Why Affiliate Marketing Does Not Work & What to Do About It

Why Affiliate Marketing Does Not Work & What to Do About It

If you are here, you might be considering whether affiliate marketing really works? There are plenty of reasons why affiliate marketing might not be working for you and you are looking for help to turn the corner and make it work.  But let me answer that first question – does affiliate marketing work?  Yes, totally but there are some factors to consider when thinking about why it might not be working for you.

First off, there is no big secret as to how it works and a lot of it comes down to one factor – Patience.

The Biggest Factor to Achieving with Affiliate Marketing is Patience

One of the biggest mindsets you need to get out of when starting any online business, including affiliate marketing is thatThe Biggest Factor to Achieving Affiliate Marketing is Patience you will not immediately earn a return for the time you invest.  People sink a lot of time and effort into an affiliate marketing business and will see no return after 3 or even 6 months and walk away from it stating “Affiliate Marketing Does Not Work”, when really 6 months is the point where your website is starting to earn the traction it needs with the search engines to turn your articles into a money-pot.

The main thing I see with struggling affiliate marketers is they are drawn into these training platforms that are not telling you the truth about the need for patience.

Think about it, unless you find a genuine training platform like Wealthy Affiliate that is honest and realistic about the timescales needed to make this successful – Most affiliate marketing (or programs advertising themselves as affiliate marketing) state that you can be earning money really soon after starting…

Whether it is an e-book, a training course or learning from a guru they all lull you in with false promises of a passive income stream that can happen overnight.

In reality, the biggest thing you need to get over is that this is not a reality.  I did not earn anything from affiliate marketing for 6 months and if I had stopped at the 6-month mark I might have been in the same place you are and questioning whether Affiliate Marketing works.

That 6-month point is really important in your affiliate marketing business.  The market is being flooded with people wanting to do affiliate marketing, but as most give up on the 3 or 6-month Google consider this when deciding on where to rank your content.  If a website is still alive after 6-months and is offering high-quality content, that is a great sign for your rankings and will mean that you will start to get good traffic.  Traffic is what you need to make money with affiliate marketing.

Another key reason as to why affiliate marketing does not work for some is because they do not know how to do it properly.

Affiliate Marketing Does Not Work Because People Do Not Know How to Do It the Right Way

Another big reason as to why affiliate marketing does not work for most marketers is because they are learning from scammers. There are thousands of products out there claiming to be the best affiliate marketing training, but in reality, have been put there by fraudsters to get your money or personal information and leaves those that fall for the trap believing affiliate marketing does not work.

They give away enough information to get you to buy the product, but not enough information for you to find any success with their tactics.

There are many factors to consider making sure affiliate marketing works for you, but you also need a training platform that is honest, can be trusted and ensures you are put on the right track from this point onwards.  We highly recommend the training and tools available at Wealthy Affiliate.  They are the training platform we used when we first started out with Affiliate Marketing and without the support from the team, I might not have stayed the course and saw that first sale after 6 months.

With clear training on choosing a niche, creating a website, writing content that converts and SEO and other marketing methods they are a highly recommended and up-to-date training.  Learn more about what they offer and their success stories within my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Many Affiliate Marketers are using Outdated Tactics

Another factor as to why affiliate marketing does not work is people using outdated techniques. One Example is using duplicate content.  Some products out there claim that their system will generate you content for your website without you needing to do any work?  How?  They steal another person’s work and display it on your website.

But the search engines are actively looking for duplicate content and using duplicate content will lead only one way – your website and content not getting ranked at all.

What the search engines and people searching via those search engines are looking for is high-quality content that provides value and helps people with their query.

In days gone by, some affiliate marketers used tactics including just writing a 20-page website, and sending unnatural links to it by spamming blogs, comment sections, etc. This would benefit the website for about 3 months, before Google found out and would penalise the site. This technique stopped being effective since a change in Google’s algorithms in 2011.  But I have still seen training material showing affiliate marketers this tactic, even though it will not work at all.

If you can provide high-quality content that helps people and provides value, you have the key ingredient to making affiliate marketing work.  You just need to remain consistent posting this high-quality content regularly to see it turn into a successful affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate Marketers Not Treating It Like a Business

It is possible for anyone to launch a website and start affiliate marketing nowadays.  You can get a free website really easily and little or no financial barrier to getting started.  This brings with it the idea of testing the water with affiliate marketing, with little commitment needed.

This leads some to not get into the right tracks that this is a business model.  It also means they do not have a business plan for their affiliate marketing business.

Think about your current goals, if they are just to make money – then this could be a factor into why it is not working.  Even if you start with small goals, like I am going to write 3-4 articles a week that is a better goal to start with.

We all have a financial goal, and that is normally the main reason why we have chosen affiliate marketing as a way to Setting Goalsachieve that.  But a normal bricks and mortar business will not expect to turn a profit in its first year.  Now, an online business doesn’t have the outlay a normal business does, but why does that mean you can immediately expect it to turn a profit straightaway.

Set yourself daily, weekly and monthly goals that are not about earning money.  It could be creating articles, spending an hour doing proper keyword research, researching your niche and engaging with others in your niche, learning how to get started in video marketing.

There are tons of things that you can set yourself up with, and the beauty is if you are constantly working on your business and creating excellent value – guess what you will start converting this into sales.

Not Getting into the Mindset of an Entrepreneur!

One of the things that I notice about people who say affiliate marketing does not work, they think it works in the same way as working in your day job!

Think about a job that pays by the hour for a moment, you do an hour’s work and you get paid an hourly rate.

Affiliate Marketing does not work in the same way.  A true entrepreneur plays the long game.  I know affiliate marketers who are earning money from articles they wrote years ago, and they are still converting.  The article might need a little update every now and then as things do change, but in essence it is the true way a passive income works through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is in definition about playing the long game.  Write a high-quality article that helps, is based on a low-hanging fruit keyword and offers value to the person who reads it.  Once you have posted it to your website and shared it on social media.  You start researching into your next article.  Don’t get hung up on Google Analytics, it can work against you as you will not see a great deal of traffic and that can be demotivating.

Just focus on writing articles, regularly and keep that going for 6 months, then plan for your next 6 months.

I know it is hard to hear, but with effective training and support, it doesn’t need to a journey you travel on your own.

Get the Right Training & Support You Need to Succeed!

One of the things about those early stages of an affiliate marketing business is it can feel kind of lonely.  If no one is interacting with your website, it can seem like you are writing content for no one and it can be something that leads you to believe that affiliate marketing does not work.  But that is why I love the guys at Wealthy Affiliate.

You do not need to do this alone, you can join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who can help in ways you may not fully understand at this point.

First off, you will gain access to high-quality training that will ensure you are following the right path for your affiliate marketing business.  this includes:

  • Picking the Right Niche – some people start too broad, and end up not being competitive enough and failing
  • Doing Effective Keyword Research – without keyword research you have no chance of ranking your content
  • Writing Quality Content – It is the key ingredient Google is looking for, they want to offer value to their users in the same way you need to with your content
  • Social Media Marketing – this is essential for your business, but you will be surprised how many do not know how to utilise this effectively.

One of the key things that Wealthy Affiliate offer that I have heavily used in my time with them is the ability to learn from some of the Super Affiliate’s that are on their platform.  To be able to learn from them and to ask them questions at any point was really motivating in those early stages before I started earning money from Affiliate Marketing.  With a free starter membership, you can truly experience the platform with no commitments and see how it differs to any training you have experienced in the past and also see the opportunities that lie within.  It is really empowering to live chat with some of these affiliate marketers and learn new techniques that work, with proof.  Read some success stories and try to incorporate it into your online business and learn from some techniques that haven’t worked too.


Let’s just clarify the key points of this post.

  • You need to have a lot of patience with affiliate marketing.  This is not an overnight success route.  If you can only post once a week, it will take a lot longer to get the search engines trust and the rankings that this means to get traffic.
  • If you feel you have not had the best training, you need to go back to basics and learn it from the best training platform out there – Wealthy Affiliate.
  • The only tactic you need to concentrate on is doing the right keyword research and posting high-quality content that provides value and helps the reader
  • This is an online business model – if you are currently playing at it, what will it take for you to commit?
  • Think like an entrepreneur! Don’t work to get paid, work to build a future for yourself and your family.
  • Get the Right Training and Support – Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review and see how this amazing platform can help your affiliate marketing business

I know you might be currently thinking that Affiliate Marketing does not work and you might be thinking that it will never work.  But I want to assure you, it can and does work!  I would not be where I am today without it and I love the fact I found Wealthy Affiliate when I did.  I had been caught out by an online scam and could have given up on my desire to make money online.  At one point, I did not think it was possible.  That was the point I saw a review for Wealthy Affiliate and found out about affiliate marketing.

It is a proven route to make money online, but it is so easy to fall for a fake affiliate marketing training out there.  I want toWealthy Affiliate - Free Starter Membership guarantee anyone who reads my Wealthy Affiliate review, they are totally genuine and are a really supportive platform.  They are all about you making up your own mind about them and offer the free starter membership as a way for you to make your own decisions.  A truly great bunch of guys.

If you ever feel like you are struggling, just reach out.  We have all been there and thought the same.  But that does not mean affiliate marketing doesn’t work, we just need to keep believing and learning.

Thanks for reading this, if you have any questions or want to add any experiences with affiliate marketing, I would love to hear from you.  I will respond as soon as I can.  thanks

The Six Figure Mentors Review – Scam or Legit?

