Is HoneyGain a Scam? Get Paid Doing Nothing? What’s the Catch?

Welcome to our HoneyGain Review!

Everyone would love to be able to sit back and get paid for doing nothing and that is what the Honeygain app claims to do.  But what’s the catch? 

Why would anyone pay you for doing nothing?  That is what we wanted to find out.  There are many people who are sceptical about Honeygain and you may be one of those who is asking whether Honeygain is a scam or a legit opportunity.  It does sound too good to be true.

First off, it is great to see that you are doing your research before buying into a “seemingly good” product.

It is the best way to avoid scams and find only legit ways to make money online.

HoneyGain is offering you a way of making money just by installing their app and connecting it to the internet.  It sounds simple, but often these things do have a catch.  Especially as their website is really vague about what they are going to using that internet connection and your device for?

There are a few red flags with this program, including the fact that it got banned from Google Play a few months ago and has not returned.  You can only install it on an Android device if you install the APK version via the website.  Then there is the fact that you cannot install it on an iOS device (Your iPhone or iPad).  That makes us wonder why Apple will not let that happen?

There are many reviewers out there that are promoting Honeygain and will be offering a $5 bonus if you install through their affiliate link.  But we want to assure you that we are not here to promote anything to you, we just want you to have all the facts before you decide whether you trust Honeygain enough to install it on your device as there are a few things you definitely need to know before you do…

Let’s get started with a quick product overview:

HoneyGain Review Summary

Product Name: HoneyGain

Founder: Unknown

Product Type: Get-Paid-To (GPT) Share Your Internet Connection

Price: Free to Sign Up

Best For: No One

is Honeygain a scam - website


  • It’s Passive Income
  • The Payout Is The Same Worldwide
  • Good Referral Program


  • Banned from Google & Apple
  • Risks to Personal Data & Criminal Activity
  • Really Low Income Potential
  • Will Drain Your Phone Battery

Summary: HoneyGain is an application that will pay you to share your unused internet connection.  It makes it out that you are making money on auto-pilot, which in a sense you are, but not as much as you might think).

There are several red flags about this platform, including the fact that it isn’t available on iOS (iPhone) and you can only install the APK version on your Android phone.

They are also really vague on how they will be using your device and your internet connection.  This brings concerns with data privacy, and there are really mixed results in whether this actually makes you any money or not.

It might sound like passive income, but if you’re not earning enough to cash out, and losing your privacy, then it doesn’t sound like a great deal to me…

Rating: 25/100

Recommended? No

Table of Contents

What is HoneyGain?

HoneyGain is a platform that you can install that will pay you to share your unused internet connection.

According to their website, HoneyGain turns your device into a gateway, allowing clients to use your IP to perform SEO monitoring, brand protection campaigns, ad verification, travel fare aggregation, and market research.

That makes it sound complicated, but in short, they want to monitor certain things about how consumers act via your internet connection.

The main reason people are drawn to this opportunity is because it is 100% passive income.  All you need to do is install the app and ensure it is connected to the internet.  When you compare it to other GPT websites where you have to complete a task, such as a survey, this is completely different and doesn’t require any time.

Honeygain works all around the world and is similar to platforms such as Packity, FluidStack and PacketStream.

The concern I do have is that this application has been banned from the Google Play store and whilst they say they are working on getting it onto the App store for iOS.  We know that Apple are extremely careful about what they allow on their App store.  So, if Google Play have banned it from their store due to them identifying a malicious behaviour about the app that could make users vulnerable to data theft, then Apple are definitely not going to allow it onto their store.

Is HoneyGain Legit?

I cannot really say they are definitely a scam, but I would urge anyone to be careful about installing this app and letting it work in the background on a device you use for everything. 

We use our smartphones for everything these days and if there is a chance that someone could be accessing data they shouldn’t have; I wouldn’t risk it.  To a point that I have not installed it on my phone.  I am doing my research without doing that. 

My personal data is worth more than a few dollars earned from an app that could do more harm than good.

Can I say that it is an outright scam?  No, I cannot.  

