Is Java Momma a Scam? Coffee and Tea MLM Reviewed

Welcome to our Java Momma Review!

So, I’m going take a guess and say that you’ve heard about an opportunity to work from home and make some extra money for yourself by selling some coffee. 

But whilst you may have seen some good stuff about Java Momma, you’re not entirely convinced if it’s all legit.

Is Java Momma a scam? No, It’s not a scam. 

Having said that, it is an MLM opportunity and that doesn’t automatically make it the best option online with an average of 92.5% of MLM members losing money, it is very worthwhile you doing your research…

First off, it’s great to see that you are doing your research before buying into any “seemingly good” product.

That is how you avoid online scams and find only legitimate ways to make money online!

To be completely transparent with you, we’re not associated with Java Momma in any form.  We’re not here to pitch or sell you anything.

Instead, we want to reveal to you what this coffee and tea MLM opportunity is all about.  We’ll help you get all the info you need, including company overview, pros and cons and everything else in between, so that you can make an informed decision as to whether this is the right move for you…

Let’s get started with a quick product overview…

Java Momma Review Summary

Product Name: Java Momma

Founder: Brian and Melissa Shoop

Product Type: Coffee and Tea MLM company

Price: $20-$65 starter kit, $50/monthly

Best For: Experienced Network Marketers



  • Established Reputation
  • Positive Product Reviews


  • Expensive Products
  • Saturated Market
  • Hidden Monthly Expenses
  • Pyramid Scheme in Disguise?
  • Replicated Website

Summary: Java Momma is an MLM company that sells a range of coffee and tea products.  They also offer an opportunity for everyday people to become a member and earn commissions for selling these products to consumers.

Our biggest concern though is the combination of expensive products, hidden monthly expenses in an already competitive and saturated market makes this is a really hard option for newbies.  The success rate for MLM’s doesn’t make for good reading…

Rating: 20/100

Recommended? No

Table of Contents

What is Java Momma?

Java Momma is an MLM or Multi-Level Marketing company.  It was founded in 2017 by Brian and Melissa Shoop. 

They produce a variety of different coffee and tea products, in all different shapes and sizes.  The majority of their products are ready-to-drink sachets which mix with water.

Brian and Melissa know a lot about the art of coffee and tea making.  They say their main goal is to foster customer relationships whilst indulging in healthy coffee and tea products.

You can learn a little more about the company with this two-minute video…

It does make it sound like a good deal, but you’re clever enough to know that this is just a sales video.

So, you may still be wondering…

Is Java Momma a Pyramid Scheme

 No, Java Momma isn’t a pyramid scheme.

Members are able to earn money from their compensation plan just from selling their products and without the need to recruit people.

Although the way MLMs operate, there is very little chance of success if you don’t.  So, we do need to consider whether Java Momma could be operating like a pyramid scheme in disguise…

What’s A Pyramid Scheme?

A pyramid scheme is a company that promises payment for recruiting members instead of selling products or services.

Pyramid schemes are illegal in the majority of countries around the world as it is impossible for all members to earn an income from the business model, and as this diagram from Wikipedia shows, it is also an unsustainable model…

pyramid scheme

The members who are the most successful are those that recruit as many people as possible.  They do this by selling the idea of a “business opportunity” even though they know these members will lose money sooner or later along the way.

Most MLM’s are legit, but the fact is they have expensive prices and a monthly sales quota.  This makes it really hard for members to earn a living, unless they start recruiting a huge downline team.  But to do this, you have to sell the idea of a business opportunity, when the success rate at MLM is really low.

This makes many MLM’s a possible pyramid scheme in disguise…

You can learn how to spot these pyramid schemes in disguise with this 5-minute video…

Success is Rare at Java Momma

Success isn’t just rare at Java Momma, but it’s rare with any MLM business opportunity…

Did you know that between 73% and 99% of MLM members are losing money?

The reason this happens is down to these MLM companies having monthly sales quotas for their members to achieve just to remain active and eligible for commissions.