Have you been looking into the Six Figure Mentor (SFM) program and wondering if it is a scam or legit?  In this Six Figure Mentors Review you will learn why I think that their claims are a bit overstated and that this really only benefits the guys at the top.

Whilst not a scam, it I personally don’t see it as worth your time.  Check out why in this review.

Six Figure Mentors Overview & Rankings

Product Name: The Six Figure Mentors Six Figure Mentors Review

Owners: Jay Kubassek & Stuart Ross

Website URL: https://thesixfigurementors.com/

Product Type: High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing/

MLM Training + Membership

Price: Depends on Your Membership Level

Best For: The Owners + Top 2% Members

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating: 2.25/5

A Quick Six Figure Mentors Summary

The Six Figure Mentors claim to be affiliate marketing, but it works more like a high-ticket MLM company.  They offer limited internet marketing training and services with a number of different membership levels and expensive upsells.

Recommended: No

What Exactly is Six Figure Mentors?

Founded in 2011, the Six-Figure-Mentor program offers step-by-step training based on Internet Marketing, with various marketing tools and resources all with the intention of helping people earn money online.

Six Figure Mentors was launched by a couple of guys called Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross and is heavily linked with another of their products called Digital Experts Academy. This also leads to a massive push for you to purchase DEA as part of your membership.

But a red flag for me would be Jay Kubassek is also the founder of a company called Carbon Copy Pro.  Now, if you haven’t heard of this product that is great, because it was deemed to be a massive scam.

Owners of SFM - Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek

But whilst it is aimed at teaching you affiliate marketing, it does rely heavily on you promoting only their product which makes this more a MLM type company.  The training is basically all about promoting Six Figure Mentors to others and doesn’t teach you anything related to anything else. But we will get into the detail shortly.

Check out the video below, posted by Stuart Ross explaining what the SFM system is about.

Who Does Six Figure Mentors Benefit?

This is where MLM or Multi-Layer Membership programs let themselves down as not affiliate marketing.  Only the guys at the top of the program will be making the money they are talking about, unless you can get yourself up to the top then you will be struggling to make it work.

Personally, if you are looking for genuine opportunities to make money online, MLM opportunities are not worth it.  You are far better going with a tried and tested method like affiliate marketing and get expert help and support from the team at Wealthy Affiliate.

How Does Six Figure Mentors Work?

Once you sign up with the Six Figure Mentors program, you are assigned a coach.  Their aim is to help guide you through the step-by-step training in affiliate marketing.  But remember, this is only focused on promoting the SFM program and not anything else!

This is where we describe the Six Figures Mentors Funnel:

The Six Figure Mentors Funnel

This is the how it would work for someone or joined, and also the method for funnelling new people to join SFM too.

Step 1: SFM Ads

This is your typical entry point, you see an ad via a blog post, social media or YouTube which will lead you to their standard capture page.  The typical one is Stuart’s YouTube ad showing you how he is making money whilst relaxing on the beach

Step 2: Capture an Email

This is all they ask at first, give them your email address and they will gift you a free 70day Video Training on how to live a ‘Laptop Lifestyle!’

Step 3: 7-Day Free Video Training

You will receive a video each day for a week.  The videos are a mixture of Stuart or Jay and they are talking to you about an introduction to affiliate marketing (but a very basic one).  They will also be pitching to you why their business model is better than the rest and why you should join them.

Step 4: Buy the Basic Membership

To progress any further, you will need to purchase their basic starter membership which costs $29.95.  This might seem a reasonable deal, but it has a very limited access to their whole system.  It is just enough to entice you with the upcoming upsells…

Step 5: Contact Your SFM System Consultant

At some point, you will be asked to contact your system consultant, as well as booking a skype call with one of their business coaches.  This is about answering any questions you may have, offer help but more importantly to get you to upgrade your membership to the next level, gain more access to the system and pay more money!

Step 6: The Upsells Kick in…

This stage is where they will bombard you with upsells to the next membership level.  You will always hit a snag and need the next level to progress.  This is a typical tactic used in MLM programs, to get you to upgrade otherwise you will not be able to enjoy the laptop lifestyle they talk about so much about.

What is Good About Six Figure Mentors (PROS)

  • Offers Basic Information about Affiliate Marketing
  • Offers Basic Skills and Knowledge on Internet Marketing in general
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

What Could Six Figure Mentors Improve on? (CONS)

Let’s look at what could be better within SFM?

Only Great if You Want to Promote SFM

I mean this in the way that you do not learn anything related outside of Promoting SFM, so if you wanted to promote something else like many Affiliate Marketers do you would still need to learn how to do this elsewhere.

You also do not get to choose what you want to build your online business about.  It is promoting SFM and that is it.  No option to promote something you are passionate about and that is really limiting your opportunities online.

They claim you can build your business in any niche you like, but do not offer any training or support to help with this.

This is where the signs it is an MLM scheme becomes very apparent.

Upsell After Upsell

I put myself in the shoes of someone looking for a genuine opportunity online and wonder how many of them could afford to invest into a program that has upsells that could cost you $20,000?  If you already have that kind of money, you already know everything you need to know, you do not need this program to fill in the blanks…

Pay to Become an Affiliate?

I also find this a hard pill to swallow and is normally a sign that a program is either a scam or an MLM scheme.  You have to pay to promote their platform.  You only gain access to their marketing materials once you have paid up and become a member.

How Much Does Six Figure Mentors Cost?

There are four membership levels within the Six Figure Mentors platform, and like I said each level has a limited access unless you go for the top tier membership.

Membership levels at SFM

  • Affiliate Access: Free 7-Day Video Series, no access to anything other than the videos
  • Student Access: $29.95 + $25/month (optional)
  • Essential Membership: $297 + $97/month
  • Elite Membership: $2,500/year + $97/month

AS they have your email address, they will keep hounding you to upgrade to the next level.  Then they also start promoting other high-ticket upsells including Digital Experts Academy.

Digital Experts Academy Membership Upsell

If you do get up to the Elite Membership, they then start pushing their other product Digital Experts Academy.  This is sold by saying to get more support and training you must upgrade. But this is where it starts getting even more expensive, let’s go through the 4 levels:

  • DEA Silver: $2,500
  • DEA Gold: $8,000
  • DEA Platinum: $11,000
  • DEA Black: $20,000

That is some upsell, but with that you might think the commission rates would be good.  But this is not the case, with most commissions between 5% and 10%.  This means you need to sell the high-ticket membership to make some serious money.  For detailed info about their membership rates and affiliate commissions, please refer to their payout structure.

What are the Six Figure Mentors Tools Like?

On top of the cost of the different membership levels, they also offer tools for you to build and run your online business.  But these are not included and are all a cost option.

Here are the main 4 tools offered by SFM:

  • Digital Business Lounge: $37/month or $67/month
  • Simple Lead Capture: $29.95/month
  • Grapix Creator: $99
  • SimpleTrakk: $9.95/month

Don’t get me wrong, these tools are very useful for building your website and running your website but they also do have flaws with them and the big problem for me is the “locked-in” approach.  If you start with this business model you are stuck with them.

What Is the Six Figure Mentors Support Like?

Whist you will have contact with a consultant, the level of support will ultimately be decided by your current membership level.  I can see this being used to gain more support if you ever came across problems…

Does the Six Figure Mentors Success bring Success?

There are definitely real people making serious money with the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy platform.

But there is something in common with all the success stories, they are all on the highest membership levels.  They are all paying for the $20k DEA Black membership + all the other costs associated with the platform.

How many ordinary people can afford to make that kind of investment?

I am of the opinion, the only people who will get success with this program is those at the top, the top 1-2% of members and the owners.

The majority of other users will be suffering with trying to promote a product which is hard to sell anyway. They will also be stuck, as they have invested their time and money which makes it hard to walk away from it.

My Honest Opinion of Six Figure Mentors – Is SFM a Scam?

Whilst SFM is not a scam, it is really a program that only benefits the people at the top like most pyramid or MLM schemes do.

It is just too expensive and really restricts you to promoting one product and service and the only way to be successful, is by being willing to part with a lot of money.

Six Figure Mentors at a Glance

Product Name: Six Figure Mentors  Six Figure Mentors Review

Owners: Jay Kubassek & Stuart Ross

Website URLhttps://thesixfigurementors.com/

Product Type: High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing/

MLM Training + Membership

Price: Depends on Your Membership Level

Best For: The Owners + Top 2% Members

Recommended: No

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating:2.25/5

Verdict: Not Recommended, Too Expensive and Limited

Let me Show you a Better Way to Make Money Online

Whilst the Six Figure Mentors platform is not ideal for someone just starting out looking for ways to get started online, I would like to give a shout out to the platform that I used to build an online business.  It is the training platform I used to learn everything I could about Affiliate Marketing and monetising a website.

This website is the result of what I have learned from Wealthy Affiliate!

Imagine a comprehensive training platform designed for people of all skill levels, to get you started with your online affiliate marketing business.  All the tools needed are included within the membership and is supported by a highly motivated community of like-minded individuals all there to help you.  Read my in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate and make up your own mind.

If you have any questions or want to share any experience you have had with the Six Figures Mentors program, then please write them in the comments below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.



Payzeno Review – Is Payzeno a Scam?

Payzeno Review – Is Payzeno a Scam_

If you have been looking into whether the Payzeno digital marketplace is worth your time or is Payzeno a scam? Then you have come to the right place, I will share with you what this digital marketplace is like and answer your questions.

First off, it is a great sign that you are doing your research prior to making any decision about online products, it is a great mindset to have and help you afford scams and find only genuine opportunities to earn money online.

