Want a Laptop Lifestyle? Make Money Online with These 4 Simple Steps…

Most people are looking for a way to have the laptop lifestyle and make money online via the internet.  But what exactly is the laptop lifestyle, and how do you get it?  Is it as easy as those gurus make it sound online? How long does it take? Is it really possible to make money from your laptop?

The answer is you can definitely make money from your laptop!!

We will be going through everything you need to know and, more importantly how you can actually achieve a laptop lifestyle where you can work wherever you like, as long as you have Wi-Fi, of course.

What Do I Mean by a Laptop Lifestyle?

The biggest problem you have when you start searching for ways to make money online is the amount of people who tell Laptop Lifestyle - Work from Anywhereyou:

  • It is easy to make money online
  • You don’t actually have to do anything, it is done for you
  • You can earn money from a beach whilst the system does the work for you

I am not one of those people, you are going to have to put in a lot of effort and put in the time to be able to have a laptop lifestyle.

To me, a laptop lifestyle means that you can earn money from anywhere.  You are not tied down to one place or a job where you have to clock in every day and do something that you do not enjoy.

If you are willing to put the effort in, you can start to have what is called a “passive income” and that is what a laptop lifestyle is all about.  It is such a fantastic feeling when you wake up in the morning, load up your emails and find that you earned money overnight.

You can pop to a coffee shop and do a little work.  You can lie on a beach, do a little work and see that you are able to earn money.

But the emphasis on any way to make money online is that you need to be able to put the time and effort in to be able to enjoy the benefit of working anywhere in the world and earn money even though you might not be active at that point a sale is made.

Passive income and a laptop lifestyle come hand in hand, and as long as you have done the groundwork and built up your online business you can be a fantastic point where your business will be making money at any point, regardless of whether you are in front of the laptop or not.

In fact, I know a few people who are travelling the world whilst using the same method we are going to be talking about and are making money whilst exploring the world.

Done right, the laptop lifestyle will lead to you earning a passive income and being able to give up your day job and doing something based on something that you love and by helping other people.

Put in the hard work now, build the foundations and then later on you can find that you are not having to work so hard to make money – but you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Why Affiliate Marketing is the Answer

Online, you will find there are plenty of different ways for you to make money online.  Some will be scams; some will notWhy Affiliate Marketing is the Answer end up being able to actually lead to a laptop lifestyle and then there are some that are a fantastic idea.

It still amazes me that a few years ago, when I was looking for an opportunity online that I had never heard of affiliate marketing before than point.

Yet, it is now our top recommended business opportunity online because it is one of the simplest premises in the world.  You can get started with little investment and it also means you get to choose a subject that you already love.

MLM requires to invest heavily at the start and has such a low success rate.  Binary options requires a level of playing the stock markets and other guru-type programs end up costing you thousands with nothing to show for it at the end.

But with Affiliate Marketing and the right training, you will be learning how to utilise free traffic methods to promote products and services in a niche that you know something about.  You will help people learn about that niche and that will lead to you being able to make money online.

Affiliate Marketing doesn’t require any special skills other than the ability to learn and then to put what you learn into action.

Yes, it requires hard work, but nothing is given in this life for free.  Anyone who states that you are able to earn money by doing nothing is not your friend.

Affiliate Marketing can lead to a point where you are earning money on autopilot, but not without putting in the groundwork.  Not without laying down the foundation.  It also requires upkeep too.

I am not saying this route is easy, but it is simple.  If you are ready to learn how to build your own passive income business online, and earn the right to live a laptop lifestyle then we can help you get started with the 4 steps below

Our 4 Simple Steps to a Laptop Lifestyle

We can help you start on your route to a laptop lifestyle, but we need a few commitments from you… You will need to sign up to the below commitments:

  • You are Willing to Learn
  • You are Willing to Take Action
  • You are Willing to Not Give Up!

Affiliate Marketing takes patience above all things, and the main reason why people fail in affiliate marketing is the fact that they give up.  Earning money from Affiliate Marketing could happen within a month, a few months or a year.  This all depends on how much time you are able to put into it.  It took me 6 months, but as I had a full-time job and a family to work around with my online business it was actually quite a good achievement considering the niche I chose.  But the main thing you need to understand is the main factors with success is time and effort.  We will show you a proven step-by-step guide to building an affiliate marketing business, but you are the one that is going to need to take action from it.

