Is Survey Junkie Legit? Definitely, But Is The Payout Worthwhile?!

Welcome to our Survey Junkie Review!

There are tons of survey sites online, with some being scams and some being legit.  So, where does Survey Junkie sit?  Is Survey Junkie Legit?

Short answer is that yes, Survey Junkie is legitimate and is a well thought of site, but like all survey sites, the payout is usually really low and that is what we want to share with you.  All the facts you need to know, to make an informed decision.

First off, it’s great to see that you’re doing your research before buying into any “seemingly good” product.

That is how you avoid scams and find only legitimate ways to make money online!

To be completely transparent with you, we’re not associated with Survey Junkie in any form.  We’re not here to pitch or sell you anything.

Instead, we want to ensure you get all of the facts about Survey Junkie, so that you can then make an informed decision about whether Survey Junkie is right for you…

Survey Junkie Review Summary

Product Name: Survey Junkie

Founder: Armen Adieman, in 2005

Product Type: Paid Survey Platform

Price: Free to Sign Up

Best For: Anyone looking for casual income



  • Low Threshold
  • Large Survey Inventory
  • Free & Easy Signup
  • Survey Points have No Expiry Date
  • Payout is on Time
  • No Longer a Middleman
  • Good Overall Rating


  • Spam
  • Account Deletion
  • Not Rewarded for Completing Surveys
  • Low Income Potential
  • Not As Many Surveys as Expected
  • Not Available Elsewhere

Summary: Survey Junkie is a legitimate paid survey sites, one of the few there are.  The payout is ok for a survey site, and their members do get paid on time.   But, as with most survey sites, the payout is really low and there are a few other concerns with it.

But with everything said,it is one of the better survey sites out there…

Rating: 75/100

Recommended? Yes

Completing surveys is never going to make you rich, or even earn you a decent income.   All it does is allow you to earn some casual income.   If you’re looking for ways to earn real passive income online, check out our #1 Recommended Program here!

Table of Contents

My Product Review - Final Conclusion

What is Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie is a platform that connects you to surveys.  You complete the surveys and earn points for your time.

Many companies work with with paid survey sites like Survey Junkie to get feedback and consumer opinions on their products or services to help them improve.

These companies pay the survey sites for these opinions, and in turn survey sites pay their members for completing these surveys.

This process is the same for all (legit) survey sites, like Swagbucks, Prolific Surveys, and Survey Junkie.  But you should also know there are many examples of survey sites that end up turning out to be scams.

To be clear, Our opinion is that Survey Junkie is legit.  They have valid surveys for you to complete and they also pay their members on time. 

The only thing that puts us off survey platforms is that the return for the amount of time it takes to complete they never works out to be worth it.

How Does Survey Junkie Work?

Survey Junkie is an online platform that connects its members with online surveys to complete to gather consumer information to help companies improve their products or services.

Signing up and getting started with Survey Junkies is free to do, but there are some restrictions on who can join.

Survey Junkies is only available to those in the US, UK, Canada, & Australia.

Online Surveys

This is the main way to make money at Survey Junkie, by taking part in some online surveys.

Most people are eligible for the majority of the surveys, but that will be determined by the initial demographic questionnaire that you’ll need to complete upon signing up for Survey Junkie.

Unlike survey sites like Prolific, you are not paid in actually money, you are paid in points.  With each point working out to about 1 cents (US).

Pay is fairly low, with most between $0.50 and $3 for each survey completed, yet most questionnaires take over 20 minutes to complete.  Most surveys that are currently available are worth between 80 and 150 points, and each point is worth one cent each.

The payout threshold is $10, which is relatively low compared to others, and this is the level you need to earn to be able to withdrawal your earnings.

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Who's Survey Junkie For?

Getting paid to answer questions may sound too good to be true, but you can relax, as Survey Junkie is definitely legitimate.  In fact, the company has mostly positive reviews across almost 25,000 user experiences on TrustPilot.

Whilst we say that, it is still important that you understand that you are not going to become rich by taking some surveys on Survey Junkie.

Taking surveys is ideal for:

  • Busy people who want to earn gift cards or PayPal cash in their spare time
  • Anyone who has hours to kill, as in when your kid is at sports club, etc.
  • Parents who want to build up rewards towards Christmas presents or birthday gifts
  • Someone who wants to do something mindless whilst they watch the television or chilling on the sofa

The majority of the surveys pay as little as $0.50, and you might only be eligible for $10 or less, on a weekly basis.  When only getting the option to complete surveys on the lower end of the pay band, you can expect to earn between $1 and $4 an hour, which isn’t really a lot.