Whilst Payzeno is a genuine digital marketplace, there are too many signs that it is not worth your time and I will share them with you in my review.  Let’s get cracking!

Payzeno Overview & Rankings

Product Name: Payzeno  Payzeno Digital Marketplace

Owners: Unknown

Product Type: Digital Product Marketplace, Affiliate Network

Website URL: payzeno.com

Price: Free

Best For: No One

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating: 1/5

A Quick Payzeno Summary

Payzeno is a digital marketplace with a unique selling point of having blueprints with each product to help you sell them, but with only a handful of low-quality products on offer and an overall lack of quality, this marketplace is not the great place for new affiliate marketers that they try to claim they are.  I would not recommend this product to anyone, regardless of experience.

Recommended: No

If you are looking for a genuine training platform to learn affiliate marketing the right way, we recommend you read our Wealthy Affiliate review.

What Exactly is Payzeno?

Payzeno is a digital product marketplace.  If you have heard of Clickbank, this is where Payzeno is similar in design.  It allows digital product creators to add their products for affiliate marketers to promote them.

The premise is Affiliate Marketing, where you can earn commissions for introducing a buyer to that product.  But Payzeno’s claims that ‘Even Beginners can Succeed’ from it are far from the truth.  The blueprints that are offered with each product are shown to be poor and the products themselves are far from what an affiliate marketer should be (properly) promoting.

Affiliate Marketing is a very sound business model and can be really successful, but anyone new to Affiliate Marketing would do better with learning the basics from experts like Wealthy Affiliate, then trying their hand with Payzeno.

I will also share in this review why their claims on their homepage do not show through.

Who Does Payzeno Benefit?

Honestly, if they introduced a review process to products that are allowed on their platform and increased the number of products and services and offered high-quality products with blueprints that helped then it might be worth affiliate marketers taking a look.

But, in its current state I would not recommend it for anyone.

How Does Payzeno Work?

Their unique selling point is that when a merchant adds a digital product to Payzeno, they have to provide a sales blueprint.  As in, a guide to how you should sell their product in the best way to get conversions.

That idea is a good one, but they haven’t followed through.  As they do not review the product or their sales blueprint you could get anything with it.

How Does Payzeno Work?

For example, a product to help people make money online has a blueprint that just lists a number of keywords to use for PPC (Paid) Marketing.

Anyone with some keyword research knowledge could have found those out anyway.  So this does show that the merchants and the platform are just trying to take people’s money with providing great value.

The other thing that caught my eye with regards to Payzeno is the sheer lack of products on there.  Affiliate Networks are a great place for affiliate marketers, it means you only need one log-in to access thousands of products to promote.

But if you take Clickbank or Awin, they have total confidence from merchants as you can access a high number of products.  Payzeno, has about 500 and most are low-quality.

That tells us a big thing – No one has confidence in Payzeno. Genuine merchants, genuine affiliate marketers, it also shows they do not care about their platform too.

What is Good About Payzeno (PROS)

  • Merchants provide blueprints with a strategy to sell the product
  • Instant payout via PayPal

What Could Payzeno Improve on? (CONS)

Let’s look into where Payzeno could improve on.

Low Number of Products to Promote, all low quality

This is normally a sign of whether to join a network or not, if you looked in ClickBank they have over 13,000 products and services for you to promote.  But when you look into Payzeno in more detail, you find that they only have around 500 products.  This is a big worry for an affiliate marketer as it shows quality merchants do not have confidence in this platform at all.

Most are in the Make Money Online niche and after thorough research we know most products in this sector are potential scams or low-quality as they try and draw on your emotional heartstrings to make money.

I also found that a number of the product still on their platform link to websites that are no longer working, showing they were low quality or scams that have closed.

This also shows that Payzeno does not review the products before putting them on their marketplace.

The Payzeno Platform is Not Organised

It is not easy to navigate their platform at all, you just end up scrolling through pages of products hoping to find one that is worthwhile.

You cannot filter by certain products or sort them.  All you get is a search bar, which is great if you already know what you are looking for…

A big push from their sales pitch is the high commission rates, 90%-100% in some cases and yet you find there are no products with those types of commission rates.  I did not check every product, but I saw commissions as low as 0% or 2% and most were in the 50% range.

Lack of Tracking IDs for Campaigns

Tracking your campaigns is a fundamental aspect of affiliate marketing, without if you will not know where your conversions are coming from or how to adjust your marketing campaigns to improve them, so being able to add a tracking id to links is integral.

But Payzeno does not offer that service. All you get is one link.  So, if you are promoting a product in 5 places, you get one link.  So, you cannot narrow down which channel is working the best.  This is a big let-down in Payzeno.

How Much Does Payzeno Cost?

It doesn’t cost anything to get started with Payzeno, the biggest question you would have is why you would waste your time with a low-quality, poorly run digital marketplace like Payzeno

My Honest Opinion of Payzeno – Is Payzeno a Scam?

Whilst I must say that it is not a scam, it would not be a product that I would recommend.  It is a rather unprofessional digital marketplace that doesn’t seem to care what is promoted on there and I also find it intriguing that you cannot identify who the owners are.  Shows they don’t wany their name associated with it…

For anyone to truthfully recommend them, they need to start reviewing their products, make the platform user friendly and offer some training to help those newbies they are trying to entice in.

Personally, for me there are much better marketplaces out there, like Clickbank or Awin.

Payzeno at a Glance

Product Name: Payzeno Payzeno Digital marketplace - is payzeno a scam?

Owners: Unknown

Website URLPayzeno.com

Product Type: Digital Product Marketplace, Affiliate Network Price: Free

Best For: No One

Recommended: No

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating:  1/5

Verdict: Not Recommended, But Not a Scam

It isn’t a scam, but it would be a product I pointed affiliate marketers away from.

Get Started in Affiliate Marketing

You cannot just join an affiliate program with little or no experience and expect it to make you money promoting products.  You will either need to do a lot of research on your own and put in a ton of work, or you are going to need to get training in this area.

If you are looking for affiliate marketing training, then I would suggest Wealthy Affiliate. They are an affiliate marketing training platform that provides training.  But not only that, they also provide all the tools you need to get started and comes with expert help and support.  I started with them a couple of years ago when I first started looking for a way to make money online and have been a Wealthy Affiliate member ever since.

You can read my Wealthy Affiliate review here.

Thanks for reading my review, if you have any comments or questions please leave them below and I will get back to when I can.


Is Cash Siphon System a Scam? Definitely!

Is Cash Siphon System a Scam_ Definitely!

Welcome to my Cash Siphon Review!

Ewen Chia has come up with another money-making platform called Cash Siphon System, if you have come across any of his other products you will tend to know where the outcome of this review will end up.

First of all, I am glad that you are doing your own research into products like this. That is an awesome way of avoiding online scams.

We are not associated with the Cash Siphon System and will be revealing to you why I think this is a scam and should be avoided at all costs.

Cash Siphon System Overview & Rankings

Product Name: Cash Siphon System Is the Cash Siphon System a Scam?

Owners: Ewen Chia

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Course

Price: $17 + Upsells

Best For: No One…

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating:  0.25/5

A Quick Cash Siphon System Summary

Ewen Chia’s Cash Siphon System is a platform I would avoid.  The way it uses a bait and switch system to draw you in to sell you other products is a typically scam strategy. I would not recommend this program to anyone. It shows wrong information about affiliate marketing techniques, includes questionable products in its sales funnels and is preying on people with little or no knowledge buying this

Recommended: No

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What Exactly is Cash Siphon System?

Before I describe what, the Cash Siphon System is, I want to just make you aware there are 2 products that have a very similar name.  the Cash Siphon System is the one we are reviewing here and is owned by Ewen Chia.  But there is also another product called Daily Cash Siphon. The Daily Cash Siphon system has been developed by Chris Parker.  It is an affiliate marketing training course with a focus on building WordPress websites.

Back to the Cash Siphon System review.

According to the landing page, the Cash Siphon System is a system where you will make a lot of money guaranteed… but  like most with these unrealistic claims they are very vague about how or what this system is.Make Money Without Selling Anything?

In reality, it is access to 14 videos on how affiliate marketing works.  That’s it, and these videos are not even that great or current.

But the problem is before you hit the members area where you can actually watch these videos, you are taken through a barrage of sales funnels trying to get you to buy into other stuff.  If you try to leave these sales pages you are hit with another sales page offering you a last chance to get the Cash Siphon System for only $7… But, let’s just clarify at this point you have already paid for the Cash Siphon System.  So, why would you want to buy it again.

Is Cash Siphon System a Scam

This just tells me the owners are only after your money and are not particularly bothered if you make any money or not.

Ewen Chia has a bit of a reputation out there, and that is not a good reputation.  His other products such as AutoPilot Profits and Copy Paste Income get a similar reaction.

Who Does Cash Siphon System Benefit?

I highly recommend you keep clear of this product, I cannot honestly condone this product or its tactics.  I wouldn’t even venture towards their landing page.

There are much better, and genuine products out there to learn affiliate marketing.

If you are looking for a genuine platform to setup your own affiliate marketing business, with support I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

How Does Cash Siphon System Work?

The way this system works is by drawing you into the system with the bait of a guaranteed income earning potential and hoping to sell you the upsells that are included in all the sales pages you get to go through prior to accessing the 14 low-quality videos that are actually all you get.

It is a classic Bait and Switch technique, they want you to fall for the upsells including the one where you get to pay $7 for the exact same product you have just purchased.  I know, they do have a cheek.

Let’s go through the Upsells and why it just smells of a scam.