Before we get into the 4 steps, we want to ensure you fully understand how affiliate marketing works.  That way you know!

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Ever heard of Amazon?  I would be extremely surprised if you haven’t.  The world’s largest marketplace has an affiliate program.  This is the example we are going to use to show you how you are going to make money online.  There are thousands of affiliate programs, but Amazon is by far the best starting point for an affiliate marketer just starting out.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work Flow Diagram

We are also going to use coffee machines, as our subject or niche too.

Affiliate Marketing is where you are able to promote products or services related to a niche of your choice and earn a commission from any sales that are made via your affiliate link.

Sounds weird, right?  Let’s use the examples to make it simpler to understand.

I am a potential customer who is looking for the best coffee machine for my needs.  That means I need to do a bit of research into what is the best coffee machine for me.  So, I go to Google and type in a search or keyword.  The image below shows the results that came up, below the ads:

a screenshot of a google search for best coffee machine to help explain the premise

I land on a blog called expertreviews and they have written a blog post about the best coffee machines for use at home.

They have also written some great hints and tips to help narrow down which is the best coffee machine, whether I want a manual espresso machine, a bean to cup machine, a pod machine or a filter coffee machine.

Probably a few things I hadn’t really given much thought to regards the right machine for me.

But what this blog also includes is affiliate links to Amazon:

an example of a blogger promoting an affiliate offer

If I was ready to buy the above manual espresso coffee machine, then all I needed to do was click buy now and this would take me to the exact Amazon page I needed to be able to complete the transaction.

Think of the benefits for this website having affiliate links.  They don’t need to handle payments, as Amazon is doing that.

  • They don’t need to worry about being online when the reader is on the page.
  • All they needed to do was provide the really insightful post in the first place.

But here is the added benefit – That website will receive a commission every time someone lands on this page and follows one of their affiliate links to Amazon.

Amazon’s commission rate is lower than others, but as it is a trusted platform people will buy from them without a second thought increasing your conversions.

That coffee machine I was looking at was £549 in the black Friday sale.  If I did buy that, the expert reviews website owner would earn 4%.  Which is £21.96.

I know you might not think that is a lot, but there is no limit on how many people could click that link and that is just one product.

10 customers, it becomes £219.60.  100 customers, it becomes £2,196.00.

Plus, like we said as you expand you can include other affiliate programs with much higher commission rates, your income can increase a lot.

But to earn money through affiliate marketing, you have to start somewhere.  This is where these 4 steps come in.

Choose a Niche (Your Hobby)

What is your affiliate marketing business going to be based on.  This is your first big decision, but it might not be as difficultexample of a hobby - lady knitting as you might think.  This is because we are going to suggest you pick something that you already know something about.  You already enjoy talking about this subject and you will enjoy helping other people and engaging with other people about.  That is why we suggest you start with choosing one of your hobbies.

If we go back to why people fail, it is because they give up too early.  But that also comes down to them picking a niche based on them thinking it is a profitable niche.

Let me tell you, that any niche can be profitable.  But the key difference between choosing something you love compared to a subject you don’t know – you get bored of the one you don’t know; you don’t know what to write about and your content dries up – guess what?

No content, no sales!

That is why we say, pick a hobby and then narrow it down to a niche.  If you want the best chance to succeed, you need to target a narrow section of the market and not start too broad.

That is because of the amount of competition out there, if you just chose dogs as a niche, then that is way too broad and you are not identifying and targeting a specific target audience.

Now, if we went with dogs but targeted the healthy dog nutrition niche.  That is a specific target audience, with products and services you can also target too.

So, if I was looking for healthy dog food then hitting your website all about dog nutrition would tell me you know what youA picture of two dogs - niche idea are talking about, as you are providing me insightful information about how to keep my dog healthy and the best food to be feeding my dog and I am more inclined to follow your affiliate links and buy stuff that earns you money.

If you start with a hobby, you are onto a great start as you will have some knowledge that you can share with others and are more interested in learning more to expand your knowledge and in turn, helping others too.

