What is Recharge and Get Paid About? Is it a Pyramid Scheme?

Welcome to our Recharge and Get Paid Review.

You will find a lot of reviews about Recharge and Get Paid, but most I have checked out are not telling you the whole truth and are in fact, hoping to benefit from you signing up to what we think is a pyramid scheme.

I am guessing that you have been approached about signing up for this opportunity, and I am so glad you are doing your research.  That is the best way to avoid online scams!!

To be completely transparent with you, we’re not associated with Recharge and Get Paid in any form.  We’re not here to pitch or sell you anything.

By the end of this review, you will know whether Recharge and Get Paid is right for you or not.

Recharge and Get Paid Review Summary

Product Name: Recharge and Get Paid

Founder: HQ in Abuja, founded in 2015

Product Type: Telecommunications MLM company (Pyramid Scheme!)

Price: 5,000 Naira to 100,000 Naira

Best For: No One!


Summary: Recharge and Get Paid is a telecommunications company that is based out of Nigeria.  They offer an opportunity to make money through selling recharge cards.  But the truth is this is just a front to recruit new members into the scheme, and signals that the only real way of making money with this scheme is with recruitment.

This makes Recharge and Get Paid a Pyramid Scheme.  Making this illegal in the majority of the world.  

The majority of people lose money with Pyramid schemes, and recruitment is hard enough without there being no real value on display… Our recommendation is to avoid this at all costs…

Rating: 10/100

Recommended? No!

Table of Contents

What is Recharge and Get Paid?

Recharge and Get Paid is a telecommunication business that sells recharge cards, but the product actually becomes completely irrelevant because you cannot actually sell the recharge card to make money.

The only way you have of making money is by actually recruiting others into the business opportunity. 

Because there is no product for you to sell, that is why we believe it is a Pyramid Scheme as that is the how a pyramid scheme works.

You will need to recruit new people in, and that makes the pyramid scheme unavoidable.

It is a Nigerian Company that is claiming that they are offering the “best way to make money online in Nigeria”, but as we have said it is actually a pyramid scheme that forces you to recruit new people into the system instead of allowing people to sell the recharge cards.

The whole company is a “Red Flag” and is one of many companies that is targeting places in Africa.  It is a shame that people are getting sucked into this kind of thing.

Is Recharge and Get Paid a Pyramid Scheme?

The main reason why we believe that Recharge and Get Paid is a Pyramid Scheme is because one is described as a scheme where the only way to make money is only through recruitment.

Recharge and Get Paid does offer services, but you are not actually allowed to sell those services without recruitment.

When everything is tied to recruiting people in, that is a Pyramid Scheme.

The problem with Pyramid schemes, besides the fact they are illegal in some places across the world are:

  • Recruitment will slow down and there is not enough money to pay everyone prompting a collapse
  • Regulatory agencies like the FTC, catch onto the scam and they will shut down the company

The bottom line is that most people who join a Pyramid scheme lose their money, it is only ever the people at the top of the scheme that actually make any money.

Success Will Be Rare at Recharge and Get Paid...

Recharge and Get Paid is a Pyramid Scheme, but it is also an MLM.

Not all MLM’s or Multi-Level Marketing businesses are Pyramid schemes, but either way MLM’s have a particularly low success rate.

In fact, 99% of people that join an MLM end up losing money.

Recruiting people into MLM’s are really difficult, and they are always overpriced.  These 2 factors make MLM’s only really an option for someone who is a fantastic salesperson who can climb the ladder.

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How Much Does Product Cost?

The membership levels start from 5000 Naira and go all the way up to 100,000 Naira.  Check out the chart in the image below:

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Recharge and Get Paid Compensation Plan

The compensation plan of Recharge and Get Paid is paid out via a 3 x 10 matrix, which looks something like this:


The amount you can get paid will depend on the level that you bought into. 

That is why you will often be pushed to buy into as high a level as you can, in case you miss out on sales because people you recruit come in at a higher level and you will lose the higher-level sales unless you have the highest membership level.

What We Liked About Recharge and Get Paid

There’s nothing we liked about Recharge and Get Paid…

What We Didn't Like About Recharge and Get Paid

Here is what we didn’t like about Recharge and Get Paid:

#1 Low Success Rate

MLM’s have a really low success rate!  It is going to be extremely difficult for you to make money here because everything is around recruitment.  If you are able to sell to anyone, they are going to want the service you are offering and will also want to be in the recruiting scheme.

