Is Preequell a Scam? Can This DFY Quiz Funnel Really Make You a Ton of Money? [REVIEW]

Welcome to our Preequell Review!

Have you seen a hype-fuelled sales page for this awesome money-maker with tons of other positive reviews and you are wondering if it is the real deal or just another scam that will lose you money?

There are plenty of these so-called “Make Money Online” opportunities with just the flick of a switch, but whether they work exactly as the owners claim – that is what we strive to find out with our reviews.

First off, it is great to see that you are doing your own research before buying into a “seemingly good” product.

It is the best way to avoid online scams and find only legitimate ways to make money online.

To be completely transparent, we are not associated with Preequell in any way.  So, you can relax, we are not here to pitch or sell you anything.

We just want to make sure you fully understand how this program works and whether we feel it is the right purchase decision.  It claims to be able to make you a ton of money with very little effort.  That is usually a huge red flag to us, as it never seems to work out like they claim on their sales page.

But has Preequell managed to buck the trend, will it make you a ton of money or is it just another program to benefit the owners with little chance of it working for you…

Let’s find out together in our review.  We will start with a quick product overview.

Preequell Review Summary

Product Name: Preequell

Founder: Jason & Seun

Product Type: DFY Quiz Sales Funnel Builder

Price: $19 + Huge Upsells

Best For:



  • Includes Some training
  • Two Guarantees


  • Full of Hype & False Promises
  • You Still Need to Generate Traffic
  • DFY Quizzes Are Duplicated
  • All The Positive Reviews (with bonuses)

Summary:  Preequell is an online program that will provide you with done-for-you quiz style sales funnels for your affiliate products.  But the bigger issue is their claims about the amount of money you can earn and the “traffic” they claim that is included.  Plus, the expensive upsells they will try to push on you.  This program is full of hype, false promises and will still require you to learn how to generate traffic.

Rating: 35/100

Recommended? No!

Table of Contents

What is Preequell?

Preequell is an online platform that offers you the ability to use their done-for-you quiz sales funnels to promote your affiliate link or build your email list.  They claim this will ethically “Brainwash” your potential leads and make you a ton of money…

They promote affiliate marketing which is a legit business model but there are plenty of this programs that use that to their advantage to buy their “so-called” shortcuts.

They basic product provides 5 DFY sales funnels using this quiz style.  They also claim to provide a traffic generator, but like many of these products these isn’t exactly as good as you may think (we will reveal this to you later).

The founders of Preequell is a couple of guys, which all we know are called Jason & Seun.  


We don’t get a lot of information about them, or any proof that they are successful internet marketers.  I am not saying they are not, but if your product works you want to add a little basis for people to trust you by sharing a little more detail about yourself.  But we don’t get that with this program.

When you get a product with these over-the-top claims, you do really need to dig into the detail to understand how it really works.  As when they claim it can “brainwash” people and “get people begging to buy your product”.  There should be some alarm bells going, as people will only ever buy a product from you if they believe in the product.  These sales pages are only there to mislead you into believing this product is what you need.

Let’s dive into the details about how Preequell works to see if their claims are true or not.

How Does Preequell Work?

First off, check out the demo video below to see how the product itself works:

You might have noticed from the demo that they only show you how to create or use one of their pre-set quizzes.  They do not show you how the traffic part works and that is the fundamental problem with this program along with many other programs out there.

Let me explain…

This program is targeting struggling marketers.  Struggling Marketers are probably in that place because of some duff training or they just aren’t getting that much traffic to their websites yet. 

They look for products like this that claim they will help you, because it tells you that it has an in-built traffic generator so you naturally assume this will lead to more traffic.  But it will not.

Traffic is the most difficult part of online marketing in a sense.  There are effective strategies, but they typically take time.  We all get a little inpatient at times with the lack of traffic and this leads to us believing the hype on these sales pages.  But this DFY programs all have a fatal flaw and that is they will not help you get more traffic, unless you pay for one of their upsells.

Their traffic generator they claim is in the base product is only the ability to share your link.  Yep, that is it.

You will have the ability to copy your link to your DFY quiz, so you can share it on social media or on your website.  But that doesn’t take away that the fact you are probably reading up on this product is because they claim they will be helping you get more traffic and conversions through the quiz.

So, whilst they claim the following three steps will lead to profits.  You are still going to have to find your own sources of traffic.