Does that make sense?  I hope it does and if you want help narrowing down your niche, drop a note in the comments section and I will be more than happy to help you.

This can be used for any subject, but just make sure you narrow it down as best you can.

Key Points:

  • Narrow down your subject to a niche
  • Identify a target audience
  • Identify their needs
  • How can you help that target audience in reference to your niche?

Build a Website

You need a foundation to your affiliate marketing business and that is a website.  If you are truly in this for the long haul where you are going to be earning big money through affiliate marketing, you need a website. build a website - website imageThere are some that state you don’t need a website; you can promote through social media.  However, people are starting to not trust social media as much as they used to, and some social media platforms do not really like affiliate links.  So, you might start promoting on social media, but find that you cannot post your links. Hence, you cannot make money.

The other argument is that if you send people blindly to affiliate links, it is proven not to always work.  This is because you have missed the important link – the helping part.

Consider, if I already knew what to buy, I would go straight to the retailer and buy it.  The reason affiliate marketing is successful, is because people want to research and learn more before making a purchasing decision.  That is the fundamental part of online shopping.  They want help, not blind affiliate links.

By having a website, you can create a web where you are taking people from social media to your website where they can learn and then buy through your affiliate links when they are ready.  That is where the customer purchase lifecycle comes in, as you can create content for different steps of the lifecycle and capture customers that you can take through all the steps until they are ready to make a purchase.

That is why you need a website.  It is yours and you can build a brand around it that will earn you money for years to come.

Building a website these days is relatively easy, but our top recommendation for Affiliate Marketing is WordPress.  It is really easy to get your head around and is preferred by the search engines which is a huge bonus when it comes to the next stage of getting traffic.

If you feel like you are ready to build a website, then we recommend the SiteRubix hosting.

SiteRubix is brought to you by the guys behind Wealthy Affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate is a complete training program for affiliate marketers.  It is the platform we started with a few years ago, and we have not looked back.  We will be going into more detail later, but their WordPress hosting is second to none.  If you want to build a free website with SiteRubix, and get access to free training from Wealthy Affiliate – Then use the free tool below to see if your chosen website name is available.

Gain an Audience (Traffic)

Now, if you have been following the steps you will have your very own WordPress website online and gained access to free An image of an audience - gain an audience for your websitetraining within Wealthy Affiliate where you will be learning how affiliate marketing works and how to gain an audience…

If you want to earn money, you need to work on this step first.  Making money does not come until you start getting traffic through to your website.

Wealthy Affiliate and our recommendation is you target free methods of gaining traffic.  The main one we will be talking you through is called Search Engine Optimisation or SEO.

It sounds complicated, but it basically means creating content and posting it on your website, and then telling the search engines about it so they rank it in their search results.

That blog post earlier from expert reviews would have done the same.

By creating helpful content that helps the readers, and then using a free SEO plugin on your website (already provided by Wealthy Affiliate) you can then get your blog post up to the top of the search results too against your target keyword.

It all sounds overly complicated, but in essence it isn’t.  I am writing this blog post now, I will then publish to my website (already done by the time you are reading it) and then I will follow the few steps given to me by the guys at Wealthy Affiliate that tells the search engines “Hey, I have written a blog post that I think is helpful… can you rank it in your search engines please?”

It then appears for people to find.  You will follow the exact same steps.

You will learn about keyword research, creating content, SEO and engaging the audience to gain traffic.

As your website is new, it will take a bit of time for the search engines to take notice.  But as long as you are creating helpful content that has identified a target audience and has helped answer their questions, then you are onto a winning formula.

When you first start noticing people are visiting your website, it is a fantastic feeling.  Once you start seeing that traffic, it is time to step it up and start adding affiliate links

Earn Money!

Notice how we have left this to the last step.  You need to understand that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  That thean image of coins - earn money focus needs to be on helping people and not making money.

Helping People Makes you Money, focusing on the Money Doesn’t!

If you had a website on day one that was filled with affiliate links and not much helpful content, do you think Google would take notice?

I know I wouldn’t as a reader.  That is how clever the search engines have become; they read your content and see how helpful it is.  The methods that worked ten years ago, will not work today.