But what they don’t make very clear is that if you are not able to sell these products, you have to buy them instead.  Don’t think you can hit the ground running as the MLM industry is really crowded.

So, most members are buying products every month in the hope that they are able to earn commissions at some point.  The only hope you have of escaping the need of buying products every month is to recruit members.

If you start recruiting new members, they will need to keep on buying the products to make up for your losses.

How Does Java Momma Work?

Java Momma is an MLM company that sells a variety of coffee and tea products.  They go with a healthy, delicious, and classy tagline.

They also offer an opportunity for everyday people to work from home and sell these products in return for commissions, and bonuses.

It might seem like a great situation for both parties.  But it’s Java Momma who gets the better end of the deal, as they save themselves millions of dollars on expensive marketing campaigns.

All the hardship of getting your brand out there and getting consumers to trust this brand is left up to its members.  When there are thousands of tea and coffee products out there on the market, that makes it even harder for these members to get people to buy the ones they are promoting.

So, let’s take a look at their products and see if there is anything that makes them stand out from the crowd…

Java Momma Product Line

If you’re considering joining an MLM, you really need to take the time to get your head around their product line.  Giving them a try, and then understanding them as you will be selling them, after all.

Like I said, Java Momma offers a range of coffee and tea products.  Coffeee seems to be the bigger range.  It comes in different roasts and flavours.

Some of their best-selling products are:

  • Raspberry Cream Silk ($14.99) –  Raspberries and creme swirled into chocolate silk for a luxurious and smooth flavoured cold brew.  4 cold cup brew bags
  • Time and Space ($9.99) – A moderately rich blend of coffee, with some hints of cinnamon flavour. Comes in 1/2 lb. bag
  • Faire Lady($9.99) – The flavour of almonds dipped in chocolate.  Comes in 1/2 lb. bag

They do have a wide variety of tea and coffee products available, but you should know that they are many other MLM companies out there offering very similar products.  Most of the time you will find that they are pretty much the same thing, just with a different brand label.

Here are some of the most popular MLM companies that offer coffee and tea products, must like Java Momma…

  • Valentus
  • Revital U
  • Elepreneurs
  • LurraLife
  • HBNaturals

They will all say they are unique and offer something special to make you want to choose their brand.

But the reality is that they are all offering the same business opportunity and products to consumers.

So, is there anything that makes Java Momma special?

Java Momma Flagship Product

Taking a look at the Java Momma product range, I think they have a couple of things that go their way.  The first is the quirky and unique branding they are using for their products.  As a movie fan, I did like the look of their “Raiders of the Lost Bearn” in tribute to “Indiana Jones”.

Then there are the mystery boxes.  These include a selection of different coffee products, might be good for those looking for a way of tasting different coffee products.

You might also want to watch this short video about their products…

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Can You Make Money with Java Momma?

Yes, you can earn money with Java Momma.  But it will not be as easy as you might think.  Despite what your upsell might be saying.

There may be a few that are earning decent commissions, but the amount they will be earning is comparable with the minimum wage, maybe even lower.  Even though they may be working like full-time sales managers.

What makes this harder for you to know, or for us to tell you is that Java Momma doesn’t publish an income disclosure statement.  Whilst it isn’t a legal obligation for them to do, it does make us wonder if anyone is making money or not.

An income disclosure statement lets you know how many members are actually making money through selling their products, or how many of them have focused on recruitment.

Either the company is hiding something, or their members are just making a little money and they are trying not to stop you joining.

How To Make Money with Java Momma?

Java Momma is an MLM company, so there are the two usual ways you can make money with their compensation plan.  These are:

  • Sell their coffee and tea products for commissions
  • Recruiting members into your downline team and earning commissions based on their sales

It’s important to understand, you don’t actually earn commissions for recruitment alone.  This would make them a pyramid scheme.  You only earn commissions when your downline make a sale.