Up-Sell One – Cash Sites

The first up-sell is where you are introduced to one of Ewen Chia’s other products called Cash Sites.  This is sold as a ‘Done for You” Affiliate Marketing website, pitched as you can earn money from it straightaway.

Automatic Commissions?

This is not included in the original price, which means you will need to pay for it.  It also leads us to another problem.

One of the key metrics the search engines are looking for has bought the same website will have the same content, etc.  Duplicate Content is a big no if you want to get ranked in the search engines and that is the only way people will find your website, unless you explore expensive PPC marketing methods.

Up-Sell Two – My Top Tier Business

This second product is presented as a way of earning more commissions. This product introduces you to a friend of Ewens called Matt Lloyd. You may recognise the name, Matt Lloyd owns MOBE (My Own Business Education). Which happened to have been closed down by the FTC, due to being identified as a Pyramid Scheme.  This is where only the people at the top really made the money.


The My Top Tier Business is actually a high level MLM (Multi-Layer-Marketing) and costs $49 to join, but with expected upsells included too.

My Top Tier Business

Most MLM schemes are tough to really earn money with, and you can only normally sell a level if you already have bought that level.  Hence the upsells are normally quite expensive.

What is Good About Cash Siphon System (PROS)

Honestly, I cannot truthfully say there is anything positive about this platform. This is mainly due to the way it is pitched and sold.  It makes Ewen out to be a fraudster, whereas if he had sold it as you receive 14 affiliate marketing videos for $17, then I could understand it. But it isn’t pitched this way and with the number of Upsells and false trails that lead you to those videos, there are too many negatives to put any kind of positive spin on the Cash Siphon System.

What Could Cash Siphon System Improve on? (CONS)

Let’s look at the Cons of this Cash Siphon System.

Bait & Switch System

The first thing that I dislike about this product is the fact that it is a classic Bait and Switch scheme.  The sales page for Ewen Chia’s Cash Siphon System is bragging about a system that will make you money without selling anything.  But when people buy the product, they soon realise that this system doesn’t exist.  It is a bunch of training videos and loads of sales pages to other products.

Someone has paid $17 to be sold to and gets access to some videos that they could find better information on YouTube for.

It Isn’t Affiliate Marketing

The other thing you notice when looking in a finer detail into this product is some of the claims about affiliate marketing.  The statements he makes doesn’t make sense compared to how affiliate marketing really works.

He talks about not needing to sell any products, but still earn money.  But that is what Affiliate Marketing is all about.  Promoting other people’s products to earn commission.

The way he makes it sound is there are magic systems and loopholes within this product meaning you don’t need to do any of the normal stuff associated with Affiliate Marketing.

But there is no magic button system out there (I know, I have looked).

The only way to succeed is with hard work and creating high-quality content and remaining consistent.

Ewen Chia’s claims that you don’t need to do any of this is just another reason why this product is not worth your time.

A Bunch of Bad Products in the Sales Funnel

Upsells can sometimes be a valuable investment when presented with products that are genuine and useful to your online business, but when you compare that statement to the ones on offer here – One using duplicate content and one closed by the FTC, it just shows that this is a poor overall product and is just there to take your money with nothing useful coming out from it.

These show they are hoping to get people who haven’t got a clue about affiliate marketing to buy them thinking it is the product to buy.

How Much Does Cash Siphon System Cost?

They are hoping the low $17 price will draw you into buying it.  On the face of it, a system where you don’t have to do any work and earn money from it for $17 looks great.  But that is because these guys are good at marketing to make them money, not to help you.

There are also the upsells that we mentioned earlier that could easily rack up the money.

But it would be a waste of money, you are much better off investing your time and effort into a training platform that will help you earn money with affiliate marketing.

My Honest Opinion of Cash Siphon System – Is Cash Siphon System a Scam?

In the sense that it is not what you are told it is, yes, it is a scam.  They promise you a system where you can earn money and it is guaranteed, but all you get is some video tutorials.  Video tutorials that are probably similar to those on YouTube.

This is simply a sales funnel to get you to the Upsells.

The claims around Affiliate Marketing also prove to be wrong.  You need to put a lot of effort into Affiliate Marketing and it cannot be achieved by doing nothing.

The Sales Funnels to the questionable products with duplicate content and a scheme closed down by the FTC just shows Ewen Chia to be someone out for himself and not to help others get a start.

That would be my closing statement, any product from Ewen Chia is to be avoided.  His reputation is tarnished and is worth checking up on.

If you are truly looking for a way to get started with affiliate marketing the right way, there are much better ways than this Cash Siphon System.  Check out our No.1 Recommended Training Platform for Affiliate Marketing.

Cash Siphon System at a Glance

Product Name: Cash Siphon System Is Cash Siphon System a scam?

Owners: Ewen Chia

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Course

Price: $17 + Upsells

Best For: No One…

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating:  0.25/5

Recommended: No

Verdict: Not Recommended, Totally a Scam!

There you have it, unfortunately this cash siphon system will not guarantee you anything other than losing money, rather than gaining it.  But if you want to follow a tried and tested method to learning affiliate marketing and actually seeing your time and effort turn into a profitable online business, then I suggest you check out the review of our No.1 Recommended Product – Wealthy Affiliate.  With the latest training, tools to help you succeed and a support network unlike any you will have seen, it is how Gem and I learned how to build our online businesses.  Good luck to you whichever direction you choose to go.

If you have any questions or comments to add to our review, then please put them in the comments below and we will definitely respond to you as soon as we can.


The Auto Profit System Review – Automate Your Conversions?

The Auto Profit System Review – Automate Your Conversions_

Have you been checking out reviews for the Auto Profit System and want to know whether it is a sound investment…? Then I will definitely try to help you come out with an honest verdict of this program.

The reason I say this is down to sheer number of positive reviews that are flooding the searches for this program.  According to some reviewers, this Auto Profit System has no flaws and is the perfect product.  Yeah, I kind of thought “is it too good to be true…?” This is why I wanted to investigate the claims and check it out myself.

Below you will find an objective review of the Auto Profit System and whether it is worth your money…

The Auto Profit System Overview & Rankings

Product Name: Auto Profit System The Auto Profit System Review - Automate Your Conversion?

Owners: Craig Crawford, Tom Yevsikov

Website URL: http://theautoprofitsystem.com

Training: 4.5/5



Price: $67 + Upsells

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating: 4.5/5

A Quick Product Summary

The Auto Profit System is a software and training aimed at helping affiliate marketers increase their conversion rates.  Designed to convert those looking for freebies into buying customers.  Not ideal for complete newbies who are looking to learn affiliate marketing, but can help a more experience marketer improve their conversions and sale.

Recommended: Yes, but only for those with more experience in Online Marketing.

Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

What Exactly is The Auto Profit System?

The Auto Profit System was created by a couple of guys called Craig Crawford and Tom Yevsikov.  Both of them are experience in Internet Marketing and have put together this program.

Above is the sales video for the Auto Profit System from their sales page.  The Auto Profit System allows you to build simple, but high converting opt-in pages and thank you pages helping to lead your customers to your affiliate offers.

This is based on the simple premise of getting the right ‘targeted traffic’ to reach a landing page or website and wanting to sign up for the affiliate offer.

But it is actually quite hard to get the right traffic that is ready to make a purchasing decision.

The issues tend to sit with the transition from a free offer to your affiliate sales pitch.

The Auto Profit System aims to help with your sales tactics and information to help double or triple your sales.

Who Does the Auto Profit System Benefit?

On first glance, this might seem like a program that any affiliate marketer would benefit from and to a degree that could be the case.  But I would personally state that my recommendation would be is that this product is for an Affiliate Marketer who already knows what they are doing and are looking for avenues to convert their existing traffic and looking to expand on that with Paid Ads.

Whilst this program states you can do this from free traffic sources, looking a little deeper it is based mainly on Paid Ads via Solo Ads.

Personally, if you are still dipping your toe into Affiliate Marketing, I would not recommend this program yet.  Learn how to gain organic traffic first with a program like Wealthy Affiliate and come back to programs like this when you are earning money from Affiliate Marketing.

This is definitely a program for Affiliate Marketers looking to take the next step in their sales funnels.

Get Help to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

How Does the Auto Profit System Work?

The video above shows that APS focuses on three main steps:

  1.   Build – Building a 2-page system.  This is done with their APS Page Builder
  2.   Drive – Driving traffic to your landing pages using the methods that APS teaches
  3.   Automate – Make this how process automated to keep generating profits.

To keep this whole process going, you need to drive traffic to your sales funnels.  APS focuses on driving that traffic using Solo Ads to your landing pages by offering a Free giveaway.

If you are not too sure what a Solo Ad is, let’s break that down briefly.  A Solo Ad is when you pay someone with a list of subscribers to send your promotional email to their subscribers and hope they go to your landing page.

When they opt-in to your Free Gift, you will then lead them to the second page where you will tell them what the Free Gift is.

But throughout all of this you will also be doing something called “Pre-Selling”. Making it a smooth transition to your affiliate offer so that you can convert those looking for a freebie into buying customers.

Check out the video below, this is a demo of how the system works.

Resources That Are Provided by APS

Below is the list of resources that APS gives you when you sign up:

  • APS Page Builder with Templates and Free Hosting
  • 1-Click WordPress Import Plugin.  You can add their system to your WP website
  • Free & Paid Traffic Methods
  • A number of Bonuses
  • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee comes with the software.

They also make some bold claims about their software, let’s check out whether they are realistic…

Bold Claim One – Start making $2,616 per week with 100% free traffic…

This is possible in some instances, but no realistic in the case of APS as their sole focus is on Solo Ads which require you to have a budget for paid traffic, not free traffic.

