Is Digital Income System a Scam? Beware the Red Flags…

Welcome to Digital Income System Review!

Digital Income System – can it really make you money with only 4 minutes of work a week?

Digital Income System peaked our interest, so we wanted to dig in and see what it was really about.  Little is known about who is behind the platform and we had a tough time to find out who was really behind it (which we will reveal to you later).  

But is this really an opportunity for you to make easy money on autopilot or an opportunity you should run a mile from?  Well, for starters there are definitely some red flags we found that have us worried, but we will go through all of that with you in our review.

Let’s get started with a quick overview:

Digital Income System Review Summary

Product Name: Digital Income System

Founder: Derek and William Foley

Product Type: DFY System Combined with Affiliate Marketing

Price: $1,000 to $25,000

Best For: The Owner

Digital Income System

Summary: Digital Income System provides you with an opportunity to earn money from referring new people to join up with the platform.  It offers a 50% commission rate, but the prices to join are really expensive.  But the red flags do come thick and fast.  No information about who is behind the platform, the legal forms are misplaced.  They provide the traffic and then handle the sales – so my big question is… “why do they need affiliates?”  It just seems like a front to convince you that you can make money, when in reality they will be fleecing people by hard-selling the higher packages.

My advice is stay away from away this platform.

Rating: 10/100

Recommended? No

Table of Contents

What is Digital Income System?

From the website, it can be really hard to actually find out what it is and what you will be doing with the Digital Income System and that is normally a huge red flag.

Digital Income System is offering you an opportunity to make money online without much effort (red flag) and with its own customer service representatives that will help you close the sale and increase sales for you with a 50% commission rate on each sale.

But what will you be doing to make money with Digital Income System?

Well the short answer is, recruiting new people to join up for the Digital Income System.  The cheesy sales video will state it is a “truly, hands-free Business in a Box” Done-for-you business should come with a warning label, because how can you really make money without putting any work in?

The truth is, they will provide you with a platform to go and make money, but they have done all of the easy bits and left the hardest part for you to do and that is to attract traffic to your new business.  No traffic means no sales.

It isn’t hard to get traffic, but you need to know the right techniques and you sure as heck cannot do it with only 5 minutes a day like they state.

Let’s get into How Does Digital Income System Work…

How Does Digital Income System Work?

If you want to join up with Digital Income System, know that you are going to have to invest a minimum of $1,000 as this is the entry membership level.  But this isn’t as simple as it sounds.  You cannot just log onto their website and choose that membership level and sign up.  You have to request a call back from a customer service representative so they can process the registration for you.

This is where you will need to be careful, as they will naturally use their sales skills to get you to pay for the highest level, they can get you to sign up for.

Let me show you the five membership levels and the prices/commission rates with Digital Income System:

  • Entrepreneur – $1,000 with a recruitment commission of $500
  • Director – $3,000 with a recruitment commission of $1,500
  • Professional – $5,000 with a recruitment commission of $2,500
  • Ambassador – $12,000 with a recruitment commission of $6,000
  • Executive – $25,000 with a recruitment commission of $12,500

On face value, it looks like just signing up with the lowest membership could still earn you big money as you could earn commissions from all of the membership levels, right?

That is where these systems let you down.  The commission rates you receive are normally capped based on your membership level.  So, if you have only signed up for the Entrepreneur membership, but someone decides they want to join at the Ambassador level, don’t think you are going to get that $6k of commission.  That isn’t how these things work.

You will also get hounded by your coach to buy for the highest level to ensure you can earn what they state you earn.

I have known people who have taken out loans to sign up for these programs, and they have not made any money and been left in huge debt chasing a dream that platforms like these are trying to sell to them.

It is a sad affair, and nobody should be pushed into paying more than they can afford.

There is also the matter of this done-for-you type system.  This is simply a landing page, that will be exactly the same as everyone else who joins up.  They may mix it up with a couple of templates but know that there will be nothing to really distinguish your page to anyone else’s.  This will make it hard to get any traffic to your landing page because the search engines hate duplicate content.

Like I said, without traffic you will not make any sales.

You also have the hard part of getting other people to put their hand in their pocket and pay up for what is an expensive system with no real guarantees.

But they are claiming you will not have to do any of the work?  Who is going to pay you for not doing anything?

Haven't Made Your First $1 Yet?

Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

Sales Page - Is it All Just Hype?

They make some huge claims in their sales video and, to me it just seems like Hype and are extremely misleading.

Just 4 Minutes Work…

Who wouldn’t want to get huge commissions from just 4 minutes work a week. They state that you will only need to make one call to order some traffic.  But I suspect you will need to actually put a lot of effort in to try and get your own traffic, because the quality of their traffic is not guaranteed.

They Provide a Traffic Source…

Apparently, you don’t need to source your own traffic because they provide you with a traffic source for you to direct that traffic to your landing page.

Something doesn’t quite add up with this, why would they need you if they have traffic they could direct to their own website.