#2 It is a Pyramid Scheme

There are no products available for you to sell here, it is purely around the recruitment of new people into the scheme, which is exactly what a Pyramid Scheme is.

Depending on where you are in the world, Pyramid Schemes are illegal and are something that you are going to want to keep away from as you are destined to lose money with them.

#3 Bothering Friends & Family

If you do decide to join this scheme, then who do you think they will want you to recruit in the first instance?  Yep, they will encourage you to bother your friends and family to sign up so you can earn some money.

But selling a questionable scheme to your friends and family is not going to make you any friends or see you keeping the friends you do have.

Haven't Made Your First $1 Yet?

Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

Is Recharge and Get Paid a Scam?

In our opinion, this is an online scam and a Pyramid scheme!

The internet is becoming more accessible in Africa and there are plenty of scammers out there that are trying to take advantage and exploiting people that are looking for an opportunity to make money online.

Any opportunity that is claiming that you can make easy money quickly or where recruiting is the only option, is a scam.

How We Make Money Online

I am hoping at this point that you have decided that Recharge and Get Paid is not a great opportunity for you to make money online.

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Thanks for checking out our Recharge and Get Paid Review!  If you have any questions or comments to add, then please write them in the comments section below. 😉

Recharge and Get Paid

5000 Naira to 100,000 Naira





Money Making Opportunity


Overall Rating



  • Nothing


  • Low Success Rate
  • It is a Pyramid Scheme
  • Bothering Friends & Family

22 thoughts on “What is Recharge and Get Paid About? Is it a Pyramid Scheme?”

  1. Thank you for informing me of this pyramid scheme!  There are so many internet schemes out there duping the public.  I like that you directed me to explore affiliate marketing over MLM opportunities because that allows someone to have a more genuine selling pathway that directly benefits them without having to recruit others.  Wealthy Affiliate is a great tool to learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing as well as the site design and set up necessary to become successful.  I highly recommend the community and its educational resources!

    • Hi Stacy,

      it is a shame that these kind of scams are out there enticing vulnerable people into handing over their money in the hope of making money, but they will end up just losing money.

      MLM opportunities are not that good a deal, like we put 99% of people lose money from MLMs!  That is why we recommend people start looking affiliate marketing.  The start up costs are minimal and it has a much higher success rate as long as you put in the effort.

      People are always looking for a quick buck, but they soon realise making money takes hard work and time.  But with the help and support from Wealthy Affiliate, the time you spend is going to be put in the right direction to make sure it ends up being successful!!

      Wealthy Affiliate is our top recommendation for a lot of reasons, and we are glad you feel the same!

      All the best


  2. The article about  the “Recharge and get paid” is nice.You give a several information about the Recharge and get paid scheme.  Even my cousin and sister recommend it to me but i’m not interested with the scheme before seeing your article.  It gives more additional information about the scheme and clear my doubts. 

    Thanks for giving the recommended information.

    • Hey Yoge,

      thanks for checking out our review.  Glad our review backed up your suspicions. It doesn’t feel right the way that you have to recruit to be able to benefit from the deal and recruiting others into a questionable scheme does not have a long run if anything at all.

      If you are truly looking into who to make money online, you could learn more about affiliate marketing.  It is a genuine route to making money online, has minimal start-up costs and is our top recommended product!!

      All the best


  3. Ho John!

    It is the first time I came across this opportunity “Recharge and Get Paid” at all. We all know MLM schemes are presented online for many years already. I am glad I have learned more about this opportunity through your post. A very nice presentation.

    Selling “no-products” either online or offline, especially if not tangible once, is a very disputable opportunity.

    There are people that made a lot of money that way, but such opportunities can’t last long. Selling knowledge, skills and valuable tools is another story.

    Thanks for your review,
    wishing you much success,

    • Hi Igor,
      thanks for checking out our review! Opportunities like this are not going to help people achieve long-term success, it will leave people empty handed and feeling like all opportunities are like this when they are not.
      Helping people can lead to a much better way of earning money online and that is why we recommend affiliate marketing, rather than crappy products like this one.

      All the best

  4. The article about  the “Recharge and get paid” is nice.You give a several information about the Recharge and get paid scheme.  Even my cousin and sister recommend it to me but i’m not interested with the scheme before seeing your article.  It gives more additional information about the scheme and clear my doubts. 

    Thanks for giving the recommended information.