Would I recommend this as a good way to earn money with no risks, then the answer again would be No!

The risk you are putting yourself in by sharing your internet bandwidth with strangers is that Honeygain allows their clients to browse the internet and do all sorts of things with your IP addresses.

If any of their clients uses your internet for illegal activity in your country, you will be in trouble!

See this quote from their T’s & C’s:

“While we put reasonable efforts in to prevent any detrimental consequences to our users, it is the user who is responsible for its ability to share internet traffic and his compliance with local laws, regulations, and agreements with third parties”

How can you do that, if you don’t know they are doing it?

How Does HoneyGain Work?

To first get it working, you need to install the application onto your device.  Visit the official website, choose your operating system and install it.

This will work on your windows PC or laptop or Mac.  You can also install it on your windows phone.

But at present, you cannot install it on your iOS device (iPhone/iPad) and the only way you can install it on your Android device is by installing it via the website and not from the Google Play store due to concerns about the potential malicious behaviour around data protection.

Once you have it installed, all you need to do is log in and sort out the settings.

Once you have done this, you can just let it get on transferring data and earning you money.

It is set to only use your data whilst on a WIFI connection, but you can change it to use your mobile data but be mindful if you are on a metered connection or a limited data plan.

They claim you can run it in the background, and it will not affect your devices performance.

According to their FAQ, Honeygain will use around 2 GB per day, but it can reach up to 15 GB depending on your internet speed.

There is going to be a drain to your device’s battery life of between 5% – 10% per day.  You may want to use an old device that you can leave on charge at home?

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How Much Can You Earn With HoneyGain?

You will earn US$0.01 (10 credits) for every 100 MB of internet data you share.

The problem is that the traffic is very slow.  If you are only using one device, you will not be able to make more than $0.25 per day.

Their FAQ says that HoneyGain uses around 2 GB per day, but it could reach 15 GB per day depending on your internet speed.

But I have seen examples where people have left it running for 4 hours, and it only gathered 415 MB.  This is earnings of US$0.04.

If that stayed the same for 30 days, that would be an income of US$1.20!!  That is so far away from their initial claims and that user had a really fast internet connection of 24MB per second.

Can You Earn More by Using Multiple Devices?

In theory, you would think that by using more devices you could earn more, but each device must use a different network.

If you install multiple devices on the same network, the system will just divide the traffic between them, so you will still end up with the same results.

Getting Paid with HoneyGain

HoneyGain pays you via PayPal and the minimum pay out threshold is $20.  Once you have reached this figure you can expect to see your money within 24 hours. 

PayPal is the only payment option at the moment.

They claim that someone who runs HoneyGain for 24/7 can make $50 a month…

There is also the opportunity presented to you with their referral program.

The HoneyGain Referral Program

You can also make money by inviting others to sign up to the HoneyGain platform using your affiliate link.

If your friend enters your code, they will earn a $5 bonus and you will earn 10% of their earnings.

Whilst that may sound good, in reality the chances of you making a significant amount is really low. Even if you invited hundreds of people, the income potential is really low.

P.S. This program enabled us to Create a 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income Stream.  It’s Free to get started and costs only $49/month to go full-time!

What Do Users Say? (User Reviews)

You will always get mixed reviews about anything.  But there is a stark contrast between the good and the bad with Honeygain.  The reason I say that is that all the positive ones say how great it is, but then tell you to join via their link so you get a $5 bonus (but also means they earn 10% of your earnings)

Here is an example:

Two positive reviews about it, both giving it 5 stars.  But all they have done is offer a promo code telling you to earn your $5.  The $5 isn’t the issue, it is actually earning enough to be able to withdrawal your money. 

Then there are a number of negative reviews:

It is really a mixed bag, if you want to see more and go through more examples here is the link to their Trustpilot review page.

What We Liked About HoneyGain

Here is what we liked about HoneyGain:

#1 It is Passive Income

Despite my reservations about this platform, we cannot deny that it is passive income.  You can earn some money just by sharing your unused internet connection.