Affiliate Marketing is about getting affiliates to promote products or services instead of having a huge marketing budget.

But this seems like they have already got a nice cycle of generating traffic to point at their own platform for people to buy into.

It doesn’t make sense to include affiliates, unless you are trying to fleece those affiliates of their money.

You shouldn’t have to pay to become an affiliate, but Digital Income System is wanting you to pay to promote their platform which doesn’t offer anything substantial…

Who's Behind Digital Income System?

Another red flag you get about certain program is when you find it extremely hard to find out who is behind the product. 

I cannot fully confirm that the owners are who we think they are, as some websites state that Digital Income System is owned by Derek & William Foley.  We know that Digital Income Systems was started in 2018.

It is really important you do your research before investing anything that has huge question marks over it, like Digital Income System.  Some websites claim that there have been felony arrest records for both Derek & William Foley…

It is a good rule of thumb to state that if the owners or operators of an opportunity is hidden or are not honest about who they really are, then it is better to walk away!

What Else Do You Need to Know...

There are a couple more things you should now about Digital Income System:

The Sheer Lack of Info on Their Website

Typically, you can spend a few minutes going through a website to find out some crucial information about the platform, who they are and what they are about. But you will not find that on their website.  Yes, it looks very professional, but you will not find out anything about who they are.

Even links like their income disclosure shows terms and conditions but doesn’t show you an income disclosure.  It is a typical sales page I would normally associate with a scam.

You Cannot Register Online…

We said this earlier, but it is highly suspect when you cannot register online you need to register an interest for a salesperson to ring you up to try and fleece you for as much as they can get from you…

It Pays by Check Only

This is probably the biggest red flag for us, when you get to know reasons why platforms are suspect one of the key ones is when PayPal will not touch a business.

These days, normally anything can go through PayPal or other such providers but for Digital Income System not to be able to provide those facilities does trigger a reaction from us, and it isn’t a good one.

What We Liked About Digital Income System

Other reviewers will put that the done-for-you element of this business is a pro.  But personally, we feel it is a front for people to convince you that you can earn money from these types of program.  If it was all done-for-you and you could sit on the beach and watch the money come in… then why haven’t more people found success with this?

So, I cannot honestly say there is anything positive to say about Digital Income System!

What We Didn't Like About Digital Income System

Here is what we didn’t like about Digital Income System:

#1 Expensive Membership Fees

The price of this opportunity is extremely high, but it is marketed in a way that someone will overstretch themselves to find the $1k to sign up at the entry level because of the promises this platform states it can do for you.

But to have prices from $1,000 to $25,000 for a done-for-you system with no proven success record puts this out of reach for many.

The only proof you have that it will succeed is the testimonials on their sales page, which can be faked quite easily by paying freelancers to write a review.

#2 Most Done-For-You System Do Not Work

The majority of done-for-you systems do not actually make you money.  They are typically from a time where they could dupe the search engines into ranking them high enough to be effective.  But the search engines have spent billions on updating their algorithms to make sure only high-quality and effective content ranks.  Hence, these done-for-you systems often do not work.

#3 Unknown Owners

If an owner is taking extreme measures to remain unknown there must be a reason for it.  You will find no information on the Digital Income System website as to who the owners are, or what their experience is and what help they will be offering you…  All sounds very dodgy to me?

#4 Their Legal Links

When we did a bit of digging around their website, we found their website legal links do not actually link to what they should link to.  Their income disclosure goes straight to their terms and conditions.  So again, you cannot actually see what you could earn through them as they apparently aren’t showing it.

Any entity that is professional will display these, as it is a legal requirement!

#5 The Website Traffic Issue

You will have your own landing page, that looks like everyone else’s and you will be given website traffic from the same place as everyone else.  This means the same people will see the same offers.  So, how do you stand out from the crowd to get them to sign up through your landing page and not anyone else’s?

You could try to gain traffic through SEO or Paid Ads.  The best traffic you could get is free organic traffic that is search engine friendly.  But one, you will find that Digital Income System is not set up for that and two, you will not get any training from Digital Income System to help you do that.

The alternative is using Paid Ads, but again without the right training this can be highly difficult and expensive to get right.

Either way, getting website traffic to your landing page targeting the right audience is your biggest challenge to overcome with this system

#6 Concerning Income Disclosure

Let’s be honest at this point, we don’t think many people will make money from this system.  Maybe a select few who have the relevant knowledge to pinpoint the right traffic and get them to their landing page.  You often look at the income disclosure to kind of get a feel for whether it is worthwhile and unfortunately it doesn’t look good when you look at Digital Income System’s disclosure.

The average earnings for those on the lowest membership level is $8.  The annual average income is $103.

That is about 10% of what you would initially pay to get into the opportunity!  This makes it a huge financial risk and not worth it.

Haven't Made Your First $1 Yet?

Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

Is Digital Income System A Scam?

We started off trying to answer the questions of whether Digital Income System is a scam or not.  Whilst it has a huge number of red flags, because you can make money with it, we cannot state it is a scam.