So recruiting the right people is important.  But as with most MLMs recruitment is really important, and is often the focus of the company, which could make them operate like a pyramid scheme in disguise…

Getting Started with Java Momma

To get started with Java Momma, you need to buy one of 3 subscription options.  These are:

  1. Build Your Own Adventure ($20) – This includes 4 coffee bags and a replicated website
  2. The Tea Momma ($35) – Includes tea bags, 1 barista workbook, and a replicated website
  3. Influencer Kit ($65) – Includes 1 barista workbook, 20 coffee bags, 10 catalogs, and a replicated website

As a starting point, these prices aren’t actually that bad.  But you may not be aware of the hidden monthly costs that go with becoming a Java Momma member…

Java Momma Monthly Costs

To remain “active” with Java Momma, you need to achieve their monthly minimum quota of 50 PV a monthly. Doing this means you are qualified for any monthly commissions you may have earned.

It’s important you know that this means that if you don’t sell $50 worth of product every month, you will need to buy $50 worth of product yourself to remain qualified.

So, these are the expenses you need to consider for your first year with Java Momma…

  • $20-$65
  • $50 x 12 ($600)

Minimum Costs for Year 1 = $620 to $635

You’ll also need to consider all the other costs that go with running a network marketing company, like training, marketing, food and travel allowance…

P.S. This program enabled us to Create a 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income Stream.  It’s Free to get started and costs only $49/month to go full-time!

Java Momma Compensation Plan

MLM companies always love a complicated and confusing compensation plan.  They do this so you think there are endless ways of making money with them.  When the reality is that there are just the two ways we listed above.

We’re going to try and keep it simple in our explanation for you…  Java Momma offers two main ways for you to make money with their compensation plan.  These are:

  • Direct Sales – Get a 30% commission every time you sell a coffee of tea product
  • Recruitment Bonus – Get a 20% to 30% bonus every time you recruit someone into the company.  The percentage depends on your affiliate rank

Bottom line is that there are two ways for you to make money with their compensation plan…

  • Sell their products
  • Recruit members

If you want to check out a little more detail about their compensation plan, then this 7-minute video will do the trick…

Or you can check out their full compensation plan here…

Is Java Momma a Scam?

No, I think it’s safe to say that Java Momma isn’t a scam. They sell a range of legitimate products and they pay their members on time like they claim to do.

The main reason why so many MLM opportunities are labelled as a scam is down to their members losing money instead of making money.  They walk away and then call it all a scam.

The remainder of our review will help you get all the other details you need to know, so that you can make an informed decision about whether Java Momma is the right move for you…

Just to be completely transparent with you, I’m not a distributor of Java Momma, nor do I endorse Java Momma in any way.  I have researched the website, testimonials, and information available on the internet to get the details about what this program genuinely does.    I do this, as I have been caught out by a scam in the past, and am trying to help others avoid a similar fate…

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What We Liked About Java Momma

Here’s what we liked about Java Momma:

#1 Established Brand

Were you aware that most MLM’s don’t make it past the 5-year mark?  Well, Java Momma got started in 2017, and looks well on its way to avoid being closed down by the authorities or getting into any lawsuits.

This is a good sign, as you don’t want to get into anything that might disappear overnight…

#2 Positive Product Reviews

It’s also a good sign that they are not a scam as their products receive positive comments online.


The below comment is positive about their products, although has some choice words for their website, etc.


Clearly, shipping times might be something that irritates customers that are constantly waiting…

What We Didn't Like About Java Momma

Here’s what we didn’t like about Java Momma:

#1 Expensive Products

Everyone loves coffee…  But not everyone is willing to spend the kind of money Java Momma are expecting, especially when they can get it much cheaper elsewhere…

MLM companies seem to think they can charge high prices, but look at the alternatives below that have a much cheaper price tag.

All have great feedback and ratings, and you get a lot more coffee for your money with these alternatives.

#2 It’s a Saturated Market

There are a lot of competitors in the coffee niche, and it gets even worse in the MLM market.

Between 60% to 70% of the MLM companies out there are selling coffee.  This is mainly down to them thinking it is in demand.  Which is right.  But jumping onto the band wagon because of that isn’t always the right move.

