How to Build an Affiliate Marketing Website using WordPress

If you are looking for how to build an affiliate marketing website using WordPress, then you have definitely found the right guide to help.  Affiliate Marketing is a great way of earning money from an online business and WordPress is by far the easiest content management system to use.

When starting out there is plenty to learn, but you don’t want to have to learn how to use a complicated CMS too.  In this guide, we will be covering what exactly is affiliate marketing, how WordPress can help you keep it simple, how you can actually have your own affiliate marketing WordPress website up and running in a few minutes.  I will also share with you some advice around getting a great start to your affiliate marketing business with some expert help and support at hand for you to get the best start you can think of.

Let’s start by clarifying your understanding of what exactly is Affiliate Marketing…

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a great way for businesses to promote their products or services without having to invest in a huge marketing budget.  You as an affiliate promote their products and services via your blog/website and receive a commission if one of your readers goes and buys that product or service.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work?

Many affiliate marketers earn a full-time wage from this online business model and there is still a huge opportunity out there for people wanting to get started.

Whilst it is a simple premise, there is a little more to it than most people expect when they first get started, but I will delve into those a little later.

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Let’s get into why WordPress is a great choice to get started with.

WordPress Helps Keep it Simple…

I like WordPress a lot, the main reason is it was so simple to learn how to work with and with a huge plugin library available to customise your website it really is the best content management system you could choose.  Before these types of CMS, you had to learn coding and spend weeks or months building a website.  Now you could get your very own WordPress website within minutes.

With over 50% of the websites out there choosing to run via WordPress, the numbers show how popular it is and that reason is the ease of use.

As a blogger, the more time spent on creating content will lead to future success, if you are having to learn how to code a website then you are losing out on that time and this might mean you do not succeed.

WordPress has some great theme designs giving your website the look you are after.  With some great plugins you can also ensure you get exactly what you want from your website with ease.

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One thing I will point out at this point is, you do not want to go with a free website.  The main reason is,WordPress Website you will not have overall control of the website, you will not be able to utilise any plugins and you will not have your own domain.

You want to make sure you get a website.  This way you can have your own domain, this will be the foundation of your business.

Let’s show you how you can get your own website up and running in minutes.

Build Your Own Affiliate Marketing WordPress Website Within Minutes…

WordPress operates a one-button install and means that other than thinking about your domain name, you can have your website up and running in minutes.

Follow these steps below to get started.

Step 1 – Choose a Domain Name.  The box below will let you know if it is available.

Step Two – Complete your free sign up with Site Rubix.

SiteRubix Website Sign Up

Step Three – Name your Website and Choose a Theme.

Complete your website design

Step Four – Click Here to Build This Site!

Build Your Affiliate Marketing WordPress website

That’s it, you will have your very own website up and running within seconds.  But the awesome bonuses you receive from a SiteRubix account do not just stop there…  but before we describe that, what else will it take you to become successful.

What Else Do You Need to Succeed?

Get Help to SucceedHaving your own website does not mean that you will automatically become successful… It is sometimes hard to hear but most affiliate marketers fail, and it is down to a simple thing… Unrealistic goals and timescales.

We are all in this to make money, that isn’t being unrealistic – but expecting it to happen overnight or after just a few weeks is where most fail.

Think about where you are at the moment.  Are you looking to get out of your day job? Are you struggling with debt? Would you like some extra money to pay for holidays?

Whatever the reason you are exploring ways to earn money online, we have all been somewhere where we could do with the money now…

So, when we have put a lot of work into a website for a couple of weeks, we expect it to start paying out.  It doesn’t work out like that.

Don’t get me wrong you are more than capable of achieving the success you want but expecting it to pay straightaway is where it goes wrong.

But think about the potential – You could be sitting there in a couple of year’s time earning a 6-figure salary from affiliate marketing.  So, all the time you invest in the early stages you will get paid for, just not when you expect it to.

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Back to what you need to succeed:

Constant Quality Content

If you can provide high-quality content, you will find it easier to succeed.  Google is constantly looking for high-quality content to give to its users.  You provide that content and you will be a step closer to page one rankings.  Page one is where you want to be, otherwise your chances of getting any traffic is reduced dramatically.