Here is How It Works…

There are 3 steps they take you through with this product:

  1. Step One – Choose a Done-For-You Campaign
  2. Step Two – Enter Your Affiliate Link
  3. Activate the in-built Traffic & Get Paid

Like I said, the traffic generator is the ability to share your link.  Plus, I am not sure if you have ever had experience with buying traffic or not.  But, buying traffic doesn’t relate into sales.  It might give your website a huge spike in traffic, but there is actually little chance of it converting into sales because it is normally just a load of bots visiting your website.  So, one of their paid upgrades includes automated traffic – this will still not relate to sales.

Let’s go through the costs and what you will get with each purchase…

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How Much Does Preequell Cost?

Like many of these programs, the sales page conveniently misses out the real cost of the product.  These guys are experts at creating sales pages full of hype to get your excited about this fantastic platform that will make you a ton of money, but they also miss out that you only get a limited product with the initial investment… Why? So, they have got you into their sales funnel where they will pitch upsells that they will tell you that you need to make money.

Here are the costs and the funnel they will introduce you to:

Preequell Frontend – $19

  • You will get 5 Ready to use DFY campaigns that you can customise to include your own affiliate link
  • Built in Traffic Generator – This is the ability to get your URL and share your campaigns
  • Case Study – They show you how they used it to make money
  • Step-by-Step Training
  • Agency Licence – Gives you permission to provide Preequell as a service to local businesses

Upsell 1 – Preequell Unlimited $37

This includes additional features, the ability to have unlimited campaigns and some bonus training

Upsell 2 – Preequell DFY $197

They will provide you with 20 DFY campaigns in different niches

Upsell 3 – Preequell AutoProfits $77

This gives you the ability to add a countdown timer, A Facebook Pixel Placeholder, Facebook chat widget and popups

Upsell 4 – Preequell AutoPilot $67

Claims to give you the ability to create a passive income stream completely on autopilot…

Upsell 5 – Preequell Licence $197

This upgrade will allow you to sell Preequell as your own product and earn commission from the entire funnel

P.S. This program enabled us to Create a 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income Stream.  It’s Free to get started and costs only $49/month to go full-time!

What We Liked About Prequell

Here is what we liked about Preequell:

#1 Some Training

They do offer training videos in the front-end product about making money online.  There are examples of these products such as Set & Forget or SnatchIt, where they only provide training on the product itself, but Preequell have expanded this to include some other training on making money online too.

#2 Two Guarantees

Most of these products offer the usual 30-day money back guarantee because of the platforms they are offering these products on.  But I was interested to see that they offer you two guarantees to put your mind at rest.  They guarantee that you will triple your money, or they will give you your money back.

They also offer you a 100-Day Money Back Guarantee


The only thing I will say though, is that they will expect you to have proven that you have have followed the training and as traffic is the hardest part of any sales funnel, this might be a convenient way of them claiming you do not qualify for a refund.

I have seen it before, as you haven’t got much traffic coming to your sales funnel, they will claim it is you that is not getting it right, rather than the product itself.  They could also use it as an opportunity to convince you to buy the upgrades to improve your chances

What We Didn't Like About Preequell

Here is what we didn’t like about Preequell:

#1 Full of Hype & False Promises

The sales page is full of hype and false promises about this being a “hypnotizing” program that will ethically “brainwash” people into buying your products.

Do you really believe all the hype, do you really believe all of this can be achieve for $19?

Any DFY program that claims to do all the work is typically just that, HYPE!

The fact they have a clock on the sales page that is counting down to make you feel like you need to buy it.  I have had the sales page open for ages as I have been doing my research, the clock has inevitably reached zero and yet I could still get it at $19.

These are just tactics to get you into their sales funnel.  Once you have handed over what many consider to be a low sum ($19).  They have you in their web.  They will convince you to buy their upsells as to “unlock the true potential” of the program you need them.

They also have your email address to push any other programs they promote too.

If a program looks too good to be true, but you have to hand over money to see how it works, then it is a program I would not recommend.  Despite what many other reviewers would say.

#2 You Still Need to Generate Traffic

Preequell still doesn’t help you generate traffic.  They use the term “traffic generation” in their sales page, but the fact is all they do is offer you the ability to share your quiz URL to your social media or share it on your website.

That does technically generate traffic.  But not at the numbers you are striving too.

You need to learn effective ways of generating free traffic without fancy programs like this one that still doesn’t show you how to do it.

The common trend with these DFY programs is that they leave the hard stuff for you to do.  If you are struggling to generate traffic for your affiliate offers, then programs like this will not help you.

You need to learn how to generate traffic from a proven training provider, where they will teach you how to get high-quality free traffic to your site or affiliate offer without breaking the bank.  Our top recommended training program teaches people the right way to get free traffic.  You can learn more HERE.