What you have to consider is that selling expensive products is a heavily crowded and saturated market just makes your job even harder.  There will be endless distributors trying to sell their products, when people can find cheaper and better alternatives without relying on a rep.

#3 Hidden Monthly Expenses

You are required to sell at least 50 PV every month to remain active and eligible to earn any commissions.

PV stands for Personal Volume.  This is the amount of products you must sell each month, so that you can receive commissions and any bonuses.

What isn’t always clear is that if you don’t achieve that (and you have to), then you will be required to buy the products yourself.

This also makes MLM members the companies biggest customer group.  Hence you are losing money each month, whilst they are guaranteed sales.

There is a way of avoiding this, though…

#4 Is Java Momma a Pyramid Scheme in Disguise?

The only way of avoiding having to spend $50 on Java Momma products each month is to get aggressive with your recruitment plans.

If you can recruitment a huge team who all in turn are buying products each month, you can avoid the need to buy products.

But it also makes it look like this…


But that also means they will be consistently losing money to aid your development.  When you join, you are helping someone else avoid those costs.

It doesn’t sound ethical in any way.  That is why a lot of these MLM companies could be operating like a pyramid scheme in disguise…

#5 The Replicated Website

Whilst it might sound good for you to get a website included in your package, to help you sell coffee and achieve passive income.  But the reality is that as simple as they make out.

This is because it will be the same website that everyone else has.  But you should know the search engines don’t like duplicate content or replicated website, so it will not naturally rank in the search engines.

The only way you will get your website to “rank” in the search engines is if you rely solely on paid advertising.  That is an expensive game, and it relies on experience.  Trial and error will cost you a pretty penny to get right.

You are better learning how to build your own website that will organically rank the search engines (like we do) with training like this one.

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Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

My Java Momma Review - Final Conclusion

Java Momma is a legitimate MLM company that sells a range of interesting coffee products.  They also get some positive feedback from consumers.  But there is no getting away from the fact they are expensive.

99% of MLM members are losing money, and without an income disclosure statement, we cannot confirm whether anyone is making money here.

But the combination of expensive products and a monthly sales quota does point towards Java Momma being a possible pyramid scheme in disguise and not enough information to prove otherwise.

It will be interesting to see if Java Momma can make it to the 5-year mark as most MLM’s aren’t able to achieve this…

How We Make Money Online

I’m not a fan of MLM, not because it’s illegal or not profitable, but because of all the restrictions and expensive costs involved.

Instead, Affiliate Marketing is our top recommended business model for anyone looking to make money online

The reasons are simple…

  • You can promote anything you want and aren’t restricted to only promote products from one MLM company
  • You don’t have to recruit anyone to make money
  • You never need to sell to your friends and family
  • It’s free to get started

In fact, with affiliate marketing we’ve been able to Create a 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income Stream.  If you want to learn more, click here.

Thanks for checking out our Java Momma Review!  If you have any questions or comments to add, then please write them in the comments sections below. 😉

Sharing is Caring…

Java Momma

$20-$65 Starter Kit, + $50/monthly

Overall Rating



  • Established Brand
  • Positive Product Reviews


  • Expensive Products
  • Saturated Market
  • Hidden Monthly Expenses
  • Pyramid Scheme in Disguise
  • Replicated Website

2 thoughts on “Is Java Momma a Scam? Coffee and Tea MLM Reviewed”

  1. I have not heard about Java Momma before, so that you for this detailed review of their compensation plan. I worked for a MLM, and know how difficult it is to make money with the MLM business plan, if you are not recruiting and building a down line. Java Momma appears to be the same. And as with so many MLM companies, the products are expensive. I will be giving them a miss. Thank you.

    • Hi Line,

      Thanks for checking out our review and dropping us a note.  It’s not impossible to find success at an MLM, but they make it as hard as it can be to do it, especially with online marketing being much easier to access and do.  Places like Amazon and the like, give easy access to customers looking for what they need and MLM’s aren’t on the same page.

      I wouldn’t recommend MLM, due to the really low success rate.  Thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts.



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