorld

Here is what we didn’t like about iSurveyWorld:

#1 Low Earning Potential

There is a real lack of earning potential with most survey sites, but it seems to be much worse with iSurveyWorld due to the low number of surveys they actually provide themselves.  They seem more focused on promoting sponsored links.

At the end of the day, you will be completing surveys (that take a long time) for just a few pennies a time.  The end result is a really low earning potential…

#2 High Payment Threshold

The $5 sign-up bonus appears appealing, but the chances of you getting close to withdrawing your money is another matter.  We feel it is going to be extremely difficult for you to get to the $25 cash-out figure with the low amount for each survey and the low number of actual surveys to complete.

There is a higher chance of people quitting the platform before getting even close to seeing any of their money.

#3 Too Many Sponsored Surveys

We also don’t like the fact they have so many sponsored surveys on their platform.  These surveys will not be as good as those offered directly from iSurveyWorld and you will earn even less money from them, as iSurveyWorld will be taking their cut.

#4 Bombarded with Promotional Offers

You will literally be bombarded with so many promotional offers, even being listed in the survey section making it very hard for you to spot the surveys from the promotional offers.

These promotional offers will expect you to sign up with a 3rd party provider, so it can be annoying thinking you are clicking on a survey to find that it is nothing like one.

I know this is how they will be making money, but if they were more transparent about it, people would still click on them, but with the truth at hand…

Haven't Made Your First $1 Yet?

Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

Is iSurveyWorld a Scam?

iSurveyWorld is not a scam, it is a legitimate survey site that offers you money for completing surveys.

However, the really low earning potential from their platform and the relatively high pay-out threshold just makes it not a good opportunity.

It is just going to be exceptionally difficult for you to earn enough to cash out your earnings.

When you factor in the amount of time it takes to fill in these surveys, and then to find it only rewards you with pennies, we can see why many quit well before they even get close to that $25 mark.

You also need to factor in the high number of promotional offers towards other platforms, meaning you could well find your inbox full of stuff, that you may not particularly want. (we always recommend you use a dedicated email account just for surveys, to protect your main inbox, just in case any scammers are found to be lying in wait on one of the promos).

If you are still interested in completing surveys for money, then we recommend you check out our guide on how to make the most of online surveys, you can find it by clicking here.

How We Make Money Online

There are plenty of survey sites out there, some of them good and some of them bad, and then there are a few scams out there.  But the main thing to know about them is that they are never going to make you a considerable amount from completing them.  When you factor in the return against the time you spend, you could spend 8 hours completing surveys and not even earn close to what you would on the minimum wage.

Some people are quite happy, earning a few dollars ready for the holiday season.  But others, don’t realise there are better opportunities out there to earn enough to be financially free, regardless of which country you live.

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Thanks for checking out our iSurveyWorld Review!  If you have any questions or comments to add, then please write them in the comments section below. 😉

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Free to Join

Overall Rating



  • Free to Join
  • $5 for Signing Up


  • Low Earning Potential
  • High Payment Threshold
  • Too Many Sponsored Surveys
  • Bombarded with Promotional Offers

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