#3 The DFY Quizzes Will Be the Same for Everyone

This is something you may not have considered, if 100 people all bought this product, they would be having the exact same DFY campaigns to share.  This waters down the effect of the funnel.

The reason quizzes are popular on social media is because the topic interests them, and most the quiz owners just make money from the ads on the pages and not funnelling someone into an affiliate offer.  These quizzes were all focused on MMO and people are wary about clicking on that kind of stuff anyway.

This will be another issue with you finding success with this product.

#4 (FAKE) Positive Reviews with Bonuses

I am guessing you will have probably seen a ton of other reviews all talking really positively about this product and they were offering tons of bonuses and then you see that we are not offering any bonuses to buy this product.

The reason is that we will only promote products that we would buy ourselves.  We will not blindly promote something just to take someone’s money when we know it isn’t going to help people make money online.

These other 100% positive reviews will also fail to mention anything about how the product actually works.  They may tell you how to create a quiz, but they conveniently miss out the bit about how the traffic works.  Because if they did, you wouldn’t buy the product through their link.

It is a massive bugbear for me that people will take advantage of naïve people who are looking for a way to make money and these people are just taking their money without really helping them generate an income online!

Haven't Made Your First $1 Yet?

Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

My Preequell Review - Final Conclusion

We originally set out to see if Preequell was a scam and whether it would help you make money online.

I have to say, as they offer you training then it is not a scam and it could possibly make you money if you already know how to generate high-quality traffic.

But then again, if you knew how to generate traffic you wouldn’t need a program like this anyway.

For beginners who believe this will help them promote IM products from ClickBank or Warrior, please don’t believe the hype.  This will only lead to you being out of pocket and still stuck with no traffic as you will need to pay to get their so-called traffic.

Affiliate Marketing is a great way of earning money online, it is how we make money online.  But not by following the wrong techniques or believing all the hype and using a DFY program like Preequell which will typically not help you earn anywhere near what they are claiming.

How We Make Money Online

If you keep looking for get-rich-quick schemes, then you will find thousands of them.  But then you will also find out that 100% of them are either scams or low-quality programs designed to steal your money and make the product owner richer.

Your time and effort is better spend learning the correct way to make money online.  We recommend Affiliate Marketing.  It allows you to turn a hobby or passion into a passive income stream.  That doesn’t mean you can sit back and earn money, not in the beginning anyway and it will require some dedication on your part.

But the difference between this route and these get-rich-quick schemes is that Affiliate Marketing is making us money, like it can for you.  Those get-rich-quick schemes will only put you further into debt.

My advice is to stop looking for a push-button system that will never fulfil your income needs and start on a journey towards your very own affiliate marketing business.  We can help you, but you need to act to make it happen.  If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, click HERE.  If you feel you are ready to take the first step with our top recommended training platform (with a free starter membership) then click HERE.

Thanks for checking out our Preequell Review!  If you have any questions or comments to add, then please write them in the comments section below. 😉

Sharing is Caring…


£19 + Upsells

Overall Rating



  • Some Training
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • Full of Hype & False Promises
  • You Still Need to Generate Traffic
  • DFY Sales Quizzes Same For Everyone
  • Positive Reviews with Bonuses

4 thoughts on “Is Preequell a Scam? Can This DFY Quiz Funnel Really Make You a Ton of Money? [REVIEW]”

  1. Wow, you have really detailed information about Preequell. I had not heard of this before, so spent some time reading your article. It does seem like one of the business models built on multi-upsells. I’m not against one or two, but when it seems like you never get to the end…and, of course, the company itself seems to be less than upfront, as your post shows. I won’t be venturing into their website (I’m happy with WA, anyway) but have you read any reviews that show them as a good choice to try?

    • Hi Diane,

      thanks for checking out our review.  Like we said in our review, there are plenty of positive reviews out there, but that is also a red flag.  These reviews are telling you to buy it without giving you a full context of how the product works or if there are any watch-outs.

      A review that is completely biased and more focused on pitching you a ton of bonuses is not something that makes a product worthwhile.  IN fact, it should be a sign to stay clear.

      All the best


  2. Hey nice review you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. I have heard little about Preequell from a friend. Having stumbled into this article, I have gotten a better perspective of its framework. Though Preequell is a legitimate business platform but the idea of them making false promise is not ethical on their part, because members will eventually realise those promises are unfounded.

    • Hi Edah,

      the guys behind programs like this are not interested in helping you, they only want to profit from you.  They don’t really care if you do find out their promises are false, as they just move onto the next “new product” and try again and unfortunately they succeed due to so many people believing their crap on the sales pages.

      We would all love a shortcut, but unfortunately they do not exist…

      All the best



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