Search Engines want to find the best answers to questions and put them at the top of the search results.  If you provide a better answer then an established brand, then you can easily get to the top of the search results.  But the key thing is that Quality is really important.

Your content needs to help, be detailed and have a point.  As soon as you start selling, then you are not helping and that will result in lower rankings.

I know you can do this, but your focus needs to be on helping!!

How Long Will It Take to Make Money?

OK, this is the question that always comes up.  There are loads of factors including:

  • Which niche you choose
  • How much time can you invest each week?
  • How much effort you put in – both learning and doing
  • How much do you want that laptop lifestyle?

I go back to my point earlier, the main reason why affiliate marketers fail is because they walk away too soon.

No one can really tell you how long it will take.  There are members of Wealthy Affiliate who earned money within a month or two.  There are others that didn’t earn anything for a year but are then earning a 4-figure salary every month from affiliate marketing.

The main thing you need to consider is that as long as you follow the training we recommend, put in the time and effort that you can and don’t give up – you will earn money from affiliate marketing!

The only reason you won’t, is because you walk away before you do.

To put it into context, I had a full-time job and a family to work around.  I was only able to work after my son and wife had gone to bed.  I would grab an hour each evening.  One night I would go through a lesson in Wealthy Affiliate and the next night I would put into action what I had learned the night before.  I would write a blog post the next evening, and then get back to learning.  It took me 6 months to earn my first commission.  But I see so many people walk away before that point, and I feel so sorry for them because they feel like they have failed.  But they didn’t, they gave up.  There is a huge difference.

On the other end of the scale, Wealthy Affiliate has super affiliates who are earning huge sums every month.  But they will tell you the same thing that I am telling you.  You need to put the effort in, if you want to achieve what they have.

Jerry worked in a restaurant every day all day, but he worked every spare second he could to escape that existence – he is now a Super Affiliate, and he is well on his way of becoming super successful with his training courses, etc.  A special young man.  But he will tell you to “Hustle”.  I am sure he needs to trademark the hashtag, hustle.  But he will always tell you that you need to work hard to be able to play hard.

If you want this, are you going to go and get it?

Where Can I Get Help?

The important thing to know is that you do not need to feel like you are on your own.  You will not be doing this on yourWhere to Get Help to Get Started - a girl helping a boy up from falling own, in the slightest.  I remember when I first got started and joined Wealthy Affiliate.  I thought I might feel like I was on my own.  Nope, that was simply not the case.  I joined a fantastic network of people that has grown to over 1.4 million members.  The network is always active with people online ready to help beginners start their journey.  You also get access to the platform owners, Kyle & Carson.  Kyle was the one who helped me narrow down my first niche, and you will always see them active in the community.

The one thing you will take away from their training is that helping people is the core attribute to success – They live to this mentality, by helping people.

You will not find a better platform to get started.  I used to describe it as a training platform, but that hardly does it justice.  It offers all the training, tools and support you will need to become a successful affiliate marketer.  You will have access to support at any point from their easy to use dashboard.

But here is something else you will get if you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate and start your journey towards achieving a laptop lifestyle… You will get my personal guidance through starting your affiliate marketing business.  Any questions, you will be able to access me directly through Wealthy Affiliate.  If I don’t know the answer, I will know someone who will, and I will help you get started!!

Wealthy Affiliate is a pay-it-forward platform which means everyone is here to help you.

The only decision you have to make is, are you ready to get started?

Are You Ready to Get Started?

That, I will leave up to you.  Affiliate Marketing is by far the best option for someone looking to make money online, it is beginner friendly with training like Wealthy Affiliate’s.

Want help choosing a niche, or anything to do with WordPress or anything at all you will get help and support within Wealthy Affiliate.

I will just leave you with this, if you truly want a way to earn money online, leave the day job behind and live a laptop lifestyle like in all those flashy videos online then affiliate marketing can help you achieve that.  But don’t lose sight of the fact that it requires hard work to achieve that lifestyle.

You will need to work hard around your current job to achieve this, but guess what?

Any website you land on that says you can earn money overnight is lying to you.  They are a scam and only after your money.