Bold Claim Two – No Budget and No Hosting Required…

You don’t have to pay for hosting as that is included with the package, but you need a budget for the paid traffic.  Free traffic takes time to generate. This would depend on your current traffic levels.

Bold Claim Three – Get 100% Click-through Rate for your Affiliate Offer…

This is the boldest claim and is not entirely accurate.  But their promise is backed up because their system doesn’t require any visitors to ‘click through’.  AS your visitors will automatically be directed to your affiliate offer.  But I would also add, not everyone is going to be tempted by the free gift, and so they may not trigger this.

What is Good About the Auto Profit System

  • Easy to Use Page Builder: The APS page builder is really easy to use, and features drag and drop.  Even a beginner could have a page built within minutes.  Check out the demo video above to see it in action
  • It is a High Converting System: APS creates a smooth transition to help convert visitors into buyers.  It shows off the owner’s experience and knowledge.
  • One Off Fee: There are no recurring costs to this system.  You pay once and that is it.
  • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee.

What Could the Auto Profit System Improve on?

  • The Upsells: Whilst we haven’t really touched on the upsells in this review, there are 3 that will arise as soon as you purchase the Auto Profit System.  Whilst this is a standard marketing campaign, I feel it is overdone a bit as it is the first thing, they present to you when you purchase the program.  I’ll discuss these more when we talk about the cost of the software.
  • Solo Ads are Expensive: A lot of their promises are based on you making money with 100% free traffic, but they solely focus on Solo Ads which is a paid traffic method.  You will need to negotiate with list owners to gain access to their lists, so you will need to have a budget for this to get the most out of the software.

How Much Does the Auto Profit System Cost?

The base package costs $27 and this is a one-off fee.  But just expect to see those upsells as soon as you sign up to appear.  Which could add an additional $151 to the overall price.  I am not saying the software isn’t worth the price and it could be a worthwhile cost to an experienced marketer looking to polish off their conversions, but it is something to consider when you are signing up, that you do not gain immediate access to everything they have to offer.

Let’s cover off what is included in each:

Front End – the Auto Profit System ($67)

  • The APS Video Training and eBook
  • Rolodex
  • APS Page Builder
  • Connector Plugin for Use with WP websites
  • Bonus #1 – Video Element
  • Bonus #2 – Premade Videos

APS Elite Members Package ($37)

  • The APS Super Simple Squeeze Page Builder Software
  • 10 templates and giveaways
  • The Auto Profit System Solo Ad Mastery Guide
  • The APS Follow-Up Email Sequence

The APS Captipic Suite ($47)

  • CaptiPic, Image Personalisation Tool for Emails and Websites
  • CapitPic is a s platform that allows you to personalise images for websites and emails for you to send out
  • Allows you to personalise your APS Pages to create a unique experience

The APS Reseller & DFY Campaign ($67)

  • Reseller License – Get 100% commissions for selling Auto Profit System to others
  • Done-for-You System to promote APS
  • 30-day proven email follow-up series.

In the grand scale of things, these prices are not over the top for an affiliate marketer who is already earning money from their sales funnels and are looking to expand their traffic grabbing techniques.  But for a new affiliate marketer, I would not recommend this product yet.

Get Help to Make Money Online with Wealthy Affiliate

What Is the Auto Profit System Support Like?

AS this is mainly a training package with some software, most of the details around support tend to sit in FAQ’s.   But they do offer a 14-day money back guarantee for those who aren’t happy.

But one thing I did come across was tons of positive reviews for this product and I mean loads.  The problem is if you have purchased one of the add-on products, you get 100% commissions for referring people.  I know that is the premise of affiliate marketing, but I find that some of the reviews are totally unrealistic and have only focused on the positives and have not given you both sides of the coin.  This can actually harm the product due to people only focusing on getting a sale and not helping people with an objective review.

My Honest Opinion of The Auto Profit System

The sheer number of positive reviews aside, I think this could definitely help a more experienced internet or affiliate marketer polish off their campaigns and get more conversions for their affiliate offers.  The reason I say that is mainly down to the paid traffic route.  I know they state you can do this via free traffic routes but being realistic this platform thrives off the Solo Ads route and not the free traffic route.

I find the number of positive reviews a bit of a concern though.  How can any product get 5 out of 5?  And how can any review just state there are no concerns with a product?  That’s just me, but I do thing this can definitely help those looking for such a product.

Be mindful of the upsells and only pay for what you want to use.

If you are a relatively new affiliate marketer thinking this might be a magic-button system, then I am sorry to disappoint but this product is based on true marketing methods and a solid traffic base is essential.  If you still trying to find the right training platform for Affiliate Marketing that can lead to success, I suggest you read my No.1 Recommended Product Review.  Learn how to achieve success in Affiliate Marketing the right way!

Auto Profit System at a Glance

Product Name: Auto Profit System The Auto Profit System Review - Automate Your Conversion?

Owners: Craig Crawford, Tom Yevsikov

Website URL: http://theautoprofitsystem.com




Price: $67 + Upsells

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating: 4.5/5

Verdict: Recommended, but only for more experienced Online Marketers

Thanks for checking out my objective review of the Auto Profit System platform.  If you have any experience you wish to share or any questions about the platform, please put them in the comments below and I will definitely get back to you as soon as I can.

What is CJ Affiliate by Conversant About? – CJ Affiliate Review


With the changeover from Commission Junction to CJ Affiliate by Conversant, I can totally understand why you might be asking What is CJ Affiliate by Conversant About?

I have taken the time to research this affiliate network and want to share with you what I found out about this established Affiliate Network.  I will also address all the bad press that has followed over from the change from Commission Junction too.

Read moreWhat is CJ Affiliate by Conversant About? – CJ Affiliate Review

What is Affiliate Marketing for Dummies?

What is Affiliate Marketing for Dummies_

If you are looking for a guide that will explain affiliate marketing for dummies, you have come to the right place.  We try our best to keep things simple and ensure you go away fully understanding a subject and also go aware with a clear path on how you can get started, if you so wish.

Affiliate Marketing is an awesome way of earning money online.  But I often find that people try to overcomplicate the process and that is when we start to feel lost, when really it is really quite a simple premise.  Let’s make sure you fully understand how Affiliate Marketing works?

How Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work?

There are 3 parties that are involved in affiliate marketing.  The first party is you as an affiliate marketer.  The second party is the seller of the product or service.  The third party is the buyer of that product.

Let us use an example to break this down.  Let’s say an affiliate marketer has a blog that is focused on a niche which is in the realms of fitness, let’s say losing belly fat.  We will get into the need for a niche later.

So, this affiliate marketer has a blog that focuses on helping people lose belly fat.  They have a ton of hints and tips, they also promote products or services that are relevant to that niche.  It might be a kitchen gadget that makes preparing a particular recipe easier. That is where the affiliate bit comes in.  The affiliate marketer links their blog post about that gadget to a marketplace such as Amazon through an affiliate link.

The readers of that blog read that particular blog post and decide they want that gadget as it makes preparing that particular (health shake) recipe easier to do and so they follow that link to Amazon and buy the product.

The blog owner has just earned a commission through affiliate marketing.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

That is the simple premise behind affiliate marketing.  You promote products and services and receive a reward or commission for introducing a buyer.

It is a method that benefits both the buyer and the seller as it reduces the costs of marketing which can be an expensive business and Amazon actually launched in this way.  When Amazon first launched it was a small online book store and rather than spending money on advertising, they reached out to their buyers to promote their books to others with the reward of a percentage of the sale price.

Now Amazon is the biggest marketplace in the world and still follow that same model but cover a whole lot more than just books.

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How Do They Track Your Sales?

This is the point where people can overcomplicate affiliate marketing.  You see it involves tracking cookies and if you do not know what a cookie is, this is where it can seem like it is an alien language.

Let’s describe how a cookie works, and then we can explain how they track your sales.

A computer cookie is a small file sent from a web page to your computer to be stored in your web browser. The main purpose of this file is to help the web page keep track of your visits and activity.  That doesn’t always mean a bad thing.  Think about if you do your online shopping online, a cookie will help keep track of the items in your shopping basket.  Without cookies, this couldn’t happen.

If you stay logged on your social media, cookies also help keep you logged in.

So, how does that work with affiliate marketing.  Well, when you sign up with an affiliate network or Amazon, you are given a special link that you use when you are promoting these products and services.

When that reader read that article and decided to buy that kitchen gadget we were discussing earlier.  The blog post would have had a link that went straight to the sales page on Amazon.  That link would have had a signature in it that identified that it was you who introduced this buyer to Amazon.

You might be asking how cookies came into this.  That buyer might not buy that product you recommended but explored Amazon a bit and bought a similar one.  The cookies would have meant you still get the commission for the sale.  Amazon offers 90-day links, so if they go through your link.  Have a look at the product and decide they will look later, as long as they do actually buy it you can get the sale.

Let’s Explain A Niche

So, affiliate marketing works by you introducing someone to a product or service and receiving a commission for doing so, Choosing a Niche - Affiliate Marketingbut you will notice earlier I mentioned that you would need a niche.

Whilst the premise of Affiliate Marketing is really that simple, it isn’t enough to just sign up with Amazon and creating a blog website and promoting a load of products…

If you start too broad, you will find it much harder to get started and find any success.  You need to target a specific niche, that is very focused and will give you the better edge to get started with Affiliate Marketing.

What Is a Niche?

A niche is a narrow segment of the market with which to target.  What the hell does that actually mean??