#2 The Pay Out Doesn’t Differ Depending on Your Country

The pay-out for data doesn’t differentiate based on where you live.  It is more a factor about your internet speed rather than location.

#3 Good Referral Program

You can earn 10% of any of your referrals earnings, which is a pretty good level considering there is no work involved.

What We Didn't Like About HoneyGain

Here is what we didn’t like about HoneyGain:

#1 Banned from Google Play Store & Not on iOS App Store

This is the biggest red flag we have found about this platform.  Google would have only banned it if it considered it to be dangerous or risky for their customers to install it on their devices.  By asking you to install an APK version, which is a backdoor type way of installing it without having to use the store just shows that they are more interested in gaining your data than staying on the right side of Google.

Apple have long been wary of allowing apps onto their app store.  The difference is that Apple vets any app before it goes onto their store.  Google Play does it after the event if issues are raised.

So, if Apple haven’t signed it off and Google have banned it, what does that say about the risks you are incurring by having it on your phone that you do all your browsing, shopping and banking on?

#1 Risks to Personal Data Breaches & Criminal Activity

There is a serious risk of people using your IP addresses for potentially criminal activities and who says they cannot unlock the firewalls and get access to your personal data at the same time.

Their terms and conditions state you are responsible for anything that is done with your IP addresses, and yet you will have no knowledge of what it is being used for or how it is being used, and yet you could have to answer for it in court?

These two are the main reasons why we wouldn’t install it on our devices.  Our research has shown us that the risks are just too high.  Especially when you weigh up the risks against the income potential…

#3 Really Low-Income Potential

Look, I know it sounds fantastic that you can earn money by doing nothing.  But the harsh reality is that the income potential is really low.  There are people who are saying they are earning no more than $0.25 a day.  If that is the case and the pay-out threshold is $20.  You would need to wait 80 days to cash out.  One of the reviews I showed you earlier claimed they were earning $0.03 a day.  Even though they were leaving their computer on 24/7.

At $0.03 a day, that would take you 667 days.

Is that really worth it.  We earn money through passive income, but it is completely different, and it earns a whole lot more even though there is a lot more effort involved.

#4 Will Drain Your Battery

The last point is that if you were planning on using it on your mobile devices, know that it will drain your battery pretty quickly, especially if your phone is a little older and doesn’t hold its charge as good as it used to.

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Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

My HoneyGain Review - Final Conclusion

On the surface, HoneyGain looks like a legit application that will help you earn passive income just by sharing your internet connection.

But I am really concerned that it was banned from the Google Play store and hasn’t been able to go back on there.  There are real risks about sharing your network bandwidth with strangers, and you are liable regardless of whether you know what they are doing or not.  Remember, you may be held responsible for any illegal activity committed using your IP address.

There is also the fact that the income potential is ridiculously low.  I highly doubt anyone has a real chance of earning the $47 a month they claim.

See this post on Reddit, where it has taken them 9 months to get to $19.97.  They are so close to the $20.  But seriously, 9 months to earn $20???

Put all that together and we seriously do not think this is really worth the risk.  Why put yourself at risk for a few dollars that are even harder to withdrawal.

To finish off, there are four reasons why we are not using the HoneyGain app:

  1. I don’t want strangers using my IP address
  2. I don’t really know if Honeygain is trying to steal critical data from my device
  3. There is little or no income guarantee
  4. It will affect the battery life of my devices

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Thanks for checking out our HoneyGain review!  If you have any questions or comments to add to our review, then please write them in the comments section below. 🙂

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Overall Rating



  • It is Passive Income
  • The Pay Out Doesn't Differ Depending on Your Country
  • Good Referral Program


  • Banned from Google Play Store
  • Not iOS Store
  • Risks to Personal Data Breaches & Criminal Activity
  • Really Low Income Potential
  • Will Drain Your Batter

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    • Hi,

      thanks for checking out our review.  Feel free to share it! It is hard to really determine, as the authorities need to consider that.  But in my opinion, I wouldn’t recommend it to people.

      You will not earn enough to cover your costs and that makes it a waste of time

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