Remember to Help, Not Sell

One of the things that affiliate marketers get wrong is just selling a product to people.  But a page that is too ‘salesy’ without answering the specific question that the person was after will just turn them off.

Every time someone hits your website you should be answering the questions they asked.  Not everyone is in a ‘buying’ mood, they might be just researching a topic, might be wary after finding a post that did not help them at all.

One of the key things I have learned is helping people will earn you more than selling to people.  But it is a common mistake affiliate marketer make.

Keep Going…Even When it Feels Tough

One of the hardest things to do is to create content, without it getting you any results in the initial stages.  Writing article after article without any traffic can be quite down heartening.  Without engagement on your site it feels like nobody is listening to your voice or opinions.  It is like having a conversation just with yourself, it can get hard to keep it going.

But you have to push through this stage to realise your potential.  Once you start getting real traffic and engagement you will be kept really busy and will require a lot of time to manage your business – but as you are hopefully earning money at this point it becomes easier.

You have to keep going, push through… But one thing I want to offer to you is my help and support during those initial stages.

If you followed the steps above and created your very own affiliate marketing website using WordPress, you do not only gain a free website… but you also gain access to me as your personal guide and some expert help and support via Wealthy Affiliate!

Get Expert Help & Support Every Step of the Way!

I would not have been able to keep going if I had not received the same help and support, I am offering to you.  A free Help & Support - Wealthy Affiliate AccountStarter Membership with Wealthy Affiliate offers you 2 free websites, training on how to get your affiliate marketing website up to a great running start but you also gain access to a community of like-minded affiliate marketers all working on their own affiliate marketing business.  You also gain access to 2 industry experts in the owners of Wealthy Affiliate.  Kyle & Carson are the owners and are fully engaged with helping anyone willing to put the time and effort into getting their affiliate marketing business up and running and seeing it turn into a profitable online business.

That help is available to you.  I will also always be there to give you a helping hand if you ever get stuck, or you can ask the ever-growing community where an answer to your question can be answered within minutes.

Don’t feel like you are alone in those initial stages, feel like you are working alongside people and a community who cares and will provide some vital support until you reach those traffic levels.

I always think that you should be fully informed to be able to make a decision, so here is a link to my full Wealthy Affiliate review.  That way you can fully understand what is on offer with a Wealthy Affiliate account.

Hopefully now you know how to build an affiliate marketing website using WordPress, but I also hope to think that you may actually know a little more about how to make that affiliate marketing website successful.

If you have any questions or want to share any experiences that are relevant, please write them in the comments below and I will definitely respond to you as soon as I can.

14 thoughts on “How to Build an Affiliate Marketing Website using WordPress”

  1. Hello John,

    You are perfectly showing how Affiliate marketing works. I’ve been with WA for 1 year and I have learned so much during this process and I am still learning everyday. There is no magic formula or easy way to earn money. 

    Once you have a passion that you can talk about (your own way), you will build creative content for ever. People will like you and won’t and that’s normal, you have to live with it. 

    Of course, we all want to be wealthy someday and this will come with time. You need to build something your pillars of your kingdom before living in it. I don’t think about the money for now. I think about creating my community and help others. With Wealthy Affiliate, 

    I’ve always been in good hands when I needed help from the community or by finding the proper training/tutorial. They way the training is done is awesome. 

    No phone calls with someone to do the training. It is all done at your pace. That’s what I love and I will keep going for many years. All the best. Alvaro

    • Hey Alvaro,

      thanks for checking out my post.  You have written a great summary of the patience and the commitment needed to make affiliate marketing work.

      Training is often the thing we are lacking to make sure we are on the right track, but Wealthy Affiliate really come up trumps with their training and their support all in one place.

      All the best


  2. Awesome article! As a WordPress user myself, I can vouch for how simple it is the create and run a website! WordPress is a great way to make a website in my opinion, especially as a beginner. You did a great job explaining WordPress and its benefits. 

    What is your personal favourite part of WordPress? Thanks again for the awesome article!

    • Hey Kohl,

      thanks for checking out my post.  For me, WordPress is so versatile.  You can really get the look you want with the right theme and plugins.  My favourite part is the easy of use, if I am honest.