The best way to pick a niche and actually understand what a niche market is by going onto Amazon.  Picking a category and then see what the sub-categories were and click on one, then keeping doing that until you cannot go any further.  That is how narrow you need to go to start a niche.

If I picked Men’s Grooming, there are six sub-categories:

  • Shaving
  • Skin Care
  • Body Care
  • Hair Care
  • Dental Care
  • Kits & Gift Sets

But those are still too broad for a niche.  Let’s pick Shaving and then this brings to the following sub-categories:

  • o Manual Shavers
  • o Electric Shavers
  • o Groomers & Trimmers
  • o Pre-Treatments
  • o Aftershaves
  • o Accessories

In that category, those would be my starting points.  But honestly, we could go narrow if we wanted to and you could target disposable shavers for example.

When thinking about your niche, you want to target something you already have an interest in and then target as narrow a niche as you can.  You will expand later on into the broader market, but the first stage of your business will be getting your name out there.  That is why we need to target a niche.

Always start with a tiny segment of the market to improve your chances of getting it working right and then you can start getting broader as you have built up your authority.

Become an Authority in Your Niche

Become an Authority or Expert

This is an important one to making Affiliate Marketing work for you.  Think about it, would you buy something if you didn’t trust the seller, the promoter, the marketplace??

The first stages of an affiliate marketing business are showcasing yourself as an authority or expert in your chosen Niche.

Why am I going to trust you and follow your suggestions… that is because you are trustworthy and know your stuff.

That is the place you want to get yourself to after choosing your Niche.

That is also why we suggest you pick a niche that you actually know a lot about or are willing to learn a lot about and it is much easier if you like the niche too.

Imagine if I started a blog on women’s fashion… Yeah, I struggle with men’s fashion let alone making people believe I know anything about women’s fashion.

Let’s Confirm your Understanding

You start off by selecting a niche, a tiny segment of the market.  It is based on an interest or passion you already have with that topic and can show some knowledge about it to others.  You are willing to learn more about that topic and will start on your journey to becoming an authority (expert) in that niche to help people who want to understand that niche too.

You don’t need to be an expert writer, as the art of affiliate marketing through a blog is that it is a conversational type article.  If you can explain it to one of your friends, then you can definitely succeed within affiliate marketing.

What Next…?

People get put off the idea of affiliate marketing when they learn they need to learn how to create a website or startyour Next Step towards an affiliate marketing business blogging or anything technical as they are not that great on the laptop or computer.  This is where I can come in and help.

Before I started my first blog, I didn’t have a clue on how to do anything like create a website.  I didn’t even know what Affiliate Marketing was.  But I was looking for a way to earn money from home.

I stumbled onto the topic of Affiliate Marketing and had a number of the worries that you may be thinking right now…

But I found something that made it simple and easy to understand, I could learn everything I needed.

All I needed to put in was TIME & EFFORT.

It doesn’t matter what your skill level is with a computer or that you are not that great at writing or social media.  Because I got expert help and support from day one.

If you are willing to put in the time and effort, like I did and spend time learning and following the steps that are involved, you will shortly have the following:

Your Own Affiliate Marketing Website

What I am offering is a training platform that can help anyone of any skill level create their own affiliate marketing business that will earn them money online.  You will gain access to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs that will be on hand to help you at any step to ensure you understand what to do and how to do it.  You will also gain access to my help and support at any time.

The only thing that will stop you succeeding at Affiliate Marketing is you telling yourself you cannot do it.

I know plenty of affiliate marketers who are earning full-time wages from their businesses and some of them didn’t know how to go on Facebook before they started.

What Am I Offering?

I am offering you access to a training platform that has transformed the lives of thousands of wannabe Affiliate Marketers.  It offers World Class Training, Access to Websites & Expert Help and Support and what is more you get to join for FREE.

A Starter Membership is absolutely free, with no catch.  It allows you to fully explore the platform and start your affiliate marketing business.

Think about it, by the end of lesson 4 you could have your own affiliate marketing website in your chosen niche.  It will be fully optimised to be found by the search engines and all you would need to add from that point is content.

Everything involved with an Affiliate Marketing business can be taught and learned and Wealthy Affiliate will be there to help you at every step of the way.

3 years ago, I didn’t even know what Affiliate Marketing was and now I am sharing my knowledge to help others find genuine opportunities within Affiliate Marketing.

If you want to start your own affiliate marketing business with expert help and support, then I highly recommend you sign up for free below.  Just click on the banner below and start your own affiliate marketing business for free.

If you still have any questions or want to learn a little more before committing anything, I totally understand.  But I ask that rather than worrying about it ask me any questions in the comments below and I will definitely respond to you with an answer.

Good Luck with Your Journey within Affiliate Marketing, whichever direction you decide to go.

How to Create Your Own Blog Website – Step by Step

How to Create Your Own Blog Website – Step by Step

If you have been looking for how to create your own blog website, then let me assure you that by the end of this post you will fully understand the benefits of having your own blog website, how to get your own free blog website up and running in minutes and learn some of the benefits from the platform we recommend for that blog website.  Plus, some features that will help you achieve the goals you have set out with your new blog website.

Let’s start by clarifying what exactly a blog is?

What is a Blog?

Wikipedia states that a blog is an informal or conversational type of website that shares information in a more casual way.What is a Blog - How to Create Your Own Blog Website

But when you start exploring the opportunities that lie with a blog website, it can be so much more.  The main aim with a blog should be to help others.  Whether that is sharing your experiences in a topic, helping people with how to guides or helping people with buying decisions and that is typically why most people explore the blogging route as they can start to earn money online with their blog through Affiliate Marketing or CPA Marketing.

Most websites that you land on with a search will be a blog, this website is a blog website helping people online.  But the key to your own blog is a that it can be in any subject and be something that you want to write about.

But some argue you do not need your own website to have a blog? I think that having a blog without a website is so limiting, so let’s explore why you need a website for your blog.

Why Does Your Blog Need a Website?

Like I said, some will state that you don’t need a website to blog or make money, I’ll just use social media or write articles and submit them via a blog website.

But the problem is, you start limiting your reach by doing this and then there is the risk that the website that you were using to submit your articles closes down or dramatically loses their audience.  You have just lost your audience and any money-making opportunities.

Design a Website - How to Create Your Own Blog Website

I have also found that social media is quite unreliable when it comes to whether people will click on your links or not.  I am not saying that social media is bad, it is a good way of getting your blog out there but there are examples where it can be really hard if you use it as your only avenue.

But if I give you the example of Instagram.  Due to their focus on paid ads, you will struggle to get your posts out to the type of audience that you were able to in the past.

Your Own Blog Website becomes a foundation to your business.  It also becomes your brand.

That brand is what you can sell on all the social media channels, link back to when submitting articles to other blogs, etc.  It also means you have full control over your blog business.

That is why you need your own website, getting a great brand name and creating awesome content will bring people to your blog.  To achieve anything with your blog, you need traffic coming to it.  Then they can engage with your content, and maybe follow some of your recommendations to earn money from those links.

Your own blog website starts with the right Content Management System, we highly recommend WordPress.

WordPress + SiteRubix = Awesome Blog Website

I have used a few content management systems in the past, and some you need a degree in computer coding to be able toWordPress website - How to Create Your Own Blog Website achieve anything, others like Joomla are not simple to use either.  Then I started using WordPress and I found it is so easy to use that it means you can focus on more important stuff, like creating content and getting it found by the search engines.

Another factor to consider is the web hosting that comes with your chosen CMS.  There are some free providers out there, but the more traffic you get you then start having to pay higher levels to keep using their hosting.

I also think WordPress is preferable to sites like Wix, as again the more traffic you receive will start to mean you have to start paying.

Our Preferred WordPress web hosting is SiteRubix.  It is the web hosting behind Wealthy Affiliate, and with a free starter account you gain access to 2 free websites using WordPress on their hosting.  It also comes with some great training, to help you get started on the right path, gain traffic and customise your blog website.  Learn more in my Wealthy Affiliate Review.  Between Site Rubix & Wealthy Affiliate you will have an awesome start to your own blog website.

How to Create Your Own Blog Website for Free

If you want to get started with creating your own blog website for free based on the subject or niche that you want to blog about, follow the steps below.

Step One – Choose a Relevant Website Name (URL).  You can use the tool below to check whether your preferred URL is available.

Step Two – Complete Your Free Account Setup.  Create your free account to continue onto the website builder. (You are minutes away from your own blog website)

How to Create Your Own Blog Website

Step Three – Choose a Title for Your Website. This will be displayed on the header of your blog website.

How to Create Your Own Website - Website Title

Step Four – Choose Your Theme. Choose from the available themes to get the look you want for your website.

Step Five – Click Build Your Site. Within seconds you will have your own blog website.

That is it, you now have your very own blog website.  From then on, you can start creating content, and start working on achieve your goals that you had set out.

But at this point, having a blog website is not the end of the stages you need to progress through to reach those goals.

That is where the partnership between Wealthy Affiliate & SiteRubix come into play.

You need to learn how to grow your blog website…

How to Grow Your Blog Website

From experience, I know some will think that having a website is all they need to start making money.  But in reality, having a website without some key elements means that no one could find your blog website.  If no one can find your blog website, it would be like talking to the wall.

If you have completed the steps above, you will have gained access to the training available on Wealthy Affiliate that explores the key steps you need to take in the early stages of your blog website.  It will teach you how to achieve the follow things that are so important, that if we do not do them, there is no point starting a blog website.

Creating Content on your website starts with effective keyword research, if you are not entirely sure what I mean by keyword research, I have written this guide to help you out.

