Is Commission Cartel a Scam? Or the Secret Technique to $1,442 a Day!

Let’s answer the question, is commission cartel a scam?  Michael Cheney claims you can learn from his secret technique to earning $1,442 a day and even start earning $500 in your first month.

Those are some bold claims from this training and yet, I will go through exactly why it isn’t even worth the $9.95 and you will walk away with more questions than you had before you started.

Let’s get into the review, shall we?

Commission Cartel Overview & Rankings

Product Name: Commission Cartel Michael Cheney - Is Commission Cartel a Scam?

Owners: Michael Cheney

Website URL:

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training

Price: $9.95 + Upsells

Best For: No One Rating: 1/5

A Quick Commission Cartel Summary

Michael Cheney brings us Commission Cartel, training on creating a list and promoting affiliate links via social media, etc.  The price might entice some but in reality, the training lacks any real depth and will leave many beginners with more questions than they had before going through the training.  Definitely not a great product.

Recommended: No

Recommended Training for Beginners

What Exactly is Commission Cartel & How Does it Work?

Introduced in 2016, Michael Cheney’s Commission Cartel claims to be an amalgamation of his ten years of Internet Marketing experience into one product.  He also claims that by following his techniques and “secrets” you can make some serious money with it – Up to $1,442 in a day.  He also claims a complete newbie could easily be making $500 or more in your first month, just by following his techniques…?

It all sounds rather elaborate and cloak-and-dagger but in reality, the training is all around building an email list and pushing them down the right sales funnels.

At this point, I would like to say email marketing can be very effective, and sales funnels are essential for an online business and affiliate marketing is a genuine way of earning money online – but does the Commission Cartel include everything that you need to be successful at these strategies??

That is the problem, Michael Cheney is very experienced, and has launched a number of IM products such as Commission Machine.

But the problem with this product is you get what you pay for.  It is only $16.95 and that shows when you start looking at the information provided.  Many complaints about this product have been the fact the information is vague or conflicting.

For example, he mentions that you do not require a website, but he expects you to create an email list.  How??

I would not be able to get people to my email list without my website, so how does he expect you to get a list to be able to promote products too… He expects you to pay to buy access to someone else’s list.  But he specifically talks about targeting social media.

Now, in my experience social media is an ok medium to promote your brand, but it is not a great place to collect email addresses.  You need a website to really be successful!

Michael states that it is as easy as posting a review on YouTube and linking it straight to your affiliate link, but how can you compete with all of the major competition on YouTube to get your video noticed?

Without an audience, you are going to be struggling to get your affiliate offers out there, and that is how you are going to make money.  Michael Cheney’s training will not help you out at all in the slightest.

I could go on, but I will leave the rest to the Concerns section.  But at this point, whilst it is only $9.95 you could benefit so much more by joining Wealthy Affiliate for free and really learning the right techniques to starting your own online affiliate marketing business.

Who Will Benefit from the Commission Cartel?

The only person who would benefit from you buying this product is Michael himself, it just lacks any real depth to help you and is just another low-quality product from Michael Cheney.

How Much Does Commission Cartel Cost?

Whilst the price is not through the roof, I would not want to spend money on a product to only find it was low-quality or made me go away with more questions.  That is my gripe with this product, you will walk away going that was not worth $10.

But there are 2 upsells to consider with the Commission Cartel too.  Let’s go through all of the packages here:

Basic Commission Cartel Package – $9.95

This is the basic package and will cost a one-off fee of $9.95.   This gets you the Commission Cartel dossier, video, audio and blueprints and his “apparent” insider training.

The Godfather Package – $27

A one-off fee of $27 gives you access to “never before released” done-for-you commission creating campaigns.  Includes promotional materials, discount coupons and some special VIP access.

The “Secret Weapons” Package – $47

A one-off fee of $47 gets you the secret weapons package, which includes money-making templates that are ready to use with additional bonuses such as “How to turn emails into money”

From the look of each, the offer looks good.  But unfortunately, the content is lacking any real quality.

What is Good About Commission Cartel (PROS)

Here is what we liked about it:

Some Basics for a Low Price

Michael does know his stuff, and you will learn a few basics from the product, and it is a low price.

What Could Commission Cartel Improve on? (CONS)

Here is what we didn’t like:

Information is Vague or is Conflicting

I touched on this earlier, but the information provided by Michael hits two sensitive subjects.  Vagueness and Conflicting.