      I have used Joomla in the past, and you need a degree to understand their modules.  Moving the website over to WordPress made everything so easy to do, it never felt like a chore after that.



  3. Thank you for this how to build a WordPress website affiliate marketing website review. 

    I cannot agree with you more on all the information that you shared about how a WordPress website works and how easy it is to  sign up and install. 

    When you mention about wealthy affiliate there is no other place to join to learn affiliate marketing and be successful in time. 

    Building traffic is the most important part of having an affiliate marketing website and traffic takes time along with content creation that is good enough for Google indexing.

    Thank you for this wonderful review and which I know many people will find it very helpful in their affiliate marketing career pursuit.

    • Hey Quinn,

      thanks for checking out my post.  Building an online business has lots of steps to become something that you can be both proud of and live off.  Wealthy Affiliate offers some awesome training to help people get started and offers the help and support that will make sure people get to where they want to be.

      You are right, building traffic is key – but you do that by building up your content!!



  4. Thank you for a very informative post. Two of the most important things you’ve said are: help, don’t sell, and keep going.

    With the former, you’re actually forced to stay ethical. In that realm, that of helping, you’re looking out for the other person and not yourself–well, you’re looking out for them first, when you can, anyway–and you develop an ethic that becomes ingrained, eventually, in your daily modus operandi.

    Secondly, as you said, sometimes you need to ignore your feelings. If it feels tough, keep going, because when the going gets tough, the tough don’t nurse their wounds (though some of that can be a good thing); no, they get going. They keep going, as you said.

    Thanks again. I look forward to seeing more.

    • Hey Kevin,

      thanks for checking out my post.  It can be very easy to give up, but that is when people say it doesn’t work.  the online opportunity is vast, but it will not show itself until you have invested enough time to get out the other side.

      You have to keep going, no matter what – but it is so much easier with help and support.



  5. Hi John,Thank you for your comprehensive guide on building an affiliate marketing website.

    Many people thought building the website is the hard part, I would say writing content is the hardest, especially when you just set up a new site and there is no traffic yet. People can easily get disheartened. 

    I think a common trait among successful affiliate marketers is their undying spirit to keep going forward, even when there is seemingly no result.

    Having a community does help, at least when you feel defeated, there are others to encourage you and cheers you up. That way you don’t have to be alone.

    • Hey Grace,

      thanks for checking out my post.  I get your point, the website is the easy part.  Writing content, if you are not used to writing content can seem really hard.  But if you write like you would talk to a friend, it both works for your writing and the person reading it.

      People are not looking for a formal article (most of the time) and if it is written in a way people will understand, it will often become easier to do.

      I did find it hard at first, but the more you do anything the easier it becomes.

      Having someone there to help guide you whenever you feel down, is definitely a great boon and WA is the best community to join.

      all the best


  6. Great post! and I do really appreciated that you have honestly written the exact method we required to become a successful affiliate.

    Nowadays, Lot of people out there who called them-self as an online guru or what else but they don’t teach the appropriate method on how to earn online. So those people who are very new to online world they are very easily get attract to the shiny object or the false promises of these guru and finally they loose their money & time.

     Affiliate Marketing is very easy to do and anyone can do it but you must need a proper education. So I have bookmarked this page and I think you have done a wonderful job. 


    • Hey Rajratna,

      thanks for checking out my post.  You have some real good points here.  There are too many of these gurus promising a one-button system to earning money.  But many find that they are only really interested in getting your money. then they offer low-quality training that doesn’t do what it is supposed to to.

      Finding Wealthy Affiliate and Kyle, Carson and the rest of the community was the best moment for my business life and I love the fact I am building for a better future for my family from their training.

      Anyone interested in doing Affiliate Marketing properly will find no better platform out there.

      All the best,


  7. I have wanted to get involved with online incomes for several years but felt that I lacked the aptitude or maybe the focus that was needed to go the distance.  It is good to see that Wealthy Affiliate goes the distance to teach it all and supports me on the journey.  Thank you for the insight, outline, and a direction to pursue.


    • Hey Rod,

      thanks for checking out my post.  We all need help at times, and WA goes a long way to ensuring we don’t feel alone or that the end goal is lost.  The journey may be long, but the support never stops.

      thanks again



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