The training included within Wealthy Affiliate, will cover keyword research and these other important factors:

  • Search Engine Optimisation – If the search engines cannot find your blog website, you will not have any traffic to engage with.
  • Content Creation – Writing natural conversational articles becomes easier the more you write, but there are some key tips in the training to make this easier for you.
  • Getting the Most out of WordPress – Training on all the features of WordPress.
  • Getting Traffic – How to promote your website to gain traffic
  • Using Social Media Effectively – Use social media the right way will also help you gain traffic.

One of the other key factors in Wealthy Affiliate’s training and tools is the art of monetising your blog website.

How to Monetise Your Blog Website

Let’s be honest, the majority of people looking for how to create your own blog website for free will be looking to make money from their blog.

There are a number of ways to monetising your blog.  Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing, PPC Marketing, and Wealthy Affiliate has training that helps you understand and fully utilise those methods to earning money from your blog.

If you have not heard of any of these methods, I have included guides in the links above to each of those methods to help you understand.  But most associate bloggers with Affiliate Marketing, so I will go through this premise below.

Affiliate Marketing is a great way of earning money online, especially if you do not have any of your own products or services to sell.  You can use this model to promote other people’s products or services and earn a commission from the sale.  It can be described as a passive income route, as you could have written a review on a product that makes you money for years to come.

There are 3 parties involved in Affiliate Marketing – You (the blog owner), the owner of the product/service and the Buyer (visitor to your blog).  You write a review that promotes a product/service and the buyer decides to buy it based on your review.  They follow your affiliate link to the product sale page and buy it.  The owner of the product or service rewards you for the sale by giving you a percentage of the sale price as a commission.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

You will all of heard of Amazon, and they offer an affiliate program.  So many bloggers promote products available on Amazon and receive a commission for every sale they introduce.

Companies offer this as it is a much cheaper way of promoting themselves than multi-million-dollar advertising campaigns.

Wealthy Affiliate offers training, help and advice towards being accepted by these affiliate programs and writing articles and reviews that correctly promote products and services so you can earn commissions.

If you want to fully explore the benefits, help and tools available with a Wealthy Affiliate membership, I highly recommend you read my review.  If you would like to get started with your blog website then you can get started with a free Starter Membership with Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have any questions or would like to add your experience with blogging, then please add them to the comments below and I definitely respond as soon as I can.

If you would like more information about any of the topics below, you can always drop me an email to john@bestaffiliatemarketingtools.org. Thanks

Best Reasons to Work from Home & How to Get Started!

Best Reasons to Work from Home & How to Get Started!

Have you been looking for a way to work from home and want to understand is it something you can do and the benefits to it?  I have come up with the best reasons to work from home and, more importantly how you can actually get started with your own home-based business online.

Working from home is seen as the ideal business idea. But whilst there are plenty of benefits, which we will go through there are a couple of watch-outs that you need to be aware of too and I think it is only fitting we go through a couple before we discuss the benefits to ensure you know whether it is the right path for you…

The Watch Outs of Working from Home…

The majority of us would love to be able to work from home, not answer to a boss and sit at home in our pyjamas making money and some of us are actually doing that.  But I need to highlight the fact that it is a lot easier to sit and watch the tv, then it is to take the action required to make that money online.

Whether you have your own product to sell, you want to harness affiliate marketing or CPA marketing or want to become a social media influencer to make your mark and earn money online, the key attributes you need to understand are…  You need to put time and effort into anything to make money!

If you want to work from home for an employer, that’s fine but they are going to expect you to achieve something with your day.

If you are planning on working for yourself and working from home or working as a remote worker for a company doing telesales, etc.  the only way you will earn anything is by putting in the time and effort to earn the rewards from it.

I am going to focus on the working from home with your own home-based business for the rest of the post as that is what the majority of people are looking for, a way of earning money online from your own home-based business.  That is the goal of many, and are looking for ways to make money online and work from home.

You are going to have to work hard to achieve the success needed to ensure you can work from home and enjoy the benefits that we are going to go through shortly.

It is so easy to sit at home watching the tv, or surfing the web and going through social media that you soon realise you haven’t achieved anything today.  My personal advice to anyone who is getting started online or has their own online business is to set daily, weekly and monthly goals.  They don’t have to be mega or hard to achieve, but setting goals is a key step in your future success and allows you to track and see whether you are on-track with your business.

Right, let’s get onto the best reasons to work from home.

Your Own Schedule

One of the worst things of working a normal job is the schedules, whether you work a 9 to 5 job or work in retail.  The workCreate your own schedule - best reasons to work from home schedule is something that doesn’t really work for everyone. My day job consisted of being up and out for 6am most mornings and I was lucky if I got back for when my son was going to bed.

My first benefit of working from home is the fact that you create that schedule, you work when it is best for you and your family.  I personally prefer and get more done on the evening, then I do in the mornings.  I know a number of entrepreneurs who like getting up first thing in the morning and just getting on with it, so they have the afternoon for their own endeavours.

The thing is, it can be really personal to you. The other thing is, that if it is the right time for you to do the work, you are going to be more productive and produce better results because of it.

Being able to drop the kids off at school and not having to pay childcare means you get the benefit of seeing more of your children and then getting back and working from home.

More Time for YouMore time for you - best reasons to work from home

Another benefit you get from working from home is having more time for you and your interests or time with friends.  If you get the right business model from home, you will find that you do not need to invest hundreds of hours into it to see results, and this means that you can have more time to spend on things you want to do.  Meet up with a friend for coffee, go out for the day and then pick up the work on the evening.

Without having to drive into a job or an office, you gain a lot of time for both your business and for you.  When you are finished, you are already home and can get on with what you want to do.

You could actually start a home business in a niche that you love, this allows you to earn money from something that you want to do.

Make Money from Something you Love

If you started a business in something that you actually want to do or a niche that you already know a lot about and enjoy, then it makes it much easier to do the business and it won’t feel like a chore to do it, meaning you will enjoy doing all the things required to get really involved in that niche and promoting the business.

If you have your own product or service, then you could explore avenues like eBay or etsy to get it out to an audience.  This will allow you to get started quite effectively, but if you have aspirations of your own brand, you could really benefit from your own website with you could use alongside eBay and etsy to sell your products and services and grow it to the point where you are making enough to be able to work from home full-time.

Check out how you can get a free website for your brand here.

If you haven’t got your own product or services, you could start a home business where you are promoting other people’s products and services and turning this into a full-time income.  This model is called Affiliate Marketing, you can learn more about this model here.

The benefits of staring a home-based business based in a niche that you enjoy is you get to engage into that niche, and as it is something you already enjoy – you will enjoy it.

People go and pick niches because they seem profitable but run out of ideas or even stop working on it because they get bored.  That will not lead to you being able to work from home!

Lose the Commute

After years of driving into work and getting stuck in traffic more often than not – working from home means you no longerlose the commute - best reasons for working from home have to worry about the commute.  It is awesome to be able to just grab a cup of coffee and then walk to my little office and get started without worrying about getting into the car and sitting in dreaded traffic.

Whether you drive in, have to sit in a crowded train carriage, write a bicycle or sit on a bus – think of how much time you would gain back from your day by just losing it from your day?

This is time that you can use to scale your home-based business or just time to use for yourself.

Your Control Your Income

One of the things that stops people from choosing to start a home-based business is the fact they worry that they will not earn enough to be able to live on or replace their current income.

But the reality is that a home-based business allows you to earn what you are worth, and not what your company or boss thinks you are worth.

You will not always get a pay rise at your job, or even get paid depending on the amount of effort you put into it.

As a business owner, you set your income goals, the prices of any products or services you sell.  All you need to do is invest the time and effort into achieving those goals to earn what you are earning now and more.

The other advantage of a home-based business is the fact that you could start it on the side of a normal job, so you can also make the decision on when you make the transition.

Get Tax Benefits

There are a number of tax benefits to having your own business from home, writing off equipment, supplies and a portion of your home or car cost, if appropriate.

You can also claim utilities.

Another thing to factor in is at your normal job you will be taxed on what you earn.  In a home-based business you can deduct your expenses first and then pay tax on your net income, not your gross income.

I would highly recommend you check this out properly with a tax expert or accountant, but there are definite benefits.

Wear What You Like

We all know that a uniform or formal wear is a pain.  If the weather is hot, they are uncomfortable, sometimes they are not flattering and then there is the ironing and the cost of washing it all too.

Working from home allows you to not worry too much about what you are wearing, even working in your pyjamas if that is your preference.

No Boss – Become the Boss

There are a number of reasons why people start looking for ways to work from home or earn money online.  One of the reasons is their boss.  Working from home means you become the boss.  You will start out small and you are the only worker in your business.  But then you start making money and get to a point where you are recruiting works or using freelancers.  That is the point where you become the boss, and you can ensure you are the boss to those people that you would have wanted when you had the boss.

Get a Greater Feeling of Satisfaction from What You Achieve

What does it feel like when you have achieved something?  It feels good, right?  But when it is achieving something that isSatisfaction - best reasons to work from home revolved around your business and your goals, it feels a whole lot better.

I am serious, when you first start out with your own online business it feels awesome just to get something completed.  Whether it is getting your website launched, getting your first order or commission, getting your first comment on your website, getting some feedback via eBay or social media that they loved your product.

It makes such a difference when it is aimed at you.  I worked for a big retail company, the feedback was always generic.  Getting that sort of feedback feels ok, but nowhere near the same to your own business.