It is very vague into how you are going to earn money and lacks any real depth in the techniques.  As though he were talking to people who already had an idea on how to make money through email marketing or promoting via YouTube.  I feel it is lazy writing.  He has the knowledge but doesn’t share this enough in his product.

The way it is conflicting is the fact he claims you do not need a website.  You can just promote via Social Media and YouTube.  But unless you already have a YouTube channel with a ton of traffic, you will get lost.  People need to see your videos to find your affiliate links – that is how you make money.

If no one sees your videos or posts, then you make no money.  The same with building an email list, the best way to build it is by having capture forms on your website.  But he is telling you not to have a website??

It’s like he doesn’t want you to have the best start, as long as he gets his money.  I fully believe the best start for a newbie is to have their own website as a solid foundation, where you can explore every avenue of earning money online.

Get started with an affiliate marketing website with awesome training today!

Lack of Support

In Michael’s brief, you are told you can contact him whenever you have a question or need any support.  But when looking through the complaints of members, you start to see Michael does not really respond at all, let alone getting a quick response to resolve a problem.  This make sense, as he misses out loads of key information, that people will be bombarding him with complaints and he probably doesn’t look anymore.

No Refund Offered

This goes with the poor support; you are not offered a refund and there is no free trial.

Start learning from a genuine affiliate marketing training platform, that offers a free starter membership and will take you step-by-step through every step needed to make money online!  Wealthy Affiliate has helped thousands achieve their goals of working from home with their own affiliate marketing business.

My Honest Opinion of Commission Cartel? Is Commission Cartel a Scam?

I will state at this point, I do not believe the Commission Cartel is a scam.  Michael Cheney does know his stuff and my problem is not with him, it is with the sheer lack of quality in any of his products.  I recently reviewed his Commission Machine product, and that again came away with a similar conclusion.

You will learn some basics; you will learn some concepts.  But as a beginner, you will still feel really lost and not know where to go from there.

On that basis, I cannot recommend the Commission Cartel to anyone, regardless of the price.

Earning commission from promoting quality products is a great way of earning money, but you need the right training and support.  Not something that is bodged together and sold as though it will earn you that kind of money in your first month.

Affiliate Marketing takes a lot of time and effort and earnings will not happen overnight.  Regardless of what Michael and others try and tell you.

Any product that tells you to expect to earn straightaway is typically a scam, or a low-quality product.

My advice is stay away from Michel Cheney’s Commission Cartel and take a look at a training platform with a proven success rate!

Commission Cartel at a Glance

Product Name: Commission Cartel Commission Cartel Review

Owners: Michael Cheney

Website URL:

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training

Price: $9.95 + Upsells

Recommended: No Rating:  1/5

Verdict: Not Recommended – You Will Walk Away with More Questions Than You Started With!

I truly believe these types of products only want your money and do not offer anything with any value for you to feel like it was a worthwhile investment.

Are You Sick of Low-Quality Products or Scams?

The internet is full of low-quality products or scams, all promising you that you can earn thousands overnight whilst sitting at home or by the pool!  Unfortunately, the common theme is that people get sucked into them, otherwise they would not exist.

If you really want to earn money online and find a genuine way of doing it, the first thing you will need to know is that you cannot earn money online overnight!!!

Sorry, I know that is not what you want to hear but that is the only way I can make sure you do not fall for any scams online.

I have been through a scam experience, where it cost me money and I learned so much from that experience and I want to share that experience with you as it led to me finding a genuine way of earning money.

I had never heard of affiliate marketing before, but I had just been through a scam with binary options.  Looking for a way of earning money online, I thought that I could crack it.

It did not work out, but I am not sorry as it led me to Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate was different to anything else I had seen online, and do you know what that difference was…?  They were completely honest. Completely honest about:

  • The time needed to earn money online!
  • The effort required to earn money online!
  • The earning potential from Affiliate Marketing, but how to be realistic in the timescales too!

They will openly say; Wealthy Affiliate is not for everyone.  You need to work hard and follow the training to the letter, to benefit from Affiliate Marketing and if you are looking for quick ways to earn money online then Wealthy Affiliate is not for you.

But if you really are sick of scams, then you might want to give them a go.  By the end of lesson 10, you will have your very own affiliate marketing website already to earn money online.

With a free starter membership, you have nothing to lose except some time to check it all out.  But I guarantee you will learn more in those 10 lessons than you ever would from the Commission Cartel training.