However, in our opinion you are well advised to stay away from this money-making opportunity.  It resembles an MLM, lacks any information about the team behind it and has as many red flags as some scams we have reviewed.

Short story is that you will not get anything from trying to find done-for-you systems that supposedly make you money.

Earning money online requires time and effort and these shiny objects ensnare people because you believe that you can earn money with no effort at all.

Once you get that out of your head, you can start looking at real opportunities to make money.

Affiliate Marketing is a legit business model, but anyone who tells you that you have to spend $1,000 to get started is lying to you. 

We got started for free, and even as we have started investing money into our business, we are nowhere near spending that kind of money…

Bottom line stay away from Digital Income Systems.

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Thanks for checking out our Digital Income System Review! If you have any questions or comments to add, then please write them into the comments section below. 😉

Digital Income System










Overall Rating



  • None


  • Expensive
  • Done For You Systems Rarely Work
  • Unknown Owners
  • Legal Links Broken
  • Low Income Disclosure

12 thoughts on “Is Digital Income System a Scam? Beware the Red Flags…”

  1. Wow, this looks like an absolute scam with red flags all over the place. I agree, anything promising thousands of dollars from only four minutes work a week is extremely likely to be a scam, and that’s just where the problems start with this site. It is clearly an MLM system with a “product” bolted on to it, in other words, it’s very close to being a pyramid scheme. Not being able to find out who is behind it is also never a good sign. The whole thing sounds extremely dodgy and I am grateful to you for the warning!

    • Hey Lisa,

      thanks for checking out our review.  It does stink of MLM, I still can’t get my head around the fact that they also provide the traffic – that doesn’t sound right and they are just trying to stiff people into paying them money.

      The income disclosure just shows how unsuccessful people are.  They aren’t even displaying an up to date one on their website.

      Definitely one to avoid.



  2. Thank you for exposing yet another online business scam. I enjoyed the read and the message is very clear which is to stay clear.

    when I read to the part you mentioned not enough information on the website, I know instantly to avoid this program. Also what with the pay be cheque only? Who does that these days?

    Reviews like this should be on Google’s first page permanently so that everyone will see and know the truth. Thanks again for such insight.

    • Hey Richard,

      thanks for checking out our review.  If Paypal are staying clear of it, that is a big reason to stay away from it.  They don’t want anything dodgy tainting their reputation.



  3. Great article about the digital income system. From my experience, it is not an actual scam but it is so awful business model I would call it scammy style scheme. This was one of those dozens of programs I was about to join when I was seeking cheap, easily approachable aand starter friendly ways or programs to make money online. These digital income system guys gave me several “free membership” email offers and always there were some fees. Finally, I got pretty annoyed and asked why they continue to ask me to “join free” if it’s not free or even cheap. They said they need to be sure they “don’t attract lazy people” and asks “small fees” to be sure to get so-called no-lazy-people to their program. However, thanks for reviewing this, this kind of non-biased, honest reviews are very important cause not every people has time and will to explore things out like you or me.

    • Hey Jesse,

      thanks for checking out our review and for sharing your experiences.  Pushy sales people put me off straightaway, even if the product was good.  I get the small fee to avoid time wasters, but not when it is a $1,000!!!



  4. Hi John, During my searches for ways to make some extra money online I have come across digital income and I have been trying to find out more about it, I am always weary of the potential online scams that are out there, in fact there are so many that we just don’t know who we can trust, that’s why I love to find genuine honest reviews like your post here, thank you for giving me the heads up about this platform, I will be leaving it well alone, I have bookmarked your website for future reference. 

    • Hey Russ,

      thanks for checking out our review.  Scams or close to scam programs are everywhere these days.  Trying to suck those people lacking the knowledge in.  It is a shame, but all we can do is try and help them avoid them.

      Glad you found our post useful

      All the best


  5. This Digital Income System sounds like a pyramid scheme to me. Thank you for uncovering this scam. Hopefully people will not fall into this very expensive program. I just don’t see how people get away with it. I’m sure they make a ton of money before they get caught. At least there is one more scam found, reviewed and caught.

    • Hi Desiray,

      thanks for checking out our review.  There are elements, because of the pressure to move up the ladder.  But as they state the recruiting is done for you, I don’t really know what it is trying to be.  MLM or Affiliate Marketing or a Pyramid Scheme.

      All I know is that it is not worth your time.



  6. I agree with you that making money on the internet requires a lot of work, a lot of learning, Fortunately I found WA and I am pleased with my progress.WA offers the proper training for the Internet. I wonder why look for another platform that raises countless question marks. It’s not for me

    Thanks for sharing John.

    All the best to you

    • Hey Carmen,

      thanks for checking out our review.  There are thousands of make money online opportunities, some are real and worthwhile like WA and there are others that look a good deal but in fact are not worth your time and money.

      How do you find the good ones from the bad?  You do research.  Glad you found WA, but many haven’t…

      All the best



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