Get Started with a Home-Based Business Today

Learn New Skills & Grow as a Pro

Starting your own home-based business allows you to learn a whole range of new skills and grow as a professional.  You might start small, but with a global reach of 4 billion people that have access to high-speed internet you will be able to reach a large audience with your products, services or offering help.

You might think that it is not possible to learn again, but if you get the right training platform you will surprise yourself with what you are able to achieve.

Whether you have your own product/service or want to explore the opportunities that lie with affiliate marketing, you will soon see how you can start your own business and be able to say you can create your own website, your own social media channels, write effective articles to promote your business.  Understand your customer trends to help you scale your business and reach a larger audience.

You Can Get Started with Your Own Home-Based Business without a product or service, just a niche chosen from something that you love and in the next week you could learn from the following lessons:

  • Understanding How to Make Money Online
  • Choosing a Niche – Gain access to 590,000 Niches
  • Building Your Own Niche Website
  • Setting up Your Niche Website
  • Getting Your Website Search Engine Friendly
  • Creating Content

Even if you have your own products or services, this training will lead you to be able to make the most of the internet and the huge audience that is available, but without the right training you will not be able to effectively target the right audience who is going to make those purchasing decisions that make you money.

As long as you are willing to learn and put the time and effort in, you will see the result you are after with a home-based business.

Get Started with Your Own Home Business

To see the benefits from those best reasons to work from home, you need to get started with your own home business.  Are you ready to learn and earn from your very own home-based business?  Then, I do recommend a training platform that offers education, the ability to create your own website and get expert help and support at any time for your home-based business.

The training platform I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate.  Don’t think that it can only benefit those looking for affiliate marketing, as a lot of the training they offer we used for Gem’s wedding stationary business which sells wedding invitations, utilises drop shipping and affiliate marketing.  That is all part of the scalability of an online business.

The essence of the training focuses on those key steps that you need when starting out with an online business, getting it ready for the search engines (Google) so that people can find it, writing effective content that means that search engines like it to ensure it ranks higher.

But the biggest benefit you gain access to is industry experts that are there to help you whenever you have questions or issues that you need an answer to.

So, if you are looking for a way of working from home with your own business, I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate.  You can see for yourself, with a free starter membership.  There is nothing to pay and no credit card required, unlike some other training platforms and you will see for yourself what is on offer and whether you can benefit from the tools and training that they offer.

Being able to work from home with your own online business gives you so many benefits.  As long as you commit to the time and effort required to realise your goals, you will never want to go back and work for someone else or go back to the daily commute.

So, those are my best reasons to work from home and how to get started with your own home-based business regardless of whether you have a product/service or not.  Let me know what you think in the comments, have you got any other benefits or watch-outs to working from home?

If you have any questions or anything to add, please write them in the comments below and I will respond as soon as I can.



ClickBank Affiliate Magic Review – Is It Worth Your Time?

Clickbank Affiliate Magic Review - Is It Worth Your Time_

If you have been looking into whether the ClickBank Affiliate Magic is worth your time, then you have come the right place.  Within this ClickBank Affiliate Magic Review, I will share with you what I learned from purchasing the software and test drive it to see if it is something that can help your affiliate marketing campaigns convert.

You may find affiliate links in this article, regardless of the nature I only recommend products I would purchase myself.  For full details check this out.

ClickBank Affiliate Magic Overview & Rankings

Product Name: ClickBank Affiliate Magic ClickBank Affiliate Magic

Owners: InstantDigitalProducts.com

Website URL: cbaffiliatemagic.com

Training: 3/5

Tools: 3/5


Price: $27

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating:3/5

A Quick ClickBank Affiliate Magic Summary

Create ‘great-looking’ catalogues of ClickBank products in your chosen niche to display on your website or Facebook page.  Whilst it is easy to use and creates unlimited catalogues of products, that is all it does.  You will still need to increase your audience and build trust via your content.  If you are still looking at ways to get an audience or get started with Affiliate Marketing, you would be better checking out our No.1 Recommended Training Platform.

Recommended Training Platform

What Exactly is ClickBank Affiliate Magic?

One thing to point out before we delve into what this program does is the fact that it is an application you download onto your PC or Mac.  Now that might put you off, but after downloading and using the application, I found there was nothing to worry about as far as malware etc is like.  That is the advantage of this product coming through ClickBank.

This application you download gives you a tool to create unlimited catalogues of ClickBank products to use on your website, blog or Facebook.

By choosing a category and then a sub category which targets your chosen niche, you will be given a html code that you can copy and paste onto your website.  Your audience goes through the catalogue and decides to buy one of the products, they will be directed to the relevant ClickBank sales page and as your affiliate link was included during the setup of this software, you get the credit from the sale.

I do feel the catalogues do not look that great, but that is only a minor thing at this point.  It does appear that it is working for people and it only takes about a minute to set up each catalogue.  To do this manually, could take hours.

Like I said, you can have unlimited catalogues, so if you have multiple websites it isn’t limited.

Included in your purchase are the following:

  • CB Affiliate Magic Application
  • Video Tutorials on how to install and use the product
  • Free software updates for the coming year
  • Unlimited Use and Developer Licence
  • Technical Support
  • a 60 Day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee (ClickBank)

You also receive a couple of bonus downloads (Viral Marketing Mania Download & Art of Writing Email Subject lines too)

Who Does ClickBank Affiliate Magic Benefit?

Whilst this software might appeal to someone just starting out with affiliate marketing, I would say this is more pitched at an affiliate marketer who has the necessary knowledge around traffic generation and is looking at including more products and services into their affiliate portfolio.

This will not teach you anything that you need to know about getting started with affiliate marketing but will help an already established affiliate marketer get the best out of ClickBank.

How Does ClickBank Affiliate Magic Work?

Once you have purchased the software, you will be emailed a link to be able to download the software.  You also receive 2 videos to show you how to install and use the software.  It is available and will work on both Mac and PC.  But you will require the adobe air software to be able to install in onto your device.

It can then link to the ClickBank database and let you choose your category and subcategory to be able to produce your catalogue.

CB Affiliate Magic - Create a product catalog

Then you can click add products and select from the list.

CB Affiliate Magic - Categories

You can customise the look of it to match your website and also add youtube videos, banners or links to it before finalising and creating the html code to add it to your website.

See an example I created using the software below.  I haven’t spent anytime customising the look or feel of the page but hopefully you get a feel of how it would look when you create it.

CB Affiliate Magic - Sample Preview

The software is easy to use and if ClickBank is your thing, can create catalogues for your website quickly.

What is Good About ClickBank Affiliate Magic

  • Quick & Easy way to create a catalogue of ClickBank products in your chosen niche
  • If you spend the right time customising it, it can look visual stimulating to get your audience interested
  • Customisable for your WordPress blog or even Facebook.
  • 60-day Money back Guarantee from ClickBank
  • Whilst it will create catalogues of products within minutes for you, you still need to do the legwork when its comings to getting traffic to your website.  You will still need to learn search engine optimisation and building organic traffic as well.

What Could ClickBank Affiliate Magic Improve on?

Whilst your audience might see the products on your website, people may be inclined to research them and end up elsewhere.  These product lists do not add any substance to what the products are, whether they are any good and worth the investment.  As soon as they go elsewhere to research and possibly purchase, you have lost the sale.

What is the ClickBank Affiliate Magic Training Like?

There are two video tutorials on how to install and use the software.  The software is not that difficult to use, and the videos are relatively good to make sure you understand how to do it.

How Much Does ClickBank Affiliate Magic Cost?

The cost of CB Affiliate Magic software is $27, although if you go onto the page and purchase within a couple of minutes, you will find that it is reduced. Whilst it won’t break the bank, I do feel this is more for the affiliate marketer looking to expand their reach rather than a new affiliate marketer thinking this is the magic software to start earning money.

Learn How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing the Right Way with Expert Help

What Is the ClickBank Affiliate Magic Support Like?

The support offered is through email, you can contact them with any questions you may have to support@instantdigitalproducts.com.  Their response time is typically 24-48 hours.  But, in my opinion if you have watched the two videos and had a play with the software, you will find that you would only need to contact them if there was a problem.

My Honest Opinion of ClickBank Affiliate Magic

If you are looking at getting started with affiliate marketing or have recently started and looking at ways of introducing more products and services to your portfolio, then I do not think this is a good buy at this stage.  You would be better off focusing on creating quality content and building up your traffic because without traffic, this product does not work for you.

I also feel the catalogues will look a little cheap on your website.  A more advance affiliate marketer might find benefit from the software, as they can add value to a website that is already producing a high number of visitors to their website.

I would also go back to my point around detail.  This will put a list of products onto your website, which is great.  But without knowing what the products do, all they will do is be sent to a sales page – and ClickBank sales pages are not always the best – they look a little low-quality and could damage your trust factor.  Not every product on ClickBank is something that you want to promote.  They will also not have any other information, like a review to see whether it is worth the purchase.

So, whilst it has a number of positives, ClickBank Affiliate Magic does fall down on a couple of things and I wouldn’t recommend it to a new affiliate marketer.  If you are already established and use ClickBank a lot and have all the necessary reviews it might be worth a look.

ClickBank Affiliate Magic at a Glance

Product Name: ClickBank Affiliate MagicCB Affiliate Magic Review

Owners:  InstantDigitalProducts.com

Website URLcbaffiliatemagic.com




Price: $27

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating:3/5

Verdict: Not Recommended, whilst it is genuine – I don’t see how it can increase sales on your website/blog.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review of ClickBank Affiliate Magic Software, if you have any further questions or experience with the software you want to share. Please write them in the comments below and I will respond as soon as I can.


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