Survey Junkie, or any survey site really, is only ever good as a side hustle, instead of thinking about it as a part-time job.

Since you may not be eligible for every survey, it’s also a poor choice for people who need reliable side income.

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What We Liked About Survey Junkie

Here’s what we liked about Survey Junkie:

#1 Low Threshold of $10

Some of the paid survey platforms out there all expect you to earn a considerable amount before you can access your earnings.  Some go as high as $100 or more.  Survey Junkies is at the much lower end, with you having to earn $10 before you can withdraw your money.  So, that is 1,000 points you need to get to to access your money.

#2 Large Survey Inventory

Since Survey Junkie has been in business since 2005, it has gained a high number of companies that work with them, providing you access to a high number of surveys to complete.

#3 FREE & Easy Sign Up Process

Self explanatory, really.  But just be mindful of any survey site that expects you to pay to gain access to them.  They are typically a scam.

#4 Survey Points Have No Expiry Date

You can keep the points you earn for as long as you want before you cash out. This means that you don’t need to worry about your points even if you haven’t reached your payout threshold.

The only requirement for this is that you need to complete at least ONE survey in a YEAR.  So, as long as you log in once a year and complete a survey, you can save them up.

#5 No Longer a Survey Middleman

Survey Junkie used to be an intermediary or “middleman” between you and other survey sites.  There are several issues with this business model, as they don’t have control over the other sites, and you end up having to sign up to loads of different providers.

So, it’s good to see that they have changed over to a direct link, rather than an intermediary.

#6 Good Overall Rating

Survey Junkie has a pretty good rating on TrustPilot and BBB Accredited Business Profile. It has a 4 out of 5 stars review on TrustPilot and an B review on BBB.


What We Didn't Like About Survey Junkie

Here’s what we didn’t like about Survey Junkie:

#1 Low Income Potential

You might be quite happy earning a low income from surveys, but many people have a misconception about the income potential out of completing surveys.  The video shows how much she could earn in a week, and it ended up being $3.41 for a weeks worth of surveys.  Hardly a great advert for online surveys…

#2 Not Rewarded for Completing Surveys

There are complaints from members saying that after they’ve completed or almost completed a particular survey, Survey Junkie told them this survey is already full or they are not qualified for this survey.

So, instead of earning the amount of points that were advertised for completing the survey, they end up earning just 2 points.  This can really end up wasting your time.

#3 Not As Many Surveys As You Might Think?

You will find there are times when you have no surveys to complete.  They want high quality surveys, so they make sure they target you specifically on your demographics.  So, you may find that there are no available surveys for you to complete.

I’ve been on sites where, I didn’t qualify for any surveys… It just depends on your preferences.

#4 Not Available Everywhere…

As it stands, Survey Junkie only accepts signups from those residing in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

The reason being, that the companies they work with are mainly working in those countries.  The companies want consumer information from those regions, hence it make sense to target those people.

Haven't Made Your First $1 Yet?

Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

My Survey Junkie Review - Final Conclusion

Survey Junkie is a legitimate survey platform, where you can answer some questions in return for some PayPal cash or giftcards.  You won’t get rich, and it doesn’t exactly end up being a good return on your time.  But it does work for some.

There are a few other decent legitimate survey sites, (Swagbucks, Prolific)and if you are considering surveys as a side hustle, it would be worth signing up to a few of them to try and earn more.    We also recommend you read our guide to help you get the most out of survey sites..

How We Make Money Online

Let’s face it, there is only limited income potential with surveys, it might be good to save towards the holidays or maybe towards a family meal each month.

 But the biggest problem with Surveys is the amount of time they take up.  When you compare it to the hourly minimum wage, you’re better off with a part time job.

If you’re happy enough to spend a few hours a week taking surveys, then you can join Survey Junkie.

But there is also a better way, especially if you are wanting to make a full-time passive income online and achieve financial freedom.  You only need to ask yourself whether you’re willing to put in the time and effort, and investment into achieving it, and making it happen.

We’re serious, if you are thinking online surveys is your only option to making money online, then think again.  Even you, reading this can make a full-time passive income online!

You just need to believe in yourself, have the right mindset, and follow the right system.

We’ve personally created a 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income Stream, thanks to the training at our #1 Recommended Program!

Thanks for checking out our Survey Junkie Review!  If you have any questions or comments to add, then please write them in the comments section below. 😉

Sharing is Caring…

Survey Junkie

Free to Join

Overall Rating



  • Free to Join
  • Large Number of Surveys
  • Good Overall Rating


  • Low Income Potential
  • Not Rewarded For Completing Surveys
  • Not As Many Surveys As Expected
  • Not Available Everywhere

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