Affiliate Marketing is a genuine route to earning money online.  It is a proven.   We are making money from affiliate marketing online.  But it all starts with working hard to get to that point.

If you are still reading this, then I know you are someone who can make this work for you!!

All you need to do is click the button below and get started with a free Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership and see where that takes you…

free starter membership for wealthy affiliate

If you want to research a little more into Wealthy Affiliate, I totally understand and here is a link to our Wealthy Affiliate review – But if you click the button above you will begin your affiliate marketing journey now and get our support thrown in!

Thanks for checking out our post.  If you are currently living a laptop lifestyle, have any experience with Wealthy Affiliate and want to share or have any questions at all – then please write them in the comments below and we will get back to you as soon as we can 😉

22 thoughts on “Want a Laptop Lifestyle? Make Money Online with These 4 Simple Steps…”

  1. It was only just last year that I came upon affiliate marketing! Passive income is earned through hard work!  I am currently still in the very early stages of my affiliate marketing business, but I know if I keep going, I will start earning money! This article is so informative and interesting and if I wasn’t already with wealthy affiliate, I would be asking you for more information!  

    • Hey Anna,

      thanks for checking out our blog! Affiliate Marketing is a very exciting prospect and with the right guidance it is a fantastic route to passive income online.  Being able to immerse yourself into something you love and being able to earn money is a great feeling and makes the normal type of job pale in comparison.

      I am so glad you found WA too.  Their platform is the best place to be to get all the help and support you need to build and grow your business to achieve just that.

      All the best Anna, I know you are in the right place!


  2. How much time do your think one should put in lap top life weekly to make it work out one day as a full time  income?

    How much money do you think you have to invest in your site to get to turn the site into full time income?

    Overall the site is very informative and motivating.

    • Hi,

      thanks for checking out our blog! The time you put in will definitely have an impact on how much you can put into the business to make it profitable.  If you can spare an hour a day like I did, that is a great start.  But if you can invest more, then that is much better.  But if you are organised with your time, you can achieve stuff even if you cannot give it the time you want to put in.

      Using Free SEO traffic methods, you wouldn’t need to invest heavily at the beginning either.  A domain name (website name) is about $13-$15 and I would recommend the premium WA membership if you are serious.  But other than that, I wouldn’t say you needed to invest anything further until you are ready to start exploring other traffic routes like paid advertising or email marketing.  It is part of scaling your business

      Hope that helps


  3. This is great article about Want a Laptop Lifestyle? Make Money Online with These 4 Simple Steps

    It was only just last year that I came upon affiliate marketing! Passive income is earned through hard work!  I am currently still in the very early stages of my affiliate marketing business, but I know if I keep going, I will start earning money! This article is so informative and interesting and if I wasn’t already with wealthy affiliate, I would be asking you for more information!

    Thanks for your sharing

    • Hey Nayem,

      that is a great attitude to have!!  It is so sad to see so many people who walk away after putting in so much hard work and yet their earnings might have just been around the corner.  I have also met people who have said affiliate marketing doesn’t work, and yet when you try to help them you realise it is because they haven’t been taking consistent action and they don’t like you telling them, that is the reason why it didn’t work.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to be and with such a supportive network that has got your back, you will rock it and succeed!!

      All the best Nayem


  4. Yes Yes Yes! This is the lifestyle I have always prayed for. I know it is very possible to make money from anywhere in the world. I have seen people online, offline, far and near living this life.

    My favorite model of online business is affiliate marketing. This is what I want to do. Thanks for the tips; I know it will not be an easy journey but I know I can do it.

    Please wish me good luck 😊

    • Hi,

      thanks for checking out our blog! If you put in the time and effort and stay consistent, anything is possible!!

      There are not special tricks to Affiliate Marketing, just follow the guide and get cracking!

      All the best


  5. I want to make money online. Although I have known for a very long time that I can make money online, I have not taken action yet due to some constraints on my own part (financially and otherwise) so I am getting prepared to start by January next year.

    I am actually planning on using Wealthy Affiliate because of what I have learnt so far in the platform and I think it is very suitable for me considering the support, trainings, tools, etc.

    It would be an awesome experience to start earning unlimited commissions.

    Best regards!

    • Hi,

      thanks for checking out our blog!  You will never achieve it if you never start.