If you would like to read more about Wealthy Affiliate, here is my full WA review.  But if you feel ready to start your own affiliate marketing journey with excellent training and real support, click the button below and start a free starter membership with Wealthy Affiliate:

Free Starter Membership with WA

If you have any questions or comments about Commission Cartel or anything else around Affiliate Marketing, please write them in the comments below.  I promise to get back to you as soon as I can!

Commission Cartel

$9.95 + Upsells







Overall Rating



  • You Will Learn Some Basics


  • Information is Vague or is Conflicting
  • Lack of Support
  • No Refund Offered

12 thoughts on “Is Commission Cartel a Scam? Or the Secret Technique to $1,442 a Day!”

  1. I’ve seen different reviews about this site, I was lucky I didn’t fall a victim. One thing is certain that Commission Cartel will not make you $ 10 per day, let alone $ 500 a month a day, anytime soon. There are excessive sales claims. Spend your time and money anywhere else, the platform can’t be trusted. 

    • Hey Michelle,

      thanks for checking out our blog and writing a comment.  The Commission Cartel is just another program full of crap promises.  It really will not make anyone money, unless they already know how to make money.  But if you do, why would you need it?

      Not a great product at all


  2. Commission cartel is definitely a scam. This is a low quality product that has been out together to frisk unsuspecting subscribers of their hard earned money. It only looks to Carter for the greedy, faceless owners and leave subscribers without adding any form of value.

    I do understand the anxiety individuals feel to make good money online, and such greedy owners set up this type of business to play on people’s emotions, and swindle them of their funds.

    I totally do not recommend this, however Wealthy Affiliate is a good community for individuals to learn how to make money online without fear of being cheated.

    • Hey Louis,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.

      People get sucked in by all the monetary claims and because that is what they want they fall for scams like this one.

      Wealthy Affiliate

      is a safe genuine route for beginners to follow with some great support and training.



  3.  If there is one thing that really annoys me about a platform , it has to do with fake testimonies when it really is not true. Thank you very much because you have not only taken the mask away from commision cartel but you have also given us valuable clues on how to identify other scams.

    One of the most common things I see in platforms identified as scams are outrageous claims of money making and fake testimonial. I hope online newbies can flee from these fake websites

    • HI Ola,

      I wish the same thing – thanks for checking out our blog.  I can’t stand a product that is just full of crap and is clearly making money from poor unsuspecting people who find they are no further forward and are out of pocket.

      Even if I only help one person avoid that fate, I have achieved something.

      thanks again


  4. This is another no for me. Some things don’t add up. How do you create an email list without owning a website? How do you link up with YouTube and experience success as a newbie? This and many more are to be asked. Even when they are buying your products it’s goes right back to the owner, Micheal. To me this platform is not encouraging especially to a newbie. 

    • HI Peter,

      thanks for checking out our blog and writing some comments.  Unfortunately it does seem that any product Michael is associated with is pure crap.  He has the knowledge but doesn’t do a proper job of sharing it.

      People will pay if it is worth it, but he just cuts corners and hopes people fall for it.

      Definitely not worth it at all



  5. Hello John, Interesting review on Commission Cartel. You really did a good job for coming up with this sincere information to helpful the people and save us from scams online. 

    I will actually be of an opinion that a rational man shouldn’t even think of testing Commission Cartel out. 

    I am about to fall victim but a friend advice save me. It good have a wonderful review like to save some ass out here. 

    I can categorically say that the only person who would benefit from you buying this product is Michael himself, it just lacks any real depth to help you and is just another low-quality product from Michael Cheney. 

    I will strongly suggest going with Wealthy Affiliate, one of the best and scam free platform for sure earnings. Thanks for sharing this helpful information.

    • Hiya,

      thanks for checking out our blog and writing some comments.  This product is just another one from Michael with the aim of getting people to spend money without offering an real value for it.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a much better option for beginners, and there is no risk with a free starter membership.



  6. This is a very nice review about commission cartel I have been searching for a post like this, it is very helpful but I think wealthy affiliate is a place where you can start learning and earning even when you are just starting. This review is very helpful. But I am not sure commission cartel can make you $10 everyday.

    • Hi Musbau,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.  No, I agree I don’t believe this product will make anyone any money.

      Having realistic goals is important, and expecting to earn straight away is not one of them…




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