    • Hey Nayem,

      they are probably in the scheme and are desperate to recruit, so they have targeted you.  Sounds like you are doing your research, which is a good idea!!



  5. Recharge and Get Paid sounds like an MLM nightmare. It’s most definitely a pyramid scheme but they’re in Nigeria so the FTC can’t touch them. However, I hope that the relevant authorities in that country move fast to shut them down because lives can be destroyed just by being a part of this. People need to be educated more about these things so they can avoid them when confronted.

    And I must say that this is an awesome, informative review. Keep dropping the knowledge, John.

    • Well said Jay,

      there do seem to be a lot of scams targeting people in Africa, as the internet becomes easier to access.  But it doesn’t matter where you are, if you do not do your research you can easily get caught up in all the promises that will clearly not come true.

      Thanks again Jay


  6. I‌ hate pyramid schemes. Not only because you can make no money with them except if you deceive others – friends, family, or strangers – but also because they don’t tell you that the only way to make money is by recruiting others. The only people that fall for these things are the most desperate people that end up even more desperate after getting scammed.

    Thanks for the warning!

    • Hey Kate,

      thanks for checking out our review!!  It is such a shame that these desperate people do get caught up in these schemes. All Gem and I hope is that people get the right information and do some research so they can avoid these things and get a real opportunity to make money and not lose out on being able to build a better life!

      It doesn’t surprise me that when you start searching for Recharge and Get Paid, you see a lot of fake reviews from people trying to get people to sign up with it so they can earn money.

      Hopefully, we have helped someone avoid it and find a better option!!


  7. Another interesting post by this site, thank you! Thanks for raising awareness about this Recharge and Get Paid scheme, it definitely sounds like a scam. It is a shame that these kind of scam companies exist as they can sound tempting and suck people in easily. It’s so important to do research before diving into anything new online! I agree that sites like Wealthy Affiliate are the way to go to become successful online.

    • Hey Lotta,

      thanks for checking out our review.  It definitely look like a scam that is giving people hope, where none exists.

      MLM’s, Pyramid Schemes are not a real opportunity for someone to build a business like they state.

      That is why we recommend Affiliate Marketing, easy to get started – especially with the support of Wealthy Affiliate!!



  8. Hello,

    Very useful post! There are such plenty of net schemes accessible But I haven’t any idea of this pyramid scheme! You give a several information about the Recharge and get paid scheme.Wealthy Affiliate is a tremendous device to analyze the first-rate information of companion marketing in addition to the web page design and installation critical to turn out to be successful. Now, I am clear about it Thank you so much for your article. keep sharing! 

    • Hey Irin,

      thanks for checking out our review.  This is definitely one to avoid, they will not help you make money online!

      All the best


  9. In general, I’m not a fan of MLM because it’s mostly about recruiting, but until now every way to make money online I’ve seen ends up being some kind of MLM.

    All I can find is completing surveys, but I‌ can’t find enough surveys to make a full-time income. I’ll check out affiliate marketing to see what it’s about. Thanks for the tip!

  10. So if you join at a lower membership than the people you recruit, you lose that commission? That’s probably the worst kind of pyramid scheme I’ve ever seen! And I’ve seen a lot so far. It’s so difficult to find a legit opportunity to make money online these days. 🙁

    • Hey Jenny,

      Pyramid Schemes are not good for you, I haven’t found one that doesn’t exploit its members.  Regardless of whether the MLM looks like a good deal.  They only exist because people are desperate.  Hopefully the authorities find it and help others avoid it

      All the best


  11. Hello John and thanks for this new review! People should be aware of every inappropriate offer for making money online, before they fall into traps and get disappointed.

    Unfortunately for Nigeria, this country has already been blacklisted and it’s mentioned in the Terms of Service of some important sites as “excluded country”.

    Pyramid schemes are so sinful practices, disappointing people and at the same time making them attract others and others, that will be scammed also! At the end, some victims of these unfair programs are suffering from a double loss: money and friends, assuming they brought their friends into that scheme.

    Other people need to be warned about this type of scams, so keep posting reviews about not recommended businesses.

    I have already shared this on some social media.

    Best regards,


    • Hey Peter,

      thanks for checking out our review!  It is such a shame, people get sucked into these schemes…

      People are looking for a real opportunity, and they get a scam.  Then they lose faith in being able to make money online and feel lost.

      We want to help people find genuine routes and avoid the pain of a scam!!

      Hopefully we can do this through our website

      All the best



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