      Wealthy Affiliate will offer all the tools, training and support you need.   But it will all come down to you knuckling down and writing some fantastic content!

      There is only so much they can do for you

      All the best


  6. Hello John!

    Nice article about the notion of Laptop lifestyle (meaning that we are more free while earning, and earning money in flexible ways).

    There is no real shortcut to success, like earning lots of money overnight and without effort (not even when winning the lottery), and yes we have to be careful and to check things when searching for online earning modalities – scams are everywhere.

    Before starting to prepare myself for Affiliate Marketing (by joining Wealthy Affiliate), I also found some PTC or GPT sites, but the earning progress around there was way too slow… I also came across some scam sites.

    Fast forward, I have already taken action at WA, and I hope I will come closer to what you call a Laptop lifestyle – which still doesn’t mean I will be quitting my IT programming job. For now, earning extra money from the Internet is welcome to me.

    Best regards,


    • Hey Peter,

      thanks for sharing.  There are always questionable sites with ways to make money.  We will never get away from that.  If making some extra money is your initial goal, that is very admirable but the world is your oyster and it can lead to bigger things on the horizon.

      Stick with the training and I know you can achieve your goals!

      All the best Peter


  7. Great post!  It is very easy to understand and will help someone make a decision to become an affiliate marketer.  Someone who is looking to earn a living right from the comfort of your home and at your own time convenient for an individual.  It is easy to learn but an individual has to put in time and effort to achieve the desired result.  

    • Hi Evelyn,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for the feedback.  Anything is possible, if you put in the time and effort required and never give up!!

      All the best


  8. Thank you so much for the awesome post and your honesty in it!  I love affiliate marketing and have been doing it for a while now, and I have been having a lot of fun with it!  The best part about affiliate marketing is the fact that it bases a lot on your hobbies, and that makes it fun and worth it even at the beginning when things are not going as fast as you would like them to!

    • HI Jessie,

      thanks for checking out our blog.  If you are going to put the effort in, it might as well be about something you really enjoy.  Building an online business around your hobby is the best way of getting started and with the help and training available at Wealthy Affiliate, you will not be disappointed.

      All the best


  9. Thank you very much for this great article.

    I found this article very informative and interesting to read. I agree with you on the point of affiliate marketing being the best choice for those who want to live a laptop life. I have been living a laptop life for two years now and actually achieved this through affiliate marketing. This site is a valuable asset for all those who want to start a successful online business.

    • Hi Mugalu,

      thanks for checking out our post.  A lot of people assume living a laptop lifestyle is easy, but the reality is you still need to work hard.  But the beauty is you can choose where you want to do that work.  Whether that be a coffee shop, or at home or even abroad.  The freedom you get from building an online business is you can work whenever and wherever you choose.



  10. A laptop lifestyle is definitely the goal. I’d love to be able to spend more time with my family while making a good income from home. Wealthy Affiliate really makes that within reach, but I know it won’t come overnight. You are right when you say that many sites promise easy wealth overnight. I still find it hard to believe how many scams are out there. Nothing comes without hard work, so it is good that you are being honest with people about that! Thanks!

    • Hey Steve,

      there will always be scams as long as people are desperate or they believe in getting rich quick.  We have all dreamed of becoming a millionaire overnight and that is why these scammers get people.  As soon as you realise you need to work hard to earn money, just like you do at your normal job, then it all starts to make sense.

      But having experts helping with the right training makes it much easier to accept this reality and be on the right path to building something that will give you the time you want with your family.  Invest the time now and you will have more time to do the things you want later.

      Wealthy Affiliate offers that path, but it is you that need to walk it!

      All the best 


  11. Hey, Thank you for writing on make money online with these 4 simple steps. I enjoy while reading and learn a lot from your post. You are doing an awesome work by providing simple ideas. If you are willing to put the effort in, you can start to have what is called a “passive income” and that is what a laptop lifestyle is all about. Affiliate Marketing doesn’t require any special skills other than the ability to learn and then to put what you learn into action.Thank you for your useful simple steps.


    • Hi Parveen,

      thanks for checking out our blog.  As long as you are going to invest the time, anything is possible.

      All the best



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